CNN’s Fact Checker Fires Off 20 Corrections To Trump’s Spew Of Lies

anderson cooper, daniel dale

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and reporter Daniel Dale

Screenshot from August 28 @ CNN/ Youtube

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

Fact-checking the current president Donald Trump is a full-time job. It might be the single job Donald Trump has created during his time in the White House. CNN added reporter Daniel Dale to their pay roll as the person tasked with checking on every stupid thing Trump boasts about or attacks others for. On Thursday, the country was able to finally take a deep breath as one national nightmare came to an end—the Republican National Convention.

Of course, for Daniel Dale, this nightmare included a final crucible—watching Donald Trump do his Republican nomination acceptance speech. Dale appeared on Anderson Cooper's show on CNN after the RNC fiasco finished up. Cooper introduced him and then said "Daniel, certainly there's a lot to break down from the president's more than an hour long speech?" Dale, like Usain Bolt off the block, began "Anderson, this president is a serial liar … I counted, preliminarily, 20 false or misleading claims. I want to go through a whole bunch of them," and was off to the races.

  • Trump's claim that Biden has said he is pulling down the border wall—though a nice sentiment in these here parts—is false.
  • Trump once again lied about being the person who passed the Veterans Choice Law, something that President Barack Obama passed in 2014.
  • Trump claimed to have done more for the "African American community" of any president since Abraham Lincoln—yes, that Abraham Lincoln. Dale reminded the audience that there was a Civil Rights Act and a Voting Rights Act passed a few decades ago.
  • Trump "touted a record 9 million job gain over the past three months," and of course the fact that well over 22 millions jobs were lost during that time seemed to have slipped his tiny mind.
  • Trump nefariously said "he's continued to lower drug prices," he hasn't at all and in fact drug prices have increased.
  • Trump's claim the U.S. opened a Jerusalem embassy for $500,000, Trump's estimate is off by about $20,500,000.
  • Trump's claims that NATO spending has rose for the first time in 20 years is wrong in that it rose in both 2015 and 2016.
  • Trump once again made the claim that he and his Republican Party would always protect people with preexisting conditions. No need to fact check that.
  • Trump claimed to have "banned" all travel from China and Europe in his early fight against the spread of COVID-19—he didn't. He created a partial restriction that did nothing to stem travel from abroad.
  • Trump's claim to have created a new NAFTA law is a lie. He basically resigned NAFTA.
  • Trump says he built 300 miles of brand-new border wall. It turns out that only about 5 miles of what has been built by Trump's administration is new.
  • Trump said Joe Biden wanted to take away everyone's guns.
  • Trump said the defund police movement was a Joe Biden plan—unfortunately for the country that's a lie.
  • Trump then made the amazing claim that "he has really good information," that China wants Biden to win because he's soft on China. This, of course, is not true. The reason China and the rest of the civilized world would like to see Trump out of office is because he's unpredictable and mediocre and really terrible at being a world leader.
  • Trump slammed Biden for his vote for the invasion into Iraq—something we all dislike. Of course, Trump forgot to mention that he was a proponent of the Iraq invasion, though only a bankrupt billionaire, television host at the time.
  • Trump made the erroneous claim, once again, that the DNC convention left the word "God" out of their pledge of allegiance recitations. They didn't.
  • Trump also pushed the false narrative that the Democratic Party is the "cancel culture" when it is, and always has been people like Donald Trump who are trying to get people and businesses "canceled."
  • Trump took credit for the maximum sentencing allowed against protesters—something that has long been on the books and at the discretion of judges hearing cases.
  • Finally, Trump said that Biden's policies would eliminate America's borders. As Dale explained, "No. Just no. That's wrong."

Watch below.

Fact checker on Trump's RNC speech: He is a serial

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