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Comey’s Testimony Stumps Fuming And Fumbling Trump Defenders

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Comey’s Testimony Stumps Fuming And Fumbling Trump Defenders


In his historic appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee, James Comey explained calmly and cogently how he had approached his fraught relationship with the new president: From day one, the former FBI director said he treated Donald Trump as someone with a propensity to lie.

Whatever anyone thinks of Comey and his conduct during last year’s election — for which he was criticized harshly in these pages — his offenses did not include lying. The same obviously cannot be said of Trump, the president whose utterances have made his name synonymous with “Pinocchio.”

Facing the calm, patient, and respected veteran of law enforcement, Senate Republicans could scarcely fabricate a plausible defense of the president. Comey’s testimony about Trump’s repeated attempts to intimidate him into killing the investigation of Mike Flynn, the former national security adviser, was detailed and damning.

Senator James Risch (R-ID) made the most amusing attempt to exculpate Trump. According to Risch, Trump couldn’t be charged with a crime for telling Comey that he “hoped” the FBI director would “let Flynn go,” rather than prosecute the ex-national security adviser.

“Do you know of any case where a person has been charged for obstruction of justice, or for that matter any other criminal offense, where they said or thought they hoped for an outcome?” demanded Risch. Unable to name a case offhand, Comey patiently explained, “I took it as a direction. This is the President of the United States with me alone saying, ‘I hope this’. I took it as this is what he wants me to do. I didn’t obey that but that’s the way I took it.”

But in fact, defendants who expressed that kind of “hope,” under such highly suspicious circumstances, have not only been charged with obstructing justice but convicted of that same crime.

Key takeaways from the James Comey Senate hearing Comey claims that the White House tried to "defame me" and "lied" about his firing when they said Trump was firing him for undermining the morale of the agency he had led since 2013. When it came to the FBI's investigation into Trump administration ties with Russia, Comey said he couldn't answer those question in "an open setting." He did infer that Trump inappropriately interfered in the investigation but that the president didn't ask him to drop it entirely. Comey had a friend intentionally leak memos of his conversations with Trump to the press in hopes of having a special counsel oversee the Russia investigation. Comey rebuffed Trump's assertion that he "better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations," saying "Lordy, I hope there are tapes." Trump spoke highly of Comey's ability to run the FBI. The FBI was not investigating Trump when the president fired Comey on May 9.

Just last year, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit upheld the conviction of a Dallas police officer on four federal obstruction counts. He was found guilty of trying to suppress evidence that he had exchanged law enforcement intelligence with a prostitute for sexual favors. When the FBI was closing in, the crooked cop had told the young lady in a recorded conversation: “I’m just hoping you haven’t told anyone anything.” The appeals court opinion said that such circumstantial evidence was sufficient to prove that the cop had “acted with the intent to impede that investigation.” (As an attorney, Risch should have been able to look up this and similar cases before posing his silly question.)

With equally compelling logic, the Republicans hinted that Comey should have arrested Trump for obstruction of justice in the Oval Office — as Attorney General Jeff Sessions loitered outside, after being invited to leave so Trump could make his pitch to Comey. Having failed to do so, they argued, Comey must not have thought that Trump did anything wrong.

Of course, the FBI director made careful notes of those improper conversations and reported them to his subordinates and other Justice Department officials because he knew Trump’s pressure on him was improper at best. Still, as Comey admitted, he might well have pushed back harder. But it is ridiculous for the Republicans to suggest that because he didn’t instantly report Trump’s improper conduct as a potentially impeachable offense, to either the Attorney General or the Congress or both, then the president must be innocent.

That argument is like claiming that because nobody called the police in time, Kitty Genovese was never murdered. The failure to report a crime doesn’t retroactively exonerate the suspect, nor does it prove that the crime never occurred.

When asked whether he believes that the president obstructed justice, Comey properly deferred to Robert Mueller — the special counsel to whom he has turned over his carefully preserved evidence, with full confidence that Mueller will evaluate whether Trump’s misconduct was criminal.

So if Trump was not personally under investigation in the earlier phases of the Russia investigation, he is now. And the president is in legal jeopardy not just because Comey documented his initial attempts to kill the Flynn case, but because he reacted to Comey’s recalcitrance by dismissing him — and then boasted to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister, in the Oval Office, that he had fired the “nut job” FBI director and relieved the “great pressure” of the Russia investigation.

Now Comey’s testimony has publicly set forth the disturbing context of that extraordinary confession. What he told us cannot be ignored or diminished unless we care nothing for the rule of law.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers. Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003). Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. dbtheonly June 9, 2017

    The FBI investigates, the Justice Department, in this case Jefferson Beauregard, brings charges.

    1. Stephaniemwalker June 9, 2017

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    2. RichFromShowMe June 9, 2017

      The Dems “pinata” is about to burst . . . we live in interesting times 🙂

      1. dbtheonly June 9, 2017

        Well, I agree about the interesting times part.

        What would it take to have you see Trump as the charlatan he is?

        Knowing the FBI Director you praised when investigating Hillary’s e-mails, considers Trump a liar?

        1. Mama Bear June 9, 2017

          excellent question…..are you an attorney? 🙂

        2. RichFromShowMe June 9, 2017

          Is this the same FBI Director who leaked confidential work products (his memo) that he composed while on the government payroll, in a government vehicle, with a government laptop while being chauffeured by an FBI agent, such work products are automatically classified as confidential/privileged documents until they are upgraded or downgraded by the NSA, FBI or other security division with that responsibility.

          Or is it the FBI Director who changed an investigation into a “matter” at the bequest of his boss, even though he knew that was not appropriate and should have reported it to a responsible party (senate, house or other law enforcement official).

          Or is it the FBI Director who has the intuitive ability to see into another persons thought processes and call them a liar or the FBI Director who decided to convert a “hope” into a “demand” that he discontinue the “water torture” of the General?

          Us mortals often are confused when factual and verifiable data is compared to personal memo’s and unverified conversations.

          There’s also the multitude of scandals committed during the obamba Regime which comey seemingly, as the highest law enforcement official in America, assisted in covering up or simply ignoring, that does raise a question 🙂

          We certainly live in interesting times!



          1. FireBaron June 9, 2017

            Richie, Richie, Richie, why are you using misdirection?
            The issue at hand is NOT what was done during the Obama Administration. Trust us on this, the GOP controlled Congress spent six years trying to find something worth investigating and everything they did find was a legacy of something set into motion by Cheney and company during the previous administration, prosecution of which would have drawn significant numbers of their colleagues with information before-the-fact into the same net they were unsuccessfully using against Team Obama.
            Teflon Donnie’s team, on the other hand, has been very public about all of their peccadilloes and attempts to sidestep the very laws they all swore to uphold.

          2. RichFromShowMe June 9, 2017

            America still suffers from scandals of the past . . . they just don’t go away . . . all flavors (R’s, D’s & I’s) seem to commit more than their fair share.



          3. dbtheonly June 9, 2017

            Just a small add to FB’s, most excellent reply.

            You didn’t capitalize President Obama’s name. Do I get to refer to trump?

            Citing Alex Jones or other Right Wing Media Outlets, is hardly convincing.

          4. RichFromShowMe June 9, 2017

            This is a free nation . . . it’s certainly ok not to capitalize.

          5. dbtheonly June 9, 2017

            Indeed it is an ostensibly free country. On the other hand the English language has rules governing capitalization. Personal names are capitalized.

            Rules aside, I just wanted to insure that we’re playing by the same rules.

          6. RichFromShowMe June 9, 2017

            Spot On!

          7. idamag June 9, 2017

            rich from show me is a traitor to decency and democracy. Our government would be healthier without the likes of that racist. They are beneath my level of intelligence to even respond to them. I have blocked them.

          8. dbtheonly June 9, 2017

            But Aaron has urged me to engage and try to find common ground for communication.

            You make a good point though. I blocked several trolls back in January and haven’t seen many “blocked commenter” notes lately. Perhaps they’ve given up? Perhaps they find trump too hard to defend?

          9. idamag June 9, 2017

            Aaron is making an assumption that they are teachable.

      2. Thoughtopsy June 9, 2017

        Hi moron troll,

        There’s only one thing that is going to burst…. my sides if President Snowflake begins tweeting about the Comey hearing… LOL

        Trump has supposedly agreed to testify to a Congressional committee… under Oath.

        Do you understand what is going to happen when the guy who is utterly divorced from reality, stupid, ignorant, lies continuously and has a 2min attention span is forced to sit for 2 hours in front of people much smarter than him and carefully and precisely answer complicated questions without lying, contradicting himself, or inadvertently incriminating himself?
        You realise it’s a criminal offense to lie under oath, right?

        Clinton managed answering 12 hours of questions in front of the Benghazi investigation… because she’s smart, focused and at the top of her political game.

        President F**kface Von Clownstick can’t even tweet coherently, or without ruining his own legal cases.

        I expect I’ll be amusing myself at your expense in the not too distant future.
        We can watch your lies, astroturfing, and arrogant bullsh!t disintegrate together.


        1. RichFromShowMe June 9, 2017

          “Clinton did it for 12 hours in front of the Benghazi investigation” . . . I assume you mean she lied for 12 hours?

          I find it interesting how folks who can’t prove anything always revert to foul language . . . yes, quite interesting.

          comey “patriotically” held up his responsibility by leaking government “privileged communications” he developed as a government employee but setting up a 3rd party and even wooed the audience by his being “shocked” by President Trump, while “going along” with lynch’s request to call the investigation, a “matter”, which should have been reported to the Senate and/or House Judiciary committee.

          Not to mention his famous indictment speech of “the witch” and her email publications of secrets, destruction of 30,000 government documents and general disregard for casebook law and finally punctuating it with his famous, “never mind”


          The more Dems talk the tighter their noose becomes. 🙂

          Time and lies will ferret out democrat liars.

          1. Thoughtopsy June 10, 2017

            Sure buddy…
            I can’t prove anything so I “revert to foul language”…
            That must be it!! There’s no way I could be calling you bad names for any other reason…. right?

            Or could it be that I DO make serious arguments, state facts, and point out evidence…. and you ARE a shameless, sexual-predator-loving, Trump-apologist who is quite happy to defend a guy who is running the government like a corrupt mafia family while he siphons as much personal wealth out of it as he possibly can?

            Gee… I wonder which of those options it might be?
            I’m thinking that you being a sell-out astroturfing slimeball, who is terminally immune to facts or logic is really the most likely of the two options.

            As for the rest of your dribble…

            My point about Clinton’s stamina was a side point to Trump’s corruption and the laughable image of him trying to focus on Congressional questioning for more than 2mins… And what did you do?
            You immediately turn to talking about the Clinton’s.

            I wonder why?
            Is it because it distracts from the complete sh1tstorm that President F**kface Von Clownstick is literally helping to fall on his head?
            Is it because you also agree that President Dumbass would last all of 4 mins in front of Congress under oath before putting himself in jail?
            Is it because you have no hope of defending anything in Comey’s testimony?

            Of course, your case is not helped by spouting Fox News zombie lies, referring everyone to a fringe right wing nut job “News” site as if that is actually remotely factual, and “reframing” Comey’s actions into something weird so you don’t feel like you’re a traitor….
            It’s almost like you haven’t bothered to read any real news for years…

            Have you noticed, for example, that:
            – No-one (except Trump) disputes that he dangled Comey’s job in return for Comey’s personal loyalty?
            – No-one disputes that Trump called or met with the FBI Director 9 times in 4 months.
            – No-one (except Trump) disputes that Trump asked for the investigation into Flynn to be ended after forcing everyone else out of the room first? A clear indication THAT HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS ABOUT TO DO WAS ILLEGAL.
            – Trump talked about Comey in the media FIRST. He defamed Comey and the FBI FIRST. He made this all public FIRST. And lied about it and why he fired Comey. All in the court of public opinion. If you think Comey, a private citizen, sharing his own memory of events (as a memo or as a statement) without any classified information included can be classified as illegal or a “leak” when Dirty Donnie has defamed him and peed the story all over the media already… then you’re a moron… There is zero legal basis for that point of view. (On top of that: Comey was a Prosecutor. You can bet he knew what he was doing.)

            And after all this, the best defenses that the GOP have come up to defend President Pinhead are:
            1) He’s too ignorant of the rules/incompetent to know what he was doing was illegal. – Paul Ryan
            (Hint: He asked people to leave the room… He knew it was illegal.)
            2) He’s was doing it for a friend and used “a light touch” so obstruction of justice is ok. – Republicans in the hearing
            (Hint: It’s not)

            Your astroturfing efforts are more farcical, than remotely effective.
            I do love the displacement though:
            “The more Dems talk the tighter their noose becomes. :)”
            – RichfromDumbass

            That’s hilarious.

            What do you think the Dems are being investigated for, “Rich”? What noose are you referring to, again?

            Do you know why it’s displacement?
            Because if I fix it for you:
            “The more Trump talks the tighter the noose becomes. :)”
            It fits perfectly. That’s classic displacement.

            Guess who is under Investigation, Rich? :O

            And while that Investigation has been ongoing, Trump has lied repeatedly… publicly saying that “no-one in his campaign had contact with the Russians.”
            Since then nearly everyone in his campaign has personally ADMITTED they had contact with the Russians.
            – Sessions has recused himself. Lied to Congress (which can be a crime). Lied on his Security application (which is a federal crime).
            – Flynn has been fired and then exposed as also working for Turkey without declaring it. Lied on his Security application.
            – Page is possibly already being charged.
            – Manafort is under investigation and was under investigation before he even joined the Trump Clown Car.
            – Kushner tried to set up a secret Russian backchannel (a dubious move), and had a meeting with the head of the Russian National Bank… Hmmmm…. Now if he talked about the campaign it’s a form of treason… If he talked business… then it’s a Federal Crime because that bank is under American sanctions.

            What do you think he talked about in that meeting, “Rich”? Food and wine? Unicorns?

            Don’t worry, cupcake…
            As Dirty Donnie goes down in flames, largely due to his own inability to control himself…. I’ll be here.

            Rubbing it in your face.

            In the meantime, please keep posting your weird amusement at me accurately labeling you, your alternative facts, your right wing nut sites, and your paid astroturfing drivel.

            It’s hilarious and truly adds to the level of pathetic desperation I see in you trolls.
            …Every time you post. 😉

          2. RichFromShowMe June 10, 2017

            Unfortunately, and as usual, you conveniently forget that you are the one who brought up Clinton’s testimony “Clinton did it for 12 hours in front of the Benghazi investigation”. Now, isn’t that impressive . . . you forgot her passing out spells and the doctor who escorted her nearly everywhere to keep her “in motion”.

            President Trump, during the political season was in constant motion, held many multiples of “the witch’s” Fake News meetings, with crowds that were 1/10 or less than those of Trumps. You might ask . . . so what does this prove . . . well, it proves who was the most favorable candidate for the taxpayers of America . . . . I know, I know . . . you will cite her majority of the popular vote, but without the illegal voting and “purchased” votes she wouldn’t have that majority . . . but, as usual, the Constitution is correct. 🙂

            I find it useless to continue responding to your vacuous ramblings, punctuated with foul language, which seems to be your forte, so this seems like an appropriate time to end this “conversation”. Hopefully, you will acknowledge the facts when they are displayed in front of you . . . . but, as a Snowflake-in-Training, you probably never will.

            Have a nice life . . . . . keep your head buried in the sand by ignoring the FACTS!

          3. Thoughtopsy June 12, 2017

            LOL You rancid astroturfing sell out.

            Thanks for the stupid straw men you propped up there but they are all as deluded as yourself….

            Would you like an example?
            You spewed:
            “President Trump, during the political season was in constant motion, held many multiples of “the witch’s” Fake News meetings, with crowds that were 1/10 or less than those of Trumps.”

            My actual point was (feel free to refer to my original post which is only a few steps up since you appear incapable of remembering):
            President 5-Year-Old couldn’t handle a congressional hearing for 4 mins without perjuring himself due to ignorance, idiocy, narcissism, compulsive lying and ADHD whereas Clinton answered questions for 12 hours in an antagonistic congressional committee investigation without a misstep or any charges being laid.

            Your straw man was a combination of the “Hillary is ill” Fox News talking point (While ignoring the obvious FACT of her publicly observable stamina and mental clarity in that Congressional meeting) and pretending that Trump’s “ability” to stand for an hour, ranting random word salad in front of deplorable morons with IQs too low to understand he isn’t talking in full sentences… and decidedly NOT under oath… somehow proves he has more stamina than Hillary…..
            And then, on top of that, acting like that somehow answers my point….

            If you don’t understand that you constantly avoid the point, because you are unable to either think about it, or refute it then you’re either criminally stupid, or have some serious issues with critical thought.

            If, as I suspect, you are quite aware that you are diverting and avoiding, and creating straw men, and pretending you’ve somehow made a valid point… then f**k you, RichFromDumbAss. Your rampant distraction, and mealy-mouthed half-lies add nothing to this forum, and paint you as pushing a gutless agenda based around being the fat orange snowflake’s chief apologist.

            You have no facts.
            You run from the facts.
            You dodge questions.
            You pretend you’ve answered points.
            You repeat debunked lies.
            You post right wing fringe nutjob links.
            And you froth and gurgle and spew garbage that barely makes grammatical sense.

            It’s no wonder you’re a Trump Astroturfer.
            It’s a perfect fit.

            I’m going to block you now.
            I feel I fully understand your limited intellect and bankrupt moral fiber and your willingness to pee all over your country if it annoys liberals and keeps your party in power…
            And, quite frankly, your degree of purposeful distraction and calculated lying is turning out to be rather nauseating.

            I wonder if it’s uncomfortable typing with Trump’s d1ck so far down your throat? I also wonder how you’re going to feel when he goes to jail? :O

            See you, traitor.

          4. Charles van Rotterdam June 18, 2017

            Dear boy, while I empathize with you, I find that one detracts from one’s argument when one uses less than polite wordage. I find that dealing with people like RFSM is an art form. RFSM obviously has an IQ less than his shoe size and is also less than proficient in critical thinking and has forgotten his schooling on American Civics or whatever you guys call it.

            My tactic in dealing with these RWNJs is to use big(ly) words such as instead of ‘dumb’ use ‘less than proficient’ or if one wants to be a wee bit cruder ‘mouth in gear, brain in neutral’ often suffices.

            Also if one can put an Upper Class English Accent onto one’s verbiage then one gets a rather speedy irate reaction from said RWNJ.

            And Old Chap, as you will no doubt attest to, an UCEA tends to drive you Amurricans spare.

            Have fun

          5. sigrid28 June 10, 2017

            About Trump and his family siphoning off wealth, I think he has always expected to be impeached, even hoped for it, because he hates the work of being president so much. But Trump intends to cream off as much loot as possible before stepping down. That is why in January, right after his inauguration, his administration had the State Department investigating what would go into lifting sanctions on Russia. Trump and his cronies with deep business ties to Russia (like Wilbur Ross and Rex Tillerson) mean to reap a huge Bonanza of fossil fuel wealth when sanctions are lifted so Russia can drill and sell its arctic petroleum resources. That is why alternate energy sources must not be developed: They need to cash in on fossil fuels first, the atmosphere be damned.

    3. FireBaron June 9, 2017

      Actually, as long as the Bob Mueller is in charge of the investigation, the Cookie Elf can only sit and wonder when it will be his turn sitting on the barrel and being asked questions that he can either answer and implicate himself, or not answer and continue having suspicion growing against him, too.

      1. dbtheonly June 9, 2017

        True that FB, but the Republican assertion that Comey should have led Trump out of the Oval Office in cuffs, is absurdly unrealistic.

        SCOTUS has ruled that sitting Presidents do have to testify in criminal actions.

        Now I would pay to see Trump take a polygraph test. Trump under oath would rival the Super Bowl of TV ratings.

        1. idamag June 9, 2017

          If trump is what he appears to be, he would pass the lie detector test. He appears to be a sociopath.

          1. dpaano June 9, 2017

            And now he’s intimating that he actually HAS tapes of his conversations that he’s going to present “in a couple of days,” much like the proof he had that President Obama was wiretapping him…..sure you do, idiot……if you have tapes, trot them out. Apparently, Comey isn’t concerned and would actually LOVE for you to play them!

          2. sigrid28 June 10, 2017

            If he has any tapes, I would expect Trump to try to have them sanitized. Maybe his Hollywood Secretary of the Treasury can help him out with that. His problem is that the experts in detecting this kind of manipulation work for the FBI and CIA, two groups Trump has effected alienated. As an ignoramous and reality TV celebrity, Trump is ripe to be led down the garden path by patriots in the intelligence community intent on bringing him down, not just here in the U.S. but among our allies.

          3. Mama Bear June 10, 2017

            He sure has a conundrum now doesn’t he? If he produces such tapes it will show he lied, and if he doesn’t it will show he lied!

          4. dpaano June 12, 2017

            Either way, we already know he’s a liar! He doesn’t even realize when he’s lying since it’s a habit with him! I seriously doubt he has ANY tapes whatsoever and we won’t hear anything this week about any tapes per his comment! He’ll deflect it with something else.

          5. Mama Bear June 12, 2017

            Either thay or once Preibus listened to them he told 45 to destroy them.

        2. Jan123456 June 10, 2017

          Maybe that’s why he MIGHT testify. To see if he can get better ratings than the Comey hearing. That would be his only motivation.

          1. dbtheonly June 10, 2017

            I’d be in, even on Pay-per-View.

      2. dpaano June 9, 2017

        I bet he either gets fired or is allowed to resign before any of that happens….it would be in Trump’s best interest to get rid of him somehow.

        1. idamag June 9, 2017

          Maybe he could fall out of a tenth story window.

          1. dpaano June 9, 2017

            And perhaps take Trump with him???? Kill two idiots with one stone, so to speak!

          2. Mama Bear June 10, 2017

            terrific solution!

  2. Mama Bear June 9, 2017

    How in the name of all that is holy can these republicans keep pretending nothing is going on here? They are supposed to be intelligent critical thinkers….fingers in the ears singing “la la la la”?

    1. FireBaron June 9, 2017

      Because they have spent since 1980 trying to figure out their place in the Universe. After being the Party of No from 1994 to 2000, to being the Presidential Rubber Stamp Party from 2001 to 2008, back to being the Party of No between 2009 and 2016, they are not sure what they are supposed to do during this Administration. After all, if any of them were to say word one against the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (well, at least for 3-4 days each week, that is) he has already promised that he will fund Primary Challengers against anyone opposed to him.
      That’s one promise he may actually keep, especially as he can probably count on the unlikely alliance between the Freedom Caucus (backed by the Koch family money) and the Democrats to oppose him. The Democrats because what he proposes is too draconian, and the FC because it isn’t draconian enough! Yep. Politics sure does make strange bedfellows.

    2. InformedVoter June 9, 2017

      Yawn, there really is nothing going on except the loony left FAKE MSM is selling lots of newspapers and you low information sheep just keep following along believing their FAKE stories. I know you believed their FAKE story that HilLIARy was leading in the polls. How did that work out for you?

      1. Charles van Rotterdam June 18, 2017

        Old Chap, you seem to have engaged mouth before putting your brain in gear. Given your obvious lack of educational proficiency I will attempt to explain this to you in words of two syllables or less

        Hillary did lead in the polls, she won the popular vote by about 3 million votes. (Granted she did not win the Electoral College.)

        Polling by its nature polls people and not necessarily people who vote. Given that in the US (and Britain) one is lucky to get a 50% turnout to vote, this automatically makes polling before the actual election highly susceptible to major swings and thus invariably often inaccurate.

        in Australia where we have 99% turnout at elections (compulsory voting) our polling is largely very accurate.

        Dear boy, I do hope you have now been better informed than you were prior to our conversation.

        1. InformedVoter June 27, 2017

          If one excludes CA, the President Trump wins the popular vote by 1.5 million. The pollsters have been at this for decades and know now to allow for registered voters vs likely to vote voters. While not an exact science, they know quite well what to expect. The real problem is that the pollsters published FAKE poll results. In fact, HilLIARy admitted that she even paid for a fake poll showing her leading by a large amount. Why would they publish fake polls? To discourage President Trump voters from actually going out and voting. It’s a well know ruse to try and sway an election.
          Thus your comments provided no clearer information and demonstrated your lack of real world knowledge.

    3. sigrid28 June 10, 2017

      Republicans have become the party of willful ignorance.

      1. Mama Bear June 10, 2017

        well said.

      2. dpaano June 12, 2017

        They’ve forgotten who elected them, who pays their salaries, and who they are supposedly suppose to serve! They only care about the party and the party line! That’s the problem…..they listen to lobbyists, etc., and totally disregard their constituents. As an example, look at the many problems during Town Hall meetings…..they don’t even feel they need to “listen” to their voters, yet they want them to re-elect them! 2018 should be an interesting year…..we just need to make sure everyone doesn’t sit at home and not vote! It’s our ONLY chance to get a foot up in the House and the Senate!

        1. sigrid28 June 14, 2017

          Here are two things even those of us, who do not have bags of money to throw around, can do right now to save our democracy from the likes of Trump and the Republicans who have taken his idiotic loyalty oath:

          We can register voters. Hard to believe, there are still many voters who are not registered, especially among the young.

          We can cultivate good candidates for office, up and down the ticket, for local, state, and federal elections. Special attention must be paid to state and local elections that determine who shall determine state and federal legislative districts after the 2020 census.

          We have to make sure that old Wilbur “Bank of Cyprus” Ross at the Department of Commerce does not interfere with the census in any way. All we need is for the same party that gerrymandered many house districts to find a way to actually distort the census itself. I once heard him claim that as a boy he worked on the census–so Democrats have to watch the conduct of the 2020 census very closely. I’m afraid that one of the only ways to do this is via planting computer-literate demographic experts to keep an eye on this process from within. Another way to ensure the legitimacy of the census is to work as census takers ourselves.

          1. dpaano June 14, 2017

            Did you read that several Democratic candidates in some states quit the races because they were intimidated with death threats, etc.? I read about this yesterday, and it was very scary! The Republicans are getting desperate even to the point of threatening any Democrat that decides to run against a Republican in any state race!

          2. sigrid28 June 15, 2017

            Thank you for your reply. I had not read about these threats, but they do not surprise me in this political climate.

            These threats are part and parcel with the current move among the gun lobby in states like Texas to alter Conceal and Carry laws in such a way as to remove ANY regulations: Anyone can carry a concealed weapon, no qualifications required. So I ask myself, after a crazed gunman opened up on Republicans at baseball practice, how’s that working out for the party that harbors the NRA?

            They pledge loyalty to a president who condones violence against protesters at his campaign rallies and shouts of “Lock her up!” He’s embarrassed them repeated here in the U.S. and overseas with his ingratiating behavior toward strong men dictators, including Putin. With Trump’s popularity plummeting, Republicans have crossed the thin line that separates loyalty to a tyrant and desperation. What has propelled them across the line into desperate behavior is fear–and somewhere inside they must realize it is fear based on cowardice.

            The Republicans behind these threats against Democrats running against them in state and local races must be shown up for what it is: cowardice, plain and simple. The DNC must be prepared to give people who are not wealthy enough to lawyer up and confront this cowardice decent cover, the help of lawyers and the resources to expose these threats for what they are: The final recourse of that class of Americans Donald Trump hates: losers.

          3. dpaano June 15, 2017

            Agreed, and what REALLY gets me is that their oath of loyalty is to the COUNTRY and NOT to the president…..they seem to forget this! WE pay their salaries, NOT Trump! They can be kicked out eventually!

          4. sigrid28 June 15, 2017

            I think the Mueller’s probe into financial dealings with Russia may extend not only to Trump and Kushner’s business ties but to those of Rex Tillerson and Wilbur Ross as well, especially now, as Tillerson is pushing back against the bill in Congress to enforce and strengthen sanctions.

  3. rhetoric_phobic June 9, 2017

    This is far beyond partisan politics. If justice prevails, it’s a win for democracy and all citizens.
    As a democrat, I don’t see it any other way. We have a lot to fix.
    There is no “they” there is only us and we better work on fixing how we think about that. I’m still working on how to fix that within myself because I’m not even close to feeling anything but disdain for anyone who voted for trump. I just know I don’t want to feel that way.

    1. plc97477 June 9, 2017

      I don’t feel disdain for trump voters. I just feel I can not be friends with anyone who is a traitor to my country and anyone who voted for trump is a traitor to my country. They can exist they will have to do so without me as a friend.

      1. dpaano June 9, 2017

        It’s my choice NOT to discuss politics with friends or neighbors for the simple reason that I don’t want to get into a major fracas! After all, they have their right to feel the way they do, and I have MY right, but I don’t have to fight with them because it certainly won’t change their minds. Best to just skirt the issue and refuse to discuss it. It’s much less stressful that way. The most you can hope for is that eventually they’ll see the error of their ways!

        1. idamag June 9, 2017

          That is an intelligent approach, however, if they defend trump, I let them know. I have had it with playing nice.

          1. dpaano June 9, 2017

            That’s why I steer waaaay away from discussing any aspect of politics!

          2. Thoughtopsy June 9, 2017

            I totally agree.
            I’m now unfriending people who support him.

            It’s sad, but I believe it’s an effective indicator of a type of blinkered and divorced-from-reality personality that I don’t need in my life.

            Confronting them in person I find that every Trump supporter so far is incapable of logically or rationally or ethically arguing their case for him.

            Inevitably the conversations go like this (in a nutshell):
            Them: I believe Trump because he is X, Y, and Z.
            Me: What about when he said A, B and C?
            Them: F**k you, I’ll still support him no matter what you say.

            Real clever.

      2. rhetoric_phobic June 11, 2017

        I don’t have any friends or family who voted for trump. Even those who remain republicans couldn’t do so.

        1. dpaano June 12, 2017

          Lucky you…..I have friends, best friends, that I can’t even begin to discuss politics with because we differ in our feelings about Trump vs. Hillary. Pretty sad when you’ve been friends with someone for over 50 years and have to bite your tongue whenever you’re around them!

          1. rhetoric_phobic June 16, 2017

            I should have said I no longer have friends who could have possibly voted for trump. Those in the family who didn’t vote for Obama have expressed either on social media or through word of mouth that they weren’t supporting trump either. I wouldn’t know otherwise because we don’t discuss politics given our known differences.
            When Obama was elected we either parted ways permanently or distanced ourselves from each other mutually.
            I requested, quite politely that we agree to disagree, not discuss politics and that they not send me their hate filled rhetoric when they hit send all. I wasn’t responding in kind and mostly ignoring it except in instances where the content was completely false and then I responded with links to facts. I resisted snark in light of the fact we were friends or family. Some chose not to respect that request and even escalated the volume of crap and that I took personally. I blocked them but told them first I was doing so. In person, they didn’t have the same nerve.
            There’s a difference between having conflicting opinions and vastly different core values. It made me very sad to find out how very different we were after thinking we knew each other. I was finding it harder and harder to bite my tongue Now I don’t. Period. We have an idiot president America Taliban VP and a variety of white nationalists.white supremacists, neo-nazis and potential traitors in this administration. I’ll be damned if I’m biting my tongue about any of that. So if they want to bring it up, bring it on. 😀

          2. dpaano June 16, 2017

            I agree…it’s pretty sad to think you know a person, but you find out that you really don’t. As I said, I just don’t discuss it around my friend because she’s like a sister to me….we served in the military together….it’s just surprising that she would vote for someone who so blatantly lies! As a note, she’s on Medicare also…..so I wonder if it’s going to cause any problems for her and her husband if Trump’s healthcare program gets approved.

          3. rhetoric_phobic June 17, 2017

            That overrides the differences.
            Let’s hope none of that happens as so many people will be adversely affected. I don’t even wish those who voted for him to “learn the hard way”. So many of his supporters are those who will be harmed the most by all of this, if he gets his way.
            At the end of the day, nobody on the left wants to see that.

    2. FireBaron June 9, 2017

      As a fellow Democrat, let me say two words to give you pause – President Pence.

      1. plc97477 June 9, 2017

        How about president pence and after 2018 a democratic house and senate?

        1. dpaano June 14, 2017

          Interesting concept….

      2. rhetoric_phobic June 11, 2017

        Same here. I’m not looking to exchange one nut for another. In this case for a member of the American Taliban. I am hopeful the investigation net cast, catches up all of the complicit and I do believe lying Pence is very much complicit.

      3. dpaano June 12, 2017

        Okay, you just ruined my day! We actually need to get ALL of Trump’s minions out of there, Pence included. And, if he also contacted the Russians or talked with them, he’s just as guilty as Trump, Kushner, etc. We need to get rid of ALL of them (including Ryan and McConnell, for sure)! Not sure how to do that without drastic measures!

        1. sigrid28 June 14, 2017

          48 crooks and liars went to prison in as the result of their participation in the Watergate scandal. I’m wondering if Pence has lied under oath already or may, given the level of his stupidity and inflated ego. This is one reason for spending our blood and treasure on taking over the House and Senate in 2018, so that a Democrat (as Speaker of the House) falls into the line of succession.
          If Republicans were not dumb as a bucket of rocks they would see the value of decanting Trump and his cohorts via impeachment before the 2018 election to protect this line of succession. I think the display at the Cabinet meeting yesterday was one part to show that Trump’s chosen were all willing to take the loyalty oath that Comey refused to take; and one part to show that we could not count on these sycophants to act on the 25th amendment and make Trump step down because he was too badly incapacitated to continue serving as president. At that meeting, they were pledging, like rats, to go down with him instead of jumping ship.

          1. dpaano June 14, 2017

            Even if he IS impeached, that doesn’t mean he would leave office…..after all, Clinton was impeached, but he kept his job. Not sure impeachment would be the answer. I’m thinking a tornado taking down the White House or a hurricane or earthquake…..something dramatic!

    3. sigrid28 June 11, 2017

      Why do shows like American Idol spend precious TV minutes on the losers as well as the winners? Because ratings build up as much (or more, in Trump’s case) from the accumulation of hate-watchers as from the knuckle-draggers among Trump’s dim-witted loyalists.
      One problem for Democrats fed up with hate-watching this debacle is that if we turn away, Trump and his minions get away with moral, ethical, and criminal behavior–and they know it. As exhausting as it is to watch Trump while despising him and his spokespersons so intensely, it is our responsibility, if we love our country, and the responsibility of both the press covering Trump and the representatives of the justice department investigating him. Sunlight is the best sanitizer, as the saying goes, but we must keep our eyes open.

      1. rhetoric_phobic June 11, 2017

        I agree.

  4. FireBaron June 9, 2017

    “And the president is in legal jeopardy not just because Comey documented
    his initial attempts to kill the Flynn case, but because he reacted to
    Comey’s recalcitrance by dismissing him — and then boasted to the
    Russian ambassador and foreign minister, in the Oval Office, that he had
    fired the “nut job” FBI director and relieved the “great pressure” of
    the Russia investigation.”
    And you can damn well be sure that the only way his boast could have been leaked is if it either came from his Russian masters or from one of his own close aides (Oh, Steve, what are you doing with that drinking glass against the wall?).

    1. InformedVoter June 9, 2017

      Yawn! Comey vindicated President Trump’s comments. Nothing illegal was spoken or done. This will consume the left for months and will largely be ignored by President Trump as he keeps rolling along keeping campaign promise after promise. He’s accomplished more in his first 4 months that obozo did in his first 4 months. He’s just about wiped out obozo’s “legacy”. All that’s left is the sinking obozocare and it’s dying of its own weight.

      1. Dominick Vila June 10, 2017

        El Trumpo has accomplished nothing during his first four months in office. That is, unless you consider the layoffs at GM, Kellogg, and Verizon evidence of job creation, if you think that denying healthcare to those who cannot afford high premiums is evidence of social responsibility and humanity, if you think that withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord is evidence of commitment, responsibility, and vision. Most of his EOs overturn regulations designed to protect consumers, protect the environment, protect safety in the workplace, and protect against Wall Street abuses. You may be OK with all that, most Americans are not.

        1. sigrid28 June 10, 2017

          One thing Trump did accomplish in his first four months, he provided an object lesson in the perils of nativist politics for voters in Europe who had the wisdom to defeat Le Penne and Teresa May. Like Teresa May, Trump has failed spectacularly to align his party behind him, so that his legislative agenda is floundering so badly that the Trumpcare debate itself has actually made Obamacare more popular with the American public.

          1. Dominick Vila June 10, 2017

            Teresa May ignored the appeal of social programs, especially in a country like the UK, and she paid dearly for her mistake. I think it is also important to note that her opponent’s decision to embrace discourse similar to Bernie Sanders had tremendous support among young Brittons. Including his promise to make higher education free. I wonder, however, if Trump supporters share some of the sentiments that contributed to the conservative debacle in the UK…

          2. sigrid28 June 11, 2017

            If you mean those who switched sides (from traditionally liberal to conservative) to topple the applecart by electing May and voting in Brexit, I think we agree. But these same disruptors may, like their American counterparts, have taken no such loyalty pledge to her or to her party.

            Interesting to recall that slavery was first condemned most forcefully in Europe (and as I recall Great Britain), evidence of the fierce streak of liberalism that drives through British philosophy and public sentiment. I think this liberal tendency derives not only from the agonizing legacy of the conflict between Protestants and Catholics throughout the history of the U.K., but from the heightened awareness of social inequality that is fed, even today, by the country’s retention of the royal family and all its accoutrement.

            I studied in England for a year as an undergraduate. I found my peers more resigned to social inequality than their American counterparts but no less aggravated by it. Perhaps because they view social inequality as a fact of life, they pursue their private lives with a greater ferocity, as evidenced by the tumult that sometimes erupts at football matches. Their parliamentary form of democracy feeds this volatility by providing for snap elections like the last one and almost daily debate within their House of Commons and House of Lords. Their elected leaders are always having to defend what they do vocally themselves–no hiding behind spokespersons and half-truths like our president on Twitter.

          3. Dominick Vila June 11, 2017

            Thank you for the well written and accurate response to my post. As you know, this is not the first time the British have elected a conservative Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher comes to mind), and the Tories enjoyed a majority in the Parliament. I suspect the British middle class is experiencing the same uncertainties that prevail in most developed countries, and sometimes opt for change in the search of a solution of a problem that goes well beyond politics, and that is not going to be solved as easily as some people think. My one-year experience in England was very enjoyable and rewarding, and exposed struggle of so many people worldwide as they struggle to overcome challenges associated with issues such as robotics, high educational expectations by many employers, and the effects of globalization. That struggle is more pronounced in the UK, France, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries where there is widespread support for social programs designed to improve quality of life, and contribute to greater equality, than it is in the USA where a large segment of our population still supports trickle down economics, and budget reductions that, if implemented, will have a tremendous negative impact on the lower middle class, the poor, seniors, children, and those afflicted by debilitating illnesses.

          4. sigrid28 June 11, 2017

            I hope this question is not too trying or wrongheaded. If it is, I don’t mean it that way: You say that the struggle in Europe is more pronounced than it is in the U.S., when it comes to coping with “robotics, high educational expectations by many employers, and the effects of globalization,” despite the social safety net on which working class Europeans can rely. That seems counter-intuitive to me, because Americans must cope with these uncertainties without being able to depend on a social safety net.

            I suppose you may mean that having a base level of one’s needs met does not preclude ambition. For example, the summer vacation extravaganza will soon be underway in France, where members of all but the lowest social classes will take a whole month off, either July or August. When they go “en vacance,” they will be served by the millions of Europeans who support tourism in Europe by working in the service economy, for whom a one-month paid vacation is still a luxury. The harsh division between the upper classes in Europe and the lowest is on full display in the summer.

            I liken the glaring display of this harsh division in Europe to the contrast between the expanse of gleaming skyscrapers along the Gold Coast in Chicago and the long, gray stretches of ghettos that abut the Gold Coast to its south, west, and near north. The ladders are just not there to provide for most ghetto residents to cross the divide. Are you suggesting that in the U.S. despair tends to blunt the kind of outrage felt by members of the working class in Europe? I admit it is possible.

          5. Dominick Vila June 12, 2017

            Your assumption is correct. That comment referred to the way Europeans look at life Vs the way we do. Most of us are willing to work extra hours every single day to meet personal goals. On our days off, we take care of our yards, we paint our houses, work on our cars, and do a number of things that most Europeans would not even consider. In addition to their traditional one-month vacations, most of them go out almost every evening to have a drink at a local sidewalk cafe, on weekends they head for the countryside, and when their condos need repair, they call a journeyman. We live to work, they work to enjoy life. Obviously, there are other issues, such as willingness to pay taxes to get social benefits designed to improve quality of life, but generally speaking our approach to life is on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

          6. sigrid28 June 12, 2017

            Oh dear. Conservative Republicans cover your ears. I think you are saying, Dominick, that Europeans actually ENJOY providing a social safety net!

          7. Dominick Vila June 12, 2017

            They accept the fact that there are no free rides, and that if we want programs that benefit our well being we have to pay for them. The GOP answer to that is either charge it, or get rid of the programs.

          8. dpaano June 12, 2017

            Or lower taxes even more, which means LESS for social programs and MORE for the 1%!!!

          9. Dominick Vila June 12, 2017

            Trickle down economics proved to be a disaster when President Reagan tried it, and when President Bush tried it. Relying on rosy scenarios to pretend that reductions in revenue don’t mean anything is dangerous.

          10. dpaano June 14, 2017

            When will these Republicans EVER LEARN????

          11. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 16, 2017

            hard to teach an old dog new tricks or just the right things

          12. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 12, 2017

            the truth I feel about the UK’s special election was a bad idea first off for her the PM to have an election and letting the UK people know she likes the DUMPSTER is a bad thing from the start for the UK people know THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW is the joke of the world (and a worse joke for America ) so for her to try to use THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN HORROR SHOW on her side could only make her plane crash and blow up into a million pieces . if be it she didn’t like the DUMPSTER I feel she would feared a lot better . its the DUMPSTER FULL OF BULLSHIfT THAT BROUGHT HER DOWN ! compare the brain dead DUMPSTER followers to say like an ISIS then ISIS would win for thy have more brains then the DUMPSTERS followers even be it that ISIS are evil and hateful the DUMPSTER followers are just brain dead and stupid . ill bet UN-informed is asking the DUMPSTER if he can be in his gang . but im sure the DUMPSTER thinks and say’s yes he got some twisted people on my side but ill pass on taking in the likes of a UN-informed or itsfun clown with that pair that swing from the back of a bull we don’t need things that bad . we already have bad BULLSHIfTED on my side and don’t need anymore

          13. dpaano June 12, 2017

            I don’t think that Bernie Sanders, running for the presidency, helped anything. It caused a lot of friction when Hillary was elected the primary candidate for the Democrats…..many of his voters failed to go to the polls and vote because they didn’t particularly like Hillary…..but, this was the problem that gave us Trump!!!

          14. Dominick Vila June 12, 2017

            There is no doubt in my mind that the Sanders factor was an important contributor to Hillary’s defeat. Especially, because many of his supporters chose not to vote. That does not mean, however, that he is not articulating a narrative that appeals to most Democrats and some Independents.

          15. InformedVoter June 10, 2017

            Yup, President Trump is sure failing. So they why are you lefties crying so loudly that he’s wiped out all of obozo’s “legacy”.
            President Trump just keeps delivering on his campaign promises, something obozo never did.

        2. InformedVoter June 10, 2017

          Sorry Dom, but you are wrong again, what a surprise. The CBO estimate that 23 million will lose insurance is false, these folks don’t have insurance today! It’s another classic example of the FAKE MSM “news”.
          If President Trump has accomplished nothing (as your fake claim says), they why are you Dems running around and squirming so badly? It’s because President Trump has just about wiped out all of obozo’s “legacy” in his first 4 months in office! And he did it with just a phone and a pen, the same way obozo put his terrible policies into affect. obozo knew he’d never get his crap passed. He never tried to ratify the Paris fiasco and thus made it far too easy for President Trump to pull us out of the worst policy since obozocare – which is collapsing under it’s own crap.

          You lefties are pissed off because President Trump is delivering on his campaign promises, something obozo never did.


        3. dpaano June 12, 2017

          And, Dom, from what I understand, even many of his voters are starting to see the cracks in his so-called “promises.” They will REALLY see them when (and if) his healthcare plan goes through or his budget! They will be among the biggest losers! Can’t say we didn’t tell them so, right?

      2. sigrid28 June 10, 2017

        You’re like the naïve guy walking the deck of the Titanic in his tuxedo, expecting “smooth sailing!”

        1. InformedVoter June 10, 2017

          Sorry Sig, but the low information lefties that roam this forum still think the FAKE MSM polls are correct and that HilLIARy is leading in the election.
          Comey verified that President Trump was not and is not under investigation.
          Comey set himself up to be prosecuted for leaking information regarding an investigation.

  5. dpaano June 9, 2017

    Personally, I’d believe Comey over Trump ANY day! Trump has proven to be an inveterate liar; Comey has not! The Republicans (Ryan) can make as many excuses as they want about the inadequacy of the president, but it shouldn’t matter…..ignorance of the law is NOT a valid defense and ANY lawyer will tell you that!

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

      RYANS an air head anyways all bad air

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

    for what ever reason or excuse Comey gave for making that statement 8 days before the election on Hillary dose one think today he feels he should of waited and if be needed he could of made the same statement after the election was done ? again what ever reason or excuse Commey had 8 days before the election he did contradict himself by saying he dose not let things be posted about any and all ongoing investigations . and to be fair he should back then also stated that the DUMPSTERS cult team was under investigation them self . shouldn’t be if it was ones in his KLAN or staff it should be just the same thing as if it was the DUMPSTER him self . BY ALL WAYS OF LOOKING AT IT TODAY ID BET COMEY WISHES HE NEVER MADE THAT STATEMENT 8 DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION . if one truly looks at it from all sides it is COMEY himself that brought this all on himself . and he alone is the reason why DONNY DUMP is in the white house . its all your own fault of every thing that happen to you and even sadder what has happen to the country and the world now that there is a DUMPSTER in the white house

  7. idamag June 9, 2017

    Risch heralds from my state. I do not call him senator. He is tea party, not too bright and only represents a portion of the state. The tea party people and the people from the isolated backward parts of the state. I watched how he tried to badger Comey.

    1. sigrid28 June 11, 2017

      The fight was so unequal between Risch and Comey that it was downright embarrassing to watch. Only fools and sadists take pleasure in a fight if it is not between equals. That was one moment when Comey tried his best not to take advantage of his obvious superiority to Risch: As a former prosecutor, Comey knows that showing up a weak opponent cannot help him win, in the long run. Comey held back in the same way when John McCain became disoriented during his questioning. Comey never dropped his stance of solid respect for McCain, even when it became a stretch to come up with appropriate responds to McCain’s incoherent questions. These two examples offered strong evidence of how devastating Mueller’s case will be against Trump and his associates, drawing as it will on seasoned experts from the intelligence community Trump has alienated and disaffected members fired by Trump from the Department of Justice.

      1. idamag June 12, 2017

        Risch is a t-party, hate-the govmnt, POS who only got in because of Larry Craig.

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

    for what ever reason or excuse Comey gave for making that statement 8 days before the election on Hillary dose one think today he feels he should of waited and if be needed he could of made the same statement after the election was done ? again what ever reason or excuse Commey had 8 days before the election he did contradict himself by saying he dose not let things be posted about any and all ongoing investigations . and to be fair he should back then also stated that the DUMPSTERS cult team was under investigation them self . shouldn’t be if it was ones in his KLAN or staff it should be just the same thing as if it was the DUMPSTER him self . BY ALL WAYS OF LOOKING AT IT TODAY ID BET COMEY WISHES HE NEVER MADE THAT STATEMENT 8 DAYS BEFORE THE ELECTION . // if one truly looks at it from all sides it is COMEY himself that brought this all on himself . and he alone is the reason why DONNY DUMP is in the white house . its all your own fault of every thing that happen to you and even sadder what has happen to the country and the world now that there is a DUMPSTER in the white house OK the truth people dose anyone think there would even be close to the amount of the BULLSHIfT that is going on now would be going on if Comey didn’t pull that 8 days before the election crap and Hillary was in the house ? now when you thing of answering this question one has to think about the GOP gang of pinheads and all the screaming thy would be doing if Hillary had all the BULL following her that the DUMPSTER has . but she dosent and didn’t

  9. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

    the DUMPSTER is still making speeches now and today about the pipe line and saying he put a note in the pipe line that American steel is to be used . still lying to the people for all the pine line pipes that are made out of steel is still being made by another country other then where he said it was to me made THE STEEL AND PIPE ARE NOT BEING MADE IN AMERICA

  10. Richard Prescott June 9, 2017

    What gets me is the idiotic tweet today about “vindicated” and “Comey is the LEAKER!”. Yet other leaks have occurred after Comey’s firing that Comey could not have done.
    And today Trump’s personal attorney stated he will file a “complaint” against Comey and the Committee. As one legal analyst stated, “File it to whom, the attorney is not a government employee, nor is he in the Justice Dept, Comes is not working for the government now?” There is no place he can file it, unless Trump wants to sue Comey, which would be a terrible idea because of all the disclosure needed.
    I watched and/or listened to most of the hearing. Rich’s lame attempts to thwart anything were only slightly better than McCain’s apparent lack of understanding just what investigation was being discussed let alone the fact the two he mentioned were not the same issue!
    The Republicans tried various word games, but the real aspect of what is happening was not revealed in the PUBLIC hearing and could not be. Come told them as much several times.
    Tip of the iceberg.

    1. TZToronto June 10, 2017

      If one were to listen only to Trump’s protectors–every GOP member of Congress–one would assume that Comey had said, “The FBI has NOT investigated the President and has come to the conclusion that the President is completely innocent of any and all crimes and that he has absolutely nothing to do with Russians. Former Director Comey said so, but he’s a liar. Uh, that is, he’s a liar when he talks about the President’s hope about laying off Flynn, but he’s totally truthful about the President’s innocence, even though he didn’t say the President is innocent. Oh, and he lied about Hillary Clinton’s innocence in the email scandal, and his revelations about that had nothing to do with the President’s election. But the President is totally vindicated, and Comey is a leaker, but he leaked lies, but he’s still a leaker. Benghazi.”

  11. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

    Trump’s pressure on him was improper at best. Still, as Comey admitted, he might well have pushed back harder. But it is ridiculous for the Republicans to suggest that because he didn’t instantly report Trump’s improper conduct as a potentially impeachable offense, to either the Attorney General or the Congress or both, /// are you kidding me report it to the AG ? the AG is one of the DUMPSTERS cult members if DONNY told the AG to drink the COOL-AID he would in a sec.

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

    the DONNY DUMPSTER He lies as easily as you and I breath, and from all of the bizarre sniffing he does, he lies easier than he breathes too. // if keeping him alive was between lying and breathing I think the best results would come from what he dose easer and that’s lying for sure

    1. InformedVoter June 9, 2017

      Still unable to spell and never mind the rules of punctuation.
      Comey verified President Trump’s version and yet you say President Trump was lying. How dumb does that make you look!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

        be lucky and thankful you clown that our paths never cross . stay where you’re safe behind your keyboard dim wit

        1. InformedVoter June 9, 2017

          Temper, temper. Guess what? I’m your minister.
          After Comey’s testimony, President Trump appointed the head of his reelection campaign to start work.
          Yup, looks like you’ll be stuck with President Trump for 7 more years. Doesn’t that sound great!

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

            then more reason why you should count your blessings that our pass never cross you moron

          2. InformedVoter June 11, 2017

            Thanks for confirming that you lefties don’t have anything except mediocre “comedians” and FAKE news. Since obozo took office, the Dems have lost over 1000 seats. The longer the Dems try to find a “scandal” that will grow legs, the more turned off the voters are becoming. The Dem have many more seats to defend in 2018 so it’s be wonderful to see the GOP increase their lead in the house and senate. Meanwhile, President Trump just named 20 more judges. Yet you low information sheep keep claiming he’s not doing anything. He’s just about wiped out all of obozo’s EOs in just 4 months.
            YUP he’s doing nothing except making America great again!

          3. Patricia McCullough June 9, 2017

            Bwahahahaha! Infirmed voter? That’s a joke, right? And fat 45 will be lucky to live 2 years let alone win reelection. But thanks for the laugh.

          4. Thoughtopsy June 9, 2017

            Ignore him… he’s the worst sort of retard troll found in these forums.
            If he’s ever sought to “Inform” himself about anything, I haven’t been able to determine it.

          5. InformedVoter June 11, 2017

            Poor thoughts, you have to still be hurting from your humiliating loss you took the last time you crossed forum posts with me. You keep denying the truth.

            Now that COmey has vindicated President Trump, the Russian collusion “scandal” is dead. Time for the FAKE MSM to try and find another “scandal” to lie about.
            Meanwhile, President Trump just keep erasing all of obozo’s EOs.

          6. InformedVoter June 11, 2017

            Sorry Patricia, bug Ginsberg is more likely to croak than President Trump. President Trump just named 20 judges. and in less than 4 months, he’s just about wiped out all of obozo’s EOs. Yet your FAKE MSM keep saying he’s getting nothing done. How is than working out for you?

          7. Patricia McCullough June 11, 2017

            So ms UNINFORMED name those judges because the actual number is one SCOTUS & ONE judge. But please continue to post & look really stupid. 45 is an ignorant fat ???? & his followers number just above Nixon numbers. 34% is beyond pathetic. When you learn to read please come back & try to convince EDUCATED Americans that ignorant, fat 45 is actually smart & well-liked. Bwahahahahahahahahaha

          8. InformedVoter June 12, 2017

            Why must you insist on displaying your ignorance? There are at least 12 awaiting hearings. President Trump named 10 alone in early May. So who’s displaying ignorance?
            Now you have shown that you hate “fat” people! I thought your party was one of inclusion and tolerance. Thanks for exposing your party as one of hypocrisy and hatred.
            Time for you go have another fake demonstration and burn down a few more buildings.
            Polls that strip out bias show President Trump with a near 80% approval rating, while obozo in down in the low to mid 30, just behind GW and Nixon.
            Time for you seek out a safe room and go have a good cry. You may even see HilLIARy there!

          9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 13, 2017

            Just keep posting nonsense. I hope you don’t think you’re convincing anyone with your childish drivel.

          10. InformedVoter June 29, 2017

            Yup, appointing Gorsuch is posting nonsense. Seeing that you’re so low information, what a surprise. I could care less if any of you low information sheep is convinced. Just remember it was your own doing that lead you to ruin.

          11. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 1, 2017

            Oh, now it’s Gorsuch you’re trying to hit on. Get some counseling uninformed one, or get a room with Trump or Gorsuch. I tire of your undying affection for these malignant men you keep bringing up for praise.

          12. InformedVoter July 3, 2017

            First you displayed your hypocrisy by slamming transgenders, and how you’ve outdone yourself by slamming the gay lifestyle.

            What’s the matter, your religion failing you again?

          13. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 12, 2017

            UN-informed is the JOKE A BIG BAD JOKE

          14. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 10, 2017

            A minister of the Department of Trump Idiocies. Your futile attempts to exonerate a liar and a groper of women is pathetic, and a useless exercise in masturbating your ego–all on behalf of a distorted human being. The club of Trump, you, and the other sycophants is deplorable.
            But you just keep right on being a pom-pom girl for Trump. We’ll all be watching you humiliate yourself.

            And don’t be a fool enough to invite Trump over, if you don’t like lascivious men like Trump groping your women-folk.

          15. InformedVoter June 10, 2017

            I see your fake b religion is still holding you back. You keep slamming President Trump, but your “charges” carry no validity. Yup, for sure you still think HilLIARy is leading in the polls and will win the election.

          16. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 11, 2017

            SInce you have no Religion, it’s foolish of you to weigh in on Religion or be qualified to say whose religion is fake and whose religion isn’t. All Religions, O ignorant one, emanate from God. Therefore, on close investigation by any intelligent and unbiased mind, one would be able to determine which “religion” is fake, and which isn’t. As Jesus said, in Matthew 7:16-20, by their fruit you will know them. You know that passage, right?

            If not, here’s the text:


            16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

            17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

            18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

            19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

            20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

            Your ignorance of your own Religion, or the religion of your household, is astounding for an adult. At least Trump claims to have a Religion, but we don’t see any evidence of that. And because Trump claims such, he is in a better frame of mind than you, and that should cause you to shudder with terror.

            You and Alain are the most ignorant and boorish fellows I’ve ever encountered. As such, the two of you should be preserved as wax figures in a museum of humans who never evolved fully to become fully human.

          17. InformedVoter June 12, 2017

            Sorry AofP, but you can quote from your fake b religion all you wish, but your posts have exposed your hatred of transgenders. You can’t escape what you wrote.

          18. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 13, 2017

            You’re too ignorant to notice what is in the Bible, aren’t you? And this foolish attempt to bring transgender into the conversation is further proof that you have no gray matter and are purely delusional. That is what FOX will do to you. Haven’t I warned you to stay away from that poison??

          19. InformedVoter June 29, 2017

            Still being supported by a racist I see! You were the one who tried to embarrass me by attempting to make be look feminine. Hence, in your eyes, being a male who is looked at as being feminine, is someone who is lower on the order of things. You can try to deny all you wish, but you made the claims and more than once.

          20. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 1, 2017

            You’re such a dimwit—still perplexed about my referring to you as a Pom Pom girl. Do you not understand the metaphor and association of you flattering adoration for Trump and the GOP with the kind of pep rally hoopla you feel compelled to share with us with that of a cheerleader at a football game?
            Get some education, uninformed whoever you are, get yourself some female companionship so that you can mellow out. You’re really rough around the edges and prickly, like you adored one—Donald Trump.

          21. InformedVoter July 3, 2017

            YUP, your religion, based upon Islam, has driven you to finally admit that you hate transgenders and gays.

          22. lyndagrand June 10, 2017

            Hahahahaha – there is NO WAY drumpf will even finish a full year in office! He’s HORRIBLE for America & every other country is now laughing at us because we have an idiot lying fool who thinks he knows everything but he knows NOTHING EXCEPT LIES, LIES, and RUSSIA.

          23. InformedVoter June 11, 2017

            You are naive and show it in your post. The Dems will spin their wheels into 2018 trying to find a “scandal”, any “scandal” that will grow legs. Now that Comey shredded the Russia collusion “scandal”, your FAKE MSM will drum up another. By Winter, the voters will be turned off by the Dems looking for something and wasting time and money. They will take their revenge on the Dems in the mid-terms. The Dems have way many more seats to defend and they’ll continue their massive losses. Since obozo took office, the Dems have lost over 1000 seats and they’ve lost every election since November. And you dummies reelected Pelosi as your leader. How dumb does that may you look?

          24. Sand_Cat June 15, 2017

            WOW! You are truly clueless calling someone else naïve!!!
            Or maybe in your case, it isn’t naivete, but blindness brought on by extreme malice, ignorance, and just plain old-fashioned stupidity. WHAT A LAUGH YOU ARE! You become more entertaining with every post!

          25. InformedVoter June 27, 2017

            Still see that the racist, dpaano, loves your comments. What a great endorsement!
            So I was right about the polls being fake for the presidential election. So I was right about the polls being fake for the special GA election. So I was aright about the SCOTUS reinstating the travel ban.
            Yet somehow you classify me as “malice, ignorance, and just plain old-fashioned stupidity”. Wow. So what does that make you look like?

          26. Sand_Cat June 28, 2017

            Still projecting your own faults on others, I see.
            You were “right” about the polls being “Fake” and the Supreme Court’s decision? WOW! Such wisdom.
            Your faults do not make me look like anything – except in your fevered excuse for a mind – except someone who has no intention of wasting time refuting your lies and pathetic delusions. Go ahead and try to convince yourself that you’re not as sadly malicious, insecure, ignorant, and infantile as the man you helped to elect; you certainly haven’t a prayer of convincing anyone else.

          27. InformedVoter June 28, 2017

            It wasn’t me who used racial slurs, it was dpaano!
            So I post true statements time after time and you just can’t seem to handle that I’ve been right and you’ve been wrong! Talk about projection!
            You low information sheep just keep believing the FAKE MSM lies and then wonder why you’re so disappointed in the end.
            Now, even CNN is admitting that the Russia collusion story was BS, but now since the investigation has pointed back to obozo, it looks like he’ll end up having to explain why he allowed it to happen. Did he really want President Trump to win? Wow, what a blow to you egos that will mean!

          28. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 1, 2017

            You’re as clueless as ever on the subject of racism, its meaning, and when and how to use the term properly. Are you afflicted with the same malignancy of the mind as soul as Trump? Do you still have a soul to speak of, or do you care?
            I suggest you return to a local high school and see if they can enroll you in a special ed program for adults who never mastered secondary school topics.

          29. InformedVoter July 3, 2017

            Still trying to defend racism aren’t you. You now that you’ve been exposed to be a hypocrite regarding transgender and gay folks, you now have moved on to racism.
            You’re certain to get your butt burned on this one.

      2. lyndagrand June 10, 2017

        I’m sorry “InformedVoter” but drumpf IS not only a LIAR – he’s MUCH WORSE – he’s a TRAITOR. How can you defend anyone that plays with the Russians? Surely you know how the Russian people live? Putin has everything and the people of Russia have nothing! He’s a horrible man & drumpf loves him. Surely you know drumpf will only help the RICH get richer & the rest of us will get poorer. He is the WORST thing to ever happen to America!

        1. InformedVoter June 11, 2017

          You are poorly informed. Under obozo’s 8 years, the top 1% got way richer and the bottom 20% became way poorer. As President Trump stated in his campaign message “the Dems have screwed you and lied to you, so what have you got to lose?” That message resonated with the voters. The Dems concentrated on who was using what bathroom and forgot about the working class voters.
          Now that Comey has shredded the Russia collusion “scandal” you can keep shouting Russia did it, but no one will be listening, except low information sheep like you.

          1. Sand_Cat June 15, 2017

            And Trump’s first cut at a “Medical” plan turned out to be a giant tax cut for guess who? That same 1% you simpering, gullible idiots who voted for him whine about! Speaking of being “misinformed,” it is highly unlikely we ever had anyone close to being as much a fount of misinformation and “fake news” as you, except “Obozomustgo,” to whose posts yours seem eerily familiar (are you he?). All his triumphant pronouncements of Obama’s coming loss in 2012 fell almost as flat as your own “informed” drivel.

          2. InformedVoter June 27, 2017

            First, I see that the racist, dpaano, supports you. What a great endorsement.
            No, I’m not “he”.
            I just love your comments about ME not being informed. I provided links, well in advance of the election, that President Trump was ahead his the REAL polls. But you low information lefties just claimed, as you did above, that I was not informed. So how did that work out for you?

            More recently, I posted that the SCOTUS would uphold the travel ban. Once more you low information sheep called me a liar. So how did that work out for you?

            Now that the Russia collusion has pointed directly back to obozo, what will you folks do now?

            Time for the FAKE MSM to make up another “scandal”.

          3. Sand_Cat June 27, 2017

            What a surprise that the Supreme Court – which idiots like you control – upheld Trump’s racist, self-serving, and hypocritical travel ban: no country with which he does business was included, including the worst of all, US “ally” Saudi Arabia.
            Yes, I’m SOOOOO impressed with your foresight in predicting that the court would vote as they did, but obviously not nearly so impressed as you are with yourself.
            Like Trump, you and his other sychophants are gullible, infantile, and obnoxious, and you make for great entertainment for those who actually have any brains.

          4. InformedVoter June 29, 2017

            Poor sandy, you failed to grasp the point. The 4th and 9th courts said he didn’t have the authority and thus they were wrong! Now you see it as a religious ban, normal folk see it as protecting our county from those religious fanatics. It would seem to the majority of Americans that you are out of touch with reality.

          5. Sand_Cat June 30, 2017

            I think my prediction is better than yours: I’ve always maintained that there will never be a shortage of two things: a$$holes and stupid people, predicting the results of the last election perfectly. As in many other cases, you count as a “twofer” against the shortage.
            If I didn’t “grasp” anything you wrote, it’s because I rarely bother to read your idiotic and self-congratulatory blathering. Bye-bye.

          6. InformedVoter June 30, 2017

            OK, let’s look at your accuracy rate in your predictions. You predicted that President Trump would drop out of the primaries. You predicted that President Trump would NOT be the GOP candidate. You predicted that HilLIARy would not only win, but win in a landslide. You predicted that the SCOTUS would strike down President Trump’s travel ban.
            Shall I continue listing your “correct” predictions? FYI, I predicted the opposite of all the above, so who’s more accurate?

      3. Sand_Cat June 11, 2017

        Wow, you really are a gullible as well as grossly dishonest idiot.
        But keep going: every post of yoursw shows what a danger to the nation both you and the mentally-ill petulant child you voted for are.

        1. InformedVoter June 12, 2017

          Poor Sandy, Rochelle Riley and Chris Mathews, two extreme left nuts, in their Sunday columns, goth declared the Russia collusion “scandal” as going nowhere since Comey shredded that “scandal”
          Meanwhile, investigation has reopened into possible interference by Russia in the presidential election via collusion, but the election was 2012 and the person being investigated is obozo! “after the election I’ll have more …” spoke by obozo into Puti’s ear as obozo was too dumb to realize his mic was still on.

          1. Sand_Cat June 12, 2017

            What do I care what Rochelle Riley and Chris Matthews say?
            Unlike you, I don’t take my marching orders from TV programs, nor swallow everything some politician says whole, regardless of how flagrantly dishonest he might be. I think we can all guess who “informs” you, besides the 4-year-old in the White House and his willing dupes. Don’t you get tired of scrabbling about on your hands and knees lapping up every precious bit of offal that falls from their lips?

          2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 12, 2017

            its truly a waste of time and text to try to make any type of a common sense conversation with the brain dead BIG TIME UN-informed clown . your best as the same to all would to block the MORON

          3. InformedVoter June 12, 2017

            Still showing you don’t know how to write English sentences. Yup, go ahead and ignore the truth and bury your head in the “sand”. I really enjoy making you look foolish.

          4. Sand_Cat June 14, 2017

            I find him laughable, and his idiotic posts and desperate defense of his delusions and gullibility amusing.

          5. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2017

            you would have a more intelligent conversation with a board or a rock then he could ever give you

          6. Sand_Cat June 15, 2017

            What makes you think I’m not having a conversation with a board or a rock? 🙂
            “InformedVoter” is the classic right-wing idiot, calling us naïve when he is clearly incredibly gullible himself, taking as gospel every lie that falls from Trump’s or his minions’ lips. Why not sit back and enjoy the stupidity, giving him an occasional poke to keep the foolishness flowing? Some make the mistake of treating his lies and delusions as something worthy of a reasonable reply, and allow themselves to be drawn into pointless “discussions” with what you accurately describe as a “board or a rock,” though you may be giving him too much credit, not to mention unjustly insulting boards and rocks!

          7. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 15, 2017

            What makes you think I’m not having a conversation with a board or a rock? well this is one thing all can be sure of . then a board and of rock could be giving the clown too much credit lol ( Some make the mistake of treating his lies and delusions as something worthy of a reasonable reply ) pretty much as the DONNY DUMP CLOWN dose to all with his BULLSHIfT as for responding to this UNinformed moron it gets old and boring real fast . you can pretty much predict what this moron will say next .(very much of with be with the up most lack of intelligence . as for this DOPES pointlessness I believe he’s had that from birth or better describing HATCHED . yes the board can be made into some useful things (unlike him for sure ) as for the rock if big enough one can be thrown at this UNREAL clown and if a lucky hit between his eyes might drop and stop the clown . even for a short time would help the sane from this insane dope lol

          8. Sand_Cat June 15, 2017

            Look, I didn’t mean to set you off. Each of us deals with idiots as he /she thinks best. If you want to block the idiot, fine, but he’s obviously gotten to you already, and you obviously read his posts.
            We have to put up with this for at least four years: don’t count on someone beating Trump next time around; the repugs in all the states they control will be sure to make it as difficult as possible for their political opponents to vote, and we can count on Trump’s Supremes to uphold these laws this time, not to mention that if there weren’t a LOT of idiots able to vote, we wouldn’t have the problem in the first place. You might as well get what laughs you can from it. If you want to get angry, think of all those likely Dem voters who stayed home last November; I definitely voted against the idiot, and for someone who should have had an excellent chance of winning by a landslide.
            So, thanks to them and the idiots, we can all live with the US’s finally having a government (almost) as bad as we as a country have deserved for years.

          9. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 16, 2017

            my point wasn’t you was having a conversation with a board or rock my point was that you would have a more intelligent conversation with a board or a rock then with UN-informed . at first I was in the kind of setting back mode . but you have to admit he is one stupid clown . as far as his lies and delusions go thy never stop just get bigger and win the crown of stupid again and again lol . I give that clown no credit at all he is out there . on the edge ? are you kidding me he has went over the edge and fell right into the retarded pool lol he sends me the most brain dead statements never making any sense . you I believe stated before that I read his message I really don’t if I can help it I rather ignore the retarded child minded clown (he just like his DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW ) if be it I could block that wacko id do it fast . for what he has to say means nothing . also another addiction the DUMPSTER has that he also love is being addicted like a junky for his FIX OF ATTENTION

          10. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2017

            that UNinformed clown states he makes people look foolish what I see is thy make themselves look like a totally brain dead moron and that on his good days

          11. InformedVoter June 12, 2017

            Comey cleared President Trump from the Russia collusion “scandal” and that part of the investigate is now terminated. Now that Comey implicated Lynch and HilLIARy, if Mueller doesn’t go after them, he should be replaced by a true independent who will hunt down Lynch and HilLIARy.
            Meanwhile, President Trump continues on his quest to make America great again, and it’s working!

          12. Sand_Cat June 14, 2017

            The only people more stupid and incompetent than Trump and his minions are you idiots who voted for them, and who now lap up their excrement like manna from heaven. Your whole pretension to being “informed” becomes more laughable with every idiotic post you make here.
            Trump was “cleared,” eh? You bet. You really are an incredible jackass. As for making America “great,” Hitler and Mussolini made Germany and Italy “great” in much the same way, though neither of them was as dumb and incompetent, or even as dishonest, as Trump.

          13. InformedVoter June 29, 2017

            I find it ironic that the only one who supports your post is a proven racist, dpaano. What does that make you?
            Yup, President Trump and the Russia collusion FAKE story are done. Even CNN is saying it was BS from the start.
            I find it laughable that you think President Trump not qualified. obozo was nothing but a community organizer and as a state senator, he voted “present” more often than he voted up or down on tons of legislation. He was never considered to be qualified by any reputable group.

  13. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

    The attack ad, aired on the Late Show, is also a prime example of advertising that could only persuade a moron (which may just mean it is aimed squarely at Trump voters). /// well in that case the ad could reached millions if be it that THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW and all of his BRAIN DEAD followers can be in that same frame of mindlessness as MORONS . if so then the add hit a HOME RUN ! if be it that DONNY DUMP died to day beside the country and the world being a much better place . then how many people in the DUMPSTER’s cult KLAN tomorrow would say yes the DUMPSTER did ask and demanded that I give him my loyalty and he made me sign a discloser contract stating it

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

    Breaking News Alert: Trump says he would testify under oath a lot good that would do the DUMPSTER a pathetic pathological LIAR

  15. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

    Breaking News Alert: Trump says he would testify under oath a lot good that would do the DUMPSTER a pathetic pathological LIAR big joke DONNY is

    1. docb June 10, 2017

      Even his lawyers admitt he lies so much they will only meet with him in pairs….


      Mueller will not be unaware of that fact.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 10, 2017

        . I did a post this morning you might like to read and I agree with you ! besides the lying of the DUMPSTER the lawyers have to worry about getting screwed out of the money for the job thy do for the clown . 4 Law firms rejected the DUMPSTER and in so many words said go to hell we want no jobs from you . so he uses his old lawyer that handled his 5 or 6 bankrupts and his DUMP U case all ones the DUMPSTER loss

  16. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 9, 2017

    Breaking News Alert: Trump says he would testify under oath a lot good that would do the DUMPSTER a pathetic pathological LIAR ///when are the GOP gang of pinheads going to stop defending THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW ? cant thy understand standing beside the DUMPSTER is dangerous and crazy ? not a place to be and could lose their places in offices backing the DUMPER not only that but he will throw any and all of them under the bus in a heart beat even to save a little bit of his worthless hide ! maybe and for sure for the better its the GOP that is the main problem of the country anyways

  17. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 10, 2017

    the DUMPSTER calls Comey a leaker ! he looks more like his child’s mind calling kids in the school yard names . what’s next for DONNY CLOWN is he going to say to Comey I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT IM I ? As President Trump lambasted former FBI director James B. Comey for engineering the release of details of their conversations to a news reporter, some legal experts say Comey was within his rights to reveal the information / of course the DUMPSTER is upset with not just Comey saying anything about what he says but DONNY makes every one sign disclosers contracts from every one he talks with . im surprised he dosent have his brain dead followers all sign those papers at one of his rally’s ! the clown been doing that all his life try’s to hide all his BULLSHIfT he speaks out knowing its all can be pretty much LIES / Trump accuses Comey of giving false testimony yes he can do that for the DUMPSTER is the KING OF false testimony so when he gives them he tends to miss understand that every one dose not do as he dose with the FALSE PART for his alone cuddles around being false always / Trump’s lawyer in Russia probe has clients with Kremlin ties and this should help who ? I don’t believe it will help the DUMPSTER ! just label’s the cult klan he hangs with . see the DUMPSTER is so deranged that he feels working from the other side of the fence will help him and be better for his team . he’s the king fool in his DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW LAND truly not of mind . then again at the end of it all he things that is his get out of jail free card being derange !

  18. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 10, 2017

    Although Comey has added much to further destroy an already destroyed facsimile of a human, the GOP isn’t able to apprehend the full extent of Trump’s dire situation. A situation guaranteed to get worse, and the GOP is most likely willing to go down the drain to a cesspool with Trump.
    Such is the degree of rot that infests rigidly partisan extremists like the GOP, and should serve as a caution to those who are partisan towards another group not to allow themselves to become addicted as so many in the GOP have become.

    1. dpaano June 12, 2017

      We need to get rid of this poison in the Congress….hopefully, people will get out and VOTE during the midterms and gain some seats back in the House and the Senate!!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 12, 2017

        We need to get rid of this poison in the Congress….hopefully, people will get out and VOTE during the midterms and gain some seats back in the House and the Senate!! // should thy get out and vote YES but then when and if thy do thy wont have nothing to cry about because thy and we put much better people in office that work for all the people not just the greedy few

  19. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 10, 2017

    Now, as far as Trump being willing to testify under oath, this clearly will elicit smirks and winks from those in the know, knowing that telling a lie is a natural reflex action for Trump. Truth is merely a word with no meaning in Trump’s sparsely populated value system.
    Trump will lie regardless of swearing on the Bible. Why? For the simple reason that all sense of the importance of being truthful is totally alien to Trump, the consequences of committing a dishonorable act towards God is an abstract concept for Trump, easily dismissed, and meant to be acknowledged only to save his hide.

    1. dpaano June 12, 2017

      I just read this morning that Trump is considering firing Mueller. That would really put the icing on the cake, wouldn’t it? If he’s not guilty as hell, why would he care if Mueller investigates???

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 12, 2017

        isn’t it stated in the rules or the law now that the DUMPSTER cant fire this new guy ?

        1. dpaano June 14, 2017

          No, he CAN fire him, but he’d have to fire the acting FBI director first and then have the NEW FBI director fire him.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2017

            yes that’s just more feeding for the addicted junky DUMPSTER seeking his fix for attention . he will just fire his way to get his addiction fix of attention . but that is how I thought it was is DONNY DUMP cant fire the new investigator . but he can and would fire the people that can fire him . and with the DUMPSTERS record and seeking of his attention junky fix will fire many to get what that clown wants

    2. dpaano June 12, 2017

      They ought to hook him up to a lie detector machine while he testifies to see how much he lies and how much he tells the truth……

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth June 13, 2017

        Hooking up Trump to a lie detector would cause the machine to overheat from all the negative feed-back from Donald.
        As for your comment about the denizens in Congress, there just isn’t enough quantity of pesticide to rid us of so many 6-legged creatures. Voting will help, but that’s a temporary solution. There’s just too big a pool of maladjusted politicians in America to be able to ever get a mentally balanced Congress.

        1. dpaano June 14, 2017

          You’ve got a point there……didn’t think about that!

        2. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 16, 2017

          the machine would blow up after the DUMPSTER answered the first question

  20. lyndagrand June 11, 2017

    “InformedVoter” seems to forget the title of this article – “COMEY’S TESTIMONY STUMPS FUMING AND FUMBLING TRUMP DEFENDERS.” “InformedVoter is OBVIOUSLY “stumped, fuming & fumbling” his way into a wall.

  21. ivory69690@yahoo.com June 14, 2017

    lets try this for all the blog reader a question for you . state if you find this a true statement UN -informed-clown voter makes him self look like a mentally deranged moron more so with every stupid posh he makes do you all feel this is a true statement ?


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