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Donald Trump — Man Of War

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Donald Trump — Man Of War


We should all give thanks to Donald Trump’s reality-TV-show run for the Republican presidential nomination because of what it reveals about his fan base.

Assuming Trump’s supporters have actually listened to what the narcissistic real estate developer has been saying, what they want is multiple ground wars, an America that steals from other countries, an America that kills people because of their religion, and a massive police state constantly checking people (especially Hispanics and Latinos) to determine whether they’re undocumented and should be arrested and deported, and even have their citizenship taken away.

These Trumpeteers evidently want a president who believes his duties include humiliating anyone who asks questions he wishes had not been asked or whose business decisions he dislikes.

On a personal level, they want a president whose family values included years of keeping a mistress, Marla Maples, and who, after not having marital relations with his wife for more than 16 months, flew into a rage, tore hair from her head, and allegedly violated her sexually. Ivana Trump, after her testimony came out, said she did not mean “rape” in the sense that her husband should be prosecuted for a crime, but she has never wavered otherwise from her description of that violent bedroom assault.

Trump also abandoned his daughter with Maples, providing financial support but not much more, according to the girl’s mother. (If anyone has photos of Trump and daughter Tiffany taken in the last year, please send them to davidcay@me.com.)

The Trumpeteers also want a president whose own words indicate he is at times delusional, seeing demon-like changes in the face of Fox News personality Megyn Kelly. Her calm visage was visible to anyone watching the debate, yet Trump has said repeatedly that “everyone” saw Kelly become so visibly angry she had “blood coming from her eyes.”

Of course all of these observations rest on the assumption that the Trumpeteers actually listen, thoughtfully and carefully, to what Trump says — and that they understand our Constitution.

Trump has sold himself like a bottle of Coke – all fizz and fun with no substance. And my fellow journalists at the five major newspapers, the major broadcast outlets, and other news organizations have failed to vet the candidate — with minor and tepid exceptions.

The Donald’s marital violence has gotten some mention, for example, but with an emphasis on obfuscations by him and her fudging on the word “rape.”

Likewise, his extensive ties to the biggest Mafia figures in New York and Atlantic City, his history of cheating workers and vendors, and other unsavory aspects of his biography go largely unreported. I laid these out in an earlier National Memo column, but the major news organizations have tended to ignore skeletons in Trump’s closet — again there are exceptions, namely Michael Smerconish on CNN; Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC.

Trump gets a free ride because it’s cheap and easy to cover what candidates say, but takes actual work to examine what they have done. And work costs more.

Let’s start with war-mongering, because if Trump gets his finger on the button, that is exactly what we will get – not just a war, but multiple wars. He says we must have American troops on the ground in Iran, Iraq, and the “Islamic State” in parts of Syria and Iraq. This also means vast occupying armies, though Trump never mentions this fact and journalists fail to ask about that necessary step, if we are to steal the oil and install puppet regimes.

Trump has been urging war for almost 30 years. On Meet the Press in 1987, he said we should use the firing of a single bullet as a reason to invade Iran, seize its oil, and, as he put it, “let them have the rest” of their country.

As a presidential candidate, Trump has said he stands by those remarks and added that he wants American troops to invade the Middle East both to suppress the religious government emerging in parts of Syria and Iraq and to steal oil.

“I am the most militaristic person there is,” Trump proudly declared Aug. 10 on Morning Joe.

This assurance comes from a man who assiduously avoided the Vietnam-era draft, ultimately claiming “minor” bone spurs made him 4-F, though his accounts raise questions about his fidelity to facts. Trump has also said he opposed the Vietnam War, so his promotion of war as policy came only when other young men faced hostile bullets.

Trump has long walked with a bodyguard or two, and has an aversion to shaking hands with other people. (I have seen him go immediately wash his hands after he had no choice but to grip another person’s hand.)

Trump claims he speaks plainly, but he never says he wants to “steal” oil from other countries. Instead, Trump has repeatedly said over the last four years that America should “take the oil” of sovereign nations. In this context “take” and “steal” are synonymous.

Trump is not alone among Republican candidates in favoring another ground war in the Middle East — explicitly a religious war, waged against a modern caliphate (a theocratic government run by a presumed successor to the Prophet Muhammad).

For example, John Kasich, the Ohio governor who is always reminding us of his Christianity, also wants a ground war for the explicit purpose of destroying the emerging caliphate.

As with Trump’s preposterous claim that he can make Mexico pay for an impenetrable wall along the U.S. border, he shows no respect for the fact that Earth has about 200 sovereign nations. Instead he sees other countries as subservient to America and promises to dispatch ground troops wherever he thinks a country needs to be brought to heel.

Trump also seems unaware that no wealthy country has ever managed to keep ambitious poor people from entering it legally or otherwise, a lesson the Romans learned long ago.

His plans would require vast increases in government spending. So why do self-identified conservative Republicans, who want to pay less in taxes and enjoy a smaller government, favor his plans?

Creating a smaller government and lowering taxes is logically inconsistent with waging multiple wars while rounding up and deporting people who either entered the country illegally or stayed after their visas expired.

The long-term costs of more ground wars in the Middle East would run into the trillions of dollars with bills coming due well into the 22nd century as pensioners, widows, and the disabled children of veterans collect benefits for probably many decades after everyone old enough to read this is dead.

Worse, these unnecessary wars of plunder are likely to turn allies and nominal allies into enemies, inviting even more wars and, thus, more costs. America would be seen not as a beacon of liberty and opportunity, but a selfish, thieving, and dangerous pariah state.

The taxpayer cost for rounding up anyone perceived as an illegal immigrant could well be $200 billion. On top of that, there would be disruptions to business — adding billions more to the nation’s tab. And that doesn’t take into account the human cost of turning America into a police state where people turn in neighbors, perhaps for financial rewards or to avoid prosecution for misprision of a felony.

So yes, we should be thankful to Trump. His campaign is revealing just how many people in this country want America to become a modern Sparta, run by a president who demonizes others, wants to limit their personal conduct, seeks to control business decisions, and supports a massive expansion of the police powers of the state — which includes building a wall that will not keep people from coming to America uninvited.

What Trump’s rise in the polls tells us is that many Americans have no idea what our Constitution says, and wrongly believe that sovereignty is only for America. They do not know, or care, that the men who founded this country believed in the common defense, but never in attacking other countries, especially not to steal.

Of course all this assumes the Trumpeteers have actually thought through the reasons they support Trump, and have taken the time to understand what he has said and what he has done. Let us hope for the sake of our liberty and peace that is a wrong assumption.

Illustration: DonaldHonkey

David Cay Johnston

David Cay Johnston won a 2001 Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of taxes in The New York Times. The Washington Monthly calls him “one of America’s most important journalists” and the Portland Oregonian says is work is the equal of the great muckrakers Ida Tarbell, Lincoln Steffens and Upton Sinclair.

At 19 he became a staff writer at the San Jose Mercury and then reported for the Detroit Free Press, Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer and from 1995 to 2008 The New York Times.

Johnston is in his eighth year teaching the tax, property and regulatory law at Syracuse University College of Law and Whitman School of Management.

He also writes for USA Today, Newsweek and Tax Analysts.

Johnston is the immediate past president of the 5,700-member Investigative Reporters & Editors (IRE) and is board president of the nonprofit Investigative Post in Buffalo.

His latest book Divided: The Perils of Our Growing Inequality an anthology he edited. He also wrote a trilogy on hidden aspects of the American economy -- Perfectly Legal, Free Lunch, and The Fine Print – and a casino industry exposé, Temples of Chance.

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  1. Dominick Vila August 22, 2015

    The worst thing we could do is to dismiss Donald’s chances. The reasons for his popularity and, to a lesser extent Bernie Sanders, go
    well beyond the allegations of authenticity and the apparent appeal of politicians willing to say whatever satisfies the innermost wishes of specific segments of innermost wishes of segments of our population.

    The collapse of the Soviet Union, the emergence of China as a major economic competitor, the emergence of the global economy, 9/11, the recent Great Recession, and unprecedented natural phenomena such as global warming, have introduced a level of anxiety and disillusionment that is destroying the credibility and viability of traditional political parties. The parties that once served as platforms for idealists on both sides of our political spectrum are becoming increasingly irrelevant as a result of intellectual deficits manifested in their inability to offer solutions to the concerns or fears of mainstream Americans at a time when people expect instant gratification.
    Their failure or unwillingness of our political parties to satisfy the expectations of the electorate in an expedient manners have left them no option but to depend on political assassination to survive. Unfortunately for them, and for our country, which need political parties to protect our constitutional rights and freedoms, none of the party candidates running for President in 2016 has been able to articulate realistic proposals to the problems we believe need to be addressed.
    That intellectual vacuum has allowed people who would have never been able to rise to the level that Donald Trump has risen, to become the leaders of a popular movement and emerge as a legitimate
    candidates for millions of people consumed by fear, uncertainty, and who feel abandoned by the political parties they once supported.

    Donald Trump is not the answer to our problems. If anything, he will make our present problems seem minuscule compared to what his incendiary and irresponsible rhetoric is likely to produce. Jeb Bush has made so many faux pas, and has engaged in so many clarifications that it is almost impossible to determine what he stands for. Marco Rubio committed political suicide when he declared that illegal immigrants and the so called anchor babies are human beings. An impressive sign of courage and morality for a member of a party that considers civility and common sense evidence of appeasement.
    Hillary’s candidacy has been damaged so badly by all the allegations of wrongdoing, poor decisions, and a lackluster performance, that the only thing left for her to do is to find a way to leave the scene gracefully. Bernie Sanders is closer to what we need, but it is not clear that he will survive the onslaught that will come his way if he happens to be the Democratic party nominee. That leaves Joe Biden and Al Gore to save the day for Democrats, and preclude the end of SS, MEDICARE, MEDICAID, ACA, Affirmative Action, and overturning Roe V Wade, among other things.

    Sooner or later, possibly after the 2016 election, young people, men and women, will take over what their elders have failed to do.

    1. rvn_sgt6768 August 22, 2015

      Very well said Dominick. The pitchforks are coming, there will be a day of reckoning. History will repeat as it always does. This is one area the super rick never seem to learn. You can “own” and lord over the masses but so long until the yoke of slavery is overthrown. It may take a long time but in the end it always happens.
      I expect to see more attacks by the Trump acolytes against society simply because his verbiage frees them they think and gives them power in their lives they feel is missing. bash gays, bash immigrants, the poor and anyone else Donald tells them to. It is what the GOP has been hinting at for years and now it has come to fruition in the Donald.

      1. Dominick Vila August 22, 2015

        Thank you. What surprises me the most is that his acolytes are not wealthy, and often depend on the social programs they reject to get the care or services they need.
        What worries me is that Trump’s rhetoric is eerily reminiscent of what precipitated the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. One of the greatest threats is that when evil dominates the psyche of the masses it is almost impossible to control.

        1. stcroixcarp August 22, 2015

          His rhetoric encourages like minded violent supporters to act. First comes ethnic cleansing and then genocide. We will be looking into (or out of) mass graves.

        2. par4 August 22, 2015

          The U.S. government has embraced NAZIs from Reinhard Gehlen right through to the present with the NAZIs in Ukraine.

        3. Kurt CPI August 22, 2015

          With 47% (and increasing) of the US population on some kind of government maintenance, it couldn’t possibly be any other way. If you add government employees (who draw their wages from the tax base) it’s 70% !!! The few working and paying taxes can’t possibly support all this (which is why the gap is filled with debt and worthless paper money).

          1. Looner August 25, 2015

            70% of the U.S. Population is on some kind of government support? I somehow doubt your statistics.

    2. Joan August 22, 2015

      The popularity of a Trump presidency sends chills of fear down my spine and should to every thinking American. He has no regard or knowledge of the laws of this nation or any other. He is a sociopath who can not be bothered to even feign empathy or compassion. The joke that is the Donald has gone on long enough. Stopped being funny when his supporters starting attacking innocent people. Enough GOP, get your house in order!

  2. anothertoothpick August 22, 2015

    At least he called out Nabisco and Ford for moving even more jobs to Mexico and I am glad he did. Losing those 600 well paying jobs in the near south side of Chicago will destroy that community.

    This is something that Cruz, Walker, jeb, or any republican would ever do. Keeping our jobs should be the number one topic.

    1. bobnstuff August 22, 2015

      Did you catch the fact that Ford moved the production of their largest selling vehicle the F150 back to the US. The move was finished the day after Trumps rant.

      1. Looner August 22, 2015

        Are you trying to say that Ford’s move had anything to do with Trump’s rant? Because a move like that takes months or years to arrange.

        1. bobnstuff August 22, 2015

          What I’m saying is Trump didn’t care that Ford had brought business back from Mexico or the whole story, Half truth is
          the most you ever get with him.

    2. heddalattice August 22, 2015

      ‘funny’ his trump clothing line is made in china

      1. anothertoothpick August 22, 2015

        The United States lost more than 900,000 textile and apparel jobs from 1994 to 2005.

        1. rvn_sgt6768 August 22, 2015

          Just textile? Did the job loss in that industry differ from all the other job losses? I think not. The factors leading to the loss in textiles is also the reasons of all the jobs losses in America. Profit and greed and changing the tax laws favoring businesses over anything and anyone else. The best of America was created in the 40’s. 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when taxes were high and people invested in industries as a way to build capital. Now days it is all about finding which company will steal the most from its employees and trading is all speculation not substance. Find a way to drive the market up for a short time, long enough for you to make your money then sell quickly and find another to repeat the cycle or wait until the price has fallen enough and re-buy and do it again.
          Prime example is the oil industry currently. Price is falling but all of a sudden all those factors of a free market have no bearing on the price at the pump. Supply and demand is not used as a pricing tool but any and every possible external reason is brought to bear as a reason that price has to stay high regardless of supply and demand. I fully expect to see some day that one of the oil barons had a headache that day and that is the reason for a price increase. Blindly we buy that excuse and go purchase like sheep. The really funny thing is that in two days you can read totally opposite articles and both have the same conclusion, higher prices or at best stable pricing at the pump. Unbelievable.

          1. anothertoothpick August 22, 2015

            I was just responding to heddalattice’s post about Trumps ties.

            I always make an attempt to buy US made products.

            In fact, believe it or not I found a TV “assembled” in America.

          2. bobnstuff August 22, 2015

            I have socks made in the USA, it turns out that there are 14 companies in the US that still make sock, and I bought them at of all places, Walmart. It is amazing how much stuff is American made. If everything you buy is made in China then you
            need to start buying better stuff. Your lawn mower has an 85% likely hood of being American made as does your garbage can. One of the larger lies is that we don’t make things in America anymore. We just don’t make cheep junk here. The chip in the computer your are sitting at right now was most likely made here also.

          3. idamag August 23, 2015

            Whenever you find something manufactured, in this country, put the names out there. I will try to buy from those businesses.

          4. anothertoothpick August 22, 2015

            Around the time the US started losing the Electronics industry I was working at Rawlin Tube. (Zenith). We were making TV tubes 24/7 with all the OT we could handle.

            This place had over 5000 assembly line jobs with the 3 shifts. When that place closed I wondered If we keep losing all these good jobs, who is going to afford buying the products.

            This is the example of unbridled capitalism eating itself alive.

          5. Kurt CPI August 22, 2015

            It is capitalism, but not unbridled. During the time you worked at Zenith, imported products had tariffs, US corporations operating overseas paid those tariffs, plus taxes on profits. In the end, it doesn’t matter how much money is “generated” in money trading or stock trading. The value of commodities (at one time, just gold) represents the value of currency. As a country that produces nothing but paper money, it will tank, and those unbridled rule changes for the wealth of a few are to blame.

          6. anothertoothpick August 22, 2015

            Looking back, the working class folks in this country have been fools for a long time.

            And even Sanders admitted that there is not much that can be done about it.

            The money, the lobbyists Citizens United . The hole is too deep and the middle class will never be the same in this country.

    3. stcroixcarp August 22, 2015

      Trump’s clothing line was made in China.

  3. Learjet August 22, 2015

    Perfectly and succinctly said. His supporters are simpletons, sheeple who are ignorant and too lazy to read anything more complicated than a soundbyte or a Fox “News” headline. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

    1. David August 22, 2015

      What is laughable is the Demorats selling out this country to the swarms of illegal aliens. Hey — Vote early and vote often!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2015

        David …Give it the hell up. Texas is the chief perp in the rise in the number of illegals in the US. They took in nearly $50 billion (check the US budgets of the past 10 years) for border protection and then passed Riddle’s Law in 2011 allowing the hiring of illegals.

        Here it is for you cowboys…Riddle’s Law and Pena’s admission of illegal hiring on our tax dollars:

        “Texas state Rep. Aaron Pena, a Republican, said the exception is a
        wise one.

        “With things as they are today, her bill will see a large
        segment of the Texas population in prison” if it passes without the
        exception, he said.

        “When it comes to household employees or yard workers it is
        extremely common for Texans to hire people who are likely undocumented workers,” Pena said. “It is so common it is overlooked.”

        The bills and other illegal immigration-related bills filed by
        Riddle and others reflect an increased pressure from constituents for action on the issue, Pena said. Because the federal government isn’t doing its job, residents press state officials to act, he said.

        So..tell us Texas Blowhard…which is it? Texas is taking federal tax dollars and ignoring immigration laws? Or Texas government is just deliberately ignoring the federal laws?

        1. David August 22, 2015

          Eleanore! Well there you go again…H.B. 2012 Amendment add by Rep. Debbie Riddle did not pass. The major money is provided by our tax dollars to pay for the illegals who have swamped the open border thanks to Obomo. He is the one who ordered the INS not to deport this trash. That is why we sent the Texas Nat. Guard to man the border. Gee, do you not check your “facts” before you post them? What are we going to do with our spinster from New Joisey?

          1. Louis Allen August 22, 2015

            The fact that she “spins” out of control (and all the time) DOES NOT make her a “spinster”.
            Her age and her character do….

          2. David August 22, 2015

            Agreed. She says she is a retired secretary. How old she is, I don’t know. I do believe she is suffering from some sort of dementia, however! As you know, she does go off against: the GOP; men; and, southerners. I do enjoy giving her things to talk about!

          3. Looner August 22, 2015

            Obviously you have learned character attack well from Trump and the GOP well, instead of actually researching the facts. Ladies and Gentlemen, the future of our country.

          4. KnoKnees August 22, 2015

            That is hilarious Looser. “People like you are so diseased in the head and so far gone you wouldn’t know the truth any more… If you ever did. If any one shows you the truth you start name calling and twisting stuff into an illogical pretzel because you can’t stand to try to think for yourself and not be brainwashed by al the weird talking heads and radio voices you guys follow. You really aren’t worth talking to, because you are too far gone and the only fcking moron is the one you see in the mirror.”
            Pot meet kettle.

          5. Looner August 25, 2015

            I am neither a pot, nor a kettle. I am an independent who has become progressively dismayed over the state of what Republicans have become. In my lifetime I have voted both parties. There is no way I would vote for anything remotely modern-day GOP, because so many of you are deeply delusional. Democrats gave their own problems, but at least they are motivated by goodness, whereas Republicans are motivated by evil, and only see evil in others. It is kind of depressing. I used to enjoy the two party system. I know you can’t see it. That is sad too.

          6. KnoKnees August 25, 2015

            My above-referenced comment was merely a “cut-n-paste” verbatim quote that you originally made to another poster a day earlier. Personally, I thought it was offensive, as you obviously did too. Otherwise you likely would not have taken the time to respond (to your own comments).

            If you comment like a liberal hypocrite. You should anticipate being responded to accordingly.

            I’m a also a life-long independent. And both parties suck!

          7. Looner August 28, 2015

            I am very aware that was my own post, I at no time didn’t think it was. Maybe you should re- read what I wrote.
            And to you Right wing nut jobs everybody is a liberal….. Or a Muslim.

          8. Looner August 28, 2015

            I forgot to add that I as talking exclusively about the Ultra-right, and I stand by my statement. Instead of saying it was rude (oh poor baby) why don’t you prove that it isn’t true. The old “I merely cut and pasted your previous comment” from another train of conversation is so pretentious and the fact that you thought I wouldn’t recognize my own words is so condescending it is mind boggling.
            And the phrase “liberal hypocrite” really labels you instead, doesn’t it. smh.

          9. David August 22, 2015

            Frankly, all my facts are supported. Tell me which one(s) you question and I will try to give you the authority I used.

          10. KnoKnees August 22, 2015

            It’s pretty obvious. He doesn’t agree with anything that doesn’t precisely agree with his hypocritical liberal agenda. He’s obviously smarter than you and anyone else who dares to think otherwise. “He” is what is wrong with the country today.

          11. David August 22, 2015

            So true!

          12. idamag August 23, 2015

            That is in the so-called Republicans today’s nature. Lies and character assassination.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker August 24, 2015

            The point was not whether you swaggering, drawing dipshit cowboys passed the legislation…the point in case your utterly “ignernt” brain missed it is that it was EVER proposed in the first place and Pena’s comments.

            As for swamping your borders, dipshit…How many of those illegals are working for Big Oil barons as maids and yard workers in those Houston, Dallas and Austin mansions?

            You are such a liar. You will lie to your own mommy if you think it will save your butt from the responsibility.

            Check the regular .gov budget records. TX, AZ and CA, have each received nearly $50 billion of other states’ tax revenues in the last 10 years…don’t bother to deny this dipshit. It’s a matter of public records and was published in several papers in 2014 when Texas was whining like a bunch of crybabies about border protection.

            What the hell do your Lone Star befrigged politicians do with all of that $50 billion? Stuff it into more oil rigs you can then spill and pollute with?

            Your state is the No. 1 polluter in the nation and you dipshits don’t mind forcing the rest of the states to help you clean up your own pollution YOU YOU YOU create.

          14. David August 24, 2015

            Eleanore!! There you go again!! Such invective! Does it give you some sort of thrill to post such vulgar comments? Oh well, let’s address some of your “points”. First, I don’t know how many illegals are “working for Big Oil barons as maids and yard workers in those Houston, Dallas and Austin mansions.” If you know, please tell me. Otherwise, it would just be a guess. Second, what source are you citing that “TX, AZ and CA have each received nearly $50 billion of other states’ tax revenues in the last 10 years.”? To the extent any revenues came to these states, I would first ask, “How much was paid in by these states?”. Finally, “Texas is the No. 1 polluter in the nation”? What is your source for this?
            I truly think you need to relax, sit back in your recliner, and enjoy some hot tea. It would help with your apoplexy. In the meantime, please have a blessed day!

          15. Eleanore Whitaker August 25, 2015

            And David the Texas Cowboy swaggers and drawls his way into a factual post. The source I used came from the GAO.gov site in March 2014. It was also published in several NY papers, including the right wing NY Post in spring of 2014.

            According to the EPA list of the top 10 polluters which you haven’t the balls to admit, Texas is the No. 1 polluter. Check the EPA’s TRI list. According to that list TX ranks No. 1 in the amount of pollution it releases into US air streams, “Total on- and off-site disposal or other releases: 223,821,981 pounds” This is from the TRI of 2014. Tx leads the nation in pollution emissions. I’ve watched the EPA reports at our office for nearly 25 years and always Texas ranked No. 1. Not just in bragging blowhard BS..but in “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Yep…including pollution. With over 100 flame stacks spitting out pollution into the air in West Texas alone, did you think that pollution magically disappears? Think again, asshat

            I find it amusing that sites that are right wing are attempting to make OH look like No. 1 polluter when Texs brags about its oil industry as if it is never going to disappear. Oh no?

            Check again pallie…Right now oil prices globally are at rock bottom. And I am dancing a jig. Nothing pleases me more than to see the butt ends of cowboys dragging along with oil prices.

          16. David August 25, 2015

            Eleanore!!!! There you go again! Texas does not even rate in the top ten of the most polluted states n America. oilprice.com
            EPA did not list Texas as the No. 1 overall polluted state. You are right, however, Ohio is Nol. 1.
            Now calm down and take your blood pressure medicine. You know that too much excitement can be debilitating for someone your age! Have a blessed day!

          17. Eleanore Whitaker August 26, 2015

            And so because some swaggering, drawling blowhard Texas buffoon like Dahveed says that Texas is not No. 1 on the EPA list of polluters, even though it was Texas Horizon Deep Water Oil rig that killed 11 men miles offshore of Galveston and that West Texas Agri business that ignored 122 violations and caused an explosion…David will tell you…NO…Texas is as pure as the driven snow.

            Ohio is No. 1 only in the “type of pollution.” It doesn’t produce 150 billion ppbs of petrochemicals. That’s your idiot state. Do you seriously think 122 flame stacks in that west Texas City aren’t emitting tons of heated petrochemicals into the atmosphere?

            Since, I, and not you, worked in environmental engineering for nearly 25 years and you like all Texas BS artists can’t admit truth if your Mother slapped your pusses to get it out of you, No one believes a word of your posts.

            Get an education cowboy. Anyone who has ever worked in environmental engineering knows the dangers of those 1.6 million miles of underground pipelines after they age past 25 years. But Texas BS artists like you only want the moolah you earn from your befrigged industry.

            Get a life loser. Texas is going to take a huge hit now that Wall Street oil prices continue to tank. Good…I’m dancing a jig at the funeral of Big Oil. You boys deserve it for all of your blowhard BS.

          18. David August 26, 2015

            Eleanore! Such invective! Now calm down. Breathe. Take your medicine. Okay. Now, let’s look at the evidence. I cited an authority regarding state rankings of pollution and you haven’t. Would you like to support your position, or just hurl insults?
            You claimed you worked in environmental engineering. You did, in the capacity as a secretary for a company that produced chemical coverings. You were not an engineer, and lack any formal education. Therefore, your rants are those of an uneducated soul, having no underlying bases in fact, trying to have her opinions merit consideration. They rarely do.
            Finally, let us know how you feel living in a State (New Joisey) that is dependent on the production of fossil fuels from other states such as Texas? Kinda lets you know where you stand, doesn’t it?
            I just saw a pickup drive by with a Confederate Battle Flag on it! Wow! It really gives me a sense of pride to know that there still are independent-minded individuals living in this country. Don’t you agree?

          19. Eleanore Whitaker August 26, 2015

            Sorry Jerkoff…I was an office manager with accounting duties. What the hell do you know? I never said I was an engineer. I did have the responsibility of tracking EVERY day EPA and NJDEP legislation and changes and the Federal Register. I know how to purchase biolfilter, cyclone, baghouse and scrubber parts for air pollution control units. I also was taught by the engineers how to read the AutoCad design. You? all you know is the assend of a cow. Try again big boy. Oh and by the way, you can’t add 2 + 2. I used Quickbooks for Purchasing, Inventory Control, General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.

            The only thing you are good for is sticking your Dickhead in some Texas blonde with huge bazongas bush.

          20. David August 26, 2015

            Eleanore! Apparently you feel that insulting people and using profanity makes people think that what you are writing is more compelling — it doesn’t. Quite the opposite. We sympathize with your advanced years and onset of dementia.
            Nonetheless, in reply to your post, by saying that you “…worked in environmental engineering…” you were trying to leave the impression that you were one of the engineers, or at least had a major imput on engineering decisions. Now, just because you looked to copy and provide EPA and NJDEP legislative updates to your superiors did not mean that you analyzed or dealt with them. However, I applaud you for your knowledge of how to use QuickBooks.
            No reply to my request that you show authority for your position that Texas is the No. 1 polluter. Maybe you should get some Lone Star beer to take this evening with your sedatives. Have a blessed day.

          21. Eleanore Whitaker August 27, 2015

            This from a man who IS a profanity of nature? As a matter of fact jerk boy, I know more about environmental engineering than you EVER will. That’s what happens when you work a 40 hour week with a PhD from MIT and a Cambridge educated MSME.

            As for your insults asshat. You wish you had my experience. I was trained by those two engineers who were the company’s VPs and prior to that by the owner of the company which was one of the oldest environmental engineering companies. We had customers some of the peanut gallery competitors would have killed for like Chanel, IFF, McCormick Spices, Allied Signal, Givaudan Roure, Exxon and others. So..jerkface, time for you to man up.

            I had the pleasure of working with plant managers of these companies since I was the tech writer of their operations and maintenance manuals. Sometime you couldn’t write if your butt end was as high as the Eiffel Tower. Jealous aren’t you?

            A man like you has NO balls. That’s why you are so hot to always get the last word.

            As for my position in that company, I’ve written more than 70 operations and maintenance manuals based on the Chart of Equipment I purchased for these companies. The two engineers provided the mechanical instructions on use. I then formulated the manuals without help.

            Time for you to stop masturbating. Texas was then and is now the nation’s No. 1 polluter. Use the Federal Register to find out the precise ppb that TX emits into the air. I also know that TX is the chief perp for soil and water pollution and Oklahoma is No. 2. Both are oil states. Alaska in No. 3 as a result of that Exxon Valdez spill which is still not entirely cleaned up. Anymore than the Taylor Gulf spill of 22 years ago which Texas tried to hide in massive legal paperwork.

            Doesn’t matter. With China’s economy tanking, watch your precious Big Oil sink further and further into the past. It’s about damn time you cowboys got off those lazy butts and actually did something worthwhile besides polluting the planet.

          22. David August 27, 2015

            Eleanore!!!! I know you consider yourself quite a writer. Okay, please define what “profanity of nature”. You were being trained by two engineers to perform secretarial jobs — not to be an engineer. I would like to know which operation manuals and maintenance manuals you wrote. That is not the job of an “Accounting Manager” of an office as you earlier wrote. Moreover, a person who “purchases” equipment does not write the manual for such equipment’s use. For a large company, those would be two different jobs.
            I gave you my sites which did not list Texas as a major polluter among the States. You have not provided a site which refutes that. By the way, what “massive legal paperwork” are you referring to that “Texas tried to hide” the “Taylor Gulf oil spill of 22 years ago.”?
            Are you perhaps beginning to have some problems remembering when and what you did when you were employed? I hope you rest comfortably tonight. Take your medicine and rest easy. Have a blessed day.

          23. Eleanore Whitaker August 28, 2015

            I wrote an operations manual for IFF, Givaudan Roure and Chanel, to name just a few. To educate a dipshit Texan who has no idea how these are written is like teaching a baby to say DA DA…or you in drawling swaggering dimension, Big DA DA..

            By the way I also worked for the world’s top data processing company, ADP for 5 years for the VP of Operations, VP and Regional VP of Sales and Marketing.

            The company I worked for last, environmental engineering was already 35 years old when I started there in 1989.

            The job of an accounting manager is to monitor and review all purchase orders, sales orders and inventory control parts and equipment that comes in and has to be “staged” and ready for the field service techs use.

            Then, you post daily business transactions to Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable from invoices received either via USPS or email. Next? You then tally the daily transactions into a Management Report which is reviewed by the company’s owner. At the end of each week, you download all of the accounting files to the independent auditor and CPA hired by the company to insure accuracy or any changes. Oh, and I was also required to file a ST3 and ST4 and to know the sales taxes for NJ and also any changes to federal taxes for our exempt and non-exempt clients. At the end of each quarter, another set of quarter end financials were prepared by me for review by the CPA.

            As an office manager in a company with 35 employees, my jobs were varied. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was hired because I had been ADP’s Report Administrator and I also managed their networked switchboard system as a result of prior experience with switchboards and Mux Room knowledge.

            Need more? As an assistant, not a secretary to the engineers, I worked with the Project Managers and provided estimates of the costs of parts and equipment from more than 100 various piping, fabricator, (steel and plastic) and subcontractors. I also prepared the necessary paperwork for adding new subcontractors to our vendor list. I also prepared the proposal for project work based on the project managers Scope of Work, Responsibilities of Client and Vendor, Terms of Payment, Payment Schedule and saw to the final approval by clients by contacting them and speaking with Plant managers, VPs of Operation and maintaining contact and communication with our E&O and other liability insurance agents. Still think this is secretarial?

            In fact, I was the only interface during projects when project managers were on site with the army of crane operators, fabricators, parts and equipment vendors and also in the case of bagging the specially inoculated media used in biofiltration, the bagging assembly equipment. It was my job to set up the time table for equipment vendors to arrive on site in proper time sequence to avoid costly overtime. Which by the way, was also my job. Keeping track of overtime for our field crew and our vendors. Since two of our projects were at Kodak and in Mississauga, that also meant my setting up their mileage allotments, hotels for stay overs and for the project managers, flight arrangements.

            Wait buttface..there’s more. IN addition to my job as office and accounting manager, I was given basic data to create white papers on biofiltration, bio trickling filters, VOCs and also maintained the ONLY contact in our office with publications and magazines to which these tech papers were submitted and published. Just secretarial right?

            I am proficient in Desktop publishing having taken a course and received a certification in that, as well as tech writing courses and receiving a certification for resume writing. Still want more? I’ve got plenty your little asshat brain can’t even imagine.

            I’m guessing these days, you cowboys call yourselves “cowboys” because you cap the piping on the piping networks and systems. Do yourself a favor dipshit. NEVER EVER try to deal with someone so out of your pittance pittiful league.

            Secretaries and admn. assts. are valuable employees who often do the jobs of presidents and VPs. I should know. That was my first job at Elizabeth Lyons & Associates. When she was away at her meetings in Washington DC as the umbudswoman to the SBA, I was the one who did her job. Suck it up loser.

          24. David August 29, 2015

            Eleanore!!! Still can’t answer my response that Texas is not a major polluter among states? I am not surprised. I wouldn’t expect a secretary to be able to do so. Congratulations for working for a perfume manufacturing company. Now you say you were the “accounting and office manager” for an engineering company. Which one was it? Large companies don’t combine those jobs–especially since you have no education in accounting. In fact, other than your OJT as a secretary, you have no education. But, that’s okay, you still were able to type a manual based on the data you were given. Eleanore, I am concerned about your dementia. Have you sought help in dealing with your illusions of grandeur?

          25. Eleanore Whitaker August 29, 2015

            I already answered it Dipshit. That you feast at the table of denial is not MY problem. It’s yours. You won’t dare go to the EPA site because a phonyass cowboy like you has NO balls.

            I don’t “say” I was an accounting and office manager, I WAS. Do you know the difference? Obviously, when you plug holes in Halliburton’s substandard drilling equipment to cover the cheapass quality, you have no idea what anyone who holds down a job for 24+ years actually does.

            Now..do you want to stop your BS lies and distortions? I realize it’s not your fault Mommy was slut who opened her legs for Big Daddy and spawned a dipshit for a son. Do try to grow up little boy. Your pathetic attempts to bring me down fall on deaf ears. Why? Check out my facebook page…I have more men who request friending than a dipshit like you could ever amass from women..Not that any woman would EVER marry a cockrot pig like you.

          26. David August 29, 2015

            Eleanore! Such nasty talk! First, you are again fantasizing about my genitalia. You really need to work on that. So, what formal education did you complete to acquire your position as “accounting manager”? Still cannot provide any authority for your allegations regarding Texas. Oh well, I’m not surprised.
            But, now insulting my mother? That truly adds to the intellectual weight of your argument. Finally, you are proud that you have a lot of men who want to be “friends” with you. I think you are a little too old for that but, if you take out your dentures, that might add to the thrill. Have a blessed day

          27. Eleanore Whitaker August 29, 2015

            Any woman who lays claim to giving birth to a dog like you, deserves insults. You’re a phony. I have all the authority on Texas I intend. But, should you need more, I should tell you I have a nephew who relocated to Texas due his job with ATF. He hates your state as much as I do. And he is 20 years younger.

            His comments are, “In Texas, you think like they do or you don’t think.” “Texans are the biggest blowhards. They act as if Texas is the ONLY state in the union.” (I concur)

            “When I took this job in West Texas, I thought I’d be dealing with the typical ATF type crimes. Instead, these armed cowboys act as if “law” is a dirty word.”

            Want more? Here’s one from a Rochester NY woman who married a Texan…”Ye Gods, does this guy love to lay it on thick.” She divorced him after only three years.

            Then, there are my writer friends who moved to Texas from places like Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Vermont. All of the say that you can move to Texas but, “YOU will NEVER be a Texan. They make you feel like a stranger even if you live here half a lifetime.”

            Sad for you that I have friends nearly all over the world, isn’t it? And sadder for you that you Texans never leave your befrigged state long enough to see yourselves as everyone else does.

            One Asian Indian chemist friend thought he had the ideal job in Texas. He lasted one year before he got fed up with the bossy bulls.

          28. David August 29, 2015

            Eleanore!!! Don’t forget that one of the reasons why we are so rightfully proud is that Texas was once a sovereign nation. We became one in 1836 after kicking the Mexican’s asses. But, we joined the U.S. In 1845 to help the rest of the states. Weren’t we nice to have done that? Do I detect a bit of jealousy in your post? It’s okay, in addition to being the largest state in the CONUS, we have the resources and wherewithal to back up our reputation of being the best place to live! Maybe one day you also could come to live here. Then you could better enjoy the little time remaining to you. Have a blessed day.

          29. Eleanore Whitaker August 30, 2015

            When was Texas EVER a sovereign nation? This from Britannica encyclopedia: “Archaelogical studies indicate that Indians possessed the land of TEXAX for perhaps a thousand BEFORE THE FIRST EUROPEAN EXPLORERS entered the area. The tribes indigenous to Texas land were the Karankawa on the Gulf Coast; the Tonkawa between the Colorado and Trinity rivers in the EAST CENTRAL section of the land, the Ais and Orocoquiza on the lower Trinity River; the Attacapa on the Lower Neches and Sabine; the Caddo and related tribes on the Sabine, the Hasinai, Nacogoche, Nabedache, Nasoni and Anadarko in the valleys.

            Except for several lrge land grants between the Neuces and Rio Grande, not then considered Texas “territory” SPANISH OCCUPATION OF TEXAS was LARGELY in the hands of the religious orders and military groups sent to PROTECT THEM.

            As late a 1806, the total SPANISH POPULATION WAS ONLY ABOUT 7,000. Between 1683 and 1793, at least 30 formal missions were established in the land not yet called Texas. The actual organized American colonization began in 1821.”

            So..the land under those cowboy boots was NEVER a sovereign nation unless you credit the multitudes of native tribes and the Spanish who owned the territory that became known as “Texas.”

            Wow to you cowboys love love love love to BS. Texas soil was owned by Spain you asshat. I’m guessing your Texas published history books believe it’s okay to rewrite history of the land under feet for more than a thousand years.

            Now…here comes little tantrum boy David predictable denial. Remember folks, he is denying what I copied from an encyclopedia.

          30. David August 30, 2015

            Eleanore!!! I will try to remember that you are laboring with an increasingly advancing form of dementia. Did you seriously say that Texas was never a sovereign nation? Hello? Earth to Eleanore! Come in!
            History 101: Texas, under the leadership of Sam Houston, defeated the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836. Texas became a sovereign nation and Houston was its first President. 9 years later, Texas was admitted in 1845 as a state of the United States.
            Eleanore, at least I have enough intellectual integrity to confirm that New Joisey was one of the original thirteen colonies. It was founded in 1664. Despite the fact that it is full of ‘Yankees’, I respect them for throwing off the yoke of King George.
            Arguing with is humorous because of the sometimes utterly ignorant things you say. But, I recognize that there is a medical reason for your mistakes and I will pray for you. Have a blessed day.

          31. Eleanore Whitaker August 31, 2015

            NO cockface, I didn’t HAVE to say it. Texas was never a sovereign nation, totally independent of Spain. Britannica and history books say it.

            Hey Dipshit…Texas under the leadership of Sam Houston was fighting with Santanna, a top Spanish warrior when settlers living in Texas got blasted to bits at the Alamo. So blowhard…try again.
            Texas was not a sovereign nation at the Battle of San Jacinto. Texas called itself that without the agreement between the US government or Mexico’s approval. And, Texas knew it couldn’t survive another Mexican attack so it sidled up to the US government rather than be an orphan having another Alamo loss to its shame. Nice try though liar boy.

            Every history book that isn’t published in Texas states this as a fact. That your history books are padded with lies shows why Texas blowhards have such big mouths and small minds.

            As for NJ, there are numerous Revolutionary War sites in my state. One is less than 5 miles from my home. It was known well before Texas was settled as the Battle of Monmouth. Then, there is also the northwestern part of NJ that has numerous Revolutionary War battle grounds such as the one at Rocky Hill and Kingston. Long, long, long before Texas pissed out its first blowhard.

            Don’t tell me what life in my state is like. We don’t drop “er” when we speak…that would be NOOO YAWK..So much for what you know.

            As a matter of fact, the further south in New JERsey you go, the more likely you are to hear a somewhat southern drawl. Now….go at your long horn dung for breakfast like you normally do.

          32. David August 31, 2015

            Eleanore!!! I am worried about you! Not take your medicine today? “Every 7th grader raised in Texas knows that it was once it’s own nation. ” Texas Monthly.
            In fact, it was called the Republic of Texas. Also, it wasn’t Santanna a Spanish warrior. It was Santa Anna, a Mexican despot. 9 years elapsed between San Jacinto and Texas becoming a state. We weren’t afraid of the Mexicans coming back.
            Eleanore do have trouble reading and comprehending? Texas declared its independence on March 2, 1836. Get it? The Republic of Texas was born and we achieved our independence through battles like the Alamo, Goliad, and San Jacinto. Like I told you, Sam Houston was our first President.
            Where did you even get your grade school education? New Joisey? If so, that might explain your difficulties. Have a blessed day.

          33. Eleanore Whitaker August 31, 2015

            DAVID….Texas, Texas, TexASS…get head out of your befrigged state. Every 7th grader in Texas…Texas Monthly…Republic of Texas…anymore of this BS history you Texas men reinvent and I’ll be unable to stop my amusement.

            Now, if you TexASS BS artist males were as concerned about keeping 7th grade Texas girls from getting pregnant and actually cared about the high rate of unwed pregnancies in YOUR state compared to those of Blue states, maybe, these girls wouldn’t fall for your BS TexASS history.

            Big Deal you had battles in TexASS? Gee, NJ has had many many more…before your welfare sucking state and tax subsidy eating state was still in the hands of Panco Via. Try again asshat. I do not have any intentions of giving you or your Texas is the LONE Star state and trying to be the United States of Texas BS one ounce of credibility. Time for you to ride the range and put on your shitkickers.

          34. David August 31, 2015

            Eleanore!!! When faced with facts, you claim they are “invented”. I guess it’s a little tough for you to read and comprehend what is written. Eleanore, can you try hard and post a diatribe that is free of at least one error? Didn’t make it this time. Error – who is Panco Via? Do you mean Pancho Villa? Pancho Villa was a Mexican brigand who raided New Mexico (I think Los Cruces) in 1916. What does that have to do with Texas? Eleanore, I am afraid that you are becoming a joke around this site. Geez! What a buffoon you are becoming!

          35. Eleanore Whitaker September 1, 2015

            I did some professional research on your BS line about Texas being a sovereign nation. I presented your post to a friend who is an adjunct professor at Princeton U who passed it on to his friend at Princeton who is a history professor.

            Here is what the response was, “Texas was never a valid sovereign nation. This poster is using the idea that Texas somehow had its freedom from Mexico when that was not the fact. There was NO interim time when Mexico forfeited land in Texas to Texans. All competent, validly accepted history books show that Texas land belonged to Mexico until such time as it was “granted” statehood by the United States.”

            Further, he stated that your ideas that Texas was a sovereign nation is just “something Texans like to bandy about to set them apart from the rest of the United States.”

            So..you want to get rid of that Texas is a Sovereign nation Crappola now? Or do you want to make an even bigger fool of yourself?

            I suspected all along as the Princeton history professor stated that you Texans made up that sovereign nation BS just to be superior when your state is a polluted dust hole that causes your own massive electric storms by heating up the atmosphere over your state, polluting the Gulf of Mexico and then living off our tax dollars. Sovereign Nation? In your dreams.

          36. David September 1, 2015

            Eleanore!!! My, my, my… I seriously doubt you asked a professor at Princeton about Texas independence. If you did, please provide me his name so that I can bring him, and his friend, up to speed on the fact that Texas was an sovereign nation from 1836-1845.
            History Channel

          37. Eleanore Whitaker September 1, 2015

            You seriously doubt? Of course you do. How predictable is it for a Texan male to doubt any woman? Much less one of my superior caliber. It does help me to have friends in high places.

            Now..get this and get this straight you lying sack of shitballs. You are a Texan. Of course, you will say that Texas was a sovereign nation even though all history books in the US and Mexico say otherwise. You Texan males think you have to prove your superiority. You lie, cheat, steal and then say that those are Texan versions of corporal works of mercy. Sorry, too much Texas long horn BS to be believable.

            As for your links…you know full well you chose ONLY the links that support your BS line of Texan male lies.

            Sorry, but Wikipedia is not a good source. Read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Virtually any Texas liar can provide Wikipedia information and you know it. As for the rest of your dung boy BS links..Forbes? Really? Steve Forbes? An American publishing executive who was twice a candidate for the nomination of the Republican Party for president. He is the editor-in-chief of business magazine. By the way, Forbes is born in NJ, Morristown to be exact. Suck it up cowboy. That long horn dung between your ears is dripping down that fat neck.

            Boy are you one stupid dipshit if you think any Yankee woman will believe those links. How many are top Texas Big Oil Supporters?

          38. David September 1, 2015

            Eleanore!!!! I doubt women who are intellectually challenged. That would seem to be you. You claim that the dozen or so sources I cited are not believable. Can you provide one source that supports your position? You haven’t yet and I know that you can’t. “Superior”? Ha! You indeed are ‘superior’ when it comes to spreading error as fact and cursing every other sentence.
            Eleanore, now let’s get down to the point. You are a retired spinster. You worked as a secretary for some large businesses. You may have graduated from High School and have some OJT on QuickBooks. That is all commendable. However, in addition to my work with helicopters in the USAF, I also have a B.A. from St. Leo University, Florida and a Juris Doctorate from the Univ. of Oklahoma. This does not make me a better person than you, only much, much more formally educated.
            I am afraid you taking the position that Texas was not an independent nation has stripped you of most of any credibility you might have had. Please, do yourself a favor, Google it. Maybe every one of the sources listed are ‘Texas Big Oil Supporters’!

          39. Eleanore Whitaker September 1, 2015

            Oh puhlease…Your pathetic attempts to degrade me roll right off my back. I know my achievements and I’m not in the least threatened or remotely affected by your pathetic need to prove you have balls.

            I am superior to you. I don’t live in a blowhard state. You do. I don’t need to jack my ego. A grossly insecure sociopathic narcissist like you does.

            I’m not retired jerk boy. I’m a working girl who happens to be able to attract men by the droves …just not dimwits like you.

            Texas was NOT an independent nation EVER. You are a liar. At what point do you want to stop your lying? According to the Princeton U prof, Texas men decided to “call themselves” a sovereign nation before any of their ties to Mexico were severed. Every book in the Princeton library, some of which houses the oldest history books in the US, prove this.

            You can stop your BS routine. Just because you Texas cowboys SAY you were an independent nation, doesn’t mean it’s true. But then, from what I saw of Bush ’43, any lie is truth to you cowboy jerkoffs. You can stop the rah rah rah Texas BS. I am not falling for it.

            I’d rather believe a PhD History prof from Princeton than some pathetic nobody in a cowboy hat who never left his state for longer than 5 days. I already proved that your links were bogus …now like a little tantrum pulling coward, you can’t admit it. You really are a piece of work. Try your he man act out on those Big Haired Blondes with the size 90 Bazongas and no brains.

          40. David September 1, 2015

            Eleanore!!! Proved my links bogus? You dissed Wikipedia and Forbes. You didn’t say a word about any of the others. You haven’t provided a shred of authority for your ludicrous position other than, “a friend of mine talked to a History Prof at Pri veto

          41. David September 1, 2015

            Eleanore!!! I see that you have resorted, yet again, to cursing and name calling. Please take your medicine. People your age need to take care of themselves. You claim that all of my authorities are bogus. Can you please cite one “history book” at Princeton or anywhere that says Texas was NOT an independent nation? Again, don’t just take my word for it, Google it! And, let me know the name of your Princeton academic. I would be happy to visit with him also. And, please, try not to fixate on my genitalia. I know you have a severe case of peninsula envy, but try to keep it under control. I do get some amusement from our discourse, however I am getting worried that dementia is beginning to get control of your thinking. Have a blessed day.

          42. Eleanore Whitaker September 2, 2015

            You bet I resort to calling you a dumb hick Texan imbecile. Why? Because a coward like you loves to swagger, drawl and dump a dipshit like Bush ’43 on the country causing mass unemployment, a Sept. 2008 Financial Meltdown and poverty rates everywhere but in your buffoon state to rise.

            So, as a common denominator and only the 2nd highest “Taker” state in the nation, I’ve had just about enough of the Texas BS to last me for a very long time.

            News flash for you cowboy. Your Big Oil is sinking. Now what will your blowhard braggarts do for money?

            The rest of us in this country are fed up with Texas acting asd if it’s a sovereign nation while it piles on our tax dollars. Your state costs the rest of us every time you and your Big Oil Big Daddies pollute. Why the hell wouldn’t Americans want to sell a sand pit with No. 1 polluted air pollution levels back to Mexico? We’d save ourselves $15 billion a year that goes to your pollution oil industry.

            The next Texas Republican President has yet to be born. Lay claim to your part in that…your phony cowboy act is in finale scene. You are not the last word in this country. You are just a piece of oil laced dust in your oil choked Texas atmosphere.

            Do all you blowhard phony cowboys play act at that Know it all routine? Or is it that a grossly insecure child like you has to have the last word. You live in a world of denial. That’s comes of being cooped up in THE most polluted state in the Union. You won’t get the last word no matter how much you deny, deny, deny, deny facts and make up your own truths. Sorry, Texas doesn’t own truth or facts. But, I’m sure with all of Bush bankruptcies ’43 dumped on you stupid bulls, like Arbusto Oil which you’ll deny, that Texas baseball team which Bush ran into the ground and you’ll deny, who’d expect a Texas educated clown you to be more than the perverse contradictory blockhead you are.

          43. David September 2, 2015

            Eleanore!!! I am so happy to read your morning diatribe. It gives me a good laugh to enjoy with my coffee. Several comments. First, you are no longer taking the position that Texas was never a sovereign nation. Good. My guess is that you Googled it and found out that, indeed, Texas was an independent nation from 1836-1845. Second, oil is only one of the many items marketed by Texas. Cattle, grain, natural gas, electronics, etc. I know that you love to say that Texas is the No. 1 polluting state. Do you have any authority for your assertion or is it just flatulence coming out of your mouth? Finally, what does former business ventures of George W. Bush have to do with how great Texas is? Now, relax and have a cup of tea. Take your medicine. And remember, I am an man — you’re not! Have a blessed day.

          44. Eleanore Whitaker September 2, 2015

            Wrong cowboy. What I posted was that you, being a Texan, would have NO problem making a statement that can easily be proven ANYWHERE outside of your state.

            You are so like the chicken livered men like Bush. All talk, no proof, no facts and all lies.

            Texas has spawned the greatest US debt of any state in the union. All you need to do if you have the balls is go to the GAO.gov site and check out how much of all of our federal tax dollars end up in your state.

            What Bush has to do is that like you, he was a phony and a loser. Texas was NEVER a sovereign nation. It was never EVER a nation. Here is how Webster defines “nation,” a body of people associated with a “particular territory” and “possessing its own government.

            Texas was a territory that belonged to Mexico. Every history book in the US but those in Texas state this. And Texas NEVER had an establishment government based on a certifiable Charter or Constitution that was recognized by Mexico.

            Texas was never independent. At present, Texas takes more out of the US tax revenues than it puts in. You pay $1 in federal taxes like we all do. But, you get back an ROI of $1.78. We get back on average in the northeast .55 cents.

            So..man up you asshat bimbo. We don’t want your befrigged oil. Nor, do we need it any longer. We have alternatives you cowboys no longer can pay billions in lobbying to reverse.

            The trouble with Texan men? They are insistent they are superior when they are anything but and then make up wild stories about the Glories and Grand Lone Star State. Go BS some Texan woman too stupid to know you are a liar.

          45. David September 2, 2015

            Eleanore!!! I certainly enjoyed the laugh this afternoon! First, isn’t cool that we get more than what we pay in? I hope you think about that when you pay your income tax next year! I love it that the Yankees are paying more than we are! Ha Ha!!!
            Second, oops, wrong again Eleanore. Turns out Texas not only had a Constitution as the Republic of Texas, but also a Declaration of Independence as well. ushistory.com
            Third. “Not recognized by Mexico”. Really? Who gives a shi_ what the Mexicans recognized? We kicked their bean eating asses at San Jacinto and won our independence.
            Finally, you seem to think that oil is no longer important. Hmm…well ponder about that the next time you are filling up your automobile with gas (assuming you still drive) or turning up the heat in your home to deal with your bitter cold winters. We are doing just fine, thank you. You know, I think I am going to get out my Confederate Battle flag and open up some Lone Star beer and enjoy being a Texan and not a friggin’ Yankee from New Joisey. Have a blessed day!

          46. Eleanore Whitaker September 3, 2015

            A man who feels such a pathological need to lie is mentally ill. No history book in the US other than Texas shows your state was ever released from Mexico whose territory YOUR state belonged to, was an independent nation. And, if your state “was” …I invite you to secede. Most Yankees hate your blowhard state because OUR state taxes that flush to the Fed end up in your befrigged state. So…secede. Let’s see how long BIG RICH TEXAS THAT WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY, lasts without the billions your state taxes from our states. And, as an independent nation, go ahead…just try to take back federal land in your state OUR taxes pay for…even better just dare to try and cross state lines to transport a single oil truck or dig up another pipeline and see how rich being in isolation from the rest of the country will be. You gave us two of the worst men in US history from 2000 to 2008. They “effed” up the economy, cost 8 million their jobs and bankrupted the US treasury.

            Many Americans would love nothing more than Texas to secede. The billions upon billions it would save us is worth it. But, don’t expect help from the rest of the states.

            As for that CONfederate flag. Wipe your butt with it. It’s a loser’s flag. Oh gee…First Texas men got massacred at the Alamo and then in the Civil War. If that doesn’t prove what a bunch of big mouth braggart losers you really are, I can’t imagine what more we’d need.The day Texas can actually support itself without one dime of help from the rest of the states, let me know. Till then, your sand pit oil slime state sucks up more in our tax dollars. No surprise your oil industry nose dived in the northeast. We love our solar homes, our hybrid and electric cars and the fact that we are sticking it to jerks like you. By bye Big Oil…Hello Freedom from Texas oil slop.

          47. Eleanore Whitaker September 3, 2015

            A man who feels such a pathological need to lie is mentally ill. No history book in the US other than Texas shows your state was ever released from Mexico whose territory YOUR state belonged to, was an independent nation. And, if your state “was” …I invite you to secede. Most Yankees hate your blowhard state because OUR state taxes that flush to the Fed end up in your befrigged state. So…secede. Let’s see how long BIG RICH TEXAS THAT WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY, lasts without the billions your state taxes from our states. And, as an independent nation, go ahead…just try to take back federal land in your state OUR taxes pay for…even better just dare to try and cross state lines to transport a single oil truck or dig up another pipeline and see how rich being in isolation from the rest of the country will be. You gave us two of the worst men in US history from 2000 to 2008. They “effed” up the economy, cost 8 million their jobs and bankrupted the US treasury.

            Many Americans would love nothing more than Texas to secede. The billions upon billions it would save us is worth it. But, don’t expect help from the rest of the states.

            As for that CONfederate flag. Wipe your butt with it. It’s a loser’s flag. Oh gee…First Texas men got massacred at the Alamo and then in the Civil War. If that doesn’t prove what a bunch of big mouth braggart losers you really are, I can’t imagine what more we’d need.The day Texas can actually support itself without one dime of help from the rest of the states, let me know. Till then, your sand pit oil slime state sucks up more in our tax dollars. No surprise your oil industry nose dived in the northeast. We love our solar homes, our hybrid and electric cars and the fact that we are sticking it to TexASSes like you.

            Figures you’d be an “ignernt” boozer and frequent visitor to the “little house out on the range” on Friday and Saturday and then thump your Bible in your tent on Sunday morning. You impress no one. You are still what I could see in all of your posts: a Texas low life who is motivated ONLY by a massive phony ego. Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

          48. David September 3, 2015

            Eleanore!!! Up this morning and full of vinegar (maybe something else) I see! Perhaps, if you are right, you could provide me the cite to exactly which history book says that Texas was never an independent sovereign nation? I know that you can’t and I know that you have Googled your butt off trying desperately to find some back up for your delusions. Oh well, take your medicine and relax.
            I am happy that you want to give credit to Texas for “two of the worst men in US history from 2000 – 2008. I assume you mean George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.
            But, guess what!?!!??! Eleanore made another error! George W. Bush was President from 2001 to 2009. Who was the other man from 2000 to 2008 you are mad about? George H.W. Bush was President from 1989 – 1993. Have you not been taking your medications again? We know how you get!!!
            Thanks again for the Federal money coming to Texas. We will have fun spending it! YEEEEE HAAAAAA!!!!!

      2. davidcayjohnston August 22, 2015

        Columnist here…
        Have you met or talked to any of the estimated 11 million people here because they entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas? I don’t seem them living high on the hog, but doing poorly paid, low level jobs and sending their children to college. And the nature of their presence means they tend to avoid behavior stay get people arrested, as the data show.

        You also imply there is a voter fraud problem and yet there are hardly any cases of voter fraud anywhere in the country, as those supporting photo ID laws have stipulated in court proceedings. When those claiming voter fraud agree (that is what a stipulation is) that there is little to no voter fraud depending on the state then it is hard to imagine there is a problem. But if you have actual evidence to the contrary please send to me at davidcay@me.com because that would be important to expose.

        1. David August 22, 2015

          Thank you for the reply. First, illegals comprise 27% of all those incarcerated in the U.S. I think it’s 48% in California. Second, they consume 900 billion in social security, Medicaid, and workers comp benefits. Yes, it is time to say, “Enough!”.

          1. Dominick Vila August 22, 2015

            Illegal immigrants are not eligible to collect Social Security, they are not entitled and cannot receive MEDICARE benefits, and there is language that prevents them to get ACA benefits. Interestingly, their employers deduct FICA contributions, which help offset the narrow contributor/beneficiary ratio that is impacting SS, without a chance of ever collecting SS benefits.
            Unsubstantiated, inaccurate, Limbaughesque claims are not going to get you very far in this forum.
            BTW, nobody has suggested including European undocumented immigration in the proposed deportation plans. Only Mexicans and Central Americans.
            Do you really want this situation to end? Change our immigration laws to reflect our labor needs, make it possible for the people we depend on to do work that most of us will not even consider, to enter the USA legally, and the problem will end immediately. People are not jumping fences and crawling through tunnels because they like the exercise. They are doing it because our immigration laws are flawed, do not reflect our labor needs, and because they know that there are thousands of American employers awaiting their arrival to put them to work. This problem exists because pressure from the private sector prevents their servants in Congress to take action to solve it.

          2. David August 22, 2015

            Well, in addition to the tremendous number of SSNs issued to people having a birth date before 1901 which are still active, the Congressional Budget Office says that at least 2 million illegal aliens will be eligible to receive Social Security; Medicare; and, tax breaks for low income families in 2017. Unless we elect someone to stop this garbage, we are finished as the leader of the free world.

          3. Dominick Vila August 22, 2015

            The United States does not have a tremendous number of centenarians. In fact, our life expectancy is among the lowest in the industrialized world. Would you mind providing a link to the official information that states that illegal immigrants are going to receive SS, MEDICARE, and ACA benefits in 2017?
            Hopefully the tens of thousands of Americans working or living abroad (retired) are not disrespected, insulted, or threatened the way you and so many other people do on a routine basis when you talk about Mexicans and Central Americans. BTW, do you feel the same way about the Europeans that over stayed their tourist and student visas and are living and working in the USA illegally, or is your hatred directed only at the descendants of the nomadic indigenous tribes that meandered around what we know now as the U.S. – Mexico border?

          4. David August 22, 2015

            My source was googling “illegal alien benefits” and it led me to the Congressional Budget Office site. I do not like ANYONE violating our immigration laws. Too many Europeans

          5. Dominick Vila August 22, 2015

            I tried what you said and couldn’t find the article by the CBO. Would you mind sending me the link?
            I did find the following:

          6. David August 22, 2015

            Try Washington Times site. I know, I know – “That’s a conservative site.” It will be a start.

          7. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            You are posting so many outright lies that conversing with you is a total waste of time – you are virtually fabricating everything you post!! NM Posters beware!! DAVID IS AN OUTRIGHT PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!!!!!!

          8. paulyz August 24, 2015

            Independent 1 & idamag can’t handle the truth, their answer to everything is to childisly say, “You’re a liar”. Funnnnny…

          9. idamag August 23, 2015

            David is a liar.

          10. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            A BIG TIME LIAR!!

          11. KnoKnees August 22, 2015

            Facts mean nothing! The spin is all the matters! Illegal aliens killing, raping and stealing from Americans is simply to be overlooked. It’s simply the price we must ALL pay. Plus the added benefit that they blindly and quite often illegally vote for the party offering the most free handouts (and little more). But again, never let the facts reflect your thought process.

          12. David August 22, 2015

            I agree. To many people, facts are ignored.

          13. davidcayjohnston August 23, 2015

            Columnist here…

            David (who does not give his last name), the evidence is clear that you have your “facts” wrong. For example, just 5% of prison inmates are people who entered the country illegally, according to the official data: http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/p13.pdf

            People here illegally cannot collect Social Security. They pay in, but they do not get money out. You also read the misleading headline son the SSN numbers and did not take the time to read the full reports, which show a very different picture than you present.

            Also, evidently you are UNaware that people from Mexico have been going back on net for several years and that Obama has significantly increased deportations.

          14. David August 23, 2015

            Thank you for your reply. I have no desire to broadcast my last name on the internet. I read your source and found many tables. I found one listing the number of incarcerated aliens. One that shows total inmates. I would guess you would combine the two to get your percentage. Our info sources differ. According to the Government Accounting Office, as of 2009 there were 25% of the inmates in Federal prisons who were illegal aliens. That number increased to 39% in 2013. Washingtontimes.com
            They further conclude that illegal aliens commit murder at a rate 2-3 times that of citizens. Obomo has opened the borders Mr. Columnist. INS is instructed not to stop them. I believe the grand scheme is to have them come in, provide them welfare, and get them to vote (for the Demorats).

          15. David August 23, 2015

            Next, Obomo has issued 541,000 ss #s to illegal aliens who will begin collecting in 2017. Freebeacon.com

          16. davidcayjohnston August 24, 2015

            Columnist here…
            Yes these were issued to children raised here, many of whom do not even speak the language of their home country and have no memory of it. Makes it easier to track people, too.

          17. David August 24, 2015

            Easier for them to get benefits also!

          18. davidcayjohnston August 24, 2015

            Columnist here…

            Data has to be read in context. Here is a pretty good breakdown os the gross numbers to show why they are misleading: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2015/jul/06/donald-trump/trump-immigration-claim-has-no-data-back-it/

            I spent a lot of time analyzing numbers in multiple ways to make sure I am not inadvertently cherry picking data, though, sadly, people accuse me of that when they have not done any analysis of the numbers.

          19. idamag August 23, 2015

            There is a big Hispanic population here. These people play very low key so as not to be noticed. They don’t register to vote.

          20. paulyz August 24, 2015

            He also forgot to mention all the suffering to American Citizens & their families by the rapes, murders, assaults, sexual assaults of children, drunken driving deaths & disfigurement, that wouldn’t have even happened had they not snuck into OUR Country ILLEGALLY. Always praising the Illegals while criticizing American Citizens!

          21. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            And the same goes for you!! You fabricate lies faster than a speeding bullet – illegals do not come close to all that you’re accusing them off – you are an outright blatant lying lowlife – about as worthless a human being as is on the planet.

            You’ll pay for you lies one day – in the fire!!!!!!

          22. paulyz August 24, 2015

            If you would ever check out multiple news sources on this matter you would know it is true, but you would rather listen to only your Leftist news and bury your head in the sand.
            What fire is that?

          23. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            Wow!! You fabricate outright lies faster than a speeding bullet. No one thing you posted is even close to factual.

        2. Moots13181 November 2, 2015

          Finally got around to doing that search… One of the top results was calling out the cartoonists. Now what was my point again?


  4. charleo1 August 22, 2015

    As author David Cay Johnston points out, Trump is a liar, and a demagogue. But revealing him as such is fraught with risks for his Republican rivals. As many of them also tell the same lies, only mask them in well honed politi-speak, in order to hopefully secret them past a much better informed, and I’m sorry to sound so partisan, but the much more grounded and even keeled voter they will face in the General Election next Fall. As for Trump, he is either fearless, or clueless in this respect. And that is his one huge advantage he is leveraging to the hilt over the rest of the Republican field. And of course, the reason a radicalized, and I believe sincerely frightened, perfectly incensed, Right Wing, is so drawn to him. Saying adoring things like, “He doesn’t care about political correctness!” As if being racist, and spreading damnable lies about Mexican Immigrants. Most just trying to survive, and care for their families. Makes him the Sage of the Age. Indeed, he doesn’t seem to care if the sun don’t shine. He looks like he’s having the time of his rich privileged life essentially casting a bright light on all of the racist, misogynistic, and just plain old crude bile, being contained, and nurtured, in the morally bankrupt, and completely sold out political organization he now seeks to lead. The press for their part, careful to appear ever the evenhanded institution. In this case, to the point of irresponsibility. Calls out Daddy Blabbermouth, Mr. Huckster-in Chief, Sideshow Barker, the fantasy spewing, T.V. “Reality Star,” on practically nothing. Instead, gushing, ( about the ratings.) And calling Trump, “a genuine phenomenon!” But the truth is, at this point and time, what Trump says is not nearly so important to his devoted enthralled, as the way he says what he says. His inflection, tone, and demeanor. Sort of like a dog understands it’s master. So when Trump tells the Country that he’s probably the most militaristic person ever. That he wants to create a military, so strong, no one would dare cross us. The base doesn’t hear another 3 trillion dollar ground war in the Mid East. Doesn’t see their Social Security, and Medicare, or their children’s education, job training, and vital public investments in our Country’s economic future, all being drained away in the sands of Iran, and Syria. No doubt, mixed generously with the blood, and missing limbs of thousands more of our Sons, and Daughters. No, they hear hubris, and chest thumping, and false bravado. And see in their minds the emergence of a get tough America, that calms their fears by taking what it wants from a World that they have been told, no longer respects us, because we no longer demand it. A World that exists no where else outside the informationally manipulated bubble that has been home to the GOP Base for the past 20 years. The Base Trump is now profiting from, and reveling in. And by doing so, ironically may serve to upend the entire Right Wing’s political stratagem, decades in the making. And in that respect, the Trump candidacy could well be one of the best things to have happen to American politics since women got the vote! After all, isn’t free speech, and the exchange of ideas in the public arena, a foundational part of what America, and Jeffersonian democracy is all about? So let the Demigod, and the Demagogue speak. My faith in the endurance of my Country rests obligingly with the American People.

  5. rvn_sgt6768 August 22, 2015

    How could they know? The first item always in the GOP playbook is to CUT EDUCATION! Keep everyone dumb is their motto. The only ones they want to educate are their own kids and the kids of those who hold the same values they do. The rest can just go die for all they care. That is not how the Republican party used to be. The total domination of the GOP by the John Birchers is what we have to deal with today. Funny how quickly and without a whimper this take over happened. So much for all the “tough talk” the GOP espouses and how hawkish they are about everything but their own takeover.

    1. idamag August 23, 2015

      As hawkish as they talk, how many of them are willing to lead the troops to the front lines?

  6. TMZ1928 August 22, 2015

    Trump will be in the White House in 2017-2025. Hillary will be in the Big House in 2017-2037.

    1. CrankyToo August 22, 2015

      You’ll be in the Nut House long before either of those two predictions become reality.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2015

      Trump won’t make it past March 2016. Sorry but you don’t get to buy the White House. Trump and his hot head CEO games is Cheney light. Americans are far too smart to vote for another Cheney knockoff.

      1. davidcayjohnston August 22, 2015

        Columnist here….

        Don’t be so sure about that. As soon as Trump announced — and this time knowing his TV show was losing in the ratings so he might not be just negotiating a new contract as in 2012 — I said if he ran it was possible he would be nominated. Some new polls suggest most GOPers think he will be the nominee. We need more time to tell, but it would be a mistake to think he cannot get the nomination in summer 2016. He could — not will, but could.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2015

          It’s too early to tell who the 2016 election will come down to. And, you forget who has the last word in the GOP.

          Right now, this is nothing more than a battle between 4 of the US richest men, Charles and David Koch, Adelson and Trump.

          These are men who have so much money that all that’s left to aspire to is owning their own country. Not going to happen.

          1. paulyz August 23, 2015

            Oops, caught you AGAIN! You left out the biggest Democrat donors Thomas Steyer & Michael Bloomberg, donating far more to Liberal causes. You don’t mind “those” money men.

          2. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            The amount Steyer and Bloomberg donate is chump change compared to the close to 1 billion that the Koch Bros will be organizing. Suggesting these two are donating anything that compares to what the Kochs are putting in is fabricating reality – but that’s about all you worthless GOP lovers ever do – fabricate reality, distort the truth and outright lie!!!!

          3. paulyz August 24, 2015

            Sorry, wrong again. Check Politico to see that the top money donors go more towards leftist causes than the other way around. This is why you leftists bitch about donations only now that the money going to Right causes is finally catching up. Just like you leftists want to stifle Right news, TV, or talk radio with the “Fairness Doctrine”, because the REAL NEWS is getting out & the leftie news is losing viewers & listeners in droves. LMAO

          4. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            And there you go deflecting again. I wasn’t talking about all right-wing or left-wing donations – I was talking about compaing what Steyer and Bloomberg were donating compared to the Koch Bros. Why is it you RWNJs always have to twist things.

            And given that it’s Democrats who represent in the House
            the most wealthy districts in America, I’m not at all surprised that overall Democrats get more donations than Republicans. We all know that the only reason Republicans control the House is because of their gerrymandering. Even in the 2012 election just like where the Dem Senate candidates got 20 million more votes than the GOP, in the House the Dems get millions more votes than the GOP but don’t win many seats because so many legislative districts in red states are so heavily gerrymandered!!!!!!!

      2. Kurt CPI August 22, 2015

        What? Bush’s have bought the white house twice!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2015

          NO one who lives in the Metro Area will vote for Trump. His lousy reputation as a tyrant and grifter precedes him. And, let’s not forget that Wall Street is in the Metro area.

          Wall Street won’t invest in Trump anymore than it will Cruz or JEB. They know what would happen to their stocks if these guys dared try to buy the White House.

          Bush didn’t buy the White House. Halliburton and Blackwater did. But, it still took a whole lot of manipulating of vote counts to get it.

      3. idamag August 23, 2015

        I don’t think Trump is serious about becoming president. I think his outrageous behavior is to show the party how ridiculous they have become.

        1. Independent1 August 23, 2015

          Ida, my thoughts exactly. I’ve been thinking of asking David if he didn’t feel there was a possibility of that being the case. To me, Donald seems to go out of his way to be nasty – and in many of his proposals, he’s sometimes going to the extreme to the point of being ridiculous as you pointed out – almost like he’s trying to make the GOP candidates and supporters look like outright extremists.

          1. idamag August 25, 2015

            He is a crude and nasty individual and I suppose he represents his party.

    3. Grannysmovin August 23, 2015

      So why do you think he should be in the white house? Is it because he imported 2 of his wives, has such respect for women, has filed for bankruptcy four times or is it his racist, intolerant point of view. He is anti – color – listen and look at the people who are his fans. Two white men beat up a homeless Latino man who they assumed was an illegal immigrant and when arrested quoted Trump. Yeah your hero is just dividing our country further and displaying for the world to see what hypocrites we are becoming. We preach to other countries human rights, democracy and inclusion of all their people; yet here at home we show our racism and hatred for our fellow beings. Perhaps we should practice what we preach.

      1. paulyz August 23, 2015

        Our “Illegal” immigration Laws have been ignored for decades, so how will another “reform” help? Why Trump is so popular on this issue, he will actually enforce these Laws. He will protect Americans from criminal Illegals as well as those that take our jobs, welfare, health care, & fill our schools, as is required from a sworn President. Tell me how that is hateful?

  7. _Steve_ August 22, 2015

    This article is yellow journalism at its finest

    1. heddalattice August 22, 2015

      pls go back to troll school and have something of substance to say…

    2. davidcayjohnston August 22, 2015

      Columnist here…

      _Steve if you can point to any errors my work they will be corrected promptly and forthrightly. Just because you don’t like the facts does not diminish the integrity of my work.

      1. Carolina Gonzalez August 22, 2015

        David, this is the most accurate analysis of the Trumpeteers that I have heard so far. One thing is to be disgusted with the politicians in DC and other is to believe this humanoid [Trump] will transforms 100% our country in a living paradise. Instead of blindly listen to this man, they should read books containing ideas to make the arguments that this man is a complete joke. He is in this race only to promote his brand. Everywhere he goes “The Trump” brand is promoted and there is nothing to do with ‘making America great” but in making his ego bigger than his bank account

        1. paulyz August 23, 2015

          Yeah, that’s why he is using his own money to run, to increase his bank account. Duhhh.

      2. _Steve_ August 23, 2015

        read above.

      3. _Steve_ August 23, 2015

        Tying Trump to connections to the Mafia because of concrete is disingenuous at best for they own the concrete business in New York.
        Trump builds in New York, therefore he needs concrete, ergo he buys it when needed..

        What you consider preposterous is clearly your bias, facts on the ground are irrelevant to you. Who do you support, HRC.. a pathological liar that got booted for such during the Nixon hearings?
        Compare him to others in the race..and then you might understand why he such broad based appeal.

        1. davidcayjohnston August 23, 2015

          Columnist here…

          _Steve (who dare not identify himself fully) clearly you did not read my 21 Questions column with care. Concrete cost more than steel girder. There were non-mob controlled firms Trump could have employed if he wanted to use concrete. Imagine if Obama had done a business deal with Fat Tony Salerno and Paul Castellano.

          Trump tells us he always gets the best deals, which is empirically not true (he has wildly overpaid at times), but holding candidates to their own standards is standard journalism. (See my 1998 news article on Mrs. Clinton getting a 3% boost in her SS checks because of the poor way she handled royalties from her It Takes A Village book, which also result din less money to charity and paying more than twice as much as required in federal income taxes.)

          You ignore the conspiracy to cheat workers on the demolition before Trump Tower was built. Polish men in the US illegally — highly relevant given Trump’s recent statements — were paid $4 to $5 an hour and had no hard hats. How did Trump not have a picket line and why did no labor inspector come by, which would have shut the site at once. My column just touches on these issues, which go deep. There is more in the documentary Trump suppressed that is linked at my Free At Last Column and in Wayne Barrett’s biography of Trump as well as court records.

          I am not a supporter of any candidate. Indeed, I am a registered Republican and, before that, a registered Independence Party member, going back more than two decades. My columns focus on Trump because I know his conduct well from years of coverage including my book, Temples of Chance.

          You do understand that the pieces I write here are clearly labeled as opinion. Do you understand the difference between news reporting and reported columns? I ask because clearly many people do not and your gratuitous second paragraph suggests you do not understand the most basic principles of journalism. I lecture on journalism ethics, principles and how-to on four continents and have written many exposes of corrupt journalism going back more than four decades.

          All candidates should get seriously vetted. I can’t do every candidate. I write about the one whose conduct I know from long and close experience and careful study of a vast public record.

          As I said before, if you can show any actual error it will be corrected, promptly and forthrightly.

          1. _Steve_ August 23, 2015

            Trump is a businessman, There are intangibles to a deal, some now, some come later. Surely you know this.

            You have written many “exposes” On Donald Trump. It is clear you don’t like the man, it is apparent in your works. You have your reasons, whether the substance is valid is open to criticism. Clear bias and fair journalism don’t mix, my criticism is appropriate.

          2. davidcayjohnston August 23, 2015

            Columnist here…

            You clearly do not understand that this is a labeled COLUMN and you have no idea what that means. My writing is the candidate’s conduct and fitness. Whether I like or dislike people I wrote about is utterly irrelevant. I’m reminded here of what Jigsaw John, the great homicide detective once told me: being a professional means you don’t care who committed the murder, only that you get the right guy. Your comments reflect the decades of well-financed efforts to sow confusion about the differences between reportage and column writing and to discourage vigorous journalism.

          3. _Steve_ August 24, 2015

            So it is a Bully Pulpit, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

          4. paulyz August 23, 2015

            Since you always claim to be a registered Republican, just who would you support for President?

          5. davidcayjohnston August 24, 2015

            I don’t support any candidate in either party. And I also do not “claim,” a pejorative word in this context. Voter registration is public record. I live in Monroe County, N.Y. You could look mine up, as I just did to make sure it is easily available.

          6. paulyz August 24, 2015

            Then who would you like to see as President? Someone needs to be, or will you choose a write in, would be interesting to know your choices.

          7. paulyz August 28, 2015

            Would still be interested in your choice for the next President, David!

    3. willardcottrell August 22, 2015

      If only you knew what the term means. Quoting the words (in context) by Trump is not yellow journalism. Not knowing and then using the term, now that is stupidity or ignorance.

      1. _Steve_ August 23, 2015

        No real quotes there, certainly wasn’t fair and balanced.. It demonized Trump and his supporters. The great thing about our constitution is there exists restraints, there is no king or absolute authority in the executive branch. Trump’s main goal today is the election, afterwards it be governing with a consensus of others.. which he may have a problem with but no doubt will adjust. He isn’t that stupid.

        1. Elizabeth Black August 23, 2015

          I’d prefer a demon to Trump.

          1. David August 24, 2015

            You’ve got one — Obomo.

          2. Elizabeth Black August 24, 2015

            Screw you.

          3. David August 24, 2015

            Elizabeth — Are you saying you want to have sexual relations with me? That’s a bit premature, don’t you think?

          4. Elizabeth Black August 24, 2015

            Sounds more like you want to have sexual relations with Obama since you seem to wish he were a homosexual.

          5. David August 24, 2015

            Didn’t say that. Never mentioned Obomo. Was talking about your desire to have sex with me. I don’t know his sexual inclinations and am truly not interested in them. What about you Elizabeth? Not getting any lately?

          6. Elizabeth Black August 24, 2015

            You really sound like a rapist at this point.

          7. David August 24, 2015

            Rape is a horrific crime. I never mentioned sex or anything approaching that until you made an insult inferring that I was homosexual. Now you continue to raise the sexual innuendo. So, do you want to argue civilly, or have this degenerate into name calling?

  8. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2015

    Some Americans just don’t like the words written in the Constitution. Don’t believe it? Read the Preamble specifically as written:
    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    Me again..which words in this preamble are the ones most often reinterpreted to suit?

    I’ll help: Union, Justice, Tranqulity, common defence, general Welfare (ooooh a big big no no for LIbertarians, TeaPartarians and the right wing), Liberty and Posterity.

    Take your pick folks. Any one of these words set these contrary, anti antis teeth on edge.

    Translations needed? Union…of the Confederate states. Justice? Only and always for white males with deep pockets. Tranquility? What? When endless for profit war is so much better? Common defence…as in NRA making rules and arming idiot men and women with military weapons on public streets. Gee, can’t imagine what could go wrong there, can you?

    That word “welfare” coupled with the word “general?” Translation to the anti antis..General corporate crony welfare only. Liberty? For the top 1% who believe they own freedom and the country. Posterity? Who cares?

    1. Moots13181 August 22, 2015

      It says “promote” not “provide”.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2015

        Read it again. I took the Preamble from the US Constitution provided to me by the League of Women Voters. It states: Provide for the common defence. Promote the general welfare…Nice try at reinventing what everyone in most northern schools where the seat of the US government was begun and the Constitution was written.

        1. Kurt CPI August 22, 2015

          Promote the general welfare… cut and pasted from your post.

          1. JPHALL August 22, 2015

            I understand your confusion. You only
            know the term “welfare” as giving something for no work. But to the founders it meant the good fortune, health, happiness, prosperity, etc., of a person, group, or organization; well-being.

          2. Dominick Vila August 22, 2015

            It could also be interpreted as well being…

          3. paulyz August 23, 2015

            The founders did want prosperity for all, but when sucessful people attain it, Liberals scream income-inequality, and class warfare. It is up to the individual to pursue it, not expect & wait for the government to give it to them.

          4. JPHALL August 24, 2015

            You are stuck in ideology. The blog has nothing to do with individuals or wealth distribution. It has to do with the basic nature of the American experiment. That unlike in other countries all willing to work can succeed.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Donald Trump — Man Of War

        2. Elizabeth Black August 23, 2015

          “Promote the general welfare” means promote the general well being of citizens. It does not say provide welfare to citizens. Welfare as a social program didn’t exist when the preamble was written (it was started by Roosevelt around 1935), so there’s no way they could have been referring to it.

          1. idamag August 23, 2015

            Back to history for you. Welfare did exist. The wealthy provided it. There were poor houses and institutions provided by the government. People are so hypocritical, when they yammer about the welfare for poor people and think nothing of corporate welfare. Talk about the mote and the beam.

        3. Moots13181 August 24, 2015

          I didn’t “reinvent” anything. The language is clear and speaks for itself. Maybe I can help translate for you since it might be difficult to comprehend if you don’t agree with what it’s trying to say. With my one line comment I was trying to point out that Defense of the nation is something for which the government is expected to PROVIDE while in contrast general welfare can be PROMOTED. (My interpretation is that a thing can be promoted any number of ways without being a handout. Of course “welfare” in that day did not mean how we think of it now.)

      2. paulyz August 22, 2015


      3. Independent1 August 24, 2015

        And one definition of promote is to ‘assist with’. Another definition is ‘to contribute to’ – both of which could lead to ‘provide’.

    2. David August 24, 2015

      Eleanore! There you go again. Making false statement after false statement. For the sake of brevity, I will only focus on your attack on the NRA. “

      1. Independent1 August 24, 2015

        Go stick your head in the nearest flush and pull the plunger- you are a worthless lying POS!!! YOU’RE NOT WORTH CONVERSING WITH!!

  9. bobsog August 22, 2015

    Thanks for the article. I like Trump even more now…

    1. davidcayjohnston August 22, 2015

      Columnist here…

      I do wonder reading BOBSOG what you wrote if you are being flippant or serious. You want wars to steal oil, which Trump has called for again and again? You willing to sign up for combat? And how about the taxes? The peak year of personnel spending for WW2 was in 1994 so the costs of his proposed wars would go on well into the late 22nd Century when you consider old vets marrying young women. The last Civil War pension was paid off just a few years ago…

  10. Moots13181 August 22, 2015

    If someone had written an article with Obamas caricature using the same face as this article has, one no one would read it and instead everyone would be in an uproar that the artist is racist to make him look like a chimpanzee.

    1. davidcayjohnston August 22, 2015

      Columnist here…

      Moots13181, I don’t do the layout. That said, political caricatures have a rich history and there have been many of Obama that no one thinks racist. You can find a rich trove of examples by doing an internet search for “obama caricature” and searching images. All presidents have been the subject of caricature that emphasize their features — Nixon’s nose, Obama’s ears, Taft’s belly, Lincoln’s height — and the one of Trump above is no different.

      1. Moots13181 August 24, 2015

        I’m just saying the caricature seems to be overly offensive for no reason and yet no one seems to have noticed. I understand the rich history of caricatures but was illustrating what I believe to be a double standard. Since he’s a rich white male all gloves are off when trying to knock him out of the race. It’s seems obviously hypocritical when compared to how democratic candidates are allowed to be portrayed. If someone posted a caricature of Obama on Townhall or something to make him look like a chimp it might just make national news on a slow day.

      2. Moots13181 November 2, 2015

        I Finally got around to doing the search you suggested… One of the top results was calling out the cartoonists. Now what was my point again?


        What I meant to say is that caricatures can be offensive. Using them sort of poisons the well then stirs the pot. This of course generates a lot of traffic and comments but does little to solve any underlying issue except take it a step backward. The best caricatures succinctly illustrate a point or a truth. The caricature of Trump illustrates how similar he looks to a Baboon… Not sure how that’s appropriate. Just because everyone else does it is no argument for letting that artwork be attached to your article. I don’t even like Trump and still find it distasteful.

  11. Terri McLemore August 22, 2015

    Imagine what the right wing would have said if during his campaign, President Obama had said, “Now I know how Billy Graham feels!” He would have been quickly slammed and vilified as having a Christ complex, thinking himself the Second coming, etc. But that is exactly what Trump said after his adoring crowd cheered him on in Mobile last night. And of course they love it!!

    This week we had the opportunity to compare and contrast Donald Trump and former President Jimmy Carter. President Carter showed amazing grace, humility, pragmatism, and humor as he openly discussed his cancer diagnosis. No matter your political persuasion, here was a good man who had given his entire adult life to service in the public arena-never insisting on adoration or accolades Contrast that with the ever bombastic Trump whose every public event begins and ends with what he has done, and will do to his enemies, what a great person he is, and sprinkled in for good measure-blatant racism, horrifically misogynistic comments, and just plain nastiness. Seeing the pictures of the adoring crowd in Mobile last night made me afraid for our country-in our Kardashian, E News world, this is what passes for serious discourse?

    1. KarenJ August 22, 2015

      Interestingly enough, even Trump’s declarations about the Bible and invoking the name of Billy Graham are more sham-wow.

      But, like his lies, Trump’s new fans have already forgotten he’s a secular irreligious person, too: http://americablog.com/2015/07/conservatives-finally-found-something-trump-hate-religion.html

  12. Bob Eddy August 22, 2015

    One thing I have noticed is how little many of the Republicans seem to understand about his government works. Among the things they can’t do, but have prmosed:

    Repeal ObamaCare.
    Amend the constitution
    Repeal the Iran nuclear agreement
    Give the states the right to reject marriage equality

    I know there are others, but do these guys, who want to be president, know a president cant amend the constitution or negate an international treaty or force a country to pay for our paranoia as Trump has proposed with great wall proposal?

  13. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 22, 2015

    The caricature is most accurate as a reminder of the GOP’s general “distortion” of reality and its cartoon-like group ethos.

    The low-down alone of how he treated his family shows the rank hypocrisy of
    his fan base—a collection of pathetic beings whose main purpose in life is to have
    a good time and listen to bombast. (Must be related to the raucous and gaudy
    Revival Meetings that were/are a staple of that geographical tier of America).

    Well, no amount of reasoning will bring clarity to their minds, and so the further
    unmasking of the vapid nature of Conservatives must continue unimpeded.

    Carry on Trump, and continue your “scorch America” campaign. Like General
    Sherman during the Civil War, you’re wreaking damage—this time through

    Well done(maybe)!!

  14. Nick August 22, 2015

    The purpose of war is to take over or defend for us. We help defend these other nations and get nothing in return but a debt that the people of the U.S. pay for due to over taxation. It’s time for the U.S. to take care of itself. We have let to many sorry politicians in office who couldn’t cut it as an attorney or business person. Mr. Trump gives us hope and that’s what we need right now. The guy who wrote this can go live in another country.

    1. pizzmoe August 22, 2015

      The purpose of War is to profit the defense industry and kill people. Nothing more, nothing less. The guy who wrote this gets that.

      1. Nick August 22, 2015

        The defense industry is employing workers. The workers make money to feed their families and have shelter. Governments wage war to gain assets; such as natural resources, land space, people, and money. Governments do this for growth and sustainment. Doesn’t cost the government’s people anything if everything goes well. Governments wage war again for protection of assets. This costs the government’s people, but money well spent if everything goes well. Now, what our government has been doing is neither one. In the business world we call this upside down. We are paying for wars and not benefiting from them. This has a negative affect and is passed down to every one even the children not born yet. The countries that do not follow the correct reasons for war will always fall dume

        1. Elizabeth Black August 23, 2015

          Other countries in America? You realize America is short for United States of America, not North or South America, right?

          1. Nick August 23, 2015

            That’s the problem. We have left out the United States and focusing more on America.

      2. paulyz August 23, 2015

        This article tries to scare voters into thinking that people like Trump will lead us to war, while it is the appeasers that always cut our Defense, that emboldens our enemies into pushing others around until war becomes inevitable. Peace through Strength is what gives us security.

        1. Independent1 August 23, 2015

          Yes, but not country realistically needs to spend more money for its defense than all the rest nations in the world all combined as America is doing!! Many legislators, especially Republicans, are clearly just shoveling money at the Pentagon just to create jobs in their states – it has nothing to actually do with ‘improving or defenses’!! It’s all about kickbacks!! And future campaign donations!! Do you even realize that the Pentagon doesn’t know where 6 trillion dollars have gone??? Talk about overkill!! You people are nothing but thieves!!! Just like Pizzmoe said (translate ‘profit the defense industry” into thievery) for the already billionaire owners of defense industry companies who are ripping off the taxpayers at every chance they can get!!

          1. hicusdicus August 25, 2015

            There is a job for you ,find the missing 6 trillion dollars.

          2. paulyz August 28, 2015

            There is waste and fraud in all of our Government programs, not just the Military. And The Dept. of Homeland Insecurity doesn’t even know where, or how many Millions of Illegals there are in our Country.

          3. Independent1 August 28, 2015

            Sure, there’s a certain amount of waste and fraud whenever humans are involved in doing anything – because humans aren’t perfect and the many humans are greedy and will take advantage of any situation where they can make a buck.

            But when everything is considered, the government does virtually everything more efficiently than the private sector. Medicare runs health care umpteen times more efficiently than any private health insurance company. Private insurers have to deal with health care sectors defrauding them too – and they do a much poor job of controlling that than our government.

            And who really cared where these illegals are?? It’s only you worthless RWNJs that are demonizing them. Illegals do far more beneficial for America than they’re ever costing us in the limited amount of government assistance they get; and if you RWNJ idiots would wake up to reality, you’d realize that if we didn’t have these illegals willing to work for peanuts, the price of many things that you and I buy in the grocery store would skyrocket and some we consider commonplace would end up being luxuries.

            Like that example I posted a while back, without illegals being willing to harvest strawberries for peanuts, first of all, it wouldn’t be economically practical for American farmers to even grow them; and if they did, you and I probably wouldn’t choose to buy them anymore because they’d be like caviar – much too expensive.

            And it’s not just groceries, it’s a lot of construction done in America. Without illegals willing to haul bricks and roofing and any number of other menial construction work for more often than not minimum wage pay, building construction would be much more expensive; as would traveling and staying in a hotel or motel – if those places had to pay Americans (who wouldn’t do the work anyway), to do all their grunt work, the price of an overnight stay at a hotel or motel would skyrocket also.

            So wake up and realize that you RWNJs are just creating this illegal immigrant fantasy problem as just one more of your efforts to distract the American populace as you work to steal them blind of their money, as your nitwit GOP buddies pass more legislation to shovel billions in subsidies to businesses that are already making billions; and cut every program that assists the needy as you try to cut the taxes more on people who don’t deserve any tax cuts because they’re not paying their fair share even today.

          4. paulyz September 5, 2015

            Just be sure to tell the Government how understanding you are when they tell you the money they took from you all your life isn’t there to give a portion of it back to you, when it’t bankrupt, or if you die beford tge age THEY set for you to maybe get it.

            p.s. Many studies show that Illegals use WAY more in gov. assistance than they contribute dummy. You Still listen to all that left wing crap? Gullibbbbbllle.

          5. Independent1 September 6, 2015

            Talk about gullible!! The only studies that show the blatant lies you’re talking about are done by the CIS which is nothing more than a right-wing propaganda outlet like Faux News focused on immigration.

            Anything the CIS publishes is a blatant lie!!

            So you being a RWNJ what more could anyone expect than for you to believe those fabricated RWNJ studies done on immigrants!! IT’S ALL A LIE!!!!

        2. davidcayjohnston August 24, 2015

          So do you think we need to spend more than 40 percent of all military expenditure sin the world? And that is an a Purchasing Power Parity basis so that the fact that we spend $1m a year to put a soldier on a battlefield (and that was almost a decade ago so it is surely higher now) compares with the costs of, say, China’s much lower-paid People’s Liberation Army.

    2. Looner August 22, 2015

      Nick, please explain how Trump “gives you hope”?

      1. Nick August 22, 2015

        Mr. Trump speeks to us like how the community I grew up in did. He doesn’t filter his message and we like that. When you sugar coat your message it takes on a different meaning and it may not be the one you’re trying to get across. This is one of the issues we have in our country. A community help raised me and they stayed on us. This is why we are college educated and not living on the system. This younger generation called “Y” or “Millennials” is struggling so much because they did not get that stern tone or that kick in the butt but the U.S. got soft. There are no jobs for that large generation if they’re not educated or have a trade. The country is broken. The Fed. Reserve Chairman Mrs. Yellen is trying to keep it together as long as she can. There is a lot going on and a naive person will be blindsided in our country. Mr. Trump is putting the spot light on the issues that will collapse our country.

        1. KarenJ August 22, 2015

          Trump lies a lot, too. http://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/

          Maybe HE doesn’t filter his message, but obviously YOU do. You hear just what you want to hear from his message.

        2. Elizabeth Black August 23, 2015

          And yet this article points out that he actually does sugar coat things by choosing his words very carefully.

        3. Böcker August 23, 2015

          Here is a clue for you, Trump is for Trump, period. He isn’t for you or anyone else.

          1. Nick August 23, 2015

            At least he let’s me know that up front.

          2. hicusdicus August 25, 2015

            That makes him so much different than the rest of them.

          3. Böcker August 26, 2015

            Trump aging school yard bully, yeah there is a difference

    3. fortunev August 22, 2015

      tRump the Chump gives you hope? Only a dope could conclude that another dope gives him hope..

      1. paulyz August 22, 2015

        Trump gives us hope, Obama that takes the dope, “promises” hope, but does the rope-a-dope on you!

        1. Nick August 22, 2015

          This why Mr. Trump is leading the way because of Obama’s rope-a-dope on us.

          1. Sand_Cat August 23, 2015

            Well, one part is true: you certainly are DOPES.

          2. hicusdicus August 25, 2015

            Wow! Can I use that comment????? Its so special.

          3. Sand_Cat August 26, 2015

            You have my permission. :>)

          4. paulyz August 23, 2015

            Got that right, most Americans didn’t want Obama’s rope-a-dope & change, their sick of sleazy lying politicians. Trump will do what most Americans have been waiting for.

          5. Independent1 August 23, 2015

            Yeah right! Get America mired in 3 wars all at the same time with more Americans dying. Weren’t the 10,000 dead Americans between 2 wars and the 9/11 attack enough carnage for you idiots?? Not to mention the near 3 trillion dollars that the last Republican fiasco in the White House cost America (and the 90+% of our nations current 18 trillion in debts)???

          6. David August 24, 2015

            Wait…didn’t you say that Paulyz was lying when he said we were 18 trillion in debt? Starting to lose it!

          7. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            I never said any such thing – I said Reagan and the 2 Bushes were responsible for 90+% of that 18.3T.

          8. paulyz August 24, 2015

            You are so full of it. EVERYBODY (but you) knows that our national debt increased from $10.7 Trillion to over $18 Trillion already under Obama, not Bush or Reagan. Let’s get with the present.
            Now you are blaming Bush for the deaths from 911 that were the result of ignoring terrorists threats for years and allowing these radical Muslims to remain in our Country & take flying lessons. The war in Afghanistan was BECAUSE of being attacked by these Muslim terrorists you dumbass.

          9. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            First of all, that 10.7t was the debt at the time Georgie Boy walked out of the office, but he left Obama with a budget that included 1.4T more deficit monies to be spent. And off the bat, Obama had to put about 889B into the economy to slow down the 800,000 jobs/mo free fall caused by Georgie Boy allowing the economy to tank into the Great Recession. All that adds up to 13T DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE TO GEORGIE BOY!!

            But then we have the fact that Georgie Boy and the irresponsible GOP Congress created wars and legislation that was NOT FUNDED. So along with the 1.4T debt, Georgie Boy left 2 UNFUNDED WARS still running; 2 UNFUNDED TAX CUTS STILL RUNNING; 1 DRUG BENEFIT GIVEAWAY TO BIG PHARMA STILL RACKING UP DEFICITS; AND SEVERAL UNFUNDED STATE MANDATES LIKE THE NO-CHILD-LEFT-BEHIND THAT ALMOST BANKRUPTED 1/2 OUR STATES.

            The two unfunded wars kept racking up deficits for at least a couple years; as did both tax cuts -with one still racking up deficits; and the drug benefit is still racking up deficits; as are the state mandates.

            And that’s not all, Georgie Boy left an economy in shatters – with over 10 million people unemployed and thousands of companies having gone belly up – all of which reduced tax revenues by at least 1/2 a trillion/year for the 1st 2-3 years.



          10. paulyz August 24, 2015

            STILL blaming Bush & gullibly following Leftie propaganda. That is the very basis of your desired Socialism, load the heads of the masses with mis-information. Glad to see you are so tolerant of opposing views, soon some ayatolla may be pounding sand up yours…

          11. mountie August 24, 2015

            Let us look at some data.
            US debt 9/30/80 907.7 bil when Reagan was elected.
            US debt 9/30/88 2602.3 bil when Reagan left office.
            That’s 1.694 tril under Reagan.
            US debt 9/30/1988 2.6023 tril when GH Bush elected.
            US debt 9/30/1992 4.0646 tril when GH Bush left office.
            That’s 1.4593 tril under GH Bush
            US debt 9/30/2000 5.6741 tril when GW Bush elected.
            US debt 9/30/2008 10.0247 tril when GW Bush left office.
            That’s 4.3506 tril under GW Bush.
            US debt 9/30/2008 10.0247 tril when Obama was elected.
            US debt current 18.928 tril
            That’s 8.9033 tril under Obama so far.
            Doing the math Reagan, and both Bushes totals 7.5039 tril.or 39.6% of the total debt.
            Obama so far 8.9033 tril or 47.0% of the total debt.
            Looks like Obama will surpass 50% by the time he leaves office.
            Looks like you failed basic math.

          12. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            Sorry loser but you’re research is a total waste of time. You can’t use the September date of the year before president actually left office, you have to use the debt on the year the president leaves office (that January 20 year). For example, you should be tracking the debt for Reagan until 9/30/89 because a president’s last budget begins 10/1 of the year before he leaves office. A new president has to work with the last president’s final budget for 9 full months, to give him or her time to create her 1st actual budget.

            And what you’re going to find that Obama did, was because the country was in such bad shape, he didn’t dare reduce the budget until his budget that took effect on 10/1/10 because on 101/09 the country still was suffering from job loses.

            All that means is that almost 3 trillion of deficit spending under Obama was directly the result of Bush’s last budget.

          13. mountie August 26, 2015

            OK let us use the next years data.
            That makes the Reagan, GH Bush total 3.414 tril.
            The GW Bush total 6.102 tril.
            Total 9.516 tril. or 57.5%
            This would reduce Obama to only 7.019 tril or 42.4%
            Now take into account that Obamas numbers will run to 9/17
            At the current rate 1.1 tril year that would make Obama’s estimated total 9.219 tril a little less than Reagan, GH Bush and GW Bush combined in 20 years versus Obama’s 8 years.
            Oh bye the way, the debt grew only 1.9 tril from 2008 to 2009 not the 3 trillion you state.

          14. Looner August 27, 2015

            Independent1, why do you bother telling Mountie, Paul Lies, David and all these other tools that are flocking over from RWNJ sites the absolute truth? They won’t believe it, nor confirm it with an unbiased website. They don’t understand anything beyond the simple propaganda they are fed. They can’t take the word of both conservative and liberal economists. It isn’t worth your time frankly.

          15. paulyz August 28, 2015

            Serial liars like Independent pendejo can’t keep track of their BS.

          16. hicusdicus August 29, 2015

            Independent has been desynthesized by the smell of his own droppings.

      2. Nick August 22, 2015

        Get off those donkey nuts and come join the movement. Love your country U. S.

    4. SteveD August 22, 2015

      There is no real national debt problem.

      To see this you have to consider how the securities constituting the national debt can be categorized according to owner and the manner by which the debts are managed by either the Treasury or the Fed.

      Although marketable US securities are all the same, they are owned by different kinds of owners: banks or investors.

      Banks by in large hold US securities for deficit spending on government operations and programs authorized by Congress. Bank securities for deficit spending are managed by the Treasury by rolling-over the debt perpetually through swaps of new securities for mature securities from the banks. Interest is added in at each swap.

      The Treasury gets interest money in the same way it gets funds for the deficit, by issuing securities and selling them to banks at public auction.

      So, the deficit securities will never have their principal paid back to the banks, because the principal (what banks paid to buy the securities at discount) will be rolled-over and over and over forever and ever. Only interest is paid to the banks at each roll-over.

      A debt never to be paid by agreement of all the parties involved is not a true debt.

      Bottom line: Taxpayers do not pay for federal deficit spending.

      1. paulyz August 23, 2015

        Yeah, like $18 Trillion in debt is nothing, just like S.S. & Medicare going bust is nothing, while Obama & the Democrat-Socialists refuse to shore it up, while actually using $716 from Medicare for a failing Obamacare with quickly rising premiums & deductables, that are “subsidized” by the working & struggling taxpayer. What a completely stupid comment.

        1. Independent1 August 23, 2015

          And there you go with your outright lies and distortions of the truth. You have absolutely no integrity do you lowlife?? You’ll create lies at the drop of a hat!!! EVERYTHING YOU JUST POSTED IS TOTAL BS!!!!!!

          1. David August 24, 2015

            Guess what? The Govt Acctg Office says we are 17.8 trillion in debt. Google it DA! I know, it’s Bush’s fault.

          2. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            Wow!! You can’t even get the current data right – do you tell the truth about anything?? The exact current debt is 18.357 Trillion!!

        2. davidcayjohnston August 24, 2015

          Social Security is the best-funded program the federal government has or has ever had. It has a dedicated income stream. Minor adjustments would keep it solvent to infinity. The real problems are 1) wages are not growing like they used to because of governments policies that redistribute to the richest among us as I have documented every year from the data and from the change sin law that no other journalist to my knowledge takes the time to read and understand in terms of how they favor the richest among us and 2) we have lowered the share of wages taxed under Reagan, 90 percent, to about 83 percent. You can read more in the excellent book (for which I wrote the introduction) Social Security Works! by Nancy Altman and Eric Kingson who worked as staff on the Reagan-era changes to SS.

          1. paulyz August 24, 2015

            According to the government’s own Social Security website, expeditures have been exceeding revenue since 2010, & will get worse with baby boomers retiring. This has nothing to do with the wealth of others. Reagan did fix the shortfall when it was easy to do, but nothing was done for decades to shore it up long-term. The Democrats constantly criticized Republican efforts to create a S.S. lockbox to keep Congress from using OUR money for non-S.S. spending, instead, kicking the can down the road further & telling voters that the mean-spirited Republicans wanted to take away their S.S. Now the only way to shore it up is to again raise the retirement age, cut benefits, or raise the cap on taking one’s money, or all of the above. In other words, keep getting more from the wealthy AND burden the average American but continue deficit spending.

          2. idamag August 24, 2015

            It would be so simple to keep Social Security viable, but there are those who wants to get their greedy hands on it. It is like anything else they want to privatize. I am sure those businesses are waiting in the wings salivating until they get their man to give them the U.S. Post Office, the schools, the fire and police departments and even the U.S. Armed Forces. In my opinion they are dumbing down the gullible to attain their goals.

        3. SteveD August 26, 2015

          What a completely clueless retort. You should investigate how a Monetary Sovereign (Currency ISSUER) is completely different than a currency USER such as yourself, state or local governments or private business. Once you learn this you will no longer spout ignorance such as federal taxpayers paying for the national debt. (Naw, you still will, because you will refuse to learn.)

      2. Nick August 24, 2015

        This may be true to some degree but it perpetuates anarchy, bank runs and ultimately collapse a nation.

        1. SteveD August 26, 2015

          This was an entirely descriptive analysis, nothing prescriptive involved. Yes, essentially interest payments on the national debt are rentier free money.

          1. Nick August 29, 2015

            Do you think that we are heading into a currency crisis?

          2. Nick August 29, 2015

            Do you think a currency crisis will happen?

          3. SteveD August 29, 2015

            No. Our stock market stabilized in just a manner of days. Reserve currency status of US is not in jeopardy. Currency wars not of great concern with floating fx. China has some problems but primarily it is because of private debt level over extension. Here in America, because private debt levels remain consistent with slow but steady GDP growth the US govt has run very modest deficits furthering small, incremental GDP growth. Trade deficit in US still of concern to some. I feel that the imbalance of trade has enough benefits (primarily helping keep inflation manageable) that it’s not much of a problem. Of course we could increase manufacturing domestically with added costs including higher wages to offset those “savings” that come from running a massive trade deficit. Foreign nations love running trade surpluses (China). That is the primary reason we”ow”owe” China $1.3 trillion in debt. Why does China hold US debt? They sold us a bunch of stuff which we paid for in US dollars and they want to earn interest on those dollars.Until that changes, the US is OK with trade deficit. Bottom line-no currency crisis. (The whole world LOVES US dollars).

          4. Nick August 31, 2015

            Have you heard anything about the short fall of retirement plans in 5 years do to a projected massive retirements in 2020?

          5. Nick August 31, 2015

            Have you heard anything about the short fall of retirement plans in 5 years do to a projected massive retirements in 2020?

          6. SteveD September 1, 2015

            Nothing specific. Lots of public retirement funds are supposedly on “shaky ground,” witness Illinois for example. But even IL has no short term problem as pension outlays as a % of state spending still are manageable in short term. Always lots of hoopla over long term projections but quite often it’s scare tactics to reduce public spending benefiting the middle class and kill unions. Money power always exceeds state power. Private pensions of course took a big hit in 2008 with reasonable recovery today, but another great recession prior to 2020 catastrophic. (I feel if the federal govt continues to run low to modest deficits like they have the past 2 years, another recession will occur BEFORE 2020) . Thousands of private company employee retirement plans have disappeared entirely over the past 20/30 years. A friend of mine recently retired from the local water dept with a modest pension. He tells me his former company no longer can “afford” to provide any type of pension program. The third tier of retirement is much less problematic, that being Social Security. There is no real projected shortfall as the govt. can always pay benefits, either by changing the law, borrowing via an expanded securities market or simply by “paying itself” more by raising interest rates on currently existing securities. The outcry over the possible collapse of Social Security is a less than transparent effort by Wall St to simply privatize the program. SS can only “go broke” if the economy has insufficient resources. Frankly, that’s never going to happen.

          7. SteveD September 1, 2015

            Nothing specific. Lots of public retirement funds are supposedly on “shaky ground,” witness Illinois for example. But even IL has no short term problem as pension outlays as a % of state spending still are quite manageable in short term. Always lots of hoopla over long term projections but quite often it’s scare tactics to reduce public spending benefiting the middle class and kill unions. Money power always exceeds state power. Private pensions of course took a big hit in 2008 with reasonable recovery today, but another great recession prior to 2020 will be catastrophic. (I feel if the federal govt continues to run low to modest deficits like they have the past 2 years, another recession will occur BEFORE 2020) . Thousands of private company employee retirement plans have disappeared entirely over the past 20/30 years. A friend of mine recently retired from the local water dept with a modest pension. He tells me his former company no longer can “afford” to provide any type of pension program. The third tier of retirement is much less problematic, that being Social Security. There is no real projected shortfall as the govt. can always pay benefits, either by changing the law, borrowing via an expanded securities market or simply by “paying itself” more by raising interest rates on currently existing Trust Fund securities. The outcry over the possible collapse of Social Security is a less than transparent effort by Wall St to simply privatize the program. SS can only “go broke” if the economy has insufficient resources. Frankly, that’s never going to happen.

          8. Nick September 2, 2015

            Good insight! I like the way you think! Do you think that the deal the president is trying to push with Iran is more of a monetary policy than it is about nuclear weapons?

          9. SteveD September 2, 2015

            Probably. The US views the region as a profit center, both for the MIC and energy exploitation. US and Israel will continue to micromanage the Middle East at any cost.

          10. Nick September 3, 2015

            That’s the only reasonable conclusion to keep that region dependent on U.S. Dollars. The plan itself is definitely not what the people think

          11. SteveD August 29, 2015

            A few typos on my other response here, sorry. Cant edit off this indirect view page in Disqus. I hope it mostly makes sense.

    5. theghostwriter August 22, 2015

      Seeing as you’re the one supporting a candidate who wants to shred the Constitution, it seems like you’re the one who should go live in another country. The right wing has spent the last 40 years dismantling this once-great nation and selling off the parts for scrap. It’s time for you people to get out of the way.

      1. idamag August 23, 2015


      2. Nick August 24, 2015

        President Obama is the democrat’s George W. Bush. Mr. Trump is the republican’s Barack Obama. We all know how this is going to turn out. Deal with it!

  15. pizzmoe August 22, 2015

    He is yet another in a long line of cowardly chicken hawks who thinks it make them sound tough to declare war on other countries while having no skin in the game themselves.

    1. ps0rjl August 22, 2015

      I couldn’t agree more with you. Nothing makes these chickenhawks tougher than the farther they get from the fight. The Donald made sure during Vietnam he would not serve.

      1. idamag August 23, 2015

        A Chinese proverb says, “A man is brave while still a mile away from the tiger.”

  16. Amy Smith August 22, 2015

    no illustration credit?

    1. davidcayjohnston August 24, 2015

      Columnist here…

      If you look above you will see there is a credit for DONKEY HOTEY, an artist you can learn more about at https://donkeyhotey.wordpress.com/about/

      1. Looner August 27, 2015

        Donkey Hotey? I absolutely love that name. Sometimes I feel like I am tilting at windmills too. Sorry for responding 3 days later, but I just noticed your comment. 🙂

  17. The lucky one August 22, 2015

    As they say in Texas, all hat and no cattle.

    1. oldtack August 23, 2015

      There’s a bumper sticker in Texas that reads

      “My child is an Honor Student

      i have to agree with that sticker.

      1. Independent1 August 23, 2015

        What’s really telling is that the bumper sticker would fit the last 3 Texas governors: Bush, Perry and Abbott.

        1. oldtack August 23, 2015

          Yep – all inclusive.

      2. paulyz August 29, 2015

        I think the bumper stickers say: My Child is an ILLEGAL Alien! Obama invited us.

        1. oldtack August 29, 2015

          I KNOW what the bumper sticker says – because I have one
          Don’t know where the hell you are coming from Dummy.

          1. paulyz September 5, 2015

            Try to come up with your own insulting words dummy, you stole that one from me. But you lefties are good at stealing other people’s money, so you’re used to it.

          2. oldtack September 5, 2015

            Like all right wing nut jobs you are quick to pre-judge aren’t you,.Dummy. .

        2. oldtack August 31, 2015

          In the Marine Corps there was a name for people like oyu. It was dumb __ head. The word between dumb and head being a word that began with the letter F. Figure that one out -if your limited intelligence is such that you can.

  18. KarenJ August 22, 2015

    The fact that Donald Trump tells 3 lies for every true statement won’t make an iota of difference to his new fans.


    1. Sand_Cat August 23, 2015

      It worked for George W. Bush, didn’t it?

      No, wait- his ratio was 10 lies for every truth.

      1. oldtack August 23, 2015

        Little Lord Fauntleroy was never President but – the ploy really did work for President Cheney and all his cohorts that took us to war on lies. Georgie? He was just a Political Pawn used because of the Bush Dynasty begun by his Grand Daddy Prescott Bush.

      2. paulyz August 23, 2015

        I believe Obama lied 22 times alone just on Obamacare…..

        1. Independent1 August 23, 2015

          Really?? Let’s see you list those lies loser!! You can’t come up with a one!! Obama didn’t lie about ‘keeping your doctor’, it was the health care company CEOS WHO LIED TO OBAMA!!!

          They promised Obama they would honor what Obamacare said, and then didn’t!!! Obama WAS TELLING THE TRUTH!! HE PROVED TO BE PRETTY RESTRAINED IN NOT OUTING THE INSURANCE COMPANY CEOS FOR THEIR LYING TO HIM!!!!!!

          1. David August 24, 2015

            What? Obomo’s own henchman who helped draft ObamaCare told you of the lies and deceit used to get it passed. I know, it was Bush’s fault!

          2. David August 24, 2015

            If you like your insurance policy you can keep your insurance policy.

          3. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            That not happening resulted from the Health Insurance companies lying about the fact that they would adhere to the Obamacare guidelines stipulated in the ACA legislation – they purposely didn’t adhere to the ACA guidelines!!!!!

          4. David August 24, 2015

            Cite authority for your rant.

          5. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            I’m through discussing anything with the NM’s clearly greatest PATHOLOGICAL LIAR WHO WILL FABRICATE STATISTICS ON THE FLY!!! GO BURY YOUR HEAD IN A TOILET SOMEWHERE DIRT BAG!!!

          6. David August 24, 2015

            You are through “discussing” because you can’t reply to my observation. Nice visiting with you, however.

          7. hicusdicus August 25, 2015

            Nice visiting with it. You are making a joke? Please say you are!

          8. David August 26, 2015

            Of course I am pricking with the Independent idiot.

          9. hicusdicus August 25, 2015

            His authority comes from being an internet retard who has forgotten more than anybody knows.

          10. mountie August 24, 2015

            I feel sorry for you. You don’t have a clue. The insurance companies are following the ACA exactly. You just don’t know what is in it. Instead of reading it you place your misguided faith in the democratic lies that it is ways somebody else’s fault.

          11. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            I worked for 30 years for one of the leading health insurance companies in America, and my daughter is one of the nations leading experts on ACA- I’ve forgotten more about health insurance and how all that works than you and your other low IQ RWNJ friends will ever know in your lifetimes – all combined!! So stuff it!!

          12. mountie August 24, 2015

            So what you ad your daughter are saying is that the insurance companies are violating the ACA. If that is true why hasn’t your savor Obama charged them with a crime instead of claiming how good the ACA is working? Apparently your daughter isn’t quite the expert you claim she is.

          13. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            Exactly! And a number of insurance companies including Blue Cross and Humana have already been charged penalties in the millions of dollars for having misled and defrauded thousands of people by intentionally cancelling polices that didn’t need to be cancelled and failing to inform customers that instead of buying new policies from them, that they could go on the ACA exchanges and look for cheaper alternative policies.

            All that has already happened. It’s only uninformed, clueless RWNJs like yourself that aren’t aware of it!!!

          14. hicusdicus August 25, 2015

            Sure you did and not just any insurance co, a leading one. Your offspring, Nations leading. WoW! Forgotten more about health insurance than you ever knew? Just knowing this makes me feel healthier.

          15. davidcayjohnston August 24, 2015

            Columnist here…
            Has your company let you keep your insurance policy? The point of Obama;s remark was that if you want to buy your policy via your job or independent of the exchanges you would be able to do so and you can. If you cannot buy the exact same policy it is because insurance companies, being dynamic, change their offerings as they assess what will maximize profits.

            If you ant to understand what is wrong with the approach of the ACA read the July Harper’s piece by Trudy Lieberman or my columns for Reuters and AlJazeera America on why the health insurance industry is superfluous and damages the economy.

          16. David August 24, 2015

            Your reply is not complete. The ACA mandated certain coverages that virtually all existing policies did not cover. E.g., sex change operations; pregnancy coverage even for 50 year old women. Obomocare has become the only game in town. The plan was to obfuscate and deceive in order to get it passed. Just wait till next year when the annual income amount you need to be below to get Govt subsidies falls to $30,000. Even more howling will be heard. Obomo promised he would bring change– he certainly has.

          17. davidcayjohnston August 24, 2015

            Columnist here…

            Are you unable to spell correctly? The name of the President of the United States is Obama.No matter who is president we should respect the person and the office.

            And you are dead wrong that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act “became the only game in town.”

            Here is how costly our system was before the ACA — we could have eliminated the income tax, all else being equal, if we had universal coverage with no out of pocket costs as the French (and Germans) do. Here is my analysis of the official data showing we wasted 6% of GDP on health care while one in four Americans with no or minimal health insurance in 2010:


            Put another way, this year we could eliminate the income tax for everyone except the top 10% income group (and cut rates for those folks) if we had the Frech system of universal coverage, ended all the make-work jobs pushing insurance company paper in medical offices, hospitals, businesses, and homes…

            Oh, BTW, the French have better health status, while in America 15 babies die ever day who would have lived had they been born in Cuba and 46 die who would have lived if born in Japan or Norway and 47 if born in Sweden, numbers you will find at the CIA World Fact Book and in my anthology DIVIDED in the chapter by Dr. Stephen Bezruchka (except Cuba, which I calculated from the CIA’s reliable and excellent statistical data).

          18. idamag August 24, 2015

            Before ACA. $800 out of every $2500 paid in medical costs, went to pay for those who couldn’t or wouldn’t. I did not feel that ACA was the best plan, but it was the best that came about with compromising with those who think medical care should be a status symbol for the rich. I know a young couple whose child was born with hip dysplasia. Thanks to the wonderful medical care, received at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake. the child was completely fixed. BTW Primary Children’s do not charge more than the patient’s parents can afford to pay. I digress. The couple’s insurance would not insure the infant because he had a pre-existing condition. The condition was cured. That did not matter. Now, they have to insure the little boy.

          19. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            David, do you feel that our country is in a position to move to single-payer at this time? My concern is that according to the government that Medicare itself is costing us about 3% of GDP which would be over 500B/yr and that’s to cover how many? 20% or less of our population. And given the state of the economy I question whether we’re in a position at the moment to see maybe a million people involved in private sector healthcare out of jobs, not to mention the loss of quite a number of some fairly large insurance companies.

            Do you feel I’m overly concerned about that?

          20. davidcayjohnston August 24, 2015

            Columnist here…

            Wrong questions.
            The questions are: How are we going to cover the costs of healthcare? Wat are the most efficient and effective ways of doing so?

            Older people naturally have higher health care costs. Some of those costs are avoidable, but that would mean taking on the industrial food complex that sells lots of cheap, high-profit fats, sugars and processed starch. But instead of a serious debate about how to get more leafy green vegetables, fruits and the like into our diet we a few years ago had a brief, but serious, discussion about how not restricting smoking meant people dying earlier, which saves tax dollars.

            Humans are, after all, basically chemical engines. Put cheap fuel into an engine and what do you get?

            The right question is why do we spend vast sums of money processing paperwork and denying health coverage, which often drives up total costs as people who do get their meds or adequate medical advice get sicker.

            The corrupt health care billionaire Dr. Robert Gumbiner, whose profiteering I exposed decades ago in the LATimes and in my trilogy on the American economy, said before his death that he should not have been able to make all the money he did and that a universal system would be cheaper and produce better results. He even wrote a book about that.

            See “Less for More,” Chapter 22 of FREE LUNCH, which is still in print.

          21. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            David, I should have been more specific about why I was asking. Bernie Sanders has been campaigning on replacing our health care system with single-payer. Although I don’t disagree with that as an objective, I don’t feel our economy, and millions of our citizens are in a position to handle such a transition at this time. So to me, like Trump who is clearly campaigning saying he’s going to do things that are not doable, I think Bernie is in some cases campaigning on doing things which are not the best for America at the moment.

            I don’t feel the economy is in a position to take the hit of hundreds of thousands of lost jobs, and the uncertainity that would create;and I’m not sure millions of taxpayers who currently aren’t paying for insurance, are in a position to absorb (pay) what seems to me would be sizable tax increases needed to pay for going to single-payer health care (not that it wouldn’t be a good

          22. David August 24, 2015

            Thank you for your reply. Why is healthcare so expensive in the U.S.? Maybe ask Big Pharm? Maybe eliminate the paper pushing jobs you cited? I don’t argue against eliminating income tax for a large portion of the taxpayers. Or, at least making medical expenses completely tax deductible. I looked at your site and found it liberally oriented. The out of pocket deductible for all the Obamacare plans are outrageous. To get the Govt subsidy will be even harder to get next year. I can spell. Obomo is the name I give the Islamic POS who is our POTUS.

          23. Looner August 25, 2015

            No, very few insurance companies cover sex change operations, unless you have a platinum plan. There are women who get pregnant at 50 years old … I don’t understand what you are saying. You do know that all that is up to the individual insurance companies. Obamacare is not an insurance company. It is like yo don’t even understand what you are talking about, but are just repeating garbage from propaganda websites.

          24. hicusdicus August 24, 2015

            A typical Columnist [what ever that is] you are full of crap.

          25. davidcayjohnston August 24, 2015

            Columnist here…

            If you can show any error in my work it will be correctly promptly and forthrightly.

          26. hicusdicus August 24, 2015

            Yes, columnist there ,you are full of crap can you correct that?

          27. Looner August 25, 2015


          28. idamag August 25, 2015

            I consider you a real journalist and there are so few today.

          29. Independent1 August 24, 2015

            No lowlife!! 8-10 Health Insurance Industry CEOs met with Obama during the development of ACA and after the meeting, the head of the Health Insurance CEO group promised Obama that they would do everything to make ACA work and therefore abide by it’s guidelines.

            Well the ACA guidelines said that existing policies were grandfathered so that current insureds could keep their plans and doctors.

            Well guess what – the CEOs wanted to make trouble, so instead of doing what they promised, they cancelled existing policies instead of grandfathering them, deliberately creating the uproar that took place at the end of 2013!! It was a deliberate ploy by the Health Insurance industry to try and make Obamacare look bad!!!!!

          30. David August 24, 2015

            Poor Obomo!!! Please cite your authority for this rant.

          31. idamag August 25, 2015

            Of course, the insurance companies were going to try and sabotage the health care reform plan. They were paying their CEO’s 20 million dollar bonuses, instead of using the money where it was supposed to be used. They had loopholes, like capitation, and existing conditions to use for their dirty work.

          32. paulyz August 24, 2015

            You really are one gullible fool that believes all your leftist sites to hide the truth of Obama’s deceit & failures. Prices of Obamacare are shooting up conviently after the last elections. People won’t even get the health care they need because of excessive costs, & the losers that get it subsidized by other struggling Americans. Other lies are BO’s executive amnesty. He also rammed through Obamadon’tcare without anyone reading it, but he knew what was in it.

          33. Looner August 25, 2015

            Listen Paul Lies, Obamacare is the Affordable Healthcare Act. The insurance companies offer different plans, and you can choose one. Obama doesn’t run it. You guys are so misinformed it hurts

          34. hicusdicus August 25, 2015

            You are correct about that. Obama doesn’t run much of anything.

          35. Looner August 25, 2015

            Strangely enough you are correct on that. It isn’t the president’s job to “run stuff” no matter how good or bad that president is perceived to be.

          36. paulyz August 29, 2015

            Obama never even ran a koolaid stand, knows obsolutely nothing about how our econonomy “works”. Not too many people work in Obama’s economy.

          37. hicusdicus August 27, 2015

            Where exactly does it hurt?? Maybe when you sit down?

          38. hicusdicus August 24, 2015

            Did your handlers tell you to use caps?

          39. Looner August 25, 2015

            Independents don’t have handlers. Now go read your NewsMax.

          40. hicusdicus August 25, 2015

            Yes I know they usually handle themselves.

          41. Looner August 25, 2015

            I’m sure you are quite familiar with handling yourself.

          42. hicusdicus August 25, 2015

            I rank in the expert class, a handlers handler.

          43. Looner August 25, 2015


          44. hicusdicus August 26, 2015

            Sounds like you are handling yourself again.

          45. Looner August 27, 2015

            Are you flirting with me?

          46. hicusdicus August 27, 2015

            I don’t flirt with people who constantly handle themselves it could make hair grow on my eye balls. You are medium snarky entertainment. But I won’t shake hands with you. By the way are you a camel toe or a moose knuckle?

          47. Looner August 28, 2015

            I try not to be either, but decidedly camel toe when my jeans are too tight.

        2. Estproph August 24, 2015

          Yes, I’m sure you believe that.

          1. idamag August 25, 2015

            No matter how he spells it, lyz or lies, paul lies.

        3. Looner August 25, 2015

          You believe whatever you want Paul Lies. Your belief does not make it the truth. By the way, do you have to keep copycatting people?

  19. Dan August 23, 2015

    Not [yet] comparing him to the man, but I keep thinking to myself “this is how Hitlers get elected.” Don’t forget, Hitler was elected in the very same reasonable, friendly Germany we know today.

  20. oldtack August 23, 2015

    First and foremost I am not a Trump supporter. Further – I am not a Democrat, a Republican, nor a Libertarian. I am a citizen that looks at the situation and those running for office that promise to resolve the situation – then vote for the lesser of the Evils.

    For all of his audacity and pomposity I do thank Donald Trump for one very important thing. In the first Debate, like the little boy in the Story “The Emperors Clothes” who says “what clothes? he’s naked” Trump stripped the “clothes” from all the others on stage and exposed their nakedness, their sordidness, and exposed them for what they really are: Prostitute Pawns that have sold themselves to the highest bidders. Those that have poured millions of dollars into their campaigns in return for favors. They walk in fear. They strain to be politically correct for fear that they may offend their constituents and lose their job as a Senator or Representative. Like religious quotations from the Quran, the Torah, the Christian and probably many others “Neither a borrower nor a lender be. the borrower becomes a slave to the lender” These prostitutes that occupy our halls of Congress are slaves to those that poured copious money into their campaigns.

    So to that I say THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP.

    May the Powers that be lead this Nation in the right decision because on the present path of the past forty years or more we are in bad shape.

    1. Looner August 25, 2015

      But Donald Trump is and was one of those low-life’s that buys our government. So basically all the idiots that are following Trump are the people who would put their heads in the lions mouth and say “Now I’m safe!”

      1. oldtack August 25, 2015

        As stated – I am not a Trump supporter but, I am enjoying the show. and you are probably correct in your assessment of the followers.

        1. Looner August 25, 2015

          I was enjoying the show, but now I am getting flashbacks to when I studied about the genesis of Nazi Germany and feeling a blistering similarity. I now think that we should be amused at our peril.

          1. oldtack August 26, 2015

            If one studies the inception of the German Workers Party and its later absorption into the National Socialist Party the events bear a close similarity to the Political upheaval we now have in our Country. It is interesting to observe but also rather unsettling.

          2. Looner August 28, 2015

            Yeah, and I’m allergic to gas chambers

  21. Duke Woolworth August 23, 2015

    For a draft dodger using grounds similar to those of Rush Limbaugh, Trump’s vision of war is apparently derived from john Wayne movies.
    Let’s see how many follow him down the path to war, even if he is head of the marching column.
    BTW, Tiffany Trump is an easy google.

  22. Böcker August 23, 2015

    This op/ed so nails this turd

  23. pmbalele August 23, 2015

    Watch out America -Trump hid his money in Swiss Banks. This will come right after GOP nominates him for the WH run.

    1. davidcayjohnston August 23, 2015

      Columnist here…

      Wrong. That is not Trump’s style. Try to stick to the known facts and not make up or introduce bogus claims.

      1. Looner August 25, 2015

        Why don’t you think he has money in places like the Caymans or anywhere else that is hidden? How is that possibly not Trump’s style? Like borrowing millions from banks then claiming bankruptcy, then saying he was claiming it because it was “An Act of God” during the crash of 2008? The man is a deeply dishonest tool.

        1. davidcayjohnston August 26, 2015

          Columnist here…

          Look at his financial disclosure, which is on the Internet. Second, Congress lets “full time” (15 hours per week) real estate investors deduct unlimited sums for depreciation against their ordinary income ( salary, dividends, capital gains) etc. These are the sorts of little known tax deals I have spent the last two decades exposing.

          Offshore devices are either to defer taxes (which is why multinational companies profit off the tax system as I explained in a Newsweek cover story a year ago), or to hide assets. Trump has no need to defer since he gets the benefit of the special favor to major real estate investors of paying little to no income tax.

          1. Looner August 26, 2015

            He may not need it, that does not mean he doesn’t do it. I am basing this on his personality, which is very strongly sociopathic. And yes, I have taken Pychiatric Nursing and worked in a psychiatric hospital.

          2. hicusdicus August 29, 2015

            Being in one is not quite the same as working in one.

          3. Looner August 29, 2015

            I know you don’t realize that, having been an inpatient in one yourself, but it really is very much different.

          4. hicusdicus August 29, 2015

            Have you ever had to put your money where your mouth is?? Have you ever tried to earn a living on your own without a guaranteed paycheck? Have you ever tried anything except trying to be somebody you are not?????????????

          5. Looner August 29, 2015

            Ummm, I certainly hope so seen as I’m 60 years old and now retired with TWO RETIREMENT INCOMES. I understand you don’t get that because you are really young, but grow up.

        2. hicusdicus August 29, 2015

          Maybe he his just a smart business man. Unlike yourself.

          1. Looner August 29, 2015

            You mean the same guy who inherited his wealth, then went on to claim 7 bankruptcies, and even now has a failing CASINO? He is soo bad he can’t even make money with a casino!
            And you have no idea about me.

          2. hicusdicus August 30, 2015

            What, are jealous? I know you are basically an antagonistic fool.

    2. Nick August 29, 2015

      FYI, you can not hide money in the Swiss or any other country that has a good relationship with the U. S. Those days are over.

      1. pmbalele August 29, 2015

        Mitt Romney did and many billionaires are doing it. I am surprised you’re going to vote for Trump who is going to invest in Switzerland.

        1. hicusdicus August 30, 2015

          I hope you do something about your ignorance before you make any more posts about how the financial system works.

    3. hicusdicus August 29, 2015


      1. Looner August 29, 2015

        What are you, 2 years old? smh

      2. pmbalele August 29, 2015

        You remember Romney had stashed 2 bi in Swiss Banks. Mitt did not trust the USA banking system. His money benefited Swiss people.

        1. hicusdicus August 30, 2015

          Would you trust the US banking system? I sure don’t. But then again I doubt you have any real knowledge of how money works. Nothing personal, most people have no idea off how a monetary system works. The one we have now is is rapidly crumbling. The results could be worse than WWII. When it happens it will be devastating.

      3. paulyz August 29, 2015

        Just like ignorRamos, lol.

  24. Tom Fox February 20, 2016

    Americans are revealing to the world their vapid nature by paying so much excessive attention to this dangerous and divisive, narcissist and war monger. Trump will bring the world and USA in particular tremendous bad karma.

  25. They say Trump speaks at the 4th grade level. I am starting to understand his appeal. US adults are dumber than the average human http://nyp.st/JRM0Vy via @nypost


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