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GOP Congressman Calls For Trump To Drop Out After Proposed Muslim Ban

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GOP Congressman Calls For Trump To Drop Out After Proposed Muslim Ban


In a very unusual speech on the House floor Tuesday, Rep. David Jolly (R-IL) sternly denounced Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States: “It is time that my side of the aisle has one less [sic] candidate in the race for the White House — it is time for Donald Trump withdraw from the race.”

He began his floor speech by forcefully criticizing President Obama’s speech to the nation on Sunday night, saying that Obama had not promised any new solutions against terrorism, but had instead “lectured” Congress and the American public. But then he moved on to the subject of The Donald.

“But we also face a test of our commitment to religious freedom — one of the basic freedoms upon which our nation was founded. And we are either going to defend that religious freedom, or we are not,” he said. “It should be heartbreaking to every American that we have a frontrunner in the presidential race that suggests there will be a religious test for anybody who wishes to come to our shores. It is an affront for our very principles upon which our nation was founded.”

He also added that Trump’s call to discriminate against one religion would in turn become a threat to people of any religion: “I’m a born-again Christian — I believe in the saving grace of the Jesus Christ that I call my God. And the beautiful thing about this country is that I can stand here on the House floor among my peers, and in front of the nation, and declare that faith without fear of any reprisal. But if Donald Trump has his way, we may not have the liberty to do that anymore.”

Jolly was elected to the House in a special election in March 2014, and then won his first full term that November. He is now running for the United States Senate in a wide-open Republican primary, perhaps due at least in part to a new round of court-ordered changes to Florida’s congressional district lines that made his own seat lean much more Democratic.

Jolly endorsed Jeb Bush for the Republican nomination this past June, though more recently he has speculated that Marco Rubio might ultimately become the nominee.

But one thing’s for sure: If he has to run for Senate with Donald Trump at the top of his ticket, David Jolly definitely won’t be very… um, happy.



  1. joe schmo December 8, 2015

    Not going to happen!

  2. Tim Bryce December 9, 2015

    Jolly really shot himself in the foot on this one. By proving himself to be a true RINO, voters are turning to Ron DeSantis as GOP candidate for the US Senate. Jolly could very well find himself out of Congress completely by doing this.

    1. Niall Hosking December 12, 2015

      You’re correct, which ‘one true Republican’ would have actually read the parts of the Constitution that aren’t the Second Amendment and actually understand what “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” actually means? Banning all Syrians is one thing. Banning all Muslims? Go for it, then see how the rest of the world treats you!

      1. Tim Bryce December 12, 2015

        See page 133, section (f) – https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/USCODE-2011-title8/pdf/USCODE-2011-title8-chap12-subchapII-partII-sec1182.pdf

        Did Cong Jolly know this exists? Obviously not.

      2. xpatYankeeCurmudgeon December 14, 2015

        Mohammedans can just go to the UK. It’s closer.


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