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Late Night Roundup: The Donald Vs. The Pontiff

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Late Night Roundup: The Donald Vs. The Pontiff


Stephen Colbert took on the bizarre campaign development of a political feud between Donald Trump and Pope Francis. “It’s like Jesus said: Blessed are the poor — unless they said something bad about me, then screw ’em.”

“Now I want to try to broker a peace between these two men,” Colbert added. “Mr. Trump, Mr. Pope — I believe that’s his formal name — is it possible that you guys are fighting because you have so much in common? After all, both think you’re infallible; and you both sit on golden thrones; and you both wear very silly things on your heads.”

Stephen also sat down with a very special guest: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who talked about his new venture into incisive coverage of the presidential campaign.

James Corden said of the Trump-Pope feud: “I know what you’re thinking: There go the Pope’s chances of being on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice.”

Seth Meyers examined the dispute between Apple and the FBI, which is invoking a law from 1789 to try to pressure Apple into developing software to break into the iPhone of the San Bernardino terrorists: “That’s right, the FBI is using a 1789 law to get into an iPhone — 1789, a time when people only used BlackBerries.”



  1. Sand_Cat February 19, 2016

    More bravado and BS from Trump when asked to behave as what he claims to be.

    1. Dominick Vila February 19, 2016

      Don’t forget what The Donald said a couple of weeks ago: He will start behaving like a grown up AFTER the election. In the interim, he has to entertain the Republican children.

      1. Sand_Cat February 20, 2016

        Bad as he is, he scares me less than Cruz. The latter’s “Christianity” seems to be of the particularly cruel and nasty type shared by many Republicans. Trump’s just a blowhard hypocrite. In politics – especially GOP politics – these days, hypocrisy is a required trait.

    1. Sand_Cat February 20, 2016

      Nice pic. Where and what is it?

      1. Otto Greif February 20, 2016

        That’s Vatican City.

        1. Sand_Cat February 20, 2016

          Thanks. Never seen that view before.

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth February 23, 2016

    “After sparring with the Pope, the challenger El Trumpo, is dancing around the ring, shadow-boxing, doing some fancy foot-work, and brazen enough to shout out ‘bring on God !!—I’ll take on anyone in the universe’.

    The challenger’s atrabillious amphigory[refer to Bob and Ray’s “The Sore Loser”] on the campaign trail has been unparalleled in American political pugilism.”

    This is Howard Cosell with FOX NEWS sports affiliate at ring-side here down South. We’ll be back in a moment.


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