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Meet The 5 Democrats On Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Panel

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Meet The 5 Democrats On Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Panel

Pelosi Benghazi

AFP Photo/Win Mcnamee

Here we go again.

Her hand forced by Darrell Issa, Trey Gowdy and other House Republicans, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) nominated five Democrats to the select committee created to re-investigate the 2012 Benghazi attacks. The number-one goal for these Democrats, it seems, is to keep pressure on Gowdy and their Republican counterparts. It’s sure to be no easy task.

To that end, Pelosi chose members of her caucus who have been involved in previous Benghazi investigations. Pelosi’s five appointees have unique knowledge of the events, and will have to use it to challenge Republican talking points.

As The New York Times notes, if Gowdy raises issues that have been noted previously, these seasoned Democrats will be able to dismiss them as frivolous. If he introduces new evidence of wrongdoing, they will be able to raise questions about why it was not unearthed by agencies that have already investigated the attack.

In short, as Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) put it: “We need someone in the room to simply defend the truth.”

Here’s a look at the Democrats charged with defending the truth on the newly formed Benghazi panel.


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  1. Stuart May 22, 2014

    Gowdy’s assignment is to deliver an impeachable offense — on whatever technicality, no matter how far-fetched. Republicans need to vote for impeachment in time for the fall elections. Impeachment is the only way voters will ever pay attention to Benghazi.

    Issa failed to deliver and is paying the price. The presence or absence of Democrats on the committee is irrelevant.

    1. John Kruger May 22, 2014

      Sure, because impeachments have worked out so well for them in the past. The entire Benghazi “scandal” is little more than the frantic flailing of the ever more desperate Republican party that staked everything betting against ObamaCare and lost.

      1. Dominick Vila May 23, 2014

        I suspect that, at this point, the focus is not on Obama, but on the midterm election and, most importantly, on the likely candidacy of Hillary Clinton. They know that if Hillary decides to run, she will be elected by a landslide, and they will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening. If Benghazi does not work out, they will try to IRS “scandal” (catching crooked GOP organizations is apparently scandalous), or the botched sting operation that got too close to the big wheels that were selling tons of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels. Heck, Sen. Lindsey went as far as claiming that the kidnapping of almost 300 young girls in Nigeria was Hillary’s fault because she failed to put in place effective anti-terrorist measures in that country to prevent such tragedies.

        1. John Kruger May 23, 2014

          I think you are correct. I don’t think Warren is going to run against Clinton, so this is the best 2 pronged attack they can manage.

          The weakness of current republican talking points just screams desperation. After about 30 years of ever increasing austerity and damage resulting from inaction on the part of government things are beginning to come to a head. They are only staying afloat on the old privilege of gerrymandering and intense corruption of campaign finance.

          They have a certain advantage this year in that they took such a beating post Iraq war the senate seats from this cycle give them little direction to go but up. I can only hope they remain a minority in the senate and in following cycles we can finally marginalize the terrible ideas that profit is always right and those with the most money are the only ones that matter.

          1. Dominick Vila May 23, 2014

            Political parties focus strictly on negativism, and the destruction of an opponent record, when they don’t have a record to run on or a vision to convince the electorate that they have viable solutions to meet the challenges we face.
            You are right, the GOP obsession with Benghazi, and their decision to make it the centerpiece of their campaign strategy, is a tacit concession that they have nothing positive to offer.

          2. neeceoooo May 23, 2014

            Similar to their obsession with the ACA and the need to repeal it.

          3. Dominick Vila May 23, 2014

            Obsessions tend to backfire. Sooner or later people learn the truth, such as when the GOP alleges that insurance premiums obtained via ACA are too expensive. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what happens when they tell people who are paying half of what they were quoted before ACA that they are paying too much.

          4. plc97477 May 24, 2014

            The whole party is paranoid and obsessive/compulsive.

          5. Jack May 24, 2014

            Dominick, I am not beholding to either party I am a registered Independent so I can see the glaring faults of both parties, and I take exception to a really stupid remark you made about Benghazi. So please tell me,
            Does it not concern you that four Americans were killed needlessly because of fault of the Obama administration not providing help to save them?As an Ex-Marine a few of those people were Marines
            also and just one American life is enough to put all the country’s resources in Benghazi to protect those brave soldiers that died because of a political decision instead of using an attack mode against those that attacked our people, not to mention the life of an Ambassador that should have had the protection needed to protect a government diplomat.
            Your remarks were disgusting, I wonder what you would have said if one of those brave hero’s that were killed was your son, to me you are a bigger
            coward than Obama.

          6. ThomasBonsell May 24, 2014

            Here’s some reality for you. Ambassador Stevens was offered additional security; he turned it down.

            Some more reality. The CIA has always relied on informants inside hostile organizations and nations to keep it apprised of developments. The CIA had no insiders in Libya to tell of plans of terrorists. One reason goes back to the Bush administration when a CIA operative was “outed” on political motives even though her informants were telling the United States about arms programs in the Middle East. That disclosure destroyed the network she had built up over several years. Now, who in their right mind would cooperate with the CIA when their identity could be made known by morons in the very nation they were aiding?

            Does the name Valerie Plame ring a bell to right-wing subversives?

          7. RobertCHastings May 24, 2014

            Then explain to us all why we were over there in the first place. Why did we go to Iraq, when there was NO actionable evidence of WMD and BEFORE the mission had been accomplished in Afghanistan? Why have we continued to fight both those wars without adequate funding, and who is financially benefiting? The VA is today being vilified for not providing adequate care for those veterans who badly need it, and the main reason is the budget for the VA has been slashed and skilled personnel laid off, by budget-cutting Republicans, beginning during the Bush administration. Benghazi, if you had the courage to even look for the truth about it, is NOT about the raid that killed four Americans. It has become a cause celebre for a Republican party hell bent on creating a big enough cloud to obscure what they are doing in DC.

          8. Jack May 25, 2014

            Robert the reason we went to Iraq was because the Senate voted in favor of it, including 23 Democrats and 48 Republicans, Hillary Clinton voted yes, and so did Harry Reid., Biden, Schumer and Kerry here’s the list of Democrats.YEAs — 77

            Bayh (D-IN)

            Biden (D-DE)

            Breaux (D-LA)

            Cantwell (D-WA)

            Carnahan (D-MO)

            Carper (D-DE)

            Cleland (D-GA)

            Clinton (D-NY)

            Daschle (D-SD)

            Dodd (D-CT)

            Dorgan (D-ND)

            Edwards (D-NC)

            Feinstein (D-CA)

            Harkin (D-IA)
            Hollings (D-SC)

            Johnson (D-SD)

            Kerry (D-MA)

            Kohl (D-WI)

            Landrieu (D-LA)

            Lieberman (D-CT)

            Lincoln (D-AR)

            Miller (D-GA)

            Nelson (D-FL)

            Nelson (D-NE)

            Reid (D-NV)

            Rockefeller (D-WV)

            Schumer (D-NY)

            Torricelli (D-NJ)

          9. RobertCHastings May 25, 2014

            And your point is? How many Republicans voted against the “use of force” resolution? How many people on Capitol Hill actually knew the truth about WMD and “yellow cake” in Niger? How many senators had actually examined the list of answered questions Hussein submitted? How many in the White House actually shared objective intelligence on Hussein’s WMD and nuclear aspirations? Were we lied to by the President of the United States and his representatives? Was the UN lied to by Colin Powell (even though he may NOT have known the truth)? Pretty much everyone in the Senate who voted to support the “use of force” resolution did NOT know that the basis presented to them for going to war in Iraq was a lie. Do you think they would have voted the same had they known the truth?

          10. dpaano May 30, 2014

            That didn’t make it right!

          11. Dominick Vila May 24, 2014

            § Terrorist attacks during George W. Bush’s tenure:

            2001 – World Trade Center, New York and Pentagon, DC; 3,000 killed.

            2002 – U.S. Consulate in Karachi Pakistan attacked, 12 killed; 51 injured.

            2003 – International Compound, Saudi Arabia, 17 killed .

            2003 – U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 2 killed.

            2004 – U.S. Embassy bombed in Uzbekistan, 2 killed 9 injured.

            2004 – U.S. Consulate Saudi Arabia, 8 killed.

            2006 – U.S. Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 4 killed including a U.S. diplomat.

            2006 – U.S. Embassy, Syria, 1 killed and 13 wounded.

            2007 – Grenade launched into the U.S. Embassy in Athens. No casualties.

            2008 – U.S. Embassy, Serbia, attacked by thousands, no one killed.

            2008 – U.S. Consulate, Turkey, 3 killed.

            2008 – U.S. Embassy in Yemen bombed, 13 killed.

            Do you know how many investigations were carried out after those attacks, when over 100 people were killed? Not a single one. In fact, the GOP transformed George W. Bush into a war President, and praised him for keeping us safe! To be fair, Democrats in Congress were too cowardly to criticize him and did absolutely nothing against him.
            Do you remember what happened after 9/11/01, when 3,000 people were killed on U.S. soil? An investigation focused on how to make our intelligence agencies more effective to mitigate the probability of more terrorist attacks took place. Not once was Bush’s decision to delegate responsibility to attend the daily national security briefings questioned. Not once was his decision to declare Saudi Arabia, the homeland of the 9/11 terrorists, a Most Favored Nation for trade and diplomatic purposes. Instead, we made up a bunch of lies and invaded two countries that had nothing to do with 9/11.
            The Obama administration did absolutely nothing to undermine the security of our abandoned consulate in Benghazi. I am not sure which resources are you talking about. The only U.S. facility in Benghazi, besides the abandoned consulate, was a CIA annex, and agents did come to the rescue of the embattled Ambassador and his security escort. Rescuers were also dispatched from our Embassy in Tripoli. Their leader, a man named Doherty, was a former Marine working as a security agent for the CIA. Upon arrival he retrieved the body of Ambassador Stevens from the hospital in Benghazi where he was taken by some Libyan militia members, and where he was pronounced dead after being administered CPR and oxygen. He died of smoke inhalation and efforts to revive him were futile. Doherty, and a friend named Tyrone, were both killed on the roof of the abandoned building while manning a machine gun.
            Yes, one of my grandsons is in the ARMY, and I would not be too happy if anything happened to him in a God forsaken place like Benghazi, but bear in mind that all the men stationed in countries like Libya are well aware of the risks they are taking, and they accept their assignments willingly and with great bravery. It is because of their commitment and sacrifice that I find the Republican witch hunt so disgusting. There was no difference between Benghazi and all the other terrorist attacks I cited above, other than the fact that the one in Karachi was attacked twice. Talking about ineptitude.

          12. ralphkr May 25, 2014

            Hey, Jack, there were NO active duty US military personnel killed in Benghazi. Those killed by smoke inhalation at the safe house were Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith a press aide. Smith’s body was retrieved by the rescue mission from the CIA post during the initial attack.

            Hours later there was an organized militia attack on the CIA post that resulted in two CIA

          13. Jack May 25, 2014

            ralphkr; Hollywood couldn’t dream up the story you just posted. Tyrone Woods and Doherty were ex Navy Seals and in case you didn’t know that makes them Veterans, so in your warped mind two veterans should not have been provided with backup to help them, it was proven that in two hours help could have arrived, who gave the order to stand down, was it Obama before he left the war room to run and hide after he gave the order so he wouldn’t be held accountable.
            I would have used everything possible to fight off the terrorists, attack helicopters first and then more ground troops only two hours away paratroopers in a emergency like the attack.
            I wonder what your response would be if one of those killed were your son, would you have said Oh! they are not active duty soldiers just veterans.
            Go to the Veterans Memorial and tell the people there that two of the people killed were not active duty.

          14. ralphkr May 25, 2014

            Very true, Jack, that Hollywood couldn’t dream a story such as I posted because Hollywood would NOT have to dream it up because everything that I posted is what actually happened.

            By the way, Smith was also a veteran (six years in the USAF) as well as Woods and Doherty and I pointed out in my post that all three were ex-military and not one of them was a Marine as claimed in your post. Only in the fevered imagination of the conspiracy artists was there a ship filled with rapid reaction troops anchored at Benghazi. The closest US troops were in Italy.

            It definitely was NOT proven that help could have arrived in two hours but that help did arrive during the original attack on the Consulate (much quicker than two hours) but it was driven off after retrieving Smith’s body. You have obviously been reading too many Marvel comic books to arrive at your belief that attack helicopters could have arrived in two hours (it would take more than 2 hours to even mount a helicopter mission). Even if US military could have been there in two hours it would not have saved either Stevens or Smith because the attack on the Consulate was over in less than two hours.

            I gather from your post that the death of Ambassador Stevens was of little account because he was not a veteran and only the life of veterans are of consequence. Why wouldn’t I tell people at the Veterans Memorial that the 3 veterans killed at Benghazi were not on active duty since that is the truth?? Oh, that is right, truth does not exists unless it supports your fanciful story. I certainly don’t consider that if I am murdered that it would be more important (except to me) because I am a veteran than the murder of anyone who has never served.

          15. Jack May 26, 2014

            Your right ralphrk, when I make a mistake I admit it, there were no marines it was 5 CS agents. Your whole post is full of holes. It was proven that in 3 hours a squadron from Italy could have been there to help, and another thing the attack lasted 7 hours.
            I didn’t mention the Ambassador by name you did and his needless death was also important, so don’t try to put words in my mouth.
            I’m afraid you are the one that reads too many Playboys in the bathroom, I can honor your service if you were in battle or your opinion, but what you have posted must have come from the DNC, but we will see when the hearings get under way and some of the people with first hand information can now testify and we will know who was right and who was wrong.

          16. ralphkr May 26, 2014

            Yes, Jack, a squadron from Italy could have been in Benghazi 3 hours if it had been on ready alert (armed and ready to take off) but I fail to see what they could have done other than strafed the town in vain hope that they just might possibly hit someone who had participated. The attack definitely did NOT last 7 hours. The attack on the Consulate was over in less than 2 hours. The CIA rescue team arrived at the Consulate in less than an hour and was driven off after retrieving Smith’s body. It is obvious that having aircraft over Benghazi 3 hours after the attack started (highly doubtful accomplishment unless the squadron had been alerted prior to the attack) would have done nothing to save either the Ambassador or Stevens not to mention that having fighters overhead does not equal boots on the ground in city fighting.

            Many hours later a different group attacked the CIA outpost and ambushed the rescue group that had arrived from Tripoli an hour before that attack started. The only way one can say that the attack lasted 7 hours is by using when a rather disorganized group started gathering at the Consulate as the beginning and the end of a completely different attack on the CIA as the finish while conveniently ignoring the rather large gap in between.

            I have no idea what the DNC has said officially but have used items posted by reporters on the scene during the attack as well as other posts by those in the rescue mission from Tripoli (mostly about problems getting transportation from the Benghazi airport to the CIA facility) and an admittedly unreliable source for a combined timetable, namely, Fox News.

            I have little hope for any truth coming from Congressional hearings as I have noticed that in the past the only information released is that which supports the chairman’s preconceived opinion. Often they have to do creative editing of testimony to achieve the chairman’s aim while testimony that refutes the chairman conveniently disappears. For instance: When a ranking officer with many years of service gave testimony as to how long it would have taken a reaction force to have reached Benghazi he was immediately challenged by a congressman, who has NEVER served in any military service, as being completely in error and the officer’s testimony was redacted.

          17. Dominick Vila May 27, 2014

            Should we assume the GOP “solution” entailed zero range bombing the consulate, while it was not clear whether any of our people were still alive?

          18. dpaano May 30, 2014

            Apparently, you have not read all the information about this….the ambassador KNEW that the consulate was not protected, he also did not request additional security, which was his right to do. So, all the blame can’t be on our government. BTW, consulates are not as well fortified as Embassies….that makes all the difference also.

          19. Jack May 30, 2014

            dpaano; evidently you have listened to all the lies about Benghazi, I knew when I posted that this was a Democrat web-site, so keep on believing all that bull crap Hillary and Obama put out, the fact remains that Obama and Hillary are at fault. The Democrats are already trying to clear away all their scandals, they started today when Shesaki resigned but this VA scandal goes a lot deeper than even Benghazi.

          20. RobertCHastings May 24, 2014

            Bear in mind that Benghazi has remained in the news, despite be soundly debunked, only because of its association with Hilary. And what better way to enhance that connection, and cause subsequent damage in 2016, than to resurrect Monica Lewinsky?

          21. Dominick Vila May 25, 2014

            I believe the initial objective was to damage President Obama’s credibility as one of the most successful presidents in both domestic and foreign policy making. That objective has now shifted to Hillary, and since the GOP does not have a record or a vision to run on, their only recourse is to attack their opponents using lies, hyperbole, and deceit. The attack against our consulate in Benghazi, like every other terrorist attack, was a tragedy. What is far from being tragic is the cynical use of it by a party devoid of ideas and incapable of offering viable solutions to solve anything. From Benghazi, to the IRS “Scandal”, to austerity, their campaign strategy has been an overt manifestation of desperation. Sadly, there are many among us that fail to see the obvious and continue to buy the garbage that is being fed to them by the charlatans that pass for would-be national leaders in Tea Party circles.

          22. RobertCHastings May 27, 2014

            I remember at the time of the Benghazi attack, it was clearly stated that the officers had gone to the unprotected consulate in Benghazi willingly, knowing of the danger, and fully understanding the inability of both the weak Libyan government and of the US to provide a rapid response. I should probably just let it lie at that.

          23. Dominick Vila May 27, 2014

            I would not be surprised if many Republicans remember what happened in Benghazi as well as we do. The reason they have transformed the last in a long string of terrorist attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities into an “unprecedented” tragedy is because of their record on terrorism and the fact that they have nothing to offer in terms of strengthening our economy and stabilizing the world. Lacking a record and a vision, their only recourse is to distort reality and convince the ill informed that what is happening now is somehow much worse than what happened a few years ago.

          24. Jack May 30, 2014

            Dominick, the things you post are so laughable and not worth my time to respond. The only uninformed people are the Democrats that think Obama is God.
            Just what free program are you on that makes you lie like the rest of them?

            Those attacks you mention were all terrorist attack just like Benghazi, but you have been duped into believing they could have been prevented, tell me if you were Bush at the time how would you have prevented a well planned terrorist attack?

          25. Dominick Vila May 31, 2014

            That is precisely my point. Neither us, nor any other civilized country, has been able to find a way to prevent terrorist attacks. Even though former President Bush made incredible decisions AFTER 9/11 and the 12 terrorist attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities, I don’t believe he was responsible for any of them. The same goes for President Obama and the attack against our abandoned consulate in Benghazi. That is why Democrats in Congress never investigated Bush for any of the attacks that took place during his tenure, including the most devastating terrorist attack in history, focusing instead on ways to prevent recurrences, and that is why the cynical witch hunt against President Obama is so sickening.

          26. Jack May 31, 2014

            HEY DOM, Sorry but your trying to con the wrong guy, you conveniently forgot the most important part of both stories, Bush didn’t lie and try to cover up the incidents just before his election, but both Hillary and Obama sent others to tell the lies, and they keep lying to this day. They should both be tried for negligent homocide.

          27. Dominick Vila May 31, 2014

            Bush lied about the justifications used to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. He lied about WMDs. He conned the American people when he insinuated that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11, while giving a free pass to Saudi Arabia, the homeland of the 9/11 terrorists and its mastermind. He lied and used Gen Powell when the latter stood at the UN and provided photos of alleged nuclear storage facilities and the trucks that were being used to transport them in Iraq.
            President Obama did not lie about the existence of an inflammatory anti-Islam video that resulted in violent demonstrations throughout the Muslim world. Whether or not that film reinforced the determination of the Libyan terrorists to attack our consulate or not is anyone’s guess. The interesting part of this argument is that a person who accuses someone else of lying must know the truth. How do you explain the fact that Republican politicians apparently knew exactly what happened in Benghazi within hours of the attack? How did they know that the film had nothing to do with it? There are a lot of things that should be investigated about that incident, which did happen, very conveniently, a couple of months before a presidential election in the USA. Which party do you think benefited the most from that incident? Which party needed a terrorist attack during President Obama’s tenure to counter act a perfect record and its contrast with what happened when the GOP was in charge of the White House and Congress?

          28. Jack June 1, 2014

            You must be related to Obama because everything you posted is a lie, I addressed this in an earlier post but you apparently only read the nonsense you post and you believe it. Here it is again just for you.

            You like to present the liberal talking points, but 23 Democrats in
            the Senate voted to go to war with Iraq, and guess who some of them were
            there was, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Schumer, Kerry, Dodd, Dashle,
            Feinstein, landrieu and Rockerfeller.

            Did you also know that under Obama more soldiers were killed in Afghanistan than what was killed when Bush was president.

          29. Dominick Vila June 1, 2014

            Believe it or not, I agree with your comment regarding the 23 Democrats that supported President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq. That is one of the most embarrassing decision made by gutless Democrats in many years. People, including Democrats in Congress, were so scared of Bush after 9/11 that instead of criticizing his ineptitude, such as his decision to delegate responsibility to attend the daily national security briefings (dereliction of duty), they supported anything and everything he proposed and did.
            President Obama did not start the war in Afghanistan, and he was criticized by Republicans, such as Sen. McCain, when he proposed getting out of that country one year after he was inaugurated. President Obama succumbed under pressure and he is now paying a price for his decision not to fight the losers. The same goes for closing the prison camp in Guantanamo, abandoning the original “universal or single payer” system ACA proposal, and raising the tax rate of those earning over $250K.

          30. Jack May 24, 2014

            Hey John, it seems you and Dominick have a mutual admiration society going on here.
            Anyway I couldn’t stop laughing at the last 24 words of your post. I like to be educated by people that seem to know it all, you made this statement;

            “we can finally marginalize the terrible ideas that profit is always
            right and those with the most money are the only ones that matter.”
            No i’m not a great big fan of people with a lot of money, but in business profit is a necessity, and without money how many businesses will be able to hire anybody, resulting in no jobs at all and therefore no one can survive or produce anything.
            Your attempt at wisdom failed miserably, did you get your information from the DNC?

          31. RobertCHastings May 24, 2014

            When the profit motive supersedes ALL other considerations, there is no capitalism and there is no free market, just greed, plain and simple.

        2. Annemb May 24, 2014

          Sen. Lindsey is another of the TGOP with selective memory who, as usual, chooses to “conveniently not remember” the former republican presidents of recent memory, and their faux pas, and that Congress refused financial aid to those in Benghazi.

          Great post!

          1. Jack May 24, 2014

            Selective memory seems to run in both parties doesn’t it Annemb. Lets start with Clinton and Obama
            that’s a tough duo to beat. I know your first thought is Bush and Nixon but then let us compare lies and see which two are the worst, i’ll let you go first, unless you know the meaning of what is, is.

          2. BillP May 24, 2014

            Yeah you win. Obama said you can keep your health plan while Bush said that there are Wmd’s in Iraq and started a war there. Clinton said I did not have sex with that woman while Nixon said I’m not a crook but eventually was forced to resign the presidency. Yeah I guess Obama and Clinton are the best!

          3. Jack May 25, 2014

            BillP, You evidently didn’t read my entire post or you would have read that I said both parties have select memories. It amuses me to post things that I know will get a response of “Oh Yeah, but how about the things Bush did?

            You democrats have been blaming Bush for everything that happens yet he has been for over 5 and a half years, just like republicans blamed Clinton, it’s all a game Bill but some of you depending on what party you belong to will always play the blame game.

          4. BillP May 26, 2014

            Yes I read your entire posting. I’m not blaming Bush for everything just the things he did, like starting to wars. In your post you rated Obama’s and Clinton’s lies worst than Bush’s and Nixon’s. I’m just disagreeing with you. Bush’s lies got us into a war didn’t they.

          5. Jack May 26, 2014

            Bill, you present a bogus argument how can you say Bush lied when even high ranking Democrats said Sadaam had WMD’s, do you also call them liars if not you should, the Senators that voted to go to war are just as much to fault as Bush.
            Democrats and the Media have never held Obama responsible for so many of his lies it’s pitiful, he has lied to the American over 65 times and counting.

          6. BillP May 27, 2014

            You right wing people are always claiming that Obama lies, over 65 times, wow do you have a list? I know I have never seen or read anything in the media that was critical of President Obama, they were disappointed that he was nominated for sainthood.
            As for W he was the Commander in Chief so he has the ultimate responsibility for going to war with Iraq. The WMD’s was the bogus argument also with the phony yellowcake in Niger story both stories pushed hard by the Bush Administration. So it was W and his people like Powell and Rice who claimed there was evidence of WMD’s, you do remember the aluminum tubes in Iraq that could have only been used in WMD’s. That’s how W lied.
            Any Democrat including Hillary Clinton that voted for this war was wrong too but it was W and his VP Cheney that pushed for the invasion of a country that the US was not at war with.

          7. Jack June 1, 2014

            O.K. BILLY BOY Here’s the list of Obama’s lies, I hope you have the stomach to read them. They go from this year all the way back to his campaign for president

            List of Lies
            Below is a list of Obama’s documented lies so far with the most recent lies first. If you see we are missing a documented lie Submit the lie here.

            Lies During the Sixth Year

            “We’ve got close to 7 million Americans who have access to health care for the first time because of Medicaid expansion.”


            (IRS) “Not a even smidgen of corruption”


            “Keystone pipeline would mean maybe 2,000 jobs”


            Lies During the Fifth Year

            “We have doubled the distance our cars will go on a gallon of gas.”


            “If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it”


            “The NSA is not abusing its power”


            “I said benghazi was a terrorist attack from the beginning.”


            “the foreign intelligence Surveillance court is transparent.”


            “First of all, I didn’t set a red line,” said Obama. “The world set a red line.”



            Lies During Fourth Year

            “The sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.”


            “Mitt Romney raised nursing home fees eight times.”


            “Mitt Romney called the Arizona law a model for the nation.”


            “Planned Parenthood provides mammograms”

            Spero News

            “We got back every dime we used to rescue the financial system”


            Benghazi violence was caused by an internet video & demonstrations

            State Department

            “Mitt Romney Plans to fire Big Bird”


            “Under Gov. Romney’s definition … Donald Trump is a small business.”


            Because of Obamacare, “over the last two years, health care
            premiums have gone up — it’s true — but they’ve gone up slower than any
            time in the last 50 years.”


            “I think it’s important for us to understand that the Fast
            and Furious program was a field-initiated program begun under the
            previous administration”


            Romney and Ryan will gut pell grants for low-income college students.


            My budget will cut the deficit by $4 Trillion over 10 years.


            “I am told that Governor Romney’s new running mate, Paul
            Ryan, might be around Iowa the next few days,” he said while in Council
            Bluffs, Iowa. “He is one of the leaders of Congress standing in the way.
            So if you happen to see Congressman Ryan, tell him how important this
            farm bill is to Iowa and our rural communities.”

            House passed bill on August 2, 2012 (Paul Ryan voted yes)

            The American automobile industry has come roaring back…So now
            I want to say what we did with the auto industry, we can do it in
            manufacturing across America. Let’s make sure advanced, high-tech
            manufacturing jobs take root here, not in China. And that means
            supporting investment here. Governor Romney … invested in companies that
            were called ‘pioneers’ of outsourcing. I don’t want to outsource. I
            want to insource.

            Forbes- Outsourcer-In-Chief: Obama Of General Motors

            “You Didn’t Build that”

            A few examples

            Lies During Third Year

            I will walk on that picket line with you, if workers are denied the right to bargain.


            In his 2012 State of the Union Address, President Obama said
            that American oil production is the highest that it’s been in eight


            I’ve done more for Israel’s security than any President ever

            Obama aided Islamic Extremists take over of Egypt/ Libya – Weapons pour into Gaza

            Virtually every Senate Republican voted against the tax cut last week


            “Every idea that we’ve put forward are ones that traditionally have been supported by Democrats and Republicans alike.”

            Like Raising taxes?

            Obama met highly qualified out of work teacher Robert Baroz

            He wasn’t out of work and Obama never met him.

            GOP Responsible for Obama Jobs Bill Not Passing

            Dems Rejected Jobs Bill

            You have 80 percent of the American people who support a
            balanced approach. Eighty percent of the American people support an
            approach that includes revenues and includes cuts. So the notion that
            somehow the American people aren’t sold is not the problem

            Gallup Poll: Only 69%

            These are obligations that the United States has taken on in
            the past. Congress has run up the credit card, and we now have an
            obligation to pay our bills.

            Looks like it’s been incurred mostly in the years of Obama

            Jobs Bill Paid for

            Seems not so much Paid for

            Then you’ve got their(GOP)which is dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health insurance

            Barack Obama, campaiging in Asheville, NC, 10/17/11

            I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if
            we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the
            money in the coffers to do it.


            USA producing more oil than ever before

            Petroleum Insights

            Fence between US and Mexico is “Practically Complete”

            Department of Homeland Security says 5%

            Rich doesn’t pay their fair share.

            National Taxpayers Union

            Mitt Romney would deny gay people the right to adopt children.

            Cnn Interview

            Lies During Second Year

            Obama claimed the SCOTUS decision in Citizens United v. FEC,
            “open[ed] the floodgates for special interests — including foreign
            corporations — to spend without limit in our elections.


            No signing statements to nullify or undermine congressional instructions as enacted into law

            Obama Lies to Keep Czars

            No “boots” on the ground Libya

            Anyone that has worked with the AC-130 gunship can tell you, you need
            spotters to let aircraft know where the targets are. Usually it is
            Special Forces, Rangers etc trained for this mission. It’s CIA Agents in Libya on the ground

            Reform will also rein in the abuse and excess that nearly
            brought down our financial system. It will finally bring transparency to
            the kinds of complex, risky transactions that helped trigger the
            financial crisis.

            Obama Lies About Financial Reform Bill

            All Americans WILL BE were, “surprised, disappointed and angry” about lockerbie bomber

            Obama Memo

            I will not rest until the BP Oil Spill stops

            Obama’s Schedule

            The health care bill will not increase the deficit by one dime.

            Campaign and Presidency

            If you like the health care plan you have you can keep it


            “Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”

            U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., September 9, 2009.

            ObamaCare Fee is not a new tax

            Obama denies healthcare is a new tax on all Americans

            We have run out of places in the US to drill for oil.

            Obama’s oval office speech in June 2010

            Now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your
            kid out to get ice cream, you can be harassed, that’s something that
            could potentially happen.

            Arizona Immigration Law

            Doctors choose amputation because they get better compensation. Greedy Doctors taking out tonsils for more money.

            Claims never documented

            The Health Care Package will pay for itself


            Republicans don’t have a single idea that’s different from George Bush’s ideas — not one.

            Hmm Immigration?

            We shouldn’t Mandate the purchase of health care

            Democratic Debate Lies

            Obama says he’ll save average family $8,000 in gas

            Video Proof

            I am immediately instituting PayGo “Pay as you go”

            Said during a speech immediately after the Trillion Dollar “Shovel Ready” bill.

            I got the Message from Massachusetts

            Daily Bail

            Lies During First Year

            We began by passing a Recovery Act that has already saved or
            created over 150,000 jobs.” – caught cooking the books and now changed
            to ‘jobs supported’ versus ‘created/saved’

            AP fact Checker

            Number one, we inherited a $1.3 trillion deficit. … That
            wasn’t me.” – Congress, under Democratic control in 2007 and 2008,
            controlled the purse strings that led to the deficit Obama
            inherited.Obama supported the emergency bailout package in Bush’s final
            months — a package Democratic leaders wanted to make bigger.

            AP fact Checker

            Collective salvation

            Obama calls himself a Christian

            I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully
            execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the
            best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the
            United States.

            Obama Inauguration. 20 Jan 2009

            Cut Deficit in Half by end of first term

            Associated Press Video

            Health Care deals will be covered on C-span

            Obama Lies

            As President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide


            Recovery Act will save or create jobs

            ABC News

            Unemployment rate will be 8.5% without stimulus.

            Obama Lies

            No Earmarks in the $787 Billion Stimulus


            I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care plan


            We have launched a housing plan that will help responsible
            families facing the threat of foreclosure lower their monthly payments
            and refinance their mortgages.

            Obama Lies

            I am not somebody who promotes same-sex marriage.


            Guantanamo bay to be closed within a year

            Council on Foreign Relations.

            Won’t Raise taxes on those making less than 250,000 per year.

            Businessweek: Obama Agnostic on taxes

            List of Tax Promise Violations

            2008 Campaign Lies

            Bypassing congress unconstitutional; I intend to reverse when I am president


            I will walk the picket line with you, if workers are denied the right to bargain


            No more wiretapping of citizens


            Mr. Ayers as “a guy who lives in my neighborhood,” but “not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis.

            News Busters

            I had a uncle who was one of the, who was part of the first
            American troops to go into Auschwitz and liberate the concentration

            United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

            Obama campaign would accept public funding


            Minimum Wage will increase to $9.50/hr

            A Socialist

            Ann Dunham spent the months before her death in 1995 fighting
            with insurance companies that sought to deny her the coverage she
            needed to pay for treatment.

            Mounting Heath Care Lies

            Didn’t know Jeremiah Wright was Radical

            Dreams of My Father – A radical Socialist.

            Would have the most transparent administration in History

            Cato Institute

            We will go through our federal budget – page by page, line by
            line – eliminating those programs we don’t need, and insisting that
            those we do operate in a sensible cost-effective way.

            Boston Globe

            I have visited all 57 states.


            I’ll get rid of earmarks

            Source: Any bill passed during presidency

            When a bill lands on my Desk, The American people will have 5 days to review it before I sign it.

            Campaign Speech

            My father served in World War II.

            The Videos and the Facts

            Have troops out of Iraq by March 31, 2009

            News Video

            Seniors Making less than 50,000 will not have to pay taxes


            Would not vote for any bill supporting troop funding without a firm withdrawal commitment from the Bush Administration.

            He has done nothing but continue the Bush admins strategy and to explain
            how the “surges total failure” has now become his greatest achievement.

          8. Annemb May 24, 2014

            My thought was of Reagan and GW Bush whose lies cost us so many lives both of our service men and women and civilians.

          9. Dominick Vila May 25, 2014

            Not to mention acts of cowardice bordering on high treason, like our cut and run in Lebanon after more than 200 U.S. Marines were slaughtered near the Beirut airport, and engaging in an arms deal with a country we had no diplomatic or trade relations with (Iran-Contra).
            Suggesting that President Obama lied when he said that those who have insurance coverage provided by their employers can keep it is another example of desperation by a party devoid of ideas. There is nothing in the ACA that encourages corporations to discontinue their health insurance plans. As for his claim that people can keep their own doctors, name one doctor who would reject a person because he/she now has health insurance so that we can all avoid to go near his/her office. That claim is not only a lie, it is illogical. No professional will deny service to a person because that person can now afford to pay for the services he/she gets. The GOP managed to find INDIVIDUAL INSURANCE PLANS that did not meet minimal ACA standards of coverage to attack a healthcare plan, conceived by The Heritage Foundation, and beta tested by Romneycare, not because they dislike it, but because it was proposed and signed by a man they hate.
            The same is true for Benghazi, which in addition to providing a talking point, it allows them to distract us from one of the worst foreign policy record in U.S. history, one that included the most devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil, 12 U.S. diplomatic facilities attacked, and the use of lies to attack two countries that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, and reward the homeland of the 9/11 with MFN status in exchange for lucrative contracts and U.S. Treasury bond purchases.

          10. Annemb May 25, 2014

            Everything you write is truth! And I agree!

            I remember all. IMHO, “Saint” Ronald Reagan is one of the two worst presidents we ever had with GW Bush being equal to the honor.

            But the TGOP has selective memory (or no memory at all) of anything. Their actions are judged to be insurrection, treason and sedition.

            Our Founding Fathers and Mothers must be turning over in their graves, as are everyone who fought for our country both in the service and as a civilian.

            BTW, the Schwartz Report is an excellent source of information on a variety of topics.

            Blessings be upon you and your family.

          11. Jack May 25, 2014

            Ah! ba dee a dee abbe boop oop a doop, high porches here I come

        3. RobertCHastings May 24, 2014

          Personally, I feel certain that Monica Lewinsky’s re-emergence in the spot light is no coincidence. Bill Clinton, well before he ran of president, was known for his wandering eye and the Republicans took advantage of that weakness. Lewinsky has never really established how she was able to do the things she did having no finances. Even the famous “dress” was an item well beyond her pocket book. Now that she has once again appeared as a Clinton in in the news as a possible candidate, the stories she could be persuaded to tell, for the right price, will surely be no less titillating than Benghazi, and for much the same reason.

          1. Dominick Vila May 25, 2014

            She was a GOP “plant”. The same can be said for the making and timely release of the film that caused riots throughout the Islamic world two days before the attack against our unmanned consulate in Benghazi. There are just too many coincidences or convenient acts, and they all seem to be designed to either damage the credibility of a Democratic President, or be used against a formidable Democratic candidate. These are no accidents, they are an integral part of a campaign strategy that, sometimes, gets out of hand and result in real tragedies. It reminds me of Sarah’s use of super imposed crossed hairs on the pictures of Democratic politicians, and then claiming that her action had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting of that politician.

          2. Jack May 25, 2014

            Hey Dom! your missing your calling man you should be on the board of the DNC, I thought they were the fantasizing guru’s but you have them beat by a mile,
            do you dream that stuff up you post or are you always living in Fantasy land?

          3. Dominick Vila May 25, 2014

            Live by the sword, die by the sword. As for the DNC, they are too dumb and determined to own the high ground to get dirty with stuff like this. In any case, in addition to still having a functioning brain, I am not as naive as some of my fellow Democrats are. IMHO, the only thing the GOP does is effective campaigning, focused on distortion, hyperbole, and overt lies. I do my best to remind everyone of their record, vision, and what they stand for: Nothing.
            BTW, how do you define an Independent? Is it something akin to bonafide Tea Party membership, or an underpaid member of Karl Rove’s team?

          4. RobertCHastings May 27, 2014

            While I would go as far as you in seeing conspiracies, they are more than mere coincidence. At one time, all that was available to political pundits were fliers and Thomas Nast cartoons. The media MUST make a better effort at either posting obvious disclaimers, or refusing to run obvious lies, part of a badly-needed reformation in our political process.

        4. docb May 25, 2014

          When you have accomplished less than NOTHING , as the gops have, then you must conjure up false scandals to deflect from the truth!

          This si about deflect through the negative looking glass for their maintained ignorant voting base. Hillary plays into it but it is mainly deflection and projection!

      2. Jack May 24, 2014

        Seig Heil! John.

  2. Bill Thompson May 22, 2014

    As far as I am concerned the Democrats should have boycotted this fiasco. The questions have been asked and answered multiple times. The very fact that Democrats are sitting on this committee gives credence to GOP allegations. It will also allow the Republicans to call this a bipartisan hearing which in fact it is not. Participation in my opinion is a strategic mistake by the Democrats.
    I understand that the Democrats feel that they will be able to give support to the testimony that will be given by the Obama administration. In the end this is nothing more than political theater.

  3. FT66 May 23, 2014

    The Dem Committee which has been appointed was not necessary. Instead, Dem could have established their own Committee of at least 10 people or more to DISMISS everything and ask republicans to join, with the reason the investigation has been done, money and time could be saved. This could have cancelled two Committees from different sides and Dem gaining Public support on the whole issue.

  4. Dominick Vila May 23, 2014

    Does anybody remember how many Republicans and Democrats participated in the panels that investigated the terrorist attacks against 12 U.S. embassies or consulates in the Bush era? Don’t bother to look it up, those incidents only elicited a short paragraph in the back pages of local newspapers, including the two attacks against the consulate in Karachi, Pakistan.
    The rationale being used by the GOP to pursue this issue, regardless of how ridiculous their inquisitorial persecution may be, has nothing to do with pre-emptive measures or wrongdoing, it is all part of a well orchestrated strategy designed to undermine the credibility of Hillary Clinton, suggest foreign policy flaws, and project an impression of international instability before a midterm election and as an opening salvo to what is likely to be the centerpiece of Republican attacks if Hillary Clinton decides to run. It is all about politics, and we have not figured out a way to attack our detractors by reminding the populace of their horrible record on this and almost every issue.

    1. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh May 23, 2014

      Dominick, that’s because VP Cheney said those attacks didn’t matter.

    2. Jack May 24, 2014

      Hey Dominick! Kind of reminds you of how the Democrats slandered Bush and his family for eight years doesn’t it.
      Paybacks a bitch right Dom?

      1. bandrulz May 24, 2014

        Hey Jack! Kind of reminds you of how the Republicans slandered Bill Clinton and his family for eight years doesn’t it? Payback’s a bitch right Jack?

        1. Jack May 25, 2014

          bandrutz; my reply to BillP also includes you.
          Selective memory seems to run in both parties doesn’t it bandrutz. Lets start with Clinton and Obama
          a tough duo to beat. I know your first thought is Bush and Nixon but
          then let us compare lies and see which two are the worst, i’ll let you
          go first, unless you know the meaning of what is, is.

          1. bandrulz May 26, 2014

            Bush: WMDs in Iraq and we know where they are. 4000 American military die.
            Clinton: I did not have sex with that woman. 0 die.

          2. Jack May 26, 2014

            You like to present the liberal talking points, but 23 Democrats in the Senate voted to go to war with Iraq, and guess who some of them were there was, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Schumer, Kerry, Dodd, Dashle, Feinstein, landrieu and Rockerfeller.

            Did you also know that under Obama more soldiers were killed in Afghanistan than what was killed when Bush was president.

      2. Dominick Vila May 25, 2014

        I wish that was true. The unfortunate truth is that Democrats were terrified of Bush during the first six years of his presidency, and supported all his policies, including the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.
        How is your “Independent” registration working out?

        1. Jack May 25, 2014

          My independent registration is working just fine Dom, how’s that socialist administration you belong to?
          I hope you have some other healthcare besides Obamacare, because the other shoe is about to drop on you believers in Fantasy.

          1. Dominick Vila May 25, 2014

            Thank you for promoting to a member of a presidential administration. I am on MEDICARE, and I pay $150 a month for supplemental insurance coverage. How are Reagan’s ER socialist freebies working out for you? Are you fighting Obamacare because you may no longer have access to free communist emergency care?
            Incidentally, would you mind telling me which paper written by Marx or Engels suggested allowing for profit insurance companies to administer a healthcare program? While you are at it, tell me where and when did they say a socialized medical system should use private practice doctors, and for profit hospitals and labs.
            Your “independence” is showing….

  5. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh May 23, 2014

    I would like to say I feel sorry for Gowdy, but I don’t. Cummings will allow no allegation to go unchallenged unless solid evidence for it is presented. Duckworth has more gravitas than all the Republicans on the committee combined (imagine that they tried to paint her as soft on defense in her first run for office), Smith makes Cummings look like a slacker when it comes to challenging unsubstantiated allegations. Yep. Gowdy is gonna have a harder time than Issa did.

  6. FT66 May 23, 2014

    I have heard that it was the Hillary Clinton Team who has asked for the Dem Committee to participate. Hey guys, you never let your opponent take any advantage of you! If it was about testifying, Hillary has already done this. Or producing documents or other materials, all these have been done. Does this mean any time they find an email a Committee must be formed? This Hillary Team must fully be examined. It shows it has a bad start and if no rectification is done, it is heading to failures.

  7. browninghipower May 23, 2014

    Why Linda Sanchez and not Alan Grayson? Pelosi is a jerk sometimes.

  8. Tman000 May 24, 2014

    The truth counts, witch hunting cost time and money that could be used for much better issues, such as helping the VA… Check who voted for VA help?

  9. Jack May 24, 2014

    So looking at the 5 Pelosi nominated for the Benghazi investigation what is painfully clear she nominated 5 people who will attempt to discredit the entire investigation by way of a lot of nonsensical nonsense.
    Democrats have no idea what the truth of anything is. I hope Trey Gowdy puts them in their place at the outset then watch them whine and cry in their typical fashion how unfair and racist he is.

  10. Jack May 25, 2014

    As predicted the holier than thou Democrats have already started trying to discredit Rep. Gowdy, but it’s not going to work. The dems are really crying in their beer on this one. It’s only a matter of time when the dems start calling him a racist for trying to get to the truth.


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