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In Deranged Interview, Alex Jones Says He’s 'Hitler' and Shot Sandy Hook Victims

Alex Jones, the host of the conspiracy theory show InfoWars declared that he himself is Hitler and that he shot kids to death in an interview on Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan.

When Callaghan asked Jones if he felt responsible for what happened to the Sandy Hook parents, meaning the harassment and death threats they faced after Jones told his millions of viewers that they were “crisis actors” who helped fake a 2012 school shooting in order to help the government confiscate people’s guns.

Jones responded, “I went to that school. I pulled the gun out. I shot every one of myself. I mean, I’m guilty.” Later on, he repeats over and over again, “I killed them. I’ll admit it. I did it. I’m the bad guy…. I murdered those children. I did. I did it myself.”

The December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting left 26 people dead, including 20 children ages 6 and 7. Jones was not the shooter.

“We should bow five times a day to New Haven, Connecticut for the kids that died,” Jones said, before saying that people have been hypnotized into believing that they should give their guns to George Soros, a Jewish billionaire that anti-Semites think controls left-wing politics.

“I was actually Hitler. It wasn’t actually Hitler,” Jones said. “I did it. I was in a time machine in Germany. I did all that.”

Later in the interview, Jones said, “I was being sarcastic earlier. I didn’t kill the children. I’m not Jeffrey Dahmer. I didn’t invent hemorrhoids. I simply questioned things and they’re trying to demonize me to say questioning things is a bad deal.”

That’s a lie though. Jones himself said the shooting was fake, and he has said in court that he believed it was, though he now believes otherwise. He has also claimed that his company is broke, despite raking in millions in online sales.

“Nobody thinks you killed the kids,” Callaghan told Jones during their interview. “Nobody thinks that oh, it’s what you did. What you killed is [the parents’] ability to get over the death of children.”

Jones responded, “Everyone’s like yeah, ‘We’re gonna get him immediately.’ Like, they’ve built me up and like I’m this giant creature like all-powerful, like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and none of it’s real. So it’s like it’s funny, actually. It’s actually comical. I mean, it’s, it’s actually hilarious.”

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Former Wife Says Alex Jones Is ‘A Dangerous Kind Of Mentally Ill’

Kelly Rebecca Nichols, the ex-wife of disgraced conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, revealed to The Young Turks on Sunday that Jones is a far worse character in person than he is on television.

The couple divorced in 2015, and Nichols has become a vocal critic of Jones as he faces trials for defamation filed by the families of the victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

"As a human being, he is more unhinged and weirder and terrifying and threatening and looming and raging than on screen," Nichols said.

Jones is "modified on screen," Nichols continued. "You can see this when he says, 'oh I have to go off the air right now,' cause he's going back into like the real person, right? The real rage is coming out and it's so extreme that his staff, you can tell, is like, 'you need to go off.'"

Nichols said that "it's hard to talk about" Jones because they have a "brave and courageous" daughter who has "stood up to Jones as nobody does or has," adding that Jones is "still harassing" her.

Jones, Nichols said, "is the kind of crazy like Charles Manson, or like somebody that really needs to be institutionalized cause he does. And he is a mentally ill – a dangerous kind of mentally ill – person and his behaviors are abhorrent."

Nichols also blasted "officers of the Texas court who are profiting off of him in the Sandy Hook/Connecticut case who have a duty to protect Alex Jones from himself and specifically us from him."

Watch below or at this link.

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Alex Jones Dumps Trump For DeSantis: ‘We Have Someone Way Better’

Infowars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has rescinded his support for former President Donald Trump’s expected 2024 bid for the White House and thrown his support behind Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Jones, a once-passionate advocate of “Stop the Steal”, admitted on his podcast this week that he had “pigheadedly” supported Trump for fear of Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden becoming president — a decision he said had earned him persecution.

The far-right host told his audience that he had grievances with Operation Warp Speed — the Trump administration mid-pandemic initiative geared toward expediting the production of Covid-19 vaccines — but supported him anyway.

“I've been persecuted like nothing in my life for supporting [Trump], and that made me kind of pigheadedly support him a few years ago even though I disagreed with his Warp Speed,” Jones said.

An outspoken anti-vaxxer, Jones declared his support for “way better” DeSantis, who recently appointed a state surgeon general who has publicly questioned the effectiveness of the Covid vaccines.

Last year, Jones called Trump a “dumbass” for advocating Covid vaccination, said he wished he never met the ex-president, and threatened to “dish the dirt” on him for publicly supporting vaccination against Covid,” per The Daily Beast.

"This is what Trump should be like. And I've been hammering this point, and he's doing it now. And we have someone who is better than Trump. Way better than Trump," Jones said, suggesting that the ex-president emulate DeSantis.

“But that said, I am supporting DeSantis. DeSantis is just gone from being awesome to being unbelievably good ... He's getting red-pilled more and more each day ... I'm a DeSantis guy,” Jones announced.

He also insisted that he had seen “real sincerity” in DeSantis’ eyes when he reviewed footage of the governor.

“I don't just watch a man's actions, as Christ said. Judge a tree by its fruits. I can also look in his eyes on HD video and I see the real sincerity,” Jones told his audience.

Neither Trump nor DeSantis has announced their intention to run for president in 2024, despite outdoing each other on recent hypothetical conservative polling for Republican presidential candidates in 2024.

Jones’s once fervent support for Trump saw the conservative podcast host peddle the Big Lie — that widespread election fraud had cost Trump the election — and make an appearance at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The Justice Department has reportedly probed Jones’s role in the January 6 insurrection, and the House Select Committee, the bipartisan congressional panel investigating the January 6 attack, subpoenaed Jones last November. The select committee received his text messages, which were leaked accidentally during the latest Sandy Hook trial.

Jones has wavered in his support for Trump before. Last month, he called firebrand Trump-supporting Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene “smarter” than Trump and DeSantis and asked the congresswoman to run for president.

Early this month, Jones was ordered to pay $49.3 million to the parents of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre after a Texas jury found him liable for defamation in a default judgment issued by District Judge Maya Guerra Gamble for calling the tragedy a “hoax” and smearing the victims’ families.

Bannon: Biden's 'Deep State' May Be Planning To Assassinate Trump

As Republicans cash in on right-wing outrage over the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s winter home Mar-a-Lago — pelting Trump supporters with fundraising emails and pleas for donations — Trump ally Steve Bannon is taking things a step further, leveling bogus accusations against the FBI and invoking the “deep state.”

Bannon, a former Trump White House strategist indicted and then pardoned by Trump, appeared on a recent version of Infowars with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and performed a bogus rant. He accused the FBI of planting evidence against Trump at Mar-a-Lago and claimed that the Biden government had plans to assassinate the ex-president.

“I do not think it’s beyond this administrative state and their deep state apparatus to actually try to work on the assassination of President Trump. I think – I think everything’s on the table,” Bannon told Jones in the interview.

The “deep state” is a prominent term in the QAnon lexicon used to describe a fictitious group of actors in the highest levels of government independently running the United States in secret.

“I think security ought to be at the highest it’s ever been. And honestly, I think he ought to – and I think he should – have flown down [to] Mar-a-Lago this morning, walked out there at noon today, and said, ‘hey, I’m running for president, United States. Suck on that,’” Bannon added.

Bannon, who was arrested on federal charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering but later pardoned by Trump, was convicted of contempt of Congress for defying a congressional subpoena and faces up to two years in prison.

Bannon also denounced the FBI raid as a “desecration” on “one of the great buildings in this country” that has seen “many iconic moments.”

“We [Donald Trump] need to get to Mar-a-Lago, the exact place that they desecrated, because it was a desecration. They did it on purpose. They understand how Mar-a-Lago resonates with not just MAGA, but to the American people,” Bannon said on the show.

Referring to the notable figures that Trump hosted at Mar-a-Lago, Bannon continued his tirade, saying, “So many important things happened there – to go and desecrate it the way they did, particularly over this administrative issue at the National Archives... clearly they’re, as you know, Alex, on a fishing expedition or on a planting expedition, I wouldn’t put it past [them] to have planted stuff ... this is criminal.”

Then, the former strategist labeled the FBI — led by Christopher Wray, a Trump appointee — and the DOJ “lawless criminal organizations.”

Trump, his allies, and almost all senior Republicans have expressed outrage at the raid, which, according to multiple reports, concerns classified documents Trump kept at Mar-a-Lago from his tenure in the White House.

“MAR-A-LAGO was RAIDED,” Trump messaged his supporters on Tuesday morning. “The Radical Left is corrupt. Return the power to the people! Will you fight with me? Donate.”

The feigned outrage followed a familiar script: anger at the raid, claims of political persecution, QAnon-style accusations against the Biden administration -- and an invitation to send money.

'Team Normal': A One-Act Play

Scene 1:

The study at the Bedminster Golf Club. Donald Trump is meeting with a visitor, his former international trade advisor and January 6th co-conspirator, Peter Navarro.

TRUMP: Jared’s memoir? No, not going to read it, Peter. Nope, not a snowball’s chance in Hell’s Kitchen.

PETER NAVARRO: That thyroid cancer thing, that came out of nowhere. I saw the guy every day. There's no sign that he was in any pain or danger or whatever. I think it’s just a ploy to get sympathy to try to sell his book. Fake news. Did you know, Mr. President?

TRUMP: Maybe.

NAVARRO: Did Ivanka talk to you about it?

TRUMP: I don’t recall. You know, Peter, that’s a better answer than the Fifth Amendment. You should consider it. Maybe you can’t recall whether Jared had cancer—and a few other things. The Green Bay Sweep, with the electors, I don’t recall. Doesn’t that feel better? Where did you get that Green Bay business? Why not the Tampa Bay touchdown? I told Jared that Tom Brady was after Ivanka.

NAVARRO: It’s in the book.

TRUMP: I said to Jared, “Why does she have to convert? Why don’t you convert?” Tom Brady, conversion is an extra point. Most people think I'm Jewish anyway. Most of my friends are Jewish. I have all these awards from the synagogues. They love me in Israel. I’ve got to hand it to Jared. Cancer works for him. You’re right, Peter, makes him more sympathetic, a victim, too. I beat Covid. Maybe I should say I beat cancer.

NAVARRO: Mr. President, did you have cancer?

TRUMP: Maybe. We’ll see if I need to have beaten it. The lawyers are negotiating with DOJ. Doctor Ronnie said I’m in the top ten percent of everyone my age. The golf, the rallies, the steak—top ten. Now take Rudy, in and out of the hospital. And the second wife—or is she the third? Remember the annulment? Not many people do. A cousin, second cousin, first wife, hard to keep track. But the second wife, really the third, wants a new chunk of change, another pound of flesh. Would Ivana have done that to me? Not in a million years. Best first wife.

NAVARRO: A remarkable woman.

TRUMP: If you have time, Peter, do down just past the first tee. Just the name and the years. Very, very tasteful. Classy.

(A youthful aide enters.)

AIDE: Mr. President, that caller you were expecting...

TRUMP: (To Navarro) Dinner later, the steak. Second term, the pardons. And, remember, I don’t recall. (Leads Navarro out and points toward the golf course) Just past the first tee.

Scene 2:

(Navarro exits. Trump picks up the phone to speak with Alex Jones.)

TRUMP: Hell of a performance at the trial, Alex. Are they going to put you in the witness protection program to protect you from your lawyer? If they can’t find you, you don’t have to pay.

ALEX JONES: Mr. President, the lawyer screwed up royally. Said the text messages and emails weren’t privileged. I am the one who should collect punitive damages.

TRUMP: Are you on the phone I told you to call on—the burner phone? And don’t give it to your lawyer when you’re done.

JONES: I’ve been accused of a lot of things, but not that stupid.

TRUMP: Well, I’ve been reading the coverage.

JONES: They got all my messages with Roger Stone!

TRUMP: Roger is someone you should have been studying. Roger always uses the burner when he calls me. Hanging with the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers—stand by and stand back—burners. I’d use the phone of a Secret Service agent. Fail safe. I wonder where all those text messages went. They all disappeared except for yours, Alex.

JONES: Mr. President, we’re surrounded by traitors.

TRUMP: You watch those hearings? You see what I had to deal with. Team Normal, that’s what they call themselves now. They used to be the adults in the room. When I was giving political donations to Hillary and Chuck Schumer, and I was pro-abortion big-time, where was Team Normal? Abu Ghraib. And, now, they’re a bunch of crybabies.

JONES: Congratulations on beating Team Normal in the primaries! You belted them. What a lineup! Murderer’s Row.

TRUMP: J.D. Vance, Dr. Oz, Blake Masters, Kari Lake, Doug Mastriano, that Laxalt—how did they win? They all said the election was stolen. It’s not Team Normal’s party—and they can cry if they want to.

JONES: But it was stolen! Not a hoax!

TRUMP: Alex, you always tell it like it is.

JONES: Mitch McConnell is not too happy with your candidates beating his.

TRUMP: The Old Crow is going to eat more than crow. He says he doesn’t know if he’ll win the Senate. And they call him the smart one. He can’t see what’s happening in front of him. He doesn’t get it. None of the pundits get it. Team Normal, dumb as rocks.

JONES: So, what’s the strategy?

TRUMP: My candidates win the primaries—I win, McConnell loses. My candidates lose their elections—McConnell loses, I win. His dream is over. He’s finished. Beaten forever. Never majority leader again. Done and done. I win again. Who do they blame? Not me. They blame Mitch. They blame Team Normal. They’ll need me more than ever. Republicans lose the Senate and I’m the savior.

JONES: Genius.

TRUMP: Don’t forget to ditch the phone. Nobody will find it if you bury it at a golf course.

Sidney Blumenthal, former senior adviser to President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, has published three books of a projected five-volume political life of Abraham Lincoln: A Self-Made Man, Wrestling With His Angel ,and All the Powers of Earth. His play This Town, about a scandalous White House dog, was produced in 1995 by LA TheatreWorks. This is the fifteenth in "The Trump Cycle," his series of one-act plays published in The National Memo, including The Pardon, Epstein's Ghost, Ivanka's Choice, Sunset Boulevard, The Exclusive, The Role Model, A Modest Proposal, The Exit Interview, The Hitler Gospel, Father Knows Best, The Gold Medal Winner, All I Want For Christmas Is Melania’s Non-Fungible Token, Puppet Theater, and Master Class.

Alex Jones Erupts At His Lawyers After Losing Defamation Trial

Alex Jones is not pleased with his lawyers following the ruling ordering him to pay $4.1 million in damages to the family members of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims. [UPDATE: Jones was hit with an additional $45 million in punitive damages on Friday.}

On Thursday, August 4, footage of Jones' reaction to his lawyers accidentally disclosed his cell phone records to the opposing counsel. "It's just so incredibly sick that I sit there and give the damn lawyers all the text messages...," Jones said. "My lawyers give them the raw text messages of six months."

During the recent segment of his show, he criticized his legal counsel as he attempted to offer an argument defending himself.

"Jones played a clip from the trial where he was told that at anytime he could invoke his right to use the Fifth Amendment," Newsweek reported. "The Fifth Amendment includes a clause about self-incrimination meaning an individual is protected from intentionally or unintentionally providing information that will suggest they were involved in a crime."

The far-right radio host also added, 'You can invoke your Fifth Amendment'. At that point my lawyer should have got up at that point and said, I'm not attacking it is just a fact, 'show us the deposition.' The guys deposed me, Bankston deposed me, three or four times? And I've been deposed four times by Connecticut but I never talked to them so I am defaulted."

Jones continued his rant saying, "They have got all this stuff and I did search one of my phones and it didn't have Sandy Hook stuff in it. And then they came back and said well they are saying you are hiding it, you have the old phones.

"Tore the office apart and I just said here, go search it and give it to the damn lawyers because I wasn't talking about Sandy Hook, I don't care about Sandy Hook, we don't cover it other than when they force us to."

Jones also added his reaction to his lawyers. "It is just so incredibly sick that I sit there and give the damn lawyers all the text messages and then they send it over to Connecticut, the Texas lawyers, before the new ones I have, never even gave them the stuff I gave them.

"That is what they claim, then I am sitting there, in the final witness, in a trial where I have already been found guilty by the judge, for not giving stuff over and my lawyers give them the raw text messages of six months from 2019, early 2020, that is the reality.

"Then I see a text message from Paul Watson saying this story sounds like 'Sandy Hook Bull', a story about Covid. How is that even pertinent, how is that lying about something."

Watch the video below or at this link.

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.

Select Panel -- And Ex-Wife -- Will Subpoena Alex Jones' Text Messages

The House Select Committee, a bipartisan House panel investigating the January 6 Capitol attack, is preparing to subpoena a trove of Infowars founder Alex Jones’s texts and emails accidentally sent to an attorney in the Sandy Hook court case, Rolling Stone reported Wednesday.

The report comes after a bombshell revelation on Wednesday that Jones’s lawyers had accidentally turned three years' worth of his private communications to the opposing counsel in an ongoing defamation trial.

Within minutes of the shocking twist, the January 6 select committee began internal deliberations in preparation to subpoena the phone data from the plaintiffs’ attorney, according to Rolling Stone, which cited a source familiar with the matter.

Attorney Mark Bankston, an attorney representing the parents of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, disclosed the gaffe while cross-examining Jones.

"Did you know [that] 12 days ago your attorneys messed up and sent me an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone, with every text message you've sent for the past two years?" Bankston said to Jones on Wednesday. "And when informed, [your team] did not take any steps to identify it as privileged, or protected in any way?"

Jones had testified under oath the day before that his team had complied with the discovery process. He also said he hadn’t mentioned Sandy Hook in his text messages.

“Do you know what perjury is?” Bankston asked a shocked Jones, suggesting the conspiracy theorist had lied on the stand.

“We fully intend on cooperating with law enforcement and US government officials interested in seeing these materials,” Bankston later told the court.

Jones, a far -right media personality, took to Infowars — his media outlet and megaphone for outlandish and disturbing conspiracies — in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre to claim that tragedy, which claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults, was staged and that the victims’ bereaved families were“crisis actors.”

The Sandy Hook victims’ families sued Jones for $150 million in compensatory damages, and he was found liable for defamation in Connecticut and Texas last fall.

In April, three of Jones’s companies — Infowars, Prison Planet TV, and IW Health — filed for bankruptcy, a maneuver he hoped would obstruct court proceedings. Sandy Hook victims’ families warned a Houston bankruptcy judge that Jones could continue siphoning assets from Infowars parent company, Free Speech Systems LLC while stalling due process.

So far, Jones has lost four separate Sandy Hook defamation cases by default because he failed to comply with courts in Texas and Connecticut and didn’t produce documents demanded of him.

However, another run-in with the January 6 select committee is not necessarily the worst of Jone’s mounting legal troubles. His woes were compounded further on Wednesday when Jones’s ex-wife, Kelly Jones, said she planned to subpoena his records for her ongoing child custody court battle with Jones.

"I know the texts and information on his phone will be evidence of all the nefarious, truly conspiratorial things said between him and his employees in their plans to keep my kids from me," Kelly Jones told Insider on Wednesday. "It's not even about my kids; it's about control. Controlling me."

Incensed by recent developments, Jones launched into an unhinged tirade outside the courthouse. He assailed the judge, blamed “judicial fraud” for the mountain of legal trouble he faced, and accused the Democratic Party of “weaponizing the judiciary” against him.

“[The judge] found me guilty,” Jones fumed. “She lied and said we didn’t give them the discovery, so she can have a show trial and tell the jury: ‘He’s guilty.’”

“The Democratic Party has fully weaponized the judiciary to persecute people, just like Rick Perry, who they indicted for vetoing a bill,” Jones falsely claimed.

It is unclear how recent developments will affect Jones’s trial or whether he could face new lawsuits.

Inadvertent Release Of January 6 Messages May Be Perilous For Alex Jones

After the attorney for Sandy Hook families revealed in court to Alex Jones on Wednesday that his own lawyer accidentally sent them the entire contents of his cell phone, a former prosecutor is noting scenarios that could potentially create even more trouble for the far-right wing conspiracy theorist who reportedly may have ties to events or people surrounding January 6.

The New York Times has described Jones as “a key player in the pro-Trump ‘Stop the Steal’ movement.”

Jones was on the witness stand in a defamation trial against him when the attorney revealed not only had his lawyer sent the data, but did not try to retract it or claim it as privileged. The attorney said the contents of the phone includes emails and texts as far back as two years, which presumably could include communications that reference the January 6, 2021 events.

A conspiracy theorist who promotes falsehoods and Donald Trump, Jones reportedly raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the rally that preceded the January 6 insurrection.

At a prayer rally in December of 2020 Jones “said that God had raised up Trump and that Joe Biden, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and other ‘miserable globalists’ are ‘slaves of Satan,'” Right Wing Watch has reported. “Jones said he didn’t know who would be going to White House in January, but he did know this: ‘Joe Biden is a globalist, and Joe Biden will be removed one way or another.'”

Last year The Washington Post reported that the “Justice Department and the FBI are investigating whether high-profile right-wing figures — including Roger Stone and Alex Jones — may have played a role in the January 6 Capitol breach as part of a broader look into the mind-set of those who committed violence and their apparent paths to radicalization, according to people familiar with the investigation.”

On Wednesday attorney Mark Bankston told Jones in court, “Twelve days ago your attorneys messed up and sent me an entire digital copy of your entire cell phone with every text message you’ve sent for the past two years.”

Tristan Snell, an attorney who prosecuted the Trump University case for the New York attorney general, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the news.

“Somewhere in the Capitol complex right now, a lawyer from the January 6 committee is writing a letter to the Sandy Hook parents’ lawyers requesting they produce Alex Jones’s phone records,” Snell wrote.

“Somewhere at DOJ, a different lawyer is doing the same thing,” he added.

In late January of this year, one year after the January 6 insurrection, Jones revealed he had spoken with the U.S. House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack.

Jones appeared in response to the Committee’s subpoena. He described their questions as “overall pretty reasonable” but bragged to his audience he had pleaded the fifth over 100 times.

Reprinted with permission from Alternet.