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Mark ‘Election Integrity’ Meadows Was Illegally Registered To Vote In Three States

It hasn’t even been two weeks since we reported that Mark ‘Big Lie’ Meadows was removed from voter rolls in North Carolina after it was discovered he was registered in both Virginia and North Carolina.

Now it seems there’s yet another state the former President Trump lackey has registered in: South Carolina.

According to records obtained by The Washington Post, Meadows was registered in three different states for about three weeks.

Let’s not forget that Meadows serves as a senior partner at the Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI), a think tank devoted to “restor[ing] election integrity safeguards” the “left is trying to tear down.”

As first reported by The New Yorker in September 2020, about three weeks before North Carolina’s voter registration deadline for the general election, Meadows—a devout Stop the Stealer—claimed to be living in a 14-foot-by-62-foot mobile home in North Carolina, where he never actually lived. But he voted absentee using that address in the 2020 general election. Meadows, a former Asheville resident and Western North Carolina congressman, was living in Virginia at that time.

In March, an investigation into Meadows’ possible voter fraud was launched by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.

“The allegations, in this case, involve potential crimes committed by a government official,” Macon County District Attorney Ashley Hornsby Welch wrote in a letter to the attorney general’s office on March 14, CNBC News reported.

Melanie Thibault, Macon County Board of Elections director, told the Asheville Citizen Times on April 12 that she consulted with the North Carolina Board of Elections staff after discovering that Meadows was registered in North Carolina and Virginia. The board removed him from their voter rolls.

"What I found was that he was also registered in the state of Virginia. And he voted in a 2021 election. The last election he voted in Macon County was in 2020," Thibault said.

In March 2022, Meadows registered to vote in South Carolina—while he was already registered in Virginia, where he voted in a 2021 election, while he was already registered absentee in North Carolina, where he voted in the 2020 general election. My head is spinning.

The issue is that when he registered to vote in South Carolina, he should have let the state know he was registered in Virginia. But according to Angie Maniglia Turner, the general registrar and director of elections in Alexandria, Virginia, neither Mark nor Debra Meadows had changed voter registration status in Virginia.

Come on, Mark. Get it together, man. One state, one vote. That’s how this whole process works.

Printed with permission from DailyKos.

Lindell And Dark Money Outfit Pushed ’Snake-Oil Covid Cure’ --With Tragic Result

A variety of bogus “treatments” or “cures” for COVID-19 have been promoted in MAGA World, from hydroxychloroquine to oleandrin (an extract from the poisonous oleander plant). According to Daily Beast reporters Roger Sollenberger and William Bredderman, one of the companies that has promoted oleandrin as a COVID-19 miracle cure is Propter Strategies — which has ties to two major allies of former President Donald Trump: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

“It’s an all-too-familiar story at this point: A person pushing an unproven COVID-19 cure — and pushing back against the vaccines — pays the ultimate price for their skepticism,” Sollenberger and Bredderman report. “But this time, there’s a new wrinkle. It’s not just one person dabbling in COVID quackery with tragic results; it’s actually a mysterious dark money organization, with ties to influential MAGA figures like Steve Bannon and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.”

The organization, according to Sollenberger and Bredderman, was Propter Strategies — and the person who became a “victim” of its “secretive work” was partner Kenneth Happel.

“To this day, Propter Strategies is a black hole, despite its high-profile connections and multi-million-dollar budget,” the Beast reporters explain. “Aside from Happel’s account, there is no evidence of Propter’s activities anywhere in the public record. And that might be with good reason: Those activities included hawking the snake-oil COVID treatment oleandrin at the highest levels of the government, as the pandemic’s lethal second wave peaked across the country.”Happel, according to Sollenberger and Bredderman, is presently hospitalized with his second COVID-19 infection — and his wife died from COVID-19 in January.

“In a phone interview from his hospital bed, Happel, 72, remained unrepentant and defiant about the numerous baseless theories that quite likely landed him back in the hospital, and killed the wife he loved dearly,” Sollenberger and Bredderman write. “Happel still places hope in the pseudo-science that he, Propter Strategies, and Lindell had pushed so hard — a proprietary compound derived from oleander extract, which the pillow tycoon and at least one Propter official had invested in.”

Registration data, according to Sollenberger and Bredderman, shows that Happel is the owner of Proper’s website,, and Happel has “confirmed” to the Beast “that the Propter Strategies cited on his page was, in fact, the same group linked to those leading MAGA figures.”

“Happel, a former Tea Party activist with an entrepreneurial history that intersects with biotechnology, recounted working on oleandrin in 2020 with Propter board member Andrew Whitney,” Sollenberger and Bredderman note. “A serial entrepreneur and former Bain Capital investor, Whitney was actually pulling oleandrin double-duty — he was on the board at the nonprofit Propter, as well as at Texas-based Phoenix Biotechnologies, whose research centered on the product. Happel also acknowledged the connection to Lindell, who, it turns out, also holds a financial stake in Phoenix Biotechnologies.”

Whitney and Lindell, according to the Beast reporters, “paired up for a MAGA media parade” and promoted oleandrin “as a neglected medical miracle” on right-wing outlets such as Newsmax and Diamond & Silk’s YouTube show. And Lindell “confirmed he still has a financial stake in Phoenix.”

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

Nevada Candidate For Secretary Of State Vows To ‘Fix 2020 Like Trump Said'

A Nevada candidate jockeying to run the state's elections is pledging to help overturn the 2020 election results, all while promoting an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that George Soros and his "cabal" are to blame for election losses.

Jim Marchant is an avid supporter of former President Donald Trump who ran an unsuccessful campaign for Congress in 2020. He is now running for secretary of state in Nevada, where President Joe Biden defeated Trump by more than 33,000 votes in 2020.

In a recent interview, Marchant promoted a baseless conspiracy theory claiming that Democrats -- including former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and billionaire mega-donor George Soros -- hatched a scheme almost 20 years ago to elect progressive secretaries of state as part of an effort to undermine U.S. elections.

"In 2004, the Democrats — specifically George Soros, Harry Reid, and others of their ilk — hatched a plan, called the Secretaries of State project, and it was designed to get progressive liberal secretaries of states elected in all the key swing states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and they succeeded," Marchant told right-wing radio host Eddie Floyd in a January 19 interview.

"And the election of 2020 is a direct result of that plan," he added. "That's why George Soros, Harry Reid, and the cabal — they understood how important the secretary of state races were."

Soros is a Hungarian Jew who survived the Holocaust and emigrated to America in 1956. Reid, who died in December, married his wife, Landra Gould, in 1959. While Reid himself was Mormon, he upheld his wife's family's Jewish faith while raising their five children together for more than 60 years.

Anti-Semites have long used the word "cabal" as a dog-whistle to refer to a small, secretive, powerful group of Jews who they claim manipulate global affairs from behind the scenes. Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories often invoke Soros, a billionaire philanthropist and Holocaust survivor, as proof of outsized Jewish influence.

Marchant, a former member of the Nevada state Assembly, is the sole Republican candidate for secretary of the Silver State. He's already racked up endorsements from Reps. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and Andy Biggs (R-AZ), and former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Adam Laxalt, Nevada's former attorney general who is now running for Senate, endorsed Marchant last week.

If elected as Nevada's top elections official, Marchant said he would get rid of the state's voting machines entirely and would do away with early voting and mail-in voting while installing "our people" to oversee polling locations on Election Day.

Marchant ran for Congress in 2020 and lost his bid by more than 16,000 votes. Still, he attempted to challenge the results, claiming election fraud, despite lacking any material evidence. A judge threw out the case.

In a January 4 interview with former Trump campaign chief Steve Bannon, Marchant called himself part of "a coalition of American First secretary of state candidates" who are working "behind the scenes to try to fix 2020 like President Trump said."

Marchant added that Trump loyalists like himself are running to be top elections officials in Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona — all of which will likely be crucial battleground states in the 2024 presidential election.

Kristina Karamo, a Republican running to be Michigan's next secretary of state with Trump's backing, has falsely claimed antifascist protesters were behind the January 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Biden won Michigan by more than 154,000 votes, flipping it from red to blue after Trump won the state in 2016.

Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) intends to primary Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who Trump tried to intimidate with his call to "find 11,780" votes last January.

And Mark Finchem, an Arizona state lawmaker who stood near the Capitol as insurrectionists smashed windows on January 6, is running to be Arizona's next secretary of state.

These candidates, who all have ties to the fringe conspiracy theory movement QAnon, including Marchant, are running to promote the "Big Lie" — a baseless conspiracy theory that claims former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election, even though Biden won the race by seven million more votes.

Marchant isn't the only Nevada Republican looking to wield influence over the 2024 election. At the top of the state ticket, two gubernatorial candidates have staked their candidacies on the Big Lie too.

Former Nevada Secretary of State Dean Heller said he told Trump, "the only way we can guarantee that, in 2024, we have a Republican president is we need a leader here in the state of Nevada that understands our election laws and [is] willing to change them."

And one of his opponents, Las Vegas Councilwoman Michele Fiore called the 2020 presidential election "perhaps the most poorly administered election in American history." In a viral ad, she used a gun holstered to her hip to shatter a beer bottle labeled “voter fraud."

Currently, pollsters view the Nevada gubernatorial race as a toss-up with Heller seen as a Republican front-runner in the primary.

Reprinted with permission from American Independent

Sidney Powell's Fingerprints Are All Over Fake Slates Of Trump Electors

On January 21, Politico published a December 2020 draft executive order under which Donald Trump authorized a number of chilling actions, beginning with this military seizure of voting machines:

“Effective immediately, the Secretary of Defense shall seize, collect, retain, and analyze all machines, equipment, electronically stored information, and material records … “

The draft order, which would have then also called for “federalization of appropriate National Guard support,” would have placed a series of Trump officials in charge of these machines, which would have remained under the supervision of the assistant secretary of defense, with a Trump-appointed “Special Counsel” to bring criminal charges against those deemed to have been involved in election fraud.

This unvarnished attempt at employing the military in his coup d'etat—like all the other features of Trump’s attempted destruction of American democracy—has not received one one-thousandth the media attention it deserves. But in particular, there’s been a tendency to overlook the order’s opening paragraph; the one that makes it clear that all of this was based on false claims from Trump attorney Sidney Powell, and that the whole cause for overthrowing the government was a completely debunked claim created by his own legal team.

Rather than predicating the order on some kind of broad claim of electoral issues, Trump’s military takeover directly references one specific instance of supposed fraud.

“I, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, find that the forensic report of the Antrim County, Michigan voting machines, released Dec. 13, 2020, and other evidence submitted to me in support of this order, provide probable cause sufficient to require action under the authorities cited above because of evidence of international and foreign interference in the Nov. 3, 2020 election.”

The problem with this “forensic report” was that it was a lie. In fact, it was a lie easily disproven weeks before the events of January 6.

Antrim County, Michigan first entered the national limelight because results immediately following poll closing showed Joe Biden ahead in this reliably Republican county. However, within an hour of the initially reported numbers, county officials — all of them Republican — determined that an error had been made, not in total numbers, but in reporting those numbers to the state. The totals were corrected and Trump won the county by 3,700 votes. A hand recount of ballots showed that the machine-generated results were accurate.

But almost immediately Trump supporters built this incident into “proof” of problems with voting machines in the county—even though those machines had always reported the correct values. To support this they seized on a 23-page “Antrim County report” filed as part of a lawsuit that—and this is real—was filed as a challenge against the successful attempt to allow retail sales of marijuana in the county.

Even though the challenge to the vote on marijuana actually turned on whether to count three partially mangled ballots, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood directed attention to this “forensic audit” (spoiler: it wasn’t a forensic audit) because it made assertions about the reliability of Dominion voting machines.

When the contents of the report were made public, as The Detroit News reported at the time, the state attorney general labeled efforts to turn this report into some kind of broad proof of voting fraud “another in a long stream of misguided, vague and dubious assertions designed to erode public confidence in the November presidential election." The authors of the section of the report cited by Powell and Wood in their court filings turned out to be an organization called Allied Security Operations Group. That organization also claimed that a number of districts in Michigan had “over 100 percent turnout”—a claim that turned out to be provably false.

“According to the document, there was a precinct in North Muskegon with 781% turnout and a precinct in Muskegon with 205% turnout. The certified and publicly posted results in Muskegon County clearly refute [this claim].”

On November 25, Wood and Powell brought the case to the Sixth District Court in Michigan, with the Antrim County report acting as “Exhibit A.” On December 7, the court ruled against them, stating that both the county and the state had already certified the results before Trump’s team bothered to file an objection and that—since actual analysis failed to find any difference between machine and hand-counted results—“plaintiffs failed to establish an injury sufficient to meet standing requirements.” In other words, none of the evidence they brought actually showed the fraud they claimed. The next day they appealed.

A week after that, this same report was before the Supreme Court of the United States as “Exhibit A” in a filing represented by Powell and Wood that sought to annul the results in six states, allowing Republican state legislators to select the slate of electors. The Detroit Free Press reminded readers that the exaggerated claims in the report had already been disproven.

That same report was then again used as the main supporting document for Trump’s executive order. And all the time everything in it that suggested problems with Dominion Voting Systems had already been explained as human error and disproven by a hand count of votes. The reference here to this debunked, never-serious report, shows just how close all of the efforts going on in Trump’s coup really were. It was not a series of uncoordinated flailings, but a single unified effort to justify overturning the election.

Currently, that same report is a key element in a “Strategic Communications Plan” created by Giuliani and his team as a defense for Trump officials subpoenaed by the Jan. 6 commission. Republicans are still treating it as if it contains actual information.

In the months following the coup attempt, the Michigan attorney general has taken action to sanction the attorneys who pressed on with this report, despite knowing that it had no evidentiary value. The former elections commissioner issued a 10-point rebuttal of the claims in the report. And a federal judge has taken Powell and others to task before eventually issuing sanctions.

As Judge Parker stated, Trump’s attorneys “filed this lawsuit in bad faith and for improper purpose.”

But there’s another part of the original filing from Powell and Wood that the Detroit Free Press picked up in Dec. 2020.

At one point, the filing states: "On Dec. 14, 2020, the Republican majority State legislatures of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin exercised their plenary authority under the U.S. Constitution’s Electors Clause by permitting the full slate of Republican nominees to cast their electoral votes for President Donald J. Trump on a contingent basis."
In another portion, the filing states: "Republican slates of electors have received the endorsement of the Republican-majority legislatures in each of these States, as reflected in the decision for them to cast (or attempting to cast) their slate of electoral votes."
None of this is true.

Powell’s lawsuit encapsulates two cornerstones of Trump’s attempted coup: the effort to create the impression that there was some reason to suspect election fraud, and the effort to make it seem as if the slates of electoral candidates were in dispute. And what may be most amazing is how thin and easily debunked their supposed evidence really was.

Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos

Lindell Claims Banks Severing Ties With Him Over 'Reputation Risk'

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is now claiming that some financial institutions no longer want to do business with him because he poses a "reputation risk" as he continues to push former President Donald Trump's false claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

On Friday, January 14, Lindell appeared on Steve Bannon's podcast "War Room" where he claimed "Heartland Financial and Minnesota Bank and Trust are attempting to 'de-bank' him over concerns that they could face fallout related to having him as a client," Newsweek reports. During the broadcast, the two right-wing enthusiasts played an audio recording of what they claim was a discussion between Lindell and a bank official.

"Just because of our organization saying, 'Well, why are we connected with somebody that could be in the news.' And, not that the FBI is even sniffing and looking, but what if somebody came in and said, 'You know what, we are gonna subpoena all his account records...and then also we make the news,'" the person was reportedly heard saying in the recording. "So it's more of a reputation risk."

According to Lindell, he has been given 30 days to close his accounts but he has no plan to comply with the order.

"I said, 'I am not being part of this. I'm not leaving. So you're going to have to throw me out of your bank,'" he said. During their discussion, Bannon also exposed the names of the bankers and their contact information as he urged his listeners to flood their phone lines with complaints.

Lindell also appeared to echo Bannon as he complained about being criticized for his beliefs. "Where does it end everybody? Where does it end?" Lindell asked.

Lindell's latest interview comes follows his reaction to having his phone records subpoenaed in connection with the House Select Committee's January 6 investigation.

In a text message to CNBC News, Lindell said, "I wasn't there on January 6th and yes they did subpoena my phone records, but we filed a complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief against the January 6th committee and Verizon to completely invalidate this corrupt subpoena."

Despite ongoing criticism and blowback, Lindell is continuing his efforts to prove that his claims of so-called voter fraud are valid.

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

GOP Lawmaker Who Signed Fake Electoral Certificate Ran Pro-Trump 'Troll Farm'

Arizona Republican State Representative Jake Hoffman made news this week when it was revealed he signed a forged “certification” falsely stating Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, won his state’s Electoral College electors.

Video that’s gone viral of Hoffman shows him defending signing the forged documents in which he falsely identifies himself as a duly elected elector for Trump.

His defense: “in unprecedented times, unprecedented action does occur.” He goes on to claim, “there is no case law, there is no precedent that exists as to whether or not an election that is currently being litigated in the courts has due standing.”

He called the forged electoral documents “dueling opinions” in this video:

The video has been viewed over 800,000 times in just 14 hours.

Hoffman, it turns out, was banned from Twitter after his company, Rally Forge, worked with Charlie Kirk’s far right-wing political activist group, Turning Point USA, during the 2020 election, establishing “a domestic ‘troll farm’ in Phoenix, Arizona. It employed teenagers to churn out pro-Trump social media posts, some of which cast doubt on the integrity of the US election system or falsely charged Democrats with attempting to steal the election, the Washington Post revealed,” according to The Guardian.

The Washington Post also reported that “the posts are the product of a sprawling yet secretive campaign that experts say evades the guardrails put in place by social media companies to limit online disinformation of the sort used by Russia during the 2016 campaign.”

Some of those teens, the Post noted, were minors.

Reprinted with permission from Alternet

Trump Freely Explains How He Plans To Steal The Next Election (VIDEO)

A year ago, former "defeated" President Trump led an angry and violent mob in an attack of our country and the electoral process. The January 6 insurrection was clearly a last-ditch effort of a malignant narcissist to interfere with the constitutionally mandated duties of Congress. Thanks to brave Capitol and Metropolitan Police officers--and Vice President Pence's refusal to go along with Trump's coup--the insurrection was a failure. However, the damage to our democracy was done and, worse yet, future insurrections are now a constant fear.

But the defeat has only caused our man-baby former president to double down on his attacks on our elections.

Not only has Trump denied any responsibility, but he's also had the gall to claim it was a peaceful and patriotic event and that the real "terror" was the stealing of votes. Even though he absolutely fails to provide any evidence to support his outrageously bonkers claims about the 2020 election being stolen, Trump continues to paint his loss as some sort of deep-state conspiracy. Worse yet, he's mow openly explaining how he will rig future elections in his favor.

In a video produced for a group of Republicans in Pennsylvania, Trump lays out his vision for stealing future elections. He believes Republicans should spend more campaign cash for offices that have jurisdiction over election processes, such as secretaries of state.

“We have to be a lot sharper the next time when it comes to counting the vote. There's a famous saying that sometimes the vote counter is more important than the candidate. And we can't let that ever, ever happen again. They have to get a lot tougher and smarter...I consider it completely unimportant who in the Party will vote, or how. But what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.”

Clearly, the former "defeated" president has no interest in learning from his loss and doing everything to fix the mistakes of the past. Rather, his lust for attention and bruised ego warp everything he says and does, even if it means staging even deadlier attacks on our democracy .

Former Prosecutor Zeros In On Why Kevin McCarthy Is Refusing To Testify

During an appearance on Friday's edition of CNN's The Situation Room, former federal prosecutor Elie Honig weighed in on a newly uncovered radio interview with former House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) last year, which seems to explain McCarthy's reluctance to testify before the January 6th House Select Committee. In the interview, McCarthy said former President Donald Trump acknowledged some responsibility for the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

According to Honig, this information totally explains McCarthy's steadfast refusal to cooperate with the House committee.

"McCarthy claims there's nothing, in his words, that he can provide to the committee," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "But just listening to his own words, that's clearly not true."

"It's complete nonsense, and it's simply not true," agreed Honig. "This new piece of tape, where McCarthy says Donald Trump acknowledged that he has some responsibility, that's extraordinarily powerful evidence. That's an admission of some culpability by Donald Trump to Kevin McCarthy. And the committee is right to be very much focused on that."

"That was the old McCarthy, before his voyage down to Mar-a-Lago," added Honig. "He seems to have emerged as a different person with a different take on the facts and reality."

Watch The Interview Below: