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Nazi-Promoting Antisemite On Speaking Tour With Eric And Lara Trump

Nazi-Promoting Antisemite On Speaking Tour With Eric And Lara Trump

Extremist commentator Christiane Northrup has promoted a pro-Nazi film that denies the Holocaust, encouraged people to check out the infamous antisemitic tract Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and repeatedly pushed the conspiracy theory that a secretive mafia is hiding behind Jewish identity to control world events. Still, Northrup has spoken twice at Trump’s Miami resort alongside Eric and Lara Trump and been featured in a Robert F. Kennedy Jr. campaign video.

Northrup is a former OBGYN who initially gained fame as a self-help author who was praised by Oprah Winfrey. Since then, as The Washington Post reported in May 2022, Northrup has claimed COVID-19 “was part of a plot involving Deep State brainwashing and treacherous depopulation schemes” and she “encouraged fans to check out QAnon, called the Centers for Disease Control a ‘covid death cult,’ and described the vaccines as crimes against humanity.”

Northrup is listed as a “featured” speaker on the pro-Trump ReAwaken America Tour. She, along with Eric and Lara Trump — now the co-chair of the Republican National Committee — appeared on the tour’s stops at Trump Doral in Miami, Florida, in May and October 2023.

A poster for the tour’s next stop in Selma, North Carolina, in October lists Northrup, Eric Trump, and Lara Trump as scheduled speakers.

The tour has become a magnet for Hitler-promoting antisemites. Including Northrup, Media Matters has now identified at least five speakers who have shared antisemitic and pro-Hitler material.

Aside from appearing on the ReAwaken America Tour, Northrup also has connections to Kennedy’s presidential campaign. At a launch event, the campaign featured Northrup in a video titled “‘The Experiment’ | Running on Truth | Episode 1” that referred to her as a “world-renowned physician and bestselling author.” Northrup said in the video: “This is a time to bring America back together. We have been torn apart, and if anyone can bring it back together, it's the Kennedys.” (The Kennedy family, minus RFK Jr., has been extremely critical of RFK Jr.’s campaign.)

The Bangor Daily News reported in August that Northrup had donated money to the campaign.

Northrup has also repeatedly appeared on programs hosted by Children’s Health Defense — the conspiratorial group founded by Kennedy — and spoke at a 2021 anti-vaccine rally that was headlined by Kennedy.

Additionally, Kennedy’s book The Real Anthony Fauci touts a blurb from Northrup on its Skyhorse Publishing page. (Skyhorse is run by Kennedy ally Tony Lyons.)

Northrup has offered praise of both Trump and Kennedy. In May, for instance, Northrup said that she “can’t prove it" but her "opinion is that Trump and RFK Jr. are working together somehow behind the scenes to take down this entire satanic agenda.”

In the past several years, Northrup has promoted pro-Hitler and virulently antisemitic propaganda.

The pro-Nazi film Europa: The Last Battle

In December 2021, Northrup shared a link to the film Europa:The Last Battle on her Telegram account. The film is pro-Nazi propaganda that portrays Jewish people as the real villains of World War II and Hitler as someone who “ensured racial security for the people,” battled against supposed Jewish subversion, and who actually wanted peace. It also features rampant Holocaust denial.

Here are sample quotes from the more than 12-hours long film:

  • “Hitler's radical program restored German economic independence, ensured racial security for the people, and diverted the nation's wealth from banking cardinals to the ordinary people. Meanwhile, the rest of the world, still ruled under the Rothschild cabal, was still in recession.”
  • “What politically correct historians fail to mention — or deliberately cover up — is the fact that Hitler actually made several documented attempts in an effort to avoid World War II.”
  • “A growing movement of brave scientists, historians, engineers, journalists, and other free speech activists have investigated the official, politically correct Holocaust story and found it to be exaggerated and even false.”
  • “In 1933, when international Jewry had declared war upon Germany, they formally established themselves as an enemy of Germany, which according to international law, gave Germany the legal right to disarm and intern the German Jews. After the repeated attempts of subversion, murders, and terror against the German people, the Jews had made themselves into enemies of the German nation. The National Socialists logically considered Jews as a direct threat to national security.”

In February 2022, Northrup also shared a Bitchute clip from Europa: The Last Battle and wrote: “The Bolshevik Revolution. Substitute the word Jew in here with Khazarian. These are not the Hebrews of the Bible.” The clip is virulently antisemitic and states near the beginning: “The fact that we will never learn in school is that communism actually was a Jewish totalitarian ideology invented by Jews, funded by Jewish bankers, and economically manifested by Jewish Bolsheviks.”

Protocols of the Elders of Zion

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum states that “the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is the most notorious and widely distributed antisemitic publication of modern times. Its lies about Jews, which have been repeatedly discredited, continue to circulate today, especially on the internet. The individuals and groups who have used the Protocols are all linked by a common purpose: to spread hatred of Jews.”

Northrup shouted out the antisemitic text during an August 2022 interview as the “playbook” of people she opposes. She stated while talking about vaccinations: “Oh my goodness, the virtue signaling. You know, ‘I am doing this to save you.’ Whenever you hear that, that's just outright Marxism. That's how it works. You find out their playbook, you might, it's still on YouTube. I think the Protocols of Zion. And they say all over it, by the way, ‘This has been debunked.’”

The 'Khazarian mafia' conspiracy theory

As Media Matters previously documented, the antisemitic Khazarian mafia conspiracy theory essentially claims that a group of fake Jewish people (the “Khazarian mafia”) stole Jewish identity centuries ago and now hides behind Judaism to control world affairs.

Northrup has promoted videos about the Khazarian mafia. In February 2024, she shared a Rumble video with the title: “Khazarian Mafia: SATANISTS - CANNIBALS, ADRENOCHROME and The God Eaters PART 1 of 2.”

In December 2023, she shared a Rumble video with the title: “KHAZARIAN MAFIA Pt IV [RED SIREN EMOJI] The SYNAGOGUE of SATAN [RED SIREN EMOJI] Is Real, DEMONIC ATTACKS, EXORCISMS & God’s Jubilee.”

In November 2022, she shared an article promoting the conspiracy theory that the Khazarian mafia was behind the assasination of John F. Kennedy, the uncle of RFK Jr. The piece Northrup linked to claimed that “the Khazarian Mafia had no choice (in their utterly warped collective minds) but to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. And, because of his extremely serious transgressions against the Khazarian Klan, his brutal murder was used as a shocking example to all future heads of state who even thought about leaving the Khazarian-created global reservation.”

In August 2022, she made an audio clip claiming that the Khazarian mafia "infiltrated the Jewish nation.”

In December 2021, she promoted an article — since removed — that included the false claim that the Khazarian Mafia “financed the Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines used to steal the election from Trump.”

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.

Felon: Will Trump's Conviction Break The Authoritarian Spell?

Felon: Will Trump's Conviction Break The Authoritarian Spell?

It only took a jury a day and a half to decide that Donald Trump, former President of the United States, was guilty on all counts. He will wear the convicted felon label on his back forever, no matter what happens in November. A jury of seven men and five women voted guilty on all 34 counts against him. He will be sentenced July 11. The penalty includes prison time. He likely won’t go, and in the unlikely event that he does, Never Trump conservative lawyer George Conway told me the Constitution would likely be read to require that any state holding him open the cell door if he is elected in November.

But the verdict is another historic landmark in the long list of awful firsts that the MAGA cult leader has inflicted on our country since he rode down the golden elevator in the summer of 2015, enthralling first the media and then a swath of America.

The first of those horrors is the separation of millions of Americans from faith in the law and process of democracy. In the hour after the verdict, on Xitter, on Fox, on rightwing platforms and channels, MAGAs were blind with rage, spitting accusations. It’s a measure of the success of this one man’s assault on American institutions - “fake news"!” “Deep State!” “Rigged against me!” - that untold millions will refuse to accept the fairness of the trial. His people are so unplugged from our commonweal that they are willing to believe the Manhattan DA works for a Hungarian billionaire whose name the rabid right made synonymous with their own invisible donor-monster the Koch family. They are willing to believe that a sitting judge who spends his days in a cold, smelly courtroom at 100 Centre Street, and the men and women of the jury who did their civic duty in the same room and listened to all the evidence, were just pawns of Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Utter lunacy. Sadly, we’re used to it.

One of the rabble outside the courtroom was caught on camera threatening to go inside the courtroom and trash the place. AR 15 memes flooded the platforms. The sophisticates on social media flung profanity, the Overton window of civil political discourse long ago smashed by their Dear Leader.

“Bullshit!” Donny Jr. tweeted. “This Trump show trial is Bullsh!t,” wrote the soigné former Nixon aide, Monica Crowley.

Brother Eric, who squirmed in the courtroom through Stormy Daniels’ description of his father’s seduction technique, fumed at the outrage that a man could become a felon for just “a 130k NDA”!

Trained lawyer and TV personality Megyn Kelly, personally and obscenely trashed by Trump for asking him hard questions during a 2016 debate "(“she’s got blood coming out of her wherever!”) whined to her three million followers that “The country is disgraced” (yes, the rest of us noticed that, but back in November 2016).

Like so many Trumpers, Kelly also issued an implied warning, “They will rue the day they unleashed this lawfare to corrupt a presidential election.”

Rue the day. We’ll get you back. You’ll regret it. Threats, promises of violence, pictures of automatic weapons, bloodlust vengeance. All of it projected from their own Dear Leader and back out onto regular Americans just trying to make sense of it all.

Many MAGAs are now using the banana word. David Sacks, a grotesquely pro-Trump Silicon Valley billionaire, wrote, “There is now only one issue in this election: whether the American people will stand for the USA becoming a banana republic.”

The charitable view here is that Sacks is mainlining K with Elon and failed to notice that America went full banana republic on a summer night in 2016 when Gen. Michael Flynn led thousands of Republican delegates at the nominating convention in Cleveland in a chant of “Lock Her Up.” That Gen. Flynn ultimately got convicted himself (alas, not locked up) only proves the point, especially as he roams free today, another Trump pardonee like Steve Bannon, despoiling the political landscape and spewing conspiracy theories to low-information Q-Anon zombies.

Flynn’s rant and the crowd’s chant were unprecedented in American politics back then. It was shocking to witness the beginning of the idea of using the law for vengeance against one’s political opponents. In office, Trump tried to get his DOJ to manifest the authoritarian dream. But the “adults in the room” still clung to the mores of another era, and resisted, or quit.

The next administration will be vetted for people who won’t have those reservations. There may be none of them left.

Let’s be clear: the 91 criminal indictments against Trump are not “politically motivated.” Dozens of his minions in Arizona, Michigan and Georgia in the fake elector and January 6 conspiracy schemes have been turning like pancakes, or going bankrupt fighting a losing fight. He is recorded bragging about purloined classified national secrets.

Trump only still skates, he only still walks free right now because, contrary to the persecuted image he wants to project of “fighting The Man,” like the angry little guys who think he speaks for them, he is, in fact, The Man.

The New York judge and prosecutors bent over backwards allowing Defendant Trump to behave in ways that would have had any other accused individual locked up pre trial. Trump walks free with money in the bank even though he has already been convicted in a massive civil fraud trial, and of sexual abuse and forcible touching and then lying about it, in another civil case. Prosecutors have reams of evidence against him in the three criminal cases in two other states, cases that only thanks to the delay machinations of his lawyers and the horrifying ineptitude and bias of one of the judges, will not be decided before November 5.

Judging from the outpouring of anger at the conviction, his felonious status will not move his true fans. As historian Ruth Ben Ghiat wrote in her excellent book about modern dictators, from Putin to Xi, to Orban and Trump today and Mussolini and Hitler before them, the criminality of an authoritarian leader can be an essential element in his (always his, by the way, women need not apply) appeal.

“The strongman’s rogue nature also draws people to him. He proclaims law and order rule, yet enables lawlessness. This paradox becomes official policy, as government evolves into a criminal enterprise, Hitler’s Germany being one example and Putin’s Russia another. Millions around the world have found it intoxicating to be able to commit criminal acts with impunity… the thrill of transgression mixed with the comfort of submitting to his power turns the everyday into the exceptional, endowing life with energy, purpose, and drama.”

Trump was right about one thing in his surly first words to the public as a convicted felon, outside the courtroom, with his chagrined loser lawyer standing by (surely Todd Blanche was expecting to hear the L word from his belligerent client in the black SUV in short order).

The real verdict, the convicted defendant said, will be rendered on November 5. Right.

Will a majority of voters cling to the felonious leader’s fantasy that every institution and civil servant in America is utterly corrupted by “the left” and “Soros” and out to get him? Will they show up to vote having lost every iota of faith they ever had in the commonweal, in the possibility that their fellow Americans do the right thing in courtrooms and on juries and in the news media, believing that every non MAGA election worker, Capitol police officer, prosecutor, or New York state judge is engaged in a systematic conspiracy against Donald Trump?

The great question after today is whether the red F now stamped on Trump’s back, not unlike the Nixon tattoo on his fellow convicted felon Roger Stone’s back, will dampen the enthusiasm of any on-the-fence, decent, right-leaning voters still cued in to the possibility of the decency of our institutions after eight years of being persistently propagandized to abandon that faith.

Are there any left? Helloooo! Are you out there? Paying attention?

If so, you don’t have to vote for Biden. We will forgive you if you just stay home on Election Day and leave the man to his ignominious fate.

Reprinted with permission from American Political Freakshow

Nina Burleigh is a a journalist, author, and documentary producer. She is the author of seven books including most recently Virus: Vaccinations, the CDC, and the Hijacking of America's Response to the Pandemic and an adjunct professor at New York University's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

Tommy Tuberville

Trump's Senate Sycophants Show Up At Trial To Kiss His Ring

Donald Trump’s courtroom entourage has expanded in recent days, with a troupe of thirsty elected Republicans jockeying for position to win his favor. But to what end, when even Trump’s own family—except for son Eric—hasn’t bothered to show at the New York hush money trial?

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida skipped a vote last Thursday to stand by his man. On Monday, a trio of elected Republicans showed up in the Manhattan courtroom. Ohio Sen. J.D. Vance, Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, and Rep. Nicole Malliotakis of New York were eager to play to the cameras, but didn’t get much of a chance to bask in the limelight.

“After traveling with him in his motorcade, court officers were ordered to prohibit us from standing with President Trump as he addressed media” and they also “prohibited us from speaking to media,” Malliotakis complained. That’s all because “They WANT to silence the truth, protect their narrative and create the false perception that he has no support. Far from it!” she claimed.

Scott insisted Thursday that he was there because “I have known Donald Trump a long time … I knew him before I was governor. I consider him a friend. And what he is going through is just despicable.”

What could Scott get out of this? Maybe he thinks Trump will return the favor by supporting his reelection campaign. Scott has also been angling for the GOP leadership spot in the Senate since 2022, and might be considering what Trump could do for him there. Or perhaps he’s vying for a Cabinet slot, like secretary of Health and Human Services? He’s certainly shown he knows his way around Medicare—or at least how to defraud Medicare to the tune of $1.7 billion. He even tried to spin that investigation to his favor Thursday, saying Trump was the victim of “political persecution,” just like him.

“By the way, I saw this. It happened to me,” Scott said on Fox News. “I fought Hillarycare, and guess what happened when I fought Hillarycare? Justice came after me and attacked me and my company.”

He could be auditioning for the role of Trump’s vice president, but he’d have a problem there. Scott would have to leave Florida to do it, since the presidential and vice presidential candidates can’t call the same state home. That didn’t stop Dick Cheney back in 2000. He just declared he was a resident of Wyoming, and the courts bought it.

Vance is the likelier veep contender. He’s been circling Trump for weeks, reportedly texting or talking daily with Don Jr. and saying all the things Trump wants to hear, including that “the main goal of this trial is psychological torture” of Trump.

“I think that when you look at all of these attacks on Donald Trump, you have to be honest with yourself and say, this is not about law and this is not about justice,” Vance said on CNN Sunday.

In that interview, Vance also blew off the fact that Trump hangs around with well-known antisemites and white nationalists like Nick Fuentes and said that he would only accept the results of the 2024 election if they are “free and fair.” That’s all music to Trump’s ears, and Vance is clearly working overtime for that coveted top-of-the-ticket favor.

Tuberville’s Monday appearance in the courtroom is probably just a ploy for media attention. It’s possible he imagines he could be Trump’s No. 2. Or maybe he’s eyeing a Cabinet position—like secretary of Defense. Tuberville probably thinks he’s an expert and proved his bona fides through his months-long blockade of military promotions.

It’s hard to believe that the biggest Trump toady of them all—South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham—hasn’t shown up yet. And other veep contenders are really letting Vance get the jump on them. Where has South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott been? Don’t forget Marco Rubio, who also has a Florida man problem, but that’s fixable.

What about North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, who Trump likes because he’s “very rich”? Or Trump’s “killer” friend, Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York? They’re missing a big opportunity here.

Navigator collects, analyzes, and distributes real data on progressive messaging. The Hub Project's Bryan Bennett and Gabriela Parra talk with Kerry about what they are seeing in their research this election cycle, and which messaging can help progressive candidates win elections in 2024—and beyond.

Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos.

 Jason Dean

Don Jr. Will Appear With Hitler-Loving Antisemite On Speaking Tour

Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, Lara Trump, Trump lawyer Alina Habba, and other members of Trump’s orbit are scheduled to speak alongside antisemitic streamer Jason Dean this week. Dean, who also spoke at a May Trump hotel event with Eric and Lara Trump, has said that he has “NEVER been able to buy the Hitler/Nazi ‘Official Story’” and praised Adolf Hitler for having a “vision” and wanting “to straighten everything out” but “the bankers got him.”

He is at least the third Hitler-promoting antisemite that has appeared on the Trump-backed ReAwaken America tour. Two other tour regulars were set to appear at Trump’s Miami resort in May but were pulled from the event after widespread media criticism.

Dean is a chiropractor, Rumble host, and fringe conspiracy theorist who believes that the Earth is under the “control” of alien reptiles. He has appeared on One America News and Alex Jones’ Infowars network. Dean gained a following during the COVID-19 pandemic by pushing false medical claims and grifting followers by offering his own health “protocol.”

Trump allies Roger Stone, Kash Patel, and Mike Flynn, and Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers have appeared on Dean’s program. He also posted a video of himself having a “strategic meeting” with congressional candidate and former Florida state Rep. Anthony Sabatini.

He is a regular speaker on the ReAwaken America tour and is scheduled to speak this week in Las Vegas. (Dean, tour co-founder Clay Clark, and the tour's website have confirmed his appearance.) The tour features QAnon conspiracy theorists and Christian nationalist rhetoric. In April 2022, Dean posted a picture of him meeting with tour co-founder Flynn, who also has a history of making antisemitic remarks, and thanked him for “giving me connections to people to meet with for the future.”

Members of Trump’s inner circle and past Trump administration officials are scheduled to speak at the event along with Dean. They include: Donald Trump Jr., Guilfoyle, Lara Trump, Devin Nunes, Habba, Flynn, and Stone.

Numerous other toxic commentators will be speakers, including Alex Jones sidekick and January 6 insurrectionist Owen Shroyer; far-right conspiracy theorist Lara Logan; COVID-19 conspiracy theorist Sherri Tenpenny, who has promoted antisemitic and Holocaust denying material; and election denier Mike Lindell.

Streaming host Stew Peters, a white nationalist who is virulently anti-LGBTQ, is also scheduled to speak. He has also repeatedly made antisemitic remarks, including stating that Judaism “is a death cult built on the blood of murdered babies” and writing: “It’s become socially unacceptable and in some cases even illegal to question or critique Jews, Israel, or the Zionist mob. The murder of Jesus (Read Book of Matthew). The attack on the USS Liberty. 9/11 dancing Israelis. Rothschild family. Who controls international banking, Hollywood, and the entire MSM.” He also wrote: “Say what you will about Hitler, but people turned out for his rallies.”

The tour invited Peters despite his attacks on Trump allies, including calling Trump adviser Ric Grenell “a sodomite ... who finds the meaning of life at the bottom of a shit hole."

Dean has spoken at prior ReAwaken America events in Post Falls, Idaho; Branson, Missouri; Nashville, Tennessee; and, most recently, at Trump’s resort in Miami, Florida. While Dean has spoken alongside Eric Trump at those events, the Trump son is currently not on the schedule for Las Vegas. (Eric Trump has been promoted as a speaker for the Las Vegas event and Clark said in an appearance on Stew Peters' program yesterday that audiences would “see Eric Trump,” but he told Clark several weeks ago that he would be in Scotland for a golf tournament and miss the event.)

Media Matters previously reported that Eric Trump repeatedly appeared alongside streamers Scott McKay and Charlie Ward, two antisemites who have a history of promoting pro-Hitler and Holocaust-denying content. (Dean has done streams with both of them.) After criticism, including from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, CNN’s Jake Tapper, and Trump ally Alan Dershowitz, the tour canceled their scheduled appearances at Trump’s Miami resort. Eric Trump responded by threatening “legal action” against Maddow.

Dean’s presence alongside key Trump officials is further evidence of how embedded antisemitism is on the right. It’s also an indication that Flynn and Clark’s tour has low standards when it comes to platforming speakers.

Here is some of Jason Dean’s history.

Dean said he doesn’t “buy the Hilter/Nazi ‘Official Story” and praised Hitler as someone who had a “vision” and “wanted to straighten everything out”

Dean has made numerous antisemitic remarks in the past several years, including praising Hitler -- remarks he acknowledged were “very, very, very controversial.”

During a November 2020 show, he claimed that Hitler was actually Jewish (“Hitler is, definitely — was a quote unquote bastard child of the Rothschilds”) and then praised Hitler for having supposedly been a visionary, stating: “He had visions of being a nationalist in Germany and to knock off the bankers. He had a vision of that. He potentially wanted to straighten everything out. However, that didn't go well, and instead it was overturned and the bankers got him.”

Dean prefaced his pro-Hitler remarks by saying he’s “been screaming this from a rooftop forever” and “this is a very, very, very controversial thing” to say.

JASON DEAN: What happened was, okay, I'm going to give you a very, very twisted history here that not everyone will agree with, but I've done a little bit of research. So Adolf Hitler. Here we go. Ready? I'm going to drop my own little bomb. And this is a very, very, very controversial thing that I'm going to say. But Adolf Hitler is, definitely — was a quote unquote bastard child of the Rothschilds. Now. The other part, though, is he had visions. He had visions of being a nationalist in Germany and to knock off the bankers. He had a vision of that. He potentially wanted to straighten everything out. However, that didn't go well, and instead it was overturned and the bankers got him.

Dean added that Hitler didn’t die but actually “went out the back door, down south toward Antarctica and … Argentina.”

He also wrote last year: “I have NEVER been able to buy the Hilter/Nazi ‘Official Story.’ The ONLY entity/organization that has told you to believe it is the Mainstream Media.”

He additionally wrote in January: “You have to remember something very important, and this will upset our veterans… We NEVER won World War 2. It wasn’t even a War. It was a setup to install Marxist Communism in America. It worked brilliantly and many are just becoming aware.”

Dean is also a believer in the “Khazarian mafia” conspiracy theory, which essentially claims that a group of fake Jewish people (the “Khazarian mafia”) stole Jewish identity centuries ago and now hides behind Judaism to control world affairs.

Mike Rothschild, a researcher and author of the upcoming book Jewish Space Lasers, previously told Media Matters that the conspiracy theory is “part of a long line of canards used by antisemites to claim that certain powerful Jewish families are ‘fake Jews.’” (Both Scott McKay and Charlie Ward have promoted the conspiracy theory.)

Dean wrote of the “Khazarian Mafia”: “The Jews were LEAD out of EGYPT. What is the MODERN DAY ‘SLAVERY?’ Debt Slavery. The DEBT is CARRIED by the Fake Jews, THe Khazarian Mafia.” He also claimed of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: “The Khazarians and their puppet politicians used Zelensky as their pawn to set Trump up for the Impeachment phone call. Now, Putin is going for blood and they’re trying to paint him as the bully. This is going to get good.”

Dean claimed “the Reptilians/Invader Force controls planet Earth. … This is REAL” and “we are under Reptilian control”

Dean believes that the Earth is “under reptilian control” and these reptiles use “puppets,” including George Soros and the Rothschild family, to implement their agenda.

“We are under Reptilian control,” Dean wrote last year. “The Reptilian/Dracos control this planet and have for a very long time. This is TOO MUCH for many to handle.”

    He also claimed: “This planet is not controlled by humans. Gates, Soros, Rothschilds, families….ALL puppets.”

    “The Reptilians/Invader Force controls planet Earth. … This is REAL,” he wrote.

    Dean’s belief in reptilian overlords echoes that of David Icke. Dean told Icke during an interview that he’s “been watching for a long period of time, read his books. And he is a genius when it comes to what is happening in the world and planetary control.”

    Dean is a QAnon, JFK Jr., 9/11, and Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist

    Dean has pushed numerous other far-right conspiracy theories. Here are just some of them:

    • Dean is a QAnon conspiracy theorist who wrote last September: “No matter how many times I walk away from Q it sucks me back in.”
    • Dean has promoted the conspiracy theory that John F. Kennedy Jr. is alive, including doing a show about JFK Jr. in which he said that Kennedy Jr. is “potentially coming back.” During another stream, he wore a QAnon-themed shirt reading “Trump / JFK Jr. 2020.”
    • Dean is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist who claimed that “9/11 was an inside job” and wrote: “If Trump and the Patriots SHOW that 9/11 was perpetrated by Israel.... The Planet will never be the same again. #InsideJob.”
    • Dean has claimed that the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting was a “false flag.”

    Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.

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