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At A Time Like This, Is There Anyone We Need Less Than Rudy Giuliani?

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At A Time Like This, Is There Anyone We Need Less Than Rudy Giuliani?

rudy giuliani

Published with permission from Alternet.

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, whose tenure was marred by law enforcement killings of unarmed African-Americans, took to the national television circuit today to baselessly smear Black Lives Matter protesters as responsible for the killing of five police officers in Dallas.

The Donald Trump surrogate and hardline neoconservative told MSNBC’s Brian Williams, “Police officers in this country feel they have a target on their back. They’ve felt that way for over a year now.”

“And I think the reason there’s a target on police officers’ backs is because of groups like Black Lives Matter that make it seem like all police are against blacks,” Giuliani continued. “They’re not. They’re the ones saving black lives. Black Lives Matter are not saving black lives. It’s the police officers doing it.”

In fact, police killings of Black people in 2015 outnumbered lynchings of African-Americans during the worst year of Jim Crow, as verified by Quartz reporter Annalisa Merelli.

Giuliani’s remarks come despite the fact that there has been no proven tie between the Dallas shooting and the Black Lives Matter protesters, who gathered to condemn the back-to-back police killings of African-American men Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

“Black activists have raised the call for an end to violence, not an escalation of it,” the Black Lives Matter network said in a statement released July 8. “To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible. We continue our efforts to bring about a better world for all of us.”

“There are some who would use these events to stifle a movement for change and quicken the demise of a vibrant discourse on the human rights of Black Americans,” the network continued. “We should reject all of this.”

Giuliani’s finger pointing at Black Lives Matter protesters is consistent with other recent remarks. In November 2014, he emphatically denied that there is a problem with police racism in America, instead pointing the finger at “black-on-black crime.”

His statements are remarkable given his prominent role as mayor of New York from 1994 to 2001 in overseeing large-scale abuse and extrajudicial killings of the city’s Black residents. Under his watch, the NYPD ramped up “stop and frisk” and “broken windows” policing that sparked large-scale protests led by communities of color.

Guilani provoked outrage when he refused to take meaningful action after 30-year-old black Haitian immigrant Abner Louima detained and tortured in a Brooklyn police precinct station in 1997. Numerous unarmed Black New Yorkers were executed by police under his watch, including: Guinean immigrant Amadou Diallo, off-duty security guard Patrick Dorismond and Bronx resident Malcolm Ferguson.

When confronted with public outrage over the police slaying of Dorismond, Giuliani responded by releasing the dead man’s juvenile arrest record.

“He embodied this arrogant, pro-police, fuck communities of color, put-my-thumb-in-your-eye attitude for eight years,” Josmar Trujillo, a writer and grassroots organizer with New Yorkers Against Bratton, told AlterNet. “The ghosts of Giuliani still linger. People remember these issues—the cops lying, the brutality, the blue wall of silence, the culture of corruption.”

Beyond law enforcement, Giuliani made his name on slashing welfare benefits and social services, stating in 1995 that displacement of poor people was a desirable outcome. “A natural consequence of a reduction in benefits might very well be that that would happen,” he said. “That would be a good thing.”

Giuliani’s latest statements about Black Lives Matter are not the first time he has seized on national pain to gain visibility. In the immediate aftermath of the September 11th attacks, he exploited the massacre to launch a lucrative post-mayoral career “exploiting his newfound celebrity advising corporations on how to protect against terrorism,” as Bill Moyers put it in 2011.

The attacks propelled him into a prominent role as a hardline neoconservative on foreign policy. He strongly backed the 2003 invasion of Iraq, called for Obama to “bomb the hell” out of Iran in 2012, has ardently supported right-wing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the immediate aftermath of the November 2015 Paris attacks, Giuliani urged intensified suspicionless surveillance of Muslim-American communities,proclaiming: “If you’re uncomfortable with police officers at your services, you must be saying things that are dangerous.”

More recently, during Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, he parroted the now-presumptive GOP nominee’s false claims that Muslim residents of the United States celebrated in the aftermath of the September 11th, 2001 attacks.

Giulini’s hardline positions, now directed towards Black Lives Matter amid mounting public outrage and pain at police killings of African-Americans, showcase what can be expected under a potential Trump presidency.

Sarah Lazare is a staff writer for AlterNet. A former staff writer for Common Dreams, she coedited the book About Face: Military Resisters Turn Against War. Follow her on Twitter at @sarahlazare.

Photo: Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr



  1. AgLander July 11, 2016

    Rudy is a liberal’s worst enemy…….he’s got a resume built on success and can lead because he’s been there and done it, unlike the weak kneed posers that have taken control of the Democrat party and talk a game they have never played.

    1. pisces63 July 11, 2016

      Apparently not. Really!!?? He is inconsequential or he would have meant something when running for the presidency and the fact no one is looking his direction for anything. The cross dressing idiot needs to take a swim in the east river. I do not see a resume built on success but on bigotry, brutality and lying. Even with over whelming evidence and a confession, he STILL does not accept the release of the wrongly convicted black men in the jogger debacle. He has no credibility !!

      1. AgLander July 11, 2016

        He saved more black lives when mayor of New York than BLM could do in 1,000 years…..fact. You bitter libs hate that don’t you? It doesn’t fit your template of driving hate and the politics of personal destruction against those that are effective at solving problems and are the true American leaders like Rudy

        1. pisces63 July 11, 2016

          I”m not bitter and people like you are hilarious. I am a 67 year old black woman, college graduate whose only son of our three children is a college graduate, also. HE is profiled enough here, in Cleveland. He saved more NOTHING!! I see the celebrities who have ventured into the city, thrown to the ground, up against walls, etc. Danny Glover spoke most eloquently on the subject. Will Smith, we won’t go there, will we? What had they done? Oh, his sisters are college grads, also. In fact 6/7 of my four sisters and my children are college graduates, including two males. Number seven graduates next year, cops children, those last two. The five of us are college grads. YOU have no point at all to me. Just leave our children alone, who are doing right. What part of that do you not understand. Why bother me when I am doing nothing?

          1. AgLander July 11, 2016

            Then why do you attack people like Rudy who have actually rolled up their sleeves solved the problems you describe, yet you support a terrorist group like BLM that does nothing but riot and loot, and has recently teamed up with a hate, separatist group like the Black Panthers?

          2. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            YOu never saw any place where I support black lives matter and if I did, that’s my business not yours. You white folks said the same things about NAACP. FBI called them communist agitators and the IRS crawled up their behinds at every chance. ANY time black people, native Americans, etc, fought back, they were called anti-something but the KKK, and other white racist murderous groups with thousands of deaths on their heads are not so vilified by the likes of you.

          3. AgLander July 11, 2016

            Now you have sunk to demagoguery……pure emotional response meant to silence the discussion and avoid answering my question about why you hate Rudy when he has done so much to address the real problem of lost black lives……black on black violence. The caskets role by in great numbers on the way to the cemetery and BLM does NOTHING, Al Sharpton does NOTHING, Jessie Jackson says NOTHING, Barack Obama is SILENT…..yet when a rare, single incident occurs in between all these caskets passing by that involves a white police officer and a black man you scramble over those caskets lined up with blacks murdered by blacks to demonstrate and engage in illegal activities. By the way, did you know that the cop that was involved in the Minnesota shooting was a Hispanic? I didn’t think so! Take your racism elsewhere because it is tiresome!

          4. yabbed July 11, 2016

            It’s been fun watching Pisces take you down. You should not try to speck about life experiences you don’t own 🙂

          5. AgLander July 11, 2016

            If I’m “down” as you claim, why are you straining your neck upward to see me?

          6. AgLander July 11, 2016

            ….and stop displaying that special form of condescending, soft bigotry that seems specific to liberals where they claim no one can understand their fellow human beings if they happen to have a different skin color than them simply because they aren’t them. It is really quite distasteful. Join the HUMAN race or die off and allow your special form of bigotry to be buried with you!

          7. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            I’m sorry, you have YET to show any semblance of the comprehension with me. it’s not a claim. It’s a reality.

          8. AgLander July 11, 2016

            I pity you. You realize you are a racist, don’t you? And all those experiences you describe from your past give you no justification for carrying such racial hatred towards whites today. But you don’t see it do you, because you been so oversold by liberal politicians on the story line that you are in a state of continuous victimhood that you feel entitled to spew your rhetoric as if it’s approved retribution speech. When will your anger subside? When will your feeling of hate heal? You don’t have much time left to do it….didn’t you say you were 73?

          9. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            I have no racial hatred. I have a preparedness you could never comprehend from dealing with civil rights to now when the right wants to take those hard fought rights from me and mine. YOU are the racist of the worst order. One who does not recognize himself. I just told you dim wit. I can spew anything I want as you do and I would never tell you not to. That is a difference between a liberal and a bigoted rightie. I’m 67 and my mom is 89, you do the math. This is cold headed logic, my rage has had from the 60’s to mellow. Took a lot of time and then you’re trying to wake it up with the election of a black man. YOu blame you ape headed bigotry on him, too. typical, blame it on the black man for your innate life of a eunuch.

          10. AgLander July 11, 2016

            Of course you have no racial hatred! (wink, wink, wink!) It’s too late for you, you’re so old, maybe your offspring have a better heart and will be engaged in a positive way in society instead of disrupting it with hate speech like their mother.

          11. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Not a chance…..it’s generational hand me down thinking Ag

          12. AgLander July 11, 2016

            I agree, but I was trying to be nice……..

          13. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            I never taught it, nor my parents from jim crow Louisiana. YOU did. the first person to call me the n word was my 6th grade white teacher. The first person to anger my son was a coworker who vilified him every day at work and when he bought his home, he nearly pushed him down calling him an uppity n word. My son, spoke to personnel and they got is hashed out but by then he had his dream job making w=twice as much money. Then he had to deal with this white cop stopping him going home to ID him up to 3 times a week and even waiting for him at home to ID him. My middle girl no problems she has spoken of. My baby girl? She went to BGSU and had a great time making and keeping new friends all over. Even Europe which she still has. Yet, her first experience was at her first job out of college at a bank. These white people walked in and yelled, we do not want that n-word to wait on us. Get an education you ignorant n word. The worse part, this was in an European ethnic neighborhood and most could barely speak English. She has encountered many other bigoted white people that is NOT for her friends could have anti-white. Now, my 10 year old granddaughter. She was published at 6 and held a conversation with high school kids at 8 on To Kill a Mockingbird. She learned at 4 white people, or as she called them, then, the nasty people do not like the brown people. Which surprised me and wonder where this was coming from. She stopped wearing her princess gowns, reading the books and watching the cds. Why? Then I heard her speaking to her younger sister and said we do not like the nasty people. we will not talk to the nasty people. they do not like the brown people or the brown president or his brown wife and children. She saw and heard the treatment of this man and us during his inauguration. She hasn’t forgotten at ten. she has learned her history like you would not believe. She has also learned the constitution much to the joy of her constitutionalist mother who is about to take the LSATS. No dear, I sit back you teach us and during these past 8 years, you are teaching our children a lot, as usual. You never let us down.

          14. jmprint July 12, 2016

            AgLander NO ONE needs your pitty, what we need is less ignorance from you.

          15. Maura July 12, 2016

            White nationalist alert!!

          16. AgLander July 12, 2016

            Pre-programmed Clinton zombie alert!! Be careful, hon…..some of them end up dead once they’ve served their purpose.

          17. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            I never gave a race to the officers. the officers in NY were black. too, so what. It isn’t demagoguery, nor pure emotional response. It is the truth. I know the caskets roll by. My children knew some of those victims here, in Cleveland. I also knew people who were victims and nothing done about it. black Lives matter means nothing to me, so spare your rhetoric. All black lives matter to me. When I see one of the representatives march at a killing site in our neighborhoods, they will have credibility. As it is, they do not to me. THAT makes a lot of black people angry, you don’t see the difference. I do. I have a son and fear for his life everyday, especially since he bought a brand new Camaro and owns a home in an outer ring suburb. black men in high end cars are notoriously harassed. My late father was because he loved his Cadillac’s. My late uncles with their Buick 225, Riviera, etc. WE are a hard working family. Not criminals. By the way police officers are blue who happen to be white, black, Asian, etc. The one in NY was Asian. One other in Wisconsin was Asian. don’t EVER tell me what I do and don’t know. I have forgotten more than you will ever know in these race ‘wars’!! White people are for people like you. I do not and have never followed, from the Civil Rights movement at 14, Sharpton nor Jackson. Do you want to know when I first found out about police brutality? My parents are from Louisiana. we vacationed there just about every year when my grandparents were alive. This particular year, a cousin who had just graduated high school wanted to move to Cleveland for a new start. He would live with his older sister and family, who had moved north a few years earlier. We were just unpacking the car and these cops drove by. We never paid attention to them in those days. then they screeched to a stop. got out of their cars, both white, grabbed my cousin and threw him on the hood of the car saying he was a suspect in a murder. REALLY? when it had been proven he had never been in the state before, they let him go with warnings. WARNINGS?? He got a job with Sears where he worked, raised a family and moved BACK to Louisiana when he retired. I was 16 at the time. The next was for my son. My father was a church leader along with my mom. Mondays were bible teaching night. My kids met their cousins as my parent’s home after school and waited until time to go. My son happened to be on the porch of my sister’s home next door to my parent’s and cops, again drove by, stopped, again, got out of their car with guns drawn on MY SON. 14 years old. He looked like a drive by suspect and the car was the same color. one, my son could not drive. two, the car was my sister’s and she had not driven it all day and HER son was 13 at the time. GUNS on MY son. My parents and neighbors probably saved his life. This cop was black. When you walk in my shoes, you have an opinion, until then you have a white world view which is bogus. Stop assuming!!

          18. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            NOT rare. there has been over 500 this year, so far more than the lyinchings in the 20th century. Not just black. One of the names they were honoring was a white boy at the Dallas march. There were three, not two.

        2. jmprint July 12, 2016

          I just threw up all over your post especially the last line. oops excuse me, doing it again, gotta go.

      2. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

        “Cross dressing idiot”? Is that a slur against the very movement you leftists champion? Hypocrites, all of you democrats

        1. AgLander July 11, 2016

          It’s a one-way street they drive on every day but point it out and you’re attacked with a rage!

        2. pisces63 July 11, 2016

          No it is Giuliani, though and I would not insult them with him. It IS what he did just like the late FBI director. Imbred dimwits are what you are.

          1. AgLander July 11, 2016

            Give it up…..you’re intellectually stuck in quicksand.

          2. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            LOL….but it’s fun

          3. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Are we back to childish insults now? You purport yourself to be a college educated woman. Get your money back dear

          4. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            When speaking with intellectual mini mees, one has to adjust. I could wax most eloquently in putting you down but I have work to do and you are wasting my time. typical white men who cannot abide an intelligent black person and a woman to boot with a family of architects, lawyers, professors, teachers, PH.d’s, MBAS, etc. from coast to coast and our children are third generation college grads and you are NOTHING!!

          5. AgLander July 11, 2016

            Uh huh……totally believable! (Not!)

          6. AgLander July 11, 2016

            She tried to present herself initially as a calm arbiter of social behavior and above it all but she exposed herself rather quickly as a low brow pig in the sty mucking around in the muck and slinging it with malice.

    2. adler56 July 11, 2016

      right- his success is similar to that of Hitler who was also quite successful. Pick a group or groups of people you don’t like and do your best to kill them all. Guiliani was just much smaller scale than Hitler.

      1. AgLander July 11, 2016

        I already answered your stupidity through a rebuttal of another idiot’s comment similar to yours…scroll to see it, if you aren’t too lazy to do it.

      2. Tredsox July 11, 2016

        100% correct his is so successful that he is absolutely not electable.

      3. GreginPottsville July 12, 2016

        I always thought you would love Hitler since you hate Jews. Jimmy, you seem confused.

    3. FireBaron July 11, 2016

      Most of Rudy’s successes were actually those of other prosecutors, most notably the Federal Prosecutor for Manhattan, who actually went after White Collar criminals, organized crime families, etc., as opposed to prosecuting hookers and guys for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

      1. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

        Isn’t it refreshing to see that! A prosecutor that goes after the real bad guys instead of pot smokers. It was Rudy however that spearheaded that movement otherwise the “other” prosecutors would have been assigned to the hookers

        1. AgLander July 11, 2016


  2. Angela45875 July 11, 2016

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  3. robrothman July 11, 2016

    “Police Officers feel like they have a target on their backs.” Welcome to what it is to be Black in America in 2016. When Police Officers kill Black Americans without a real fear for their lives, without just cause, Black Americans have a target on their backs. When a Black Man gets shot for a situation in which a White Man would be negotiated with, where a White Man would be given the benefit of a doubt, there is a target on the Black Man’s back. What scares me is that this backlash of shootings of Police Officers is just the beginning. If the unjustified shooting of Black Citizens does not result in prosecution of some of these Police Officers, the backlash is likely to get worse.

    1. pisces63 July 11, 2016

      Actually, it has been going on by white people. They have targeted police since before WACO, Ruby Ridge and other shoot outs with law enforcement, only they, the perps, call it defending their freedoms and white Americans side with these wackos to the point when the president wanted legislation to call them terrorists, Boehner stopped it dead in the water with the proviso, he would not vilify patriots. That tell you anything?

      1. AgLander July 11, 2016

        If IQ was measured in degrees, you’d be standing on ice……idiot.

        1. pisces63 July 11, 2016

          Did I call you out of your name your name, you ignoramus? You really want to go there and lose? My IQ is higher than yours ever will be, in fact my 13 year old computer nerd grandson’s is higher than your from birth.

          1. AgLander July 11, 2016

            Save your money….I don’t need it.

          2. tb thomas July 11, 2016

            One would think at age 67 (and with your big brain), you’d have managed to leave your inferiority complex behind. Maybe you should join Mensa…that’s what it’s there for.

          3. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            OOOOH, did I burst your stereotypical little bubble of the illiterate black person. Sorry, ooops, no I am not. Deal with it but keep your infantile sarcasm to yourself. I am not nor have I ever been or felt inferior to one of you, ever. My parents had to deal with that expectation of growing up, you know step of the side walk, yassah, no ma”am. I do not genuflect. Nor do I nor my four sisters show deference as they had to. My children, either. You spit on me as was done to Rep. John Lewis in the state house by one of the inbred, I will catch a case. Try me, if you dare on the inferiority lie.

          4. tb thomas July 11, 2016

            Sorry if I touched a nerve. Just a suggestion: you’ve made your point about how intelligent you are, all the stuff you don’t put up with, and that you could mop the floor with all us small-handed white guys. If you’ve got anything new to contribute we haven’t heard a half-dozen times already, please do. But spare us the tedious beatch-slapping (assuming you have the necessary self-control).

          5. pisces63 July 11, 2016


          6. tb thomas July 11, 2016

            Exactly my point. (Nice to know you got it !;)

      2. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

        Do you really think that “thinking” white Americans backed the jerkoffs in Ruby Ridge or Waco? They were the the same type as BLM and were denounced by the average white person. While Boehner is a dick of mammoth proportions, what was he to say in response to an irresponsible statement made the POTUS

        1. AgLander July 11, 2016

          Yes…yes she does think like that. But is she a racist? If it quacks, walks and looks like a duck…….

          1. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Ag, I’ve argued with most of these leftists last week on another subject. Calling them names does nothing but play into their rhetoric. Giving them solid information helps to no degree because they think different….fu^ked up thinking, but just different and nothing will change it. It IS entertaining though…lol

          2. AgLander July 11, 2016

            Forward a lie to promote your agenda and you have reached the highest and most admired plateau among liberals
            Forward the truth to promote your agenda and you’re just an average conservative but one whose called a racist by liberals!

          3. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            YOu empty headed wackadoodle. I could get really nasty with you but , really you are not worth it. Neither of you.

          4. AgLander July 11, 2016

            I don’t think you can….I think you are at full throttle and on that underpowered engine of yours.

          5. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            Wanna bet?

          6. AgLander July 11, 2016

            Save your money….I don’t need it.

        2. pisces63 July 11, 2016

          Yes, I do. Unless you do not notice, you are the ones they to not listen to. didn’t you know that. they listen to the loudest ones out there. Just as they do not listen to an educated black woman not on welfare, they will put the one who is opposite on the news. YOu never noticed this? I know how they acted. They called the FBI and others murderers, infringing on their rights. Janet Reno was viciously reamed by that group.

          1. AgLander July 11, 2016

            Pure racial hatred……I pity you.

          2. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            Take your impotent, little hands to hell.

          3. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Why can we not keep these conversations civil?

          4. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            You haven’t. Neither has your ninja midget!!

          5. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Oh but I have…..

          6. AgLander July 11, 2016

            If I do end up there some day, may I pay you a visit?

          7. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            Why yes, I’ll have the Wildfire waiting for you as you pontificate. Cannot wait.!!

          8. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            They listen to who they believe their constituency is. All either side cares about is votes which is why I back Trump. He doesn’t care about that PC crap to pander to the republican “bigots” if that’s what they are! Which is why the far right is against him. Janet Reno should be reamed just because of being the pos that she is.

    2. itsfun July 11, 2016

      Wasn’t it black lives matter that was marching and saying kill the police?
      All lives matter. There is no excuse for murdering anybody including the police for killing someone because us their race. There also is no excuse for murdering someone just because they are a law enforcement officer. How many killing are there by gangs every day? How many killings by terrorists. How many by drug dealers? Just look at the Dallas cop killer.

    3. AgLander July 11, 2016

      You belong on the FBI’s Terrorist Watch List……get lost you violence promoting, agitating loser!

    4. plc97477 July 11, 2016

      One major difference is the fact that the Dallas shooter probably will spend time in prison for it. Not many of the police have gotten any punishment for their crimes.

      1. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

        The Dallas shooter is dead!

    5. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

      Black Americans have a target on their backs because of all the crap that goes down in their neighborhoods. If the same illegal activities happened in affluent white neighborhoods the same results would apply. Compliance to police authority is all it would take to prohibit 99% of the wrongful police actions in the black community

      1. pisces63 July 11, 2016

        That’s not true. I will give you and true example, here in Cleveland. During the great crack wars, blacks were thrown in jail for holding 3 crack what ever they are. One 16 year old black kid received 16 years for three crack vials. No other record. By the same token a white kid, same age with numerous busts for kilos of cocaine still has no felony, only rehab, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, trying to debunk complaints of unfairness by the judicial system, did a two year undercover on this. Their eye were opened wide at the disparity. Now, segue to today. Over 60% of outer ring suburban kids have tested positive for heroin which they started when using prescription drugs found in the home. there were 109 deaths between July, 2014-January 2015 of which 89% are whites and only 1 was black. Not my numbers, the Plain Dealer’s a couple of months ago. I had no idea this was such an epidemic. Why? White neighborhoods, mostly White kids, keep it quiet. It happens, they just do not publish it like if it had happened in a black school. I work with these parents, I know when a lock down, locker search, dog search is progressing. On the news, us, no!! Black school it would have made the national news. As it is, we have had none. Not even during the crack wars. One Cleveland Police Officer, bless him, vented his anger about the different treatments given white and black neighborhoods. A white cop. They quietly get help where our kids get/got jail time. It’s there, their drug dealing/using isn’t televised.

        1. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

          I’m not saying there is no disparity between the two but the actions of the individual when confronted, in many cases, generally are different

          1. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            A black man, look it up in Beavercreek, Ohio picked up an air rifle in the gun pen in the Walmart. He leaves the pit area where there were numerous others looking at guns, also. He walks around the store talking on his cell phone. A man calls 9-11 and lies to police he is pointing at people in the store, he loaded the gun and was threatening a woman and child in one aisle. Cops came in shot in within seconds. The caller, shocked, backed down his lies, too late. A man is dead exercising his rights in a carry state. Not long after a kid sitting in a play ground with a toy gun is murdered. nothing done. Not long after a white man goes into a black neighborhood in Akron, Oh carrying a long rifle, walking back and forth in fron of a black owned barber shop. When the black people in the neighborhood called the police as was done with the to black males, one a child, nothing is done. HE WAS EXERCISING HIS RIGHTS. Then, the cops told the neighborhood to calm down and threatened them. Really??

          2. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Isolated incidents to be sure but the police must be scared to death having to work in a crime infested sewer and many times over react because of that natural fear. Black police have the same fear and will be the first to admit it

          3. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            Not isolated and never has been. Here’s one for you. Person leaving to go home from their parent’s home as they do mostly every day since their father died. Cop stops them and asks for their usual. this person asked what they did and he said did not stop at a stop sign where there was none. When asked if he accepted police courtesy cards, he sneered and said bet it’s stolen and whose is he, when the name was given, he turned whiter, if possible, said good night and tripped over himself to run away. My sister, leaving my mom’s home of nearly 60 years and we know stop signs blind folded. Her HUSBAND was the cop in question and they know not to bother his family. She even has the badge on her license.

          4. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Isolated in the sense of comparing them to the number of stops made by police on a daily basis. Wow! All the crap you put up with would make me want to move away from that area

          5. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            We won’t run and we all live within the area. All CMSD grads and our children, also. Now my grandchildren. My mom has been in that house since the late 50’s which she and my dad, sharecroppers kids who came to Cleveland from Louisiana in 1947 with $100 less train fare and basically the clothing on their backs, bought less than 10 years later. That home and their successful refuse hauling business put 5 daughters through college, leaving no debt. One to Case Western Reserve on a full scholarship in the 70’s.

          6. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            I grew up in the city of Chicago and have many black acquaintances there who have NEVER run into the situations you’ve described. Now they are not ghetto dwellers and live in a nice middle class area but would still be subject to police interogation while driving or walking while black

          7. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            So!! When our son finished high school, he decided to live in Nashville with my husband’s family and try his luck before he got his degree. He lived there three years and was never stopped, harassed, nothing. Even when visiting Louisiana and Mississippi, it did not happen. When he got back to Cleveland, he was pulled over within two weeks for no reason. Within a few years, he and his wife owing their home, he was stop by this white cop to Id Him up to three times a week and even followed him to his home to ID him. they had owned that house and the neighbors love them, all white and they became my friends, too over barbecue back yard fence gossiping that were a joy.

          8. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Back yard fence gossiping is never a joy to those gossiped about but be that as it may. You just proved my point that getting out of that area would be a good thing, not running but moving

          9. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            Wrong, again. In my neighborhood when we are barbequing, over the fence works too but to the tune of Motown, blues(My late husband) and enjoying ourselves. Music and conversation. Does not fit the stereotype, does it, the Hough area of Cleveland. NOT gossiping about people, either. Favorite movies, tv shows, books we’ve read, like that.

          10. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Motown, Sam Cooke and Luther Vandross are favorites in white neighborhoods too pisces, you folks do not have a lock on good music. The actions you’ve described do not happen in all areas as is evidenced by your sons’ relocation to Nashville and other communities where it did not occur. Cleveland, from what I’ve understood, has always been a cesspool and while I’m sure you love your friends, You’d find new ones in a community that doesn’t treat you like a second class citizen

        2. tb thomas July 11, 2016

          Okay, if you provide a link to the Cleveland Plain Dealer investigation, I’d like to read it. I am well aware that there are plenty of White kids getting involved with drug-dealing, because there are numerous examples of those White kids getting killed by Black kids doing the same thing. As to the sentencing, the majority of arrests of Black perps go un-prosecuted in cities like Cleveland because it’s almost impossible to get witnesses to come forward — in part due to an anti-law-enforcement culture, but more so because of widespread witness intimidation.

          As to your allegation that Black violence and drug activity is eagerly covered by the national media, nothing could be further from the truth. Some local television media outlets do cover Black violence in schools, and “flash robs”, but most media outlets, local and national, bend over backwards not to use the terms “Black” or “African American” when reporting on this type of crime, even when suspects are still at large. If they happen to have video or mugshots, they generally do publish them, however — regardless of skin color.

      2. jmprint July 11, 2016

        Justice: White athlete rapes girl, get 6 months probation, Black athlete rapes girls, get 20 years. Jim it’s easy for you to deny what doesn’t touch you.

  4. adler56 July 11, 2016

    guiliani sucks. Why can’t he just stfu?

    1. GreginPottsville July 12, 2016

      So Catholic of you.

  5. itsfun July 11, 2016

    Rudy is right,

  6. FT66 July 11, 2016

    Mr. Noun – 9/11 – Noun (Mafia Rudy Giuliani) has no relevancy anymore. Is there anyone still listening to this alduterer.

  7. Grannysmovin July 11, 2016

    Put a sock in it Giuliani you are part of the problem and we have enough problem makers what we need is problem solvers.

  8. yabbed July 11, 2016

    Rudy is a authoritarian racist. He’s a wannabe slave master. His fantasies must be horrific.

    1. AgLander July 11, 2016

      Turn off the computer, put on a less stained t-shirt, and go back out front and sit on the porch and yell at the kids waiting for the school bus……that’s a better fit for you.

      1. yabbed July 11, 2016

        Shows what you know about where and how I live, goofball. 🙂

        1. timmfr30 July 11, 2016

          who cares fool

        2. AgLander July 11, 2016

          Your screed rage gave you away.

      2. drdroad July 11, 2016

        I remember thinking when he made his statement, who the hell cares about what Rudy Giulliani thinks?? Does he believer we’re all waiting with bated breath for him to make a statement?? AgLander maybe, most Americans, naw!

  9. Tredsox July 11, 2016

    Rudy you are a pathetic racist swine who by the way could not win and election is he was the ONLY person running. You are no longer relevant and after Trump gets buried in November perhaps the sane and normal Republicans will emerge with some real plans and programs not just giving more to the 1% pigs at the top

    1. AgLander July 11, 2016

      You sure like to use pig and swine designations…….do you by chance live in a pigsty?

      1. jmprint July 11, 2016

        He knew you would come spouting if he used the word pig, and it worked you got oinked,

  10. Goldbug12 July 11, 2016

    All lives matter including blue lives! Black Lives Matter is a HATE GROUP! The two blacks killed in MInnissota and Louisiana had guns and rap sheets a mile long! Just like all the other low-life thugs like Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Freddie Grey!
    Rudy won’t retire because he makes a ton of money and loves the limelight! Especially appearing on Fox News all the time!

    1. timmfr30 July 11, 2016

      you are an uninformed bigot

      1. Goldbug12 July 11, 2016

        You are an uninformed MORON!

        1. timmfr30 July 11, 2016

          i laugh at your ignorance

    2. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

      Goldbug, while I agree that BLM is a racist hate group, all evidence so far shows the young man killed in Minnesota was an upstanding citizen and deserved a better fate. The thug in Baton Rouge is perhaps a different story but let’s wait till all the facts come to light

    3. drdroad July 11, 2016

      You’ve clearly done no research on the two blacks killed last week. Sounds to me like you are your own hate group.

    4. tb thomas July 11, 2016

      If you have evidence supporting your allegations regards Philando Castile of St. Paul Minnesota, and his ‘mile-long rap sheet’, you should provide it. Otherwise, have the decency to admit you don’t know what you’re talking about. Last I checked, they don’t issue concealed carry permits to people with criminal records.

      To be clear: that incident in no way legitimizes the fraudulent narrative of the Black Lives Matter hate-group. But reckless, poorly trained police officers must be weeded out, and sanctioned criminally if the factual evidence, fairly reviewed, merits.

      1. pisces63 July 11, 2016

        He has no mile long rap sheet., liar.

  11. FireBaron July 11, 2016

    Giulliani has always been more show than substance. “America’s Mayor” rode to Gracie Hall on the basis of people thinking he was a successful prosecutor. Actually, most of the cases people assume were prosecuted by his office were actually done by the long-time Federal Prosecutor for Manhattan – Robert Morganthau. He was the one who went after organized crime, the unions, the white-collar criminals, etc. Giulliani’s biggest coup was when he marched the prostitutes gathered up the previous night across the GW bridge to New Jersey. Outside of that, he was as effective a DA as a tire with a slash in the sidewall.

  12. Leftout July 11, 2016

    Anyone else better worse than Giuliani . Is the Obama . Obama from day one goaded the police unfairly at Cambridge and has made favored remarks regarding law breakers , siding with BLM and fomented the worse racial devide since the 1960s .

    1. jmprint July 11, 2016

      LIar. Worse are Trump stupid followers.

      1. Leftout July 11, 2016

        I work in a very diverse environment in the inner cities and very in tune with “racism” issues. This has been the worse racial tension since I can remember. These incidents may appear to have gotten worse in the past 8 years and may appear new to you and it is. We have had relative peace until the Obama carrying to misfits …. Recently favoring BLM and inviting them as guests to the White House along with other questionable groups of ill repute.
        Obama in effect foments controversy and lives in the past and is probably influenced by bad characters. You fail to accept his nefarious friends.

        1. tb thomas July 11, 2016

          Thanks for an honest assessment.

          1. Leftout July 11, 2016

            I only related personal experiences and are true , where as Obama due to white privilege never was in familiarity with “the struggle ” of Blacks in America . He had a shielded life , compared to any American including whities.

        2. jmprint July 11, 2016

          It’s the republicans doing all fomenting, whites aren’t the ones being harassed, do you honestly think it just started happening 8 years ago, again you do not live in reality, you live in a sheltered world. Stop blaming Obama, put a mirror in front of you and his voters and you will see where the hate is fomented.

          1. Leftout July 11, 2016

            Divisive ness started in Obamas reign , and it was not because people are anti black. He did not relate to blacks and their problems and developed no programs to lift / inspire youth to gain confidence and move along . Many have made it out of depravity Much of St George’s Cnty, Maryland improved themselves as well as Colin Powell, Eric Holder , Susan and Condie Rice, Jeh Johnson, Valerie Jarrett , Ben Carson, Wilbur Corprew, Kathay Freeman, and me

  13. tb thomas July 11, 2016

    The obscenity of the first major Black Lives Matter demonstration will never be forgotten:

    “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it, right now!”

    The contemptible comments by Barrack Obama following the acquittal of George Zimmerman will not be forgotten either:

    “There are very few African American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they are shopping in a department store.

    That includes me.

    There are very few African American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of walking across the street and hearing the locks click on the doors of cars.

    That happens to me…at least before I was a Senator.

    There are very few African Americans who haven’t had the experience of getting on an elevator, and a woman clutching her purse nervously, and holding her breath, until she has a chance to get off.

    That happens often.

    And, I don’t want to exaggerate this, but those sets of experiences inform how the African American community interprets what happened one night in Florida.

    And it’s inescapable for people to bring those experiences to bear.

    The African American community is also knowledgeable that there is a history of racial disparities in the application of our criminal laws. Everything from the death penalty, to enforcement of our drug laws.

    And that ends up having an impact in terms of how people interpret the case.

    Now this isn’t to say that the African American community is naive about the fact that African American young men are disproportionally involved in the criminal justice system.

    …that they’re disproportionally both victims and perpetrators of violence.

    It’s not to make excuses for that fact.

    …although, Black folks do interpret the reasons for that in a historical context. They understand that some of the violence that takes place in poor black neighborhoods around the country is born out of a very violent past in this country.

    And that the poverty, and dysfunction that we see in those communities can be traced to a very difficult history.

    And so, the fact that sometimes that’s unacknowledged, adds to the frustration.”

    Not making excuses? Orwell coined a term for that kind of rhetoric: Doublespeak.

    Black Lives Matter is the most malignant, racist organization since the Ku Klux Klan. And even worse, because by now, with the lessons of history behind us, we should know better than to tolerate it.

    1. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

      The violent history that was prevalent before the 60’s has been OVER for 50 years and the new generations have never experienced that type bigotry. It can be traced there because grandparents and parents have kept the chip on their shoulders for years and it transcends to every generation since

      1. tb thomas July 11, 2016

        Spot on. I grew up in the 50’s & 60’s, and watched the last vestiges of socially accepted racism wither and die as my generation came of age. That our President has managed to resurrect a race-war worse than the one we suffered through back then, will be his most lasting and ignominious legacy.

        1. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

          Those ARE his legacies tb but unfortunately history will pump him up to be a “breakthrough” and one of the best of our time. Only the people who lived through it and saw the divide created during his administration will know the truth. The libtard professors in the future will ensure our children are misinformed, which will perpetuate what we have today

          1. tb thomas July 11, 2016

            There’s a guy on YouTube (“Laughing at Liberals”) who has thoroughly documented the Leftist derangement which has infested our ‘higher education’ institutions here in “The peoples republic of Oregon…” He covers demonstrations, sit-ins, an entire month of “White Guilt” seminars at Portland Community College, and an entire generation of college students completely indoctrinated by Liberal Fascism. And let me assure you, there’s really nothing ‘laughable’ about it.

          2. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            The only thing laughable is the consistency in which it’s happening all over the country (not really…sad is the word) But they do all have the same look…..dandruff laden, sleepy eyed, hush puppy wearing or Birkenstocks, depending on gender, who have never had to meet a payroll in their hiding behind tenure little lives

          3. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            Plus he was out of his jurisdiction. FYI, if he stands side ways to you so you cannot read his badge number, usually they are not supposed to be there. This from my brother-in-law.

          4. chino49p July 11, 2016

            You guys are real intellectual midgets. Obama from day one has been the object an unprecedented degree of racial hatred and obstructionism. You vile racists were so outraged that a Black man had made it into the White House that you went viral. White supremacist groups started growing by leaps & bounds as racists like you guys and the mentally deranged giuliani–beck–limbaugh types PURPOSELY inflamed your evil bases. Old limbaugh even said clearly that he hoped Obama would be a failure, and the senators & congressmen have been trying their damnedest to obstruct Obama and make that failure happen. That is why the congress has the lowest approval rating, they are the do nothing congress. They do nothing but OBSTRUCT.

            The Black Lives Matter movement is not racist. They are a necessary construct responding to the fact that Black people are subject to being executed by police at a totally disproportionate rate than others. In an exact same situation, a White man with a gun and a Black man with a gun, the police are more likely to SHOOT the Black man down with multiple bullets while the White guy would be respectfully TALKED DOWN. Black men don’t even have to have a weapon to be more likely to be assaulted and or killed by police. It leaves the very real impression that Black lives DO NOT MATTER. So the movement was created to say that the overall attitude that Black lives DON’T matter needs to CHANGE. Black Lives DO MATTER just as much as White lives matter.

          5. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            Thank you very much, isn’t amazing how bigots blame the outing of their bigotry on this president. It never went away. It never died or it would not have surfaced so readily with I want my country back the morning after.

          6. Jim Samaras July 11, 2016

            Do you really think it was black America that elected Obama in the first place? No, it was white America! Really, an America that sees no color, an America that wants justice and things done the right way. What turned out was we elected a community activist with socialistic tendencies that, when realized, we attempted to block that socialistic ideology and rightfully so.
            BLM is not racist? Then why do they march and chant about dead white cops? If any white group would do that I think you know what the backlash would be. Want to stop the stereotype? Then stop perpetuating it with stupid activities like running from the law or not complying with someone in an authority position.

          7. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            Not in one instance was one person running or non compliance . NOT ONE!1 You do no hear me. You never will and until you and other like you do, nothing will change until it is one of yours as the young white boy commemorated in the Dallas march, also. as for the music. Get real. I just mentioned it. really? My music is at work. from Elton John to Trisha Yearwood to Jon Bon Jovi, to culture club, village People, you name it sound tracks by John Williams, Broadway plays like Joplin(Love her Ball and Chains), Ragtime, Phantom of the Opera, sunset Boulevard. Too numerous to number and my children and grandchildren listens to them, also. My 8 year old granddaughter loves rock and heavy metal. She is learning drums, piano, violin but wants to be a rock drummer. Stop making something out of nothing just because I wrote it. Please. You are getting me mixed up about BLM, too. Never wrote any of that.

          8. chino49p July 11, 2016

            Thank you for confirming your idiocy. I said nothing of WHO elected Obama. For the record, America has ALWAYS saw color. The effort to derail Obama started on the very night of his inauguration with repub leaders meeting to plan their obstruction while the inauguration was going on. Actually they started as soon as the election results were in. All of it started before Obama had done anything.

            The chant of dead White cops if it happened was by a very small percentage of the BLM people and was not or is it now the intent of the BLM movement. They are tired of DEAD BLACK MEN. It has been proven that a lot of cops belong to racist hate websites and make racist comments. So using your perverted mentality, that means that ALL cops are RACIST. You have to apply your perverted mentality equally to both sides. But you are definitely not interested in equality.

            You are the stereotypical bigoted neanderthal. Want to stop your stereotype? Then stop perpetuating it with your racist comments. No, actually keep it up. People need to know what kind of idiot you are.

          9. Jim Samaras July 12, 2016

            “You vile racists were so outraged that a Black man had made it into the White House that you went viral.”
            You sir or madam, are an a$$clown of monumental proportions! How do you think he MADE it to the WH? Black America? Wrong! It was whites like myself, box, tbthomas and OTHER thinking posters on this site but you are obviously a brain dead moron not to understand what I was referring to.
            “It has been proven that a lot of cops belong to racist hate websites and make racist comments.” I don’t know where THAT came from but the ONLY difference between BLM and the KKK are the color of their hoodies you moronic imbecile. From your statements it seems that YOU are the racist

          10. chino49p July 12, 2016

            Thanks again for showing your vile and sick mind. Again I never said anything about who voted for Obama. As for thinking, it is clear that you are unqualified to try that endeavor. What a complete imbecile you are. It has been exposed time and again about police officers on racist websites and sending and receiving racist emails. They even have their own sites where they make their hatefulness known. You need to get up to date. The KKK tortured and maimed and killed thousands upon thousands of minorities and they are still advocating for the subjugation of minorities even the killing of them. BLM advocates for police to stop killing Black people at a rate much higher than White people which sends the clear message that Black Lives don’t matter. I know that this is too much reasoning for a pervert like you to comprehend, therefore I will waste no more time on a crazy loon like you guys. BTW everybody on this site knows what you guys are.

          11. Jim Samaras July 12, 2016

            Thanks are not needed chino! I’m dedicated to get the truth out there wherever and whenever needed my uninformed friend.While it may be true what you say about a few police officers, the BLM advocates outnumber them in being associated with racist websites and are allowed to shout it from the rooftops with no repercussions. I hope everyone does know that we are truth seekers and intend to get the word out about the reprehensible behavior of not only the democratic party but on both sides of the aisle.

          12. jmprint July 11, 2016

            BS, vomit!

          13. tb thomas July 11, 2016

            I’m a white guy. Not only did I vote for then Senator Obama in 2008, I spent an hour or so each day from June to November, posting blogs in the “Republicans for Obama” discussion group, on Obama’s campaign website. That is a matter of record. Care to revise your assertion that I’m a racist? (I thought not…never allow empirical facts to interfere with your intellectual conceits.)

            What I discovered, soon after he took office, his “platform” had been a carefully woven fabric of lies, designed specifically for people like me, who wanted to believe this highly articulate young man had the strength of his stated convictions. In fact he has demonstrated himself to be an all-consumed narcissist, with messianic delusions — utterly contemptuous not only of those who oppose him, but even more so of the sycophants who continue to support him, in spite of the fact that he methodically lies to them at every turn.

            This is the most malignant person ever to occupy the White House, and has managed to do more damage to this country over the last 7+ years, than any other event in our history. We will be lucky to survive him — if we survive him.

          14. jmprint July 11, 2016

            Ok we heard your speech, now list what exactly are your complaints: I haven’t heard any lies, can you please enlighten me.

          15. tb thomas July 11, 2016

            — I will cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term.

            — We will convene a national bi-partisan conversation on how to fix our health-care system, regardless of the consequences to special interest groups. We will broadcast the discussion on C-SPAN.

            — We will open the doors of the back-rooms in Washington D.C., and publish the video on the Internet.

            — I will post all bills passed by Congress on-line for two weeks before signing any legislation.

            — We will hold those responsible for the sub-prime financial crisis legally accountable for their actions.

            — We must acknowledge the problem of single parent families and the failure of Black men to take responsibility for supporting and raising their children, in order to solve the problem of poverty and crime in African American neighborhoods.

            — We will use the Internet to make government more efficient.

            The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works — whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified. Where the answer is yes, we intend to move forward. Where the answer is no, programs will end. And those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account, to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day, because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.

            — On foreign policy:

            We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense. And for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken — you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.

            — Last but not least:

            My administration will be the most transparent in the history of this country.

          16. jmprint July 11, 2016

            Like I said you like to keep Obama to different standards. Trump is not, and will not do one thing that he says he will do.

            He reduced the deficit spending FURTHER and FASTER than an previous president IN HISTORY (reducing deficit spending more than 1T/yr in 5 budgets)!!

            He was successful in getting legislation passed that revises
the rules health insurers must follow in providing insurance to Americans (ACA/Obamacare); which has not only already saved more than 15,000 people their lives (which can be documented), but is also saving hospitals and many states, including the red state of Arizona, billions of dollars in reduced costs because there are millions fewer Americans that are now uninsured.

            Not going after those that caused the housing bubble and after Cheney and Bush for lying and destroying their emails is something I was not pleased with, but it does not make him a bad President at all.

            He kept us safe from another 911 in that in itself has been great foreign policy.

            How transparent can he be when the tea baggers have tried to drag him down, Look at how much money they have wasted in frivolous lawsuits. Starting from day one in office. Trump would have already buckled if the shoe was on the other foot.

            You cannot come and try to sell Trump on this site, when we all know the truth about him. He is not worthy of holding the highest office with his vulgarity, biased self.

          17. tb thomas July 11, 2016

            What a pathetic rebuttal. This article is not about Trump, nor have I said one word about Trump anywhere on this thread (or any other thread for that matter).

            “Reduced deficit spending FURTHER and FASTER than any president IN HISTORY”

            Does putting it in capital letters make it any less absurd?

            Bush almost doubled the deficit over 8 years from 5.7T to 10.4T. As of this moment, it is 19.3T. That’s an increase of $9-Trillion. If you add up the accrued increases in GDP since Obama took office, the total accrual is less than $7-Trillion. That’s like losing your job, living off cash advances from your credit card for 8 years, while charging an additional $2-Trillion “just for fun”. (And that doesn’t include the $4-Trillion the Fed had to print-up in order to keep the credit card from being cancelled.)

            “Kept us safe from another 911…”

            Tell that to the families of Glenn Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith & Ambassador Stevens.

            How transparent could he have been? How about delivering the e-mails requested by the Benghazi committee in their original electronic form, rather than printing them out on paper, and holding them hostage in a private room, where members of Congress had to empty their pockets and hand over any electronic devices capable of photo-copying the e-mails before being allowed into the room?

            And BTW, I don’t know what e-mails you believe Bush and Cheney destroyed, or if you have a clue what you’re talking about on any of the above. The historical fact is: Bush lied to the American people and Congress about the intelligence he claimed to have of WMD in Iraq, in order to obtain war-powers to invade Iraq. In so doing, he committed what I consider an impeachable offense, as I stated in the letter I sent to my Democrat Congressman at the time. In response to that letter, Congressman Wu informed me that Speaker Pelosi would not allow the judiciary committee in the House to consider the matter.

            V. Lenin had a phrase he used to describe people like you, and I have no doubt Obama would concur:

            “Useful Idiots” — as demonstrated by your own words here.

          18. jmprint July 11, 2016

            Do you live in a fantasy world? Have you not noticed that the wars created one heck of a mess, and President Obama is doing as well as he can with what he has, and he hasn’t been fighting alone, there are numerous countries fighting this evil force, all while you guys sit behind that cushy chair pretending that the republican way works. it has never trickled down.

            A yes the article if about Gulianny, he is no different then the person who pulled the trigger, he incites hate.

          19. Jim Samaras July 12, 2016

            That sums it up pretty well tb

          20. Box July 12, 2016

            Do you mean Obama’s lies? I can help you out there. Here. These are why i voted for Obama, and I cant find many that required GOP cooperation so dont say he was blocked for all these.

          21. jmprint July 12, 2016

            Your so called lies are just that so called. He has done what he could with the congress he had to work with, did you not see tb’s same BS listed below, it’s the same. It’s nothing, the double standard that you hold him to compared to the republican losers is grossly understated.

            This is how you sound:
            I don’t like the way he walks,
            I don’t like the way he talks,
            I don’t like the way he shakes his finger
            I don’t like that he knows he is black,
            wah, wah, wah

          22. Box July 12, 2016

            Thats basically my history with this too except that im democrat.

          23. Jim Samaras July 12, 2016


          24. Box July 12, 2016

            you, who?! I voted for Obama and wished him the best of luck. Soon after he started office I saw a person who had a giant chip on his shoulder and used his power to call out other blacks to say “we’re going to get whats ours!!” And then he lost me because of that of everything else he did or wanted to do including but not limited to, “i dont need Congress, i just need a pencil and a phone.” No, you cannot talk like that. You try for your agenda within the process you claim to defend and if it doesnt work, it doesnt work and you go home at the end of your term!! So, when I didnt vote for him the second time, you are calling that racist? But you dont call it racist when I voted for him the first time? And what about blacks who voted for him, why arent you calling them racist?

            Furthermore, after Obama was elected the first time, I was in Paltalk rooms and not one person, I think mostly southerners in there, called Obama the n-word. They were angry about what he was doing but not that we elected a color. It is the LEFT would made up that racist bent. I mean, if he were white my complaints against Obama would be valid? An action is an action, who cares color? But the LEFT says whites wouldnt complain against a white Pres. Oh yeah? Obamacare would have no greater chance if it were a white mans bill and i can prove it since Obamacare was Clintoncare and it was thrown out in 1992 so what are you talking about?

            I am a democrat who wants capitalism, not socialism. Who cares what color promotes socialism, its still socialism but you call it racism when a black man promotes it and I still object? This is ludicrous and you know it so stop saying it because you are only fanning the flames.

          25. jmprint July 11, 2016

            If we sweep it under the rug, no one will know the truth.

          26. jmprint July 11, 2016

            What you have is a bad case of denial, with time it will go away.

        2. pisces63 July 11, 2016


          1. tb thomas July 11, 2016

            Devastating comeback. You should be a talk-show host.

          2. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            Nah, my late father said I should have been a lawyer as about ten of my cousins are from new York to Texas to California are. Either first or their children as my daughter plans to be, a constitutional lawyer. Wish I had done so, too. I would have loved to argue some of the recent cases before them. I just loved English literature and history better.

          3. tb thomas July 11, 2016

            So, I guess what you’re saying is, you have a genetic pre-disposition towards the practice of law, but you prefer the liberal arts.

            With that in mind, are you familiar with the line:

            “The lady doth protest too much, methinks…” (?)

          4. pisces63 July 11, 2016

            I though I was present some examples of what we have to deal with. that never works. I consider the source and ignore it.

        3. pisces63 July 11, 2016

          I would but look it up yourself. Or, belter yet, call them. as for the crime stats I was comparing two times and two different drug eras. One, with crack was in the 80’s. The one, with white is going on now to the detriment to many neighborhoods. even Portman knows people who either died or are using. THEY WERE prosecuting blacks and it was all over the country news. NOT the heroin epidemic in white America going on today, though. I a speaking of Cleveland and her suburbs.

        4. Sand_Cat July 11, 2016

          I love how you scum blame the racist uprising in reaction to Obama’s election “his” managing “to resurrect a race-war.” Your idiotic statement that the current situation is worse than then shows both your profound ignorance and your blaming it on the president shows that it’s you who have helped resurrect the “race war. And it’s obvious you “watched the last vestiges of socially accepted racism wither and die” with some dismay, and certainly did nothing to increase its demise.

      2. Sand_Cat July 11, 2016

        Your parents and grandparents obviously did, and they successfully nurtured it in you.

    2. jmprint July 11, 2016

      The president speaks of experience and facts, it totally bothers me the double standard that you impose on him. He NEVER has condoned violence, his speeches are very articulate. You don’t like to see and be reminded that racism still exist and would rather everyone experiencing the hate just take it and shut up, but that is what Live Matters is all about, to enlighten, to bring forward the message that when it comes to justice, black lives matter just as well as all other ethnicities.

      1. tb thomas July 11, 2016

        This statement: “They understand that some of the violence that takes place in poor black neighborhoods around the country is born out of a very violent past in this country.

        …is pure sophistry, and a damnable lie. The 319 murders that have taken place in Chicago since January 1 of this year were not “born out of” our violent history. They were born in the sick sociopathic minds of flesh-and-blood human beings who are alive today, and chose to commit acts of extreme violence against other human beings who, until that moment, were also living breathing human beings.

        For this morally arrogant, disconnected academic (who happens to be our President), to dismiss and excuse murder in the real-world, as somehow justified by “a very violent past in this country”, was despicable, and materially contributed to the misery and mayhem which has continued to escalate since then. This, and other similar statements he has made, along with his deafening silence with respect to a range of violent crimes which take place every single day in this country — renders him unfit to hold the office of President.

        (And for the record, I am speaking as a former Republican who voted for Senator Obama in the 2008 election….the biggest mistake I made in 47 years as a voter.)

        1. jmprint July 11, 2016

          Racist came out of the woodworks when a black man was voted in. I voted for President Obama twice and would vote for him again. He is one of the best presidents we have had, and will have in a long time. He is not saying anything that is racial, he is opening eyes to facts. The hate is their from the white supremacist, you can’t hide that, you can’t sugar coated.

          Trump has said more racist things, in the one years he has been campaigning, and you and the republicans want to hold him to a double standard, well we are not going to let you get away with it. We will call you out. Remember your association with members of crime listed below with your rhetoric is flaming the fire.

          Published in ADL.

          Selected White Supremacist Criminal Incidents, 2009-2012

          The white supremacist movement in the United States has a strong association with violence and criminal activity, ranging from traditional crimes such as drug dealing or domestic violence to ideologically-related crimes ranging from hate crimes to act of terrorism. Every week new criminal incidents emerge.

          Selected white supremacist-related criminal incidents from recent years are shown below:


          Oak Creek, Wisconsin, August 5, 2012: White supremacist Wade Michael Page allegedly opens fire in a Sikh temple, killing six and wounding four before shooting himself after being wounded by police. Page was a member of the Hammerskins, a racist skinhead group. He also played in the white power bands End Apathy and Definite Hate.

          Central Florida, May 2012: Fourteen white supremacist members of the racist skinhead group American Front are arrested on paramilitary training, hate crime, weapons and conspiracy charges. The members allegedly discussed a number of possible actions, including creating a disturbance in front of Orlando’s city hall, firing into a building, and attacking an anti-racist event.

          Gilbert, Arizona, May 3, 2012: White supremacist and anti-immigration extremist J.T. Ready shoots and kills four people, including an infant, before fatally shooting himself.

          Naugatuck, Connecticut, March 2012: Connecticut skinhead Stephen Sorriero is arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree assault and breach of peace relating to a St. Patrick’s Day double stabbing.

          Illinois and Florida, March 2012: Members of a white supremacist biker gang associated with Aryan Nations are arrested in Florida on drugs and explosives charges following a three-year undercover police investigation. Some of the suspects were charged with threatening to throw a destructive device, while several others were charged with trafficking in prescription drugs and other offenses.


          Washington, Oregon, California, September-October 2011: Unaffiliated white supremacists David Pedersen and Holly Grigsby allegedly engage in a multi-state killing spree. Authorities say that the couple murdered Pedersen’s father and stepmother in Seattle, a random white male in Oregon as part of a carjacking, and an African-American male in California as part of another carjacking.

          Houston, Texas, August 2011: White supremacists Charles Cannon, Michael McLaughlin, and Brian Kerstetter allegedly attack a 29-year-old African American man at a Houston bus stop while hurling racial epithets at the victim. According to the indictment, at least one of the defendants used racial slurs, while all four defendants surrounded the victim, punching and kicking his head, face and body.

          Spokane, Washington, February 2011: White supremacist Kevin Harpham is arrested for the failed bombing of a Spokane, Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., Day parade. Harpham planted a backpack containing a pipe bomb designed to be triggered by a radio frequency system along the parade route. Harpham was sentenced to 32 years in prison.

          Hardy, Arkansas, January 2011: Five white supremacists associated with Blood & Honour and the racist prison gang Aryan Circle firebomb the residence of an interracial couple. Jason Barnwell was sentenced to 20 years; Gary Dodson to 15 years; Wendy Treybig, Dustin Hammond, and Jake Murphy pleaded guilty, each receiving sentences between 21 and 54 months.

          Phoenix, Arizona, January 2011: White supremacist Jeffrey Harbin, who has ties to the National Socialist Movement, is arrested for possessing and transporting an explosive device. He was sentenced to two years in prison after pleading guilty.

          Cooperstown, North Dakota, January 2011: Self-proclaimed white supremacist Daniel Wacht murders and decapitates 54-year-old Kurt Johnson. Johnson’s severed head was found in a crawl space in Wacht’s basement. His body has not been found. Wacht was sentenced to serve life in prison with no parole.


          California, December 2010: Thirty-four white supremacists are arrested as part of multi-agency sting operation in Southern California called “Operation Stormfront.” The multi-agency law enforcement investigation resulted in the arrest of a number of white supremacists with ties to prison and street gangs and included charges that ranged from extortion to conspiracy and solicitation of aggravated assault to murder.

          Hamilton, Ohio, November 2010: White supremacist William Hobert Manis, is arrested for the alleged kidnapping and rape of a 22-year-old woman over a 10-day period. Manis, who has the nickname “Wild Bill,” has long been affiliated with the neo-Nazi group Aryan Nations. Manis was charged with 18 counts of rape and one count of kidnapping and pleaded guilty in 2011 to two charges of kidnapping and nine counts of rape.

          San Angelo, Texas, May 2010: Richard Dennis, a member of the Aryan Circle racist prison gang, is arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase, shooting a San Angelo police officer, and barricading himself in a home. In November 2011, Dennis was sentenced to life in prison for attempted capital murder for shooting the police officer.


          Norway, Wisconsin, November 2009: Sean Riker, a white supremacist affiliated with the gang Nazi Low Riders, a racist prison and street gang, is arrested on charges of possession of a firearm, possession of a short barreled rifle, first-degree recklessly endangering public safety, battery, strangulation, sexual abuse of a child, child abuse, and causing mental harm to a child. Riker was found guilty and sentenced to 200 years in prison.

          Phoenix, Arizona, October 2009: Travis Ricci and Aaron Schmidt, members of the Vinlanders Social Club, a racist skinhead group, allegedly drive by and fire shots at an interracial couple walking along the street. The white female is fatally wounded.

          Effort, Pennsylvania, July 2009: Racist skinhead Michael Parrish murders his girlfriend and infant son. Parrish was sentenced to death after a jury found him guilty of two counts of first-degree murder.

          Washington, D.C., June 2009: White supremacist and Holocaust denier James Von Brunn opens fire with a rifle inside the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, killing a security guard before being incapacitated by return fire from another guard. Von Brunn died before being able to stand trial.

          Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 4, 2009: White supremacist Richard Poplawski murders three Pittsburgh police officers and engages in a shoot-out with police that wounds a fourth before he is apprehended. He was arrested, charged, and convicted three counts of first-degree murder and sentenced to death.

          Brockton, Massachusetts, January 21, 2009: Keith Luke, an unaffiliated white supremacist, kills two Cape Verdean immigrants and rapes and shoots a third. After a brief chase by law enforcement, Luke admitted to police that he planned to kill as many Jews as possible at a local synagogue and then kill himself.

          These are the group that are running Trumps voting numbers higher then they should be.

          1. tb thomas July 11, 2016

            The body-count of Black Americans murdered by other Black Americans since Jan 1 of this year alone makes a mockery of your list, not to mention the Black-on-non-Black carnage, which has increased exponentially since Obama took office. The evidence is out there — in the form of citizen-recorded video for the most part — and easy to find. The fact that you don’t care to examine it is your problem, not mine. I have, and it’s horrific to say the least.

            As for “White Supremacists” as a group, they are minuscule in number, and the laughing stock of every sane person I know (to the extent that they are even noticed by anyone I know). Albeit, to White liberals who believe African Americans can’t make it in this country without their ‘helping hands’ (like you for example), anyone who doesn’t share your patronizing self-exalted point of view, qualifies as a “White Supremacist”.

            Unfortunately, people of your ilk aren’t interested in real human beings in the real world. You much prefer statistics and talking-points sufficient to prop up those things you wish to believe about yourselves. And that’s what Barrack Obama was counting on when he ran for President — both times. I voted for him when all we had to go on was his word. Unlike you, when his actions as President proved diametrically opposite to the promises he made as a candidate, I revised my view of him accordingly.

          2. jmprint July 11, 2016

            The point is to prove that the supremacist and racism are very well still alive. How dare you sit here and tell me that I am not interested in real people, no sir, you and Trump are guilty of that, don’t try to turn the truth to fit your lies. The body count is equal to most ethnicity, white and white, is about the same amount of black on black. With more guns on our streets you can count on that number going up. What promise did he make that he didn’t keep? You can keep your insurance bull is not good enough, what else have you got. He has kept us from not having another 911 attack in 8 years you have been safe. We didn’t end up in a depression. NRA has pushed for higher gun sales and that’s going to keep the killing rate higher.

          3. Box July 12, 2016

            Please refer to the FBI site for stats and see that your post is incorrect on a number of fronts as to deaths and color and guns. And NRA has never pushed for sales, people do that all by themselves. NRA pushes for rights to be upheld and the Constitution not lost. But see the stats, gun ownership is at an all time high while death-by-gun is at a 14-year low. There goes your post, sorry.

          4. jmprint July 12, 2016

            “When the federal statistics for 2015 are released two years from now, the government’s models will show tens of thousands more gun-related injuries.” quote unquote”

            This is how the NRA pushes more guns, they control the bills.

          5. Sand_Cat July 11, 2016

            The body count of black Americans killed by other black Amercans is nowhere near as shameful as the body count of black Americans killed by police and other “law enforcement” nor as contemptible as attempts such as yours to divert attention from that fact.

          6. Leftout July 11, 2016

            A study by a Black Harvard professor found that there is nio difference in bias of people killed between whites and blacks. It came out today. Even the professor was shocked at the results . Do not have any other references at this time

          7. Box July 12, 2016

            WHY is it not as shameful? If you make a distinction about who is killed, then Thomas is right. You only care about some deaths but not all people. If there is shame here its on you. Why do you care more about police than other blacks and the gangs the police have to DAILY fight? The police take NO risk for themselves when confronting black gangs?

        2. Sand_Cat July 11, 2016

          Yeah, I bet you voted for him. How could you read the choices while wearing your hood?

        3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2016

          As I told another confused voter who doesn’t understand the principle of Democracy—In a Democracy you aren’t required to bare your soul about who you voted for and burden us with your sense of angst. The process of Democracy is not like a Catholic Confession where you have to reveal your innermost guilt and trepidation.
          If you need to confess, do it in private and don’t burden us with your misgivings for how you voted. It’s a waste of your time and ours—except AgLander who likes to hear you gripe.

    3. Sand_Cat July 11, 2016

      Yes, telling the truth is “contemptible” to you, mainly because the truth about you is that you are a contemptible little cretin.

    4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2016

      That’s quite a rant and useless screed from a little man who sees himself adrift on a ocean of fear, afraid of anyone who is defined as “black”.
      Again, just as Rudy is ignorant of what racist means and how it plays out in society and attitudes, the author of that tiresome litany of misinformation is fundamentally detached from reality and knows nothing of history and the human experience.
      Thomas is only comfortable when dealing with people who look like him—all others are automatically characterized by him as dangerous, the darker the more frightening. There is no doctor on the planet in a physical form who can heal the sort of malady Thomas has.
      It’s people like Thomas that impede the progress of humanity towards the vision as outlined clearly by Baha’u’llah. Without that Vision, Thomas will continue to have compromised vision, seeing everything in the stark terms of Black and White. Thomas is a Binary Man, who only understands 1’s and 0’s.

  14. Aaron_of_Portsmouth July 11, 2016

    Wild-eyed Rudy still hasn’t figured out what racist means. A dictionary would do wonders for him for starters.

  15. Box July 12, 2016

    The first title was about Rudy retiring from public life. How can anyone say that when, not me but many of you vote for lifetime career politicians. Hillary has 40 years and she isnt the only one, yet you keep sending them through again and again. So how long should Rudy stay? I guess lifetime!

    And the revised title is, do we need Rudy at a time like this? I guess to the degree he can stop or slow down BLM then yes he is needed badly. I never even thought about race or hatred until Obama came to town with a giant chip on his shoulder. BLM was George Soros concoction to stir trouble where trouble didnt even exist and now we are on the brink of civil war. Didnt Soros ever read the anti-discrimination and fair housing and employment laws, or didnt he care? And for that matter, didnt Obama?

    1. Elvis July 12, 2016

      Rudy the ex mayor is just trying to be relevant,he’s old news from many years ago. The gall of this thing to even have an opinion about anything, when he should be reflecting about the thug environment he was raised in starting with his dad, who he idolized, and just happened to be a mob enforcer.

  16. Box July 12, 2016

    Please answer an honest question. Why didnt, or dont, blacks ever riot against the killing of blacks-by-blacks? They murder each other every day of the year but they never make a peep. WHY? If BLM, why is it only geared to police but never to each other?

    1. Elvis July 12, 2016

      That is not true, black people have protested, had community meetings, met with city counsel about black criminals in our neighborhood and the main component the police is the problem, they will come into our neighborhood targeting everyone in the community as a criminal or a suspect and consider it open season to shoot to kill and ask questions later. We are constantly profiled a simple traffic violation or just a suspicion that you may have done something could be our death sentence.We are taxpaying citizens and when we see that vehicle with those blue lights and emblazoned on the side ” to protect and serve ” it should include us, not all police are bad most of them are good but the few bad ones make all the rest look bad. The police say that we are uncooperative when it comes to policing our neighborhood but the police are complicit when it comes to exposing the bad apples in their rank and file. In the mean time we have been paying with our lives guilty or innocent.

  17. Leonor7777 July 12, 2016

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