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Trump Keeps Pushing Latinos Out Of The GOP, Despite Their Electoral Significance

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Trump Keeps Pushing Latinos Out Of The GOP, Despite Their Electoral Significance

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Donald Trump’s policy ideas have proven to be pretty fluid: the billionaire business man says wages are too high, and then too low. He says that America’s allies are being bullied by the Obama administration, but that he would bully them more. But one of Trump’s talking points has remained consistent, and it may be the true engine of his campaign: racism.

Jorge Ramos, the Mexican journalist who was kicked out of a Trump press conference back in August, pointed out in a Tweet that Trump has recently stepped up his attacks against Hispanics, going after four prominent Hispanic figures in the course of just a week.

The latest wave of aggression started in New Mexico, with Republican governor Susana Martinez. After she failed to endorse this candidacy, Trump accused Martinez of doing a poor job, citing the “large numbers” of Syrian refugees set to resettle in the state — a lie. Martinez is the country’s first Latina governor, the state’s first female governor, and chairwoman of the Republican governors Association.

As the Republican Party’s highest-profile Latina, she would be an ideal presence to help Trump make amends with women and Hispanics, the two groups he enjoys belittling the most. But Trump can’t miss a chance to reinforce his platform as the candidate who will Make America White Again, even if it means missing a chance to really have a shot at the presidency.

Then came the press conference Trump held on Tuesday to address claims that he had skimped on donating all $6 million he had promised to veterans groups. Trump went after the media as a whole but chose to focus on two reporters who, you guessed it, happen to be Hispanic.

CNN’s Jim Acosta, a Cuban American, was called a “real beauty,” and Tom Llamas, a Mexican American, was called a “sleaze.”

“You’re a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well,” Trump said to Llamas after the reporter pointed out the discrepancies between Trump’s statements on how much money he had really raised for veterans.

Just like Trump used Acosta and Llamas to divert from the actual point of the press conference (what ever happened to the money he supposedly raised for veterans?), he went after Judge Gonzalo Curiel to distract from the fact that Trump University — or, legally, “Trump U.” — has been exposed as a complete scam. In statements that provide a scary glimpse into how a Trump administration would deal with judicial independence, Trump blamed Judge Curiel for his bad luck with the two class-action lawsuits against Trump University he’s currently facing.

“I have a judge who is a hater of Donald Trump, a hater. He’s a hater,” he said at a rally in San Diego, before adding that he believed Curiel was “Mexican.” It didn’t stop there, he then added that the Judge’s handling of the case is a “disgrace” and that it would be “wild” if he came back in November to do a civil case as president.

It should come as no surprise that Trump is going after successful, prominent Latinos. The generalization that all immigrants are “rapists and murders” set the tone for his presidential run and is the basis for the narrative that the Trump machine is pushing. Hispanic American governors, journalists, and federal judges don’t fit that image.

What does fit that image are cases of undocumented immigrants committing murder — even though undocumented immigrants don’t commit crimes at higher rates than legal residents of the United States. Trump rallies often start with the families of victims killed by undocumented immigrants standing on stage, holding up posters with pictures of their deceased loved ones. Jamiel Shaw, who has been onstage at Trump’s rallies and even appeared in one if his campaign ads, summarizes one of the main arguments of Trump supporters: “We demand Americans first,” Shaw said. “We don’t care about illegal aliens. Americans first. First means first.”

Trump’s campaign is kept alive by the hateful enthusiasm of his core supporters’ racism. They might not agree with him on policy issues like his support of Planned Parenthood, taxes, or universal health care, but hey, he hates immigrants and has run on building an ever-taller border wall.

It’s no secret that Trump is unpopular among Hispanics. A Gallup poll released in March showed that he was the most unpopular of any remaining candidate, at the time, with Hispanic voters, with more than three quarters viewing him unfavorably. Hispanics are the fastest-growing faction in the electorate, and proved to be an important part of Mitt Romney’s 2012 loss. Romney earned just 27 percent of their vote, significantly less than President George W. Bush, who earned 40 percent just eight years before. The flight of Hispanic votes from the Republican Party prompted GOP leaders to reach out to them, releasing a 100-page “moratorium” report on how they would rebrand themselves to get the vote of minorities.

And Hispanics have even more political weight now. According to the Pew Research Center, there are 27.3 million eligible Hispanic voters today — a 17 percent increase in eligible Hispanic voters since 2012. The Hispanic vote has been key in the last two presidential elections, helping Obama win swing states with large numbers of Hispanic voters like Florida and Colorado.

Yet the 2016 presumptive Republican nominee is running not only an anti-immigration campaign, but one in which personal attacks against Hispanics have become the norm. Other than quotes like “I think the Mexicans are going to end up loving Donald Trump when I give all these jobs,” Trump has done nothing to mend bridges with the nation’s largest ethnic minority.

This has not come without consequences to the Republican Party. Ruth Guerra, the head of Hispanic media relations at the Republican National Committee, resigned her post this Wednesday. According to reports, she resigned because she was “uncomfortable working for Mr. Trump.” A month before Guerra’s resignation, NBC News reported that Kristal Quarker-Hartsfield, the RNC’s Director of African American and the highest-ranking African American in the RNC, had resigned. A few weeks before that, Orlando Watson, Director of Communications of Black Media, also resigned.

But Trump can’t change his anti-Hispanic rhetoric because it is what has kept his campaign alive despite the policy blunders, insults to women, and overall obvious ignorance about the country’s main issues. He has offered a scapegoat to be blamed for everything that’s wrong with America: Hispanics. If he takes that off the table, he alone will remain on it, and a millionaire reality star with weak policy knowledge and reprehensible morals just isn’t as attractive.

Photo: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Sacramento, California, U.S. June 1, 2016. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson 



    1. Sand_Cat June 2, 2016

      That you in the picture, Otto? I mean, when you’re not appearing as a goat?

      1. The lucky one June 3, 2016

        Otto was given a cease and desist order from an attorney for goats. He is making goats appear far less intelligent than they really are.

  1. proterozoic June 2, 2016

    Hey, remember when it was supposed to be just illegals he was bashing?

  2. Budjob June 3, 2016

    Trump is a MESS!!However,he is a very unstable,DANGEROUS MESS!!

  3. InformedVoter June 3, 2016

    The press is still trying to recover from their drubbing from Trump about the donated money. Trump donated $5.6 million and the press thought they would nail him because he said he would donate $6 million. Boy, the press really caught Trump there.
    Back to the truth, Trump’s numbers among women and Latinos are getting higher and higher. More and more Sanders supporters (20-40%) will not vote for Hillary (if she’s still in the race) and indicated they’ll vote for Trump. These numbers are greater than the meager establishment GOPers who said they would support Hillary.
    Once again, TNM is trying to pass of half-truths as facts.

    1. Grannysmovin June 3, 2016

      Sorry but wasn’t Donald Trump “shamed” into honoring his commitment by a reporter repeatedly pushing the issue. “Associated Press review of the 41 charities that got Trump money found that more than half of those who responded had received the checks in the last few weeks, after reporters began hounding Trump to prove he’d actually made the $6 million in donations he said he had.” A Gallup poll found 77 percent of Hispanics have a negative view of Trump, with just 12 percent viewing him favorably.http://www.whio.com/news/news/national-govt-politics/rncs-hispanic-outreach-staff-having-trump-troubles/nrZBB/ If you only look at Conservative sites you are not going to get an accurate assessment.

      1. InformedVoter June 10, 2016

        No, President Trump was not shamed into donating $5.6 million.
        Many of your low information crowd are claiming that the checks only went out this week, but in reality the checks went out weeks ago.

        As to the number of hispanics with favorable view, GW gathered the highest favorable rating of any Republican. Romney and all others only gathered about 12% favorable ratings. Thus the 12% number you provided is “normal” for any Republican running for president.

        1. Grannysmovin June 10, 2016

          Perhaps you have copies or a link to copies of checks that would confirm your statement? Yes but he is not the normal Republican running for president. Please provide link that supports his favorable ratings with Latinos.

          1. InformedVoter June 10, 2016

            YOU PROVIDED the 12% number, not me.
            But try this one

          2. Grannysmovin June 10, 2016

            Yes I did – it’s Friday Have a nice weekend you got me.

        2. dpaano June 10, 2016

          Again, you need to keep on top of the news because several newspapers have clearly stated that these checks didn’t go out until after Trump was asked several times about where the donations were that he had promised. Again….you need to change your name to UNinformed!

    2. InGen12 June 3, 2016

      Bull. Trump didn’t give out the remaining money until May 24th, shipping the checks overnight, which was the day the Washington Post asked about the donations. Trump’s donation, which he has touted since the January fundraiser, wasn’t donated until May 24th. He was pissed he had to ante up the money he had no intention of donating in the first place. And your women and Latino numbers are incorrect as you will see in November.

      1. dpaano June 3, 2016

        And, if I remember, the money is being sent out of his Foundation. It’s illegal for a non-profit foundation to be involved in campaigns from what I understand. How does that work and who’s going to come down on him for that “faux pah” (excuse my spelling here, but you get the picture)?

        1. InGen12 June 3, 2016

          You are so right! I forgot about that little detail. If Hillary had done that, the Repubs/Trumpsters would have been all over her. Wonder why the press hasn’t jumped on that?

          1. dpaano June 3, 2016

            They mentioned it, but that’s as far as it went. Typical RW media. As you said, if the Clinton Foundation had done the same thing….the Repubs would have been ALLLLLL over it!!

          2. greenlantern1 June 3, 2016

            Complete thumbs-up!!
            Ever study the Hoover Foundation?
            The Food For Belgium program was overseen by Herbert Hoover.
            A relative of his, Margaret Hoover, directed the Hoover Foundation.
            She also sat on a Belgian “education” panel.

          3. InformedVoter June 10, 2016

            You mean the extremely left-biased media missed pointing out that what Trump did was NOT illegal except in the minds of low information folks like you? I guess you and your low information crowd prove how low information you are time and time again.

          4. dpaano June 10, 2016

            Your comment just shows how UNinformed you are! It is quite illegal for a non-profit foundation to fund a campaign like what is being done by the Trump Foundation. You may need to read a few newspapers because it has been in the news a couple of times!

          5. InformedVoter June 10, 2016

            I’m sure you had tons of legal training to become the mall cop that you became.
            How come NONE of ALL the liberal newspapers around, is claiming “foul”? Because it’s not illegal. You say he’s paying funds from here or there, but wherever he’s paying from must be legal, despite what you say.
            It doesn’t matter what President Trump says or does. The liberal-biased media will continue to show they’re low information and call him a racist or bigot, but the truth is, the left is only tolerant when you think and do what they say. If you challenge their position, they become, like you and your low information crowd, abrasive and start name calling. That concept is what inexperienced debaters try, but soon they learn that facts not rants are what win arguments.

      2. InformedVoter June 10, 2016

        Not true! Even a liberal rag like the Detroit Free Press indicated the checks started to go out weeks ago. They criticized Trump because the said $6 million when he ONLY Gave $5.6, They also said at least one of the group was not the best to give money to. The point being, they confirmed that he started sending out checks WEEKS” before the reporter challenged Trump’s $6 million dollar number.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker June 3, 2016

      Is there EVER a day when you wake up and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Or do you suffer from such lack of sleep from sitting all day and night on a computer that your brain is malfunctioning?

      Trump stated in plain English (albeit at 2nd grade level) that he donated $6 million to the vets. He was caught in a lie. But typical for men lie you and the Donald, it’s time to play CYA, right? So, he retenched, backtracked and tried to cover up his lie. Gee…big surprise.

      1. dpaano June 3, 2016

        And, funny thing, the checks didn’t go out until late May…..what was the hold up? Apparently, he got caught with his pants down (ewwww, bad picture) and had to quickly send out those checks! He apparently DID NOT vet some of these groups because at least one has been proven to be a scam charity that is under investigation.

        1. David June 3, 2016

          You mean they are investigating the Clinton Foundation?

      2. David June 3, 2016

        Eleanore!!!!! Maybe he got confused when he thought about how much money Hildebeast has donated to the veterans.

      3. InformedVoter June 10, 2016

        Are you claiming Trump didn’t donate $5.6 million? You and your low information crowd are saying he lied because he said $6 million but really only gave $5.6 million? Pathetic. Once again, using your small female brain, you have to throw in a jab at males. So you didn’t get your raise or job you wanted and so you blame males. Face reality, based upon the intelligence you typically display in your posts, you were not qualified and not even affirmative action was able to overcome your low level female way of thinking. In professional terms, you suffer from penis envy! Try contacting Jenner, he may be able to help you.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker June 11, 2016

          I am claiming Trump is not presidential material. I live in the state he bilked by not paying his fair share of business taxes and getting taxpayers to hand over billions in tax subsidies.

          If you are an example of an “informed voter” it’s a piss poor example.

          Your andocratic BS league of Big Bully Boys is about to end and your balls are in a pinch aren’t they?

          What did you think women would do when they have the chance to finally after 235 plus years get to the front of line?

          Your balls do not a man make. You’ve got Trump who is already deep into over 150 lawsuits, one of which is for laundering money to terrorists at the TAJ casino here in AC NJ. Get a life pissbag.. You men are about to get a taste of what women want big time and it isn’t pissbag big mouths like you.

          1. InformedVoter June 11, 2016

            Sorry little girl, but once more you demonstrate your low information personality. The so called money laundering issues were dismissed months ago. it was chalked up to booking error.
            Women are fed up with lying Hillary and her pandering husband. Given a choice, women will vote for Trump. Even Hispanics are turning from lying Hillary.
            As to lying Hillary, her unfavorable rating is double her favorable on issues like trustworthiness, ability to run the country. Most women are not as gullible as you and they will not vote for lying Hillary. And don’t forget Bernie’s followers: 40% will NOT vote for lying Hillary and 20% said they’d vote for Trump.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker June 11, 2016

            Sorry Mr. MAN with raisins in your jeans, but YOU men are the ones who do ALL the bitching and women are fed up hearing your mouths flapping like flags.

            To prove how stupid your remarks are…Here in NJ, Hillary won more votes than both Trump or Sanders. She had over 2 million more votes than Trump and 4 million more than Sanders.

            You don’t trust women and women know why. You male chauvinist pigs think women are too smart to play your befrigged games.

            Do yourself a favor Mr. Bullshit Artist. Get off the superiority kick. Balls and a bat are not brains. Get a life loser troll. And while you at it pissbrain…learn how to say “Madame President” because Trump will never see the inside of the White House. You men have play your crook games and your androcacy is BS. Stuff it up your too fat ass.

          3. InformedVoter June 12, 2016

            I just love the way you responded to your lie about Trump still being investigated for money laundering. You didn’t because it shows how low information you are. But then, since your brain is so full of penis envy that it has no room for the TRUTH. President Trump – has a nice ring to it doesn’t it.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker June 12, 2016

            I just love how a low life like you pretends you know everything when you don’t know squat! Hey shitforbrains. I live in NJ. You bet your ass I know more about his money laundering at the Taj than you do. It isn’t a lie jackass. It was printed in every NJ media source. Who expects a hick from the sticks like you to ever leave your dunderhead failed Republican states long enough to know what goes on outside your moron state.

            As for President Trump…he isn’t even a favorite with his own party. Several GOP Senators including Ryan, and one from FL and WIU, have all refused to endorse Trump. And your failed attempts to start another Civil War to get your hick asses beat yet again isn’t happening is it slimeball?

            Save your BS for the corn pone King and Queens and your Dumb ass Dixiebelle and their Mutton Chops. You’ll be eating your balls when you are forced to face that even Laura Bush is endosing Hillary. ooooooh and how you ballsy bulls hate that don’t you? Eat your heart out. If you are the example of what passes for informed, mental institutions turn out more informed people. Another Hater boy who sits at a computer and live off welfare.

          5. InformedVoter June 13, 2016

            You keep making posts that actually support my position. How dumb does that make you? You stated that Trump was still being investigated for the money laundering. I informed you, since you didn’t seem to know, that charge has been closed for months and chalked up as a bookkeeping error. Since you say you live in NJ, you should have known this.
            So now you respond “I know more about his money laundering”, so how come you didn’t know that it was no longer even a slight issue? Could it be you’re small brain is so filled with penis envy that you can’t separate live vs. dead issues. Hillary is under CRIMINAL investigation by the FBI. If they recommend indictment, I’m sure Obama’s lapdog AG will turn down the request. At that point, there are dozens of FBI agents who have worked on this (over 150 in total) who say they will make the data public. I’d say that neither Trump nor Hillary stand much chance of getting charged BEFORE the election.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker June 3, 2016

    If there is one thing (and with Trump it is usually ONLY one thing) we can thank him for, it is that he is exposing the real problem with Republicans, the right wing and CONs…in the words of Jackie Gleason, he has a “BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Mouth! Not like we haven’t notice their irrational yapping and bellowing since they were let out of their cages.

  5. bobnstuff June 3, 2016

    Sometimes I think Mr. Trump is trying to loose. Can a man be this stupid for real or is it just an act as his campaign says it is. Wasn’t he suppose to become a more sane now?

    1. dpaano June 3, 2016

      I think he has realized that he bit off a little more than he could chew. He ran for president, not realizing that he had much of a chance, but the more he won, the bigger his ego became! Now, he’s stuck and I think he knows, deep down, that he’s just stepped into a big pond of horse manure! He’ll be lost in the oval office after the first day…..and once he realizes that the things he campaigned for are not going to be possible (due to our Constitution, etc.), he’s going to fall flat on his face! If, heaven forbid, he does get elected, I’m hoping that the Congress is retaken by the Democrats! They’ll pull the same thing on Trump that McConnell pulled on President Obama….try to make him a one-term president (if he even lasts that long….I anticipate he’ll pull a Palin after a couple of months). Besides, does he realize how much he’s going to have to give up if he’s elected? Does he also realize the serious drop in pay he’s going to get if he’s elected? I’m not sure he’s taken all that into consideration. So, yes, I agree with you…..I think he’s trying his hardest to lose….then he can blame it on everything else because you KNOW he certainly won’t blame it on himself!

  6. pisces63 June 3, 2016

    Wow!! Black folks are waking up, too. It’s about time. If they can get behind this bigot, misogynist, what do they really think of us??

  7. Billabob Johnson June 3, 2016

    Can’t embrace it was all Trump remaking the Republican party into a Whites only club. He is responsible for making it an “Angry Whites Club”. His impact is to remove the notion of Virtue from Republicanism, thus dooming Lincoln’s Legacy.
    The founding father’s installed the Bill of Rights to codify key principals of Democracy, the right to bear arms, freedom of assembly and a free press. In various screeds, Trump discriminates on ethnic background, threatens federal judges and business competitors because of bad press. What is he going to be like with the most powerful military in the world in his pocket along with nuclear codes?
    Mercurial brinksmanship may be a good tactic for business, but is a governing disaster. No wonder Trump just got such a rousing endorsement from the DPRK.

  8. greenlantern1 June 3, 2016

    Ike was a great president!
    Did he let Hitler’s ATLANTIC WALL stop him?
    Ever hear of Mexico’s AZTEC EAGLES?
    They were attached to the UNITED STATES ARMY AIR FORCE!
    They helped a great American general, General Douglas MacArthur, return!
    Ever read about the FALCON DAM?
    It was christened by IKE!
    It is helping both us and Mexico!

  9. paulyz June 6, 2016

    This article by Germania Rodriguez is so obviously biased, that it is impossible to take seriously. It starts with the heading, “Trump turning the GOP White “! Actually it is the Democrat-Socialist Party that has been engaged in the “browning” of America for decades to create more voters to remain in power. They are the ones that have been purposely engaged in altering the makeup of Americas’ population by changing our Immigration Laws, mostly ignoring ILLEGAL Trespassing, & opposing real Border security & E-verify.

    Then this author throws out the worn-out word racist, & calling Trump anti-Hispanic. Purely biased statements to ensure we don’t enforce our Laws, all for personal & political reasons. Trump has employed many Hispanics, women, & Blacks. He also received 47% of the Hispanic vote in the Nevada primary. Just more “throw it out there & see if it sticks” Liberal BS. LMAO.

  10. Ann June 19, 2016

    You are DELUSIONAL. Legal hispanic immigrants don’t want ILLEGALS. They are for Trump too. You can keep saying it and writing it but it won’t make it come true. The only thing to focus on is keeping the election from fraud.


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