What Republicans Said About Herschel Walker Is Hilarious

What Republicans Said About Herschel Walker Is Hilarious
Newt Gingrich

Late on Monday a report from The Daily Beast came out saying that around 2009 Republican Senate candidate for Georgia Herschel Walker had urged a women he impregnated to get an abortion. The report also showed receipts that Walker paid the woman’s medical costs. This was followed up by Walker’s own very right-wing son Christian going on a rant attacking his father for hypocrisy while also reminding media outlets that Walker’s past is filled with domestic violence claims and decades of being a not-so-great dad. Walker has denied the claims against him in sort of word salad statements to the press.

He is hardly the first Republican to experience this particular embarrassment.

In recent months, in front of lots of people and to lots of people with microphones, Walker has complained that he is against abortions. He is so very morally opposed to abortions that he does not believe there are anyexceptions he could think of that would square with who might have the right to decide to do with their own reproductive situation: This includes rape, incest, or the health and welfare of the person carrying the egg. The fact that Walker’s garbage fire of a campaign includes the height of moral hypocrisy was not surprising. Also not surprising was the fact that by Tuesday afternoon it became clear the Republican Party would walk back virtually everything they’ve been claiming to believe about the concept of abortion for the past 60 or so years.

Let’s put it all on the record:

Let’s see what GOP chairwoman and rainbow fentanyl Halloween ghoul Ronna McDaniel has to say:

Here’s Newt Gingrich taking time away from wondering about tattoos to explain how Republican voters need to forget everything about how much of a morally bankrupt monster Herschel Walker is because Herschel Walker has a “deep commitment to Christ.” Quick reminder: Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock has been the senior pastor at Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church since 2005. If the Jesus thing is your thing, I mean, c’mon!

Former NRA spokesperson and white supremacist fetishist Dana Loesch is till cranking about in the right-wing-o-sphere. Back in 2012, Loesch had this to say about people who were fighting against proposed Virginia legislation that would force one to undergo vaginal penetration by an ultrasound wand in order to be cleared to have an abortion in Virginia: “That’s the big thing that progressives are trying to say, that it’s rape and so on and so forth. … There were individuals saying, ‘Oh what about the Virginia rape? The rapes that, the forced rapes of women who are pregnant?’ What? Wait a minute, they had no problem having similar to a trans-vaginal procedure when they engaged in the act that resulted in their pregnancy.”

Loesch also called pro-choice advocates and politicians people who “who think it is perfectly permissible and moral to murder infants up until and even in some cases according to Governor Northam after birth.” What say you about Herschel Walker, Ms. Morality?

So, “murdering infants” is less of a virtue to Loesch than “winning.” Loesch goes on to say that the woman who Walker was dating and got pregnant and paid for an abortion for is a “skank.” And she also characterizes women who decide to have an abortion as “skanks.” Take it in, but wear a mask—the sulfur pouring out of her face is poison.

Conservative evangelical radio host Erik Erickson wanted to get out in front of this by saying it was old news.

Later on, because all of these GOP shills are tragically narcissistic, Erickson had to say that he wasn’t wrong even if he wasn’t right.

That led to this very good point for the evangelical Erickson.

Surely those God-fearing pro-lifers aren’t going to openly support Walker now that he’s been relentlessly exposed as somewhat worthless?

What does the National Right to Life: Protecting Life in America Since 1968, have to say about Herschel Walker?

The anonymous attack on Herschel Walker is just the latest in a series of attempted Democratic character assassinations going back to the allegations against Justice Clarence Thomas. National Right to Life stands behind its endorsement of Herschel Walker. It is the Democratic candidate, Raphael Warnock, who has in fact voted to pay for thousands of abortions.

Herschel Walker wants to protect unborn children while Raphael Warnock wants to see them die through unlimited abortion. The Democratic party knows it cannot win on the issues, so we once again see an attempted character assassination, a tactic that is sadly all too often encouraged by a compliant and willing media.


Sen. Rick Scott left his throne of bones to go on the Hugh Hewitt show and say that nothing matters!

MAGA-red voters aren’t going to be swayed by the fact that Walker shouldn’t be allowed to drive your kid in a carpool, let alone become senator. These guys don’t need any GOP leaders to finesse things for them.

Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos.


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