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Saturday, December 16, 2017

On Tax Day, House Republicans decided it was important to vote on a bill that would remind the American people how their party had turned a record surplus into a record deficit — while helping to create the worst inequality of wealth since the Great Depression.

After years of cuts affecting the people most injured by the Great Recession, Republicans voted 240-179 to repeal the Estate Tax, which currently only applies to the 5,400 richest estates, each totaling at least $5.43 million. This repeal would cost $269 billion over the next 10 years, which will be close to half the cost of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, better known as food stamps), which benefits 46.5 million of the poorest Americans. They need that money for luxuries like breakfast or dinner.

Apparently Republicans looked at this chart, which shows how the richest 16,000 or so families have sucked up nearly all of the gains of the economy over the last few decades, and thought, “How can we help that top squiggle go higher?”

Divergence at the top in the USA

There’s no chance this bill will become law under President Obama. But Republicans still believed this was an important statement to make, after years of maligning deficit spending and blasting struggling Americans as “takers.” Conservatives, who often see taxes as incentives, are fine with the taxes you pay on your labor. But to encourage you to play with money in the markets, taxes on investments should be lower. And to encourage you to have the richest parents possible, you should pay no taxes on inheritance. It’s all about personal responsibility.

Why won’t Republicans let this idea die? Because they don’t have to.

By calling this tax on the people who have benefited most from the society we’ve built together the “Death Tax,” they’ve made it extremely unpopular. They also push the lie that it’s meant to help “family” farmers, without producing one “family” farmer it helps. And they argue that the money has already been taxed, though billions of it hasn’t, thanks to another tax shelter for the rich known as “step-up tax” basis. Actually, the person inheriting the money has never paid a dime of taxes on it.

It’s fallacious economics, designed to warp our economy with avaricious accumulation of wealth by those who need it least. And yet it’s still good politics.

That’s our Republican Party, where the life expectancy of a horrible idea is forever. Here are five more horrible ideas and beliefs Republicans won’t let die.

1. The richest should pay no taxes — or just pay lower taxes than you.
Marco Rubio’s tax plan is amazing for numerous reasons. It doesn’t just slash the top tax rate lower than George W. Bush did. It doesn’t just raise taxes on some middle-class families as it adds $4.5 trillion to our deficit. It cuts the taxes on investments to zero. When billionaire Warren Buffett complained that he paid a lower tax rate than his secretary, Rubio thought the problem was that Buffett pays any taxes at all. Imagine how much more his kids could earn on their tax-free inheritance if their dad never paid taxes on his earnings! With incentives like that, why would anyone ever be poor again?

It’s a tax cut that’s so huge that New York magazine’s Jonathan Chait suggests it achieved a metaphysical impossibility: It’s too large for Republicans to believe it exists. But the massive, gold coin-filled swimming pools this plan hands out to the rich aren’t the problem for the Wall St. Journal. It’s the tax credits Rubio wants to give to middle class families, in his attempt to seem like a different sort of Republican. If we pay for those credits, the supply-siders argue, people might choose to be born middle class again. Or, even worse, we won’t be able to cut taxes for billionaires again.

Rubio has already felt the need to “fix” his plan once to make it more friendly to the rich. Looks like he’s going to have to do another draft.

2. More war.
Rubio’s horrible economic ideas are almost harmless when compared to his belligerent warmongering.

Without quite understanding the strategic interests of ISIS or Iran, Rubio wants to confront both, but just not in the ways President Obama is. Sure, Obama has led America into months of air strikes against ISIS. Rubio wants the same thing, The Week‘s Michael Brendan Dougherty explains. The junior senator just wants to make them “devastating.” Why not just use the words “shock and awe,” since Rubio still thinks the Iraq War was a good idea?

“Rubio’s foreign policy consists of babyish moralizing, a cultivated ignorance of history, and a deliberate blindness to consequences,” Dougherty writes.

On Iran, Rubio isn’t as bad as his fellow senator Tom Cotton, who suggested that preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon would be a military operation that would just take a few days. The presidential candidate seems to get that war with Iran — a country larger than Iraq and Afghanistan combined — would take a while and thus cost us thousands of lives and trillions in wealth. But he’s into it anyway.

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590 Responses to 5 Horrible Republican Ideas & Beliefs Conservatives Will Never Let Die

  1. Actually, I think they should add a few more ideas to make the message crystal clear for their loyal flock, and for those capable of rational thinking. They could complete their “platform”, such as it is, by including famous Republican quotes such as “the government is the problem, not the solution. Which implies anarchy is the preferred modus operandi for the so-called conservatives. Mitch McConnell’s admission regarding the fact that the Republican obstructionist policies that caused so much pain and misery to million of Americans were designed to ensure Barack Obama was a one term President deserves a prominent place in their list of significant issues. Last, but not least, the recent letter written and signed by 47 Republican Senators advising the Grand Ayatollah not to trust an incumbent U.S. President, and that if the latter signed a nuclear non-proliferation agreement with Iran, the Congress may not ratify it, and the next President will repeal it, after declaring Iran a hub of terrorism, deserves to be first on their precious agenda. Maybe some fine print referencing Reagan’s dealings with the Ayatollah during the hostage crisis may accentuate their unique interpretation of patriotism.
    Last, but not least, they must include something about freedom of religion, preferably focused on pseudo Christianity, with a special place for those whose rights must be denied to preserve the teachings of a celestial Lord yet to be defined.

    • Still trying to make a point on the 47 letter, Obama said he was going straight to the UN with agreement, but once members of Congress saw the interim agreement, not stopping Iran’s nuclear program as Obama had stated but to just delaying it without total verification for future years and all sanctions released immediately, Obama was forced to bring it to Congress by a bi-partisan bill. Obama once again knocked down and put in his place. The letter should have gone to Obama with copy to Ayatollah, but content was correct, as I have said many times.

      I would be more worried about who the democrats put up when Hillary implodes for all her misdeeds. Her numbers are down and will continue to slip as her lies are exposed and more people start paying attention. She has a trust and honesty issue and it is growing. You should be worried. Will you democrats blindly nominate Hillary knowing that’s all you got? It sure looks like it, an old politician with lots of baggage and old ideas.

      Social Security is unsustainable, I remember what Obama said about ACA, “I won’t sign anything that adds one dime to the deficit”, but it has. All could be moot in a few months and if it isn’t, major reform will be necessary. I find it interesting how the numbers keeping going down as to number insured. This administration is so transparent they don’t know what the real numbers are. Cost for the individual are going up not down as he promised, out of pocket and deductibles keep going up. now where did that $2400. per family go???

      • Not only am I still reminding everyone of the “47-letter” to the Grand Ayatollah, I plan to continue doing it until at least 2016. The content of that letter may be fine with you, I doubt most Americans will share your indifference to treason once somebody explains the meaning of that letter.
        Social Security is still running a surplus, and will remain solvent for many years to come if the contribution cap is raised to $250K.
        The ACA is doing what it was designed to do, it is helping people who could not pay astronomical health insurance premiums get the coverage they need, it eliminated the pre-existing condition clause, eliminated the insurance coverage caps, allowed dependents under age 26 to stay on their parents insurance, and reduced the rate of medical cost increases in the USA. It is an excellent program. Does it need changes? Absolutely, like every other government program, but with special focus on greater oversight to reduce fraud and abuse by service providers, the pharmaceutical industry, and makers of medical equipment.

        • Excellent response, Dominick. I was planning one with considerable vitriol, but it would have been unseemly given yours. Thank you, sir.

          • I don’t get it! What sense does it make to go toe-to-toe against another blogger when the corporate gangsters and their whore politicians have our collective necks in a noose and their objective to hang us “all” on the same tree

          • You should ask that to NM, they are the ones putting out these ridiculous articles. Where is their concern.

          • Anything that highlights the duplicity of the GOP, or the negative impact of their policies on the middle class, is ridiculous or stupid for every bonafide Republican, even when those policies work against their own interests.

          • Really!!! Because you on the left can’t discern the truth from the what the ideologues think is the truth.

          • If there’s an answer to my question in that incomprehensible word salad you just puked up, I’m not seeing it. So I’ll ask again: if the articles are ridiculous, why do you waste your time here?
            And why do you feel compelled to comment on these “ridiculous” articles when you have zero credibility among the posters who habituate the site? Everyone here knows you’re a few degrees off plumb, but can you possibly be delusional enough to believe you can influence the debate with your stunningly uninformed remarks?
            You should do yourself a favor and listen to people who know more than you do – in particular, Mr. Vila, who’s certainly forgotten more than you’ll ever know. In other words, you should type less and read more.

          • Let me help you one more time. The articles are ridiculous and the posting is even more and I am only responding to you on the left with your idea of the truth which it is not.
            LMAO!!! The plumb is all yours. See you think Dom is so bright and knowledgeable just shows how ignorant you are. I have caught him in so many outright lies and half truths. Look what he wrote above about surplus.
            There is no surplus in SS trust fund. The securities are nothing more than paper, with a legal obligation to pay when cashed in. Here, your turn to read.

            From Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a progressive think tank.

            As Paul Van de Water at CBPP has explained, “when Social Security needs
            to start cashing in its holdings of Treasury securities to meet its
            benefit obligations, the federal government [the general fund] will
            have to increase its borrowing from the public, or raise taxes or
            spend less” to finance these costs.

            Wake up!!!

          • I doubt that anyone on this site could get past your tone to whatever it is you want to convey. Maligning people whom you want to influence has never been a good starting point. Why would I listen to anyone who has such a poor opinion of me and such an obnoxious way of expressing themselves?

          • I am not out to influence anyone from the left on this site, they have all made up their minds and I am here just to set the record straight when they veer from the real truth.
            Other than this post from you, which I believe is a first, i will respond to you in the way I am approached. I have no opinion of you at this point. Make your point and I will respond in like. I have individuals on NM that we respond with civility to each other and have had some good discussions. No they get my point and usually reply, even thought I use very good resources(WP, NYT etc.), I am still called a liar.

        • Keep wasting your time on that stupid treason argument, it fell on deaf ears before by a vast majority of Americans and is being ignored even more after the American people saw how pathetic the interim agreement really is.
          Only you would believe there is a real surplus.. The last few years there has not been enough revenue to cover outlays, so the payments to the tune of 230 billions since 2010 is coming out of the general fund. Moreover, As Paul Van de Water at CBPP has explained, “when Social Security needs to start cashing in its holdings of Treasury securities to meet its benefit obligations, the federal government [the general fund] will have to increase its borrowing from the public, or raise taxes or spend less” to finance these costs.

          We will see in the coming months with ACA. Other than pre-existing the rest of ACA needs to be gone and a better plan made. Go look at the lastest Rasmussen poll.

          • There is nothing stupid about treason. When members of a party declare a country an enemy, and they follow that with a letter encouraging our alleged enemies not to trust an incumbent U.S. President, that’s treason. Period.
            Are you suggesting that Social Security should not cash their investments in U.S. Treasury securities because doing so would force the U.S. government to meet the obligations it has neglected for decades by using the SS funds to pay for things it should have paid through taxation?
            The decreasing number of contributor Vs beneficiary ratio can be overcome for at least a few decades by raising the SS contribution level.

          • You keep trying to play the treason game on the right, ignoring all that I pointed out that the left has done to republican presidents. One more time, your argument got little to no traction before and will continue to die because the American people right and left have found interim agreement to be a poor agreement. Hell, looks like Kerry won’t get his Nobel Peace Prize after all.
            Let’s put in this perspective. What do the U.S. treasury securities consist of?? Other than “good faith of US” and legal obligation of the fed. govt., what do they consist of. What makes up this so-called asset??
            There is no asset, the revenues of SS payments go into the general fund and in return given an IOU from the govt. with no value. The revenues are not meeting the outlays, where is the money coming from?? The monies are coming from the general revenues. There is no tangible trust fund.
            As Paul Van de Water at CBPP has explained, “when Social Security needs
            to start cashing in its holdings of Treasury securities to meet its
            benefit obligations, the federal government [the general fund] will
            have to increase its borrowing from the public, or raise taxes or
            spend less” to finance these costs.


            “The decreasing number of contributor Vs beneficiary ratio can be
            overcome for at least a few decades by raising the SS contribution
            level.” YOU CLAIM. Higher taxes on the individuals you mean. What leave out the other options.

          • What Democrats have done to Republican Presidents include the support the Reagan Democrats gave to that President, and the overwhelming support George W. Bush got from Democrats immediately after 9/11. Compare that behavior and desire to cooperate with what has taken place during the last 6 years, a level of obstructionism acknowledged publicly by none other than Mitch McConnell.
            You may want to read the quote you posted regarding SS Treasury securities. Van de Water’s statement said “when” SS needs to start…Well, they haven’t started yet, and they don’t have to start if they raise the contribution level to a more realistic figure.
            SS invested its surplus in Treasury Securities because Federal government agencies are not supposed to profit. Those Treasury securities are expected to cover outlays, if measures are not taken to match outlays with revenues, rather than be used to cover the fiscal irresponsibility of former Presidents.

          • Just more of your bloviating I see. You again ignored the number of democrats that I gave you who went behind the Republican Presidents to foreign governments from Teddy to Pelosi..
            So you deny the SS shortfall that is going on is not coming from the General Fund??
            So after 2020 when the shortfall will be so severe and the SS has to cash in holdings, where will those monies come from?? General fund?? There is no surplus in the real world just on paper. There are no monies set aside when they are forced to refund.
            You can try and twist “when” but the truth is, there is not one dollar in those securities. Just an obligation to pay by the fed govt.
            As Paul Van de Water at CBPP has explained, “when Social Security needs
            to start cashing in its holdings of Treasury securities to meet its
            benefit obligations, the federal government [the general fund] will
            have to increase its borrowing from the public, or raise taxes or
            spend less” to finance these costs.
            As usual with the left the answer is more taxes. Another load of crap from good old Dom.

          • Make up your mind. Either Social Security is covering outlays with general funds, or they may have to do it in 2020 when outlays exceed revenues. There is no question that SS is being starved by its detractors, but that does not mean there are no ways to solve the problem. Raising the contribution level to $250K would prolong the current surplus for at least a few decades. Most importantly, what is wrong with using general funds to pay for the services of a social program that provides an income to senior citizens who paid into it throughout their professional lives, and who have paid taxes their entire lives? Why is it that we are the only industrialized country in the Western Hemisphere that thinks social programs that benefit our most vulnerable citizens are an evil concept, and that the best way to go is to let for profit corporations deal with this issue? Those corporations did not demonstrate any commitment to society before SS and MEDICARE were created, and they are not going to do it now without a substantial profit incentive.

          • Dom, at your MO again.
            Remember you said “When” not me.
            Since 2010, the shortfall in SS has been covered from the General Fund. Not the cashing in of securities.That is a fact.
            After 2020 and going forward the cashing in of these securities will be necessary to cover the severe shortfall from lack of revenues to cover outlays.
            You idiot there is no surplus. It is just paper, with a legal obligation to pay, nothing more nothing less.
            Why would the CBPP, which is a progressive think tank make the following statement if there was a surplus to pull from.
            As Paul Van de Water at CBPP has explained, “when Social Security needs
            to start cashing in its holdings of Treasury securities to meet its
            benefit obligations, the federal government [the general fund] will
            have to increase its borrowing from the public, or raise taxes or
            spend less” to finance these costs.
            Just more of your half truths and lies.
            There are at least 5 ways to protect SS, not just your soaking the rich again. Go after the 1% again and again, go after the 3 million to cover the other 300 million people. Every solution from the left is tax the 3 million(1%) over and over and over again. That is not the solution.
            “What is wrong with using general funds”?? Really??? My God you are pathetic!!! Go read Van de Water again!! More debt, more taxes, less benefits, which is typical of the lefts idea of solving a problem.

            Dom, there is no tangible surplus, it is an empty box, quit lying about. All these so called securities are backed by nothing other than a federal obligation or better yet the American Tax Payer. GO read CBPP!!

          • The Social Security Trust Fund is an empty nest because unscrupulous politicians used it to cover Federal government outlays without having to raise taxes, and because it was never intended to be a physical pot of gold. The SS Trust Fund Treasury Securities were meant to enjoy the same protections as Treasury bonds. The Trust Fund was the result of contributions made by millions of Americans to cover potential shortfalls, as the contributor-beneficiary ratio reached the breaking point. It was not meant to be used for purposes other than what it was designed for. If we cannot trust the Treasury with the management of the SS trust fund, why should we trust them with the solvency of bonds…which W referred to as “worthless IOUs…pieces of paper”. Are you endorsing irresponsibility and lack of commitment?
            Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with society paying for the services we benefit from, and Social Security and MEDICARE are no an exception to that rule.
            Raising the SS contribution cap for the wealthy has nothing to do with “soaking it to the rich”. Why should a waitress pay into SS 52 weeks a year, and a multi-millionaire satisfy his/her contributions by close of business on January 1st?

          • At last,you finally admit there is no “surplus” after saying at least 3 times there was. You either knew the “surplus” was a phantom and lied anyway or you are not this great maven you pretend to be.

            Some in our country think that Social Security is a trust fund – in other words, there’s a pile of money being accumulated. That’s just simply not true. The money – payroll taxes going into the Social Security are spent. They’re spent on benefits and they’re spent on government programs. There is no trust. source “W”

            I am waiting for you to say it was all his fault. At least he was right, they are nothing more than an “obligation by the fed. govt..”

            The Office of Management and Budget has described the distinction as follows:

            These [Trust Fund] balances are available to finance future benefit payments and other Trust Fund expenditures – but only in a bookkeeping sense…. They do not consist of real economic assets that can be drawn down in the future to fund benefits. Instead, they are claims on the Treasury that, when redeemed, will have to be financed by raising taxes, borrowing from the public, or reducing benefits or other expenditures. The existence of large Trust Fund balances, therefore, does not, by itself, have any impact on the Government’s ability to pay benefits. (from FY 2000 Budget, Analytical Perspectives, p. 337)

            With society paying, I see nothing wrong as long as there is something to show for all the monies put in, but when there is nothing after many years, then I question the program.
            You said raising the rate up to 250k, that falls into the top 1%. There are many ways to change SS but you and the rest of the left are only interested in redistribution of wealth and income inequality. Pure socialist propaganda.

          • It is nothing more than an obligation by the Federal government? No wonder you see nothing wrong with Republican politicians threatening to default on our national debt.
            Is it too difficult to understand that obligations, by either our government or private institutions, must be honored or we risk losing the credit that help our economy, and consumers, stay afloat?
            Going back to Social Security and MEDICARE, what do you propose as a substitute, and what should tens of millions of middle class senior citizens and handicapped people do when the lifeline that allows them to live with a modicum of comfort is gone and substituted with for profit corporations…if we even find any willing to tackle the functions performed by SS and MEDICARE without substantial increases in cost?

          • You said SS had a “surplus”, there is no surplus, it is an empty box. You Lied Dom, and you know it.
            Quit trying to change the subject.
            In the real world a business must be efficient, control costs and spending to survive. The Govt. does neither. Is that so hard to understand?
            The obligation is based on revenues paid by the American tax payers, by either raising taxes or selling more worthless securities and cutting benefits. It is no small deal.
            There are alternatives but they have fallen on deaf ears for decades. No party is without fault!! What surprises me is that your buddy Obama, who claims to so concerned about the middle class doesn’t even try and lead, his silence is deafening.
            Oh that’s right, it is all the Koch Brothers. LMAO!!!

          • What seems to be hard for you to understand is that, for a business, controlling unnecessary spending is just part of a strategy to survive. The real key to survive in the private section is sales and profit, something the Federal, State and local governments cannot do.
            You may want to check the definition of “obligation”. As for alternatives, the only option is to satisfy what was promised. As for President Obama doing nothing to solve the SS funding problem, you may want to check your sources, before the following hits the news: President Obama’s budget proposal includes increasing greater oversight to eliminate fraudulent SS “strategic” claims used by some recipients to increase the amount of benefits they receive. Rest assure, your part will treat this the same way it treated the $740B in MEDICARE savings. That is, that President Obama is destroying the safety net. The cynicism of the part that wants to privatize social programs, and whose idea of a balanced budget entails spending reductions, while giving breaks to the super rich, such as eliminating the estate tax, will once again show its face, and will most likely convince naive voters that the party that is fighting for their interests and trying to find solutions to problems affecting our social programs is actually working against them.

          • Dom, what I understand is you made claims about SS securities which were blatantly false which you knew were false. There is no surplus to fall back on, all securities that are cashed in come directly from the General Fund. Period!!!
            Back to spinning again, I see. I never brought up fraud nor did you. what was discussed was the necessity to find alternatives to keep SS from going into inevitable enormous bankruptcy after about 2033. Now where did Obama propose changing SS, heck he even left out in his 2016 budget the chained CPI as per the congressional democrats request.
            As to the rest of your post, more worthless diarrhea from you.

          • Yes, I did say SS has been running a surplus. Read the following:
            You said that President Obama had not done anything to correct the SS long term problems. My response to your assertion is that President Obama’s budget blueprint includes greater scrutiny of fraudulent claims by some beneficiaries to qualify for larger monthly payments. He also proposed raising the SS contribution cap, a proposal that was met with the usual GOP claims of sticking it to the rich. The problem is not that President Obama and other Democrats have not proposed solutions to a problem that is going to impact SS in years to come, but the fact that Republicans reject anything that requires raising taxes, and seize every opportunity to turn attempt to reduce spending into political footballs to score points.

          • Really!!!
            Now when that so-called surplus, a surplus made up of Treasury securities, which have no value other the legal obligation to pay, are cashed in, where does the money come from??? Your specious argument just doesn’t hold water. You are a habitual liar and this is just another example..
            Why would the CBPP, which is a progressive think tank make the following statement if there was a surplus to pull from.
            As Paul Van de Water at CBPP has explained, “when Social Security needs
            to start cashing in its holdings of Treasury securities to meet its
            benefit obligations, the federal government [the general fund] will
            have to increase its borrowing from the public, or raise taxes or
            spend less” to finance these costs.
            Wait you didn’t blame “W”. You keep spouting the same old line of bull from the left. You think everything can be solved by taxing the American people, which historically has never made things better. Tax, Tax, Tax, it doesn’t solve much of anything.
            Dom you know you no ground to stand on in this case, so quit lying.

          • Should we assume that you have an English comprehension problem? Read the excerpt you provided again. Yes, when SS needs to start cashing its holdings of Treasury securities we will have a problem. Until then we have a surplus, which is the result of worker contributions exceeding outlays. I readily admit that while the SS pension part remains solvent, it will not be long before its disability part is in trouble. Again, the solution for both parts of SS is to raise the contribution cap to at least $200K. Preferably higher than that.

          • Keep that selective going my little disingenuous person.

            No, the comprehension or lack of is all yours. You idiot, the short falls have been happening since 2010, why is that so hard for you to understand? All deficits are coming from General Funds and just like when they start cashing in the securities they will come from the General Fund. DUH!!!

            Trustees Summary of 2014 Annual report.

            Social Security’s total expenditures have exceeded non-interest income of its combined trust funds since 2010 and the Trustees estimate that Social Security cost will exceed non-interest income throughout the 75-year projection period. The Trustees project that this annual cash-flow deficit will average about $77 billion between 2014 and 2018 before rising steeply as income growth slows to its sustainable trend rate after the economic recovery is complete while the number of beneficiaries continues to grow at a substantially faster rate than the number of covered workers. Redemption of trust fund asset reserves from the General Fund of the Treasury will provide the resources needed to offset Social Security’s annual aggregate cash-flow deficits.
            Why would the CBPP, which is a progressive think tank make the following statement if there was a surplus to pull from.
            As Paul Van de Water at CBPP has explained, “when Social Security needs
            to start cashing in its holdings of Treasury securities to meet its
            benefit obligations, the federal government [the general fund] will
            have to increase its borrowing from the public, or raise taxes or
            spend less” to finance these costs.
            So since 2010 payments have exceeded revenues, so where are the monies coming from??? General Fund, stupid.

            Hey doofus, DI will be bankrupt next year. From same report. Social Security’s Disability Insurance (DI) program satisfies neither the Trustees’ long-range test of close actuarial balance nor their short-range test of financial adequacy and faces the most immediate financing shortfall of any of the separate trust funds. DI Trust Fund reserves expressed as a percent of annual cost (the trust fund ratio) declined to 62 percent at the beginning of 2014, and the Trustees project trust fund depletion late in 2016, the same year projected in the last Trustees Report.

          • Keep trying!!! You’re being disingenuous again,
            So the 77 billion in shortfalls each year between 2014-18, will paid for how??? General Fund, Right!!!
            And those so called surpluses will be able to pay the shortfalls all by themselves without having to transfer monies from the General fund, Right??
            There are no tangible/marketable assets to pay the shortfalls, they will be paid from the General Fund.
            They are IOU’s from the Federal Govt. backed by nothing more than a promise to pay.
            Why would the CBPP, which is a progressive think tank make the following statement if there was a surplus to pull from.
            As Paul Van de Water at CBPP has explained, “when Social Security needs
            to start cashing in its holdings of Treasury securities to meet its
            benefit obligations, the federal government [the general fund] will
            have to increase its borrowing from the public, or raise taxes or
            spend less” to finance these costs.

            At least Van de Water a progressive, has the honesty to say it but not old Dom. Dom will play the semantic game as Rome burns.

            Don’t forget what the SS 2014 Annual Report said:

            Social Security’s total expenditures have exceeded non-interest income
            of its combined trust funds since 2010 and the Trustees estimate that
            Social Security cost will exceed non-interest income throughout the
            75-year projection period. The Trustees project that this annual
            cash-flow deficit will average about $77 billion between 2014 and 2018
            before rising steeply as income growth slows to its sustainable trend
            rate after the economic recovery is complete while the number of
            beneficiaries continues to grow at a substantially faster rate than the
            number of covered workers. Redemption of trust fund asset reserves
            from the General Fund of the Treasury will provide the resources needed
            to offset Social Security’s annual aggregate cash-flow deficits.
            You can keep playing the word game but the BOTTOM LINE is the shortfalls will get more severe and will be paid from the General Fund, not from the securities themselves.

          • You continue to ignore everything I provide, that goes contrary to your pre-conceived interpretation of reality. SS revenues come from employee and employer contributions, and from interest earnings from its Trust Fund.
            Treasury bonds or securities are never tangible assets. They are securities that purchasers or investors use based on obligations to be honored by the Federal government and managed by the Treasury Department. If past Presidents have used the SS Trust Funds to satisfy goals inconsistent with its intended purpose, the alleged SS insolvency involves criminal acts, and the refusal of the United States government to meet its obligations, something investors worldwide would love to hear.
            The truth is that the U.S. government is honoring its SS Trust Fund interest obligations. Whether its fiscal irresponsibility requires using general funds to honor the interest payment obligations is something that they – the government – and us, the taxpayers, have to come to terms with.
            SS has been covering outlays with its revenues and collection of interest, as it is meant to do.
            As for Van de Water’s statement, it is consistent with what I have been saying.
            When Social Security can no longer cover outlays by using its revenue collection methods it will have no choice but to depend on General Funds to remain solvent. That “when” has not yet happened, and Van de Water’s dire prediction depends strictly on our leaders doing nothing to preclude the insolvency of SS. Raising the SS contribution cap alone would add at least 3 or 4 decades to the solvency of SS. Changes to early retirement, and an overhaul of the disability part of SS, with special focus on eliminating fraud and abuse would help tremendously. My problem is not with the need to make changes to SS, which I have suggested repeatedly, but with your assertion that SS is already insolvent. The websites I provided, and your own excerpt of Van de Water’s statement prove otherwise.

          • Where has the money to cover the SS shortfalls since 2010 come from to make the SS payments? The General Fund.
            When the severe shortfalls start, causing the cashing in of the securities, where does the money come from?? The General Fund.
            There is no surplus, it has no asset to pull from other than the tax payer!!! This so called surplus is in name only!!! it is an empty box.
            What the hell is wrong with you?? SS revenues aren’t covering outlays right now and haven’t since 2010. These shortfalls are already being transferred from the General Fund. The Trustees have told us the shortfalls will be 77Billion a year, 2014-18 alone.
            As I said before there has to multiple solutions not just the lefts tax the rich even more solution. The 3 million 250K plus can’t keep paying for the other 300 million, a few can’t pay for the rest.

  2. The Republican clown car of candidates will never win a Presidential election as long as they must all bow to the extreme right wing of their party. The vast majority of people are turned off by the extreme views of those folks. As for those who advocate war at the drop of a hat, I would only ask who in their family is going to be on the front lines? It’s easy to advocate for war but a whole lot harder to fight it.

    • Forget the Re[ublican verbiage about National politics, they really are not interested in winning at that level yet. Follow the money and you will see the real damage is being done to America at the local and State level by the influx of the Koch led Alex ideas and money along with the Prosperity groups. They flood the States and this is where their gerrymandering packs the courts and Congress with John Birchers whom we now call T-party Republicans. Eventually they will win because of this effort from below. Every election whether local or State must be fought with the best candidate and ideas the Democrats can find to run. And we MUST VOTE!

    • The GOP clown car may be getting another bozo in the not too distant future. Texas Gov. Perry is busy delivering speeches. There is one coming up not far from where I live, and some of my Republican relatives can’t wait to attend.

      • Let’s hope Rick remembers the time and place and if he does, he’ll remember his speech if for no other reason that we can hold him accountable for anti-American positions

  3. Every day I get more reasons to hate the republicans who have ruined my country for Americans with their greed, homophobia and racism.

    • The most important points U just made are their fear, racism & greed. Check out USAToday’s front page piece. How many American’s get to not only vote, but influence both the vote & the agenda of the candidate, not to mention WHO will be candidates for public office? That we have not taken out – thru recall & impeachment – those very same candidates, is the reason the citizenry is so thoroughly disrespected. What to do about it? Uh, the Constitution already told us. Why no one has read that far past “… We the People…” is what is most frustrating!!! Prayer works on the small scale as well as the large. Thru prayer, revelations are given. How else can Jefferson being the great author of the “Declaration…” & George Washington being the great strategist & General of the Continental Army be explained? They Prayed every day, for Divine guidance. So should we…

      • God helps him who helps himself. Go ahead and pray but you did to take some more concrete action as well. Vote, educate, empower and enable other voters.

        • I won’t dispute the last part of your statement, but no where in the bible does it even imply that “God helps him who helps himself.”

          The GOP would like you to think that, but God helps all those who believe in Him and His son, and are really willing to follow the commandments Jesus gave us that are defined mostly in Matthews Gospel Chapters 5-7.

          • The “commandments” God gave Moses were only a temporary set of guidelines given to the rebellious Hebrews God asked Moses to lead just to carry them until Jesus came to earth. Paul stated numerous times that following the commandments, aka ‘The Law’, would get no one to Heaven. And on top of that, God, through the writer of a letter to the Hebrews stated quite clearly in the last verse of the 8th Chapter that Jesus’ coming with a New Testament, made the Old Testament OBSOLETE AND WHAT IS OBSOLETE WILL SOON FADE AWAY. Those words were said 2000 years ago and hence – the Old Testament is no longer of any real purpose other than the encouragement it gives us in those who remained faithful to God and the examples it gives us of those who suffered because they deliberately failed to honor God.

          • “…a temporary set of guidelines.”? OMFG, another Pseudo-Theologian interpreting useless parable from

            a book written by MEN. PATHETIC! Old Testament, no longer relevant? Tell that to the Jews. You are just another one full of your “Religiosity” and self importance. Very Sad! “God is a creation of the human mind and nothing else.

          • Not sure why in clearly being an atheist that you’re getting into a discussion you obviously know nothing about, but clearly the verse in Proverbs was correct when it cautioned that believers should not discuss religious topics with fools.

            In any case, here’s the 8th Chapter of a letter written to the Hebrews which basically says exactly what I posted for you:

            8 Now the main point of what we are saying is this: We do have such a high priest, who sat down at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven,

            2 and who serves in the sanctuary, the true tabernacle set up by the Lord, not by a mere human being.

            3 Every high priest is appointed to offer both gifts and sacrifices, and so it was necessary for this one also to have something to offer.

            4 If he were on earth, he would not be a priest, for there are already priests who offer the gifts prescribed by the law.

            5 They serve at a sanctuary that is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven. This is why Moses was warned when he was about to build the tabernacle: “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.”

            6 But in fact the ministry Jesus has received is as superior to theirs as the covenant of which he is mediator is superior to the old one, since the new covenant is established on better promises.

            7 For if there had been nothing wrong with that first covenant, no place would have been sought for another.

            8 But God found fault with the people and said: “The days are coming, declares the Lord, when I will make a new covenant with the people of Israel and with the people of Judah.

            9 It will not be like the covenant I made with their ancestors
            when I took them by the hand to lead them out of Egypt,
            because they did not remain faithful to my covenant,
            and I turned away from them, declares the Lord.

            10 This is the covenant I will establish with the people of Israel after that time, declares the Lord. I will put my laws in their minds and write them on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people.

            11 No longer will they teach their neighbor,or say to one another, ‘Know the Lord,’ because they will all know me,
            from the least of them to the greatest.

            12 For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.”

            13 By calling this covenant “new,” he has made the first one obsolete; and what is obsolete and outdated will soon disappear.

      • And you knelt down and prayed every day with Washington, and Jefferson? You know what is wrong with religious fanatics? It is intolerance. It is the way they don’t work hard to fix problems because they are waiting for the rapture. They don’t live to make society better for all because they live for the hereafter. Great examples you have: Rick Santorum, who does not believe in birth control so it should be outlawed; Pat Robertson who told the victims of Katrina it was their fault; and michele bauchmann whose hate envelopes her whole being.

  4. If there is one education Americans need to get it’s this: The Republicans are not after a president…They are after a back room presidency and have been since the willful Nixon shamed them with a resignation.

    When I left the Republican Party in 2004 after 33 years, it was because I realized that they were not really working for the people of this country. There’s simply NO other way to put it. They are only and always after “power.”

    Did anyone for a single second believe the back room GOP bulls didn’t know 79 year olf Reagan’s medical history and his onset of Alzheimer’s at age 69? Did anyone believe that the deeply embedded since Nixon, Bush ’41 as CIA Director and VP to Reagan wasn’t a marshmallow they could push around? Forget Bush ’43, Cheney needed him as his front man for a back room presidency Cheney lusted after since 1994. It was the ONLY reason he sidled up to Halliburton and became its CEO. And magically, 2 years later? Cheney becomes a VP? Really?

    Now, what the GOP bulls are looking for is another front man for a Koch back room presidency. The reality is that those 2 pole cats Charley and Davy Koch know they can’t usurp the court of public opinion and just swagger and drawl their way into the presidency. They are after all at near monopoly level in corporations that taxpayers keep in existence with massive tax cuts and subsidies…So..they are taking the back door approach…get a bunch of dippy front men like Cruz, Rubio and Walker…you can’t even tell these guys apart if you stand them together. Not to worry, Charley and Davy are throwing in Huckabee and barely tolerating Christie..(really an Adelson protogee) and half a dozen more who prostitute themselves for billionaires. Vote GOP …go ahead…you’ll work a lifetime to keep Koch Industries and the rest of their “holdings” in monopolies for the foreseeable future.

  5. The GOP and their “Teabagger’s” are nothing more and nothing less than, TWISTED, GREEDY little SADIST FEAR MONGERS.

        • Your brilliance forbears me to detract from it’s luminosity by adding further comments. See how easy it is to be an elitist know-it-all?

    • During the medieval times, the charlatan created a fear. People were easy to scare. They were scared of the dark and locked and bolted their houses against the unknown, at night. They were afraid of what was lurking in the forests. Scared people are ripe for what happened. The charlatan invented dragons and made they quite scary. Then he, and his band of knights, rode off into the forest to slay the terrible dragons. How brave they were? They returned with heroic tales of their feats. The gold kept on coming. Mind you, they didn’t bring back any proof, like a foot or something. hitler created dragons. First it was the communists. Then it was the trade unionists. Then the Jews made a perfect dragon and he controlled a country and proceeded to take over the world. The tea party is still created dragons. And the people are still dumb enough to believe them.

    • You right-wing lovers just hate to come to grips with the truth don’t you?? Always have to try and discredit reality!! Hopefully some day you’ll grow out of the GOP brainwashing!! If people like you would only wake up to just how much your being robbed by this organization that calls themselves a political party (the GOP) but is really no different than the Italian Mafia!!!

      • Where in my comment did I state anything about supporting the GOP? You assume too much without knowing anything about me or my political affiliation (hint: I’m not a registered Republican). You then slink back into the progressive wheelhouse of ad hominem and hyperbole. My comment was accurate in that there is no objectivity in the article, it’s completely slanted. Why is it that the Left (which you left no doubt as to your affiliation, regardless of your Disqus name) cannot have an honest discussion about anything without reaching for the lowest common denominator and 4th grade school yard insults?

        • Another non-committal Right Winger! You are SO transparent I could be blind and see right through you. The Tea Party is NOT the GOP. The discussion has been more than honest until you arrived. Granted, the article is rife with platitude and pleonasm, but nevertheless, true.

        • Who do you think you’re kidding anyway?? Yourself?? Go back and play in your sandbox. We don’t need more dishonest bloggers here; we have enough of them roaming the blogsite with the likes of Mike, Kenndeb, Joe Smuck, itsfun and others.

  6. And the effort of the Right Wing to continue to perfect the pyramid scheme that is the USA, marches on. The American people are blind to the fact that the purpose of the US Constitution was and is to break up the power of the Proletariat. We DO NOT have a Democracy and NEVER did because the forefathers knew that they, as the wealthy, would NEVER constitute the “majority” and would NEVER hold power in a true Democracy. Representative government? Why? Especially when your “representative” is under NO Constitutional obligation to do the bidding of the majority. Americans are fucking stupid.

        • Well “fucking stupid” is hopeless but distraction and deception are responsive to attention arousing activity and unbiased facts. Take for example Boston, Ferguson, and North Carolina which to my mind are symptoms of failed economic political policy (see Ghetto Side by Jill Levoy)

          I think this recent phenomena is America is producing fewer and fewer moral and compassionate politicians as the current issues debated illustrate. We have lawmakers and justices that are putting the common American in a wine press and turning the screw for the interests of corporations.

          Men and women who are reliable and consistent in the area of speaking the unvarnished truth in ways that join of “all” people of common plight together redefine the character of people who are presently elected to office as a class of humans willing to compromise their values for personal gain; there’s just not enough compassion at the highest levels of government; Mitt Romney’s campaign put the exclamation point on it

          I think it’s to the people who would fight the next revolution (Hunger Games like scenario in mind here).
          Civic-mined engaged and informed voters have a responsibility to get their family, friends and neighbors’ attention with facts about the trends toward poverty, ignorance and violence developing in our country since the turn of the century.

          And finally, we can encourage young people to VOTE for their future.

        • Your reply is now in the circular file of NM. Too long and too much thought went into it to repeat or summarize…sorry!

  7. This is ‘pernicious republicanism’ and that is what the whole field of republican candidates represent!!!!!!

    I want to extend an invitation to NM bloggers to educate other people about ‘pernicious republicanism’ every chance you get because as I go about talking with friends and neighbors I find they know almost NOTHING about what the republican party represents. They still believe the GOP is their father’s GOP…not so!!

    • The problem is the GOP has brain washed their followers and they think the same about us, they don’t listen to us and we don’t listen to them, how can we fix that?

      • We have to be equal opportunity critics. We can’t afford to be blind to what politicians on both sides of the isle do to self promote and advance the agenda of the corporate gangsters who now have government by the shorthairs

        • The ACA was written by insurance industry lobbyists and has been a massive revenue generator for the insurance industry. Outside of wall st and silicon valley, insurance is towards the top of the oligarchy that runs both sides. The fact that the Left disregards this fact shows they aren’t intellectually honest

      • I have a friend that said “bush is the best president we’ve ever had”. She voted for Obama twice because I just told her what was in ryan’s budget.

        • Your friend sounds like she has an open mind, good for her. The people I know who follow the GOP won’t listen to any opinion the differs from theirs.

          • I have to agree, the people I know (and I live in a red state) would not listen to any other points of views either.

          • and they are so quick to throw out their doo-doo, but when you challenge them, they “don’t discuss politics.”

        • I have very close relatives who not only believe W was one of our best Presidents, but who believe Rush Limbaugh is the only honest media commentator, and the only person whose opinion and “news” are worth considering!

          • Like they say, we can choose our friends….. But family is forever? You’re telling my life story! Good luck to you Dom!

          • Sadly, they are wrong…. Reagan was the best. Up until I was about 30, I considered myself a liberal Democrat. Then I learned what the Dem platform was and I changed. I was married and had two kids and politics meant more than when I was young and did not have as much on the line. Now I am supporting a family, could not afford to support Democrats as well.

          • Same thing happened to me Curtis, I woke up around age 30, worked in union occupations, but voted for Reagan when I seen the light. When you’re young, you think the Government is supposed to give you everything, but when you get smart, you realize the only thing the government “gives” is by taking from others, only way the Democrats stay in power. Trouble is, by the time the young “get it” , more years are wasted by their Liberal naivete. And of course, there are the ones that just want something for nothing.

          • It was my first wife’s family that did it to me. They literally felt that the gov’t could not let them go hungry, so they did not need to work. All of them did nothing but use people and were all on some sort of public assistance and all pot-heads. I worked 10-12 hours a day and they thought I was a fool. Today, they all vote for a living while living in poverty and I retired at 53 in comfort. Who was the fool?

          • It took you 30 years to read the Democratic platform? Slow reader, huh?

            i suppose what you like most about Reagan are the 11 tax increases, the amnesty for illegal aliens, negotiations with Iran (not to mention illegal arms sales – arms for hostages, remember that?), and nuclear reduction treaties with Russia. And let’s not forget doubling the national debt, or the 241 Marines killed in Lebanon (you know, the ones who weren’t allowed to carry loaded weapons).

            Oh, and the Reagan Administration was the most corrupt in our lifetimes: 138 officials investigated, indicted or convicted.

            Yep, he sure was great.

          • Took me that long to grow up, get married, have kids, finish school, and then realize other people are digging in my pockets. What I liked about Reagan is he was better than Carter. I voted for Carter. And he was better than Mondale. At least he was not Impeached and disbarred for lying to Congress. But, I guess it depends on what the definition of “is” is. (Clinton’s famous statement). He also did not send the IRS after his political enemies. And the latest list is very long.

          • So despite the amazing corruption of the Reagan Administration, he wasn’t impeached about sex.

            Got it.

          • Listen, you need to read again. He was impeached for lying. He was under oath and lied. That is perjury.

          • About sex. He was lying about his sex life. Different from the corruption your hero allowed to flourish in his administration.

          • Obama was rated the 5th. best President. George Washington was #1, Reagan #2, many tied for #3, Carter #4, & Obama # 5.

          • Washington 1, Reagan 2, forty tied for 3rd., Carter 4, Obama 5th. This is a joke Dom.

          • Like some of my relatives, you must be bored when you are with them. All they have is their programmed talking points. No facts.

      • You can fix it by getting your facts from credible sources and not MSNBC or You only read the propaganda. You will believe what makes you feel good about yourselves. You need some tough love

        • You really have drunk deep from the Faux News Kool aid! Try reading the financial papers. Even Murdock”s Wall Street Journel, outside the opinion and editorial sections, disprove your statements about the economy. That is why Republican governors are always trying to steal jobs from the Blue states. Companies rather be in the Blue states until bribed to leave. (Major tax breaks and less pollution control.) Red states are becoming the dump sites for corporations.

          • Try reading. I live in CA and understand the issues. Tax payers keep moving out while non tax payers keep moving in. People who work are tired of supporting Democrats so they can sit at home and smoke pot. Companies move to states that are better run. That’s why unemployment is lower in TX. I am just waiting until my wife retires and we are gone too. You Democrats can all sit on the couch and watch TV and find someone else to support you.

          • BS. It is funny how California continues to lead the nation in job creation and Republican governors can only come and try to bribe companies to go to their states. Yes Texas and Florida are great places to retire. Take your California money, go South and live good. Good riddance to ignorance. Subject: Re: Comment on 5 Horrible Ideas Republicans Will Never Let Die

        • Thanks, you just proved my point. I don’t remember saying where I get my facts but I can tell you it isn’t Fox News, tough love, you can’t be serious.

      • What is happening has been done before. Divide the nation against itself. Polarize the parties, hopefully, destroy one. Build distrust of the government and make it the enemy and you can destroy democracy and take over the country. Sound familiar? Read “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”

  8. Some one needs to tell the red states that not letting their

    citizens get health care is going to make sure there are a lot less voters in 2016.
    Again they are hurting their chances in the next presidential election.

    • The red states are enjoying the best economies and the blue states have the worst. Google it. You will find that to be the case. I live in CA and tax payers are moving to Red states in record amounts while non-tax payers are moving in. Five more years and my wife retires and we are moving to TX. CA loses one more tax payer. I will wait until it all collapses and maybe move back

      • Where do you get your information? Faux News? Even other countries report that the Red states are economically the worst.

      • Wow! My guess is when you’re googling this stuff you’re picking up right-wing biased sites that are feeding you more propaganda.

        Do you realize that a Democrat took over Minnesota 4 years ago and was just re-elected. He replaced Tom Pawlenty who wanted to run for president. Do you realize that in 8 years Minnesota had only created about 6,200 new jobs under Pawlenty while he ran up a 6 billion dollar debt.

        Well over the past 4 years, a Democrat (i forget his name), raised taxes when he took office, instituted a minimum wage and edicted that women had to be paid the same as ment.

        In his 1st 4 years, he not only paid off Pawlenty’s 6B in debt he now has a 1.2B surplus (while Wisconsin has a 2B debt), and his state now has an average income that’s $8,000/yr higher than the national average, the unemployment rate that was close to 7% is now the sixth lowest in the nation at 3.6% as over the past 4 years Minnesota created 165,000 more jobs than were created in Pawlenty’s 8 years in office; and Minnesota is now rated the 8th best state in the nation for business when it had been rated somewhere in the mid 20s.

        Now that’s creating a good economy.

        And if you think Red States create some place where you’d want to live, better bring up some of these articles I’ve put together for you:

        10 Most Dangerous States to live – 9 were governed by Republicans

        States with the highest vehicle fatalities per 100 million miles traveled
        (21 of the top 25 are red states)

        10 States with the Worst Quality of Life – all 10 are run by Republicans

        10 Most Corrupt States – All 10 are governed by Republicans

        10 Most Miserable states to live in – All 10 are governed by

        • I read your citations. What makes a state miserable to live in? I didn’t see the benchmarks. Corruption? Illinois is famous for that and that is where our president came from. CA is so corrupt, state senators were arrested for gun running. Your citation did not state the party affiliation of the crooks. The teachers union president has an office in the capitol bldg and is consulted by law makers daily. That is corruption, yet no one gets arrested because they are not really doing anything illegal. Usually what I find when I research stuff like that you have posted is it is only half of the story. I am not going to go down that road again. It is not worth my time. Jesus Christ could sit a liberal on his lap and tell you Al Sharpton is a hate filled Racist and you would call Jesus a right-wing radical. You guys are just so full of hate, you believe whatever fuels that fire. And I will just leave it there.

          • More BS from you. You didn’t see any benchmarks – that’s a blatant lie!!

            And you’re right, Al Sharpton may well be full of hate – full of hate against people like you. People who will support a political party that’s focuses on nothing BUT MONEY!! A party where every member signs a pledge that they won’t vote for one piece of legislation that will raise taxes on the already wealthy no matter how much that legislation WILL HELP THOSE WHO REALLY NEED HELP!!

            A party that’s so ANTI-CHRISTIAN that it’s nothing more than the PARTY OF THE DEVIL!!

            A party that thinks so much of money that it sets priorities that do nothing BUT ROB FROM THE POOR SO THE RICH CAN GET EVEN RICHER!! WHILE KNOWINGLY ALLOWING PEOPLE TO DIE BECAUSE THEY HAVE POOR DIETS, NO HEALTHCARE AND MORE!!


            Just like God hates those who rob others and do wrong things JUST LIKE THE GOP DOES EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

            From Isaiah 61:8 “For I, the Lord, love justice; I hate robbery and wrongdoing.”

            The term Conservative Christian is an OXYMORON -All Conservatives who support the GOP ARE NOTHING BUT DEVIL LOVERS!!!!!!!!

            And just for your information lowlife, Jesus was a liberal!!!!!

          • Here comes the hate and insults in All Caps. I knew it was coming. You are a true liberal. You live in a dream world and need Conservatives to bring reality to the table or we would all be in poverty. We would be like the old USSR, and we all know what happened there. We cannot all just hold hands and sing Kumbaya, there must be adults.

          • Wow!! Your comments are so convoluted they’re mind boggling!! You’re trying to sell the notion that the party that’s driving everyone into the poor house which has resulted in 20% of America’s wealth owning more than 95% of America’s wealth is keeping people out of poverty???? You belong in Bellview Sanatorium – you’re insane!!!!!!

          • Absolutely. I started from dirt and worked hard for everything I have. The dem party is the party of something for nothing, the Republican party is the party of… you want it, work for it, or at least try. Don’t just walk around with your hand out saying, I exist, therefor, you must take care of me.

          • Check out this graph lowlife. Reagan is the big creator of the enormous income inequality in America. And keep in mind that these pie charts were created in 2010 and the inequality is even worse than they show!!!!

          • I am sure these numbers are skewed, but let’s just say they are true. My argument would be that 20 years of open borders have sucked millions of poor people from all over the world to the allure of free everything at our expense. I am sure they are counted here. Millionaires do not flock here, only the poor. Eventually, the social programs will make us all poor.

          • My maternal grandmothers on both sides. But that has nothing to do with anything. Next, you are going to tell me I’m an immigrant. Well, I was born here and so were all of my ancestors as far as I can remember. My Grandfather lost an arm in WWI, my father and all his brothers served in WWII. I am a disabled vet 100%, rated permanent and total as well as rated housebound. And I have a son in the middle east right now. I have a right to my opinion

          • You have a right to your opinion, but you can’t make up your own facts.

            You’re whining about immigrants, and yet you are the product of immigrants. Why should your ancestors be allowed in, but not others?

          • What is the definition of an immigrant? You fit that definition? I know I don’t. You fill a tub of water until it is full. At some point in time, you need to turn off the valve. You tell me we need immigrants flooding into this country by the millions? Why? Social services costs are skyrocketing. I know my taxes go up every year for different reasons. The cost of living goes up every year because industry must bear some of the costs. It gets passed along to us. We eventually pay it all. It is all happening because the Dems think the immigrants will vote Democrat. The people rose up over this corruption in 2014 and hopefully it will happen again in 2016

          • So you live off of government money?

            You do realize that the GOP is trying to cut veterans’ benefits, right? Why do you support a group that’s trying to take your handout away?

          • I earned what I get. They were not cutting compensation for disabled veterans. I seem to recall what they were cutting was duplication of benefits we were already getting.

          • You earned it? Nice rationalization for mooching off of the American taxpayers. I guess that’s what comes from the Democrats making you dependent on the government.

            Others earned their benefits, and yet the GOP is hell-bent on stealing them. What makes you special?

            I’m being snarky, of course. I have a family full of veterans, some of whom have taken full advantage of their benefits, some (my father) have never taken a penny (other than my mother’s being buried in a National Cemetery).

            But it all depends on your point of view, doesn’t it? You claim others shouldn’t get anything and yet the same can be said of you by others.

            Try opening your mind. “I’ve got mine” is not really a nice way to live.

          • Tnx for the reminder! My short-term memories not what it used to be. And I forgot to mention that as I remember, Dayton is a billionaire who actually raised taxes on himself.

      • The economies of Kansas, Wisconsin and New Jersey are basket cases. All GOP run.

        California and Minnesota have budget surpluses.

        Google it, but don’t let your head explode when you realize you’ve been spreading false information.

        Enjoy yourself in Texas. It’s a pretty awful place, but you’ll fit right in.

        • Oh yeah, right. They do this all the time. They project a surplus from expected revenue. Where did the projected revenue come from? Props 1 & 2 that were just passed to build reservoirs. Temporary tax increases. That are supposed to be for the drought and the Dems are already trying to spend it on other things and the Reservoirs will not get built again. There was a major drought in 70s, 80s, and now. When is the problem going to be fixed? Never, while the Dems are running this state. Now we have probably the highest taxes in the country. Who was Governor during the drought in the 70s? Jerry Brown, again.

          • Now where did I say Brown caused the drought? I said he does not do anything about it. The debt he is paying down is the funding for the teachers union retirement fund. It was billions in the hole. In CA, the unions come first, and then the other 90% of the citizens. The unions fund all of the Dems PACs in CA. They buy the Democrats.

  9. The Republican Cartel is an Anti-American, Anti-Democracy, home grown terrorist organization that represents 5% of the American citizens, while coercing 25% of the American citizens to take actions that are contrary to (against) their own best interest. The Republican Cartel is positioning the United States of America to be a Third World minority Cartel country!

    • You guys are delusional. Google the best run states that have no income taxes and no sales taxes and balanced budgets…. you will find Republican run states at the top and Democrat run states at the bottom…. Democrat politicians prove over and over again that they cannot run anything well. Why is that? Oh Yeah… It’s Bush’s fault right? Wake up

      • Why is it that most of the GOP run states take more money from the Federal government than the Democratically run states?

        Biggest moocher states: Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and North Dakota.

        Once again, you seem to be the delusional one.

        Look at the finances of Wisconsin and Kansas. GOP governors running them into the ground. States with budget surpluses: Minnesota, California – both with Democratic governors.

        • I’m not even going to bother to go look. I will probably find that is hiway funds, welfare participation, or some other thing these states are entitled to. Don’t tell me about CA, I live here. This state is spending billions on a bullet train when we have needed a water storage solution for decades. Now, there is another drought. Another example of covering up the exodus of jobs from CA and replacing it with gov’t jobs and our taxes just keep going up. My property taxes went up $1,100/yr last year. How much did yours go up?

          • Of course you won’t look: Your beliefs are disputed by the facts. Don’t let those pesky things get in your way.

            The GOP states mooch off of the Democratically run states. Those are the facts.

            I live in Nassau County, NY; among the highest taxes in the nation. With the exception of about 5 years in the 1990’s the county has been under complete Republican control. My taxes went up 16% a couple of years ago.

  10. It’s more accurately known as the Republican Crime Syndicate. How they have managed to convince the low-information folks who are most taken advantage of by these crooks to vote for them (and be proud of it) is indeed a mystery. But as PT Barnum explained: there’s a sucker born every minute.

    • And as for you, I’ll put my education up against yours any day. I have an MBA and a Masters in Networking and Communication Management. Low-information? Crooks? I’m 60 and the only laws I have broken are speeding on the freeway. I’ve served in the military, I’m a disabled vet, I’ve raised five kids, Probably paid more in taxes to this country than you. I grew up an orphan and happy to join the Air Force. You say I am ignorant because I vote the way I feel? I do not agree with a lot of the Republican platform, but I see the Democrat platform as far worse.

          • The fact that you won’t bother to look up facts that disagree with your ideology says it all.

          • The fact is, I look it up and find that it is half the truth. You guys conveniently forget the other half. You guys keep going to these hate sites who do all of the analysis for you, so you do not need to think. It happens every time. You want to hate Republicans, go to democratic united. They will do all of your thinking for you and fill you with hate. Go ahead. And there are more. There is plenty of hate out there to go around

          • Funny, below you told me you didn’t look up my citations.

            Which of your statements do I believe? None, I guess.

          • I was speaking in typicality. No, I did not look up your reference because I already knew what I would find.

          • But what was there was in diametrical opposition to your statements, and was from unimpeachable sources.

            And yet you still post falsehoods.

          • Because I have done this before. I look this stuff up and find half the truth. Like Debbie Wasserman Schultz on TV last year. She said the CBO projected the ACA would create a budget surplus, which is true, but that was in 2010. In 2014, we knew that was false because the projections in the bill were baloney. Garbage in, garbage out. She was misleading the audience. That is what I find when I go look. Another one…. I see a Meme that says Obama has only increased the budget deficit 16% annually. This was 2014. You look at the small print on the bottom and it says 2010-2013. It’s missing the first year when Dems controlled both houses of congress and spent trillions. Baseline budgeting starts from the end of the previous budget year. So the increase was only 16% above the trillions in spending they already did the year before.

          • And we know that repealing Obamacare will cause the Federal deficit to go up by $1 trillion over the next 10 years.

            So it may not balance the budget, but it’s helping it quite a bit.

            See, that’s the part of the truth you ignore.

          • Sorry, what part of the fact that Red states take more from the Feds than they pay do you find to be ‘half the truth?’

          • First of all, I do not know why anyone would care about this statistic. Maybe they are better at applying for some benefit, I don’t know or care. That’s really reaching to the bottom of the bag. If I am in a red state and all of my taxes and cost of living is lower, why do I care how they did it? If I lived in a blue state, I would ask them why the red states can do it and the blues states can’t.

          • Maybe it’s because Republicans are so ideological that they really suck at governing.

            The fact of the matter is red states are moochers, and the rest of us pay for their inability to provide for themselves. I don’t know why you would want to defend that, as it goes against everything you claimed to believe. These GOP run states have their hands in your pockets, acting just as you claim Democrats do, and yet you’re just fine with it.

          • Ok, to make you happy, I went and looked it up. Once again, toying with the numbers. Your statistics are in total dollars. As a percentage of population (per capita), your map nearly flips the other way. All I could find was social spending. I think that is all we are talking here because I found nothing of hiway funding or other things I know the feds reimburse the states for.

          • If a state gets more than $1 from the Feds for every $1 they send to the Feds, they’re taking money from the states that get less than they send.

            It’s that simple. GOP run states tend to be moochers.

          • My state takes $1.95 for every dollar they send. Let me describe our state Republican legislature: One guy took 6 acres, fenced it, filled it with elk, hand fed them so they lost their fear of man, and charged big bucks to Californians, Texans, New Yorkers, to shoot one of these elk for their rack. They got a disease and broke through the fence infecting the wild elk so the governor got permission to destroy the diseased herd. The same man got arrested for poaching. He got so angry at Idaho, he moved to Wyoming. So now Wyoming has him and cheney. One legislator stole timber out of the national forest to build him a cabin with. He is still a legislator. Three senators walked out on a Hindu prayer because, as they put it in the newspaper, it was a false religion. The senate voted to opt out of the federal law concerning deadbeat fathers because (don’t laugh, it is true) it would lead to sharia law, Along time ago, we had a U.S. Senator who was convicted of a ponzi scheme and sent to prison. Idahoans voted for him while he was incarcerated.

  11. The GOP is hostage to the idea of unfettered capitalism, rewarding those at the top at the expense of those at the bottom. They have achieved this by inventing a new type of Christianity where god prefers those who work hard and make it to those who can’t or won’t. So if you are the richest then that means god has given you grace, and if you are poor you are unflavored by him or it. This is how Eisenhower, joined forces with Dr Billy
    Graham to force prayer in schools and a belief that corporations were what made American exceptionalism. This is the mantel of todays republicans. Big business gets whatever it wants no matter what. This is why when GWB was president insurance companies could drop whoever they wanted and could ruin lives, because insurance profits were more important than any single family. This is why there are few restrictions or Fracking, or guns , or the food industry or Wall st because these are where the well spring of profit comes form and the GOP is addicted to what they have created.

    • They only people who I know who complain about the rich are losers who could not do anything with their lives and are jealous of those who did. Get over it. You want to be rich, go get an education in something that makes money. The money makers create jobs. You complain about jobs moving overseas, but complain about the companies that can make it come back here.

    • Do you see any American soldiers fighting ISIS on the ground???

      If Republicans had their way, American soldiers would have been dying fighting ISIS long ago. Instead, Obama worked to create a coalition of mostly Arab countries to save their own countries from ISIS with us only providing air support.


        • We still are in an undeclared war. We are still killing people. We are selling more arms than ever – which are killing people. The warmongering *created* ISIS.

          I will say that I appreciate what is being done to make sure Iran doesn’t go nuclear. Attacking would have the opposite effects – just as the Arab wars have achieved the opposite of the stated goals. (Arms sellers have different goals).

          It doesn’t make sense that Iran is the enemy and all of the Arab states are friends. The Persians are much more like us and are much less dangerous to both us and to Israel. I suppose it is all about oil money.

        • Really?? So why are the Republicans in Congress sitting on Obama’s request for authorization to expand our war on ISIS??? He sent it to them almost 2 months ago. Is it because Republicans like to ‘double speak’?? Many of them claim we should be doing more, but then when Obama asks to do more they sit on their hands??? More examples of Republicans being outright HYPOCRITES!!!

          • Obama want to expand his authority on “War Powers”, but doesn’t want any ground troops. Just like when he removed American presence in Iraq, the terrorists soon grew & took over that country again, and are growing more powerful & spreading. Like when Bill Clinton’s response years ago was to lob a few cruise missiles over. You need to understand the ramification of a policy, not just reading some headline.

          • As usual you distort the truth like the typical conservative of today – “Obama did not remove our troops from Iraq”. It was George Bush who agreed to the withdrawal timeline with his henchman al Maliki before Obama took office. It’s al Maliki who was basically installed in power by Bush within the Iraqi government who ended up by the reason why Iraq was in so much political turmoil even before ISIS got involved with invading the country.

            Obama tried to negotiate and extension of the troop withdrawal timeline but al Maliki refused to sign an agreement that Iraqi authorities would not hold our troops personally responsible for every action that resulted in property damage or person damage while they were making efforts to protect the Iraqi people.

            And it was George Bush and Dick Cheney who were the ones who refused to take any advice from Clinton and his administration with respect to dangers they should be on the lookout for while protecting America from terrorists which ultimately resulted in Bush and Cheney deliberately allowing the 9/11 attack to happen.

          • You are the one either gullibly or purposely distorting the truth because of you lasting hatred of Bush. Bush set up an orderly & conditional withdrawal after Iraq gained control of their Government. Obama wanted to keep his promise of (ending the war in Iraq), so he removed troops against the advise of generals. Later, he actually stated pulling out of Iraq (wasn’t his decision). Admit it, he screwed up, now Iraq is taken over again by lawless terrorists. But of course, Obama will never admit his failures, only blaming others for them. Obama also made an extremely bad deal with Iran, with even the N.Y. Times calling him on it.

          • Bush order no such thing – he set a deadline date and Obama refused to let them stay exactly for the reason I said – Al Maliki would not agree to let them stay without them being subject to Iraqi charges should incidents arise where people were hurt or property damaged by our troops in their efforts to protect Iraq.
            I could care less what any generals said. We can’t have soldiers being open to liability at whatever the Iraqi government may want to charge them with.

          • Since you could care less what trained & experienced Generals say, I suppose Obama is a military genius and has all the answers? Obama ignored these Generals for political ideology, which resulted in the serious chaos we have there again. I suppose you don’t believe in American sovereignty either, think our Constitution is meaningless, & want to follow the U.N. instead?

          • You shouldn’t say things that are factually untrue.

            The Bush Administration negotiated a timeline for removal of all American troops, and the Obama Administration abided by that agreement.

            Do you even read what you write? “Bush set up an orderly & conditional withdrawal” and Obama followed Bush’s plan, therefore it’s Obama’s fault?

          • read war is a rackey or economic hitman you america does not belong being the worlds police unless we are paid to do so

          • They drag us into it; by ignoring their violence, it grows & spreads. Terrorists have been attacking us, & some have entered thru our porous borders, with ISIS camps just across our border in Mexico.

          • Where the hell have you been? Terrorists have been in the US for quite some time, like the Boston Bombers, World Trade Center, beheading in OK, and others, and I mentioned ISIS camps just across border in Mexico. There have been many reports of terrorists sneaking into the US, blending in with Illegal aliens. If you believe ISIS isn’t committed to violence here, you are blind. You won’t get any real info listening to MSNBC, or other Socialist BS.

          • Wow!! Do you write for some of the GOP clowns that are running for president?? You have a very vivid Imagination. You can make up BS faster than a speeding bullet!!!

          • Terrorists like Ted Kaczinski, Timothy McVeigh, Scott Roeder, Jim David Addison, Paul Jennings Hill and Eric Rudolph, right?

          • No matter how paul spells lies (lyz) paul lies and lies and lies. I quit reading his posts as they don’t contribute anything and he isn’t really an intelligent person.

          • I understand and sometimes feel similarly. Remember, this was the view of many in the US before we entered WWII; Imagine the world today if Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were not defeated.

      • The only reason we have a problem there in the first place is because Obama pulled out too soon. Left the doors wide open. It was predicted and it came true. Now we gotta go back and clean the mess.

        • Sorry, not true. George Bush had negotiated the pullout date before Obama took office. When Obama tried to extend the timeline, al Maliki refused to sign an agreement that freed our soldiers from liability with respect to Iraqis who may be injured or property that may be damaged in our troops efforts to protect the country. Obama simply could not leave our troops in Iraq BEYOND THE DATE BUSH HAD SET when they would be liable to be charged with crimes in their efforts to protect the nation.

          • Actually, Iraq had primary legal jurisdiction over off-duty soldiers and civilians who committed “major and premeditated crimes” outside of U.S. installations. These major crimes would have needed to be defined by a joint committee and the United States retained the right to determine whether or not its personnel were on- or off-duty. Iraq also maintained primary legal jurisdiction over contractors (and their employees) that had contracts with the United States. We could have left soldiers there. The door was open for up to 10,000 soldiers

          • Sorry, none of that is true. Al Maliki insisted that all troops be gone by the end of 2011 he would not agree to any of the previously agreed to agreements:

            See this:

            Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki dug in his heels Monday on the future of the U.S. military in Iraq, insisting that all foreign soldiers leave the country by a specific date in 2011 and rejecting legal immunity for American troops.

            Despite the tough words, al-Maliki’s aides insisted a compromise could be found on the two main stumbling blocks to an accord governing the U.S. military presence in Iraq after a U.N. mandate expires at the end of the year.

            Last week, U.S. and Iraqi officials said the two sides agreed tentatively to a schedule that includes a broad pullout of combat troops by the end of 2011 with the possibility that a residual U.S. force might stay behind to continue training and advising Iraqi security services.

            But al-Maliki’s remarks indicated his government is not satisfied with that arrangement and wants all foreign troops gone by the end of 2011.

          • Our aggressive actions in the Mideast, created ISIS. If we continue to be war mongers, we will continue to create terrorists.

        • And aside from that, it was the Iraqi henchman that Bush appointed to head up Iraq prior to our pullout – al Maliki, who turned out to be the one who created most of Iraq’s problems prior to ISIS, by refusing to allow the Iraqi government to be represented by all factions of Iraq’s religious community.

          • I wouldn’t believe anything broadcast by Faux News if it said black was black. Faux News will edit and distort virtually everything it broadcasts. It is nothing but a propaganda machine. It’s been known to gimmick emails it supposedly found from the White House on Benghazi, to deleting portions of speeches that Obama has given to make his statements different than they really were.

            You’re wasting your time posting anything from Faux News, Brietbart, the Heritage Foundation and a number of other right-wing biased sites on this blog because they’re nothing but lying, propaganda machines.

          • In case you haven’t seen anything written on this before, studies have proven that Fox News actually makes people more ill informed about the news than people who actually make no effort to keep up with the news.

            Here’s a chart that shows the results of one of these studies – not e that Faux News listeners do worse than people with “No News Exposure”.

            Here’s the link to the whole article which substantiates what I just posted:



          • Then why did he agree one year later to withdraw all American troops by 12/31/11?

            Are you saying he predicted trouble but decided he didn’t care?

          • I’m saying 10,000 troops should have been left behind. There were purposeful loopholes left in the agreement. I cited one of them earlier

          • Please tell us how you did at West Point. I’m assuming by your response that you have a great understanding of military strategy and tactics.

          • Some of those troops had six deployments and, just like everyone else would like to be with their families. Countries, in the Mideast do not trust us and rightfully so. Since Bush sr. went into the gulf and it was a popular thing to do, baby bush decided it would make him popular. He wasn’t exactly the brightest kid on the block. Then evil cheney convinced him to take out Hussein. cheney tried it with Bush sr and Bush sr, was a little smarter and wouldn’t do it.

          • So twelve years, thousands of Americans dead or wounded and trillions spent are not enough for you? It is obvious that they did not want us to stay, we kept them from doing what they wanted to do. Kill each other.

          • Please clarify your response. I was stating to Curtis that he is repeating fiction and not facts. I believe the Iraq War was based on lies and should not have been started. Please read the history of “Desert Strom”. WH Bush knew taken out Saddam would create a civil–Saddam was a stabilizing force n the middle east. Cheney is quoted saying those words during Desert Strom.

          • Reread my response. I agree with you. I may have sent it to you instead of Curtis by mistake.
            Subject: Re: Comment on 5 Horrible Ideas Republicans Will Never Let Die

          • What happens when you leave an infection to fester? It grows and eventually kills the body. ISIS will take over Iraq, set up camp, grow, IRAN will give them a nuclear bomb…. etc… Where on this planet would you like a nuclear bomb to be detonated? Israel? And then when it happens, will you be content to just sit back and blame Bush? Finger pointing has never been an effective solution for any problem. What else happens? The global economy goes in the toilet? What happens then? Upper stratosphere dust causing global cooling.

          • So why did Bush make an agreement forcing Obama to pull our troops out? Why didn’t Bush finish the job?

          • It’s obvious that those who want to start wars all over the Mideast and in parts of Asia, are not leading our young people into battle.
            If they really believe in fighting, they can join the mercenaries. Israel pays very well, I hear.

  12. Never forget that these people are descended, not only from the people who never wanted social security and medicare to begin with and have been trying to kill it ever since, but who never wanted DEMOCRACY to begin with and have been trying to kill it ever since.

    For all of their bluster about how much they “love America,” the G.O.P. has been actively plotting to destroy it — to destroy its economy, undermine its democracy and revert it back to a plutocratic aristocracy no different from the one the Founding Fathers rebelled against — for decades.

    Hell, they’re not even shy about it anymore. American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer, WorldNetDaily’s Christopher Monckton, and the still-not-dead-or-in-jail Ted Nugent have all openly advocated for it.

    • Michael…. Are there monsters in your closet? I vote Republican and I am not for anything you say I am. If you think anything you have posted above is true, you are delusional.

      • Curtis–Psychologists would call your replies “Projecting and Transferring” as you unleash your undesirable personality traits unto others. Do you now feel better and more secure in your fantasy world of misbelieves.

          • I try to ignore fiction. However, you have regurgitated so many lies and then insulted folks who tried to response factually that I thought I would chip in and help you recognize your inane behavior. I see you lack the ability to accept helpful criticism as you hide behind your fake smile.

          • Insults are helpful criticism? Facts from a Republican hate site are not facts, just hate. They tell one side of a story, and do it well, but then there is, as Paul Harvey used to say…. The Rest Of The Story

          • Not from a hate site. You do not feel they are biased? I do not take facts from a hate site. I’ve been burned.

          • You see, the thing about facts is that they are true. It doesn’t matter who says them. If they aren’t true, the aren’t facts.

            So if you read a fact on a “hate site,” it’s true, even if you don’t like where you read it. That’s the nature of facts.

          • Here is a fact…. I show you a picture of a guy and tell you he killed over 50 people. You know the guy and don’t like him. I tell you nothing else. With the facts just I gave you, what’s your opinion of that guy, honestly.

          • I like where you are going with this, although it will be lost on some. People all along the political spectrum should be wary of so called “facts” when presented without context. In determining truth, context often is everything. The worst and most incidious lies, the ones believed and spread the most, include many truths to give shelter and give the illusion of truth and lend credence to the lie itself. “The devil’s finest trick is to convince you he does not exist” –

      • You’re either a gullible rube who has been duped into continuing to support the G.O.P. even as they actively, and openly, plot to destroy our country, or you’re a liar who knows damn well what the G.O.P. is about but has delusions of being involved in the con along with them.

        I don’t particularly care which, because you’re an absolute failure, both as an American and as a human being, either way.

  13. On ILLEGAL “immigration”, had the Laws from the 1986, bi-partisan, one-time Amnesty of 1986 been actually enforced, this would hardly be an issue. Our borders are not secure, & Illegals ordered deported are released. Mandatory E-verify is constantly opposed. Many drugs, criminals, Illegals, & some terrorists enter our Country easily. This serious problem could easily be solved if politics & special interests were removed from it.

  14. This is a bunch of twisting and spin of the facts. Liberals forget the Dems took control of both houses of Congress in 2006. After one year, they destroyed the economy and blamed Bush. It was Bush’s fault that he did not Veto anything the Dems sent to him. Then in 2009, Obama got his way and increased spending and has since spent 8 Trillion dollars. More than all other presidents before him added together. And I’ve got a lot to say about the other 4 topics, but I think it is all a waste of time with people who will believe anything that makes them feel good.

    • Sorry, you’re way off base again. The Dems did not have filibuster-proof control of the Senate until 1/1/2009 (where do you think Emperor McConnell’s more than 425 fake filibusters came in???)

      And then they only had filibuster-proof control for less than 9 months in 2009 – Ted Kennedy died on 8/15/09 which blew their filibuster-proof majority – Ted was replaced by Scott Brown a Republican on 1/1/2010. The Dems have only had filibuster-proof control of Congress for less than 9 months in the last 20 years!!!!!



      • Bush signed TARP at the behest of the President Elect. I watched that on TV. Spectre kept siding with the Dems. He got bribed to vote for the ACA, but then they didn’t honor the promise. I remember Spectre converted to a Dem and expected promised support from the DNC which never happened and he lost, which he should have. I do not remember all of the details. I went thru all of this way back then, but my memory is not what it used to be and I am not going to sit here and look it all up again because it is point less

          • TARP added $1.7 trillion to the deb. It was a debt during the Bush budget, which did not end until Sept 30, 2009, so the Dems ran up the debt. They bribed a corrupt Repub Senator to get bills passed. If the shoe was on the other foot, you guys would be marching in the streets, but since it was the Dems, it’s ok

          • What utter hogwash!! How do you make this stuff up???

            George Bush and his executive branch were doing everything they could to try and salvage some semblence of Georgie Boy’s legacy. Georgie couldn’t afford to let the financial industry and the auto industry to totally collapse. Historians would really crucify his administration in the history books. Georgie was bending over backward to do whatever he could to salvage his name … he had already run up over 5 trillion in debt by not including 2 wars, 2 unfunded tax cuts, and unfunded drug benefit giveaway to Big Pharma, and a number of other pieces of unfunded legislation that he and the irresponsible rubberstamp GOP Congresses had pushed through like the No Child Left Behind fiasco that almost bankrupted 2/3s of our states. The Dems had absolutely nothing to do with all the dollars Georgie was running up!!!

            Ever since Nixon’s 2nd term, GOP presidents have spent like drunken sailors and every Dem president that has inherited deficit spending has reduced it. And Obama has reduced deficit spending faster than any president in history.

            So go stuff your lies you know where!!!!!!!!

          • Congress declared war…. Unfunded? Only congress can spend money. It’s in the Constitution. Tax cuts were deductions for job growth, not credits… No Child left behind was Ted Kennedy’s (D) baby. And Obama has increased the deficit and the debt by more than any President. I don’t know where you get your numbers from. At his inauguration the debt was $10.6 T. It is now over $18T. Almost double. Simple math. I’ve seen the meme that claims only 16% deficit growth. In the small print at the bottom it does not include his first year, where he spent “like a drunken sailor”. I think it said 2010 – 2013. When did he take office and start signing bills from a Dem dominated congress?

          • More mentally retarded unsubstantiated BS!! Bush never included the wars or the tax cuts or the Medicare drug benefit or some fed mandates to the states in any of his budgets – and since the GOP controlled Congress simply rubber-stamped his budgets, none of those were ever budgeted for or included in the projections of his deficit spending.

            And you appear to have a very short, conveniently demented memory. In a previous post you informed me that Bush had created a budget with 1.9T in spending that ran till 09/30/09. Well dummy, that budget covered the 1st 9 months of Obama’s 1st term. And since Presidents are required by the Constitution to submit their budget recommendation for their budget that starts on 10/1 in February – few if any presidents who have only been in office for a couple of weeks, every makes very much in changes to the previous president’s budget – especially when they inherit a disastrous recession (the worst in American history).

            So that ‘drunken sailor spending’ at the beginning of Obama’s presidency WAS ALL COURTESY OF GEORGE W. BUSH. And given that starting with his 10/1/10 budget, Obama has decreased deficit spending faster than any previous president, and is actually only chargeable for adding to our deficit by ONE PIECE OF LEGISLATION HE SIGNED – THE STIMULUS – which was enacted to fix a PROBLEM THAT BUSH CREATED – THE WORST RECESSION IN AMERICAN HISTORY!!!


          • I am only going to say that you need Lithium pills. Aside from that, all of your post is incorrect. You made it all up. I’ve not even heard a liberal make some of your clams. Obama is not responsible for a dime of the debt, really? Not even Obama continues to blame Bush for everything, but you do. To listen to you, all Democrats wear halo’s and walk on water

          • Sorry Curtis – I simply don’t make things up. I’ve voted for three GOP presidents in my lifetime and some legislators, but sadly, since Reagan and then Gingrich and then Limbaugh’s 24/7 idiocy and then to top it all off Pathological lying George Bush – there’s just been a total imbalance between how crazy the GOP is and the things I don’t like about the Dems – and there are plenty of things I wish the Dems were doing differently. But when you compare them AND LOOK AT THE FACTS, FOR THE MOMENT I CAN LIVE WITH THE DEMS’ FLAWS!!!

            But here’s just a short excerpt from FRONTLINE that supports my contention about Bush not putting the wars in his budgets. And if you were even marginally abreast of reality, you would be aware that the irresponsible GOP Congresses during Bush’s first 6 years allowed him to pass 2 tax cuts, a Medicare Drug benefit giveaway to Big Pharma and some state mandates TOTALLY UNFUNDED WITH NO ATTEMPT TO PAY FOR THEM AND THEREFORE THEY WERE NEVER BUDGETED FOR!!!!!!!

            See this from FRONTLINE and maybe wake up some day to just how ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT THE GOP HAS BECOME SO IN COMPARISON THE DEMS’ LOOK LIKE SAINTS (even though they’re not):

            Now the critique of President Bush from a fiscal standpoint — the idea that he inherited a government in good fiscal condition and did not bequeath a government in good fiscal condition — is absolutely accurate, and that was, by far, mostly his doing. It was not mostly outside events.

            What did he do?

            He did a few things. He cut taxes really significantly, with the bulk of the tax cuts going to people at the top. …

            The old Republican line is it’s fine to cut taxes as long as you cut spending. But he … increased spending significantly. He started a new entitlement program — Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit. He started a very expensive war in Iraq, and even apart from the debate about whether that war was a good idea, he clearly didn’t pay for the war. He didn’t even put it in his budget in the main way they budgeted, so he didn’t really even pretend to pay for it.

            And the combination of the tax cuts, the war in Iraq, Medicare Part D and some other things meant that he essentially did not run the government as if it needed to make its payments over the long term. He ran it as if it was fine to have a huge deficit.


          • First of all, you are very condescending and insulting and I do not wish to go there. There are people I can have a civil exchange with here and not be subject to all of the hyperbole. To say that Obama is not responsible for one dime of the debt is incorrect. The spending of tax dollars must begin with a bill in the house, approved in the Senate, and then signed by the President.

          • I’m condescending because like virtually every other right-winger you’re refusing to believe facts that I’m posting for you, and instead doing nothing but posting the dogma that you’ve heard from right-wing sources which I’ve even proven are lying to you.


          • I did make some modifications. I figured this is how you understand things.
            Like virtually every other left-winger you’re refusing to believe facts that I’m posting for you, and instead doing nothing but posting the dogma that you’ve heard from left-wing sources which I’ve even proven are lying to you. Schwew!


          • Big difference though: I’m posting article after article and from non left-wing websites that substantiate what I’m posting for you.

            Like the vast majority of right-wing trolls that come on the NM, you’re simply throwing out unsubstantiated allegations which you can’t, or at least haven’t, supported with anything other than your totally nonsense rhetoric. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!!

          • Really?? Once again you’re not quoting facts. Fact is hospitals across the nation are saving billions of dollars because of reduced illnesses they’ve had to treat and sharp reduction in patients who are coming in without insurance.

            Is there a shortage of doctors? Sure, but that hasn’t stopped ACA from saving as I pointed out more than 75,000 lives already – shortage of doctors or not. And it has nothing to do with Democrats trying to line their pockets with anything.

            All ACA does is ESTABLISH IMPROVED GUIDELINES underwhich fraudulent health insurers now have to operate more honestly with the people they supposedly insure. ACA has reduced drastically the number of Americans who have been hoodwinked by Health Insurers into believing they had good health insurance when in fact, if/when they became seriously ill and big health bills came due, they would fraudulently be abandoned by their health insurer. Why do you suppose that bankruptcies in America are BY FAR caused by people who get saddled with healthcare bills they can’t pay??

            Like with so many other things, you’re obviously letting yourself be brainwashed by Faux News and other right-wing propaganda programs and websites.

          • And if you don’t think George Bush went hog wild in spending, here’s just the opening paragraph from an article produced by the CATO Institute early on in his disastrous 8 years in office:

            The administration recently released its mid-session
            review of the federal budget for fiscal 2004. The new data
            reveal that discretionary outlays will rise a stunning 16.9
            percent in FY2003, having risen 13.1 percent in FY2002.1
            Defense outlays have risen rapidly, but so have nondefense
            discretionary outlays, with a 12.7 percent increase in
            FY2003 and a 12.2 percent increase in FY2002.

            And this:

            Bush Needs to Veto Bloated Spending Bills
            The Bush administration has been running a disjointed
            two-track budget policy—letting Americans keep more of
            their money on the tax side, but steadily building up the
            welfare state on the spending side. That strategy won’t
            work because spending is ultimately a taxpayer issue.
            Higher spending and the resulting deficits create a looming
            threat of higher taxes, and even threaten President Bush’s
            tax-cutting legacy because liberals will use the deficit as
            an excuse to demand that recent tax cuts be allowed to


          • I didn’t say he didn’t. What I said was that Obama spent much more. On his inaugural date the debt was $10.6 T, it is now $18 T. He has been the only guy there with a pen signing bills. It does not happen without his signature. You can hang TARP on Bush if you like, but he asked Obama if he wanted it signed because he was going to be the President dealing with it. That was on TV, so there is probably a youtube of it.

          • Yes it does happen without his signature!! The president does not have to sign off on the budgets the House makes once he’s submitted his recommendations. If he were to veto a House bill, the previous year’s budget which just carry over.


            Even one of the senators from my state, called Republicans in GOP states that refuse to expand MEDICAID – MURDERERS on the floor of the Senate – because the description IS ACCURATE!!!!!!

          • One more thing, take a look at the graph i’m going to post which shows that Obama is by far the smallest spending president since Reagan – and read the article which demonstrates he’s the smallest spending president since Eisenhower; and which most economists will attend is now overseeing a budget that in inflation adjusted terms is at historical 60 years lows – And then come back and explain to me how that president, can be charged with even adding one dime to our debt.

            And keep this in mind too – that since the Tea Party took over in 2011, the GOP House has totally ignored all of Obama’s budgets and done their own thing. So given that the 1st 9 months of debt run up were based on Bush’s last budget, and Obama was not going to drastically shake things up in the 2nd budget because he had just gotten into office when he had to submit that budget to the House, and then on his 3rd budget did actually cut it – and from then on all budgets have been created by Tea Party Republicans – again, explain how you can charge Obama with adding anything to our debt given what he did add, was in an effort to fix the economic disaster that the Bush Administration allowed to happen.

            See the chart below and the article from Forbes:

            Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It’s Barack Obama?



          • I’ve already talked about this, it is not new. Notice it says Obama 10-13. When was he inaugurated? They did not include his first year. This runs from Oct 1, 2009. He began spending Jan 21, 2009. I researched this last year. Since it was still Bush’s budget year, Obama’s spending was credited to Bush’s budget, inflating Bush’s numbers and deflating Obama’s, until the new budget that Obama signed for the 2010 budget year (Oct 1, 2009)


          • So, what you are telling me with this chart is that Obama did not sign for any spending in FY2009? Regardless of the budget, you are saying that spending does not occur that is not in the budget? So, when TARP was signed (12/2008), no money was spent until the next FY budget? Congress wrote no more spending bills for spending until the next budget? Really? Here, let me be you…. YOU RETARD. YOU DEVIL WORSHIPPER, YOU COYOTE BALL LICKER. You feel more at home now? Does that make you feel better?

          • Exactly, the only legislation enacted by Congress (which by the way was only controlled by the DEMS for 2-3 months after July 2009 when Al Franken took his seat as a senator, 2-3 months because Ted Kennedy died killing the Dems control not much more than a month after Al took his seat), was legislation needed to allocated the monies to projects covered by TARP THAT BUSH had already budgeted for; ensuring those monies were spent on necessary projects kept Congress pretty busy. As did bipartisan committees working to craft the ACA healthcare legislation.

            You can do all the research you want, the only piece of legislation that Obama has signed, which has increased our debt, is the stimulus package Obama insisted on – and as I’ve said is chargeable to Bush because he allowed the disaster to happen that required the stimulus.

            Go do some research and find me a piece of legislation the Dems enacted in 2009 that had an impact on our debt. Go ahead – be my guest!!

          • Don’t have time right now, but what you’re talking about in the Senate was the 60 Senators, not just a majority. I have animals to care for and cannot sit on the PC all day. I’ll have more time in the late afternoon.

          • Okay, but given that Mitch McConnell used the fake filibuster more than 425 since 2009, if the Dems didn’t have 60 votes for something, it wasn’t going to get passed if Mitch didn’t want it to. Go tend to your animals.

          • And what’s wrong with you?? TARP spending took place in 2009 which is part of the 1.4T in deficit spending (spending that was outside of Bush’s budget), that was still left to spend during Obama’s 1st year. Bush had a budget that covered normal spending and then he had TARP and some other spending that added up to 1.4T in deficit spending which he passed onto Obama. Why would Congress needed to spend more in 2009?? They already had 1.4T of deficit spending projected from Bush!!!!) Where is your thinking – up in the clouds somewhere??? Come back to earth will you!!!

          • Let me say this one more time… and read it slowly. $8 trillion in increased debt since Obama took office. You are saying he did not spend it. Who has been sneaking into his office and signing bills into law?

          • Obama has not signed any spending legislation!! The deficits are increasing simply because the budgets that the GOP has been enacting each year over the past 4 years, which aren’t Obama’s budgets, have not been enough to cover spending that’s needed to support legislation that was enacted before Obama even took office. Why are you thinking that the president has to sign spending bills every year??? That’s not the case!! The only spending Obama has done is from within the monies that the GOP Congress has allocated to the Executive Branch.

            Since Nixon was in office, presidents cannot do any spending that has not been allocated by the House in its spending budgets. Before Nixon, presidents could sign Executive Orders that required additional spending – like FDR created the WPA via an EO which created jobs across the nation to rebuild America during the Depression. But because Congress didn’t trust Nixon, they passed legislation that prevents presidents today from signing EOs that require funding (unless they can fund the EO within the Executive Branch’s budget). You really need to read up on how our government works.

          • So he signed REPUBLICAN CREATED BUDGETS!! Which if there was any spending legislation in those that added to the deficit, it was Republican created legislation. So what’s your point?? I said since 2011 all the budgets have been GOP CREATED BUDGETS – NOT OBAMA’S BUDGETS!!!!

          • I seem to recall the budget proposal is submitted to congress by the WH. Things are added and subtracted and negotiated until there is agreement, and then sent back to the WH

          • Yup! That’s the way budgets are supposed to work and the way they worked until the Tea Party got hold of the House in 2010. Starting that year, Eric Cantor started the practice of only circulating for votes Obama’s “Proposed Budget by Category” pates from his more than 170 page budget proposal.

            I’m going to post a link to Obama’s 2015 budget for you to look at, and then try and picture whether or not you would vote to approve his budget if all you got to see was the Proposed Budget by Category – pages 170 & 171. Given that legislators were not allowed to see the preceding 169 pages with all the details pointing out just where all the money was supposed to go, Obama’s budget would get zero votes and therefore Cantor would set his budget aside and the House would start by using the previous budget, rework it and thereby create its own.

            I do have to admit that I did forget one piece of legislation that Obama signed besides the Stimulus which the CBO has projected would add somewhat to our debt; but they keep revising their estimates downward as ACA proves to actually be saving our government more money, and thereby costing less, than the CBO had originally proposed.

            Here’s the link to Obama’s budget for this fiscal year:


          • No. The POTUS proposal is just a suggestion and hasn’t served as the framework for the House budget since the very first Obama budget.

          • Curtis, it’s kind of sad how wrong you’ve been (considering you used to teach college). The POTUS proposal is just that and, as Independent has repeatedly and patiently schooled you, hasn’t been the basis of an Obama budget since his first one. I’m not intimidated by your chiding because you are demonstrably wrong (now and in your prior comments all over this thread…hell, you even praised Reagan for getting the hostages back on his inauguration [while conveniently ignoring the trading arms and drugs with terrorists part of that whole deal]).

          • The Iranians knew the hostages would get them nowhere with Reagan. Below is the process for the Federal budget as I stated earlier. I cut and pasted it for you. The word “Suggestion” is not there.
            The President submits a budget request to Congress
            The House and Senate pass budget resolutions
            House and Senate Appropriations subcommittees “markup” appropriations bills
            The House and Senate vote on appropriations bills and reconcile differences
            The President signs each appropriations bill and the budget becomes law
            Once again, I am right, you are wrong. I have an MBA, so I taught Business classes. I also have a Masters in Networking and Communications Management, so I also taught Data Communications and Networking.

          • I was attempting to paraphrase so you would properly comprehend exactly the phrasing you pasted above. You are clearly not understanding that the POTUS budget request is just a formality, a best case he or she believes has any chance of passing. I don’t understand your prideful boasting, but you really shouldn’t pretend you smarter than I am. I too have degrees and accomplishments, but none of that is relevant to the worth of our ideas. You would think ad hominem attacks would be beneath someone of such lofty intellectual, commercial, and moral stature…disappointing indeed.

          • I understand the process as defined everywhere I have looked on the Internet. I pasted one. If the Internet is wrong, you need to educate them

          • No, your understanding of the phrases, the English language you have pasted, is flawed. In the actual text you pasted, it is clear that the POTUS proposal has no legal linkage to the House resolutions (usually in the form of an omnibus budget bill).

          • Spending of tax dollars must originate in the house. It does not become law until signed by the President, unless 66 Senators veto

          • Exactly, the budget hasn’t been based on POTUS proposal since W Bush admin, and we haven’t had a budget passed in a few years…we’re still stuck on sequester (although you rarely hear anyone discuss that anymore….because we all know it will persist until at least 2017).

          • Although there is no constitutional requirement for a budget proposal from the WH, that is how it has been done. I seem to recall budgets have been originated from the house, but not been brought up for a vote by Reid in the Senate for many years.

          • …because every single one was anathema to Democrats, most containing poison pills for the ACA. You introduce those bills as if they had any chance at passage; they were House Tea Party caucus manifestos, not serious legislation.

          • You guys seem to be terrified of the TEA Party and Fox News. Both sides insert things in bills that will stop passage.

          • He’s able to express his views well. He’s just hopelessly sold out to a broken ideology (and isn’t looking outside the echo chamber for disconfirming information or changing positions based on that which he does encounter). It’s hard to reverse a lifetime of confirmation bias.

          • Oh, and on the Reagan Iran Contra illegal Imbruglio, there is no aspect of that treasonous conspiracy that redeems its fundamental criminality (including trading with and giving aid to enemies of the state and international drug dealing and arms smuggling).

          • I would wonder what college. He does not sound like a good teacher. He is an ideologue. Maybe he taught in Glen Beck’s “college.”

          • Who cares how gentlemanly he was (is)? He was a lousy President, who is responsible for thousands of deaths.

          • If the thousands of lives you are talking about is the wars, Congress declared war. I think it was 99 to 1.

          • Based on lies told to them by the Administration.

            Yellow cake, aluminum tubes, mushroom clouds. Remember them? I’ll bet you were quaking in your boots.

          • No, the twin towers were collapsed, remember that? The nation wanted war. The intelligence came from our CIA and from ALL of our allies.

          • You really haven’t kept up, have you? It’s been shown that the CIA didn’t think the intelligence was solid, and our allies certainly didn’t believe it.

            Try Googling “Downing Street Memo.”

          • I do fault Congress for not doing their own research before signing on the the war criminals’ lies. However, the CIA sent Joe Wilson to Niger to check out the yellow cake uranium. He had been ambassador to that country and spoke the language. He reported back that there was none. it was not only suppressed, but in retaliation, cheney’s office outed his wife who was a covert agent, resulting in the deaths of two people she was working with. I guess you can tell a a person’s real integrity by their heroes.

          • He is a convicted war criminal. He was tried, in absentia, in Norway and Malaysia and convicted of war crimes. Several other countries have sworn out warrants for his, Cheney and Rumsfeld’s arrest if they ever come to those countries. Canada is one of them.

          • Just read about it. Appears to be a Kangaroo court headed by liberals from Illinois. It lasted a week and had testimony by a couple of people. Big deal. Bush is no longer President, get over it. Worry about the corrupt individual in office now.

        • Wow! Thanks for that update! I forgot Al was going through a contested election. So in essence the Dems only had maybe a couple months of filibuster-proof time in 2009 because very little was accomplished in the Senate after Ted passed away. Even more amazing they were able to get virtually anything accomplished with the determined 24/7 obstructionism of the GOP.

    • “but I think it is all a waste of time with people who will believe anything that makes them feel good.”

      Wow, coming from someone who loves to live in La La Land – that’s really quite a comment. You conservatives live in your own FANTASY LAND!!!!!!

      Fantasy Land orchestrated by the world’s largest purveyor of propaganda Faux News!!!!

      • If you look at a map of CA, you will see Conservatives concentrated in the Rural areas, especially the Central Valley where I live. Liberals are in the major population centers like SF and LA, as well as the coastal areas. I love where I live because it only rains in the winter and rarely a cloud in the summer, but all the taxes are among the highest in the country. I’ve been retired for six years and no longer need to live close to population centers. I cannot respond to the rest of your post because you are using sarcasm I do not understand

        • Maybe you can explain to some of us here why any rational person would choose to support a political party whose governance not only results in millions of Americans dying premature lives, but whose history of governance has also shown that it kills economies.

          There have been 17 recessions and 3 depressions in America since 1901. !4 of those recessions and all 3 depressions occurred when a Republican was president, and most of them occurred in a Republican’s 2nd term or when a Republican like Hoover, followed more than 8 years of GOP governance.

          In addition since 1900, even Fox News has broadcast that Democrats produce far superior economies to Republicans. Republican presidencies since 1900 have averaged only 2.6 % GDP growth, whereas Democrat presidencies have averaged 4.3% GDP growth.

          The stock Market since the 1929 crash has returned a NET ZERO gain during the 40 or so years of Republicans in office whereas the stock market has returned over 300% under Democrats.

          Reagan and the 2 Bushes were only able to create 20 million jobs with their 20 years in office, while Carter, Clinton and Obama created twice that number with 2 years less time in office.

          So why would any rational person support the GoP?

          • There is a lot here, let me start from the bottom. Carter was a disaster. I remember trying to buy a house and Mortgage rates had climbed to 20%. Unemployment was over 11% when he left office. Iran had occupied our embassy for 444 days. The day Reagan was inaugurated, the hostages were freed. That tells you something. There was steady GDP growth during the Reagan era. Unemployment steadily declined. I do not know how old you are, but when Reagan took office, there was a renewed sense of American pride. I was in my 20s. I need to reboot. brb

          • Like a good conservative, you have a very selective memory which is basically all wrong.

            Fact is that Carter was a much better president than Reagan given that Reagan was the worst president America ever had ; the only reason he gets a bad rap is because GOP propaganda just like with Obama.

            And your comment about “there was a renewed sense of American Pride” is pure BS!! Once again created by the GOP.

            Fact: There were 10 million jobs created in Carter’s 8 years and only 4 million during Reagan’s 1st term.

            Fact: Reagan holds the record of having the lowest Presidential approval rating in his 2 year in office of any president since approval ratings have been taken (less than 35%).

            Fact: The 10.8% unemployment rate, the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression didn’t hit 10.8% until almost 18 mos into Reagan’s 1st term. And the same applies to your 20% mortgage rate and the prime rate hitting 16% – none of those happened until almost mid 1982,

            (Like I said – you have A very selective INACCURATE MEMORY.)

            Fact: Carter leads all presidents since 1900 in getting America’s debt to GDP ratio to the lowest since 1900 – slightly below 35%. Whereas Reagan drove America’s debt sky high – tripling our debt in 8 years by spending more money in those 8 years than all presidents had spent since Hoover was in office almost 50 years earlier.

            Fact: Reagan had more than 100 members of his administration charged, suspected and sent to prison than all the presidents in office before him back to 1900 combined – actually 132 members of Reagan’s administration were suspect of one form of crime or another -Remember Iran Contra??? Well there were a bunch of devious episodes under Reagan.

            Fact: Carter got a bad wrap because Reagan was in cahoots with the Iran ayatollahs, having them continue to hold Americans hostage so he could paint Carter as weak on foreign policy and cast more lies on him.

            Reagan was the most devious, evil person to ever sit in the Oval Office.

            Here’s a little list of firsts on Reagan for you:

            1. First to turn America into a DEBTOR nation.

            2. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of national income in eight years.

            3. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of GDP over eight years.

            4. First to double America’s debt in just eight years.

            5. First to triple the national DEBT in just eight years.

            6. First to increase SPENDING by 80%–over 8 years.

            7. First to have a popularity rating of 35% after his 1st
            two years in office

            8. First to have unemployment at 10.8% since big depression

            10. First to SPEND more in eight years than was spent in prior 50 years.

            11. First to have “real” INTEREST RATES of 8% after averaging 1% over 35 years.

            12. First to keep PRIME INTEREST RATES at 20%.

            13. First to over value the dollar to the Yen at rate of 262 yen to $1

            14. First to have served as Governor and increased spending by 112% in less than 8 years

            15. First to have home loan interest rates as high as 16%

            16. First to cut taxes by 60% for his rich pals

            17. First to “deal” with terrorists.

            17.a First to support a dictator’s (saddam;s) use of chemical weapons against an enemy (Iran)

            18. First to bust a union and then appoint union haters to run the department of labor

            19. First to set a record for the largest one day percentage decline of the Dow – 10-19-87

            20. First to have increased his wealth by over $10,000,000 from serving for 8 years as president

            21. First in having servicemen killed during peacetime (241 killed while they slept in their barracks)

            22. First in Farm Foreclosures

            23. First in Savings & Loan Failures

            24. First in percent of increase in personal bankruptcies

            25. First to have an Assistant Secretary of State indicted

            26. First to have an Assistant Secretary of Defense sent to

            27. First to have 100 Members of an Administration Charged
            with Crimes

            28. First to have more members of his administration charged with crimes than the cumulative total of all previous presidents in the 20th Century

            29. First to testify under oath 130 times “ I don’t

            29a. First to have an Admiral plead the “fifth amendment”

            30. First to have an Admiral with a photographic memory
            testify 128 times “I don’t remember”

            31. First to honor “Nazi Storm Troopers” by calling them
            “innocent victims”

            32. First governor to increase personal income tax by 60%,
            increase taxes on cigarettes by 200% and state tax collections by 152%

            33. First president to have been divorced

            34. First to negotiate with the ayatollahs of Iran to not release its American prisoners until after an election to give him an edge

            35. First to participate in a nefarious activity like the Iran/Contra fiasco

            36. First president to sign a law offering Amnesty to 3 million illegal aliens; 2.9 million of which took the

          • I used to teach college and I know how to check for plagiarism. You Copy and paste from a left wing hate site called Democratic underground, This is all fiction. I’ve seen all of this before. It is a left wing wish list. Your mind has been poisoned. You have no credibility

          • Yes, some of the “list of 1sts” I got from another site but all the “FACTS” are from my own research and not plagiarized from anywhere – as are a number of the firsts. And they’ve all been verified via my own research lowlife!!!!!!

          • I have a cousin like you. Disagree with him and he goes nuts and the insults fly. He does not get invited to any family functions because he cannot keep politics out of his conversations. Just out of curiosity, how old are you? I guess you to be in college and grew up in a home with at least one loving parent, I would guess both parents. Am I right?

          • ” Disagree with him and he goes nuts and the insults fly.”

            Sounds like you, actually.

          • Did I insult you? Did I call you a devil worshipper? And a long list of insults from this other guy.

          • There is one on my side I avoid. They do not do us any favors. I do not like name calling. I am tempted, I admit, but 99.9% of the time, I stop short. I slip with a small one occasionally

          • If he really knew what plagiarism was, he would know it is passing off someone else writing as your own. It is not using other people’s facts.

          • Yeah, but that was Bush’s ratings in the last years of his presidency, Reagan holds of the record for the worst rating of any modern day president in the 2nd year of their presidency; my comment wasn’t really clear on that point,

          • And when you loony tunes think about Reagan, keep this in mind – 6 months after Reagan took office – IBM came out with the Personal Computer and Apple with its MacIntosh. Virtually every major corporation involved in the computer related industry TODAY such as Apple, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Intel, Del, Compaq and on and on was either established or greatly expanded during Reagan’s two terms in office. The American economy should have soared – and to some extent it did, DESPITE THE CLOWNSHOW THAT REAGAN PUT ON which actually stymied the economy. It grew inspite Reagan not because of him!! He was a TERRIBLE PRESIDENT!!!

            But he was an actor who hoodwinked a large portion of the American populace.

          • Reagan was the greatest President in our history. Gates, Jobs, Hewlett, and especially Jack Welch… they were all motivated by the new leadership and saw it was time to move the country forward. Carter was a disaster for our country and stymied growth and innovation with his policies. I was a computer technician in 1981. There were computers before IBM. There was Token Ring. I worked for DataPoint, who innovated the 8080 processor for Intel. I was there, I don’t think you were. There is an old saying, if you are not a liberal below 30, you have no heart. If you are not a Conservative after 30, you have no brains. So true

          • More living in total fantasy land!!! Reagan sat on a recession that was evident when he first took office caused by the oil embargo for well over a year BEFORE DOING ANYTHING TO STOP THE ECONOMIC SLIDE!! AND THEN WHAT HE DO – CUT TAXES!! THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO TO STOP A RECESSION BECAUSE LOW TAXES ENCOURAGE INVESTORS TO KEEP MONEY IN INVESTMENTS RATHER THAN TAKE RISKS BY PUTTING MONEY INTO THEIR BUSINESSES!!




          • Clinton did better than Obama. At least Clinton didn’t lower the bar to get over it. Clinton had the advantage of a Republican dominated congress. Remember the Balanced Budget Act of 1996? It made Clinton look good by creating a surplus.

          • The tax increases required to balance the budget during the Clinton Administration passed with 0 Republican votes. That balance was due entirely to Democrats.

          • When did that happen? Repubs were in the majority until 2006 from 1994 (I think it was). Nothing could have passed without their votes.

          • Sorry you didn’t follow the link. Try clicking on it.

            The bill that started the budget surplus was passed in 1993, which, as I stated, is before 1994, which is when the GOP took over Congress.

            That’s how is could pass without any GOP votes.

          • There is no surplus until there is spending restraint. That happened when there was the Balanced Budget Act of 1996. What happened in 93 was Democrats doing what Democrats do…. raise taxes.

          • Any time you buy on credit of any kind that is deficit spending. Most people do not understand what deficit spending is. It is much different than the national debt. Deficit means we are spending more than we are receiving.

          • Someday, down the road, people might want to remember what Al
            Gore wanted to do with the surplus. He wanted to lock it up for Social Security.

          • I remember the 81, 82 recession and the hoard of small business and medium businesses that went bankrupt and the jobs disappeared.
            Housing developments and apartments being bulldozed. The businesses that managed to survive just barely made it.

          • At that time, I did not see that, probably because I was gainfully employed as a computer tech. That job was high demand back then. Reagan took office in Jan of 1981. Too soon to blame him. I just remember trying to buy my first house with a wife and two kids. 20% mortgage rates. Couldn’t do it. I think it was 85 before I bought my first house. Yeah, it was because I also bought an 85 IROC

          • And they continued to grow after Obama took office.

            Do you really think you have a point?

          • I think I have seen this stuff before on left wing Republican hate site. I recognize some of the outrageous claims

          • When are you going to stop trying to fake it?? You’re an outright troll who’s simply unwilling to believe the truth!!!

            Those surveys have nothing to do with “left-wing hate sites”, they’re all bona fide studies which show reality.

            I haven’t even shown you the terrible stuff about red -states. Where people on average die as much as 6 years younger than folks who live in Blue States. And red states even lead the nation by far in babies dying before their 1st birthdays and women dying in childbirth.

            Republican governance is a danger to anyone’s well being.

            They even knowingly let people die without insurance just so the politicians and their rich donors can keep a few more bucks in their pockets.


          • Even though I am against any political party and agree with Washington, Jefferson and Madison, who were also against them, I find less hatred on the liberal side than on the conservative side. When did anyone ever see Democrats with rabid signs when a Republican was elected?

          • Tell us too how you sleep well at night knowing that you support what’s nothing more than A DEATH MACHINE!!!!!

          • I see. You’re not in favor of Obamacare which has been estimated to have already prevented over 75,000 people from dying prematurely since it was enacted in 2010, but you’re willing to support a party that has been proven to knowingly cause the deaths of well over 20,000 people in just the last year or so. IT FIGURES!!!

          • When did ObamaCare go into effect? Do you make these numbers up or is this from the leftist website again?

          • Actually it was the Washington Post, hardly a left-wing paper with people like George Will, Krauthamer and others on it, that fact checked a comment that President Obama made about the 50,000 lives being saved.

            See this:

            Last December, the administration announced that Obamacare programs to improve hospital safety have resulted in 50,000 fewer preventable deaths since 2010. Because good news on Obamacare travels very slowly, the report didn’t get a lot of attention. Not until President Obama included that news in his speech marking the fifth anniversary of Obamacare’s signing. That warranted enough attention for the Washington Post’s fact checker to get around to fact checking, and it turns out that, yeah, it’s true, and in fact, might be actually understated.

            Largely relying on more than 30,000 medical records, the study looked at how many fewer patient-related problems had taken place in hospitals—the study calculated 1.3 million fewer incidents over three years—and then used that to determine how many lives might have been saved. In general, the researchers used mortality estimates from other research.

            For instance, pressure ulcers, which result from a lack of blood flow to the skin because of sustained pressure, are estimated to result in additional 72 deaths per 1,000; meanwhile, adverse drug events result in an additional 20 deaths per 1,000. Higher costs are involved, too, with estimated of $17,000 for each pressure ulcer and $5,000 for drug events. So overall the study estimates $12 billion in health care costs were saved in addition to the 50,000 lives. […]

            The numbers might seem large, but the research seems solid, according to experts we consulted, and it is based on a review of an extensive database. The results likely reflect work that predated the ACA but at the same time the ACA has spurred even greater cooperation among hospitals. Since the president is using a figure more than a year old, it is likely understated—unless, of course, the interim number for 2013 turns out to be overstated.

            Thus, President Obama gets the “elusive Geppetto Checkmark,” meaning totally true, which seems to come as rather a surprise to Kessler. Probably because he’s usually fact checking Republicans on Obamacare and thus used to issuing “Pinocchios”—the cutesy scale by which he judges falsehoods—when it comes to the law. There can be factual statements made about the law, even when those facts point out that the law is doing great good.


            The other 25,000 lives projection come from the fact that Obama was commenting on lives saved through early 2014 and the lives that have been projected to be saved because millions of people now have insurance and are able to get health checkups who previously couldn’t afford healthcare before ACA. Analysts have projected because over 15 million people now have healthcare, that easily over 20,000 less people have died prematurely due to the lack of healthcare.

          • What amazes me is that they will accept convicted war criminals over a Black Man in the White House.

        • In case you haven’t figured it out ‘Faux News’ is ‘Fox News’ – the entertainment outlet that actually paid lawyers hundreds of thousands of dollars to get them a judicial decision from a bunch of right-wing biased judges THAT MAKES IT ‘LEGAL’ FOR THEM TO OUTRIGHT LIE WHILE SUPPOSEDLY BROADCASTING THE NEWS!!!!!

          • Geesh…. lol…. Legal to lie? This is funny. I had always heard that liberals are terrified of Fox News. I guess it is true. If you do not like Fox News, why do you watch them?

          • Well, I’ll leave you to your demented, lying ways with this little article which once again demonstrates that I’m not the one lying here, because I can produce factual evidence for every statement i make.

            And believe it or not, if I’m wrong, I’ll admit it, something you RWNJs will never do -ADMIT THAT YOU’RE WRONG!! DESPITE ALL THE ERRORS HE MADE, GEORGIE BOY AND EVEN DICKIE BOY CHENEY – NEVER ONCE ADMITTED THEY’D MADE A MISTAKE!!! TYPICAL OF RWNJs!!!

            But here clueless – keep on living in your FANTASY LAND!!!!!!

            The CeaseSPIN headline gets right to the point: “Fox News gets okay to misinform public, court ruling.”

            Here’s the rundown: On August 18, 2000, journalist Jane Akre won $425,000 in a court ruling where she charged she was pressured by Fox News management and lawyers to air what she knew and documented to be false information.

            The real information: she found out cows in Florida were being injected with RBGH, a drug designed to make cows produce milk – and, according to FDA-redacted studies, unintentionally designed to make human beings produce cancer.

            Fox lawyers, under pressure by the Monsanto Corporation (who produced RBGH), rewrote her report over 80 times to make it compatible with the company’s requests. She and her husband, journalist Steve Wilson, refused to air the edited segment.

            In February 2003, Fox appealed the decision and an appellate court and had it overturned. Fox lawyers argued it was their first amendment right to report false information. In a six-page written decision, the Court of Appeals decided the FCC’s position against news distortion is only a “policy,” not a “law, rule, or regulation.”

            So, Fox and the other gladiatorical cable news channels were given the okay to legally lie right around the time of the Iraq War’s birth – when media lies coincidentally hit a peak in both frequency and severity.


          • Take a pill. I’d like to respond to some things here, like the reporter thing. There have been lots of reporter behaving less than ethical at all networks, Brian Williams comes to mind, and Dan Rather was fired from 60 Minutes for manufacturing evidence. He did not know the Times New Roman font did not exist in the 70’s, otherwise, he would not have been caught. Bottom line: Fox News have ratings higher than CNN and MSNBC added together. There is a reason for that. But, I’ve got to go feed all the animals and do my chores. I’ve had the good fortune to retire with a small farm and I love animals. I have many rescued animals I take care of. It keeps me busy so I do not sit here all day educating liberals….jk… calm down, lol

          • In reading all of these comments I have seen many people state facts along with reasonings. You have not only put forth any reasons or facts but rather ignore the truth and call names. You do remind me of the preschoolers I used to work with.
            Fox News is not news by their own admission but you rather ignore their own admission in order to live in your own idiotic thinking world.
            Google can be, and in your case should be, your friend.

          • Google is my friend and it can present both sides of the case as well. Just depends on your bias. Bias is not equal to truth. Liberals have no clue what truth is.

          • And you know the truth by watching Fox News?
            You can believe and tell any lie that you want, it still is a lie.

          • Fox, the Internet and other sources. Then you connect the dots and do your own homework. Fox and foreign sources are the best. If anyone trusts the libturd media, then I can’t help them. If you can’t view Fox News as worthy (not talking about talk shows), then you don’t pay attention to worthy facts.

          • And you know the truth from what? If you watch Fox News (NOT THE TALK SHOWS! I REPEAT NOT THE TALK SHOWS! THEY ARE BIASED) anchors and their actual newscasts you will understand that if you really want to know what is going on they are telling you. They aren’t sweeping crap under the rug like CNN, MSLSD, and so on. If you go to most foreign news sources they collude with Fox. So open your mind and pay attention. Yes Hannity is biased. He’s a talk show host. The morning programs are broadcast news. You libs need to understand the difference.

          • When they were called into a hearing for not telling the truth, they claimed they were not a news channel, but entertainment. I remember that. When people have to have television to do their thinking for them, they aren’t too well informed. When they read ideologue books or only go on blogs that reinforce their belief system, they are not well informed. In order for intelligence to grow and sustain, there has to be mental challenges. Television is not mentally challenging. Every ten years, they do random I.Q. tests in the colleges across the country. The last one showed that we are getting less intelligent. Wake up, America, your Democracy might be in jeopardy. I blame what passes for entertainment.

          • I look at all news sources. Fox News is a hell of lot more believable than MSLSD.

          • It may be believable because it’s propaganda that’s designed specifically to apparently feed right into clearly YOUR BIASES!!

            Whether it’s believable or not, listening to Faux news MAKES YOU STUPIDER THAN IF YOU’D LISTENED TO NO NEWS AT ALL!!

            And why haven’t you produced any evidence that Obama lies???

            And don’t use the one about keeping your doctor etc under Obamacare. Obama didn’t lie, health insurance company CEOs lied to him about them keeping their word to honor all the provisions of ACA! Unfortunately, Obama took right-wing CEOs at their word, which is A BIG MISTAKE!!

          • OMG! You are delusional. Obama is the biggest liar of a President there ever was. Watch something other than MSNBC. Even Harry Reid admits to his lies, now that it no longer matters

          • So, I imagine your can offer support for your contention that it was Obama, not the insurance companies, that reneged on the agreements they had made about waivers and grandfathered plans, right, Mr. Integrity?

          • Its not worth my time. The only agreement was statutory law, not agreements with CEO’s. More BS you have fallen for. Obama’s own people admitted he knew before he lied.

          • Yes, he knew he had no legislation, just gentlemen’s agreement. Now, remind me again why your side wants to leave healthcare decisions in the hands of those that BROKE those agreements.

          • What I was saying is that there were no verbal agreements, there is just law (ACA) that governs. there was an amendment that Obama knew was coming because of the date of a previous statement was prior to his lie, so he knew. It was from his own statement on the amendment prior to the date he lied, I don’t remember the particulars. It’s been a few years. That kind of exposure and analysis would not be reported on the mainstream media, so I would not be surprised the average liberal would not know. Even his own ex-press secretary ratted him out.

          • Yes, Obama was a fool to make a public promise hinged on the private promises made by American corporate titans. You never answered why you want those huck stern to remain in control of funding medical care.

            There have been no legislative amendments to the ACA. GOP caucus has refused to work on making it better.

            Obama issued waivers for pre-existing policies (even ones that didn’t comply with ACA coverage requirements). The ONLY catch was that customers had to be continuously enrolled in those policies, allowing them to be “grandfathered”. Guess what the insurance companies did? They made minor changes to the policies (or stopped and started them as new policies) which made them ineligible for the waivers. That’s on the insurance companies, not Obama or the ACA.

          • Where do you get this stuff? Obama is not authorized to make deals with CEO’s outside of the law. The law is clear. He keeps trying to make his own laws and (finally) the courts are stopping him. He thinks he can be a dictator unless someone stops him, well now 26 states have put a stop to it. None of the stuff you have up there can be done in violation of ACA. If Obama did what you state, it was illegal, but I never heard that.

          • Verbal, informal agreements would hardly be illegal. He made the mistake of believing them. It’s not at all making new law and has been the practice of leaders for all of history.

            What with all the shrill, King Obama nonsense?

      • Examples like what?? Republicans have not done one beneficial thing for America since Teddy Roosevelt was in office!!!!!!!! The only thing they’ve done is promote wars which kill people and fight against every piece of legislation that tries to better the lives of every American – like fighting against Social Security, Medicare and ACA!!!!!!

          • Yeah! The problem is that several times the Dems have voted on a war like the Iraq war based on nothing but one set of lies after the other – just like you’ve been doing with all your posts – either lying or distorting the truth or fabricating reality. That’s all you right-wing nut jobs do: lie, distort the truth or fabricate reality and you wonder why we call you LOWLIFES!!!!!!!!

          • So, I guess I am still a Devil Worshipper? You are quite the entertainment. I’m afraid to give you another fact, you appear to be having a melt down. I’ll leave you alone for a while so you can calm yourself. One question: Do you actually get this stuff from somewhere, or just make it up on the fly?

          • Stop the madness, Curtis. We can see (hear) that your allegiance lies with FOX Excuse (news); and with whatever the “Zoo crew” at FOX gives their faithful minions to swallow and regurgitate to those too lazy to read and research for themselves.

          • Here’s a little article from to go along with your great graphic:

            ‘Pants On Fire’: Analysis Shows 60% Of Fox News ‘Facts’ Are Really Lies

            MINNEAPOLIS — Analysis of Fox News suggests that the TV news network is a leader in lying to the American public, beating out CNN and MSNBC for the amount of falsehoods broadcasted.

            The analysis comes from Punditfact, a partnership between the Tampa Bay Times and, which maintains scorecards on the accuracy of major TV news networks. As of January, about 60 percent of facts reported by Fox News were false.


          • I know you guys are terrified of Fox News, but the “Rest Of The Story” as Paul Harvey used to put it, needs to come from somewhere.

          • So my accurately defining you as a worshipper of the Devil’s party aka the GOP is in your mind a ‘melt down”?? You RWNJs will come up with any contrivance to deflect from the fact that you’re nothing but egotistical, narcissistic lowlifes who can only think about your own well being and everyone else can just go and fend for themselves because you couldn’t care less whether they lived or died.

            While in fact, most Republicans will vote for legislation that puts more money in their pockets even knowing full well that in doing so, thousands of people in America will die – including people who voted to put them into office – the height of being a lowlife!!!

          • Well, as long as you are one of the thousand and I continue to get richer, of course. In my spare time, I find someone in a wheel chair and push them in front of a moving vehicle. If I can only find a welfare check to steal or a baby with candy I can take, I would get some sleep at night. I think I will go outside and catch a butterfly so I can pull its wings off, so I can take a nap.

          • I know you’re trying to be facetious but whether you realize it or not, by supporting the GOP which does everything it can to deprive the needy people in America virtually anything by doing things like – refusing to raise the min wage, cutting SNAP budgets so millions are thrown off of food stamps, cutting funding for Medicaid so millions are dropped off Medicaid coverage, refusing to extend Medicaid in red states so millions can’t get the health care they should be getting or even be able to afford the medicines their existing illnesses require, by passing ridiculous legislation in red state after red state that puts absurd restrictions on what those getting help can do or even qualify for with ridiculous things like drug tests and on and on, although you’re not physically doing what you’re outlining – your support of the GOP IS ACCOMPLISHING THE SAME THING – DELIBERATELY KILLING PEOPLE PREMATURELY.

            Let me pose an example to you. I know arsenic kills people over time, so if I were to pour a few tons of arsenic in the reservoir of some large city so thousands of people died, do you suppose that if caught, that I would be brought into court and tried and probably end up being executed or sent to prison for life??

            Well if I would, why then are GOP politicians who knowingly cut budgets or refuse to extend help to the needy like food stamps, Medicaid and other help, just so the rich can keep on not paying their fair share to taxes, when they know full well that in doing so people will die prematurely (when ACA was becoming the law in early 2014 experts told Congress that if Medicaid was not extended up to 17,000 people would die prematurely) why are these GOP politicians not brought into court and TRIED FOR MURDER??????? THEY’RE KNOWINGLY PASSING LEGISLATION THAT THEY KNOW WILL RESULT IN THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DYING PREMATURELY- THAT’S MURDER!!!!!!

          • I have to be facetious because your claims about the GOP are so outrageous, they cannot be true. This thing about the red states and federal funds. I have already addressed this. I am not going to spend my time doing it again. Besides that, it is a bullshit statistic. Who cares what states get more federal funds for welfare recipients?…. I’ll even just give you that one, because, WHO CARES? I don’t.
            Healthcare…. I have Crohn’s disease. I was diagnosed while in the military. Been dealing with it my entire life. It finally took me out for good. I can no longer work. What have I noticed since Obamacare passed? Takes much longer to get in to see the DR. Our monthly premium has increased $300/month. If I have an issue, I have to go to the ER or Urgent care. I needed surgery and it took a year and I was a frequent flyer in the ER. Every two weeks bowel obstruction. You have no idea how painful. I blame Obamacare. My only HealthCare issues are because of ObamaCare

          • There you go – blaming Obamacare for a problem that the people you support in offince created!! For decades the GOP has fought against doing anything to improve our healthcare system. So until Obamacare, it was common for only egotistical elitists such as yourself to be able to afford health insurance and get healthcare. So for years you probably enjoyed great health care because thousands of your neighbors couldn’t afford to go to a hospital to get the care they need – AND NOW THEY CAN!!!

            So healthcare systems in many areas of the country didn’t have the patients coming in who could afford care such that they were able to staff their hospitals sufficiently for the population that lived in the area. So when Obamacare all of a sudden made health care available to millions more people, some hospitals, apparently those where you live, got caught flat footed and were not staffed enough to support the increased demand for healthcare.

            So because you supported a group of politicians who have wanted for decades to deny millions of Americans the healthcare they deserve, you’re now paying the price. So forgive me if I can’t sympathize with you one bit. You’re now experiencing at least something far better than thousands of your neighbors have probably been living through for decades – suffering some because you can’t get the healthcare you feel you need and deserve – WELL WELCOME TO THE CROWD YOU HYPOCRITE!! YOU’RE FINALLY GETTING A TASTE OF YOUR OLD MEDICINE!!

            But at least you are getting care, although maybe slowly. Guess what!! Probably tons of people living near you have suffered through with the disease you have WHEN THEY COULDN’T EVEN AFFORD TO GET HEALTH INSURANCE AND THE CARE THEY NEEDED – OR HAD ANOTHER PRE-EXISTING CONDITION THAT ALLOWED HEALTH INSURERS TO REFUSE TO EVEN GIVE THEM A POLICY!!



            And by the LOWLIFE, because Republicans in Georgia have refused to expand Medicaid, Georgia has lost a number of hospitals because they couldn’t afford to keep giving away free health care. And that’s resulted in many areas even along the I-95 corridor of Georgia in having few if any hospitals still open. So already a number of accidents have occurred where people have died BECAUSE THE AMBULANCE COULDN’T FIND AN OPEN HOSPITAL CLOSE ENOUGH TO GET THERE BEFORE THE ACCIDENT VICTIM DIED!!!!

            So like I said i have absolutely no sympathy for you hypocrite – you deserve what you allow to go on!!

          • Healthcare should never be the bottom line on the stock market page of the Wall Street Journal.

          • You say you’re in the top 5% income wise?? What, did you rob a bank or something?? You clearly didn’t get wealthy on your intelligence – because you clearly don’t have any.

            I’m telling you that 13 of the states in America who suck the most welfare for the tax dollars they send to Washington are Red States, and you’re telling me that it’s BS?? Sorry, but it’s a fact and it does matter. There are actually 9 red states in America that get between $1.50 and $2.25 back in federal aid for each $1 the state sends to Washington in the form of taxes.
            Are you intelligent enough to understand what that means?? Without federal aid from Washington, those 9 red states would be bankrupt!! Do you get that?? They’re pauper states sucking on federal dollars – NO BLUE STATE IS THAT BLATANTLY OUT OF BALANCE!! NONE ZERO!!

            And there are only 17 states in America who get less than $1 back for each $1 of taxes they send to Washington – and 14 of those 17 are blue states!!

            So in other words, these 17 states sent a million dollars to Washington in taxes, the three red states would get back between $960 and $980 in federal aid to help keep them running. And the 14 blue states that get less than $1 back, the all get between 61 cents and 80 cents back. Making it clear that it’s Blue States that are supporting America.

          • You “addressed” it by making a false assertion that was immediately debunked. It’s a real stat that is a broad indicator of a state’s overall contribution to the country. I think that’s pretty important.

            You blame the ACA even though ALL those trends existed long prior to its implementation. That’s 100% illogical.

            BTW, you’ve now admitted that Crohns has taken you out of the working population WHILE admitting that your wealth has tripled since 2009. Yours is EXACTLY the kind of freeloading wealth extraction that our country doesn’t need. YOU are a major part of the problem if you’re hording wealth THAT fast without doing any work. Excuse me while I go beat the crap out of any residual feelings of empathy I felt about your Crohn’s.

          • You’re wrong again…. A huge spike in premiums was not a trend. I’ve been buying it for years. My wealth is my 401k and IRA, which I have had for a lifetime and always put the annual maximum. You don’t have a 401k or IRA? I Planned for retirement/disability. It sounds as if you did not plan. Now we are going to need to take care of you when you get old. SS will not do it (Typical Democrat). I have never taken welfare or any other social program. I worked for forty years. My money grew because it was invested. Americans have jobs because of investors. This nation would collapse without investors. If you have a job, thank an investor. You’re welcome…. BTW, I do not care for your pity. And us Republicans will take care of you when you get old

          • Premiums have been rising between 25 and 50% annually for at least a decade. That’s a trend.

            I won’t address you arrogant assumptions and personal insults. Your 401k and IRA investment profiles must be extremely unusual; most do not reflect the market recovery since the instruments lost so much value during the crash.

            So, your good fortune is the result of BOTH good decisions/hard work AND good luck. You could easily have done all the same things and had it turn out badly. We don’t live in a meritocracy.

            Americans have jobs because of demand for products and services. Without that demand, no amount of investment produces jobs.

            Cut the arrogant insult, Curtis. Remember, you hold yourself out as being well educated. If so, those attacks are beneath you. I’ve called you on this before; so, drop it, or I’m done debating with you.

          • 25% to 50% annually…. for a decade? Not here. Do the math, that is not possible. My investments, managed by Fidelity. But I did not crash like most. All of my investment was in Verizon stock at the time. -2% in 2008. Big numbers since then except 2014. There are no products without investments to create them. As far as insults, I respond in kind. My comments are no different than yours.

          • You’re lying through your teeth. I have very carefully avoided any personal attacks. I’m now done with you.

          • I verified that: “arrogant” appears four (now five) times on this page. Twice when I described your insults, once when you accused me of characterizing you with that word, and twice when I defended myself against your false accusation.

          • I do say so, and you have zero evidence to suggest otherwise. You present with a veneer of civility and reason but quickly resorted to dishonest and dishonorable tactics.

          • Why do you care I delete old posts? You have already read and responded to them. I get too many emails already. I do not want anymore liberals wanting to cross swords with me. This is liberal site.

          • …because it’s context, and you’re being very selective in what you delete (in removing the most ridiculous of your assertions). You don’t think context is important. How about accountability? You seem to be cleaning up behind yourself. Learn something from Watergate, did you?

          • I will eventually delete them all, when I get around to it (time). There is no rhyme or reason. I already have another liberal attacking me. He seems to be alright so far.

          • Geesh.. I read the rest of your rant. I think you actually believe that that stuff. I’m surprised you didn’t include pushing grandmas over a cliff. None of that is true. Republicans are just as compassionate as anyone. I am opposed to increasing minimum wage. It is low for a reason. It was never meant to be a living wage. It was meant for teenagers temporarily to get work experience. Food stamps are over used. I do not feel sorry for someone in line at the grocery store who buys food with SNAP and then buys a case of cigarettes and am 18 pack of beer. I constantly see that. Abuse is rampant. Obama removed the work requirement for welfare. It is abused. There are good reasons for the Republican actions on everything on your list. To stop abuse and wasting money. I’ve got to get up and go do something.

          • And you just love being blind don’t you?? Red states lead the nation in every way that people die prematurely: homicides, auto accidents, at birth, giving birth, even due to fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes and others.

            And here’s a note I got today in an e-mail which shows even another way Republicans kill people – by championing the coal industry which is the most lethal fossil fuel on the planet!!

            See a copy of the email I received just today:

            Dear Richard,

            Join us to learn “How Coal Kills: The Link Between Air Pollution, Climate Change and Respiratory Disease.” This latest in our Climate Health Action Team (CHAT) webinars focuses on coal’s contribution to climate change, asthma and respiratory disease. (Note: This is a change in programming. Our webinar on wind energy has been postponed.)

            Replacing fossil fuel-burning power plants reduces carbon pollution. It also makes the air more breathable right away, further motivating citizens, health professionals and policymakers to implement clean energy solutions.

            Our presenter will be Alan H. Lockwood, MD, FAAN, PSR Board member, lead author of PSR’s report “Coal’s Assault on Human Health,” and author of The Silent Epidemic: Coal and the Hidden Threat to Health, published by MIT Press.

            Join us:

            Wednesday, May 20, 2015
            8:00- 9:00 pm eastern

            “How Coal Kills: The Link Between Air Pollution, Climate Change

            and Respiratory Disease”


            In how many ways and how many millions of Americans do Republicans have to kill prematurely before people like you wake up??? It’s not bad enough that Republican politicians are nothing more than the American Mafia passing legislation after legislation that robs taxpayers blind, you have to sit back and let them continue to kill people prematurely too????????

          • Fossil fuel use is one of the primary evils that is making more CO2 than the earth can handle. It has raised the acidity of the oceans to where the fragile eco system is being destroyed. There are several world scientists who have confirmed this, but the radical right will take the word of a congress person over the scientists anyday.

          • There was no work requirement removed. Obama simply acceded to the requests of several governors, most of whom were Republican, to allow some latitude in how the STATES administered the work requirement. That kind of disingenuous sabotage (asking for a waiver then characterizing getting what you requested as somehow doing the country a disservice) is a perfect example of the slimy subterfuge the GOP has been practicing since Obama got elected.

          • That’s from the Heritage Foundation for Chrissake! It’s an opinion piece that doesn’t even support you claim except to repeat it. The politifact link digs into the specifics. Once again, you’re all wet.

      • Every war America has engaged in since the civil war that wasn’t a result of another country attacking us (Japan) has been under Republican leadership! So more Americans have been killed in war under Republican leadership and yes Viet Nam included as it was Eisenhour that put us there first! And every economic disaster our nations has faced began under Republican economic leadership as well!

        • Well, a Republican freed the slaves and over a filibuster of Democrats, republicans passed the Civil Rights Act of 1964…. So take that.

          • The Republican Party of 1865 emanated from the Whig Party and are not of the Republican Party of the 20th century and the Congress of 1964 was dominated by the Democrat Party as they held the Majority of the House, Senate and the Executive branch so to attempt to give the GOP absoulute credit for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a fairy tale. And incidently the moment President Lincoln gave his Emancipation Proclamation Executive Order the Republican Party began disenfrachising legislation aimed at the newly freed slaves and it has never stopped! Refer to written history on this subject!

          • It was Republican swing votes that got it passed. The Dem party was full of KKK members. Now the Dem party is full of Liberal Condescendors. Condescending to black people.

          • In the 19th century the Republican Party was liberal and the Democratic Party were conservative ideologies reflecting still the South and the North of the civil war so the Southern Democrats were exactly that and remained that way until the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when the Southern Democrats fled the party because of the party’s support of the Act and it was then when the GOP seized an opportunity to gain a powerful voting block and the disenfrachising of southern blacks began again in epic proportions so again the GOP by virtue of their legislating record has resisted civil rights continuously so again to suggest that the GOP are champions of civil rights is again a fairy tale!

          • I do read things other than liberal rags and liberal talking point. I actually do my homework.

          • Really?? So when are you going to prove it by producing something other than your lying word which supports your position??? Or are you just going to keep on lying like the typical RWNJ that you are???

          • Just because a handfull of Republicans agreed to vote on it when 5 times or more the number of Democrats voted for it, DOES NOT IN ANY WAY mean that the Republicans are responsible for getting it passed when BY FAR more Republicans voted against it!! Get real!! You RWNJs will try to take credit for everything!!!!

            All that 1964 votes means is that a handful of Republicans showed themselves TO NOT BE RACIST IDIOTS!!!

          • I think you’re fairly accurate aside from maybe one Republican legislator that I can think of – Susan Collins who represents the state I live in: Maine. Susan is the only Republican I can think of who at least a fair amount of the time appears to show some compassion and I haven’t seen indications of her being racist.

          • You apparently you are oblivious to history. History is fact based do some reading before you challenge someone on a subject your coming up short in!

          • None of the brilliant Republicans of the past, such as, Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft, and Abraham Lincoln could even get the candidacy in this day and age with the whack jobs that claim to be Republicans.

          • That Republican who freed the “slaves” as you put it, was assassinated by a Republican “Stooge.” 1964? Just prior to yet, ANOTHER ASSASSINTION: JFK.

            Curtis – the RepuliCANT’s are nothing more and nothing less than, TWISTED, GREEDY little SADIST FEAR MONGERS who HATE women.

          • Please get your dates right: JFK was assassinated on Nov. 22, 1963…prior to the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    • Look at the example of Baltimore. The result of 50 years of Progressive politics. Just like Detroit, Chicago and a number of other cities.

      • No Jennifer. Baltimore happened as a result of six THUG COP’s going rogue. Have you ever been to Baltimore? It’s beautiful. But in the west area where Freddie Gray was MURDERED by those thug cop’s? THAT happens when RepuliCANT’s cut funding for schools, jobs and other opportunities for those outside the “Corporate $$$$”.

        Every city has their “less developed” zip codes. Even a city as gorgeous as Honolulu, HI. Oh yeah. Down right scary areas – especially at night.

        • Jennifer needs to read, “Carry Me Home, Birmingham, Alabama.” It is easy to blame the victim so we don’t have to have empathy for them. It is not too different from when I was young and if a girl got raped, they blamed her for sending signals or dressing provocative. It is coming out, now, that Birmingham police and the community made a slot for minorities and tried everything to keep them there.

      • This is the result of hundreds of years of racism. This is the result of fail economic policies designed to create winners and losers instead of equal opportunity. This is the result of 30 years of failed War on Drugs and aggressive policing. This is the result of lowering taxes on high income individuals and funding cities by shifting the police force into a revenue generating organization.

        It is the result of disaffection of a large portion of the population that feels the American Dream is not for them, that have no hope, that see government as an aggressive police force designed to silence and oppress them.

        They say you are never free until you have nothing to lose. Baltimore riots, and others like them, are the result of too many people have too much freedom (using this definition of the term). If we want fewer riots, then we need to burden these people with something to lose, like a good education, a good job, a nice home, a strong family and hope for the future.

    • As a conservative I love this country than the moron you mention in your little meme. I don’t want to transform or destroy it like progressives do.

      • Let me guess. You love the United States as it was presented in 1950s television shows. That United States never really existed.

        What did exist was an economy with a strong and growing middle class, where each generation did better than the one before. And what was the top marginal income tax rate during that time? 90%+

        But no one actually paid that rate, because there were deductions for spending and investment, and it was that spending and investment that created the strong economy.

        Where we went wrong:
        1) Payroll Tax: Unavoidable tax, with a cap, that makes this unavoidable and regressive (poor pay higher rates than rich).
        2) Alternative Minimum Tax. Who cares that the rich paid no tax, if they were spending their high incomes creating jobs for others? That was a very good thing, NOT bad.
        3) Welfare: Paying people to not work was the absolute wrong thing to do. The money should have been used for job training, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, job placement, etc. It should have been about getting people jobs, not hand outs.
        4) Deregulating International Trade: Trade deficits can only be funded by unsustainable debt growth, a long-term disaster for any nation running a trade deficit.
        5) Lowering the tax rates and broadening the base: Put simply, lowering taxes on high incomes so that the rich could hoard money, and raising the taxes on the poor and middle classes (payroll, sales and removal of deductions for income taxes). Both cases had the result of reducing demand for goods and services. We have been able to fuel demand through excess, unsustainable debt growth.

        It is fail economics that is destroying this country, not admitting that not everyone is a Bible Thumper, not giving women a choice to have an abortion and not acknowledging that gays are people too.

        As for transforming? What? From racist, sexist, oppressive bigoted to accepting and supportive. Yeah, terrible transformation there… NOT!

        • Just flipping the racist, bigotry around. It still exists and always will. It’s just being done to a different group. Your tax information is typical left wing dribble. 47 percent of the lower tax brackets don’t pay any taxes.
          The upper percentage pay the majority. So stop your crap.

          • OMG, you’re too stubborn to live. Darell just gave you a doctoral level analysis of our economic path and managed that within a comments section AND provided real figures WITH citations AND followed the logic sequentially (without relying on logical shorthand or the truism of which you seem so fond). Your kind of deliberate ignorance equates to us all losing (as the elite suck us all dry).

          • Ignorance is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t play nice or argue nice with libtards. Facts are not their friend anyway. Citations? What liberal news rags?

          • Facts are not Democrats friends?? You’re some kind of comedian right?

            How’s about the fact that since the 1929 stock market crash, during the 40 years Democrats were in office, the stock market returned 300% in stock gains; while during the 40 plus years Republicans were in office, there was a ZERO percent gain in the market??? You like that 300+% to Zero – that’s not a friend to liberals??

            Then how about the fact that since 1900, America’s GDP during the years a Democrat was president averaged 4.2%, while it averaged a mediocre 2.6% during all the years a Republican was in office. Seems to me that a 4.2% under liberals sure beats the pants of 2.6% under conservatives.

            And how about just over the past 40 years or so in job creation – where during the 20 years Reagan and the 2 Bushes were in office, all they could create was a paltry million jobs/year – or 20 million jobs in 20 years. Whereas Carter, Clinton and Obama have created an average of more than two million jobs per year, more than twice as much in just 18 years – Yup 40 million jobs in 18 years!!! Sounds like a friendly statistic to liberals to me!!!

            And how about the fact that people live on average of 2-3 year shorter lives in red states than blue states?? And actually as much as 5 year or more longer lives when you compare the 5 Red states where people are projected to live to only 75 – while there are 9 Blue States (and only 1 red state) where people are actually projected to live to 80 and 81!!!

            There are 11 Red states where people are projected to live to less than 78 while no Blue State has a life expectancy that low. Do you realize that those 11 red states actually have life expectancies lower than many 3rd world nations??? And people wonder why America does so poorly today when compared to other nations in how long people live -RED STATE ARE WHAT’S CREATING THE GREAT DISPARITY NOT ONLY IN LIFE EXPECTANCY, BUT ALSO IN HEALTH CARE OUTCOME COMPARISONS BECAUSE RED STATES LEAD THE NATION IN BEING RECOGNIZED AS HAVING TERRIBLE HEALTH CARE DELIVERY SYSTEMS – AND TEXAS TAKES THE PRIZE AS HAVING THE WORST!!!!!!

            So why don’t you try quoting for us some of those great Conservative statistics you were bragging about?? Because when you get right down to it -ALL THE STATISTICS CONSERVATIVES CAN TAKE CREDIT FOR ARE RELATED TO DESTROYING ECONOMIES AND KILLING PEOPLE!!!!!!

          • And here’s a neat statistic which looks much better for liberals than conservatives – since 1900 there have been 17 recessions in America and 3 depressions. And would you believe that 14 of the 17 recessions and all 3 depressions occurred while a conservative was in office??? And most of them occurred either in the 2nd term of the conservative, or in the 1st term of a conservative when the conservative followed another conservative – like when hoover followed Coolidge and Bush 1 followed Reagan.

          • Yeah, the Republicans inherited the recessions from their Democrat predecessors. The Republicans always need to pick up the pieces after the Democrats screw things up, like Reagan after Carter’s mess. We will get a Republican President in 2016 to clean up this current mess.

          • How much did the tooth fairy give you for your last tooth? I’ll bet you felt cheated and now you’re an angry person

          • Another fine example of your characterizing me (i.e., name calling) after falsely having accused me of the same thing. Keep deleting comments, Curtis. It’s a perfect reflection of your moral standing.

          • And it’s not 47% any more it’s more like 43% who don’t owe the IRS tax money beyond their standard deduction – IT IS NOT THAT THEY DON’T PAY ANY TAXES!! IT’S THAT THEY MAKE SO LITTLE MONEY THEY DON’T HAVE TO KICK IN BEYOND THEIR PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS!!!

            And guess why so many don’t EARN ENOUGH TO PAY BEYOND THE STANDARD PAYROLL TAXES???? Because Republicans keep refusing to do anything about the tax code !!! and Republicans keep refusing to pass things like a min wage increase to lift everyones incomes!! And it’s Republicans in Red States that keep passing legislation called Right-to-Pay-You-As-Little-AS-I-CAN LAWS!! Which allows company after company to not only pay people so little they can barely survive, but also lets then finagle workers hours so they can work them too few hours for them to earn benefits!!


          • Hmmm seems to me the Democrats had 4 solid years of total control to do something about the tax code. What happened? Now it’s the republicans fault? Get out of here!

          • Another misconception on your part!

            Given that Emperor Mitch has taken it upon himself to use the fake filibuster more than 425 times since 2006 to block hundreds of pieces of legislation (even some that got through the House on bi-partisan votes) that the Democrats would like to see passed – in reality the Dems only had a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate for 3-5 months out of those 4 years you’re talking about. (And actually those 3-5 years are the only filibuster-proof control they’ve had since Gingrich was elected in 1994.)

            They got a filibuster-proof majority in July of 2009 when Al Franken was declared the winner in the Senate contest in Minnesota, but then lost the filibuster-proof majority just barely a month later when Ted Kennedy died on 8/15/09 — and then only had it for a short period in the fall when Deval Patrick governor of Mass finally appointed a replacement for Ted. But then, in the special election, Mass voters chose Scott Brown to replace Ted – a Republican, destroying their filibuster-proof majority for all of 2010; which is why the Dems had to settle for a version of ACA that Lieberman from CT would support because they needed the votes of 2 independents at the end of 2009 so the Republicans couldn’t prevent ACA being enacted via one more of Emperor Mitch’s fake filibusters!!!

          • This is great entertainment. It’s funny because you actually believe what you are typing. Does your mom still leave cookies out for Santa?

          • The red states are also making it impossible for workers to complain about their treatment.

          • O, heaven forbid, that lowly peon, they look down on, but rely heavily on his group to supply the grunt work, should ever think he is important enough to have a lobbying body like they do.

          • Yay Republicans…. Let’s go starve some children or something… and then go make more money. Maybe push a grandma over a cliff, or… I know… trick a poor worker out of his wages.Yay

          • … & to think, the economy destroyed by conservative policies (the Clinton economy, that is), had a far lower percentage of low-wage workers not paying taxes, by comparison. I’m looking for the numbers, but w/your expertise, please find it & post it here so we’re able to compare – ‘Progressive’ economics vs. conservatives…

          • Not gonna do your homework for you. You actually have to dig and quit relying on the liberal talking points.

        • And those who take the most out of Social Security do not pay their fair share as it is capped at 120,000 dollars. Love this country more than progressives? I don’t think so. Ideologues of either party, are not thinkers. If you love this country, as he says he does, you should be studying what is happening and not use fake news programs or hate mongering websites for information. You are right. Our Democracy is in danger and what will destroy it, it ignorance. hitler could not have destroyed Germany’s democracy without the ignorance of his followers. You know what you are talking about.

      • No one has a monopoly of ‘love’ for this nation, so that point is moot. What those of us who question conservatives’ commitment to Democracy & America want to see is your open-minded, honest assessment of what conservative POLICIES did to this nation & how conservative voters were actively COMPLICIT in insuring it happened, in its full, unequivocal horror, by 2008? A simple, honest, clear-minded assessment is all we ask, to be stated in public, that you, as a conservative voter, intended all the destruction that now, President Obama is trying valiantly, alone (w/out the help of CONSERVATIVES in Congress – continuously, for 6 yrs), to undo…

  15. I wonder whether the author is troubled even a little that most of what he writes is lies. The army of straw men here are malevolent and stupid, not even a caricature. Unable to deliver a persuasive case against real Republicans, the author triumphs over an imaginary foe from Mordor.

    • There is nothing straw-man here.

      Money is the life’s blood of an economy, and it only works when it is moving. Republicans either don’t understand that, or do not care. The fatal flaw of capitalism is that too much money tends to pool into too few hands, and stop moving.

      Either Republicans do not understand that, or do not care.

      Under Reaganomics, they think they have the solution to this fatal flaw (OTHER than the solution that actually works, AKA a steeply progressive income tax with deductions for most spending and non-debt investment). Whenever money leaks from active circulation either through international trade deficit or widening wealth disparity, they just lower interest rate and loosen lending standards until enough new money is created to replace what leaked.

      Of course, the side effect of this “solution” is run away debt growth. Let’s compare each household’s share of total debt now to that of 1980 before Reaganomics.

      Total debt (household, business, government) (Fed Reserve Z1, Table D3) $4 trillion
      # of households: 82 million (Census)
      Median household income: $16K (census)
      Per household share of total debt = $4T/ 82 million / $16K = 3
      That is, each household’s share of the total debt was 3 times the median household income.

      2015 (all sources the same as above)

      total debt: $41T

      # of households: 125M
      Median household income: $50K
      Share = 41T/125M/50K = 6.5

      So, we see that since adopting Reagaonomics, we’ve more than doubled the debt burden.

      So, instead of high taxes that can be avoided by spending, which kept money moving, creating demand for goods and services and therefore jobs… the tax code that created the middle class…. we’ve switched to a tax code designed to allow the rich to hoard wealth, and we’ve kept the economy functioning in the face of that liquidity drain, by unsustainable debt growth fueling new money creation..

      • I wish everyone had half the savvy, you have, for economics. When money is not circulating there are people who have less of it to spend. The economy is run by consumerism. Money in offshore accounts and Swiss accounts is not doing anything for our country.

    • ‘Real Republicans’ are the greatest enemy America has today. Historically, Republicans have been a disaster for America.

      Even Fox News admits that with respect to jobs, GDP growth, stock market gains, virtually every economic measure, America performs MUCH BETTER when Democrats are in power.

      Since 1929, stock market gains during Republican presidenies have returned an effective gain over those 40 plus years of ZERO percent. Whereas during the 40 plus years a Democrat was president the stock market gains have been over 300%. Can you even begin to imagine America’s true wealth today had those Republicans never been in office and those 300% gains had been spread over 80 plus years not just 40 plus years??

      And since 1900, America’s Gross Domestic Product when Democrats were in office have averaged over 4.2%/yr growth; while averaging only a mediocre 2.6%/yr growth when Republicans were in office. Again, can you imagine just how prosperous America would be today if those 40 plus failed years under Republicans had never happened that way??

      And with respect to jobs growth: over the last 40 or so years, under Reagan and the 2 Bushes, only 20 million jobs were created in America during the 20 years those three worthless Republican presidents were in office. While 40 million jobs were created in 18 years by Carter, Clinton and now Obama.

      Again, can you even imagine how much more prosperous America would be today, if those worthless GOP presidents had never been in office but rather had been replaced by Democrats who would have led America to much higher prosperity????

        • Yes! And also in constantly regurgitating snippets of any fake scandal, distortion of the truth, or outright lie, they can recall having heard from one of the many right-wing propaganda sources. And even when their lie has been disproven time and time again, they’ll keep repeating the lie like doing so will somehow magically make the lie true.

      • You need to grow up. Every Republican I have ever known has been a hard working American who has served in the military. Most of them have been farmers. The only thing you seem to work hard at is complaining. As far as I am concerned, real Democrats are leaches that suck the life out of our welfare system that Republicans work to pay for. You are very self-absorbed

        • Even there you’re wrong – it’s Republicans in red states that are sucking the life out of our welfare system. IT’S REPUBLICANS IN RED STATES that are by far the most folks living below the poverty level and needing welfare and food stamps to help them survey. IT WAS 421 OF 456 COUNTIES during the last election that VOTED FOR MITT ROMNEY which are the leading counties in America that are using food stamps!!

          Problem is, YOUR MENTAL PICTURE IS ALL WRONG!!


          It’s those 14 Blue States that get BY FAR get the least amount of Federal Aid per dollar of taxes they pay!! Those 14 Blue States filled with DEMOCRATS contribute more tax dollars to Washington than the 25 or so Red States send to Washington COMBINED!!!

          YOU’RE doing nothing but perpetuating A LIE!!!

          It’s those SELF-CENTERED, EGOTISTICAL REPUBLICANS that are bleeding America dry!!

          And just as an added, it’s BY FAR Democrats in the House that are representing THE TRULY WEALTHY CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICTS IN AMERICA. THE WEALTHY DISTRICTS THAT REPRESENT HONEST WEALTHY AMERICANS – not the WEALTHY LEACHES LIKE THE WALTONS. AND THE ADELSONS AND THE KOCHES!!! Those wealthy people who run questionable businesses like casinos and retail stores that bleed taxpayers by underpaying their help, and who fund questionable organizations that work TO DESTROY AMERICA LIKE ALEC!!!

          WAKE UP!!! YOU’RE LIVING A LIE!!!!!!!!

          • Well, I’m not one to complain. I’m a Republican in the top 5%. My wealth has tripled since Obama took office. I seemed to remember having bebunked that red state blue state thing. I think I remember your statistics do not take in per capita. If you did, the chart flips the other way. WHOA, did I just crush you??? Yeah, I did. Aren’t you really pissed off now?

          • Nice try but no cigar!!

            Percent of the population does in fact take into account ‘per capita’!! Red States lead the nation in poverty as a percent of ‘per capita’!!!

            And they take the award with respect to the most people sucking welfare. Remember, Texas having the 2nd largest economy in America behind California and also having the 6th highest percent of people living in poverty – even shows that when red states have large populations – they also suck welfare and food stamps BIG TIME!!

            And it’s not just money wise, it’s also death wise – Red States By Far lead the nation in the percent of people dying from homicides, dying from auto fatalities, dying in childbirth – even women dying in child birth.



            Check it out!! And try and explain these high death statistics as being ‘coincidental’ MORON!!!!!!!

            State/Fatalities per 100,000 population – 2013

            ——-NATIONAL AVERAGE 10.3

        • And if you don’t think Republicans are bleeding America dry, checkout this chart which shows when America’s income inequality really skyrocketed, and it started a little with Nixon and then really skyrocketed with Reagan and Bush 2 and continued into Obama’s presidency BECAUSE OF THE ECONOMIC DISASTER AND UNFUNDED LEGISLATION THAT FAVORED THE RICH ENACTED UNDER BUSH 2!!!! WHICH THE GOP HAS REFUSED TO REVISIT UNDER OBAMA!!!!

          • Ok. I’m in the red there and I am now richer. Quit complaining and send me more of your money. Let me know when you are dry so I can…. Uh, maybe find a grandma and push her over a cliff, or something equally evil. Because I am a Republican and that is what we do, right?

        • “real Democrats are leaches”

          When you put the word “real” in front of a word like this, you’re committing the Scottsman Logical Fallacy. You are attempting to redefine a word, to win an argument. In reality, you’re proving your own misguided beliefs.

          I’m a Navy vet, work hard, have a household income about 3.5x the national median. I’ve never collected food stamps, welfare, housing assistance or even unemployment (though the government did pay for my college degree while I was in the Navy).

          My wife is equally hard working, has never been on welfare, and the last time she wasn’t employed was when she was 17.

          AND, my wife and I are Democrats.

          You putting “real” in front of the word Democrats in an attempt to exclude us, doesn’t change what we are, it simply shows your misunderstanding of Democrats.

          • I was pissed at the guy before by his lumping all groups together. I was talking to him specifically. I picture him as a spoiled kid with no life experience to draw from sitting in a dorm room paid for by his parents judging everyone. I was Air Force. I am 100% perm & total by VA. I spent 40 years working. The VA paid for my last degree before putting me out to pasture. Verizon paid for my MBA. I raised five kids, one is stationed in the Persian Gulf area. The national median is only $50k, right. Never thought of it that way.

          • Disability? So, you’re one of the leaches living off the government. How does it feel to me a member of Romney’s hated 47% of Americans that don’t pay taxes?

            How does it feel to be a person that the Republican party hates and wants to see cut off and left to fend for yourself?

          • You were never in the military. If you were, you never would have said that. Anyone who was in the military would never call a disabled vet a leach.

          • You are not a Navy vet. a Vet would never call a disabled vet a leach. Stolen valor is a crime. I am sure I still pay more taxes than you. I pay capital gains, I pay 1099R. I pay $7k a year in property taxes. I pay 8.5% sales tax on everything I buy. My wife still works and pays income taxes, which makes some of my disability taxable. Everything I have, I have earned. During my life, I have probably paid more in taxes than you have earned. You lied about being in the Navy, You probably lied about your income as well.

          • Oh, it is okay for you to call me a leach (since I am a real Democrat), but I can’t return the favor?

            It is okay for your political party to call you a leach, but I can’t?

            And now perhaps you understand why the reaction to Romney’s 47% comment was so offensive. It ignored payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, sin taxes (like gas, alcohol, tobacco, etc).

            It ignored that the vast majority of people that don’t pay income taxes are retired and living of savings and Social Security or in their 20s still in college or just starting out in life.

            Your reaction to my comment is exactly what I was hoping for because it shines a mirror back at what started our conversation, you calling all Democrats leaches. The lie propagated by YOUR political party is exactly that, a lie. Most democrats are hard working, tax paying, citizens that love this country and the Constitution.

            As for not being a vet… There is this credit union that you can only join if you’re active duty, called Navy Federal Credit Union. You have to be a member to get a mortgage through them,….


            I joined the Navy in February 1986, boot camp at Great Lakes as I was going to be a nuke machinist mate, company 065. Due to color vision, I was dropped from nuke program and went to Data Processing Technician A school at RTC San Diego. First ship I was assigned to was USS Hector AR-7, which decommissioned after about 9 months, then I did 2 years on USS Tarawa LHA1. i reenlisted and got stationed at NARDAC in Hawaii, which merged with NAVCAMS to become NCTAMS. That is, Navy Regional Data Automation Center, Navy Communications Area Master Station and merged into navy Computers and Telecommunication Area Master Station.

            While stationed in Hawaii, I worked all day as a computer programmer, went to school evenings, and earned a bachelor’s of computer science from Hawaii Pacific University, 4.0 GPA Suma Cum Loude.

            I left active duty in the summer of ’93 and moved to Colorado Springs. I joined the reserves and was assigned to NMCB-SU2 (Seabees, Support Unit 2) which drilled on Fort Carson. A reorg transferred me to NMCB-17, which took over the Fort Carson facilities. I left the reserves in ’98 because with Y2K, I was too busy, and was now making enough money to not need the reserve check.

            I now work for IBM as a senior QA engineer, writing test harnesses.

            But yeah… I’m just a liar. Right.

            Or… it could be that you just can’t see me, because you’ve been sucker by the Republican propaganda that all hard working people that love this country are Republicans, and all Democrats are leaches that hate this country.

          • First thing, you are the only one to call me a leach. Number two, a family member of a vet can become a Navy credit union member. Number three, you are only interested in spewing hate at Republicans and say anything to bolster your position. Once again, anyone who has been in the military, would never call a disabled vet, a leach. IF you had been in the military, you would understand what I am saying. My comment was an angry response to Indepedent1, not an invitation to you. Now, go spend your welfare check.

          • How many disabled vets did you call a leech when you said all Democrats are leeches? Again, you fired the first shot, and I’m just pointing out how stupid your comments are.

            And you seem unable to grasp the real point. The Republican party has lied to you, convinced you all Democrats are leaches, and it has done so with statistics that would include you in the category of being a leech.

            Okay, how about this one? I was registered into the Navy Log of the US Navy Memorial when I was named E6 Sailor of the Year at NAVCAMS.


            Okay, okay…. could be my dad, as he is also a Navy vet, but he was a FC, not DP. DP existed from 1967 to 1997, and my dad served from 1957 to 1963.

            I am a vet, and I did call you a leech. Not because I meant it, but because it highlights the ways the Republican Party has lied to you.

          • Boy, you can really stretch your argument like taffy. Seems funny Independent1 disappears and you pop up exclusively. You both have the same level of hate. Looks like you are both the same person. I caught you lying about being vet, now I caught you being another identity. This discourse is pointless.

  16. Ever see the Conservative Bumper Sticker “The flaw of socialism is that you run out of other peoples’ money to spend”?

    This is actually the perfect bumper sticker to represent Conservative politics. 1) It feels right, but even the slightest amount of thinking about it shows how stupid it is. 2) In reality, it could not be more wrong if it tried.

    When government takes money and then spends it back into the economy, it becomes someone else’s money again, ready to be taken and spent again. There is no “running out of money”.

    Think about it. Do socialist countries have shelves of goods for sale, but no money to buy those goods with? Of course not.

    The real fatal flaw of socialism is that by detaching production from income, people don’t work very hard. The result of that is that not much gets produced, and you end up with empty shelves and people with money waiting in line for the shelves to be restocked.

    3) The slogan does not make you question if perhaps free-market capitalism actually has the flaw that eventually you run out of money being spent. See, when you can use money to make money, the rich get ever richer and the poor get ever poorer, and eventually the economy crashes because… right…. the rich run out of other peoples’ money to drain from the economy.

    The reason the income tax code of the late 1930s through 1960s was so effective at creating the vast American middle class is that it directly attacked the fundamental flaw of capitalism, the pooling of too much money into too few hands. It had a 90%+ top income tax rate, but allowed high income individuals to avoid that tax rate by spending or non-debt investing. This kept money moving, creating demand for goods and services, creating jobs, and creating the middle class.

    However, the rich found it annoyingly difficult to grow ever richer, (sarcasm) and we all know that the economy should exist to ensure the rich can grow ever richer. (end sarcasm) So, the rich convinced everyone that there is no difference between top rate and effective rate. They pushed for lower rates and fewer deductions. They call it lowering the rate and broadening the base, which translates into “lower taxes for the rich and higher taxes for the poor and middle classes”. And we had a remarkable explosion in wealth inequality as the result. Good job Republicans!

    But what about the fatal flaw of capitalism? If all the money is flowing to the rich, how is the economy still functioning. Ah, we’ve found a loophole. See, we can just keep creating new money. We do that by borrowing the money into existence. Through ever lower interest rates and ever lower lending standards, we can ensure the vast unwashed hoards keep going ever further into debt, creating the new money needed to make the economy function as the rich drain liquidity from the system by hoarding the majority of their high incomes.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    • The fatal flaw with socialism is the separation of accomplishment from reward. COMPETITION. Tell, me who buys the luxury goods in a socialistic society? Luxury is not needed, you might say? OK then, what happens when I want leather shoes to everyone else’s plastic? Chaos.

      • You obviously have a total misconception about what socialism is all about. You need to realize just how many socialistic things you take part in every day of your life:

        75 Ways Socialism Has Improved America

        Well I hate to be the one to tell you, but Socialism, which you have been told to fear all your life, is responsible for all this…

        1. The Military/Defense – The United States military is the largest and most funded socialist program in the world. It operates thanks to our taxpayer dollars and protects the country as a whole. From the richest citizens to the homeless who sleep under the bridge. We are all protected by our military whether we pay taxes or not. This is complete socialism.

        2. Highways/Roads – Those roads and highways you drive on every single day are completely taxpayer funded. Your tax dollars are used to maintain, expand, and preserve our highways and roads for every one’s use. President Eisenhower was inspired by Germany’s autobahn and implemented the idea right here in America. That’s right, a republican president created our taxpayer funded, national highway system. This was a different time, before the republican party came down with a vicious case of rabies that never went away.

        3. Public Libraries – Yes. That place where you go to check out books from conservative authors telling you how horrible socialism is, is in fact socialism. Libraries are taxpayer funded. You pay a few bucks to get a library card and you can read books for free for the rest of your life.

        4. Police – Ever had a situation where you had to call the police? Then you have used a taxpayer funded socialist program. Anyone can call the police whether they pay taxes or not. They are there to protect and serve the community, not individuals. This is complete socialism on a state level, but still socialism all the same. Would you rather have to swipe your credit card before the police will help you?

        5. Fire Dept. – Hopefully you have never had a fire in your home. But if you have, you probably called your local taxpayer-funded fire department to put the fire out. Like police, this is state socialism. You tax dollars are used to rescue your entire community in case of a fire. It use to be set up where you would pay a fee every month to the fire dept. for their service. If you didn’t pay, they let your house burn down. Sadly, a man from Tennessee had this exact situation happen to him in 2011 because he didn’t pay his $75.00 fee. I guess that small town in Tennessee would rather let people’s houses burn down that resort to evil socialism. So don’t take for granted the fact that you have a 24/7 fire dept. to put out your burning home thanks to socialism.

        6. Postal Service – Like having mail delivered directly to your front door and paying next to nothing to send mail anywhere you want? Well it’s all made possible by socialism.

        7. Student Loans and Grants – Did you go to College? If you did, you family might not have been rich enough to pay your way through. So you got your education anyway through student loans and grants from the federal government at taxpayer expense. Of course you have to pay back the loans, but if not the government, did you know anyone else who was going to lend you tens of thousands of dollars? Probably not. So the taxpayers lent you the money and you paid it back with slight interest. The government grants you accepted were gifts from the taxpayer and the federal government that you did not have to pay back. Socialism got you through school.

        8. Bridges – Along with our highways, our government used your taxpayer dollars to build bridges. This allows the public to travel across rivers without having to sail or swim.

        9. Garbage Collection – Like having your garbage collected once a week instead of having to drive it to the landfill yourself? Thank socialism.

        10. Public Landfills – Taxpayer dollars are used to have places to dump all of our garbage that is collected by taxpayer funded garbage men.

        For the other 65 go here:

        • Man oh man, this is like the listening to the guy at the bar who keeps talking, when his very premise is flawed. All of these taxpayer funded groups, are exactly that. The core comes back to this: Capitalism funds all of it!

          What monies do these groups generate. None,they take, or receive, depending on their value.

          Who writes the books in the library? Who makes the weaponry used by the military? Who makes the tools and vehicles for the highway?

          The entire government is socialistic, because it was designed as a function of capitalism.

          And, left to its own devices, government is inept and does not value the money it receives. $20T is insight, correct?

          Who is going to pay for that, and how will that money be generated?

          You indeed schooled me on how socialism works. It is a luxury funded by capitalism.

          • Can you even imagine what America would look like today if we hadn’t moved to a socialistic/capitalistic way of life??

            Would we still be back in Conestoga Wagon days?? With little or no roads because no one person could have afforded to build them all??

            Would we have been taken over centuries ago by France or England or Spain because monies wouldn’t have been pooled to support a standing army?

            People who rant against socialistic practices where peoples’ pool their monies and even maybe resources in order to better the lives of everyone, are really suggesting that we should be living in the caveman era when everyone had to fend for him or herself.


          • That is the problem with the radical right, they cannot understand the concept of “We”. It is all about “me.”

      • When only a few very wealthy people own the means of production and can pass their accumulated wealth on to their heirs without penalty, the potential for COMPETITION in the marketplace is REDUCED…no matter what kind of shoes you want to buy. And what you’re describing is communism, not socialism.

        • I have not attributed anything to socialism that is not accurate. Are you stating competition is increased in a socialist economy? Please provide examples.

          • Our economy in the US is part capitalism and part socialism. For capitalism to work, it has to be regulated. When a few individuals can buy Congress, they remove the rules needed for healthy competition in the marketplace…thus stifling free enterprise. Public libraries, police and fire protection, highways, bridges and public education are all examples of socialism as it exists in the US. No…I did not say what you would like to attribute to me…please don’t try to put words in my mouth.

          • I was asking for clarification on the meaning of what you wrote, which is usually fair territory. As for the Capitalism, socialism mix, I already commented on that.

        • Well, hello, country bumpkin. I think you might have socialism mixed up with communism. And when I was in communist countries, there were people who owned their small farms. They had to sell their crops to the party and the party had them processed and sold. The most socialistic country, in the world, is Norway. People own their homes. It also has the highest standard of living in the world. There is zero poverty. England, France, and Germany are Social democracies. That means that, through their taxes, they get more government services. We have several socialistic programs in this country: The military, the CIA, the FBI, Social Security, Medicare, Fire Departments and police departments – to name some. You might need to go back to school if you want to discuss with the big boys.

          • Ok Big Boy… I just read a paper on Norway. You are wrong about poverty there. They also have a very high cost of living and high household debt. Additionally, Their economy base is totally different from ours. Like middle eastern countries, their economy relies heavily on oil.

          • You are still woefully misinformed. Yes, they rely on oil. The country owns the oil and 75% of Norway’s work force is for the government.. The poverty rate is less than .5. It is listed as one of the most prosperous countries in the world with 1.2% unemployment.

          • Yeah, and that is why they are such a well-known productivity engine for the world-wide economy, right??

        • And your sources for this information is? I’ve been to social-democracy countries. I used to stay the winter with many Canadians. They thought we were barbaric to let people die because they didn’t have the money. I don’t know how far out in the boonies, you live, but if they have a public library you might want to avail yourself of it.

    • Except in socialism the government wastes much of the money and the portion that actually goes back out to the public is very small. You can’t possibly think the Post Office is efficient do you? Do you really think Social Security is efficient? You never get bang for your buck or value for your dollar when filtering your money through the government.

      • You make a cogent argument. However, the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan have cost $4 trillion. You could argue that the government is putting people to work with these wars — but it is not productive work. This to me is (military) socialism.

        • As a vet myself, and son of a man that had a long, profitable career in defense contracting, I agree. DoD has become the largest socialist make-work project in the history of the world. It is justified that we need to spend the money in peace time, to keep the companies in business, so that if a war happens, the companies will exist.

          1) When was the last time there was peace? 2) At the start of WWII, we did a pretty good job of rapidly converting consumer goods companies into producing weapons of war. 3) A little trade protectionism would do a better job of keeping American companies in business against low labor cost foreign companies. 4) Why do Republicans think DoD is the ONLY government spending that creates jobs?

          The space race was government spending that created a HUGE number of jobs and pushed the USA ahead of the word in technology. Integrated circuits, microchips, computers, software, data packet protocols, routers, etc, etc, etc, ALL have their foundation in government spending during the space race to shrink computers from the size of a warehouse to the size of a shoe box.

          We give Al Gore grief for “invented the internet”… a claim he NEVER made. DARPA net linking defense locations, became ARPA net to link non-profit universities and government agencies, and Al Gore sponsored the bill to open ARPA net to for-profit traffic and poof, Internet!

          Less DoD spending on ways to kill people, more basic technology, infrastructure and basic science spending!

      • Profit motivation is indeed a key aspect of the success of capitalism, and yes, it is missing from government run activities. To be clear, I’m not fan of government run economies. As I pointed out, the fatal flaw of socialism is that by removing the link between effort and reward, people don’t work very hard, and then there is nothing on the store shelves to buy.

        My ideal tax code is a steeply progressive income tax, with deductions for most spending, to drastically limit the amount of revenue the government actually collects. I’d rather someone with a $10 million income spend $9 million and pay $250K tax on the remaining $1 million, than a tax code where the person making $10 million pays $3 million in taxes, spends $3 million, and adds $4 million to their bond portfolio. By spending the money, the person with the $10 million income generates demand for goods and services, thus jobs to fill that demand, which increases the incomes of others so that they can/do pay more taxes. By adding the money to his bond portfolio, we just create a need to borrow more money into existence to keep the economy fluid.

        Keep money moving = more income for everyone = more even allocation of tax burden and LESS need for government.

        That said, your specific examples:
        Postal Service: The big problem for the Postal Service is its pension obligations to past workers, made worse by recent accounting changes that is forcing the Postal Service to pre-pay future health care costs for retired workers. This pension obligation issue does not just effect the postal service. A young company with no retired workers starts up and undercuts the price of the old company, killing the old company. It has happened in industry after industry, and is a major driver of the bankruptcies and consolidation in the airline industry now. The othe problem for the postal service is email, internet, paperless banking and the like. With the USA population continuing to increase at 1% a year, mail volume was expected to continue to increase at a similar rate. Unfortunatly, as people moved to paperless and electronic payments, mail volume has slipped significantly and the mix of high price first class to low-price bulk deliver of junk mail is even worse. In many ways, the postal service is becoming the buggy whip business, and that is not due to mismanagement or that it is a government administered agency.

        Social Security: The first generation in made out like bandits! This again is due to demographics. No one was collecting, so most of the money that future recipients weer paying in was handed out to people that had paid in very, very little. As the system matured and the payout rate dropped significantly. The demographics grow especially ugly due to the baby bust that followed the post WWII Baby Boom. It is my belief that the USA turning a blind eye to illegal immigration at the pit of that baby bust, was in large part to help save Social Security. When there are 50 million Gen X trying to support 80 million Boomers… Ouch. BUT, Wall Street would have had the same problem. To sell your stocks, there has to be a buyer. More buyers than sellers, and prices drop. 80 million Boomers trying to sell their stocks to 50 million Gen Ex would face the same exact issues facing SS.

        Fortunately, with Reaganomics, those Boomers don’t really have many assets like stocks and bonds that they’ll need to be selling. By draining all of the money out of the hands of the middle class and into the hands of a few elite billionaires, then working to remove the inheritance tax, we can alleviate any selling pressure on the inflated Wall Street ponzi.

      • Social Security runs at a 3% expense rate. In other words, 97% of what is collected is spent on beneficiaries. No capitalist venture that I am aware of runs so efficiently.

  17. Republicans can continue to serve serve the rich, the Zionist and corporations because all they have to say is: “I am against gay marriage” or “I am against abortion” or “I am for war with Iran.” Low-income evangelicals continue to vote for these scoundrels because they are too stupid and uneducated to figure out what is actually going on.

    • Wrong… I am upper middle class and taught college before retiring. I vote Republican. To vote Democrat is to enslave the poor with welfare

      • I thought conservatives believed in personal responsibility and the affirmative truth that one can always pull one’s self up by the bootstraps; so, I find this new “welfare is slavery” meme the Republicans are pushing to be an interesting contradiction to the “personal responsibility” and “personal agency/meritocracy” memes the GOP has pushed for a generation. It’s all crap, but it’s interesting too.

        • You are not understanding correctly. Welfare and all of the associated goodies, causes complacency. They get locked in and become weak. Hunger, figuratively as well as literally, is a great motivator. It’s how you tame an animal.

          • Yeah, we’ve all heard that theory. We don’t need it rehashed. The problem is that you’re describing a very small phenomenon: Most able bodied people getting benefits are off them in less than a year. Overall fraud of welfare programs is in the 1% territory. Are REAL numbers probably higher? Yes. A lot? No. The biggest recipient fraud we’re not catching is probably live-in boyfriends with income not counted in support calculations, but, honestly, even THAT isn’t costing us much, and apes in comparison to the system system gaming (i.e., same kind of “slipping under the radar” while pushing the boundaries of the law subterfuge as having a live-live-in boyfriend with income while on welfare) performed routinely by the wealthy, and that’s usually dismissed casually as “standard business practices”. Simply put, we (especially your side of the aisle) to demonize the poor for pushing limits that cost us very little, but we lionize the master manipulators whose limit pushing costs us trillions.

          • Unless a lot has changed in the past couple of years, I read an article a couple of years ago…. I think Forbes, that disagrees with everything you just wrote

          • Congratulations on reading. Unless you can produce a citation, and unless it’s an actual article about a study of this social phenomenon (vs an opinion piece), your assertion’s utterly worthless.

          • I don’t need to cite anything: YOU were the one making an assertion. I was just challenging its complete lack of support and content that was…well, we really can’t tell now, can we? You’ve deleted some of your comments. That is some truly despicable behavior.

          • Stating overall welfare fraud is less than 1% is not an assertion? I delete old postings so I do not get more liberals in my inbox

          • That’s the first you’ve challenged the (widely known, government published) 1% fraud figure. If you can’t do your own research, i’ll look it up for you in time, but you seem just to be trolling anyway.

          • 1% of what? GNP? It is not widely known because I have never heard that one before, but I have seen a lot of video’s on welfare fraud. Sometimes I just get tired of the research that turns up a difference in interpretation, or half the story, or something like that. I take piano lessons, I go to workout, I have a lot of animals to care for, I have improvement projects around the property. I cannot sit here forever doing research. Right now I am ignoring my wife sitting on the couch. I am starting to feel guilty sitting on the couch next to my wife with my nose buried in this PC for hours.

          • Government figures for fraud and abuse in SNAP are around 1% (of totalking benefit outlays). Real figures are probably higher due to non-capture of black market trading and an eligibility issue I’ll address below.

            TANF fraud is at similar (single digit percentages) level, but I’d have to look up government figures for something specific. The biggest non-capture problem on that figure is probably the unreported live-in boyfriend with income. It’s hard to say how prevalent it is, but it’s still a tiny minority of recipients doing it (and marginally cheating a system such that your annual cost is likely less than $50…meanwhile, big business does much the same and costs you hundreds, yet I’ve yet to see you complain even once about tax code distortions, crony capitalism or any other phenomenon associated with that much more wholesale billing of the US tax payer).

          • Total welfare improper payments and fraud of $50.8 billion (8.1%) is an enormous sum roughly equal to the total expenditures related to Child Nutrition, Head Start, Job Training, WIC, Child Care, LIHEAP and the Lifeline programs, combined. In general, the high level of improper payments comes from the complexity and uniqueness of income qualifications in multiple welfare programs and the inability of federal agencies to fully police the complexities.

          • Of all the safety net program, what remains of welfare, TANF, is likely the most abused and for exactly the reasons you list. I don’t know that I’ve looked up fraud level recently, but I don’t see a source for what looks like a copy and paste job. Regardless, 8.1% is a bit high but probably about as low as we’ll ever get (given complexity and, you know, civil rights); so, I’m good with that because there are much bigger sources of wasted spending at the Federal level, and we’ve already handed over welfare administration to the states (whose benefits, requirements, reporting, and fraud vary considerably). Honestly, I’m quite open to discussions on TANF reform and SS disability as they are complex and do suffer higher rates of fraud than, say, SNAP, which is about as good as it’s going to ever get, is a net good for the economy, and still annually gets targeted by the GOP budget. They try to throw everything under one blanket, toss out a “welfare queen” meme, and call the debate done. …and this whole sepatating it frombthe Farm Bill charade; what kind of idiocy is THAT? A less ridiculous, ham handed approach to reform would probably go a long way.

          • Andy, Don’t take this site and comments seriously. I get on here just to fool with liberals. I know I am not going to change your thoughts and you are not going to change mine. I have lived my life one way and you another. Our past lives are the basis for our opinions. That is why there will be no change, unless you can change how my life was. I will be 60 on my next birthday. I am set in my ways.

          • Exactly. Thanks for finally admitting that you’re trolling.

            …and, like I wrote many days ago, your opinions are based on a lifetime of confirmation bias (likely aggravated by so much time in the central Californian conservative echo chamber in which you’ve said you live), not objective evidence (or investigating alternative view points with an eye toward what they have right [vs just trying to disconfirm]).

          • What??? I was trying to calm you down and you turn it into some kind of political absolution. I do not know how old you are, I have told you my age. I did this to enlighten you as to my perspective. I would appreciate if you would respond with your age so I better understand your perspective. I picture you as rather young. Are you married? Kids? I am married and raised five kids… two girls and three boys. All grown up. My oldest daughter is 38 with four kids (my grandkids). I feel better knowing who I am talking to.

          • I’m not revealing personal details to someone who has been so disingenuous (and on a public forum). Suffice it to say that I get mailers from ASAP, have raised children, and have been politically active since age 10 or so. I’ve been single, divorced, and married.

            None of that is relevant to the ideas exchanged, and you’ve admitted you’re neither open to new perspectives nor going to leave your comment intact. That gives me zero reason the participate further.

          • …and you didn’t answer rhe challenge: What is SO powerful about assistance programs that (you think) they are the ONLY thing from which the poor cannot extract themselves with enough hard work?

          • Human nature. There was an article I read a few years back about one of the causes of passenger jet crashes. It was pilot complacency. The cockpit has become so automated, pilots became complacent and when emergencies arose, some of them became lost. Some had forgotten some things. It is the same thing with people on assistance. They grow accustomed to being taken care of. This is human nature. Act and reward. They are rewarded for doing nothing, so that becomes engrained in their psyche. I went thru it when I first retired. I had to find things to do just to have daily accomplishments, until I adjusted.

    • In order to be Republican, you have to be able to see past the end of your nose. Democrats think everything is a zero-sum game. Raise taxes by a certain percent and voila! you end up with that much more revenue. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. You end up putting more people out of business, which puts more people out of work and on welfare. Those former businesses are no longer paying taxes and neither are their former employees. So the result is that revenue actually goes down and thus taxes have to be raised again to make up for the shortall.

    • Democrats took a beating in the last election because We The People have figured out how corrupt they are. Conservatives outnumber liberals. I expect Republicans to run the table in 2016. If that happens, this nation can recover from Democrat rule.

  18. it is total bullshit that the trickle down economics don’t work. The immediate profits benefit Cayman Island Bankers and eventually the profits do help the chinese factory workers.

    • NY State is using trickledown economics right now, hoping to stave off their going bankrupt from liberal policies.

      • Yes, they are foolishly encouraging a really broad race to the bottom as they give away public services for 10 years (!!!) to whatever business wants to try and startup in NY state. It’s an absurd and desperate amplification of the ridiculous practice of trying to bribe businesses to locate in one’s geographic area (and should have been considered unAmerican many decades ago).

  19. This article is written by a truly simplistic liberal. It is the rich people who are taking the risks and making the investments to create jobs, and that in turn benefits the middle class and the poor. Companies never truly pay taxes, as they are just passed on to their customers.
    If the Republicans want to be just like Demoncrats, why vote Republican at all? What is more, they have policies that don’t just stave off poverty, but ones that help lift people out of poverty so they can become producing citizens.

    • Dean, how can you possibly write this with a straight face?

      Do you really believe that multi-millionaires and billionaires like Mitt Romney and Warren Buffett will stop investing if they are made to pay the same tax rate as I pay? Investing is their job, just like selling software is my job. My company changes my pay plan and they change my customers, but I still go to work, because that is my job and I have a family to take care of.

      Mitt Romney paid 14% in taxes and I paid 25% in taxes. Do you really thing Mitt Romney will stop investing in new business ventures if he has to pay 9% more in taxes? Also, if Mitt Romney could show me the 2 or 3 or 5 new businesses he started with that money, along with the jobs it created, I would applaud him, but the money goes to a tax protected account over seas instead.

      Also, the rich do not “risk” anything. It is the middle class who risk. The rich have all of the resources they need to make solid investments that usually pay off. The middle class have to risk their own money to start businesses and have far less resources to insure success. If the middle class paid less taxes, they would have more to invest and take risks, but they have to pay the mortgage and put clothes on their kids backs (problems the rich do not have).

      Lastly, show me these policies the Republicans have created to lift people out of poverty? It is easy to say they have the policies, but you have shared no details. How about a policy to help them cover health care so they do not go bankrupt with 1 injury or illness? Oh wait, that was the Democrats. How about a policy to re-build our infrastructure which creates lots of middle class and blue collar jobs? Oh wait, that’s the Democrats. How about helping working Americans that fall below the poverty line with food assistance so they can focus on work instead of how to feed their kids? Oh, wait, that was Democrats. How about a tax policy that puts a little more money in the hands of people that will spend it in the economy instead of tuck it away over seas? Oh wait, Democrats again.

      Open your eyes Dean. Rich people use their money to influence other people into letting them keep more of the money they have made in this wonderful country we have created. If I can pay 25% in taxes, they a multi-millionaire can pay 25% or even 35% in taxes and he will still be a multi-millionaire that can buy all of the houses, cars, boats and planes he wants to, and he will still have plenty to pass on to his kids.

      • The effective tax RATE for the richest Americans by the time you add all the surcharges, etc, adds up to about 57% of their income. There is a point at which people simply will quit investing in America and move their investments elswhere. If you want to drive them elsewere just keep raising taxes on them. Nobody wants to work for nothing. No one wants to invest their money for $0 return. It is that simple.

        • You’re referring to the Laffer Curve whose function is not well defined, it’s just a hypothesis about macro economic behavior based on counter-motivational impacts of progressive tax rates. At any rate, it’s been clear for at least 15 years if not longer that, if we ever suffered decreased GDP due to to aggressively progressive tax rates, it was probably resolved in the 70s and most definitely after Reagan’s major tax overhaul.

          The VERY tippy top rate might add up to 57% MARGINAL tax rate (if you disingenuously include costs of doing business or being rich as if they were taxes), but that’s MARGINAL tax rate on income they earn over an above their current income. Their average, realized tax rate is MUCH more likely to be in the 15-20% range; less than or close to what the average working American pays. These folks know how to reduce their tax liabilities and pay legion accountants and lawyers to ensure it happens.

          Furthermore, what happens at the very outer reaches of wealth, even when the top marginal rate was 91%, is a thriving American middle class built on EVERYONE in every station of life, wealth and power investing in a better society. Labor invests loyalty and a lifetime of work equity. Ownership invests in business improvements, greater efficiencies and expansion (because they’d rather re-invest in the future than take the 91% tax hit). So, in reality, higher marginal rates just stimulate the fabulously wealthy to make more business reinvestment, not to pull the plug on the whole thing.

          But it’s ok, I totally understand the appeal of the argument you made (since most people can identify with not getting paid enough to work more or harder), but it’s just not borne out by history.

          Even at 91% marginal tax rate, the return is STILL not zero, and, according to our own history in our own country within the last 60 years, that return is sufficient to keep ownership invested in commerce.

          Finally, business cannot pass taxes on to consumers unless the market supports that price increase. If consumers won’t pay it, businesses will HAVE to take it out of profits (or other costs of business). Market principles work in many directions, not just the ones fiscal “conservatives” like to discuss.

        • Dean – you are dupe. Millions of ordinary middle class people “invest” their savings in banks that pay less than 1/2% a year in interest. That is about as close to a $0 return as you can get. So your “point” is pointless because in fact millions of people are willing to invest to get a $0 return. In fact, right now in Europe, investors are putting money in banks with a NEGATIVE interest rate, meaning when they withdraw the money, they will receive less than they put in originally. The rich remain rich because when their risky investments go sour as they did in 2007/2008, the government bails them out and gives them 100% recovery of lost money. Be assured that if you raise taxes on the wealthy by 15% and give the middle class and the poor a tax reduction that produces a net $0 change in collected taxes, the economy will explode with growth.

        • However, with all their high-paid accountants and all the ridiculous tax loopholes, they certainly don’t pay anything NEAR 57% of their income…..I can’t believe that you actually think what you said was true….seriously?

      • Isn’t that supposed to be the idea. You have a concept. You develop a start-up. You work hard. You build what you have, become a success and invest wisely. At the end of the day, you learn what your right-offs are and save on your taxes. You do realize that there are right-offs, right? Why do you think the wealthy are that way? Some folks are lucky and others are not. It’s the American way. At least you have a job. Many people have lost their’s and, believe me, have a hell of a time finding one in this economy. My brother-in-law is a chemical engineer who worked for aerospace. For 13 years he worked for contractors. He is a very talented and intelligent guy. It takes 3 interviews nowadays to get a job, and even then there are at least 200 to 500 people waiting in line. Not to mention the out of the country types you have to stand in line behind.

        Russia gave it’s citizens hand-outs. That’s how the party started. There were no rich, except at the top of the political ladder. There was no middle class. There were only poor people who had to stand in line for food. The government owned everything including their homes. I saw this for myself as a child because I had family who lived in Russian controlled Europe. My father escaped communism. I have a friend who escaped from Romania just before the wall fell. They both see Communism coming in the back door. It’s a horrible existence. You have no ‘freedom.’ If that’s what you want. If you really want to give up that American lifestyle which is only half there nowadays anyway, then keep going in the direction you are. Because America will be no more.

        • Oh, good grief…”WRITE-OFFS”, not “right-offs”. So your “solution” is to put more money in the hands of the wealthy in the hope (ill-founded) that some of it might “trickle down” to you? Are you insane?

        • And where do people get the money for these so-called “start ups?” Don’t you think we’d ALL like to start businesses, put people to work, and make money? Unfortunately, those who don’t have the money to begin with certainly can’t consider your concept!!! We’re too busy trying to feed our children, keep a roof over their heads, and keeping a job paying a pittance of a wage!

    • The only thing I’ve seen written here that is reality and understands cause and effect. Newton’s third law

  20. The question isn’t if Republican policies help the rich at the expense of everyone else. Of course they do. The question is why anyone who makes less than a quarter million dollars a year votes for them.

      • That’s because they follow Marxist laws and they don’t even know it. Do you realize that the Communists kept the hand-out- food coming just to keep the little guys mouth shut. Later on, they even took that away.

        • This is true. We are witnessing population control right now. Those being controlled do not even realize it.

          • I agree. It is such a shame what the Republican Propaganda machine is doing. So many people convinced that Muslims have taken over our country, that Obama is about to declare martial law any minute… or hell, that Christianity is under assault simply because it isn’t being given special access.

            I mean seriously, you treat all religions exactly the same, and suddenly your singling one of them out for attack?

            Worst of are the people that actually believe this is a Christian Nation even though the only mention of religion in the Constitution is that we can’t have an official one and government can’t tell anyone they have the wrong one.

            Poor mind-controlled people that have NO CLUE it is their own political party that is mind controlling them.

    • 1) For social issue reasons. Religion, abortion, bigotry. Republicans have framed elections as a social war, or war on Traditional American Values (translates to how things were in the 1950s when blacks, gays, atheists and others knew their place… in the closet or at the bottom of the socioeconomic structure).

      2) The Republican economic platform “feels” right. Lower taxes! Yeah. Of course, most people aren’t actually paying lower taxes, they are paying higher taxes. It is only the rich that are paying lower taxes. Everyone else has been hit with higher payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, sin taxes, not to mention fewer deductions from their income taxes.

      Then, most people don’t take the time to actually look at the results in the data. You know… the “The problem with the government is the Bureaucracy and the handouts to the people that don’t want to work.” Few take the time to look at the budget to see that 80% of spending goes to the stuff the TEA Party crowd loves, like DoD, Social Security, Medicare, Law Enforcement, Vet Affairs, Homeland Security, pensions to retired DoD and other government workers and the like. Then there is the stuff like transportation (roads, rails, airports, harbors, canals) and National Parks and National Institute for Heath and CDC, FDA, etc. The amount that goes to “welfare-like” programs is actually something like 10% of the budget, but is blamed for 90% of the problem!

      But the economy boomed in the 1980s when we adopted Lord Reagan’s economic policies, hallowed be his name. Ok, but because of debt. How many people know what the Federal Reserve Z.1 is, let alone know how to use it to show that debt has been increase at 3x the sustainable rate since we switched to Reaganomics. Hell, most people I try to talk economics with cant’ even answer the question “How is money created?” Hint, money is created whenever a bank puts an asset on its balance sheet… hint again, 90%+ of assets on bank balance sheets is DEBT! In effect, money is borrowed into existence.

    • Because a higher percentage of Republican voters are informed, as opposed to most Democrat voters, who are misinformed. This is demonstrated by the results of the 2014 elections, despite Democrat voter fraud.

          • I’ll wear that as a badge of honor since you are probably a Socialist or Communist. I lump all liberals together because you guys lump all conservatives together. I know you are talking about politicians, but when you say a conservative wants to push grandma over a cliff or starve children, you are talking about me, and that is offensive, so, I respond in kind. You want to be civil, I’ll respond in kind.

          • Nope, not a Communist nor a Socialist, tho’ some Socialism in this country might put things back in balance a bit.

            “when you say a conservative wants to push grandma over a cliff or starve children, you are talking about me, and that is offensive”

            If you don’t think that the cuts the Republicans have instigated have not affected children and the elderly, then you are living in a Fox News bubble. You continue to vote for them, so you are continuing the destruction to the middle class.

            Are you aware of how business exploited workers before unions? Are you aware of how they are destroying the unions now and wages are falling because of it? This is a conservative platform. If you are not on board with that kind of treatment of real live people, then I will continue to lump you in with conservative bullies. Please be offended because the conservative policies are indeed offensive to intelligent human beings.

          • Depends on what you feel is balance. Taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots, is not balance, it is theft. I worked for all I have and I will not give it to someone who sits on the couch, drinks beer, smoking cigarettes, and watching sports instead of looking for a job. Cuts come from where ever you take them. The Democrats get out there and claim any cuts are from starving, disabled infants, and you believe that. Even thou money gets funneled into Nancy Pelosi’s husbands company, or Harry Reid’s brother. You ignore that corruption, or is Pelosi’s husband the crippled child and Reid’s brother a starving child? AND, I am the middle class. I am not destroyed. The only thing you know about conservative policies is what Chris Matthews tells you when you are not watching the Ed show. Stop watching Faux news and watch Fox News. You would learn something

          • You have been told by your news sources that people are sitting on the couch on your dime. What you have failed to note is the conservative policies that put profit before people that caused the nightmare of massive job losses in this country. You remember the Bush Bailouts, where some of the richest people in this country robbed our treasury at the expense of millions of working people? So if someone is sitting on the couch, thank your buddies for putting him in that position – no jobs to be had, no where else to go. It creates a hopelessness after your 100th resume disappears into the wastebins of mega corporations who don’t think they need to pay a living wage to those “moochers” who work for them.

            I am sorry, but your argument is lifeless and corrupt. Every person works for what they have. Stop listening to the BBL (blondes, boobs, and legs) of Murdoch’s empire and reach out to the real world. Fox watchers are not just uninformed, they are entirely Misinformed. Proven Fact.

          • Perhaps if you stopped publicly voicing support for ideas that would clearly risk killing old people and starving children, maybe people wouldn’t say that about you?

          • Additionally, I am old, and I raised five children and have five grandchildren. If you think these ideas are to starve children and kill the old, you are not very bright and obviously are a drone who believes exactly what you are told.

          • You don’t annoy us… just show us the true side of the GOP and their lies and scare tactics. Unfortunately, you believe them and that’s your problem.

        • This is a classic example of liberal whining. I went and read your link. It is more …. I hate Republicans… BS. It is an emotional rant because Republicans took the house in 2010. Extended the lead in 2012, and took the Senate in 2014. In 2016, we will take the Presidency. Americans are waking up to the fact that liberals are destroying our country. Obama wants to win by flooding our country with illegal foreigners and making them legal to vote. Well, the 5th circuit court of appeals smacked him down today. Another win for America.

          • Where do you see anything even close to liberal happening in today’s politics? Your side is destroying everything that fair-minded, non-greedy, progressive types have tried to do for the majority in this country. You see, it’s not all about just the people who are successful financially here, it’s about all of the population, rich and poor.

            You see, non-rich people and liberals are people, too. They deserve as much opportunity as anyone else.

            And, yes, there are some people who don’t do well in society and are not “good” people, but that does not mean that millions of truly good people need to suffer for that. Conservatives love to blame poorer people’s “bad habits” or some other bs for their position. It is one of several very shameful things conservatives do. Until you have walked a mile in their shoes……

          • I do not see how you arrive at your conclusions. What is wrong with wanting the Fed gov’t to stop deficit spending? What is wrong with expecting personal responsibility from citizens? Those are my two sore spots with Democrats. When I was 30 I was (I thought) a liberal Democrat (1985). Then all of these documentaries hit me at once about welfare fraud, food stamp fraud, open borders. When you have unemployment over 5%, why import more people? When Bush said they do work Americans will not do, I just lost it. You do any work if you are hungry. I changed to Republican when I learned that Democrats voted to tax Social Security. Every story I heard at that time was Democrats either raising taxes of some sort or giving away more money to anyone who wanted it.

          • Wow! Quite the litany of Fox talking points.

            “Every story I heard at that time was Democrats either raising taxes of some sort or giving away more money to anyone who wanted it.”

            This is such a bogus lie. Try looking up the facts. Think beyond the end of your nose. When you get your facts straight, not from Fox or Politico or Newsmax, we can have an intelligent discussion. Please come back after you do some due diligence. Try Go back and read about Reagan’s initial use of Rupert Murdoch.

            P.S. Regan’s Welfare Queen that he used to sway you in 1985 was a lie. A big, fat lie. So you have based 30 years of anger on a lie. I am so sorry.

          • I don’t even think Fox News existed back then. You have been damaged by the liberal hate mongers. You need to read something besides what’s on liberal blogs. I’ve read those rags. They do nothing but hate. That’s what I am hearing from you… hate.

          • Rupert Murdoch was hired by Reagan to whitewash his incursions into Central America.

            I have no hate. But I do have contempt for people like you who do not understand the world around them. Believe as you wish, but expect derision from those who are obviously your intellectual betters.

            Liberals and progressives believe that everyone, no matter their background, deserve a chance for a good life. They know and understand that the more people you help up, the higher up you will go.

          • I read from what you wrote that Liberals and Progressives help others to help themselves, which is why Dem millionaires outnumber Repub millionaires in congress, because they only help others to raise themselves up higher…. You’re right…. You also state you have no hate, but you have contempt? A distinction without a difference. You are filled with hate. You are my intellectual better? Not by what you just wrote. I will say… you are very programmable.

          • In a previous article, it was noted that if the facts don’t agree with your beliefs, you’re less likely to believe them. Apparently, the facts don’t agree with Curtis because he seems to think he knows better.

          • Bruce Bennet IS a Republican. He is trying to save his party from going waaay over the edge. Which they have already done.

            The Koch brothers have decided to buy the presidency in 2016 by spending nearly a billion dollars on attack ads that make Democrats (and progressive, liberal types in general) seem like horrible people who only want to “take from you.” They have found it to be an effective media campaign even though it is a completely false narrative.

            The true “takers” in this country are the ones wo don’t feel they should have to pay taxes because they have created some jobs. They feel that because they, as business owners, have taken “risks” that they should be handed gold for their “incredibleness.” Guess what? There are only 24 hours in a day and no one works “sooo hard” that they deserve a free ride. If the Kochs and their ilk get their way, they will be paying even less to support the country they have been exploiting and you and I will pay even more. If you like that idea, then you deserve the ridicule you will continue to receive here.

          • Who is the party of the rich? Who outspends who? Who tries to buy elections? The Koch Bros? Really? You have been listening too much to Harry Reid? Another admitted liar. Billionaire liberal donors have outdone their Republican-aligned counterparts in outside spending on the midterm elections, a reversal from past elections and an uncomfortable fact for Democrats who have decried such spending.

            The Sunlight Foundation reported Friday that three of the top five donors to super PACs are liberal billionaires who have supported Democrats in the midterm elections.

            The group is led by Tom Steyer, the hedge fund manager and environmentalist who alone has spent $70 million supporting Democratic candidates in the 2014 cycle, more than three times the amount spent by the next biggest spender.

            Overall, Democratic super PAC contributions have outstripped Republican contributions by roughly $65 million, according to the figures compiled by the Sunlight Foundation’s Real-Time Federal Campaign Finance tracker.

          • Wow! You are the clueless one, eh?

            I leave you to your world of false narratives and sickening conservative ideologies. Take care of yourself. Oh, and don’t take care of anyone else. We wouldn’t want you to support their mooching!

          • You just cannot stand any facts that poke holes in your delusion. You just get pissy. You cannot stand being wrong.

          • Curtis….don’t hold your breath on that 2016 thought….there’s NO way that a Republican can get elected with their ridiculous ideas. And, the fact that you’ve basically never been poor (or so it seems) shows me WHY you are a Republican!

          • You’re wrong, I was born an orphan and got my start in life in the military. I made my way in life and never sponged from anyone, which is why I am a Conservative. Additionally, you guys think the same thing every election, and got shocked last year (ha ha). And Andy… this is why I delete my old posts. I get idiots like this one looking for somewhere to spew his hate.

          • Hello Curtis. Like you I got my start in the military. I started poor and am now pursuing my B.S. in electrical engineering. Looks pretty smooth sailing for me, I mean, with the post 9/11 GI Bill and all. I wish my other family members could have gone to college, but they were too busy trying to make ends meet living paycheck to paycheck because their bosses wouldn’t give them a fair wage. I tried to convince them to educate themselves, but they kept saying something about having to pay for education because it’s not free. I told them if they just joined the military, they would be set like me, but they were afraid of the whole dying thing, unlike courageous me. They also didn’t trust the military or the government like I did (long story). Today I make a comfortable living, and the rest of my family still lives on poor wages, low income housing and food stamps because they aren’t able to save any meaningful amount of money to invest in education or training. I guess if they would just drive to a big city where there’s more opportunities all they would have to do is avoid getting arrested for vagrancy, get hired by an employer who has no problems hiring a homeless person, stay homeless while saving money, and then get a new place to live in that city that only charges about 100 to 200 bucks a month to live in, and then save money for an education that doesn’t involve having to risk losing or quitting your job to pursue, and they’re all set! Man they’re so lazy. Oh well, that’s fine. I will just keep giving my tax dollars to them because even though they didn’t join the military like me, and even though they may be lazy, they are still human beings who have never hurt anybody who deserve to FUCKING EAT!!!!!!!!!

      • You could not possibly believe this. Please tell me this is satire. It is common knowledge that the red states that vote Republican are dominated by the poor, the ignorant and the uneducated. If you were truly informed you could not possibly vote republican, I this is not satire you must be paid by the repub’s to write on these blogs. No one smart enough to read and write, write the things you are saying.

        • Of course I do. That is only common knowledge on liberal websites. I don’t go there. I do have an MBA and an MNCM. I used to teach college. I am very well educated. I retired as an Account Executive for Verizon Business. I’m comfortably retired. I had a successful career. I get up every morning at 5am and I read. I am well informed. I do not care a lot about being a Republican, but today’s Democrats are Socialists and will destroy this country eventually. My only recourse is the Republican Party, or kiss this counrty goodbye.

  21. After reading the headlines of the 5 ideas, why would anyone bother reading anything else? It has less value than flatulence from a cow.

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