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Monday, January 21, 2019

Five Of Mitt Romney’s Scariest Billionaire Donors

If you’re the son or daughter of a billionaire, now is the time to act. Convince your parents to donate millions of dollars to one of the Super PAC’s trying to get Mitt Romney elected.

Here’s the sell: Mom, Dad, Mitt is going to give you millions in tax breaks over his four years in office, according to a new study by the non-partisan Brookings Institute. But don’t just think of yourself. Think of me. I could get billions! Mitt wants to completely eliminate the Estate Tax, which is only paid by one out of 1000 Americans. This would effectively make me as much of a billionaire as you are without me doing anything except being born to the best parents in the world.

Of course, the benefits Mitt is offering to his billionaire donors aren’t limited to billions in tax breaks to them and their kids. There’s also rampant deregulation, potential wars and possibly even a shoe contract.

Meet five of the thirty-two billionaires who are spending big to put Mitt in the White House and who accordingly want big things in return.

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156 responses to “Five Of Mitt Romney’s Scariest Billionaire Donors”

  1. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    Isn’t that what the wealth cannibals are really after? Scaring the life out of Americans with their big big big big moolah? Sorry…the only thing to fear is fear itself. And when these wealth cannibals buy the White House? Will they war with each other to see who gets to be the first US national corporation’s president? And who will sit on their privileged, elite board of directors?

    These jerks are going to be the first to try and recoup their losses when the election is over…all from the rest of us …while they cry, moan, groan and whine how they are suddenly poverty stricken..and all because they had hundreds of millions to waste on a campaign. They can buy whatever they want…they cannot buy the freedom and democracy this country is based on.

    • Oh, I think they can and are buying our freedom.

    • CPANY says:

      What they’re probably buying is a class revolution that will result in their deaths and the death of American democracy.

      The rich are insatiable. They never have enough money. The French and Russian revolutions are examples of what can happen when the rich have their way for years. If and when the American class revolution happens, it probably will catch the rich completely unawares and they’ll go the way of the French and Russian aristocracy.

      Unfortunately, the people who will succeed them in power will visit an era of terror on the country. In France, it was called the Terror. In Russia, it was called the Soviet Union.

      • Edsanjuan says:

        CPA in New York: For a CPA you show a lack of sophistication and a willingness to accept at face value a platitude such as “The biggest PAC donors are of course (your exact same words !) the rich and their contributions going primarily to the GOP.” As if the Dems did not have soooo many “rich” contributors themselves. In reality, for every Adelson there is a George Soros.
        As to Obama’s objective of “… seeking an accommodation with the Muslims and trying to avoid a Middle East war.”, do you HONESTLY think that is good?

        • Dianrib says:

          YES Avoiding WAR IS good Man never learns that lesson When Mitts sons go to war Maybe I will believe its necessary That will NOT happen Yes D & R both have rich donors What I care about is who they work for and who they work against GOP MITT RYan are all for more deregulation More corp perks Gutting SS and medicare Disabled funding and our kids education THats why I will not vote GOP ever again
          Recovered GOP voter

          • Edsanjuan says:

            Dianrib: I KNOW that avoiding a war is always good. What I was questioning is the wisdom of “seeking an accomodation with the Muslims”.
            Do you HONESTLY think that we should “accommodate” people who have openly stated that they will impose Sharia Law in this country, just as they have done (to a large extent) in so many European countries?
            Do you HONESTLY think that we should “accommodate” people that want to kill ALL “infidels” (… and that includes YOU, Dian !)?
            If you do, I own this bridge in Brooklyn …. DUH !!

          • phyllismiller says:

            do you inclued ALL US citizens who are Muslims in this scare of imposing Sharia Law????? Unbelievable! Maybe 1 %….Most pay their taxes, are good citizens and want to be free in this land to practice their faith just as you and I do

          • Edsanjuan says:

            Yeah, 1 % just like in Spain, France, Great Britain, etc., huh ?

          • Tony says:

            Just what ARE you saying about Spain, France, Great Britain, etc. ?

          • Eduardo says:

            Tony: I was answering phyllismiller’s comment to the effect that “… do you inclued [sic] ALL US citizens who are Muslims in this scare of imposing Sharia Law????? Unbelievable! Maybe 1 %…. ”
            That’s what she said, that 99 % (there we go again with the INANE separation of society between the one percenters and the 99 percenters !) of Muslims do NOT want to exterminate “infidels” and establish Sharia Law. Do you believe that?

          • CPANY says:

            San Juan Eddie: You can’t have it both ways. If you don’t want war, then you must reach an accommodation, so let’s avoid war and leave the resolution of Middle East problems to those who live there. It’s not our fight.

          • lagovistadave says:

            Which European countries allow Sharia law for anything other than minor domestic issues? Please list the offenses that are allowed to be tried in a sharia court by country. That would be a more appropriate response than (to a large extent).

          • Eduardo says:

            Lago: Pleeeease read ! Just one example: In Great Britain, there are sections of cities where Muslims have their own system (Sharia Law) of “justice”, and even the police will not enter. Read and investigate …

          • ruffsoft says:

            There are about 1 1/2 billion Muslims, 80% not in the Middle East. About 1/1000 of 1% are violent.

            No one is pushing Sharia law in this country, and no European countries have Sharia law.

            The Middle Eastern people have been ripped off and attacked over and over by the West. It is time to treat them with respect, and this is Obama’s Cairo doctrine of mutual respect.

            Mutual respect means you honor and accommodate the needs of others. That is a virtue and if you oppose it, you want to go back to the old days of just trampling their rights, stealing their resources, and destroying their society.

            Do you really thing all Muslims want to kill “infidels?”

            You have been listening to the Islamphobes who spread vicious lies about Muslims, most of whom are decent family people who only want peace.

            That tiny fraction that wants war….we have created supported, and armed. The worst dictators, such as in Saudi Arabia, we have sold 60 billion in arms to.

            The old paradigm of Western/US control of the Middle East has created only resentment. The new paradigm offers a path to a more peaceful and just future….but it requires mutual accommodation, which is the foundation of respect. You need to study US (and European) crimes against the Muslims in the MIddle East to understand both the anger many Muslims feel and the need for a new path in which legitimate demands are honored.

            If you attack others, they will hate you and eventually attack you. Violence begets violence. If you offer respect and accommodation, you invite respect and compromise and cooperation.

            Accommodation means to honor the needs of the other to find common ground for cooperation. This is how wars are prevented. The US has not fought a “necessary” war, with honest justification, since WWII.
            Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iran, even Libya were all based on lies, and have led to millions of innocent civilians killed. As Eisenhower said: “War settles nothing; war is stupid and brutal. If you want a war, you go fight it.”

            This from one of our greatest Generals and Presidents, the last progressive Republican, a man who won as a war hero/anti-war candidate.

            If war settles nothing and makes things worse, then it would be smart to respect those whom we have previously disrespected and attacked. Accommodation is not surrender; it is compromise, mutual respect, and the alternative to death and destruction, leading to a new cycle of hatred and violence..

          • Eduardo says:

            ruffsoft: Beautiful words, full of good will and good hope.
            But do you know what completely contradicts your claim that only “1/1000 of 1% are violent” and what makes your platitudes just “wishful thinking”? … The undeniable FACT that, out of the 99.99999 % PEACEFUL MUSLIMS living in this country (according to you) only 5 or 6 (let’s allow 50 to 60, to exaggerate) have EVER condemned the OBSCENE violence perpetrated by the “1/1000 of 1 %”.
            That fact, ruffsoft, makes them (your alleged “1/1000 of 1%”) COWARDS, in the best case, or ACCOMPLICES and HYPOCRITES in the worst case.
            Sorry, ruffsoft, wake up and smell the coffee, they really, really (with 1/1000 of 1 % exception) want to kill us as “infidels” ….

          • joceandre says:

            Mitt’s sons will not be going to war. It will be your sons and my sons in the front line. My oldest son was just eighteen years old when Bush sent him to the gulf ok. As we all know he has plenty of sons, and now our daughters too. If we are not careful our dogs and cats will be sent too since these war mongers are just mad.

          • houserv says:

            I will never vote for any one who goes against what God…not man says is wrong…the world is letting society make sin look ok!!! Do any of you with an ounce of sense think God will bless a nation that is turning against his word. READ YOUR BIBLE!!!! and God Bless You and PLEASE BlESS OUR PRECIOUS COUNTRY!!!! I love America, “one nation, under God”…remeber those words?

          • KurtofLA says:

            I see the man became a Communist with Obama. Good luck

          • Steven Napoletan says:

            War is not good but at times necessary. To disavow this means that you disdain and devalue everybody who fought and died to keep your freedom, a priceless commodity. Or do you want only Mitt’s son to die for your son? How about Obama’s daughters? Or is yours the only life worth saving?
            Deregulate? Yeah… let those evil corporations make some money. May be the world wouldn’t look like it does right now.
            SS and Medicare. I love investing via taxation into program with negative growth value. If I could have invested for myself, I could have retired and somebody else could have had my job by now.

        • Yes, I do think that avoiding a war is a good thing! I think Most people do and Almost all the people who have served in the military do (Yes, me again).

          Of course the biggest Pac donors are rich- you do not even get a bumper sticker for any thing less than $500.00. Why do right wing people have such problems with math?

          In reality there is NOT a Soros for every Adelson. Even if there were…. the important thing is what do these donors want and expect from the candidate. That is where any real comparison between Adelson and Soros stops.

          I think that it is you who are willing to accept at face value things presented as fact by less than reliable sources. Google Adelson, add triads see what you get.

          • Edsanjuan says:

            CPA: I get it now: Adelson’s (and all rich GOP donors) are BAD and have BAD intentions. And Soros (and all rich Dem donors) are GOOD and have GOOD intentions….
            Why didn’t I figure that out on my own? Lucky me, I got a very knowledgeable person to set me straight…
            As to avoiding a war, OF COURSE it is a good thing !! What I was questioning is the wisdom of “seeking an accomodation with the Muslims”.
            Do you HONESTLY think that we should “accommodate” people who have openly stated that they will impose Sharia Law in this country, just as they have done (to a large extent) in so many European countries?
            Do you HONESTLY think that we should “accommodate” people that want to kill ALL “infidels” (… and that includes YOU, Joan !)?
            If you do, I own this bridge in Brooklyn …. DUH !!

          • highpckts says:

            Ed – is HONESTLY your newfound word?? I think you have way over used it! There is no honesty in politics!!

          • Eduardo says:

            Here you go again, highpckts, on a TANGENT (new word for you !), as always.
            “Knowing” you, you certainly must mean that there is no honesty in CONSERVATIVE politics, but Democrat politicians ARE honest. Right?

        • jarheadgene says:

          Unfortunately ….. Armageddon, isn’t a meteor that hits the world. Ultimately a Big and Final battle takes place in the Middle East. But this isn’t it. I served 4 years in USMC during the Cold War (the only acceptable kind) But I have many other family members that weren’t so lucky. Did you ever put on an Armed Services Uniform Ed. NO ROMNEY HAS…..EVER. Or CHENEY…the likes, of them, have no problem sending everyone else to die. My late Uncle fought in WWII….WAR is so ugly, especially a World at War, so ugly he never talked about it. He never saw a war movie, said they’re fake and they glorify mass killing and destruction of human lives. He would never talk of what he had to do. He hated that part of his life and wanted to forget ALL about it. The Irony was, his son, my cousin died in Vietnam. My Uncle never escaped the horrors of War in that way. If you think WAR is good you probably think GREED is good.

          • Edsanjuan says:

            Jarhead: Here we go again. OF COURSE war IS NOT good !! What I was questioning is the wisdom of “seeking an accomodation with the Muslims”.
            Do you HONESTLY think that we should “accommodate” people who have openly stated that they will impose Sharia Law in this country, just as they have done (to a large extent) in so many European countries?
            Do you HONESTLY think that we should “accommodate” people that want to kill ALL “infidels” (… and that includes YOU, Dian !)?
            If you do, I own this bridge in Brooklyn …. DUH !!

          • jarheadgene says:

            With TSA and Homeland Security and all…..we have taken away the freedoms of the FREE out of fear of the Islamic extremists. Do YOU REALLY believe that Sharia Law would take a foothold HERE…..? Do I have to refer to you as my Joe McCarthy freind ? If anyone tried to impose SHARIA LAW here as the law of the land…..THIS EX-MARINE …Centrist would have to go “Postal”.

          • CPANY says:

            So, Eddie, what do you propose that we do? You don’t want war? That’s good. Do you want us to stay in the Middle East? If we do, we court war. I say let’s get out of that area entirely, except to buy their oil.

        • A war fought best is a War avoided and anyone who says different already has 2 much blood on their hands

          • Edsanjuan says:

            Sye: I KNOW that avoiding a war is always good. What I was questioning is the wisdom of “seeking an accomodation with the Muslims”.
            Do you HONESTLY think that we should “accommodate” people who have openly stated that they will impose Sharia Law in this country, just as they have done (to a large extent) in so many European countries?
            Do you HONESTLY think that we should “accommodate” people that want to kill ALL “infidels” (… and that includes YOU, Dian !)?
            If you do, I own this bridge in Brooklyn …. DUH !!

          • RUKIDENME says:

            Why don’t u enlist! Put your own well being on the line, instead of your mouth. If u say your to old, then be a COP, or a police reserve. Stick your neck out.
            Or is that just to risky or not as profitable. Retired, disabled in the line of duty COP.

          • Eduardo says:

            Rukidenme: If you are a “Retired, disabled in the line of duty COP” as you say, my deep respect and admiration for you, sir.
            However, your comments have no relation or bearing on the active discussion to the effect that Muslims in so many countries in Europe (France, Britain, Spain, Norway, etc., etc.) and, to a (for the time being) lesser extent in the USA, have as their main goal the destruction of Western civilization and mores, and the elimination of all “infidels” (people that do not share their beliefs and aspirations).

          • highpckts says:

            Ed – you also have a problem of repeating yourself way too many times! By the time you get done with your ONLY talking point we are bored!!

          • Eduardo says:

            Yes, highpckts: You are correct: small minds are easily bored and usually do not let facts stand in their way …
            Too bad …

        • CPANY says:

          Do you read the newspapers? The contributions to the Republican PACs far exceed those to the Democrats’ PACs. For every Adelson there is not a Soros, which is why the rich fat cats are burying this election in a sea of money.

          As to seeking an accommodation with the Muslims: yes, I think that is good. There’s no advantage for us in going to war with the Muslims, nor is there any good reason for us to have troops in the Middle East. All we need from the Middle East is oil. We give the oil producing nations money and they give us oil. End of story.

          Our problems in the Middle East stem from our continued presence in the area. We should get out before we’re bankrupted. It’s Vietnam all over again: a rat hole into which we throw our human and financial resources.

        • William Deutschlander says:

          If you truly beleive what you just ranted, you are truly ignorant.

          The GOP SYNDICATE traditionaly raises two and one half times more money to finance elections for the Republican Cartel than the Democrats raise, just a fact.

          The MAJORITY of money raised for Democrat elections comes from “middle class” Americans not thirteen Multi Billionaires.

          Thank you Obama Administration for rescuing the World Economy from the Republican Bush Administration horrific GREAT RECESSION of 2008, and slowly returning the United States Economy on a path of FISCALY RESPONSIBLE RECOVERY. Those among us with a brain and common sense know full well that when our economy hits such a devestating low, it takes many years for a substantial recovery to succeed.

          DEMOCRATS for DEMOCRACY 2012!

          • RobBar says:

            I only with I could vote “thumbs up” more than once for that response!

          • Eduardo says:

            Willy: When you call somebody “ignorant” you should look at yourself in the mirror.
            You are obviously an Obama unconditional and you are truly exaggerating when you say that you have a “brain and common sense”.
            Obama piling on 4 trillion dollars to the national debt is:
            NOT a recovery (nor the beginning of one, mind you !);
            NOT fiscally responsible as you so blindly claim.

        • ruffsoft says:

          Is avoiding war good? No, we need more war, more deaths, more debt, more revenge. War is good; war creates jobs. Edsanjuan, I join you in desiring policies which will bring us more wars.

          • ruffsoft says:

            Edsanjaun, will you be the first to volunteer to invade Iran?
            I will join you in spirit, my warrior brother. I, of course would join you in more wars but alas at 71, I am too old.

        • Aaron Darc says:

          Another American who can write that without flinching… that anyone who would rather diplomacy and co-existence over declaring war is not “good”. And you wonder why the rest of the world thinks you’re insane.

      • You have my sentiments exactly. The money grabbing by the wealthy, and the poor and working class in France and Russia resulted in the people being fed up with undue taxes on the poor and workers, while the rich had the arts, theatre, their children got better educational opportunities. As today with the US people living in the streets or wherever they could find shelter. There is no quick fix to our problems, however they forgot the phase, ” United we stand and Divided we
        Fall”. Our government if like Rome, the politicans are like Nero fiddling while we burn. When they decide to stick together the end is inevitable.

      • ruffsoft says:

        JFK: “Those who make non-violent revolutions impossible make violent revolutions inevitible.”

        Only non-violent revolutions, propelled by people power, can create real change. War, violence, terror creates nothing, settles nothing.

        Only non-violence, in active resistance, as in Libya just yesterday, can overturn Empires, end centuries of persecution, and unarmed and united, force violent private militia gangs to flee. Only non-violence has a means which is compatible with the end.

        Violence does not create peace; only a peaceful but massive and united people power can topple dictators (such as Marcos) without replacing them with worse dictators, change things without destroying them.

        Not all revolutions turn on themselves, as in the French and Russian Revolutions (let’s not forget the most successful American Revolution); non-violent revolutions do not lead to further dictatorship and violence.

        Revolution is inevitible (as it must be with such extreme and unapologetic inequality, where 6 Walmart heirs own more than 100 million Americans and 1 billion people live on under $1 a day, and 5 million children die of hunger each year. In such a world, revolution is inevitible. The only question is: what kind will it be? The kind that consumes itself with violence or the kind that projects its non-violent methods into non-violent solutions.

        Nothing takes more courage and sincere conviction than peaceful civil disobedience or protest, but nothing else has ever worked. The key is it must be massive (yiou annot kill everyone!) and it must be united: the uniting principle is the renunciation of violence.

        Peaceful demonstrations are often marred by either (almost always boys) random violence (rocks, fires, etc) or by police false flag operatives inciting violence to discredit the peaceful protest in order to ban it as “violent.”

        If you can get a million people in the streets, with their kids, demonstrating, you can do anything! No one will attack it; no one will deny it.

        The people united will never be defeated. Unite. Fight back, together, without hatred or violence.

    • joceandre says:

      All you can do folks is VOTE. you must know by now that these politicians , specially those with money, as a matter fact even the name rhymes with money ” ROMNEY” DO NOT GIVE A HOOT ABOUT nothing but their pockets and their cronies. If that election gets stolen for that man it would a very sad 4 years for the U.S.

      • Watchin' says:

        All of his ‘friends’ (i.e. money mongers) love Romney because all they have to do is move one letter in his last name and they can then claim him as ‘R-MONEY’, which he will be. Their own money is all they really care about, they could give a hoot about Romney being president or doing anything positive for the country, they just want to have him by the balls so they can control him quite nicely. Romney is so stupid and wants the presidency, as daddy told him it was his right because he was of a higher station. Sound familiar, kind of like GB and GWB (who was undoubtedly the biggest fool this country has ever let through the front door of the White House and king of idiocy). Romney wants the White House almost more than his car garage elevator, and has sold himself to the gnomes of Zurich and money changers to get it.

    • jarheadgene says:

      They are sure trying …. BEWARE GOP…THESE GUYS OWN YOU!

    • overpaidCS says:

      as opposed to the piranha eating the arms and legs off the producers of this country. The fact that barak has saddled every new born with a debt load of $150,000 the day they arrive should make every American sick

      • highpckts says:

        No! G W Bush did that with his cronies and they are counting on your notoriously bad memories!!

        • overpaidCS says:

          Hmmm the Dem’s and barak have added $10 TRILION to the national debt in 6 years. You and then should stand up and be proud for what you have done to this country. Your agenda has always been to make us rival Haiti to be the worst economy in the western hemisphere

  2. Jerpell says:

    I guess for Obama, Soros isn’t scary or Acorn or the union mobsters….
    Why is our media one sided….The media and Obama keep hiding from the real issues!

    • Don B says:

      Real issues? You mean like the economy? Well, I still haven’t heard enough about how all those “job creators” with 10 years of Bush tax cuts, have just overwhelmed this country with jobs. they created jobs alright, but in China, Malyasia, Central and South America. After all the workers there don’t need a living wage or health insurance……

    • ACORN? You’re still talking about ACORN?

    • Edsanjuan says:

      Jerpell: Have you noticed that these Leftie nutjobs resort to insults the minute they perceive an intelligent person confronting them? Brooke Harwick just could not resist answering you with this GEM: “You talk out of your A__!!”
      Wow!! Brooke is such an intelligent guy ! And he has so much substance !!!
      P.S. – I think he is “anal”izing himself …. LOL !!

  3. They’re all crooks trying to buy a political office. They are going down!!!!!

  4. TJ says:

    I clicked on the 1998 article index about the Koch amily feud. You mean to tell me William Koch who comes off in the 98 court article as unbalanced, greedy to the extreme to the point of being written out of his mother’s will. This same guy is the father of the teaparty. Whata freaking WIERDO!!!! Obama campaign should skip Romney for awhile and highlight all these guys. I shudder at the idea of buying a Presidency for a puppet

  5. Jerpell, You talk out of your A_ _!!

  6. Edsanjuan says:

    Are you kidding?! BOTH main political parties have their BIG donors. Look at Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, George Soros and so many others that contribute to the Dems. The fact that they are “rich” (in reality, being rich and having lots of money are 2 different things – for another time) should not, and does not disqualify them at all to contribute to the coffers of their party and ideology.
    Come on, get over it !

    • CPANY says:

      Ed in San Juan:

      Wrong. The biggest PAC donors are of course the rich and their contributions going primarily to the GOP. Obama’s Jewish donors seem to have abandoned him because he’s seeking an accommodation with the Muslims and trying to avoid a Middle East war.

    • highpckts says:

      I don’t care how much they give to who! It’s what they want in return that concerns me!

    • RobBar says:

      Then maybe you should look into what these BIG donors stand for…believe me, there are some that do have your best interest in mind and the best interest for this country!!! Come on, get a clue!!

  7. pontevedra51 says:

    Hello, I am in Spain and Sheldon Adelson, has the project to build a Megacasino in Madrid or Barcelona, against people agreement because he wants the American rules of work, it means a very neoliberal way for managing the casinos. The wright government from Madrid and Barcelona are get tiñe it easy to Adelson, but he is telling since 6 months ago he is not making up for one or año their place. Most Spanihs people don’t want it even we have many unamployed because we think it would mean gamblers, prostitution, mafia, etc… For om all Europe.

  8. dljones says:

    Obama’s legacy will be raising the most campaign money and spending the most of yours.

  9. ivory69690 says:

    well if thy get the no Estate Tax then for how ever long it stays in place and if its true what the greedy bastards runs in the family . then there will be a lot of billionaires who wil be found dead by the hands of there greedy bastard children . then at least one can get rid of the first ones. and one down one to go :)~

  10. GARY says:

    Greed is sucking the life out of our nation. The robber barons now use taxpayer dollars to fund their schemes just as they did after the Civil war. Nothing has changed except that not much is made here any longer. We seem to survive by putting hands in someone else’ pocket. Good bye America, I am glad I have some memories.

  11. montanabill says:

    Speculation. But how about some real donors who got fat cat returns for their donations, like: Solyndra, EnerDel, Beacon Power, Vantage Point, Good Energies, Westly Group, SpectraWatt, the Pritzkers, John Doerr, Exelon, Dreamworks – Katzenberg, and many more?
    Sure we need to eliminate the death tax. By what standard of fairness can you approve of the government seizing assets that have already been taxed. In the case of property, it was acquired with after-tax money and then taxed continuously every year!

  12. The real problem for the GOP in November is not Mitt Romney or the GOP donors, but their agenda. Rep Ryan’s plan to privatize Social Security, dismantle MEDICARE and gut MEDICAID is scaring not only liberal Democrats, but moderates and many conservatives as well. Romney does not appeal to anyone, hard core Republicans will vote for him because they hate President Obama and what the Democratic party stands for, but the reason he is behind in almost every poll is because of the GOP agenda.

  13. God help us all the rich are getting richer, do something about all the graduates working minimum wage, start apprenticeships and train workers before all the baby boomers retire or we will be facing revolution

  14. we are the only country in the first world without basic health care and our kids are not getting the right education

  15. “If” Mitt Romney gets into the White House, he will finish the job that Bush/cheney started in 2oo1. A war with Iran will begin and the American people will be rallied against our enemies to protect Israel, and all of the Super PACs, Mitt Romney and his friends, will profiteer from the war, the same as Bush/Cheney did in Iraq and Pakistan in their fake search for Osama bin-Laden and the weapons of mass destruction. It will ruin the economies of America and the rest of the world, and another hit like the one delivered by Bush/Cheney will sink America, Europe, and Canada, but like Bush/Cheney, tyhey will all be super-duper rich! That is why Republican and Tea Party governors are cutting esstential aide in their states in order to give tax breaks to corporations like the Super PACs in order for them to outsource jobs and refrain from hiring Americans to keep the unemployment numbers high and the economy stagnant and make it appear that it is President Obama’s fault. But, there are four words whites and Africans must remember: vassalism, serdom, fuedalism, and slavery. They are all the same but with different colors.

  16. All political donations should be banned. They corrupt the system and contribute nothing to the process. Campaign funding should come from the government and should be distributed equally among all the candidates that exceed a pre-specified number of endorsers.

  17. To all of thos African pastors rallying against President Obama and those black republicans like Tavis Smiley, Cornel West, Robert Johnson, and the like, you are all a bunch of suck-ass lackeys being manipulated by the device of divide and conqueor and supported by these Super PACs to betray your country, your people, and your dignity. In the era of lynching in America of Africans across the country, two out of five of the people swinging from those trees as strange fruit were suck-ass lackeys who loved snuggling up to their enemy against their own people, and when the enemy couldn’t find a African to lynch, all they had to do was reach under them and pull up a suck-ass lackey like a Now Later candy and string you up! If your alternative is Mitt Romney or any Republican, your fate awaits you.

  18. The overriding question remains for the uniformed – which of the elitists shall give ourselves to? Really, the rich on the left are somehow preferred over the rich on the right? How is that determined exactly? Hmmm, the Koch brothers or the self-ascribed savoir and proud socialist George Soros – which to follow? Afterall it is George who identified a life-long friendship with New Left radical, and psychedelic-drug guru Allen Ginsberg – the billionaire today credits Ginsberg for having opened his eyes to the benefits of drug legalization – that’s hard to beat!

  19. 1standlastword says:

    I heard on Diane Rehm that the expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts would pour $860 bn into the economy and eliminate the need for sequestration which is analogized to a “meat cleaver” as it would activate daconian cuts to the military side and non military side (infrastructure, air traffic controllers, public education, ect)

    The rich, and the republican congress could prevent this “falling and hard landing” by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire on 400 families.

    I also heard Romney’s economic plan described as a pattern of “helping those who don’t need help and hurting those who need help.

    If we allow 400 rich families and Teathuglicans to drive us into a depression next year, I’m afraid for them that they won’t be able to live in this country safely…sort of setting the stage for an American version of the French Revolution.

    To quote Gore Vidal “America is going out of business”

  20. joceandre says:

    If you look at that MR Alderson ‘s picture all he seems to be missing is the two horns on his forehead, the Lord knows he can afford them. By the way is his middle name Lucifer.

    • Edsanjuan says:

      Joceandre: Your comment, and all 6 “Likes” about it, show that you are a person of substance that writes objectively and are full of insight.
      Wow! I was impressed by your perception and your obvious intelligence.

  21. We The Smart People of America Are Going To Make Sure Their Money Will Go Down The Drain Along With Romney Hopes For Being President!!! Obama/Biden 2012!! There Will Be NO Butt Kissing Of The Rich People Here!!!

    • I hope you’re right. And that would be a beautiful sight of a headline: “Obama Wins Despite Billions Given to Romney Campaign”.

      Similar outcomes have happened in the past, and will remind everyone of the power of the people over the purse!

  22. Dianrib says:

    Money is Not evil but LOVE of Money IS EVIL 100 200 300 mil ?
    Its Never enough Like a drug ..

    • So true. I mean, my God, these Billionaires. How much $$ does one and his family need? One can’t “take it with you” as we say. Earthly power, that’s what it’s all about, I suppose.

  23. Simsona says:

    Really, I do not understand why people are still holding Obama responsible for unemployment rate above 8%?. The economy has recovered, but the greedy 1-2% and their allies in the Republican party (at Federal Congress and State levels) are the ones holding the full recovery hostage. If over 4 millions job have been created in the private sector since the recession, it will be more than all the jobs created in 8 years of Bush administartion, (Public and private) despite his big tax breaks for the wealthiests.

    What is remaining is for the Public sector to create jobs, but what are the Republicans doing at the sate and federal levels? Of course, stall any Obama attempts to create public job, while Republicans Governors are laying off workers. If all the Fedreral projects and state projects are implemented, between 500K to million jobs will be created and the unemployment rate will go down below 7%, that will be at variance to the Republican agenda.

    Everyone should remember the mid-term elections, the Republicans campaigned on job creation, but what have they done since then? They have put all their energies into making sure that Obama is one term president but zero focus on job creation.

    I have always said it and I will continue to say, the Republicans have claimed the economy from Obama the momument the Senate minority leader said that their primary focus would be to make the economy look bad so that people would blame Obama and make him a one term president. “do not let us lose sight of that confession” Their actions and inactions since 2008 have attested to that agenda.

    About 2012 elections, whatever becomes of American democrazy, all those Judges who voted for Citizen United will have themselves to blame and posterity will judge them. What is playing out now in the election process, with the Supper-PACs on both side, is a demonstration of craz, not democracy. However, I have strong hope that every concerned Americans will get up and be motivated to participate in this year elections. We need to let the Moneybags know that their moneys is not superior to our future and the future our country. THE REPUBLICAN AGENDA WILL PUSH AMERICA TO THIRD WORLD and who gains? CHINA!

    • Well said and well written. The Republicans, as usual, are interested only in power for power’s sake. They always seem to think that if they cant just win the White House and get a supermajority in the House and Senate, that “everything will be fine”, because then they can deregulate everything, sit back, and watch “the free market take care of itself”.

      In every recession and depression the United States has ever suffered through, both major and minor, Republicans have held the White House. History shows again and again that completely unfettered capitalism leads to disaster for 98% of the populace, and good times for the super-elites.

      It’s hard to believe that Americans may well fall for the ruse again by electing Mitt Romney. God help us all.

  24. Dianrib says:

    Obama is not Never has been RADICAL Only Point is which man is more likely to work for middle class and which for the Robber Barons ?

  25. gottamouthoff says:

    If the GOP wins, we will have to eat cake because the bread will be too expensive.

  26. jarheadgene says:

    “…for the LOVE of Money is the ROOT of ALL Evil.” And these few…so very few…have got millions of voters fooled to vote against THEMSELVES… raise taxes on THEMSELVES to keep the huge tax breaks for THE 2%. PEOPLE especially GOP…..are proving to be so Brain Dead. Brain dead for Bain.

  27. It is not the open Belief of the Muslim Nation to KILL all infidels lol that is just the extremest but I would like to point out that Bush dragged us into 2 wars that we have no business getting involved in and as a result of War thousands of lives were lost. I am aware that many would cry o but we freed them and 2 this i ask what of the children who died in the U.S bombings over Major City’s
    … ARE they really free

  28. jarheadgene says:

    Solyndra was so manipulated by the same people above and the Chinese to make the White House look bad….but the rest of who you name, I’m surprised you left out GE…all hedge their bets on both sides of the aisle. But go ahead vote against your own economic well being…unless I am speaking to a 2%er… which case…shame on you, you GREEDY F**K.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Gene.. you got you’re envy and anger on good today, don’t you my friend? You need to re-read your Bible, especially the 10 Commandments. Focus on that part that says:

      “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.”

      Do you understand what that commandment means and why it’s included? Do you?

      Have a nice day!

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
      the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
      its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
      — Winston Churchill

      • highpckts says:

        Oh how about ” Thou shalt not bear false. Witness” !! I wonder how closely you live by all your quotes!!

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          you should remind Harry Ried of that one, high!

          Have a nice day!

          “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
          the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
          its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
          — Winston Churchill

      • jarheadgene says:

        Nice…OMG….I have no covetousness for ROMNEY, his HOUSES, his NASTY ass Snobby wife, and what, he has manservants and maidservants and ox’s.? I don’t know them or want them, and then his ass…I thought I already talked about his wife….OH by ASS – in context I think GOD means “form of transportation” Sorry I don’t like Cadillacs.

        Unfortunately for all of us we break 1 or 2 of the 10 daily. Fortunately for a few, if you have a “Personal” relationship with Jesus….the one of the BIBLE..not the mormon anti-christ, you will not face penalties for those sins on Judgement day. You like to label moderate social concern as “socialism” . Maybe it is you that better read the bible. I read it..took 3 years…because if you read the old testament GOD allowed men to set up goverment through the Temple. People Tithed…..paid 10% that covered the armies and the welfare…etc. If you read the New Testament in the book of Acts you will see what you brand as socialism set up in an extreme manner….Because Ananias and Saphira lied about their possessions…..THEY COVETED their own property…….GOD dropped them DEAD right then and there.

        Imagine if we ALL Paid 10% no loop holes…no BS…ALL 10% REAGAN suggested it. We would never have to worry about deficits…..POINT IS The MONETARILY WEALTHY of our country are not paying their fair share. Notice I did not want to say RICH there. They aren’t rich, there is never enough for them.

        I’ll explain what rich is. I AM RICH. I have a faith in GOD ….the one of the BIBLE. I have a gorgeous wife, I have 3 great kids. One of which is probably greater than YOU, I , or anyone else we know. She has a mountain of health issues, yet she seldom lets her twisted little body, and it’s failures, get her down. She will be one of the greatest in HEAVEN, according to Jesus, because she is one of the humblest and least of us on earth. I also live in a very middle class neighborhood and my newest car is 11 years old. My friends and family love me in spite of any shortcomings I may have. That makes me very rich.

        The GOP wants to lie to people and make it seem like we all have a chance to live like the ROMNEY’s. First, I would never want to live like them. Second, the reality is a very small percentage break beyond the financial class they were born in. Yes the opportunities are there, but by birth ….GW…GHWB…ROMNEY all are born into a wealthy class. To pursue more riches of their own and hoard, even it means loss of life or jobs or anything to others and to show little or no care is EVIL. Now others like Clinton or Obama that break beyond their class and want to help all others out the best they can, that is GOOD….

        SO OMG… you want EVIL or GOOD…..? The choice/vote is yours. Off my soap box now.

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Gene… you may claim that you are not envious, but your litany of posts belies such a claim. Anyone who buys off on the class warfare mantra of 1% vs. 99%, the rich don’t pay their fair share, corporations are evil….. any of that crap, of which just about every post you’ve ever made is a reflection of those cliche’s, is most certainly enveloped in jealousy and envy. How else can one explain the disgusting way in which you refer to a woman who has multiple sclerosis? That’s really low and despicable, Gene. While I am happy that you are so “rich” in life, your politics is 100% opposite of how you run your personal life.

          God bless you little girl, Gene. That’s awesome. I can see your love for her in your writing. It gushes out! 🙂 🙂

          Now, the first time I’ve ever seen a post of yours make sense is your proposal for a flat 10% tax that ALL pay. I could not agree more. From your keyboard to the Good Lord’s eyes, my friend. That’s actually a very libertarian philosophy. I’m impressed!

          Clinton and Obozo are NOT anything alike. Clinton was pro-business, Obozo bashes business with disdain. Clinton was a pragmatist. Obozo is a committed ideologue that does not compromise. Love Clinton, or hate him. Love Gingrich, or hate him. The fact is that the 2 of them actually did produce a pretty good result. Obozo is not interested in a pragmatic approach to American politics. He and Dirty Harry Reid are deliberately sabotaging ANY attempts by The House to pass any bills including the extension of current tax rates which they passed this week. And don’t call it the “Bush Tax Cuts” because guess what, Obozo signed off on the extension as well. He owns it just as much as anyone else.

          Lastly, the fact that you don’t wish to have monetary wealth is your business. Many don’t care enough about it to pursue it. That is fine. But you must understand that conservatives know quite well that we in America are NOT guaranteed success, but are only guartanteed the right to PURSUE happiness. Just because you don’t define happiness as monetary wealth doesn’t mean others might find the pursuit of or accumulation of wealth to be what makes them happy. What right do you have to define happiness for others? You don’t! Conservatives know that the surest way to economic prosperity is through maximum freedom of economic choice and the opportunity to pursue one’s own dreams, however they define them. And it is a FACT, Gene, that more wealthy people in America have come from very modest or even dirt poor beginnings than any other place in the history of the world. Freedom works. Oppressive, nanny state, all powerful central government IS a destroyer of freedom. I’m suprised that you don’t see this, Gene. A former marine who swore an oath to uphold The Constitution is now supporting the very party and people that seek to undermine and destroy it. How did such confusion come into your life?

          Oh, and since you quote the Bible, I am certain that God’s intention for mankind IS freedom. There is NO such thing as “moderate social concern”, Gene. There are only politicians who play on your sense of “compassion” to convince you that giving them more of your money will make everything better. It’s a lie, Gene. It’s a lie. This is exactly how socialism and tyranny creeps into an otherwise free and republican form of limited government. Socialism and tyranny don’t just show up one day, and boom! we are socialist. They creep up on the populace over the years, being gradually implemented as the elite class of politicians continues to drive wedges between the classes. EVERY SINGLE CASE where socialists or communists or fascists have taken over countries, they have done so with the support of the people who were riled up over class warfare. And those takeovers in the 20th Century alone resulted in the deaths of over 100 MILLION people, Gene.

          Think of it this way, my friend. The parable of the Good Samaritan told by Jesus suggested that it was wrong for people to just walk by the injured and beaten man. Instead, the Good Samaritan took the man in and nursed him back to health. Jesus did not say that the passers by should just tell the man “don’t worry, someone from the government will be by soon to help you”, did he? NO! Instead the point is that we individually have an obligation to help our fellow man and to be charitable toward those in need. He also said that “the poor will always be amongst us”. As a God fearing man, you should know that your individual salvation IS NOT tied to the collective salvation, Gene. There is NO SUCH THING as collective salvation. Those who preach “collectivism” ARE the definition of evil, my friend.

          So who do you support? The evil collecivists (DemocRATS) or the good people who support God’s vision for the freedom of man? And don’t be so quick to think that I mean Republicans as a whole are the good people. Many of them are not. But the Constitutional conservatives/libertarian thinkers are the good ones.

          Have a nice weekend!

          “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
          the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
          its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
          — Winston Churchill

          • jarheadgene says:

            OMG – wow…You see, we see eye to eye more than you think, In spite of the “LIBjabs” you throw at me. I voted for REAGAN I wanted to see his “Postage stamp tax” become law. But his own party shot him down….why …..GREED! And if you had read any of my post earlier in the year…I was all for RON PAUL…Libertarian in GOP skin. But the die was cast from the beginning it is ROMNEY’s turn said the GOP money machine.
            I may have slighted Ann Romney…but she has it coming…She is the modern equivalent to Marie Antoinette. And if you expect me to feel sorry for her and her MS…when she has a vast fortune to help treat it and can write off $77,000.00 for her horse as therapy……You are wrong. Her health to my daughters would be like comparing Jack LaLane to Stephen Hawking. She waged into this by going on National TV and defending her and her husbands way of saying, “LET THEM EAT CAKE.”
            You also have it wrong re: Congress. I watch the news, many forms. This last go round on the extension of tax breaks did not include the upper 2% The Senate is no longer in the control of McConnell (Republican). Even though he tried to get a bill through that continued the extension as is, two, of his own party, crossed the line….(It’s an election year) and one of them is running against Elizabeth Warren. The Senate then put forth the bill to drop the top 2% off the tax breaks. It passed, then Congress gets it and it goes down in flames because of the GOP control. The GOP has been standing in line mucking up the works to get America back on track, JUST TO make POTUS look bad. And to protect the Greed of the 2%.
            OMG you try to quote the bible back to me, but ignored what I put down about the book of ACTS. If you looked at what the original Christian church was doing….you would label it as “Socialism”. The parable of the Good Samaritan, really….where is the individual concern for those in need by Romney? He said, “I don’t really concern myself with the poor.” Please stop with the labelling…”collectivism/socialism is EVIL… and then try to show Conservitism/Libertarianism is GOOD….especially when the GOP is not Libertarian at all. And really only Conservative when it comes to Abortions and Vaginas..then they want to have all the says so. Conservative…Constitution…..THEN you should be
            TOTALLY OUTRAGED AND PISSED OFF at the NEW JIM CROW laws the GOP has enacted in several(what 16, mostly swing) STATES.
            The reason ROMNEY does not want to show more taxes…..I don’t believe is because of what Sen. Reid said (baiting), but because he and his campaign know America would be REALLY PISSED off when they find he paid more like 2% or 3% overall taxes…on monies he couldn’t protect from taxes. FAIR SHARE…….FAIR SHARE….FAIR SHARE.
            A fearful person would be afraid, if Romney gets elected, GREED is the RULE of the day again and Cheney and HE get us into war with Iran….no money to pay for it so it comes from the middle class…again. Finally …everyone has enough and a revolt starts. So quit trying to hide it…you are monetarily rich and you are scared. But you will NOT convince anyone here, who LISTENS, ….of the Lies the GOP puts out there.

      • RobBar says:

        You keep quoting Winston Churchill over and over again…maybe he should have told you “Socialism in excess is….. Just like the excessive capitalism we now see and is destroying this country! Like the excessive greed. You haters must be rich repubs trying to act like …well, the 99%… Common sense isn’t easy to come by!

        • ObozoMustGo says:

          Rob… there is no such thing as “capitalism in excess” you moron! Capitalism is synonymous with human freedom. There is no such thing as “freedom in excess” you idiot. Now, I know you leftist freaks out there read what I wrote and think I support anarchy. (that’s the typical knee-jerk reaction of the leftist fools) I do not. I support rule of law, not domination of bureaucrats over every aspect of life and business.

          Rob, not only are you obviously NOT rich, but you are poor in spirit and intellect, as well.

          Have a nice day!

          “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
          the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
          its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
          — Winston Churchill

    • Gammaanya says:

      Solyndra was on Bush list for the rescue, it took Obama to fullfill it like many other plans that Bush did not full fill during his reign. People do not understand that bills not paid from previous adm. is added as Balance forward and you add new PROJECTED expenses.
      It seems that everybody forgot one thing when Bush took over we had money in the bank, when BUsh left we had nothing but debt, 2 wars and natural disasters. My God people, do you listen to your selves??What do you want this man Obama to do in 3 yrs over 8 yrs of mismanaging money and giving you $600.00 to pacify and tax breaks to the rich??? Filibuster everything this man is trying to do. Which part of it is hard to understand??? WOW it was your own money and the $600.00 generosity from BUsh and GOP was added to the debt. Each Adm. no matter what party can’t truly balance the sheets – it’s impossible. You have natural disasters tha will eat you a live, printing more money is no solution. Economy took a dive the day we started the war with Iraq – and nobody paid for it, but the rich make mone on it and they still do. How much life is worth in your mind??? Nothing. For the rich donation of 10 M and receive 100M is pretty damn good investment. How do you balance your check book.???? To tell the truth he is doing pretty good job keepin your herad above water. It is the same ocean we all swim in it.

      • highpckts says:

        Amen Gammaanya!! Of course we all know they have very selective memories!!

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Gam… you ARE a crack addict and absolute fool! While Bush is NOT the model of fiscal responsibility, Obozo is Bush on steroids and bath salts!

        Blaming Solyndra on Bush???? ARE YOU FRIGGIN HIGH???? Bush never funded it because the people looking at the deal said the company was a HUGE risk. His admin stuffed the application in the garbage. Obozo is the one that took it out of the garbage and funded DESPITE the continued warnings from the evaluators at the DoE.


        You, Gam, are an idiot. If Obozo crapped on your dinner plate and told you it was ice cream, you’d eat it and proclaim it was the best thing you ever ate.

        Have a nice day!

        “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
        the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
        its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
        — Winston Churchill

  29. jarheadgene says:

    You said it ALL there Don !

  30. Joyce says:

    tThe rich gets richer all the time off the backs of the poor, then the poor gets poorer from the crumbs that fall from the richers table .

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Yeah, Joyce… great strategy for getting rich — steal money from poor people that, by definition, don’t have any money! Yeah, right. Sure, sure!

      Only a moron thinks like that, Joyce. Don’t be a moron.

      Have a nice day!

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
      the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
      its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
      — Winston Churchill

  31. BROWNRIDER says:

    Regardless of party affiliation, it seems as if confusion is the constant. A spinning of facts, and it never ends. I once dreamed of a country where there were no party affiliation but Americans who genuinely cared about our country. In my dream, once the conflict was removed, our country as a whole became priority, not individual gain. I’m convinced that the existence of party lines eliminates Patriotism across the board. I may be simple minded, but I’ve come to find out, the TRUTH, really is simple. God Bless America.

  32. Doesn’t anyone proofread the text you send to millions of potential donors?!
    “…What does Adelson want—besides tax breaks, of course—some say war with Iran. [not a proper sentence]
    Some say he’d like help with a investigation by the country of Macua into his casinos. [AN investigation; Macau, not Macua!]
    Whatever it is, he claims he’s ready given $10 million dollars to “Restore Our Future” to help Mitt give it to him. [ALready given; “to help Mitt give it to him” doesn’t make any sense]

  33. To start with our freedom is gone thanks to Obama. We are now a Socialest state. We have one man that can have us all killed and he just may. We have a president who is not leagelay in office and his wife is the biggest slinger of BS around. You want your freedom? Your life and teh ability to decide what you want to do and where you want to go. Then stop listening to the Liberal Spin Doctors and do the math your self. Obama is running and I hope he keeps running till he is out of here. The man is the biggest crook ever. ANd we now have so much government that we cant move with out being watched. And for those of you that dont know The USA never was a Demorcatic government We are a Republic There is a BIG difference. I say we move the Government BAck to How it was in 1776. Consevertive and small and only paid a token amount.
    OH ya almost forgot.. You do realize thes money men deduct there contrabutions from there Taxes. Maybe they all needed a Million dollar tax credit so they gave to the person they believe can get us out of the massive debt we now have. Most of the companys that Mitt shut down were headed into Bankruptcy anyway. But he did save some to. Like Staples and Home Depot. Get a grip people Obama Cant produce a clean Birth Certificate. Mitt Can

    • Gammaanya says:

      Please give up your SS, Medicare and Medicaid, remove your children and grandchildren from Public school and PLEASE DO BOTHER WITH ACA – ALL SOCIALISTIC PROGRAMS. Sign them up to CHarter Schools run by private hands on taxpayers money (fact – deal with it). You will get 5K or 6K or less per P. Ryan, GOP Tea baggers plan, they did not yet decided. – maybe less (remember less spending) did not yet came up with any job plan because abortion and contraceptive women vaginas are more important tha the whole fricken economy. Birth Control are now terrorist act equal to Perarl Harbor and 9/11 – forget Colorado shooting, forget the Oklahoma bombing that peanuts and MUslim did it. Again this birther issue, when some of you people will grow brain, common sense?? By the way if your wife/girfriend/daughter/granddaughter needs any test see how much 6K will get you . Buy a lot on cemetery or be rich enough to pay yourself.
      If the Congressman and Senators have to be on the same healthplan we will have a healthcare fixed in no time. They don’t pay, we do and they enjoy the best we provide but they deny us the same.
      You are stupid. Get you r hood off and open you mind. Mind is like a parachute works only when open.

      • ObozoMustGo says:

        Gam… someone spiked your Geritol with liquid crack cocain… clearly!

        Have a nice day!

        “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
        the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
        its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
        — Winston Churchill

    • highpckts says:

      These “money” people don’t give rat’s ass about the debt! You just keep believing what you hear from the PAID entertainers such as Limbaugh and Beck and you be a good little drone!

  34. Jeremy says:

    They all should be taken out and tried for treason.

  35. GeorgeS says:

    They feed up BS that stirs up out “fight or flight” responses and laugh all the way to the bank.

  36. Fran says:

    First of all…I don’t approve of how he made his millions of dollars..and when he was head of the Bain Company…how many jobs he sent over seas…if you remember..he said he was not worried about the poor…the state will help them..well…he cannot walk in their shoes..what would he know about their needs and about the severe cuts made to different programs..he is so into the “me” generation” it isn’t even funny…even his own sons don’t want him to be president..he don’t listen to them either…it is all about that “me” issue…plus…what has he got hiding that he cannot present his tax reports as everyone else has done…he is a crook and a liar..and what is this stuff about him having a “Swiss Bank Account”…he has made lots of his milllions of dollars through unreputable companies..who wants a president that don’t put all his cards on the table…I don’t…the republicans got the wrong candidate running for that office of President Of The United States Of America…people are not going to vote for him believe me..he is so egotistical and sneaky..and I would classifiy him as a “narcissisitic” person…a swindler and a con-artists”..without even thinking twice…his father was more honest than he is…he will make money the dirty way…no matter..what..he is a wealth cannibal…and he thinks he can buy the White House wrong…I don’t want to see him send any more jobs overseas…we need those jobs here in America…..and if everyone was paying their fair share of taxes..and that includes the rich…we would not be in this delimina and if Bush didn’t take us into a war..where the taxpayers were paying for every military man’s salaries..and their families helth would have saved us millions or billions of dollars…and is the taxpayers monies that pay for all of the governors, again..the rich better start paying taxes just like everyone else…there is a song that I have pegged to the man with the first name of “Mitt” with the two t’ Tobey Keith..”I Wanna Talk About Me”…so into the “me” and not into the “we” thing…

  37. achtzener says:

    Run like Hell, I will NOT. Let’s fight back and get these people to act human again

    Please beware. This man does not give one ounce about you or our Country and nor do the contributing Billionaires/Millionaires

    Romney is in this race to save his money and the money of the richest people in the United States.
    They will start a war so we the people will focus on that rather than the neglagence he will cause from his own selfish greediness and once again these guys will not pay their fair share of taxes and our economic problems will be here for far too many years because of people like this.

    Our deficet could be paid off within a year of two if:

    The rich kept their money in our Country and uped the anny in the amount they pay in taxes (seriously how much money do you need ???)

    Outsourcing (horrible) Have the commin courtesy to employ the people in your Country and if not
    let’s Tax the living shit out of them.

    Churches need to start paying a fair share also most of the money they get is to help people in need.
    (why are they so rich and why do we have people loosing their homes and living on the streets)
    (seriously? completely goes against what God or the Church is. You’re not suppose to get rich off of it. God help you

    The list goes on here but I’m out of time


    Nothing will ever change if we continue to let people like Romney in our
    Government system

  38. overpaidCS says:

    Non partisan Brookings Inst… Even the NYT and WashPost identifies it as a left wing/progressive unthinking tank. And as usual they are in the tank for barak

  39. It’s time to shut them all down…..everyone register to vote and don’t let their intimidating ads get to you!

  40. pelly says:

    @EdsanjuanCollapse, do you think that mitt is capable of avoiding saharia’s law, absolutely NO. all mitt want is to enrich himself and his fellow billionaire but giving out cut of tax to them.The truth is that Obama is blocking all those chances of their easy money so they are mad with that, day one GOP senate vow to vote NO to all Obama will bring to the table in the house, why that? Look mitt got nothing for this country to move forward. he only plan to send innocent people to war and kill them as bush and cheney have done. republican are in charge of the weapon and get money through that, if mitt has anyhting and believed that he got clean and better plan he should release his tax return as request by both parties.Alao promise that his schildren will be at the war front incase their is any.

  41. anncats says:

    watch that finger pointing at Romney – the thumb is pointing back at Obama and George Soros!

  42. joceandre says:

    I remember a story about a farmer who once picked up a sick snake and nursed him back to health, as soon as the snake was well enough he bit the farmer. As the farmer laid dying the snake told him “‘you knew what I was when you picked me up”. Well folks that is Mitt Romney.

  43. wayne says:

    Mitt Romney getting into the White house would be a grater catastrophe than the crash of 1929, and assure us of another crash.. No matter what one may think of an alternative, Mitt would be every bit as bad, or worse that Herbert Hoover himself. Take it from one who remembers….

  44. Cornhusker says:

    I am concerned about the power that the billionaires giving to the Rommey campaign as it seems to be enabling him the buy a seat on board the largest company in the land.
    But I am also concern with the fact the political analyists who are talking about Rommey’s rrelease of his Tax Returns have say nothing about the fact that he requested an extension on the filing of his 2011 income taxes. I believe his request made his filing due after the election. Why would some with the abilitiy to hire CPA’s need an extension? What is he hiding under the noses of the political analyists?

  45. I would support anyone but bammyboy. These liberals are a plague on the world.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      Richard… I echo your sentiments wholeheartedly! Liberalism is a disease. In fact, liberalism is THE disease that presents itself as its own cure.

      Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight.

      Have a nice day!

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
      the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
      its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
      — Winston Churchill

  46. poloplayer says:

    it does not matter who mittens is buds with, what he wears, what he SEZ…what he does or not do…or what that VIVA LAS VEGAS CRACKPOT spends and waste his money on
    ************************OBAMA WINS 2012*******************************

  47. Eduardo says:

    Watchin: Your comments about Romney’s name and moving letters around are as intelligent and relevant as calling President Obama “OSama” Wow, what DEEP philosophical insight you possess !!

  48. Eduardo says:

    highpckts: I don’t have to “enlighten” you; joceandre and her “Likes” already did that …

  49. ron l says:

    Where is george Soros picture, what about Bill Ayres and the other communists.

    • ObozoMustGo says:

      ron1…. sshhhhhhhh!!!! Be quiet about them. We’re not supposed to talk about them because they are raging radical leftists, so they are approved. Soros’ billions that support the leftist organizations like Open Society Institute and all of its affiliates don’t count. Besides, if the leftist freaks on here had to talk about them, well, then they’d be hypocrites…. wait… hmmmmmm????

      Keep fighting the good fight!

      Have a great day!

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
      the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
      its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
      — Winston Churchill

  50. Eduardo says:

    highpckts: I have no need, contrary to you, of “enlightening” anybody. You have already done that. If you think that joceandre’s comment: ” If you look at that MR Alderson ‘s picture all he seems to be missing is the two horns on his forehead, the Lord knows he can afford them. By the way is his middle name Lucifer.”, is “enlightening”, that shows ME that you are already “enlightened” and do not need any “enlightenment” from me.

  51. Eduardo says:

    @pellyCollapse: Learn to write so I can understand what you are saying, please?

  52. Eduardo says:

    ron l: The Leftie nutjobs DO NOT want you to EVER mention Bill Ayres, … EVER !!

  53. Eduardo says:

    ObozoMustGo: My hat goes off to you, sir. I could not have said it better. Wow !

  54. Eduardo says:

    National Memo and its admirers are pathetic. Since they cannot possibly praise Obama’s record (it’s Bush’s fault !), they will say ANYTHING, no matter how far-fetched, to try to avoid the unavoidable: Barry having his a** kicked next November.
    There, I said it. Now just read what all the angry Barry Soetoro unconditionals have to say about my person !! LOL, LOL !!!

  55. Mike Flint says:

    What I’m missing here are references proving that these claims are true

  56. dablake says:

    Are you kidding me? Mr. Romney and his family have ZERO, I mean, ZERO clue, knowledge or desire to make things better for the middle class, much less the under privileged. How could we possibly even think about electing someone like this guy? Whats the matter with people and whats the matter with the Republican party? Is this really the best you could come up with? His idea of “relating ” is to tell the people of Detroit that “his wife has 2 Cadillac s!” He has absolutely no idea what it is like to live anything but a Billionaires life. He doesn’t even come across with an attitude of caring. He comes across arrogant and poppas which I think is probably a true assessment of this obnoxious, self absorbed, Mormon person. Obama may not be what we need either. He started his presidency out in the negative because of the help of the Bush Republican era, so far in the hole that only the most wealthy were still paying their bills, even tho so many of the poor darlings had to give up their 2nd and 3rd vacation homes, and big boats. No, Obama may not be the answer to all of our woes, but I can honestly tell you, this Romney smuck does not have our best interests at heart.
    Health care reform. God knows we need massive health care reform. Anyone who has a set of good eyes, knows that something has to be done, starting with a good house cleaning from the bottom up!!! Everyone, from the poor up will always need health care. EVERYONE should pay their share for coverage. The same % for everyone. The lower your income the less you pay, only you pay the same percentage as the millionaire. No more freebies just because you are poor. An overhaul of the insurance “mob, a.k.a corporations is essential.” Where does anyone start? I don’t have a clue, all I know is that what we have is not working in regard to health care and health care cost reform. At least Obama had the guts to try something. More than any other President. Clinton tried but gave up in mid stream, most certainly because of politics.
    And what about this antiquated tax code? The idea that if you don’t give the wealthy tax breaks, the system will shut down, employment will suffer and plummet is so absurd, it is ridiculous. OMG!!! That has certainly worked well, hasn’t it? The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class continue to foot all of the bills for both the rich and the poor. The persons who are making the laws are the persons with everything to lose financially. Its like putting the cat in office to protect the hen house!!! Wake up people.. This whole country is so convoluted in its massive greed, running everything, its time someone tried real reform.
    Foreign policy, which has to be way down on the priority list when domestic issues and problems are in such upheaval but must be addressed. I wouldn’t trust Mr. Romney to be able to relate to foreign leaders because I don’t think he has the knowledge, the IQ or the personality to relate to anyone other than maybe his rich buds who will without a doubt be calling the shots.
    I say, give Obama his last 4 years then by that time, surely undoubtedly we can come up with someone who can begin to unravel this total breakdown we call a government. I don’t care whether he or she is a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, give me someone who doesn’t send cold chills down my spine and I’ll vote for them. Romney is NOT the answer, people.. Obama may not be either, but he’s in office right now, he at least attempts to project a propensity of knowledge regarding the average, middle class citizen and the needs of the majority. Put another rich guy in office and we”ll all continue to sink.

  57. Eli Jackson says:

    whoa this whole page, whole damn website’s biased to the point of rediculousness…
    jesus christ…. all y’all yankees and your billionaires, all them hollywood types, all them 80,000+/year massachusetts liberals…

  58. Eli Jackson says:

    biased beyond compare, what can y’say, liberals aint try hard no more
    always with the negativity and the attacks….
    say it aint so liberals?

  59. Jason go suck Obamas a**s

  60. Teri Jo says:

    Good for him! American tax-payers are paying for Obama’s campaign.

  61. AllanGardnerMiles says:

    Where’s the American Flag that was once in the White House Breifing Room? Why is there a yellow curtain with Arabic symbols as a background in lieu of Our American Flag. Why the sudden run of executive orders to take over Transportation:Food; etc which is just slightly short of Issueing Martial Law. For the procrastinaters seach the web on the latest executive orders and if you are not flabbergasted somebody needs to explain just what these executive orders mean.

  62. Money can’t buy you love…

  63. What a scurrilous, poorly written bunch of crap. Just take one accusation sourced to some Music magazine not read since the Beatles broke up. One of Romney’s donors makes shoes and would like to bid to make them for US troops. You mean make them in American by Americans thus increasing tax revenues and decreasing unemployment rather than out-source to China? Yeah, that would be terrible. Go Hussein Obama!

  64. RodgerF says:

    So all you wingnuts believe this stuff? It is interesting to read all of the “leftist” fabricated theories. You would like to think I am a “Romneyite” wouldn’t you? Well, I’m your worse dream. I’m an independent!!!

  65. RodgerF says:

    Spoke too soon! I see that there are other opinions here as well……………..Never mind………..

  66. Steven Napoletan says:

    Or we could lump them all together and they still wouldn’t have as much “scare” as George Soros who happens to own the democratic party. When are we going to realize that neither party is for the “little guy”? But since we’re asking, since when does a president who is always hanging with the stars indicate that he’s for the little guy? Stars aint us.

  67. ruffsoft says:

    These are the scumbags of the ruling class that Romney represents. They are the scariest looking thugs I have ever seen! When getting rich means killing your soul, it makes the old Biblical meme come to mind: what profit it a man if he makes a killing but ends up dead on the inside?

    And should such people have huge disproportionate influence in politics, where it is the case that 94% of all elections are won by the party with the most money.

    Either money rules or the people rule: one or the other. But money is people, just as corporations are money.

    Plutocracy or democracy. Plutocracy becomes immediately klepotocracy, as public assets are given away to cronies. Democracy…we haven’t really tried it yet. We need to get all money of politics and democratize both the Senate and the Presidential election.

    People or profits, who should rule? And what is profit but theft of the people’s labor. In the past 30 years, with 85% productivity increase, median wages have fallen over 30% while the income of the top 1% has increased nearly 300%. All new profits, much of it a result of taxpayer/govt investments in the internet, GPS, satellite technology, etc. were funneled to the top and 1/3 of median workers pay was stolen to swell the wallets of the already rich.

    As Justice Brandeis said (when we once had respect for our Justices): You can have democracy or you can have great concentrations of wealth, but you can’t have both.

    Ben Franklin said: once you have what you need to live, the rest should go to the state. He said this is The Way to Wealth. Jefferson said if we don’t “crush….the moneyed aristocracy…they will destroy the laws of the nation.”

    It’s time to fight back. Step one: reject the Republicans who have strayed from a once progressive pro-civil rights party to a far right corporatist coalition of fundamentalists, racists, and the rich. Step two: make the Democrats show some spine. Step 3: end corporate personhood, regulate the banks, rebuild the middle class with tax reform and
    investments in education and infrastructure and research. Govt research has fueled the economy for 40 yrs. Govt infrastructure building fueled it before that. A government which cuts investments in productivity boosting programs is destroying the foundation for future growth.

  68. Eduardo says:

    ruffsoft: Where did you read that I am in favor of going to war in the Middle East? What I said, I said it on NUMEROUS “posts” and will not repeat. Go and read above (several posts).

  69. ruffsoft says:

    Almost all MUslims condemn terrorism. An unarmed protest march of peaceful Muslims in Libya marched to the militia compound and forced them to flee. Muslims thoughout the world have condemned terrorism and violence, but Islamophobes refuse to hear them, preferring to believe that most Muslims want to kill us. That is a goddamned lie.

  70. ruffsoft says:

    Eduardo…if you google, you can find much info on Muslim protest of terror. You need to wake up and smell the right wing anti-Muslim bigotry you have bought into.

  71. doradl says:

    The Mormon church is gonna win! Both candidates have supporters that want a piece of the pie… So all things being equal – I’ll vote for the guy who wears magic undies and is planning on being a God on of his own planet the next time around. Everyone bend over for Elder Mitt. Tip – buy used Mormon magic underpants on Ebay and join the new GOP. He’s got my vote!

  72. Alex the Guide says:

    America is a plutocracy and here you have people spending millions battling taxes which could have been paid with the millions squandered during the election. Sad sad sad.

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