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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The percentage of Americans who describe themselves as “liberal” has reached an all-time high, according a Gallup poll released Friday.

The poll finds that 23 percent of Americans self-identify as liberal, the highest such number since Gallup began measuring ideology in the current format in 1992.

That figure, while rising, still lags far behind the number of self-identified conservatives; a 38 percent plurality of Americans say they are conservative, while 34 percent self-identify as moderate.

Gallup Poll

The rise in liberal identification has been led by Democrats — 43 percent of Democrats now consider themselves liberals, up from just 29 percent at the beginning of the George W. Bush administration in 2000. The number of self-described moderate Democrats has fallen 8 percent since 2000, and the number of conservative Democrats has fallen 6 percent.

Gallup Poll Democrats

In what may be a contributing factor to the nation’s increasingly polarized politics, the number of self-described moderates has steadily fallen over the past two decades; 34 percent now use the term to describe their politics, representing an all-time low in the poll.

Thsi is the second Gallup poll this week to illustrate the nation’s changing political attitudes; a survey released Wednesday found that fewer Americans now self-identify as Republicans than at any point in the past three decades.

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  • middleclasstaxpayer

    There actually is a LIBERAL PARADISE…..where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only Law Enforcement has guns.

    And believe it or not, such a place does indeed exist . . . it’s called prison.
    Hallelujah!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Hallelujah!!!! Hallelujah!!!!

    • Howa4x

      Actually they call it Sweeden

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    In this video, a friend describes navy-yard shooter Aaron Alexis as a liberal and supporter of Hussein Obama:

  • Allan Richardson

    The term “moderate” no longer means center-left as in the past, it now means center-right (as in, not totally anti-abortion but willing to go along with them, and not heartless about poverty but not willing to work with liberals to fight it). This is why “moderate” is not losing nearly as much to “conservative” as it is to “liberal.” In fact, “conservatives” who now identify as “moderate” are probably a large group, but they are outnumbered by “moderate” voters changing to “liberal.” The conservative meme that “liberal = communist” is no longer believed outside their own shrinking group. And neither is their meme that “liberal = wasting taxes” vs “conservative = using taxes wisely” now that the waste of conservative governance (war in Iraq, forced ultrasound, excessive government regulations on ONE kind of industry — abortion, special elections held specifically to separate an incumbent governor from expected high Dem turnout for another office, etc.) is becoming apparent.

  • Dominick Vila

    The most perplexing part for me is the number of conservatives who don’t hesitate to use MEDICAID, food stamps, and other forms of government aid, while claiming to be conservatives. Based on personal observations, their decision has more to do with their religious beliefs and opposition to abortion, than social issues, fiscal and economic policies, or foreign policy.

  • kanawah

    Now, if we can just get all of the liberals to the poles on election day, we can put the conservatives permanently in the minority, in all locations.