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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Gov. Nikki Haley’s (R-SC) decision to speak out against Donald Trump and other anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim forces in the Republican Party is certainly laudable — but her awareness of American history needs a little work.

The Hill reports:

She said Wednesday that Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration to the country is what compelled her to speak out.

“You know, the one thing that got me I think was when he started saying ban all Muslims,” she said.

“We’ve never in the history of this country passed any laws or done anything based on race or religion,” she added. “Let’s not start that now.”

Of course, the state of South Carolina is itself a grand exhibit of America’s history of racially-based laws. It was the state where the Civil War began, as the first state to secede in the South’s effort to preserve and expand the institution of slavery, and it was where the first shots of the war were fired at Fort Sumter.

During the Jim Crow era, the state was also home to Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrat rebellion of 1948, a political mobilization for segregation that rallied against the emerging post-World War II civil rights movement.

To be sure, both South Carolina and the United States as a whole have made progress, climbing upward from these tainted beginnings to build a great country. But it sure does sound odd to hear a political leader say that we’ve “never in the history of this country” passed such odious laws — and, “Let’s not start that now.”

A better thing to say would’ve been: “Let’s not ever do that again.” That sort of myth-busting — against the idea of America as not just a great country, but a perfect one — would, in fact, be the right way to avoid doing it again.

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31 Responses to SC Gov. Nikki Haley: The U.S. Has ‘Never’ Passed Laws Based On Race And Religion — Um…

      • Better be careful, charleo1. Some folks may think you actually believe that tripe if they haven’t followed your posts before. Of course, when you are almost quoting the standard TRUMP speech verbatim…

        • We could tell charlie isn’t a GOP supporter by his lack of misspellings and use of correct grammar and full sentences.

        • Sarcasm on Republican extremism has become almost, if not entirely impossible. Because sarcasm requires one to find the farthest boundary, and go ridiculously beyond. A thing that is happening minus sarcasm within the RW almost daily! Still, I think it’s important to write this stuff out, in all of it’s ugly willful ignorance. Born of a fear that dates back to slavery itself, and is perpetuated from one generation to the next like a genetic disease contracted at Grandpa’s or Daddy’s knee. If nothing else but to say it’s absolutely real, and very much with us today.

          • I see the diarrhea of the brain continues from you. As usual your ridiculous comment/comments have no boundary/boundaries. One day you will get your head out of your a$$.

          • I haven’t heard you say anything of substance at all since you’ve been posting here. At least I have a head. So there.

          • You wouldn’t know substance if it hit you between the eyes! In this thread your posts have had no substance, just a bunch of delusional ramblings.
            A “Head” up your a$$ is more like it.

      • There certainly seem to be a growing number of people on both sides of the political spectrum who are more interested in expressing anger than suggesting compromise on issues of disagreement. I do not remember the Republican candidates being this conservative since 1964. My guess is that the average Democrat sees social welfare programs as a way to help the unfortunate and the average Republican sees those programs as a way for people to abuse the system. I share the Democrats’ hope and the Republicans’ skepticism.

        • There is a lot dissatisfaction. But it manifests itself in very different ways, depending on one’s outlook. The white rural working stiffs on the Right, their wages stalled for years, have been schooled that there are reasons for this that have everything to do with the Democrats allowing all these too lazy to work people to go on the public dole, at their expense. They tie everything from national defense, to the public debt to that, then interject race to sell the entire fairy tale. The welfare Queen in her Cadillac. The unnamed guy who reports all the lobster, and steaks he seen paid for with food stamps. Gosh he says, I can’t afford that. Meanwhile, their slats are being kicked right out from under them by anti union right to work laws, tax laws skewed toward the rich, and a system that’s more rigged against them ever getting out of hole no matter how hard they work. So sure they are angry, they need to get educated. Educated to the fact every subsidy program, from the earned income child tax credit, to the food stamp, and housing allowances, are a giveaway to employers paying subpar non livable wages. And that dynamic alone lowers their overall pay, and will serve to keep it rock bottom low far into the future.

        • Where I grew up in the 60s, all the adults thought, and talked this way. I remember listening to Dr. King and wondering where the people around me were hearing all this hate he was supposedly stirring up? And so I listened again for that hate. And sure enough hate was there. But it wasn’t coming out the Preacher, or the protesters. It was in the eyes of those White Cops. I remember clearly. They were on horses swinging the clubs they held in their gloved hands at the heads of kids not much older than me. Others had dogs that were snarling, and straining at their leashes. And I had never seen fire hoses used in such a manner before. And for the first time I saw my parents were inexplicably siding with what looked to me to be the obvious wrongdoers, the true haters. Looking back, for me it was a beginning.

        • People are people, period. You know the thing that gets under my skin the most about that attitude that runs to the core of these so called conservatives like yourself. Is their absolute certainty that they are somehow better, smarter, work harder, worship the right God, and that God loves them more than He loves those other lesser human beings. Their completely unfounded belief that they are somehow just naturally superior. And so therefore it’s an unmitigated outrage that the whole World doesn’t bow down, recognize their greatness, and put them in charge. The World doesn’t of course. And then we’ve all got to put up with the sanctimonious fits.

  1. This is what they do. The GOP rewrites history and presents it as the truth. Then they repeat it until their stupid sheep are brainwashed by it.

  2. At least she meant well. “Never” is a good word to avoid using. Mr. Trump’s recommendation for a temporary ban would have some merit if it could be implemented with any confidence. But, how does one determine if the prospective immigrant is a Muslim? It seems reasonable to assume that many Muslims seeking to immigrate would lie about their religion. It is also reasonable to assume that every Muslim seeking to immigrate and commit a terrorist attack will lie. So, I assume Mr. Trump has some more sophisticated approach.

    • I assume the keep the Muslims out thing was nothing but a ploy to gain attention, and excite a GOP base of goobers he knows to be dumber than a sack of rocks, and more scared than a bunch of girl scouts on their first dark night in the woods.

  3. Wonder what history book she read while in school. Apparently, US history isn’t taught in South Carolina or she doesn’t see Jim Crow laws or the anti-Chinese laws in the Western US as being racist.

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