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Sunday, April 22, 2018
Ahmed Mohamed

Late Night Roundup: A Good Time For Ahmed

Larry Wilmore couldn’t help but ask the question: Wasn’t it kind of cool to get arrested?

September 24, 2015

Late Night Roundup: Donald Trump Isn’t Talking About Something!

Stephen Colbert sat down with Donald Trump — one gonzo comedian to another.

September 23, 2015

America Is Not A Brave Nation

We are fraidy-cats and cowards. We’ve proven this many times since that Tuesday morning in September of 2001, and we proved it when we arrested Ahmed Mohamed.

September 21, 2015

Endorse This: We Stand With Ahmed!

“This isn’t my first invention,” Ahmed declared, “and it won’t be my last invention.”

September 17, 2015

Police: No Bomb Charges Against Muslim Boy Who Brought Homemade Clock To School

The boy’s case has sparked calls for an investigation by a leading Muslim civil rights group and has generated widespread outrage with trending hashtags on Twitter, including #IStandWithAhmed.

September 16, 2015