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Boehner Says House To Vote On Clean DHS Funding

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Boehner Says House To Vote On Clean DHS Funding

US Speaker of the House John Boehner speaks during a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on July 17, 2014 (AFP Photo/Jim Watson)

Washington (AFP) – U.S. House Speaker John Boehner told Republicans he will allow a vote on a clean Department of Homeland Security funding bill Tuesday, overriding conservative efforts to block President Barack Obama’s immigration plan.

Senior aides in the room confirmed that Boehner told members at his party’s Tuesday morning caucus that he was prepared to swiftly put a clean DHS funding bill to a vote, effectively ending the congressional battle that had threatened to shut down a critical agency designed to protect Americans.

It would likely pass easily because such a measure would earn support from Democrats who are united in seeking to secure DHS funding without amendments that would repeal President Barack Obama’s controversial executive orders on immigration from last November.

“As you’ve heard me say a number of times, the House has done its job by passing legislation to fund DHS and block the president’s executive actions on immigration,” Boehner told rank-and-file Republicans, according to a person in the room.

“Unfortunately, the fight was never won in the other chamber.”

Boehner invoked the threat of terrorism as a rationale for ending the fight and funding DHS through the end of the fiscal year on September 30, saying pushing the agency into shutdown would be a mistake.

“With more active threats coming into the homeland, I don’t believe that’s an option,” he said, according to a source.

“Imagine if, God forbid, another terrorist attack hits the United States.”

Boehner, who has been under intense pressure from a small band of far-right conservatives to stand firm and insist on linking the two issues, ultimately retreated from those demands when it became clear there was no path to victory on the issue.

The House passed a measure attaching the immigration rollback to DHS funding, but Democrats blocked it repeatedly in the Senate.

Congress must fund DHS by Friday or the agency will run out of money, although in the event of a shutdown most border personnel, airport screeners and Secret Service agents would remain on the job without pay.

U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner speaks during a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on July 17, 2014 (AFP Photo/Jim Watson)



  1. Lynda Groom March 3, 2015

    Was that so hard? A clean bill could have, and should have, been put forward months ago and we could have spent more time on the next distraction. If the Speaker expects to get anything done of value with his caucus he certainly should see by now what a pipe dream that has become. Working with Nancy and the Demicrats is the ticket.

    1. GinnyAlbert March 6, 2015

      This is how Republicans behave, as they have no innovative ideas to put forward. They latch on to a single issue and pound it to death, so that it looks as though they are working, but they truly aren’t. Were they doing the work of those who elected them, they would be too busy with the myriad of things that remain to be done to make life palatable for Americans. Instead, they seem to think their job is to roll back the progress and policies of Obama initiatives — and to them that’s “doing the people’s business”.

      It’s also beginning to look more and more like Republicans don’t know why they are there. They jump on every Obama policy without truly learning its meaning or content, and when Democrats push back, the GOP finds themselves up a creek to explain their mission. The truth is, they don’t know what they are doing. They decided when Obama was elected that they would say NO to everything — even initiatives that originated with Republicans (the ACA), which is what happens when you allow UNELECTED organizations and persons like the Tea Party, the Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist to orchestrate your every move. The GOP is looking crazier and more frenzied to more and more people; I know William F. Buckley is ecstatic that he is no longer here to contemplate the shreds of what his party has become! However, he is still probably looking on in shame, with tears in his eyes! He would be at a loss to defend this crazy fringe group!

  2. Insinnergy March 3, 2015

    That single act most likely has ended his speakership.
    (Even though it was the right thing to do)
    Because the more retarded members of the Republican House Majority don’t live in the same reality as everyone else.

  3. dylan pepperling March 4, 2015

    Why don’t Boehner and Cheney go fight. They didn’t fight as American as a soldiers did they?

  4. James Bowen March 4, 2015

    Let’s hope the courts stop this illegal amnesty, and that Congress can
    find it in themselves to reassert their Constitutional authority in these

    1. jmprint March 4, 2015

      Let’s pray the court thinks about the humans beings that are affected by their decisions.

      1. James Bowen March 4, 2015

        We cannot let in everyone who wants to come here. We don’t have the resources. Our laws our meaningless if we say that past violators are accepted but future violators won’t be. That’s what we did in 1986, and look where it got us.

        1. jmprint March 4, 2015

          If you repeat youself, over and over and over, it might convence you, but that’s not the case with these families, they live in fear of being separated everyday.

          1. James Bowen March 5, 2015

            Our immigration authorities do not forcibly separate families. Illegals who have citizen kids are their legal guardians, and the decision of whether they stay or go rests with the parents, not with the authorities. This is a far better than Americans who are sent to prison for non-violent crimes get. They are forcibly separated from their families.

          2. jmprint March 5, 2015

            We are talking about children born in the United States they are citizens and we are also talking about children that have been here all their lives. You are trying to force them to be uprooted to please your delusional fear, grow up, get a heart, go to church, do something nice for a change.

          3. James Bowen March 5, 2015

            If their parents can adapt in a country where they are illegal, certainly their children can adapt in a country where they are legal. We cannot allow for everyone who wants to come here to do so, and to send a message that excessively procreating will make it more likely for them to stay is nothing short of stupid.

          4. jmprint March 5, 2015

            You are not being unrealistic, you know darn well the conditions you would be imposing on these kids, you don’t get to dictate to other us born citizens where they need to live and for how long. We are, have been will be a nation of immigrants. If our congress had done there job these kids would not have been born here and you wouldn’t have to play devil’s advocate.

          5. GinnyAlbert March 6, 2015

            James is lost. The very reason immigrants leave their countries is because conditions make it impossible to find decent labor, and in many instances there are drug cartels trolling the streets; families and ordinary citizens lives are at risk every day. Nobody should be forced to live under such tyranny.

            You are slowly educating James, jimprint — keep up the good work. He may not acknowledge it, but you’re providing him with common sense views about immigration and the fact that none of us has the right to deny the rest of us a pathway to a better life!

          6. James Bowen March 6, 2015

            You do realize that there are some 6 billion people in the world who would like to have that better life, right?. I certainly can’t blame them, but do you really think we can, let alone should, let 6 billion people in this country? I am not the one who is out of touch with reality here.

            As for the illegal aliens, most of them come here for the money, not because they want to be Americans.

          7. jmprint March 6, 2015

            God Bless, thank you.

          8. James Bowen March 6, 2015

            It is up to the parents to decide whether the kids stay here or not. Overbreeding and having more kids that they can support should absolutely not be an excuse to violate our immigration laws. On the contrary, they should be the prime targets.

          9. jmprint March 6, 2015

            No James Brown you are totally wrong, quit being so vicious.

          10. James Bowen March 7, 2015

            I am not wrong about parents, not the authorities, being the ones who choose to separate the families or not. The parents are the kids’ legal guardians, and deportation is not a legal punishment, so the decision rests with the parents.

            We should not allow having kids they cannot support to be an incentive for illegal immigration either. That is nothing less than stupid.

          11. jmprint March 5, 2015

            Also you lie. we have a gentleman who was born in the United States, served in the Marines, and his father got deported.

          12. James Bowen March 5, 2015

            Illegal means illegal. If his son served in the Marines, that means he was of legal age and his father no longer had legal custody of him. There is nothing stopping the son from leaving the U.S. to be with his father.

          13. jmprint March 5, 2015

            And just how many laws have you broken, I bet to sped this morning to get to your computer. Just because their parents entered into the United States, seeking a better life as your ancestors did, doesn’t make it right for you to punish, separate, displace, humiliate and distort facts to apiece you.

            Fact: They are already here
            Fact: Are economy is doing better then when Bush was in office. Doesn’t look like they hurt anything other then your feelings. having to put up with dark skin.
            Fact: These children have as much rights as you.
            Fact: You are trying to hurt people
            Fact: You definiatly don’t follow God’s rules

          14. James Bowen March 5, 2015

            Laws exist for a reason. Sometimes those reasons are weird, and sometimes they benefit narrow interests. However, these particular laws exist as an acknowledgement to the fact that there are limits to how many people are country can absorb and provide for. We simply cannot take in everyone who wants to come here without destroying our nation and our quality of life. Yes, they are already here, but if they came they can be made to leave. Our economy is not doing well at all, and saying it is better than when Bush was in office is not saying much. I am not trying to hurt anybody. I do not wish harm on these people. We do need to protect our citizens and our quality of life though. If you disagree with this, I then expect you to tell me you would be willing to give your job, or at least half your pay, to one of them and let a number of them live in your house.

          15. jmprint March 5, 2015

            I don’t have a problem helping people out, I do it all the time.
            They are not asking you or me to put them up, or feed them, they are holding their own. Do you not read the newspapers and listen to the news. Our economy is much better then it was five years ago. These people have not hurt us in anyway. I am not against deportation to illegals that cause our country harm, just against deporting and separating families that are here and are succeeding, and are doing everything to become productive citizens. And yes we can welcome them, and yes there is plenty of room for them.

          16. James Bowen March 5, 2015

            That is not saying much about our economy. It is poor now, and was utterly miserable five years ago. Since 2007 we have been taking in more immigrants each month, both legal and illegal, than we have been creating jobs.

            There is no room for them. We can only sustain indefinitely 150-200 million people. We have twice that as it is, and that is growing due to immigration. We need to reduce, not increase the number of people we have, and to do that we need to reduce immigration and get rid of the illegals. Their very presence causes harm because they depress wages, steal jobs, and speed up the consumption of non-renewable resources from the U.S. resource base. Many of them can’t even afford the cost of living here.

            If we send them home, no families will be forcibly separated. If families are separated, it is because they themselves choose that.

          17. GinnyAlbert March 6, 2015

            You are setting yourself up to be in a similar situation some day, and I trust you will be as stoic about what you must do as you advocate immigrants should be. Also, please recognize it for what it is when it comes, as it certainly will. Be strong!

          18. James Bowen March 6, 2015

            The U.S. already does the world a great service by being the world’s food bank. With our grain surpluses, we make up for the food deficits of other countries. However, our population is on trajectory to be about 1 billion by 2100, thanks entirely to immigration (both legal and illegal). With 1 billion people, we would no longer have much of a surplus. Where are those people going to get their food then? Mars?

            Bottom line, we are in the long run doing a lot more harm than help by having permissive immigration policies.

          19. GinnyAlbert March 6, 2015

            When I was in college (2012-13), many of my classmates were deported; and these were people clearly here to improve their lives — they were enrolled in the university system. Families HAVE been separated; what do you think the President’s policy is intended to repair!

            Breaking up families is a unconscionable thing to do, but then conservatives are unconscionable in their views in most everything humane. I’m beginning to think they are a different species! We need to scan their persons — are hearts and brains part of their physiological makeup? Or perhaps they have robot hearts and brains — programmed to function as they do!

        2. James Bagley March 4, 2015

          We have plenty of room. And if we deport you 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation European immigrants who have become hateful, lazy, hypocritical, bigoted and worthless, why, we’d have even more room.

          1. James Bowen March 5, 2015

            We do not have plenty of room. We can only sustain indefinitely 150-200 million people in this country, and we have twice that now. If we are going to stabilize our population, we have to reduce immigration and crack down on illegal immigration. Americans already have sub-replacement fertility, so that is not the problem.

    2. James Bagley March 4, 2015

      There is no future for immigrant-hating European immigrants in a country made up of mostly immigrants. Read the writing on the wall.


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