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GOP Urged To ‘Put Some Salsa Sauce’ On The Conservative Movement At ‘Road To Majority’ Conference

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GOP Urged To ‘Put Some Salsa Sauce’ On The Conservative Movement At ‘Road To Majority’ Conference


At Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition “Road to Majority” conference in Washington this week, conservative activists and Republican lawmakers are straining to portray themselves as compassionate Christians, particularly with regard to the heated immigration debate. But the compassion they say they have for immigrants — or “illegal aliens,” as Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) repeatedly referred to them in her speech — comes with a number of caveats.

On Thursday, activists were dispatched to Capitol Hill with talking points on immigration, same-sex marriage, and the Internal Revenue Service. Immigration got top billing, and the lead argument was religious: “The Bible instructs God’s people to show compassion and love for the foreigner and the immigrant.” These activists say they take the Bible literally, but their compassion isn’t unconditional. The goal of immigration should be to “strengthen, not undermine, loving and intact families,” the talking points go on, yet “we vehemently oppose amnesty and guaranteed paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently residing in the country.”

Speakers have been at loggerheads about what the Bible says about immigrants, and about compassion. At the kickoff lunch, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), who has proven himself capable of talking out of both sides of his mouth on the immigration bill he co-sponsored, described the immigration debate as “very divisive and conflicted.” He tried to appeal to his base’s religious instincts, saying the “essence of immigration policy is compassion,” reading from Matthew 5, prevailing on the audience to heed Jesus’ command to be the salt of the earth.

But Colleen Holcomb, executive director of the anti-immigrant Eagle Forum, insisted there is “no Biblical mandate for amnesty.” She noted that Leviticus 19:33 contains a mandate to treat the sojourner and stranger kindly — a mandate she argued applies to individuals, not the government. “As a person of faith,” she said, “I get profoundly offended when faith leaders imply that there is some sort of Biblical mandate” to pass immigration reform.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), the sponsor of a border security “poison pill” amendment to the Gang of Eight bill currently being debated in the Senate, avoided discussing immigration altogether. He focused, as many lawmakers addressing the group have, on the “threat” of “big, intrusive, all-encompassing government.” While the government is voraciously destroying America, only the family — or rather, a certain kind of family — can save the nation and its “exceptional” role in God’s plan and the world.

Jeb Bush, who urged his party to adopt a “hopeful” and “optimistic” message, argued that the right kind of immigrants — “fertile” ones — could make up for a demographic decline that he said undermines the conservative vision of the role of the family. Bush highlighted not compassion, but how immigration could help “rebuild the demographic pyramid.”


  1. Catskinner June 15, 2013

    What seems to be lost in this discussion about Republicans courting Latinos is this: in the 2012 election, Romney ran on a platform of persuading illegal aliens to “self deport” and still won 27% of the Latino vote. That would seem to indicate that Latinos who have been in the country for a longer period have come to recognize illegal immigration in the same threatening light that every one else has–at least those of us who have taken the time to think about it. So if the government simply took a strong stand on enforcement, within a few years Latinos who are here now would come to similar conclusions and the GOP would be in pretty good shape with that segment of the electorate.

    1. rustacus21 June 15, 2013

      … as if this were simply about ‘courting’ some woman, just b/c her family has money (or in this case, a significant voting percentage), the beau detests her personally, but will do the ‘family’ a favor by marrying her. Oh, by the way, he’s kept his ‘mistress’ (racist conservative & T-bagger elements), & lovingly spends ALL his time w/her (i.e., policy priorities of trickle-down & austerity imperatives), professing his utter & absolute devotion!!! How much of a group of CHUMPS must the Republican party think of the broad demographic of Latino voters? Oh, it must the conferrence of the “White” Latino separations, which made Rubio the darling of the moment in Republican-dom. Even w/a hundred Marco R.’s, the Republican party is still what they are – racist – closeted & otherwise & Hispanic voters – w/the “White” designation or not, better use the reasoning God gave them & pass on this ‘courtship’…

    2. Zach Smith June 16, 2013

      My (legal) immigrant in-laws were the strongest opponents of illegal immigration that you could possibly imagine.

      1. Catskinner June 16, 2013

        That’s what one would expect, Zach, if one took time to think about it.

    3. Mr Corrections April 15, 2015


  2. JSquercia June 15, 2013

    The problem for the Republicans is their base hates these people and want to send them AWAY .So how do ask a person for their vote while simultaneously despising them .Sort of like Romney’s 47% remarks (god Bless the guy who taped THAT

    1. Zach Smith June 16, 2013

      It also appears that African Americans are quite wary of open borders. This makes sense; they are the ones most hurt by falling wages and bankrupt welfare programs. For me it just means a larger and cheaper selection of housemaids and gardeners.

    2. Catskinner June 16, 2013

      But it turned out to be accurate in the end. 47% of the people don’t pay taxes, so of course they would vote for Obama, but where would they be if nobody paid taxes?

      1. Mr Corrections April 15, 2015

        47% of people don’t pay FEDERAL INCOME tax. They are, of course, taxed in other ways.

        I’m sorry that you think your talking point is in any way not nonsensical.

  3. charleo1 June 15, 2013

    The Republican message to Latinos is, we want your vote. But, we wish you
    weren’t here. Seriously, do these clowns think they are fooling anyone? Oh,
    they’re inclusive alright. About as inclusive as a birthday party, for the Grand
    Wizard, of the KKK. Who are they fooling? Themselves maybe. But, they are
    going to find out, that’s an entirely different thing, than convincing the 50,000
    Latino citizens, that reach the age of majority each month in this Country.
    Potentially, hopefully, burying the entire intolerant, and self serving lot of them
    where they stand. And, I can’t help but believe, the Country would be 100%
    better off because of it. Think about it. When was the last time that raging
    homophobe, and unrepentant bigot, Ralph Reed, of the family research council,
    ever in his pathetic life, came down on the side of anyone that wasn’t White,
    and didn’t harbor the same intolerant mindset he has, as a racial supremacist?
    A man of God, no less, using the religion of Christ, to spread hate? Classy eh?
    If the GOP ever hopes to redeem itself, it’s going to need to give up it’s gang
    life, and thug mentality. Along with it’s associations with morons like Reed. Or anyone that gets up and says such crap as, “We need to put some salsa on the Conservative movement.” I know where I would love to put a little salsa.

  4. rustacus21 June 15, 2013

    My God ~ this all sounds so cutesie ~ the ‘Road to Majority’… which will be achieved by what? Austerity? Trickle-down economics? Tax cuts to ONLY the top 1%? Cuts in social services? On the word of the ‘Right’ Rev. Rodriquez? Whose already made the ‘conservative’ grade, via the non-profit route? Oh & maintaining slave-wage conditions in many Central & S. American nation’s? Of the many indictments against President Clinton, was the signing of the NAFTA agreement, but what wasn’t publicized was the regulation & upgrading of labor conditions in these same Latino nations, allowing for a more prosperous situation that began the trek toward Democracy. Funny how just a little Democracy goes a long way. Unfortunately, Republicans don’t like Democracy & in fact, their record toward enslaving them here as immigrants & abroad, as slave-labor destinations & ensuring tyrants stay in power. But to the point, this is the same old ‘bait & switch’, w/suckers like Rubio & Rodriguez doing their part to ‘sucker’, er, ‘pursuade’ more Hispanic’s to INDEED drink this Jonestown special grade kool-aid, that’s sure to leave the bitterest aftertaste. Yes indeed, the road to majority, only in their minds, is a fine place indeed. But in the real world, a nitemare we’ve already lived thru & can do w/out, thank U very much…

  5. howa4x June 15, 2013

    It makes me laugh out loud at the propping up of the bible in the republican conferences. The republican party is so far away from the message of love that Christ preached. To even invoke the bible is way over the top. If they were real Christians and not political ones then no one in this country would be without health care, or a job. They would be the ones out there protecting the environment and giving dominion over the animals. Instead they are the party of greed. Ralph Reed was mixed up in the Jack Abramoff scandals where he helped to lobby for the Indian casinos and paid off congressman. This is why tea party co founder Rep. Dick Armey R-Tx had to leave congress. This is more hypocrisy of hiding behind Jesus while shoving cash into their pockets, no matter what the issue is.

  6. Allan Richardson June 16, 2013

    Their motto is “Kill a Commie for Christ.” What, no more Commies, well then, “kill a Muslim for Christ.” To think that Jesus Christ wants us to kill ANYONE is a worse form of blasphemy than urinating on a cross or burning a Bible. And Jesus came to preach GOOD news to the poor; not ONLY that their sins are forgiven, but that the rich would see them and change the system so that they would no longer BE poor, not that He blessed the rich for taking even MORE away from the poor.

    1. dtgraham June 17, 2013

      Well of course you do have to remember that famous old Testament scene where Jesus didn’t heal the leper due to pre existing conditions, and he did insist that marriage should only be between two consenting rich people.

      Yes, while he did say that God would destroy the world over homosexuality, he also added afterwards that the gays would come in later and do a simply fabulous renovation job.

      Yeah all right, I may have gotten that first paragraph from the Faith and Freedom Coalition, but I got the second from MSNBC.

      1. Allan Richardson June 17, 2013

        I love that! Of course you know it was the NEW Testament that features Jesus, but I remember reading it. I think your references are from Dowjons 15:1-23.

        Your second paragraph should comfort those who are afraid of the evangelical teachings about the afterlife. If all the gay people are going there, then H*** may be hot, but at least everything is coordinated. And if Heaven is full of the kind of people who go to the Faith and Freedom conference, it would be H*** for the rest of us!

        BTW, I am not referring to humble, decent, loving individuals who follow that or any other faith. I am referring to the arrogant hypocrites who say that only their group has a direct line to God, so they can control what everyone else says by force. That includes the Muslim terrorists as well as the Christian terrorists.

        1. dtgraham June 17, 2013

          Yes it’s the types who beat you over the head with their spiritual practices, as being the only route to salvation, who ruin it. You know, unless you say the magic words and then perform this or that ritual…you’re doomed.

          Long ago I used to go to a Buddhist temple. I’ve always thought that I’d go back one day but don’t know when that will be. The key thing is that it was recognized that there are other paths that one can take. In Buddhism there isn’t any good reason why you can’t find enlightenment and a clear journey through the Bardots of existence by the practice of other faith traditions. That’s a precondition for me because it’s the only thing that makes any sense to me. Whatever motivates you to do a little good in this world Allan.

  7. Jhon Mia June 18, 2013

    its all about Sales Classes


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