RFK Jr. SuperPAC Is Advertising On Racist Fringe Outlet


Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The fringe outlet Creative Destruction Media posts content attacking purported “Black and brown invaders from Northern Africa and the MidEast” with “a primitive culture”; advising readers to arm themselves against transgender people; and falsely claiming that the 2020 election was “fraudulent” and “stolen” from Donald Trump.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s super PAC has been spending thousands on advertising on the right-wing outlet.

American Values 2024 is a super PAC run by close Kennedy associates, including friend and Skyhorse Publishing President Tony Lyons. (Skyhorse has published numerous conspiracy theory-filled books, including Kennedy’s The Real Anthony Fauci.) Politico recently noted that the PAC received “more than half its nearly $10 million in funds from a single GOP donor.” Kennedy promoted content from the PAC last week.

Kennedy’s PAC stated in a recently filed Federal Election Commission report that it spent $6,500 in late June on “web advertising” to Creative Destruction Media. The PAC has continued to send money to the outlet as CDM has been running American Values 2024 ads as recently as last week.

CDM frequently posts pro-Kennedy content and has defended his antisemitic COVID-19 conspiracy theory.

Kennedy himself is connected to the company: He has joined with Creative Destruction Media in legal action over alleged free speech violations. The Ohio chapter of Kennedy’s anti-vaccine group Children’s Health Defense also partnered with Creative Destruction Media for a May 2022 event.

The presidential candidate has ties to numerous extremists and right-wing figures, while conservative media figures like Trump allies Steve Bannon and Roger Stone have been praising his campaign. Children’s Health Defense has also conducted outreach to users of the far-right social media platform Gab in 2021, including white supremacists, QAnon conspiracy theorists, and an open neo-Nazi.

CDM is another right-wing site that promotes bigotry and conspiracy theories. In addition to its main site, it also runs various other properties and local-themed sites. The following are examples of CDM’s work and indicate the type of audience Kennedy’s PAC is apparently trying to reach:

Bigoted rhetoric against non-whites. CDM’s property The Manhattan (which has run pro-Kennedy advertising) posted a racist piece headlined “Import A Primitive Culture, Become A Jungle” that warns readers about purported “Black and brown invaders from Northern Africa and the MidEast.” It concludes: “The new ‘colonizers’ aren’t white. They’re not of European descent. The people looking to enslave, dominate, and oppress Western countries are experienced in doing it in their own countries, which are the hollow shells they fled.”

CDM publisher L. Todd Wood also uses the site to complain about Black Americans, writing in a piece headlined “Black Democrats Owe White America Reparations For The Destruction They Have Caused”: “What black Democrat America has done to our once-great American cities is truly sickening. White America is owed reparations for the destruction that has been wrought against our country. … Black Democrat America wants no accountability at all for their behavior. They just want free stuff, and they want to take it from you in some kind of made up racism BS. I for one am tired of it. This is of course not all of black America. Many have left the Democratic plantation and many more will have done so after the election.”

Anti-LGBTQ bigotry. The site promotes hatred of LGBTQ people, including publishing pieces with the headlines “The Emperor Has No Clothes: Rejecting The Totalitarian Transgender Movement”; “The Revolting Misogyny Of The Transgendered”; and “The Powerful ‘Trans' Lobby Wants Special Privileges, Not Equal Rights.” Wood wrote a piece calling transgender people “mentally ill” and stated: “The mental illness is mutating into a domestic terrorist threat. It's time to shut this threat to our children down at the source - the teacher's unions, the corrupt medical community, and the government. In the meantime, get your concealed carry license and protect your family.”

Election denial. CDM has run articles falsely claiming that the 2020 election was “stolenandfraudulent.” Wood wrote a piece headlined “Fraudulent Election Will Be Overturned, But Biden Chinese Masters Could Strike Militarily Or Via Terror” that concluded: “Let's put our faith in God and his instrument - President Trump. Stop the Steal!”

QAnon. The site has endorsed the QAnon conspiracy theory. It published a November 2020 piece headlined “Q Was Right” and told readers: “After exhaustive meetings with sources in Ukraine, who provided reams of documentary evidence for hours, CDMedia has been exposed to a massive international criminal conspiracy which spans continents and decades. Q was right. Our wold is run by a criminal syndicate unlike mankind has ever known.”

Mass shooting conspiracy theories. Wood has posted content pushing conspiracy theories about mass shootings. He wrote a May 2022 piece with the headline “Facts Beg The Question - Was Uvalde School Shooting Manufactured To Take Your Guns?” He wrote: “At the very least, the American people deserve an investigation and answers. … Since we know the Biden crime family was in bed with the communist regime, the natural inclination is to assume OBiden is working for the CCP to bring down our nation.”

He also wrote in April 2021: “After years of a relatively gun violence-free Trump administration, the mass shootings have returned with a vengeance, timed suspiciously with the new Leftists push for gun control. … They want your guns and they want them now. This is the one thing standing between the globalists and complete tyrannical control, slavery, serfdom, Hell on Earth.”

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.


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