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'Absolute Bloodbath' Roils RNC As Trump Seizes Control Amid Purge Of Party

'Absolute Bloodbath' Roils RNC As Trump Seizes Control Amid Purge Of Party

With Ronna Romney McDaniel gone, the Republican National Committee (RNC) now has the ultra-MAGA leadership that Donald Trump wanted — including Trump loyalist Michael Whatley replacing McDaniel as chair and Lara Trump as co-chair.

But the changes at the RNC go beyond Whatley (who formerly chaired the North Carolina Republican Party) and Lara Trump, who is married to Donald Trump's son, Eric Trump.

According to Politico's Alex Isenstadt and The Guardian's Hugo Lowell, mass firings are underway — a purge a GOP source described as an "absolute bloodbath."

Lowell, in an article published by The Guardian on March 11, reports, "Donald Trump's new leadership team at the Republican National Committee started the process of ousting scores of staffers on Monday night, clearing out its ranks as they prepare to bring the Committee under the wing of the Trump 2024 presidential campaign, sources familiar with the matter said.

"The RNC, according to Lowell, "is expected to cull about 60 people across the political, data and communications departments."

"At least five members of the senior staff will be let go," Lowell explains, "and some third-party contracts may also be cancelled…. In ousting large swathes of the RNC, the new chair, Michael Whatley, and the new co-chair, Lara Trump — the former president's daughter-in-law — moved to reorganize the Republican Party's central committee to fall squarely behind the Trump campaign just days after they were formally elected."

Lowell adds, "The RNC is being brought under the Trump campaign to such an extent, the sources said, that the firings are mainly to ensure there is no overlap in roles between the RNC and the campaign. The Trump campaign, for instance, already has robust political and communications teams."

Isenstadt, reporting for Politico, notes that "Trump advisers have described the RNC's structure as overly bloated and bureaucratic."

"The RNC had about $8 million at the end of December, only about one-third as much as the Democratic National Committee," Isenstadt reports. "Under the new structure, the Trump campaign is looking to merge its operations with the RNC. Key departments, such as communications, data and fundraising, will effectively be one and the same."

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Lara Trump Bullies Republicans Who Aren't 'On Board' With Former Guy

Friday, March 8 will mark the end of Ronna Romney McDaniel's time as chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), and former President Donald Trump is recommending Michael Whatley (who chairs the North Carolina GOP) as McDaniel's replacement and Lara Trump (his daughter-in-law) as RNC co-chair.

Lara Trump has drawn criticism from some conservatives for vowing, during an interview with Newsmax's Rob Schmitt in February, that "every single penny" of RNC money "will go to the number one and the only job of the RNC — that is electing Donald J. Trump as president of the United States and saving this country."

Lara Trump, according to former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and other critics, is doing Republicans in down-ballot races a major disservice.

But the MAGA activist isn't backing down from her promise to prioritize her father-in-law's 2024 campaign over everything else. And she is threatening to disown any Republicans who aren't on board.

During an early March appearance on Real America's Voice, Lara Trump warned, "I can assure you, there will be no funny business. Anyone who is not on board with seeing Donald Trump as the 47th president and America-loving patriots all the way down the ticket being supported by the RNC is welcome to leave, because we are not playing games. And we have no time to waste."

Lara Trump continued, "So, we have to ensure that every single penny of every dollar donated goes to causes people care about. That's part of the reason that I think I'm such a great fit for this: There's no one more loyal to Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again movement than this person you’re looking at right here — than me."

Steele has been arguing that Lara Trump fails to understand the duties of being an RNC co-chair.

On MSNBC's The Weekend in February, Steele told host Alicia Menendez, "The number one responsibility of the RNC (is not) to elect Donald Trump. The number one responsibility is to elect every candidate who's on the ballot on behalf of the party. It is to raise money for those candidates who are on the ballot."

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Trump's Handpicked Co-Chair: 'In America, We Get Ahead By Merit Alone'

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, got under way on Thursday. One of the big names on the stage was none other than Donald Trump’s sycophant daughter-in-law Lara Trump, who is also the oft-indicted former president’s hand-picked candidate for co-chair of the Republican National Committee. She gave a pretty standard let’s-go-Donald-Trump speech, filled with some grade-school jingoism and an astonishing lack of self-awareness.

After throwing some red meat to the GOP base by bringing up the fabricated epidemic of trans student athletes, Lara made this extraordinary claim about her daughter: “I want her to understand that in the United States of America, we get ahead and succeed by merit and merit alone.”

That’s a truly rich statement coming from the former Lara Yunaska who, to repeat, was just endorsed as co-chair of the RNC by her powerful father-in-law, even though her main qualification seems to be her last name—unless her experience as a TV producer, Trump campaign surrogate, and Fox News talking head is supposed to count.

Lara’s seeming delusion about what constitutes a meritocracy is shared by others in her family. Who could forget when Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka bragged about her childhood business acumen—which amounted to her extorting the maids and butlers working for her father?

The Trump family epitomizes how being a failure at virtually everything you do means nothing when you are born (or married) rich.

Democratic voters know Joe Biden is old and MAGA voters like to pretend that Trump isn't just as long in the tooth. Both men were old the last time we did this and the only thing that’s changed is Biden is now a successful incumbent, while Trump is busy juggling trials and indictments.

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Will Lara Trump Turn GOP Into 'GoFundMe' For Trump Defense Costs?

Will Lara Trump Turn GOP Into 'GoFundMe' For Trump Defense Costs?

As discussions around Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel's ouster circulate among the party, former President Donald Trump has floated the idea of replacing the GOP leader with his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump — who's already starting to call the shots, according to a Thursday NBC News interview.

During the interview, Lara Trump insisted MAGA voters wouldn't mind if their donations helped to fund the former president's piling legal bills amid his ongoing criminal cases.

"It appears Lara Trump is already laying the groundwork for her family's next big grift," MSNBC's Deadline: White House guest host Alicia Menendez said, speaking with former Bush administration official Miles Taylor. "Last week on Newsmax she said all funds the organization raised would go straight to his re-election efforts. And those efforts could include his legal bills. The cash-low candidate, who just this year, has racked up financial penalties against him of over $400 million, is poised to spend 2024 trying to finance running for president, and staying out of prison for the 91 felony charges he currently faces."

Menendez asked Taylor whether he thinks Lara Trump is right in saying Republican donors are fine with funding Trump's legal bills.

"Here's the thing, Alicia. I would like to say the answer is no, and that most people will see through this and turn them off towards Donald Trump and this will mark the end of his reign over the GOP," the ex-Department of Homeland Security chief of staff said. "But I know better than that, and I actually think Lara Trump probably knows better than we do, which is that they've so fooled the GOP base that their future and the future of the country is tied to Donald Trump that they seem willing to do almost anything to support him.

Taylor continued, "I think we all remember a few years ago the RNC solicitation that went out to help buy Donald Trump a new airplane. I mean it's that level of absurdity that they're tapping into in terms of the cult mentality around Donald Trump. But there's a couple things here that are significant about it. If the GOP turns into a GoFundMe for Donald Trump, it's likely to bankrupt candidates that are further down the ticket, that will probably result in those candidates losing their elections and bigger losses for the GOP. The thing that worries me, though, is it will, of course, help enable Donald Trump to continue his quixotic odyssey to run America. And I think that's the big concern, is that slush fund — that piggy bank, will increase his odds of winning back the White House, which is the danger."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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