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Why The Media Want Hillary Clinton To Shut Up

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Why The Media Want Hillary Clinton To Shut Up


There is something strange about the reproachful media response to What Happened, Hillary Clinton’s new book on the 2016 campaign.

Now everyone knows that the Washington press corps dislikes and distrusts the former Democratic nominee. After all, several of its most eminent members have admitted their herd’s prejudice against her. But the nearly unanimous demand for her to be silent — often presented in the form of blind quotes from her alleged “friends”– cuts against normal journalistic curiosity, let alone the usual lust for fresh gossip.

And it doesn’t matter how many times she accepts responsibility for her unexpected defeat by Donald Trump in the Electoral College. Pundits and reporters insist she hasn’t acknowledged her guilt sufficiently, with the requisite sincerity. So the best choice, according to the press, would have been for her to say and write nothing.

Nobody in the media is eager to hear Clinton’s perspective on that catastrophic election cycle — especially not the part about them and their performance. They would rather not reflect on why her “damned emails” were so ridiculously overemphasized. Or why Trump enjoyed constant and groveling promotion as a television spectacle. Or why journalists produced so many misleading “investigations” of the Clinton Foundation, yet so very few examinations of Trump’s longstanding connections to organized crime. Or why vital policy differences between the two candidates received a tiny fraction of media attention.

The press may not top the list of those who earned blame for the election’s outcome, notably including former FBI director James Comey, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, various unnamed Russian malefactors, and Clinton herself. But she has legitimate grievances over how she and her opponent were treated by the American media, particularly several of its most illustrious outlets.

The statistical and analytical brief for her case is already publicly available, in a path-breaking report released last month by a team of scholars from Harvard and MIT.

Titled “Partisanship, Propaganda, and Disinformation: Online Media and the 2016 US Presidential Campaign,” their study used an enormous collection of data from online sources to map the impact of a wide variety of news sources. What they found was a sharp asymmetry between left and right outlets that benefited Trump and damaged Clinton. And while most mainstream coverage treated both candidates negatively, it “largely followed Trump’s agenda.” That meant reporting about Clinton focused on “scandals” involving the Clinton Foundation and emails, while reporting about Trump focused on his issues, such as immigration.

The report delivers a fascinating, highly detailed and fairly discouraging portrait of the media constellation and its role in our democracy. But its election findings went deeper, revealing how the extremely partisan and inaccurate right-wing outlets, led by Steve Bannon’s Breitbart News, set the agenda for the more “objective” mainstream media.

Featuring a “case study” of the Clinton Foundation, the report shows how a slanted front-page article in the New York Times influenced widespread coverage that continued to unfairly damage Clinton up until Election Day 2016. In late April 2015, the Times published an extensive piece based on Clinton Cash, a book financed by Bannon’s dark money donors, headlined “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal.”

As the report’s authors note acidly, “Buried in the tenth paragraph of the story was this admission: ‘Whether the donations played any role in the approval of the uranium deal is unknown. But the episode underscores the special ethical challenges presented by the Clinton Foundation, headed by a former president who relied heavily on foreign cash to accumulate $250 million in assets even as his wife helped steer American foreign policy as secretary of state, presiding over decisions with the potential to benefit the foundation’s donors.’ Needless to say, it was the clear insinuation of corruption in the headline, not the buried admission that no evidence of corruption was in fact uncovered, that made the April 2015 story one of the Times’ most tweeted stories during the summer [of 2016].”

The report goes on to dismantle equally spurious exposes in leading outlets such as the Associated Press and the Washington Post, which insinuated corruption when the actual evidence proved there was none. And there are plenty of other examples. The effect was to disinform readers and voters, precisely the opposite of what journalists supposedly aspire to do.

Naturally, mainstream media outlets have ignored the prestigious, heavily documented Harvard study. They can suppress this kind of criticism far more easily than Donald Trump can silence any negative voices.

But if Hillary Clinton starts talking about this disgrace, then audiences and readers might start listening. And that’s why the media has gently suggested that she should just shut up and go away. Nevertheless, she persists.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers. Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003). Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. I of John September 12, 2017

    Media has some dirt on its hands for how she was treated. As long as the press declares itself fair, we need to see that. Soul searching is needed here as we suffer through Trump tirade after tirade.

    1. marriea September 12, 2017

      Trump saw a chance to exploit his country and we let him.
      So who do you blame us or him especially since we knew what and who he was/is?

      1. Unkabob September 12, 2017

        Those who knew who and what didn’t vote for him, let’s make that clear.. The blame belongs to the Bernie voters who when it was discovered he wasn’t gonna win the nomination they rebelled and either voted third party, wrote Bernie in anyway or stayed home watching the kardashians instead of going Democrat because of the filth that the right exposed to us but even they can’t be completely blamed because her winning the popular vote by 2.9 million voters, more than any president had won by in this century, the corrupt g’ment still manipulated a pub win.. So, she does have something to say and it should be heard or read by every American in this nation.

        1. plc97477 September 12, 2017

          She does have a story to tell, but I can understand why the media is reluctant to have it told. They do not shine in this story.

          1. Unkabob September 12, 2017

            And that’s the blunt of it. ism’t it.. Just like the trumpkin.. nothing is as important as the spotlight.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

            Trump is a sickening epitaph on how low the Republicans have brought their own country. If the Republican Regime is an example of success, it has to be successful only in hell.

            Look at what’s happening right now. Two major superstorms and hardly any money left in FEMA. So what do the Republican thugs do? They start right in on demanding WE all give more of our incomes even though WE already PAY FEMA through our state and federal taxes.

            Their day is coming and it’s coming fast. They’re riding the crest of what they “think” is their dream of owning the entire country.

            Too bad we now have a twenty something generation protesting like their Boomer grandparents had to.

          3. Unkabob September 12, 2017

            They’ve been waiting over 35 years for this opportunity (ever since St. Raygun edged out the moderates) and now their so giddy that as things begin to fall apart they look toward the same people they’ve been skimming for years to get them out of the problems they created. Their not finished as they seek all social programs be shot down, why? We think it’s to cater to the wealthy but I believe that’s what they want us to believe although they are pushing for extra benefits for them. This smells of a takeover and as long as these parasites are in charge we’re all of us in peril.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker September 13, 2017

            Look, the fact is that Trump screwed up royally and know he realizes just how stupid it was to hitch his wagon to Confederates.

            The confederates have always had ONLY one idea in mind: To divide this country in two. That way they can play their Dodge City shoot ’em up games, screw over consumers and steal tax dollars for their Walmartian Plantations where workers have to go on welfare to supplement Walmartian incomes.

            The idea of the Confederacy was to use states rights so white dickheads could lay around all day while minorities do all the dirty work for them for FREE.

            That’s why they HATE the northerners. That and the fact that everything this country EVER became is due to our Founding Fathers.

            Their idea is to make Jefferson Davis their hero and allow asshats in white hoods to burn crosses to create fear in Confederate streets. This we do not allow up north.

            This is why we just might get fed up enough with their “culture” of violence which in every Republican states is far worse than ALL Dem states combined. Trigger happy morons showing ass in the streets armed like GI Joes headed to a Civil War.

            That’s what they want? Good. Let them have it. We’ll make our part of our country OFF limits to them and let them die off as they almost did after the Civil War.

          5. SandyKOdom September 13, 2017

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          6. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

            Some men would love it if ALL women had no vocal chords. You know why. They are threatened by truths and facts they hate exposed about themselves.

            Many is the man I’ve taken down over the years for his lying, attempts at cheating and trying to have it all at the expense of others. Now? I have no compunctions about outing them.

            I do it more publicly now thanks to social media.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

        Trump cheated to win just like ALL of his supporters ALWAYS cheat to get anyway in life. They don’t know how to be honest since they were raised by strangers in daycare while their McMommies all went out to work to help Daddy have an easier time paying bill with that nice wifey’s second income.

        1. A_Real_Einstein September 12, 2017

          Hillary needs to shut up and go away just like you. You all could not have done more to divide the democrats and chase away the progressives. I told you before the election. I pleaded with you. Trump is in because of you! You idiot!!!!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

            What YOU need is for a woman to stomp your nuts into ground meal. Don’t you dare tell ANY woman we must shut up. Not when you white boys with the motor mouths are going full speed.

            We haven’t divided the Democrats Mr. Russian Troll. How about you post on a site where your opinions are wanted?

            Trump got elected by the Russians. One of them admitted that yesterday in a Russian meeting of diplomats. He said and I quote, “Look how we put Trump in the White House.”

            Sorry shitbag, but we didn’t elect Trump you and your Russian BS propaganda mills did. If you’d learned to shut those fukked up mouths once in a while and stop spreading your lies about Hillary and Obama, Trump wouldn ‘t be in the White House. He’d be in prison. Which he will be anyway.

            When Mueller is done with Trump and the Republicans, the only place they’ll be safe is the shithouse.

          2. InformedVoter September 12, 2017

            POOR Elle, YUP HilLLIARy should follow the advice from her own party leaders. Stop blaming others for her horrible campaign, keep her mouth shut because all she’s doing is hurting the Dem party, and most importantly, just go away.

            Now that she’s pissed of the Dem leaders, the investigation into her emails will take front and center stage. Prison time for that loser would be great!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker September 13, 2017

            Nope Hillary will not be silenced by a POS like you. What information do YOU ever provide about how often your ass has been investigated for fraud? Sure you want the world to know who YOU REALLY are deformed?

            Sanders ran on the Dem ticket because he was told to do so by the GOP he was working for. Notice how that POS Sanders didn’t dare try to run against Bill Clinton? Bush “43? or Barack Obama?

            Is that because a crook like you can’t put your undies on like Sanders without help? Too bad Brainy Janey Fat Ass is also under investigation for selling off property in Burlington Vermont to a Catholic Archdiocese without Burlington College permission.

            Do all you POS slime think we will just allow you to break laws and get away with it?

            When Trump goes down as soon as Mueller is done with him, so do you and your Russian hackers. No way will we EVER allow a POS like you to control our elections.

          4. InformedVoter September 13, 2017

            Oh POOR Elle, It’s not me who is telling HilLIARy to shut up, it’s her own party and the media!

            Sanders didn’t run because the GOP told him to, you just made that up!

            And Mueller will be removed before the end of the year. They are pulling his funding and, because of the conflicts of interest he’s started, panels are calling for him to resign or they’ll vote to dump him.

            He has NOTHING in all the months of witch hunting! and he’s resorted to leaks to keep himself in the limelight. However, it’s backfiring and now more and more are saying it’s time for him to resign.

            So, once more, your comments have been shown to be FAKE and without any truth. Just like your so-called proof that the Russians DID rig the election. You remember that book, the one written BEFORE the election that you claimed detailed how they actually rigged the election. Boy did you ever look dumb on that one, but what else is new! YUP, a work of fiction was your proof. You’re so sad.

            Now they’ve uncovered that 6000+ MA voters, after voting in MA, went to NH and, using their MA driver’s license, voted in NH. My oh my, voter fraud!

            Meanwhile President Trump just keeps marching along and the GOP is raisin near record level funds and the POOR Dems are raising squat.

            Bernie is now more relevant to the Dems than HilLIARy. And now that HilLIARy’s lawyers are under investigation for deleting 33,000 harmful emails, those lawyers will turn state’s evidence and hang HilLIARy out to dry!

            I just love it!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker September 13, 2017

            Hey Deformed….Tell us Oh great Lard Ass…who in the Dem Party has told Hillary to shut up?

            I watch the daily Senate and House sessions. NO one in the Dem Party would DARE tell Hillary to shut up. So again you make up your wild lies and hope like hell some POS like you will say your post has any resemblance to truth and facts.

            Really? A witch Hunt Trump Humper Boy? So the reason Mueller was able to get the IRS so willingly to hand over your Lard Ass in Chief’s financials is a witch hunt?

            The reason Jared Assface met with the Russians in Trump Tower in 2015 and 2016 and LIED about it and now got caught in that lie in one of his emails is also a witch hunt.

            Once more you are a POS fake. I know who you are POS. I intend to chew you up and spit you out. You forget that there are now 3 CA IT companies teaching us how to out your Lard Asses. Also, I’d suggest you get a better hairpiece. That comb over you use to hide your bald spot is shinier than that lard ass you love to lay around on all day.

            Name names or stop posting your lies and BS. Name names or ELSE!

          6. InformedVoter September 13, 2017

            POOR Elle, but just about EVERYONE from Bernie and Nancy want HilLIARy to shut her fn mouth. She’s costing the Dems votes every time she says something.
            Now that her lawyers are running scared, they’re going to serve her up on a platter. Put a fork in her, she’s done!

            NOPE, Mueller has gotten nothing in all the months he’s carried on his witch hunt! His funding is running out and he’s going to be dumped before the end of the year — with NOTHING to report! He’s a joke and so are you!

            Typical for an ugly broad like you. You couldn’t get a male to look at you twice, so you demonstrate your penis envy and try to demean any male. Why, because you’re so inferior to any male!

            The bio on those who have seen you report that you were beaten by an ugly stick from an early age.

            You’re nothing but a vengeful, wicked, old witch!

            Name one Dem who still supports HilLIARy. Hell, even Billy boy gave up on that ugly witch when he was president.

            I guess I can understand why you continue to support HilLIARY, you’re a pair of lonely, ugly witches!

            I’m still waiting for you and your gaggle of hens to come to my place and arrest me. Oh, I forgot, that was going to be after HilLIARy won! You continue to be a big time loser!

          7. Eleanore Whitaker September 14, 2017

            As usual, you post BS and then can’t name names. What a coward you are.

            The problem with a balding, fat gut beer swilling lazy bum like you is your Mommy. She dumped you off in Daycare like a sack of potatoes when she realized she pushed out a Deformed kid through her birth canal.

            By the time you got over the fact that your Daycare bonding with strangers was all you had to call your “life,” you then vented on your schoolmates.

            A dogfaced man who rarely bathes and can’t find use for a toothbrush is the reason women hate you. Men of honor hate you because you are a disgrace to their gender. Admit it.

            You haven’t an honest or fair bone in your fat paunchy overfed body.

            Names names pighshit or stop posting your lies.

          8. InformedVoter September 14, 2017

            POOR Elle, as usual, you demonstrate your ignorance. I didn’t write the article, so whomever they listed in the article are the ones who have been telling HilLIARy to SHUT UP. Also Bernie and Pelosi have told HilLIARy to give it up and just keep her mouth shut. Every time she opens her mouth, the Dems lose more voters! Her book is driving away the moderate voters in droves!

            I never attended daycare, which shows how desperate you’ve become, i.e. making stuff up to make it appear that you actually know something of value.

            You’ve had EVERYONE of your posts shredded and, like HilLIARY, are just striking back in anger. You have only yourself to blame. You were the one who decided to quit school. You were the one who accepted a low level job as an assistant to an assistant supply clerk. And it was you who had to sit there and experience the guilt and frustration at being passed over for a good job, usually by men,

            And the fact that you would try to compare me to the men you seek out for yourself, is called transference. Why would I care that you adore fat, bald, toothless, dirty and women-beating men? In your case, that’s probably the only males you could get to look at you. I hope you don’t have to pay them too much to beat you.

            HilLIARy is in REAL trouble now that her lawyers are spilling their guts about how she ordered them to destroy the damning emails. If I were you, I wouldn’t defend her too much. It makes you look even dumber than you already look.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker September 14, 2017

            Still no names Liar? Some reason you can’t name the names of the Democrts you keeping lying about?

            You do realize I’ve made you look like a loser who is addicted to posting lie? Not to worry. There’s always your right wing sites. Oh that’s right…you won’t post there because you are a Russian troll who gets paid ONLY to post on non right wing sites.

            When you name the names, you get to be valid Loser. Obviously, you have nothing to do all day but post BS.

          10. InformedVoter September 14, 2017

            POOR Elle, four the FOURTH time, the names are:
            AND TONS of the media have told HilLIARy to SHUT UP.

            You’ve shredded NOTHING and you KNOW it!

            Your FAKE resumes, yes plural, because you’ve posted 15 conflicting resumes, are just that – FAKE.

            The one that had a smattering of validity showed that you were an assistant to an assistant supply clerk. This is the ONLY resume that was not debunked! And somehow you think that resume makes you look good! You’re such a loser! All one had to do was to search your name and bang, dozens of FAKE career claims pop up!

            I’ve posted my resume, and it’s been just one and consistent, several times and NO ONE has been able to poke any holes. And why not? Because the truth wins out. That’s why your FAKE (15 different 30-year careers!) have been destroyed by dozens of posters.

            Perhaps you should follow the advice that many Dems have given to HilLIARY – shut up and crawl back under the rock you normally reside under.

            You continue to make yourself look like the loser that you were and are in real life.

            So President Trump continues to make America great again, and now HilLIARy is on the defensive and will be lucky she doesn’t serve prison time.

            I love it! You and HilLIARY are a couple of losers and just don’t know when to shut up!

          11. Eleanore Whitaker September 15, 2017

            Yes…So you know the names of Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders who by the way is NOT a Democrat and never has been and Joe Biden has NEVER ONCE EVER said Hillary should be silenced. Again you lie. How many more times do you plan to make an ass of yourself in public?

            Everyone knows who I am. No one knows who you are. Anyone who wants to can find my name all over the internet. Everyone except chickenshit like you who hides behind a computer keyboard and gets paid by Putin.

            The only loser here is you. You think the more you post, the more validity you get. Well, you are correct on that point. We know your mental insanity is valid.

            The more you lie like your Lard Ass in Chief, the more we prove your lies are as fabricated by your Putin Troll Sputnik, Guccifer 2 and RT troll machine.

            You are chickenshit to tell us who YOU are. You can stop playing your little boy games and start acting like you have balls instead of peanuts.

          12. InformedVoter September 15, 2017

            POOR Elle, so if Bernie had NOT been CHEATED out of the Dem nomination, and had been the Dem candidate for president, you claim he would not be a Dem? How dumb of you!

            And YUP the gang of three HAVE certainly told old HilLIARy to shut her mouth as every time she screeches how she was cheated, your party loses more voters and donors!

            You claim to have your identity on the internet. First off, it you do, it shows how naive and stupid you truly are. And second, since you have posted 15 DIFFERENT 30-year careers on the internet, it’s abundantly obvious that you’re posting lies, but what else is new for you.

            You continue to have your posts shredded and make yourself look foolish when you try to defend your position, that was built upon a house of lies!

            Who am I? I’m the INFORMED VOTER who posted that the FAKE MSM was lying to you that HilLIARy was leading and would win in a landslide. You used your same worthless comments against me then. How did the election work out for you? I’m still waiting for you and your gaggle of hens to come and thump on me – after HilLIARy wins. Oh, my, she didn’t win! How could that happen? Try THE VOTERS REJECTED HER!

            You’re such a loser!

        2. InformedVoter September 12, 2017

          POOR Elle, still preaching that HilLIARY lost because of outside interference. The working class, middle class rejected her because she’s an extremely flawed candidate!
          I shredded your “proof” that President Trump cheated. I noticed you went running with you tail between you legs after that drubbing you took.

          Give it a rest. You’re just a lonely, miserable person, who’s full of penis envy. You blame your lack of education and business success on males. Try looking in the mirror and see who’s really to blame!

          You’re such a loser.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

            Poor POS. Still in there earning a living from Putin? Tell us. Which of his troll farms do you work for? RT? Guccifer 2? Sputnik?

            The working class has NEVER rejected Hillary. No smart woman EVER would. You POS men think you can just smear any woman’s reputation and your balls will be safe.

            You shredded BS. Yesterday, the Russian diplomat admitted that they rigged the election. I noticed you went running with YOUR Dick in your hand when I found out you are a Russian paid troll.

            That’s why anyone can find me on the internet but a POS like you hides behind your phony Putin Informed BS Voter name.

            Try looking in the mirror and seeing a reflection. The only loser here is YOU. NO ONE agrees with you except your Russian paid trolls. Now get your ass off this site and go where your lies, smears and libel and slander are condoned.

            Let us know when you can tell all of us YOUR REAL name POS.

          2. The lucky one September 12, 2017

            Are you kidding? No one would pay that stupid shmuck to troll. Some here may be sponsored by Russian interests but not that imbecile aka informed voter. He’s just after giggles from being a pest. Ignore him.

          3. InformedVoter September 12, 2017

            Why do you insist on demonstrating how ignorant you are? It was Bernie himself who said the Dems forgot about the working middle class voters. So now you’re claiming that I made this up. You’re such a low information loser.

          4. The lucky one September 12, 2017

            Yes, just like a broken clock that is right twice a day you occasionally say something that is accurate, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are a stupid schmuck. The Dems did forget working middle class voters but if you think Trump cares one bit about working class people or any people outside his family then you are as dumb as you appear Mr. “Misinformed Voter”.

            I know there are paid trolls but I really don’t think anyone would be foolish enough to pay someone as inarticulate and clueless as you.

          5. InformedVoter September 13, 2017

            Are denying that Bernie didn’t say that the Dems forgot the working class, middle class voters for the 2016 election? If you do, you certainly are WRONG! He also said the Dems focused on who was using what bathroom and lost sight of what really mattered to voters. Are you (and jphall too) denying that? If so, you are certainly WRONG!
            You know what your problem is – you ignore the truth and facts, and then you claim your opponent is wrong. But what else is new.
            HilLIARY is still in denial and so are you low information sheep. You fell for the the FAKE MSM polls so you would think you would have learned your lesson.

          6. The lucky one September 13, 2017

            OK, so now I know why you are so consistently misinformed. Your reading comprehension is pathetic. If you could comprehend you’d see that I agreed with your statement about Dems forgetting middle class voters. So which is it:
            1) Do you need glasses?
            2) You’re just not very smart?
            3) You’re a bot programmed to respond to certain words or phrases with a set response?
            4) You want to argue so badly that you can’t accept it when someone agrees with you?
            Here’s a different poll from the right wing of MSM. Is that better?


          7. InformedVoter September 13, 2017

            Sorry but your comments that the GOP doesn’t care are totally FAKE. The voters decided that President Trump DOES care. And your agreement was phrased as to be an insult and you know it.
            As to your pic, for the last three months, 91% of the news stories about President Trump are negative. This was on top of the 89% negative stories during his 90 day honeymoon period! The FAKE MSM keeps pounding President Trump, but when polls filter out the FAKE MSM bias, his favorable rating is near 60% and it’s almost 80% among Millenials!
            And don’t forget the polls that show that if the election were to be held today, that President Trump wins by a larger margin and even carries the popular vote (even with the 4 million illegal votes HilLIARy received).
            You Dems are leaderless. And you were dumb enough to reelect Pelosi. She’s the best fund raiser the GOP has.

            Speaking of which, the Dem fund raising is barely collecting anything. Meanwhile, the GOP fund raising is almost at record levels. So if your so-called poll that President Trump is tearing the country apart, then why are folks donating to his reelection campaign in record numbers?
            He’s making America great again and the voters recognize this even though the FAKE MSM keeps hammering him. That just frosts you to no end.
            And finally, YES I’m a bot.

          8. The lucky one September 13, 2017

            And yes I know what my problem is. It’s responding to know-nothings like you.

          9. InformedVoter September 13, 2017

            Your conflicted. You read my truth and then become confused because it goes against the FAKE MSM that you want to believe.
            You can chose which path to wander down. I prefer to progress down the path of being informed!

          10. The lucky one September 13, 2017

            “I prefer to progress down the path of being informed!” Well you better get started then because you’ve been headed in the opposite direction for a long time.

            Hint: Searching only for tidbits that seem to justify your bias and prejudices is not “progressing down the path of being informed”. But you’re on your own now, good luck.

          11. InformedVoter September 13, 2017

            You mean like when I posted that the FAKE MSM polls showing HilLIARy leading were wrong. Or that reelecting Pelosi was the best fund raiser the GOP had.

            Seems like I’m the one headed down the “informed” path. Meanwhile, you just keep blindly following the FAKE MSM like sheep to the slaughter! I love it.

          12. Eleanore Whitaker September 13, 2017

            Of course you are correct. But, there is another side to the hackers and trolls of Putin like Deformed Voter. They infiltrate these social media sites with tripe they know isn’t remotely provable in a court of law because sooner or later they find some hick in some remote part of DogPatch ready to jump on their wagon.

            The reality of Deformed is we all KNOW he’s a fake. He is the FAKE news Trump seems to always gloss over.

            When Sanders decided after 44 years as he said in the 2nd debate with Hillary, he was nothing more than a skank bum who was operating on behalf of the Republican Party.

            Why would a scumbag like Sanders not run against 3 former presidents, Clinton, Bush ’43 and Obama, when he had every chance to do that?

            The answer is simple. There was NO money in it for Sanders of his fat ass wife Brainey Janey to help themselves to. Anyone who lives 45 minutes from Crown Heights in Brooklyn would tell you just how much Russian contact Sanders has with all those Russian Orthodox Hasids who still have relatives living in Russia.

            As for Trump winning anything, when has that ever been? He cheated his way through a deal with NY City twice, stiffing the City of over $2 million and then worked his way across the border in NJ when he refused to pay the contractors who built his 2 hotels and casinos where the bum laundered money.

            The minute that scumbucket got caught by FinCEN in 2013, he closed up shop leaving NJ taxpayers to pay off 6 of his corporation bankruptcies and unemployment for 4400 employees he refused to pay back wages to.

            You bet I’d love nothing more than to see Trump’s Lard Ass hauled off to prison.

          13. The lucky one September 13, 2017

            You don’t have to convince me about Trump. I’ve had no use for that POS from well before he ran for office. Misinformed Voter is basically just an imbecile even more so than the average troll.

            I never looked at Sanders as a paragon of virtue or a great savior but I’d take him over any of the contenders in the last election. You’re right Bernie could have run as an independent in the elections you mention but when the votes he took from the Dem candidate caused a GOP victory the Dems would have vilified him. Hell, they still blame Nader for Gore’s loss despite the fact that the didn’t carry his or his president’s home state. You often say that NY voters know Trump and are not fooled by his bombast and lies well I guess Tennesseans knew Gore too well to vote for him too.

            Yes wouldn’t Trump being frog marched off to jail be a fine sight, even better if Sessions, Pence and Kushner were right behind him.

          14. InformedVoter September 12, 2017

            POOR Elle,, YES, I shredded your “proof” and you just can’t handle the truth. Your so-called proof was written months BEFORE the election and was published and released BEFORE the election. As I called it then, I call it now, your “proof” is a work of fiction!

            And I don’t know why you keep making up crap. NOPE,l no Russian diplomat admitted they rigged the election. An election CAN’T be rigged! How dumb of you to say so.

            Now here is truth, HilLIARy’s lawyer is being investigated for destroying her emails! He’s turning states’ evidence and ratting her out that she ordered him to delete the incriminating stuff!

            And it wasn’t ME who said that the Dems forgot about the middle working class, it was none other than Bernie himself. Why do you think HilLIARY is so pissed at Bernie.

            So let’s do another tally here: You are wrong about your “proof” of a rigged election; you are wrong about the Russian diplomat confessing; and you’re wrong about the Dems forgetting about the middle working class.

            Looks like you’re maintaining your perfect record of being wrong on every single post you make!

            You’re such a loser. And the thumbs up by dpaano, the self-admitted racist and bigot sure bolsters your case.

        3. dpaano September 12, 2017

          Trump didn’t so much “cheat” as he did “lie.” I think some of his voters are starting to realize that he didn’t mean anything that he said during his campaign…..they still don’t have jobs; they don’t have a tax cut (and they won’t get one if he lowers the tax rate for corporations); and they don’t have decent healthcare (or wouldn’t if Trump has his way).

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 15, 2017

            The Trump I know for the past 4 decades is a guy who cannot ever play in any pool, business, society or government, without cheating. When I posted he cheated, I was referring to HOW he masterminded a way to “win” an election he couldn’t possibly win.

            Right up until the very last hours of the election, facts are that Hillary was winning in popular vote and Electoral College votes.

            Then, mysteriously, Texas handed in the last of the Electoral College votes on that night to put him over the edge.

            Now as we all know, Electors in the Electoral College are chosen by state legislators. Strike One in potential for election rigging. Electors do not vote with machines. They vote on paper. Strike Two for election rigging. Strike 3 came long before Election Night and was nothing more than Republican insurance to put a Republican president in the White House come hell or high water: redistricting voting maps where some Dem voters in Dem districts were totally deleted or worse, overlapped into Republican disricts to increase the number of electors. This is what got NC, VA and TX into trouble with the Supreme Court.

            The reality is that there is NO way the 2016 election wasn’t rigged both by Trump’s masterful cheating games or the Republican and Putin assistance.

            Ask yourself who would have won that election if there had been NO Sputnik, RT, Guccifer 2, redistricting of voting maps or gerrymandering by Republicans?

            That IS the reality. The ONLY reality. It is also why the election process will never again be open, fair or honest.

            Men like Trump NEVER pit themselves against any foe without cheating. This he calls the “Art of the Deal.”

            It isn’t an art so much as a crook being allowed for 4 decades to pay his way out of jail. White Collar Crook Amnesty at its finest.

          2. marriea September 15, 2017

            Ah, but they do have that thing that they called stupid coming from Obama.
            Trump supporters have been had.
            And now he is in saving his ass, (not his supporter, but his) mode.
            Many haven’t accepted that yet.
            There is nothing on can do about people who insist on being stupid.

        4. marriea September 14, 2017

          Oh well, if we end up in a conflict with No Korea, wonder how long will it take Trumpees to blame Obama.
          Make American Great Again indeed.
          After Trump we will be hanging our heads in shame.
          And Putin, well all he wanted was a good argument to make the U S look bad in the eyes of the world.
          And ‘Lordie’ we did by picking this idiot as the person to lead us.
          Personally, I wouldn’t follow Trump across the line in the tile on my floor next to it.
          But a lot of people like the guy.
          I don’t get it, but I hope he’s not assassinated before Mueller brings in his verdict.
          That would be all we would need is a state funeral honoring this traitor.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 15, 2017

            Remember one thing: Anyone who hitched their wagons to Trump’s will end up like all of those high riding Nazis did who hitched their wagons to Hitler.

            Any connection to the name Hitler meant certain toxicity for life. Any connection to the name Trump will be exactly the same.

            A lot of people don’t like the guy so much as they like what he lies about to them and the promises he makes he cannot possibly keep.

            His connections to Russia are now so clear and evident that he is playing his nice little innocent lamb role to the only party he knows can make him look laundered..the Dems.

            That Trump Act is old and he is too long in the tooth these days to try to play act at being an innocent little lamb being led to slaughter when his rotten reputation precedes him.

          2. marriea September 15, 2017

            It is my hope that Mueller has or is the process of closing every possible loophole that Trump and his crew has to slither out of.
            I’m sure he had studied Trump left, right, up and down, inside out both on a federal level and state one.
            If they can’t get him on a federal level, hopefully New York is waiting for him on a state one.
            Wouldn’t it be interesting if Trump ends up in/at Rikers’ Island and the only way he can get out of Rikers is to cop to federal charges.
            I mean look at what Rod Blagojevich got charged and convicted with.
            If Blago can be convicted on the charges he was charged with, then certainly Trump has done much worst on a national level.
            But then, there’s that Pence factor.
            Pence would probably pardon him because Pence knows he would never win an election on his own.
            So in pardoning Trump, he would have nothing to lose.
            That’s why the state charges would need to be in play.

  2. RichFromShowMe September 12, 2017

    The more she talks and writes, the faster she tears down the remains of the DNC and its voters. Will “the witch” keep it up, or will willy, the sexual predator, clue her in?

    1. marriea September 12, 2017

      So if Clinton is a witch, does that make Trump Beelzebud?
      Yes perhaps Clinton should just move on.
      One can say she is still in shock and is still grieving.
      America is a fickle country and the minute a news cycle is over, they move on to the next cycle.
      We never stop to look and analyze the things that made something happen so we find ourselves ripe for repeating the same mistakes again.
      Sure Clinton had baggage, but her baggage was nothing compared to the overload of her opposition..
      I also feel she would have made a great President.
      A lot of the news media focused on what she might have done.
      I suspect that we as a country might not have found ourselves knee deep in do-do had she won.
      Oh well, another teaching moment for the country at large.
      You take a highly intelligent and educated woman and she had to fight for everything and give it to a an ignorant old white guy who is in all probability benefiting from our treasures as we speak and we say OK, he’s never been in politics before.
      Perhaps we indeed have to lose what we have to appreciate what we’ve got.
      That’s on us.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

        Richie Bitchie hates that Hillary is the kind of woman HE can’t control. CONmen love to believe their mouths are the ONLY mouths that rule.

      2. 11thStPopulist September 12, 2017

        Clinton needs to tell all and keep talking. Our democracy depends on it. The media – print, radio and television- make their money from scandals as we tune in and advertisers pay for our attention. She, of course, will financially benefit from her book sales and I will be among the millions worldwide who will be buying it. That is capitalism.

        Trump may have benefitted during the campaign from far less scrutiny of his various Mafia connections – from decades old in New York City, Las Vegas/Atantic City, and ultimately Russian oligarchs. It was out there, but less substantiated than it will be upon the conclusion of the comprehensive Mueller investigation. Since the Clintons were in the public/political spotlight for so long, the media didn’t neeed to dig deep for dirt there. The Trump circus brought in ratings, and still does.

        Stay tuned. This expose is far from over. Trump (BeezleTrump) has a large cult following that is immune from information, but the rest of the world will be watching to see, not only to What Happened” during this election, but what will we do about the most corrupt election, and the most incompetent administration in our history.

        1. dpaano September 12, 2017

          I just read that he was putting up a hotel in Moscow and was working on it while campaigning. Supposedly, he is not supposed to be profiting from foreign business while in the White House….but he apparently doesn’t think that means he should suffer. When is our government going to slap him on the hand for not divesting himself of his businesses; when is the GAO going to take away his Washington DC hotel; when are the Republicans going to do their jobs and support the Constitution? I guess we’ll all be old and/or dead before that happens, but we can always hope!

          1. RichFromShowMe September 12, 2017

            Yes, the Trump organization started, but never accomplished it, 30 years ago, but as of now don’t have any real estate deals active.


          2. 11thStPopulist September 12, 2017

            The Trump organization, with the help of long time convicted racketeer and Russian Mafia connected associate, Felix Sater, were trying to put the Moscow TrumpTower deal together as late as 2015 – while Trump was campaigning. This is a major conflict of interest by working directly with a foreign adversary during sanctions. Of course the Russians have long known about Trump’s lack of patriotism and scruples, and have been grooming him as one of their stooges for decades.

            As president, the financial gains Trump is earning is against the emoluments clause of the US constitution, but, of course, he believes he is above the law.

            We won’t be dead before this massive Russian sponsored corruption turns around – provided we have an election in 2018 that they cannot tamper with. By throwing out the weak willed Republicans in congress, impeachment proceedings can begin, based on the independent investigation that will provide the ammunition to clean up the White House. Keep hope.

      3. dpaano September 12, 2017

        Hopefully, we’ve learned and 2018 will be a good year for the Democrats. As it stands, the Republicans are NOT looking all that good.

        1. marriea September 12, 2017

          Don’t know yet.
          Sometimes I wonder if the powers that be tossed us Trump to teach us something.
          Sometimes I think of the character named Barabbas when I think of Trump.
          But I guess we need a Trump so we hopefully won’t ever repeat this mistake again.
          I do know that ‘W’ another totally unqualified person got us involved in a war that is still going on now, and we might end up with one going on with No Korea.
          Make America Great Again?
          I think not.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

      The more you post, the stupidier you appear. Give it up Viagra Boy. Hillary is all you fukbuks have to bitch about. Got tired of beating on your Mommies and your wives?

  3. FT66 September 12, 2017

    Sometimes I praise Trump when he goes after the media. They deserve to get what they sow. They were hitting hard on Hillary on any news given out by wiki leaks without checking first, whether whatever were dished out was true or not. The media contributed their share in letting down the country by putting an unqualified person into power.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

      Did you catch the Russian video all over the internet yesterday where 6 Russian diplomats all stated how they “put Trump in the White House?” Do you support that too?

      Now Big Ass Bannon says HE and ONLY he is going to take down the whole Republican Party by fukking up our elections. That means he believes OUR votes mean zip.

      1. Vintagechick September 12, 2017

        I like the way you think, Eleanore Whitaker!

        1. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

          That’s the trick to stay one step ahead of the right wing nuts in this country…THINK. Most of them don’t. What they do is latch onto a one liner from their Lard Ass in Chief who lies with no reservations and then they get paid by Putin to spread those one liners all over the internet.

          It’s pretty amazing that some of our Silicon Valley IT geniuses are teaching all of us how to use ethical hacking to out these nuts.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

    Let’s face REAL facts here. There are only 2 kinds of women in the US today. The clinging vines who only exist through “their man” who HATES women like Hillary. For example, that “good little girl” who jiggled her butt for men to become Trump’s UN advisor, Nikki Haley. The most incompetent woman EVER to represent the US at the UN. The look of fear on her face tells all.

    Then, there are the rest of us. We pay our OWN way, don’t need any man to tell us what to do and become high riding bitches to stop men from trying to be lords and bastards of the universe.

    No. The Media doesn’t want Hillary to disappear. MEN do. Men who have NO intentions of allowing ANY woman to get ahead of them in their pathetic race to always be Numero Uno.

    Good. Now that they are overdosing on Viagra and trying to make like lords and bastards of planet earth, do they really think they won’t piss off ALL the wrong women who will have no problem giving men back in kind?

    You are NOT now nor EVER will be women’s bosses.

    Enough with the Hillary bashing. These little boys out there have NO other woman they can lay their dump games on and they know it. Just imagine if Hillary did, in fact, disappear, tomorrow. These boy geniuses would go apoplectic for lack of a dumping ground. Grow up morons.

  5. yabbed September 12, 2017

    The media can’t deny the part they played in advantaging the incompetent, mentally unfit Donald Trump in the election. He was fresh meat to them and they gave him unlimited free media time and access and never really questioned his past or his present. They may not like what Hillary Clinton has to say but she is absolutely entitled to her assessment and she is completely free to say whatever she pleases whether the media wants to hear it or not. She’s a smart woman and she would have been a sound and responsible president.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

      If you look at who Lard Ass put around him, these are the men he believes are his “power boys.” More powerful than locomotives, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, is it a bird? is it a plane? No! It’s Super MEN.

      So he choose the bossiest ass men he can find to keep the few women he chose for his cabinet “in line.”

      Trump hates Hillary as much as he hates Obama but for the same reason: success he can never lay claim to for all of his cheating.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

    You know what this BS article reminds me of? Back in the 1950s, men battered hell out of their wives and got away with it for the same reason this article suggests: Women were told to keep their mouths shut.

    So from the days Neanderthal males dragged women around by their hair in caves, men got away with abusing women by simply forcing them into silence.

    Now that may have worked when women were totally financially dependent on a man. The minute Boomer women realized that earning their own living meant freedom from male domination and having their OWN money meant no longer having to tolerate physical and mental abuse in any form, men got their balls in knots. Gone was their autonomous control over women everywhere but in the south and midwest where women still “look the other way” when “boys will be boys.”

    Step over the Mason Dixon line and men know not to try and silence women like they do in the south and midwest where buttering women’s palms to keep them financially dependent and silent is all men have as their claim to fame.

    1. 1standlastword September 13, 2017

      Eleanore, I empathize with you and most women but the simple truth is if the average woman was 10ft. tall and weighed 800lbs., it would be the other way around as Homo-sapien Sapiens would have gotten off on a different way of ordering the social-hierarchy.

      HRC has as much testosterone (metaphorically) as the average male politician and she’s fighting in the “octagon-of-politics” where the gloves are off and irrespective of gender the modus operandi is to knock the hell out of your opponent: She’s a “political animal” and her mother groomed her to be a fighter

      Surely, HRC is brave for entering that blood-sport, politics, where almost nobody is willing to give her a pass for being a woman but most likely motivated to probe for the sensitivities of a woman with attacks typically effective against the average women (not Clinton…not you!).

      As I stated above, it simply comes down to might-makes-right and white men have demonstrated that principle all throughout history irrespective of gender–(thinking African male-slaves, indigenous peoples, Chinese and others of swarthy complexion)

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 14, 2017

        Sorry if I won’t give you the first and last word. But to men, size always seems to matter doesn’t it? I’m 4’10”, weigh 126 lbs. and have the ability to do what no MAN can do…bring a man into the world.

        That BS that men are bigger and therefore stronger than women is just that. When a man can carry a melon around in his penis for 9 months and then try to push it out without a murmur of pain, let me know.

        White men are bullies. That’s the ONLY reason they THINK they are superior. All men know is to prove strengths through vile acts and violence. When they aren’t raping women and children, they savage each other with their weaponry. White males are addicted to war.

        But do tell us how successful Robert E. Lee or Jeffie Davis were. Do tell us how successful Warren Harding was when his little wife poisoned him for screwing around. Do tell us all about the success of white males like Herbert Hoovber who sucked up to Wall Street and caused the Great Depression.

        Posts like you are pure BS. White males are nothing more than a race of men who can’t keep it in their pants, hate the word “NO” especially coming from women and can’t play fair on their way to meet their maker.

        Don’t bother to defend. Your white male legacy precedes you and your bigotry is obvious.

        Don’t wonder why women do not want to bring more men into this world.

        1. 1standlastword September 14, 2017

          The virtue of a woman is not purely measured by gender and not all women are victims of abusive men. The only reason women have been victims is simply a matter of size! As I stated if the archetypal female stood 5ft. above the average man and out weighed men by 200lbs. we’d have a female dominant society and my prediction is there would still be gender inequality and abuse because Homo-sapien Sapiens are little more than advanced simians given to dominating the weaker members of the community (thinking women who subjugate other “women ” girl gangs and female incarcerates). That’s my point Ellen. It’s not a denial of the truth and vehement anger you covet

  7. Miz Julia September 12, 2017

    The lefty press, such as “The Nation Magazine”, needs to be held responsible in addition to the MSM. They wrote florid pieces accusing Hillary of the death of Berta (look it up) and I remember seeing Katrina Vanden hueval on Chris Hayes’ show shimmying her shoulders as she talked about “shaking things up”. Like that was their intention. I’m telling ya, the fringe “left” is as bad or worse than the far right, their brethren in arms. I saw the posters repeat RW talking points! I hope they’re happy now that so many people’s lives are in turmoil and they can now feel like they’re doing something by helping “the revolution” which hurts a whole lot of people.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

      The more they smear Hillary’s reputation, the stupider they look. Hillary has nothing to prove to any man, woman or child. Her accomplishments are born of success, hard work and high levels of intelligence.

      Only the jerks here in the US bash Hillary. Go to the third world countries and they love her for helping to secure funds to feed their kids and keep them healthy.

      Hillary Clinton is a man’s only way of pumping his balls.

    2. dpaano September 12, 2017

      I agree… and we’re now suffering the consequences of their actions…..it ain’t pretty and I don’t think it’s going to get prettier!

  8. Leftout September 12, 2017

    The Harvard Scholars got it right, and something that was so obvious to the Deplorables , but missed by everone else. Do not pay such tuition if you are not able to see through left wing ideology . sue to get your money back. 60%
    Of the voters were smarter than Harvard scholars.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker September 12, 2017

      The problem with right wingers is lack of education. Most of them barely finish high school if they don’t drop out first. The top 10 states for the highest whites on welfare are ALL southern and midwestern Republican states. Check the GAO.gov for proof.

      As for the hick women, they never finish high school. Most leave to have illegitimate babies. The most recent US Census report showed that women in midwestern states had the highest rates in the country of illegitimate births.

      Guess all that Bible Thumping doesn’t help, especially when phonies like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Faye, Jim Jones and the latest little Bible preacher, Osteen, make billions from ripping off the poor and seducing women.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 12, 2017

        Not that they don’t have education, but they are incredibly deficient in displaying a form of intelligence that extends beyond facts. A shallow awareness of situations and an inability to infer, to see connections, and predict possible outcomes are way beyond the average Conservative’s abilities. Any trained monkey or parrot can be taught to mimic some basic human behavior, but that’s the limit.

    2. Richard Prescott September 12, 2017

      60% of the voters, gee, that would mean Trump won the popular election part as well.
      He didn’t.

      1. Leftout September 12, 2017

        No. But he is gaining more supporters as MSM tries to delegitamize him. There evidently is a large bunch of Deplorables that voted.

        1. yabbed September 12, 2017

          Pay attention. Trump’s support is falling by the wayside, not increasing.

          1. Leftout September 12, 2017

            I do, those voters polled are traditional? Republicans but republicans are not Trumps
            Supporters . His base comes from a middle of the road , that do not value do nothing politicians, thus he is not an elected typical lyng politician . He ownes nothing to any party but the Deplorables. The polls are asked of tradional party Republican political hacks who are no longer of any relevance.

          2. Ann Waldrum September 19, 2017

            His base comes from ignorance…period.

          3. Leftout September 20, 2017

            Yea it comes from the ignorance of the leftists lack of self reliance and socialistic laziness. We like to paddle our own canoes and choose our destinies.

          4. Ann Waldrum September 20, 2017

            Every “leftist” I know and I know a bunch work and have always worked. They merely believe that there is a reason for laws and do not hesitate to support laws that promote a healthy environment FOR ALL. If you want to pollute, buy your own island far, far away and thrash it. Every Right Winger I know also work but they don’t seem to mind having their children going to third-rate schools (as long as they get football) nor do they mind having chemical plants occasionally blow up (no need for regulations). Ignorance and the inability to see connections — self reliance does not change that.

          5. Leftout September 20, 2017

            Never mentioned working, nor do I know of anyone that supports 3 rd rate education or have explosins at rhe work place . There are accidents everyday in every industry related to human error. Humans must be removed.

          6. Ann Waldrum September 20, 2017

            No, you did not mention “work” but what did you mean by “lack of self reliance and socialistic laziness” if not work?

          7. Leftout September 20, 2017

            Some people like to rely on government social Programs to comfort rather than excersising more initiative. SS and Medicare are examples of good programs since they are self paid into, by productive members. In NYC , the home of the Free, Loader ! One can receive up to 40k of non incentivising aid. , resulting in squalor inplanned parenthood and more dependence for the miscreants.
            ……..notes from the “Fall of Rome” , Romulus, 465AD…

  9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 12, 2017

    Hillary would do well to go quietly into the night, and get involved in some socio-economic projects at home and abroad to further the rights of women and help secure for them a way forward in a world dominated by so many backward males intoxicated with power and an urge to posture—refer to Trump as an excellent example of the barriers facing women.

    1. dpaano September 12, 2017

      I’m sure that now that she’s gotten all her anger out with her book….she’s revert back to what she’s always done…..help in securing the rights for women in this nation and in other nations. She has many plans for her future that doesn’t include running for office again. I certainly don’t blame her for making that decision, but I wish she’d have won!!!

  10. icesailor September 12, 2017

    Of course the National Media wants HRC to STFU. They (and Russia) helped elect Trump, they know it, and they don’t want to admit what anyone with an ounce of sense already knows, Hillary was the most popular candidate in the 2016 election. Even Vladimir Putin has to win the popular. If Putin lost the nest Russian election by 3 million popular votes and was appointed President of the Russian Federation, (Like Trump was appointed POTUS in the USA), there would be another 1917 type revolution in Russia.

  11. dpaano September 12, 2017

    Unfortunately, they want Hillary to keep quiet because she’s “outing” them for their actions during the campaign. Personally, I applaud her for writing the book….she’s apologized for HER part in not winning….they need to start looking at themselves and what part THEY had to play in the campaign! She was treated very unfairly by the media vs. Trump, and that’s why we’re now stuck with the orange-haired incompetent that now sits in the White House dismantling everything that was ever good in our government!

    1. Apostol Pappas September 15, 2017

      Still at it are you dpaano? Are you still so blind that you can’t see that Hillary is for Hillary, and Trump is for “America first”.
      Liberal fools will never learn.

      1. Ann Waldrum September 19, 2017

        You analysis is completely backwards.

        1. Apostol Pappas September 20, 2017

          So is your spelling.

          1. Ann Waldrum September 20, 2017

            Oh, lord, a typo. Certainly that is disqualifying– not.

  12. notafoxfan September 12, 2017

    the Clintons,both bill and Hillary have been under fire for years for whatever they do or don’t do..this is understandable as being in the poitical arena makes anyone a target for both personal and political actions,particularly in the media..i have heard some excerpts from Hillary Clintons book on various cable channels,and I am very proud of her for speaking her mind..during the 2016 campaign and election cycle,mr trump was given far more media coverage (for free I might add),and there were literally hundreds of pundits on various shows applauding his every move and misstep and nasty comment,while the media reps and anchors just stood by attempting to be “neutral”..now that it has come to light with more and more evidence about Russian meddling in our election,the trump surrogates are fewer (except on fox)and the media is reporting more (especially msnbc)on mr trump and his campaigns possible collusion and criminal behavior..i guess no one in media circles wanted to be bothered with that in 2016 before we wound up with trump..i say Hillary, you go girl! no, she is not perfect and yes people have said she was not “people oriented” enough,but she gave it a try and the e mail issues were of far less importance or worry than mr trump and his campaigns actions! the media needs to listen to what she has said in her book and probably apologize !!!! (of course we know that will never happen, especially fox news or breitbart,or that new group on tv one america news)…

  13. Chalrley Walker September 12, 2017

    The MEDIA “Suckered” for two years for every gimmick El Trumpo threw out. All told, the serial adulterer, five draft deferment coward, adjudicated thief, liar, and fraud received more than $2-Billion of FREE air time and print media space for his B.S.
    The MEDIA has no basis for criticizing any one, based upon their own incompetence with El Trumpo!!

    1. Johnny five September 13, 2017

      I would call that being smart loser.

  14. 1standlastword September 13, 2017

    The voyeurism of media and Americans for Trump was like an addiction to pornography: Out of control and constantly chasing the pleasure of the next orgasm!!!

    That is the seduction factor–pretty high– for the salacious slut– that Trump truly is!

    HRC– on the other hand, was horribly unattractive with so little sizzle (Americans–especially the reality TV sorts– crave sizzle and shiny stuff) that all it took was her predilection towards the “appearance of impropriety” to totally sink her ship: not to add, her cleverly lawyerly style, so cool and articulate under fire: “what do you mean…wipe it with a cloth” (the server)

    HRC was a pathetically flawed candidate (too many enemies in high places) and that fact carries as much weight alone as the sum of all the excuse–legitimate or otherwise.

    Lastly, I am of the persuasion that America deserves all the pain Trump can bring!!!

    Look at the way he’s being indulged and shielded by the (G)angsters (O)f (P)lenty.

    I firmly believe that if Obama was half the scepter of darkness Trump truly is he would have been wearing orange pajamas by now!

  15. Johnny five September 14, 2017

    Good morning all you Hillary Puss Face Clinton losers!!

    1. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 19, 2017

      Good morning guy who is so dumb he spells traitor “trader”.

  16. AlbertCat September 14, 2017

    “And it doesn’t matter how many times she accepts responsibility for her unexpected defeat by Donald Trump in the Electoral College. ” She wrote a whole book NOT accepting the fact that SHE lost for any reason. Besides, did she not know about the EC? I say shut up. Who cares what the poster child for “loser” has to say about anything?

    1. marriea September 15, 2017

      And by standing firm for Trump, you are a loser.
      Unfortunately, all of America is going to lose.
      Our credibility, or standings in the world as a leader, our integrity.
      You place so much emphasis on Trump’s so call win, that you fail to see that in that ‘win’ we lost as a nation.
      Make America Great Again?
      I don’t think so.

    2. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 19, 2017

      Yes that is definitely what is in the book that you haven’t read.

  17. Johnny five September 15, 2017

    Hillary needs to go away. She should be in prison where she belongs along with Susan Rice. Traders to America!!

    1. ???? BRAINTHRUST 5000 ???? September 19, 2017

      “Traders to America”, huh.


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