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Browse In True Privacy For Less Than $1 A Week

HBO is currently embroiled in headaches after hackers assaulted their systems and swiped Game of Thrones scripts, unaired TV episodes, and scads of internal company documents. If an entertainment giant like HBO isn’t safe, how does a little guy like you protect yourself against cyber-predators stalking across the interwebs?

With rock solid, battle-tested security coverage, of course. In the virtual private network (VPN) arena, few names are as trusted as industry leader Private Internet Access — so defend your online activities with a two-year PIA subscription for only $59.95 (63 percent off its regular price) from The National Memo Store.

PC Magazine has PIA among its elite Editors’ Choice picks for good reason. Whether you’re connected through a home network or on a sketchy public WiFi hub, PIA offers an iron-clad secure connection that holds any cyberthieves, government snoops, or intrusive friends and family from getting into your private information.

With more than 3,300 servers in 31 regions around the globe, you’ll always have access to fast service speeds and data encryption based on the ultra-secure Blowfish CBC algorithm. Your service will block unwanted connections, get around geo-locking content restrictions and crush ads, trackers and other malware through its cool new MACE feature on up to five devices.

The price breaks down to a ridiculously low $2.50 per month, so jump on this limited time offer now.

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Become Unhackable With This Personal Cyber Security Training For Only $14

Knowledge is power. With various cyber threats lurking all over the internet, knowing exactly how to protect yourself and your digital information has never been more vital.

Of course, you can go the “rich guy” route and throw money at expensive programs and services to try and deflect malicious forces from infiltrating your systems. Or instead, you could spend strategically, learning exactly what it takes to best safeguard your online interests. Unhackable: Personal Cyber Security Course ($14, 71 percent off in The National Memo Store) is that smart money method.

With this course featuring 3.5 hours of instruction, you’ll get an immersive, hands-on education in hack-proofing your digital life. This training runs the gamut, covering everything from protecting your email accounts to securing home and office networks to safeguarding your financial information and even your identity from theft.

You’ll learn how to use secret email addresses, two-step verification and password managers to make your correspondence all but impregnable. You’ll uncover ways of using secure public WiFi for free and rock solid methods for keeping your mobile devices and social media logins safe. You’ll even uncover how to use credit reports and notifications to assure your financial accounts are as safe — or maybe even safer — than the banks you use.

Mask your online profile from any and all attackers with this practical, down-and-dirty training, which you can get for the price of a pizza right now with this limited time deal.

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Here’s How To Protect All The Wi-Fi Connected Devices In Your Home From Hackers

The news continues to prove that no one is safe from cyber attacks, and Congress’ recent decision to allow ISPs to sell browsing data without customer consent only adds to privacy fears. If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump aren’t immune, how can your home network be safe?

You can take a step toward tightening the net around your entire home protection system with CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall, on sale right now in The National Memo Store for only $224.99, an almost $25 savings.

Connect CUJO to your home WiFi network, and you’ll protect even more than is possible with a VPN. CUJO acts like a bloodhound, sniffing out smart devices all over your house, assessing their vulnerabilities and patching any holes in their security to keep your network free of hackers and malware.

With a VPN, protection is limited to just computers and smartphones. CUJO goes far beyond that. Whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, TV, baby monitor or even smart light or thermostat, CUJO uses machine learning to track how the device usually operates, and protect every corner of your data.

CUJO is your cyber-watchdog, guarding your entire home from virtual threats before crooks or snoops can get a fingerhold in your network. With this offer lasts, you can pick up a CUJO to protect your home for almost 10% off.

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New Internet Privacy Repeal Makes VPN Usage More Important Than Ever

Unless you’ve been under a rock with no WiFi, you’re well aware that Congress and President Trump have opened up your browsing history to the highest bidder. Under changes to FCC rules signed by President Trump last week, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will no longer need your approval to sell information about where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing online.

Alarming, yes…impossible to get around, not so much. The first step to protecting your online data is limiting your browsing to HTTPS-protected sites, as indicated by the green lock in your address bar. Especially when entering passwords or credit card information, you should be extremely cognizant of this. Unfortunately, HTTPS can only go so far in protecting you, and you have little control over which websites employ it.

While your ISP won’t see the ways in which you interact with an HTTPS website, it will see which websites you visit in the first place. By enlisting the services of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), all your actions on the web will stay completely anonymous in the eyes of your ISP thanks to military-grade encryption. It’s never been more important to have the resources of a trusted VPN provider on your side. Thankfully, quality VPNs are neither difficult to set up nor overly pricey. Here are three worthy options:

VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription ($39, 92% off)

One of the most respected names in the VPN game, VPN Unlimited offers full protection while surfing the web, with server locations in 39 countries around the world. With unlimited bandwidth and lightning fast connection speeds, it’s no wonder that VPN Unlimited earns top marks from trusted sites like TechRadar and VPN Service Providers, as well as the Top VPN of 2016 honor from the venerable PC Mag.

Windscribe VPN: Lifetime Pro Subscription ($79, 91% off)

When is a VPN not a VPN? When it’s a heck of a lot more…which definitely describes the package of services available through Windscribe. While Windscribe cloaks your web traffic and secures your personal info from hackers or snoops like the standard VPN, Windscribe also comes with a full suite of computer privacy tools like anti-tracking apps, an ad blocker, secure link generators, firewall protection and more.

VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription ($39, 91% off)

If you’re as annoyed as the rest of us when you can’t watch a certain video or steam due to geo-blocking restrictions, VPNSecure has you covered in that respect in addition to performing the encryption duties of a solid VPN. Thanks to their Smart DNS feature, you can bypass those regional boundaries and watch your Netflix, Hulu and other favorite services anywhere in the world. VPNSecure is a well-respected choice that will mask your IP address, encrypt your traffic and keep absolutely no logs of anything you do on the web.

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