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Sunday, December 17, 2017

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Yesterday, Ted Cruz reminded the political world that, in any other election year, he would be the subject of myriad editorials by sensible people running around with their hair on fire. Yesterday, Ted Cruz released the names of his foreign policy advisors.

Trump’s free media advantage has diverted some well-deserved scrutiny away from Cruz this election cycle. On everything from reproductive rights to foreign policy, Cruz represents the type of insurgent, fundamentalist Tea Partier that relishes government dysfunction as a matter of federal policy, and intrusive moralism at the state and local level.

When it comes to Cruz’s worldview, one confidant in particular stands out as an especially egregious source of advice: Frank Gaffney.

The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Gaffney “one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes.” Donald Trump cited an extremely shady poll from Gaffney’s anti-Islam think tank, the Center for Security Policy, to support his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States.

Gaffney was behind allegations that Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s family had “extensive personal and family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.” In fact, Gaffney’s been making similar claims — that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the United States government — for years. Call it his own brand of McCarthyism.

This video a bit of a throwback for #EndorseThis, but Cruz’s endorsement of Gaffney’s ideology deserves a deep historical treatment. Here’s Gaffney in 2011, alongside CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and Suhail A. Khan, a conservative American Muslim on whom Gaffney proceeds to unload his Muslim Brootherhood Infiltration schtick.

To those waiting for a brokered convention in hopes that Ted Cruz will prevent Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination, Gaffney should complicate things. Donald Trump is an oaf. But judging from his choice in foreign policy advisors, Ted Cruz isn’t much better.

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86 Responses to Endorse This: Ted Cruz’s Own Joseph McCarthy

  1. And the GOP clown show goes on and on; while sadly, millions of Americans are too clueless to realize that Trump, and even Cruz, are frauds, who will say whatever it takes to get votes while having no clue themselves as to what they are actually talking about with their hate rhetoric (because it’s all just a charade) and what either of them will actually do if the nightmare comes true for the world and either one of them is actually elected president of America.

    • Says one of the idiots who actually believes we have a 4.5 unemployment rate with nearly 100 million people out of work and a 140+ million people on the dole, Ha ha talk about clueless, everything you tout as an achievement of Obama is either a outright lie or a statistically manufactured lie that requires absolute stupidity to be believed.

      • 100 MILLION OUT OF WORK? What a raving idiot you are. You clearly haven’t even made one attempt to actually figure out just how many people in America there are who would actually take a job and are actually out of work – it’s closer to 10-15,000,000.

        There are only about 190 million Americans who even the BLS considers would be eligible for a job- people who are not children ( not under 16), or not already eligible for retirement (over 65+); and within that 190 million, about 25-30 million of them are in some form of educational facility – like college. And with close to 150 million actively working according to the BLS that leaves 10-15 million who might work – but about 2-3 million of those are in jail, and several million others are rich enough, in the top 20% where they don’t need to actively work or work under the table outside the BLS’ surveys.

        So when the BLS projects there are about 9 million non workers (making up the 4.5%) – they’re really not as far off as idiots like you would like to make everyone believe. Like I said – you’re nothing more than a pathological lying raving idiot!!!

        • What these right wingers have resorted to since the U3 rate is at 4.9% is to use the “not in the Labor force” number shown in the monthly Bureau of Labor statistics report. The last time I saw one the report it had 94 million people in the “not n the Labor force” number. Of course these trolls either don’t understand the number or are liars. The number includes 16 & 17yo’s who are in high school, those in college full time, stay at home parents and the big one – those people who are retired. Your analysis of this issue is totally correct.

          • Don’t forget those that role off of unemployment,

            Look you can rationalize till the cows come home but the USA has been run into the ground slowly over the past several administrations to force a World government on us all, Under globalism you can’t have any super-wealthy countries you have to raise the poorer countries up and bring down the richer countries, you also need a huge poverty class and a small wealthy class, while carrying out multilevel eugenics and multiple dumbing down programs that we are all victims of at some level… All this Climate change BS, is all about instituting World Government and carbon taxes are needed to fund a new World Government, American and other nations financial statistics and the stock markets are all being manipulated BIG TIME.. You and the die hard Republicrats on the Right are the blind ones, you can’t see that there is already a master class, a overlord ruling class that is bringing down western culture , and you blind idiots are cheering them on, letting them pump invaders that have no intention of assimilating into every major population area in the western World and Europe, Long story short Obama the Clinton’s and the Bush’s are all working towards the same ends, they are all just slightly different flavors of the same Globalist BS, Go ahead and feel superior but if you keep putting establishment people in office you will eventually end up under a tyrannical global fascist government, owned and operated buy the mega multinational corporations..

          • You should be using the word “roll” off of not “role” off of. Role is a noun not a verb and means a part or for counting these people they are included in the U6 rate that is down to 9.7% from 14.2%. “You claim that I’m feeling superior but you are the one who calls people who don’t agree with your conspiracy theory rant of “globalism” are “are the blind ones, you can’t see that there is already a master class, a overlord ruling class that is bringing down western culture , and you blind idiots are cheering them on, letting them pump invaders that have no intention of assimilating into every major population area in the western World and Europe, Long story short Obama the Clinton’s and the Bush’s are all working towards the same ends, they are all just slightly different flavors of the same Globalist BS,”. I do like reading a good rant every now and then but yours is a bit long and delusional. You keep believing in your conspiracy theory and I will believe in the real world.

          • Thanks for correcting my cell phone predictive spelling program, I had it turned off but somehow it turned itself back on, Besides that you are a blind fool if you can’t see the globalism that is devouring the world..
            You are the delusional one that believes in a completely synthetic provided reality.. You are deaf dumb and blind, spouting what they tell you to spout.

            Plato’s cave analogy pertains to all you poor poor lost creatures…

          • Maybe you should try proofreading your comments before posting them. Don’t try to blame me for your inaccuracy, the word role was used incorrectly by “you”. It jumps off of the page.
            As for your typically delusional rant about globalism, stating that unless someone agrees with you they are a blind fool comes off as typical true believer bullshit. Save your analogies they are as meaningless as your rants.

          • Ha ha Unlike you I am not siting around my mothers house all day, I am a busy man with aging eyes, and I really don’t care about your critique of my one finger, small screen, on the go writing abilities, You are the typical one, a typical liberal, great at nit picking but incapable of actually doing or thinking anything worthwhile on your own, you lead a head inAss life because you feel safe there.. You are just helpless Eloi,, simple Morlock chow…

          • Pointing out your ineffencies isn’t nitpicking think of it as constructive criticism. As usual you right wing trolls try to attack by writing something that you have no proof of. Your attempts at generalizations are just more proof of your ridiculous rants based on your biased and limited view of the world. Trying to project your life and its lack of thinking or doing anything is just a type of transference that low intellect people like yourself try to do constantly. Your bs claim of being to busy to proofread your fantasy world comments is not a valid one. enjoy your little life in that dark nether world you live in.

          • Wow I didn’t expect such an intelligent and thought-out answer from a conspiracy theory wacko like yourself. I guess there is still hope for you delusion nether world residents. Keep up the good work.

          • Do you have any idea just how stupid you sound?
            Calling you naive would be a major understatement.
            I bet you’re sand-cat, seeings how your dumbAss only has 18 comments.. Ha ha ha

          • You psycho pseudo intellectual types are this county and the Worlds worst enemies… Too smart by half…

          • Which “county” are you referring to? Are your aging eyes not so good today? Do you mean all of the “worlds” in the universe or did you mean this “world’s”. The real problem is you low information trolls that offer nothing but negativity. Too smart by half is still better than not smart at all any day.

          • It’s really no wonder you and your ilk can’t understand the Constitution, you can’t even get the drift of a simple comment… Do you sit around correcting twitter comments all day?
            They must drive you nuts. ha ha ha

            I haven’t seen anyone like you in a long time, I do still see it sometimes on liberal web sites, but not so much anymore, comments are not English lit papers, they are off the cuff thoughts written under any number of circumstances by people from every socioeconomic group, from every level of education, by people who do or have written a lot and by those that have hardly ever written a thing, These sites are a forum so everyone can express their thoughts no-matter their writing abilities, What you are doing is exactly what you dumbass elitist Liberals call others racist and bigoted for, and I would venture a guess that even the great master of the English language BillP has some grammatical errors in your vast store of writings under one or all of your many persona’s…
            Ha ha What a goof…

          • Excuses, excuses, excuses that’s all you have to offer for your lack of using the correct word. Your so-called off the cuff comments are no excuse for not using the correct word. “Role” is a noun referring to a part played by an actor, “roll” is used mainly as a verb or action but can be also used as a noun. As for expressing your opinion something you haven’t backed up with any provable facts. Try using “” if you aren’t sure of a word. I at least proofread my comments to catch any misspelling or incorrect usage of a word. What’s more ludicrous is your rant about “globalism” and a one-world government, nothing more or nothing less.
            Once again you laugh at your own comment, purely juvenile then again so is your writing.

          • Once again I laugh at your foolish self aggrandizing and complete naivete, You know, between my brother and myself we own several businesses , in several States in the USA and in a couple of different countries, And whether I am at home or travailing I have people who I dictate to, telling them verbally or giving them a rough draft of what I want to write in a letter to whomever and they do it, I read the final draft and they send it, In your world that would make them smarter than me, And while I do have great respect for a great majority of my employes, I am still the BOSS, You sit there in your moms house and think you got something on me for one WORD? What a idiot, You lack any historical or political acumen, you toss the phrase “conspiracy theory” around like that alone debunks anything I have to say, and gives you some kinda power when in reality it just shows your ignorance.. Ha ha ha
            Again; What a GOOF…

          • You did it again, how do you go “travailing around the world?” I would have chosen the word “travel” but then again you are such a successful business man that you must not have the time to proofread your inane comments. Travail may be a clue to your issue with your delusions since it means “pain, anguish or suffering resulting from mental hardship”. Or was it your aging eyes once again? It must be difficult having such low self esteem that you have to make up such a fantasy life. You definitely have an “I” problem, “I” own this, “I” am the boss, “I” dictate to people. For someone who claims to be so busy you keep responding to my comments. You know you are delusional especially regarding your imagined wealth, business acumen and skills. You were the one who threw around your “unproven globalism conspiracy theory”, all I did was challenge it.
            You can call me whatever you want to but it doesn’t change the fact that you are delusional and still don’t know the difference between “role and roll”. Also what are “employes”, are they like “employees”? It’s a good thing you have people write things for you because your comments sound like they were written by a prepubescent little boy. Making bold statements, claiming that you are the boss, in capital letters reinforce this type of behavior. Only such a child would laugh at their own comments. Must be tough living in this dark, negative nether world.

          • Yes it is a good thing I have people writing for me because on occasion I have customers who much like like are so erudite that my service doesn’t matter, Just how I write, I am not very good at writing, never have been, but I get by. That’s why I am not a writer. You can write but you don’t have anything to write. because your mind is void of original thought, if it’s not on MSDNC it doesn’t exist, And that’s why you are a laughable fool, you just don’t get it.. You seem to have missed your calling, maybe you could get a job as a teacher correcting peoples spelling or grammar errors, maybe you could even make small children cry, that would make you feel really good now wouldn’t it? Ha ha Ha And no-matter what you say, its you that is the delusional one if you can’t see that our entire government, “with very few exception” is criminal and working towards a tyrannical World government, it is as plain as the nose on your face, The Clinton’s work for and with the Bush crime family and Obama was put in to forward all the things they couldn’t of gotten done, through racism and stupidity, they are all World class criminals, that could not exist without mindless fools like you on the left and drooling moron neo-cons on the right… You are either blind or complicit ….. I don’t care what you think of my writing, if you can’t understand what I am saying you’re the stupid one….

          • I honored that you spend time while you are “travailing” around the world for your imaginary companies. You may want to hire me to do your writing since you are so inept at it. Your sentences of “Just how I write, I am not very good at writing, never have been, but I get by. That’s why I am not a writer.” are an example of your babbling on and on. Your ramblings are disjointed, have no connecting flow to them and you make assertions that have no basis. It’s comical that you claim that anyone who doesn’t believe in your imaginary “World government” conspiracy, just another example of your transferring your issues on someone else. You should seek some psychological help for these delusions and anger. You sound just like some of the other trolls that write the same bs on this site and all happen to have the need to claim to be successful business people. You obviously do care what I write or you wouldn’t take time from your imaginary busy schedule to reply.

          • Hey happy Fool’s day today, and next month you get May-Day to celebrate a fools brand of government, That’s two days a year for Fool’s like you.. Ha ha ..

          • Well you are improving. No incorrect use of words or misspelling of words, congratulations! As for the content not creative or imaginative but then again what should I expect from a juvenile thinker.

          • Yeah I read pretty much all of your comments and correcting peoples incorrect use of words or misspelling of words seems to be your only mental prowess, Ha ha besides that you’re a babe in the woods, A perfect trusting victim, as your belief in elephants and asses destroys your world….

          • For a person who claims to be soooo busy with his “companies?” you spend a lot of time reading comments on this site. Aside from your true believer comments you offer nothing else. You offer no proof of your beliefs, just your anger.

          • Ha ha you only had like 18 comments , That might be a all day project for you but it only took me a couple of minutes, And as far as proving what I say goes , really all’s you gotta do is stop watching the Boob-Tube disconnect from the popular opinions of your friends pears and suspend your belief systems for a bit and look in to the reality of things, (The truth is out there) You have been programed from the day you were born to believe in a completely false reality with authorities set up as the high priests of that false reality, everyone has, I used to be a died in the wool Republican, but no longer, For going on 15 years now, All you are right now is a collection of party platitudes and slogans, dispensed through the emotional equivalent of a straight A’s 15 year old girls mentality… PITIFUL

          • You need to stop drinking the koolaid and go back on your meds. You also need to stop listening to those conspiracy theorists in the media. Your delusions about a “World” government are based on nothing but conjecture and irrational thoughts. When someone claims to have the “truth” but offers no concrete proof just their rambling unfounded opinion I discount it very deeply. As my math teacher has us do – “show me the proof”. Saying it’s out there is just a slogan, not proof. Not sure what you mean by “friends pears?” and believe your ere a “dyed not died” in the wool Republican unless you were dead and came back to life. Have you built your bunker yet?

          • Bla bla bla You are so cliche, with your koolaid and delusion bs, The TPA the TPP climate change treaties NAFTA GATT the deconstruction of the USA etc etc etc You’re Too Blind, Too stupid, Too dumb, Too fat, Too happy, Too indoctrinated, Too Brain washed, Head in la la land, To explain anything to.. Go read some government statistic that “prove” everything’s just fine, in FACT! they’re great!! there’s that FACT word again… Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals book actually says that the idiots on the left are the best solders for destroying a country, because you’re all emotional idealistic fools who really just want to be used and lied to.. In short useful idiots , history is replete with used and then cast aside or worse fools like yourself .. be sure to take all your vaccinations, and keep on gobbling down those SSRI’s and don’t forget the benzo chaser, and be sure to wash it all down with fluoridated water..
            Good Luck you’ll be needing it, very soon.. The job of destroying this country is just about complete, and you idiots think you’re getting your way.. Ha ha so sad..

          • Your morning tirades are great to read in the morning, they make start the day with a good laugh. Your use of transferring your traits onto me are great though you get redundant when you write “Too stupid, Too dumb”. I will disagree with you on my being too fat, I’m sure you are the one with the excessive weight and you are definitely more indoctrinated than me with your blind following of the conspiracy theories formulated by the extreme right wing media. Listening to Alex Jones much lately?
            The rest of your tirade is just your usual bs calling doesn’t buy into your dark and negative view of the word. Try getting out into the real world every now and then, the nether world you reside in is just enabling your delusions.

          • “Extreme Right wing” Ha ha And I am the indoctrinated one, Ha ha everything you say is mind control BS, you are text book, And see I was right about you being a female.. Ha ha ha

            The thing you’re most concerned about was the FAT thing , I say female because you sound like a teenage girl not a Woman, Ha ha ha What a Goof…

          • I really feel sorry for you, such a pathetic overweight loser who projects his failings and bad qualities on to someone else. You have nothing going on in your life, oh I forgot about your business holdings (a bag of pretzels and a can of PBR). Your writings are so juvenile but then again that’s what angry old men sound like. Your link is just a bunch of articles containing mostly doom and gloom predictions that “never” come true. Keep reading this crap and sit home with your buddies, the pretzels and PBR. Try getting out for a walk in the real world maybe you would lose some weight, loser! You are angry because the world has passed you by and left you in your own dark petty little world.

          • Ha ha.. I really must of struck a nerve with the fat little girl, I mean talk about juvenile, Ha ha, Do you ever come back later and read your tirades?,
            Really now,,
            I really feel sorry for you, a pathetic overweight loser who
            projects his failings and bad qualities on to someone else. You have
            nothing going on in your life, Your writings are so juvenile, what angry old men sound like. maybe you would lose some weight, loser! You are angry because the
            world has passed you by and left you in your own dark petty little
            Really? You want to go with that?
            I think you left out delusional, conspiracy theorist, extreme right wing nut case, wing nut, racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobe, climate change denier, or you listen to Alex Jones, or you listen to Michael savage, and or a litany of other childish memes that you have been taught that are supposed to magically discredit or dismiss “reality” or anyone who tries to present the “reality” of things to you .. The Left equals deception, destruction and division, The World you live in is not anchored in anything remotely akin to reality.. NO!! it is I that feels sorry for my Children and my Children’s Children and your Children’s Children for the Fuckedup serfdom World you and your emotionally idealistic and stupid counterparts are being duped into helping too create by giving up all your rights out of your shear ignorance, I am not a religious Man but this line out of scripture has never been more true or fitting My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.. You and your kind are stupid plain and simple.. And that really is no laughing matter…
            Have a great Week-End , I know you will, Ignorance is bliss……………………

          • No there is no nerve being struck. Only replying to your ignorant comment of “You’re Too Blind, Too stupid, Too dumb, Too fat, Too happy, Too indoctrinated, Too Brain washed, Head in la la land, To explain anything to”. You like to write things that are not based in reality. I didn’t label you as a racist, sexist or misogynistic because you haven’t written anything to show that so far. However you are delusional, a conspiracy theorist, climate change denier person and have written comment to show that you are these. You keep claiming what you preach is reality but the only evidence you have offered is a link to a website containing articles about the Temple of Baal, Planet X, the ramblings of David Wilkerson, etc. I do see that you have an “I” problem especially in your wild and delusional rant “

          • Fat Dumb and Happy is not meant to be taken literally but figuratively, It is an old saying that means you think you have everything you want so there must not be anything wrong, You sound just like any other modern day spoiled rotten little brat..

          • You have no idea about who I am – my age, my gender, social status, education or anything else. Yet you write your typical all-knowing crap. You are an angry old man who bought into some tunneled vision view of the world and believe only he knows what is right. Such arrogance accompanied by your obvious ignorance shows your lack of reality. When you can’t debate the facts you resort to making irrational comments. So sad.

          • Can’t debate the facts? With you?
            That would be a complete waste of time, My objective with folks like you is to get you to look into things all on your own, I could literally put forth a perfect argument and you would still reject it out of hand, Things like religion and politics are similar in that they are dogmatic faith based belief systems, I know you will defend your “right” to defend the people that are destroying you life with your life, you will probably even defend the right of the democrats to steal the nomination from Bernie with super delegates because that is what you want so it must be right and fair, Or the Republicans out right blatantly trying to steal the nomination from Trump because you don’t like the Republicans or Trump, This doesn’t bring to your mind that only the people they want in office can get in office, I am no fan of Al Gore but they out right stole the Presidency from him, and to shut him up they gave him the ground floor of the global warming carbon credit scam-industry which made him a billionaire, No someday you’re going to see that just about all the things you call conspiracy theory now are REAL.. Right now under left cover they are implementing a terrible kind of tyrannical Fascism by silencing people, intentionally deconstructing the document that insures your freedoms, spreading irrational racism, spreading irrational fear of words, spreading irrational sexism, arresting movie makers, silencing open discussion on university campuses, etc etc etc And you are for this kinda thing or intentionally blind to it NOW because you think it serves a higher end, but tyranny is tyranny no matter who is behind it and what ends they have in mind, you exercise willful ignorance now and later you will be sorry.. It’s not all just a game, Left team verses Right team or Red team verses Blue team, that’s how they manipulate you and get what they want, everything that is happening now has exact parallels in history, it is all very serious with very serious consequences..

            I know you’re way to smart to be manipulated and your mind is your own, and I am the one that is delusional..

          • Typical answer don’t provide facts to back up the assertion you made not me. You make a claim, you back it up with facts otherwise it’s just your delusional opinion. Part of your delusion is that you would put forth a “perfect” argument, in your mind maybe but in the real world, not so. The rest of your comment is just the usual blather coming out of your dark and conspiracy tainted mind. You are repeating yourself without adding anything of value.

          • I take it back, You’re way “too” stupid, You’d almost be comical if there weren’t so many like you, Babes in the woods.. All’s you’re good for apparently is noticing grammar and spelling errors, while the world comes down around you, you will be proof reading all the headlines., While you continue on in your state of denial .. Ha ha What a goof…

            The new Yuan will be introduced next Tuesday, April 19.When the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has agreed to add the Yuan to the basket of world currencies used for Global Reserves and International Trade, Making the dollar virtually impotent, China just announced the dollar will not be exchangeable for the gold-backed Yuan, Tensions between China Russia and the USA are being stirred up for an eventual war, a war the USA is scheduled to lose to cover for the planned US Financial collapse, The 2016 elections will most likely never happen, All the political nonsense that is going on at the moment is mostly just bread and circus with a Budweiser chaser, Obama has aspirations to be the UN Secretary General after he successfully completes the job of bringing down the USA, blindsiding most Americans, The USA must fall for the World Government to take hold, you and Obama are making that a reality, the only difference is Obama is doing it on purpose and you are just a useful idiot..

          • Gee how could I have been so naïve to not subscribe to your vision on a One World Government! I still have to correct one thing you wrote, there is no such word as “all’s”. Your choice of “all’s” implies that this is a contraction of the words “all is” which your of this creates a sentence that sound like some illiterate person wrote it. The correct word should have been “all”.
            I will thank you for alerting me to this nefarious scheme to devalue the US Dollar and end the US Govt.. I will liquidate all of my investments and buy gold, thank you, thank you. Then I will move out of this country so that I will not have to deal with its collapse. It must be great to have a direct line to the people at the top and passing it on to us non-believers. Will need to take my guns with me so I can defend myself against this onslaught. Thank you and all praise to the mighty!

          • You’re a smarmy psycho pseudo intellectual fool..
            Way too smart by half, do you have even one friend? Ha ha… what a goof…
            a word or phrase that is not formal or literary, typically one used in ordinary or familiar conversation.

            Live and learn little girl…

          • There is no actual word “all’s” its use is just adding a “‘s” to the word all. It doesn’t change the word’s meaning. You can call me anything that you want to, it doesn’t change the fact that you make up things “My brother and I own several companies”, you don’t argue with facts, just your deluded opinions and your source for all of your imaginary conspiracies is the Infowars website. You seem a little too interested in my private life, getting tired of your pretzels and PBR. I guess you have to laugh at your own comments since no one else does. Pleas keep me informed on this great Yuan conspiracy and its disastrous results for the US. I can always use a good laugh.

          • You won’t find anything I have said at info wars, you wanna be writer, You probably post stupidAss stories at this ridiculous web site, The dependent1 is basically a Baghdad Bob, a dis-info agent and you fallow him-her around and suck up to what amounts to a DNC agent or worse, a government agent, And I do have several companies, I own them along with my Brother, sons, his sons and extended family, I have been blessed to be born at a time when hard work and diligence could make you a wealthy person, And when we “our Family”combined forces the sky was the limit, we have liquidated quite a few businesses that we know wouldn’t survive the fascist liberal agenda and we also went international because of the insanity outbreak in the USA, we have fully self contained properties in a couple of locations around the World and in the USA, I am visiting our MN interests right now, You’re just jealous because you have such a high opinion of yourself that you can’t believe a Dumbass like me has made good in this World, and I will continue to use All’s, all’s I want, I talk to other very successful people almost on a daily basis, And one thing most of them especially the self made ones have in common is most of them NEVER went to collage and a lot of them dropped out of High-school, So you can take all your creative writing English literature crap and go try and make some money with it because you’re wasting your time proof reading my comments because I am VERY secure with who and what I am.. I just like to poke idiots with a stick to see what makes them tick.. With you it’s pure narcissistic ego driven vanity, Oh I’m so educated and you’re just a illiterate country bumpkin, Oh I’m so superior become I would never use a non existent WORD like all’s, Let me axe you a question would you ever give black folks crap for using axe or bafroom etc etc etc I think not, you P O S Liberal fascist hypocrite.. Ha ha ha You’re nothing but a caricature, a joke, a standard run of the mill wanna be erudite spoiled rotten modern self indulgent brat… You know nothing of sacrifice or delayed gratification, Delayed gratification, or deferred gratification, It is the ability to resist the temptation for an immediate reward and wait for a later reward. Generally, delayed gratification is associated with resisting a smaller but more immediate reward in order to receive a larger or more enduring reward later.

            You probably feel really intertidal and pissed because you’re in debt up to your eyeballs from your creative writing English lit education that cost you zillions only to land you in some cubical somewhere, or blogging for pennies from heaven..

            Ha ha Good luck to ya.. I really do wish you well because there are a lot of folks out there that can use the proper grammar and spell just as well as you.. Now compete and make it pay..

          • You write some of the most disjointed comments starting with –
            “you wanna be writer, You probably post stupidAss stories at this ridiculous web site, The dependent1 is basically a Baghdad Bob, a dis-info agent and you fallow him-her around and suck up to what amounts to a DNC agent or worse, a government agent,” I have never heard of Independent1, nor do I “follow not fallow” him around. The rest is just a further example of your illogical rants. Your narrative about you and your family’s businesses is a nice touch of fiction, written fairly nicely but still fiction. I do enjoy that you showed your deluded beliefs that you had to liquidate (was that draining a six pack of PBR?) because of fascist liberal agenda, you haven’t a clue what fascism is.
            What is really noticeable about you is your self-righteous attitude that only you worked hard and therefore deserve success. That is the biggest crock I’ve seen from you trolls. Yes I did go to college not collage, your mistakes are so juvenile, and most successful people are a lot more educated than you are claiming and don’t have the anti-education attitude. If my attitude bothers you it is because you do have a low self image of yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t react so angrily to my comments. I do see you like to make unfounded statements about my background, I do have college degrees but not in English Lit., they are in Finance and Information Technology but you believe what you want. You are just an angry old white male who can stand that he isn’t significant anymore. Calling me names doesn’t mean anything, it just shows that you can’t handle a dialogue without attacking the other person. You only feel good about yourself when you try to belittle other people especially when you make ridiculous and unfounded comments. I’m more than content in my life and laugh at your anger-fed comments.

          • Poor lady, How old was she?,
            Ha ha Talk about getting all worked up, you do have a low self image of yourself, otherwise you wouldn’t react so angrily to my comments. Ha ha

            You know you cry yourself to sleep every night..
            You look around and say how-come all those idiots have all that dough, While you the great intelligent genius struggles to pay the rent with your crappy little tech blog, And the occasional political piece on some liberal blog site… You’re the idiot who thinks too much of yourself, that’s why you always underestimate people and lose, or shine folks on that could help you thus losing that potential help, I’ve seen it a million times when someone wants my money and as I am interviewing them, especially if it’s a team a partnership they think they are smarter than me and they may even insult me right to my face thinking It will go right over my head, kinda showing off for each other, This kinda thing is very common with the pseudo intellectual entitled generation.. Too smart by half…

            Of course they lose my support, even if it would be to my financial benefit, I can be a very principled person, sometimes to my own loss…




          • Your first sentence makes no sense, but then again all of your rants are nonsensical. My angry replies are only due to your low knowledge and low intelligent comments. You make assertions based on nothing more than your angry old white man assumptions. Nothing is fact based just some bullshit.
            I do cry myself to sleep every night but it’s tears of laughter from reading your ludicrous comments. Once again you write assertions about people with wealth, most of them are very educated and intelligent unlike an ignorant old man like yourself. Your rants exhibit a deep dislike for anyone who has outshined you with their education. According to you they are all self-centered idiots, that would include the management of almost every large company in this country, your conglomerate excluded.
            You know nothing of my financial status yet you claim I struggle to pay the rent, such a typical statement from an unlearned person like yourself, you really can believe that better educated people than you have achieved a higher financial status than you. You are so full of self doubt that your imagine that anyone with a higher education level than you would belittle you, that’s a little paranoid. Even your last statement shows a lack of business skills and acumen. Not principled but self-doubting.

          • Bla Bla Bla Talk about unfounded statements, I said self made folks, not professionals that got a degree and then got rich on someone else’s business, my own children, now adults have multiple degree’s And for the life of me I can’t see where they have any effect on their current daily lives, Had they gone out into the World and applied for a job yeah that piece of paper would of got em through the door but its life, aptitude and experience that really pays, Maybe my one sons electrical engineering and mechanical engineering degrees helped with his knowledge base, but even with him when we were re-doing some hydroelectric dams and systems on a property we own down south I tried to put him in charge but he kept on deferring to my judgment and my ideas, But he has since come into his own, And now he runs all those kinda things on his own, I have a daughter that has an MBA, And really that was a complete waste of time and money, but now that she has been re-trained she runs almost all the money matters along with my brothers son who also has an MBA that was a complete waste of time and money, Life and reality is the best teacher.. I could go on and on but I do know that would also be a waste of time…

          • You make the ridiculous claim of many wealthy people having little education. Every person I dealt with in my work life that is in the hierarchy of their company has at least a BA or BS and most have a Master’s degree or higher. Your disdain for education is so typical of people like you, you always feel inadequate around people who have more education than yourself. It shows in your last comment, your daughter’s MBA is a waste, then she is doing something very wrong or just doesn’t have the brain power. I will take an educated person to work with any day in my field than someone with an attitude like yours. I sure hope you have one of these educated relatives write for you in your “business” dealings since your writing is so stilted and simplistic.

          • Hey they are both very smart people that run several multimillion dollar interests, They all wear multiple hats, I just think real life has taught them a lot more than the very expensive educations they got, I think the sciences still have something to offer though, most of the rest of it just ruins you people, you’re a great example.. You’re just a blowhard wanna be.. Ha ha

          • Why do you use Bill P? You are a girl-female aren’t you.. If you’re not you sure sound like one, but then again most liberals do have effeminate mind sets, usually because they were raised by single mothers and or the State.. No, I was just thinking that if you have tech degrees, That maybe Bill P AKA Bill Pytlovany from AOL fame might be a hero figure to you.. That’s all..

          • It’s my first name and last name initial, dipshit. You sure like to write some of the most ignorant and ludicrous comments on this site. Your faux right wing troll bullshit shows your lack of any good education and what an angry, deluded and ill-educated old man you are. No I’m not Bill Pytlovany. Keep writing your low information rants there are always good for a laugh.

          • Settle down there ya big baby you’re gonna blow a blood vessel .. You mean a lack of any good indoctrination, Don’t you? Ha ha ha ha …….

          • No I meant good education. From your writing I can tell you aren’t a well educated person. You have also displayed a great disdain for anyone who has received a higher education level than you. You feel the need to denigrate anyone with a BS/BA or higher degree because you feel inadequate when dealing with them.

          • I was an emancipated minor at age 16, I took the GED, back then then it was called the $10.00 test Staying in school and Graduating high school was part of my emancipation deal with the judge so immediately after my emancipation hearing I went straight to the school and took the test, back then they made you take it over 3 days, 4 hours a day, I scored in the top 10% in the nation, I then took the GED certificate right back to the court, and I was off the hook with no further obligation to that court, I was employed at Denny’s as a cook at the time, I also did 2 years at a Jr college, and 4 years at the Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute, I was sent there by Harris South lake Tahoe, When Bill Harris owned the place As work related on the job training,, I have worked in construction, I have been a dish washer, a fry line cook, bus boy, host, waiter, restaurant manager-owner, sous chef, executive chef, house painter, mason, heavy equipment operator, sand and gravel pit owner, truck driver, warehouseman, millwright, dispatcher, Automobile heavy truck and equipment mechanic, motorcycle mechanic and builder, freight broker, Landscaper, landscape construction worker, designer, owner, building buying and selling dozens of successful businesses including restaurants, trucking co’s, freight brokerages air ground both domestic and international, Along with real estate domestic and intentionally, And construction co’s again both domestic and internationally.. Grower and distributor of greenhouse grown non GMO all organic vegetables and herbs domestic and internationally, etc etc .. That is the readers digest version of my self made life, I am not even listing the majority of the co-owned interests my family is involved in, And I am sure I am leaving things out, I worked for everything I have, I can and do live anywhere I want, when I want, how I want, So tell me again just how uneducated I am, you piss ant self righteous spelling bee winner.. Ha ha ha

          • Wow what a really long tome. I’m glad you take pride in your scoring in the top 10% in the GED test. You do realize that makes you in the top 10% of people who drop out of high school, don’t you? Still it’s good that you are proud of this accomplishment. Your litany of jobs that you supposedly held for some period of time is really unnecessary, it comes off as if you are so insecure about yourself that you felt the need to create a laundry list of jobs. ThoughI think you left out a few – “Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief, Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief”

            I must have hit a nerve with saying that you weren’t a “well-educated” person not an uneducated one. Though your comments come off as juvenile ranting about all that you have done, how you did it all yourself, can and do live anywhere you want, when you want and how you want. Then you hurt my feeling by calling me a pissant (one word or spelled as piss-ant), gee I guess I am a self-righteous spelling bee winner. How will I ever get over this vicious attack, it will take time.

            By the way ending with Ha ha ha just confirms how juvenile you are and your writing is. Feeling insecure little Maxie?

          • Ha ha Talk about juvenile, you sound just like a smarmy high school cliquester making fun of the less fortunate kids around campus, That’s why you are blind and stupid to the reality of things, you’ve always had a support group that made you feel good even superior about your ignorance, by making fun of anyone that could actually think for themselves or that didn’t do look or think like you, you have lead a cloistered life of agreeing with media driven popular opinion, In a everybody knows that kinda way, Even-though everything you think you know is WRONG, In your world if anyone see’s the reality of things they are delusional tinfoil hat wearing losers.. You are the real joke, and all the powers that be count on your need to fit in, so they have a endless supply of sarcastic ignorant masses to tow their destructive line…
            You are right about one thing with me I am older now, but I am very healthy, In fact I am in the business of being healthy, my life is set and diverse, I enjoy a very close and loving family as-well as a very close and loving extended family with true life long friends of every color creed and nationality all over the World, even if I were to lose all my money I would still be a very wealthy, very successful Man…
            You and me both know you’re really a miserable and lost excuse of a human-being that can’t find any real meaning or value in your life so you take shelter in your facts by popular consensus pseudo intellectual altruism, And a bunch of like minded and just as lost so called friends that probably couldn’t even be counted on to help you move..
            Ha ha ha You poor poor S O B…

          • Please get someone to write your replies, your starting with “Ha ha Talk about juvenile” is ridiculuously juvenile in itself, you sound like a prepubescent little boy. Then you write what might be the longest run-on sentence that I have ever seen and with improper capitalization too. A period ends a sentence not a comma. The content is pure psychobabble though you could be talking about yourself and what happen in your bitter life. I know that you don’t realize that you claim things about me that really apply to yourself and your attitude towards those who disagree with you. Only you know what is real, only you think for yourself, only you are worldly, etc. is just another example of your self-absorbed world. Before posting a reply proof-read your comment so it doesn’t sound like some drunken angry old fool wrote it. Here are some examples of your poorly written run-on sentences – “you have lead a cloistered life of agreeing with media driven popular opinion, In a everybody knows that kinda way, Even though everything you think you know is Wrong, ” This is such a disjointed attempt at writing with inaccurate punctuation and capitilization plus it just shows how narrowminded you are. I do feel some sympathy for you and your feeling so insecure that your need to claim to be in the business of being healthy and that you have a very close and loving fanily as well as life long friends. I think you doth protest too much. Who cares!

            Your last last paragraph is really the worst – “You and me (that should be I) know” and your “your facts by popular consensus pseudo intellectual altruism, And”. Just more of your disconnected psychobabble. You really are pathetic and delusional.

          • Don’t forget to get all your vaccinations, drink lots of diet pop, stay out of the sun, and drink plenty of fluoridated water for bone and dental health..
            The Government would never try to hurt you. NEVER!..
            You are such an informed and intelligent Citizen, in fact in a 1984 kinda way you might say you’re a perfect Citizen…

            To each his sufferings: all are men,
            Condemned alike to groan;
            The tender for another’s pain,
            The unfeeling for his own.
            Yet ah! why should they know their fate?
            Since sorrow never comes too late,
            And happiness too swiftly flies.
            Thought would destroy their paradise.
            No more; where ignorance is bliss, ‘Tis folly to be wise.

            Ha ha See ya around , you poor poor dumbBastard….

          • Once again you show your ignorance by trying to classify someone according to your petty, narrow-minded view of anyone who dares to differ with you. Your reference to 1984 is pure not understanding what Orwell’s book is all about. You must have had someone write this comment for you. There are no run-on sentences, bad grammar or misspellings in it. Bravo I see you have listened to me and stopped writing your comments in your usual grade school level. Though the content of the comment is still your mindless crap. I’ll still be around when your lame conspiracy theory falls flat on your face. You can call me a dumb bastard but remember I’m still a lot smarter than you and write much better comments.

          • Hey ass-wipe try reading your own comments before you try to reply. This is from your own comment “You probably post stupidAss stories at this ridiculous site, The dependent1 is basically a Baghdad Bob, adis-info agent and fallow him-her around” You claimed that I fallowed (followed?) “dependent1”, I have replied to “independent1″on occasion, to your addled mind that means following him-her. You really need to hire someone to write for you since you are so busy with your vast “holdings”. You sound like someone who never advanced beyond a primer.

          • Ha ha ha What a goof….
            Hey ass-wipe try reading your own comments before you try to reply. This is from your own comment..

            ” I have never heard of Independent1, nor do I “follow not fallow” him around.

        • Bla bla bla I fallow you and some equally idiotic Republicrats just to keep an eye on the Baghdad Boobs on both sides , If your not being paid to deceive you truly are just a raving drooling moronic Fool..

          I have noticed that lately you make very few stand alone posts or comments, you now seem to spend 99+ % of your time fighting the onslaught of detractors that are now visiting this worthless site Ha ha ha …

          • Hey Max I only come over in a going to the zoo kinda deal. I like to see just how low humans can go. I don’t remember if it was you or not but someone posted this sites address over at Conservative videos site as a place to view insanity, And boy were they right.

          • Stunned at your eloquence!
            As I said before, you’re either looking up from your spot in the cesspool, or closely examining the lining of your rectum.
            I can see you have zero to offer other than your own ignorance and stupidity.

          • Ooooh, “THE SHADOW.” You must be at least ten years old. Or have I overestimated you?

            What a laugh!

          • I read some of your history and you seem to be the one with reoccurring childish behavior, you should stick to WW2 astronautics history and stay away from politics, your way too susceptible to group think..

        • I see you’re using one of your side persona’s ray, are you scared to use your main character?
          ray, you and idiots like you could use at least some reality in your life.. Really…………..

          • You people live in a unreal manufactured reality, you are just tools, useful idiots, you have been fooled into being the blind implementers of your own demise, you are the decay in society, and you are spreading.. You are like a virus killing its own host… And like an insane person you fight and deny the obvious, and worse but integral to the success of the planned downfall of society you have been taught to blame it on everyone but yourselves, as you march on to oblivion …

          • Yes, yes, you’re so superior to and so much wiser than all of us.
            It’s really comical reading gibberish from a delusional moron telling us all of his problems, but attributing them to us.
            Keep going: you’re a laugh a minute.

          • Your not, you scare the hell out of me…

            “I Never Underestimate The Power Of Stupid People In Large Groups.”

          • You’re right; Lunatics such as yourself seem increasingly common these days, but I’ll not waste further time on you.

  2. We simply cannot have these fools elected to lead this country. It is unthinkable that we would send Trump or Cruz out on the world stage to represent the United States of America. There is only one qualified candidate in this race and it is Hillary Clinton.

    • I have to disagree with you. I think Bernie Sanders is qualified. However, I also think Hillary Clinton is much more qualified than Bernie. As for Trump or Cruz, if either of those is elected president, this country may not survive.

  3. When I read that Cruz had added Frank Gaffney to his Foreign Policy advisors……well that just reinforced my utter contempt for Teddy Cruz being completely unfit for ANY position in government at all, and cinching his position of demagogue of the decade where he is in a dead heat competition with Donald J. Trump…….Frank Gaffney is a certifiable Islamaphobic nut case who has been dismissed by many even in the Republican Party, let alone anyone in civil society…….one of the worst men who pretends he knows anything. Have watched this idiot for over a decade am continuously surprised he has not been committed to an extended stay at a mental ward somewhere, but I guess joining Ted Cruz’s campaign is about the same thing……….

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  4. So, Ted Cruz is Joseph McCartney and Donald Trump is Adolph Hitler. And this comes from liberals, who pride themselves on how they deplore hate language. The far left is tolerant of everyone…except people to their right: most people. They must be getting desperate. The hate language is at exceptionally high levels, more than their regular hate language. In church, we call that “hypocrisy.” You remind me why I left the liberals back in college.

    • You *earn* your respect and tolerance and the like.

      We don’t give it just because you’re born and have a two-bit opinion. You (and your ilk) are knockin’ people down when you’re in the majority? Damn straight we’ll call it for what it is.

    • Once again, a member of the party of hate tries to salve his conscience by projecting his own and his party’s worst evils on those who oppose them. And couldn’t you have looked in the article instead of misspelling names?
      Yes, the omnipresent but non-existent “Far Left.”
      Well, to be fair, most sane people are pretty far to the left of Ted Cruz and other Republicans such as yourself, as are most moderate conservatives.
      Crawl back under your rock.

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