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Endorse This: Colbert's Response To Right-Wing Furor Over Staff Arrests Is Epic

Stephen Colbert opened his monologue on Monday’s broadcast by addressing the recent news of a field production team for his late-night program being detained at the Capitol while filming a comedy segment involving the acerbic puppet Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. With all the actual right-wing puppets in Congress, one would think Triumph would be welcomed with open arms.

“Triumph offered to go down to D.C. to interview some Congress people to highlight some January 6 hearings,” Colbert continued. “I said, ‘Sure, if you can get anyone to agree to talk to you. Because, and please don’t take this as an insult, you’re a puppet.”

Seven people working for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert were arrested due to an unauthorized location shoot in Congress. Among those arrested was Robert Smigel, the writer and comedian behind the canine character Triumph.

Colbert said the Capitol Police were completely professional -- and took a hard shot at the despicable right-wing media for somehow drawing comparisons between this incident and violent rioters storming the Capitol to murder Vice President Mike Pence and members of Congress.

“Drawing any equivalence between rioters storming our Capitol to prevent the counting of electoral ballots and a cigar-chomping toy dog is a shameful and grotesque insult to the memory of everyone who died,” Colbert said. He went on to mercilessly mock Tucker Carlson and his other critics. You'll enjoy it!

Watch the entire segment below:

Endorse This: Colbert Says 'Come Get Me' To Proud Boy Joe Biggs

Late Show host Stephen Colbert didn't mince words last night when he delivered a message to the Proud Boys leader who mentioned his name in court.

."You are going to jail you neo-numbnut, and if you don’t like it, you can come and get me," quipped Colbert during his monologue. "Welcome to the monkey house, brother."

Apparently, Colbert's name came up in a statement from a lawyer representing Joseph Biggs, a Proud Boys leader indicted for their role in the January 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Biggs is charged with seditious conspiracy, a crime that carries a potential sentence of 20 years in prison. Biggs argued that his trial should be moved out of Washington D.C. due to Colbert's "negative press and media coverage about the fraternity known as the Proud Boys."

Wait, fraternity?

"Oh that's right, the Proud Boys is just a fraternity. January 6 was just hazing. I mean we all heard their chant," Colbert, 58, said Wednesday.

Watch the segment below:

Endorse This! Colbert Owns Fox News On Avoiding January 6 Coverage

Even if Fox News choose to ignore the explosive January 6th hearings like Covid guidance in order to keep their viewers ignorant as always, every major news network broadcasted the first of several high-profile hearings involcing all the sordid details of the January 6th insurrection. And while the Republican party of treason claimed that the first airing of hearings would be a "nothing burger," it was a freaking impossible burger.

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert weighed in on why the hearings were quite significant and why Fox News desperately made sure not a single one of their sheep (or viewers) turned the channel.

“They were wrong,” he said to cheers from his audience. “It was such a juicy burger that Fox News knew that even their viewers would be tempted to take a bite. Which is why—and this is true—for the hour of his show opposite the hearings, Tucker Carlson took no commercial breaks.”

“Do you understand what that means?” he asked. “Fox News is willing to lose money to keep their viewers from flipping over and accidentally learning information.” But the host said he wasn’t “surprised” because “that’s the first rule of any cult: never leave the compound.” The second rule? “Present your testicles to the tanning station.”

Watch the entire segment below:

Endorse This! Colbert Rips Cruz For This Stupid Solution To School Shootings

As we learn more and more about the horrible details surrounding the deadly school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, we get to see all the feckless Republicans do the old song and dance on guns. When they're not gassing up the dump trucks of thoughts and prayers to avoid any accountability for doing the NRA's bidding, they're suggesting absolutely laughable solutions to school shootings.

Late Show host Stephen Colbert dismantled Senator Ted Cruz’s latest moronic suggestion that locked doors or single entry and exit points would stop mass shootings

.“So he just wants sensible door control,” noted Colbert. “Now look, increasing security, hardening schools, could be a good idea, but what about all the other places where shootings happen – like movie theaters, like churches or grocery stores or everywhere else in America.”

Indeed, Colbert's point about the downright frightening rise of mass shootings states the absolute obvious: Stop simping for the terror suppoters in the NRA and get something done about gun safety. Colbert also mocked Congress for sneaking off on recess without doing anything about guns.

Watch the entire segment below:

Endorse This! Colbert Returns To Roots Of Mocking George Bush (VIDEO)

Ever since the Republican party was hijacked by a clownish, failed businessman and reality tv host turned fascist dictator, many on the left have pined for the simpler days of George W. Bush. Putting aside his obvious failure of a lifetime in launching a brutal, unnecessary, and costly war in Iraq, the not-so-bright former president would probably be considered a leftist by today's deranged Republican party of rabble-rousing misfits. Stephen Colbert, like many of us comedians at the time, took great pleasure in jostling George Bush over his failures in Iraq.

Although he has since dropped his more arcane Colbert Report far-right character after taking over hosting duties at the Late Show, Colbert is as political as ever. Having been said, Colbert mocked George W Bush, who gave a speech in Dallas on Wednesday for an event called “Elections – A More Perfect Union”, which focused on how elections work.

We’ve actually acquired Dubya’s PowerPoint on how elections work,” the Late Show host deadpanned. “Step one: get fewer votes than your opponent. Step two: have the supreme court hand it to you." Colbert, however, really laid into the former President after his gaffe on Iraq.

Watch the segment below:

#EndorseThis: A Livid Colbert Lays Into Leaked SCOTUS Abortion Opinon

After a leaked SCOTUS draft opinion revealed the conservative court majority's intention to do what every person of sound mind knew they would do in ending abortion rights, believers in choice became incensed and immediately started protesting. Late Show host Stephen Colbert was none too pleased with the leaked opinion.

“So congratulations, ladies,” Colbert told his viewers. “Decisions about what you can do with your body are now being made by four old dudes and a woman who thinks The Handmaid’s Tale is a rom-com.”

Colbert directed most of his ire at Senator Susan Collins (R-ME). Perpetually duped by far-right-wing SCOTUS nominees and their Christian Taliban agenda, Collins voted to confirm Trump-nominated justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.She stupidly said at the time she didn’t believe either would overturn the landmark abortion case. This lady really needs to have a sign above her flashing the words "Not getting it."

Watch The Entire Segment Below:

#EndorseThis:  Colbert Wonders Why Trump's Pals Are Such BAD Criminals

After taking a week off due to catching Covid, Stephen Colbert was back at the late night helm and ready to unpack all the January 6 texts from the Trump cabal. Among the deluge of treasonous messages was an exchange between Mark Meadows and Sean Hannity, in which the former White House chief of staff encouraged the Fox News host to “stress every vote matters."

“That’s a lot of messages,” said Colbert. “Luckily Meadows has T-Mobile’s Unlimited Talk and Treason plan.”

There was also a slew of messages from former Energy sSecretary Rick Perry claiming to have non-existent evidence of voter fraud. Perry denied sending the texts, though they were signed “Rick Perry” and included his phone number. “Why are these guys so bad at committing crimes?” Colbert wondered. “It’s like if the Zodiac Killer released a note that said ‘This is the Zodiac speaking. To unearth my identity solve the enclosed cipher … and return to John Evans, 1414 Hawthorne Lane. Good luck!’”

You really have to wonder how any of these bootlicking Trump toadies ever got this far in life.Watch the entire clip below:

#EndorseThis: Colbert Hillairously Takes Down Giuliani With Brutal Eminem Rebuttal (VIDEO)

Rudy Giuliani, the disgraceful former NYC Mayor--and weird masked singer on reality TV -- has joined the crowd of conservative old cranks in feigning outrage at Eminem's decision to kneel during last Sunday's epic Super Bowl halftime show. Apparently aiding in a violent coup in order to thwart the peaceful transfer of power is just "legitimate political discourse," but a performer peacefully exercising his First Amendment right to protest police violence is just way too extreme in Giuliani's distorted worldview.

"Why doesn’t he go to another country? Go take a knee someplace else. You know how many cops were defending him and protecting him at that game yesterday? I mean, crime is way out of control in Los Angeles. He thinks that all happened because everybody loves Eminem," said Giuliani.

However, some seem to think that Eminem wasn't kneeling in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick but rather in support of the late rapper Tupac as his song began to play.

Regardless of the rapper's motives, Stephen Colbert simply couldn't resist the urge to brutally mock Rudy and opened The Late Show with an Eminem parody that brutally assessed the former president's former lawyer.


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