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Monday, March 19, 2018

Everybody Does Better When Everybody Does Better

Reprinted with permission from Creators.

My father, W.F. “High” Hightower, was a populist. Only, he didn’t know it — didn’t know the word, much less the history or anything about populism’s rich democratic ethos.

But he knew about bankers who regularly squeezed small-business families like ours with usurious interest rates. He knew how rough it was for a local business to fight off deep-pocketed chain stores that use predatory pricing and sledgehammer advertising budgets to seize local markets. And he saw with his very own eyes that the governor and legislature in faraway Austin operated as subsidiaries of Big Oil, the utility monopolies, and the other giants that were allowed to profit by picking the pockets of the general public.…

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Trump’s New Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow Doesn’t Actually Have A Clue About Economics

Reprinted with permission from AlterNet.

President Donald Trump picked well-known CNBC personality Larry Kudlow to become director of the National Economic Council, a man with a storied history of being spectacularly and consistently wrong in his economic forecasting.

For starters, Kudlow has proudly proclaimed he’s been an advocate of the gold standard since the 1970s, a favorite proposal of economic cranks the world over. The gold standard just happens to be a terrible way to run amodern economy. Pretty much every respectable economist finds the idea laughable.

Unsurprisingly, a man who holds such a misguided view is pretty bad at making economic predictions.

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Trump Picks ‘Reliably Wrong’ TV Pundit To Lead US Economy

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Trump has chosen television host Larry Kudlow to be his new chief economic adviser. Kudlow doesn’t have an economics degree, but he does have a considerable track record of making woefully wrong economic predictions.

But none of that is an obstacle for Trump, who plans to appoint him to head the National Economic Council. Kudlow is another person Trump has taken to after seeing him on television. In fact, when Trump called Kudlow to offer him the job, he made that explicit.

“You’re looking handsome, Larry,” Trump told him after noting he was seeing his picture on TV.…

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