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Sunday, January 20, 2019

The rantings of far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones are rarely worthy of attention from rational human beings (although his connections with Donald Trump are prime evidence of the Republican nominee’s extremism and lunacy). For weeks now, Jones and his frequent guest Roger J. Stone, the former aide, self-proclaimed dirty trickster, and Donald Trump adviser, have predicted that Wikileaks hacker Julian Assange would release stolen documents that would destroy the Clintons and effectively end Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Stone often claimed to be in contact with Assange and as recently as last Sunday morning tweeted, “Wednesday @HillaryClinton is done. #Wikileaks.”

Naturally Assange encouraged all this speculation, while promoting wild accusations about the Clinton campaign “murdering” a young campaign aide and Hillary herself mulling a drone strike on Assange. But when the time came to deliver on his threats, Assange blinked. At a news conference early this morning, he delivered nothing of consequence while promising vaguely to publish salient documents about the presidential election, various governments and organizations “every week for the next ten weeks.”

Fox News Channel headlined “Wikileaks’ October Surprise fails,” but predictably enough, Alex Jones felt pure rage over being trolled by Assange  — an emotion he acts out amusingly in the first minute of the video below. (It continues with his usual endless ranting.) Listen closely at the 30-second mark to hear Jones’ new description of his former Wikileaks hero.





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15 responses to “#EndorseThis: Watch Alex Jones Fume Over Wikileaks’ Failed ‘October Surprise’”

  1. jakenhyde says:

    Jones is such a loser. And those who follow him are no better. I’d call the whole stinking bunch the lunatic fringe…maybe even the lunatic mainstream.
    Jones make Glenn Beck seem almost sane.

  2. Blueberry Hill says:

    What a disgusting bunch who cannot win a damn thing without cheating. Snakes in the grass.


  3. Jon says:

    I wonder why Jones just didn’t go with the story of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Julian Assange conspiring with Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden to bring down the Twin Towers on 9-11-01. He knows it’s true.

  4. Irishgrammy says:

    “we want to hear some major dirt”…….well doesn’t that say it all with this hyperbolic hate mongering, foul mouthed, obscenely foul mind, ignorant liar, Alex Jones and all of his like minded idiots on the far right! THIS horrible man and all those like him, Limbaugh, Savage, Ingram, too many to list on the extreme far right along with this wretch, Julian Assange, are a blight on human kind. Jones makes money on his absurd conspiracy fantasies and sure he can put out all the lies and BS for consumption by his gullible listeners, as he laughs all the way to the bank, but the destruction he is causing in civility, common sense, and intellectual discourse is incalculable and intolerable. Along with a dysfunctional Republican Party that has prevented any normal pretense of governing with President Obama for 8 years in their 8 year long temper tantrum after losing two elections to our first African American president has been just too much for their meager minds to process. And a Democrat ta boot, which Republicans decry incessantly with deranged obsessive insanity that Democratic leaders have no right to the presidency, which has left this country as divided as it has ever been in our history and given rise to Trump, the most contemptible ignorantly racist, misogynist, dishonest compulsive liar and supreme demagogue ever as a presidential candidate in our history! I don’t know what will be left of the Republican Party after this election, but what they have done to this day will be judged by history very harshly, and that it was all done for the most cynical and contemptible motives, to hold power and control for it’s own sake, will be their legacy for the UTTER FAILURE they will represent in governance, civility, and their indifference to putting the country and Americans first, forever!

  5. EvenstarMtl says:

    Brave Alex Jones…keep up the fight for truth, America needs you.

  6. misty.munden says:

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