Eric Trump On Speaking Tour With Hitler-Loving Antisemitic Propagandist

Eric Trump
Eric Trump
Eric Trump

Eric Trump is touring with far-right commentator Charlie Ward, an antisemite who has shared posts praising Adolf Hitler for supposedly “warning us” about Judaism; claiming that “VIRUSES are Man (JEW) made”; and calling 9/11 a Jewish plot. He’s also promoted a book which claims “that the official narrative of the Holocaust cannot be sustained” and shared a video attacking the alleged Jewish media for supposedly lying about the Holocaust.

Ward, who is a QAnon supporter, has also promoted fringe conspiracy theories claiming the Earth is flat, the moon landing was faked, and prominent people including President Joe Biden and Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett are actually “reptilian humanoid hybrids.”

Ward is the host of the The Charlie Ward Show, which has over 180,000 subscribers on Rumble. Dinesh D’Souza, Roger Stone, Kash Patel, Michael Flynn, and British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen have appeared on his program. Flynn, who has his own history of antisemitism and religious bigotry, has praised Ward as “a champion” who has been “exposing the deception and raising the truth to the level that it needs to be at.”

Ward has been a “featured” speaker on the ReAwaken America tour, which was founded by Flynn and Clay Clark. The tour features right-wing media personalities including Patel, Charlie Kirk, Peter Navarro, Mike Lindell, and Alex Jones. Speakers on the tour have pushed QAnon and COVID-19 conspiracy theories, pro-Trump rhetoric, and Christian nationalism.

Eric Trump is the tour’s most prominent featured speaker, and he and Ward most recently appeared at the tour’s stop in Nashville, Tennessee, last month. He and Ward are on a promotional poster for its next stop at the Trump Organization’s Doral resort in Miami, Florida.

Ward posted pictures of himself and Eric Trump last August and October.

Media Matters previously reported that the ReAwaken Tour is hosting another antisemitic “featured” speaker in Scott McKay. He has claimed that Jewish people are fakes and have perpetrated 9/11; set up banking systems “in exchange for the child blood sacrifices”; and engineered presidential assassinations, among many other crimes. McKay has also praised Hitler and said he was trying to create “a banking system for the people and the free world.”

Eric Trump touring with antisemitic commentators is part of a larger pattern within the Republican Party.

Ward Is An Antisemite Who Promotes Hitler And Holocaust Denial

On his Telegram page, Ward shared a post embedding a speech by Hitler and praising him for “warning us” about Judaism. Here is that post:

Ward also promoted the book And I suppose we didn't go to the Moon, either, which claims to show “that the official narrative of the Holocaust cannot be sustained.” James Fetzer, who is also a libelous Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist, authored that book.

Ward frequently shares virulent antisemitism on his Telegram page. Here are some examples:

  • Ward shared a post claiming that “VIRUSES are Man (JEW) made including influenza, Polio, Measles, AIDS so was Covid created as a 'excuse' to vaccinate (contaminate)...”
  • Ward shared a video attacking COVID-19 vaccinations which claimed: “Oy vey jews faking taking the vaccine, why is this important you ask? The numbers say that Israel has vaccinated highest percent of population (63%). They have 9m people living in Israel, they also have least amount side effects (0.3%), pushing the narrative that the vaccine is not harmful.”
  • Ward shared a post that stated: “On this Memorial Day please remember the sacrifices our soldiers make so that JEWISH DRUG DEALERS can grow Poppy Plants in Afghanistan and control the worldwide Heroin supply.”
  • Ward shared a post that referenced the antisemitic publication the Protocols of the Elders of Zion: “The vaxxx passports are for you the GOYIM not for the specially selected, some elites and the 33's and above - THE RULES DO NOT APPLY .. You are the EXPERIEMENT NOT THEM - Protocols of ZION.”
  • Ward has pushed the “Khazarian Mafia” conspiracy theory, which claims that many Jewish people are frauds trying to carry out an evil conspiracy against the world.
  • Ward shared a meme featuring puppet strings and stating that Jewish people control the government and the media.
  • Ward shared a video attacking various people for being Jewish; it included a slide -- embedded below -- attacking the purported Jewish media for being “Americans’ main sources of information about Hitler and Germany. Do you see the (((problem)))?” (The triple parentheses is an antisemitic meme.)

Ward trivialized the Holocaust during the ReAwaken America tour. During a November stop in Branson, Missouri, he said: “How many people in here know that more people have been killed by the jab than were killed in the Holocaust? And they're still doing it because nobody can stop them.”

Ward Is A QAnon Follower, Pushes Flat Earth, Moon Landing And 'Lizard People'

Ward has shared conspiracy theories online. Here are just some of those:

  • Ward is a QAnon conspiracy theorist who has frequently shared QAnon propaganda.
  • He promoted the claim that the Earth is actually flat and elites are supposedly hiding this fact.
  • He is a 9/11 truther who has shared material claiming “ISRAEL DID 9-11.”
  • He promoted the claim that the moon landing was faked.
  • While using an antisemitic dog whistle (“goyim”), Ward claimed: “The Corona virus is a false flag plandemic, Covid (Certificate of vaccination digital Identification) is to bring in your digital id, high tech 24/7 surveillance in the form of the 5#G powergrid, ultimate control over each one of you, no human rights, cashless society, government owned children, a one world government.... the NEW WORLD ORDER, (documented and planned for decades!!!!). To bring in a state of Totalitarian despotism. A tyrannical dictatorship of the proletariat to control and enslave the goyim.”
  • He shared a post claiming: “George Floyd is alive, it was just another false flag.”
  • He shared a post claiming that Biden may be using a body double or is a clone.
  • He has promoted the conspiracy theory that some humans are actually lizards. For instance, he shared a post claiming that Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett is actually a “reptoid” shape-shifter who is also Biden’s daughter.

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.


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