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Friday, July 1, 2016

Fight Over Trade Spilling Into Parties’ Conventions

Conflict is coming to a head in both parties ahead of the upcoming Republican and Democratic national conventions, and it’s likely that one of the most explosive disputes there won’t take place among protesters outside the conventional halls in Cleveland and Philadelphia, but among delegates looking to shape their party’s official position on free trade. The…

Nobel Laureates Slam Greenpeace Over Anti-GM Stance

A team of over 100 Nobel laureates have, in an open letter to Greenpeace, urged the environmental group to “cease and desist” its campaign against genetically modified crops and food. In the letter, released Thursday, the Nobel laureates singled out Greenpeace’s opposition to “Golden Rice” — a strain of genetically modified rice that contains a gene…

Exxon Fraud Probe Is Shaping Up To Be The Biggest Bipartisan Climate Battle Ever

Published with permission from Alternet.

On June 24, the DNC platform committee unanimously agreed to call on the Department of Justice to launch a fraud investigation into ExxonMobil and other fossil fuel companies, which would add to the ongoing Exxon fraud probe by several state attorneys general, first launched by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in November.

The DNC request follows a forum titled Oil Is the New Tobacco, convened June 22 by members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition. The forum highlighted the worrisome inconsistency between ExxonMobil’s internal process and business decisions regarding its early knowledge of the impact of fossil fuel combustion on the climate and its public campaign to promote doubt, deception and denial of climate science.…

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