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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Media’s Crusade Of Scandals Against Hillary Clinton

It’s always been my conviction that if Hillary Clinton could be appointed president, she’d do a bang-up job. Getting elected, however, might prove more difficult. Michelle Goldberg does an excellent job defining the problem in a Slate article about why so many people say they hate her.

“There’s a reason actors do screen tests,” Goldberg writes. “Not everyone’s charm translates to film and video. For as long as Hillary Clinton has been in public life, people who’ve met in her person have marveled at how much more likable she is in the flesh than she is on television.”

As a friendly acquaintance since 1980, I’d second that.

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Bill Clinton Portrays Hillary As ‘Change-Maker’ In Speech To Democrats

By Amy Tennery and Emily Stephenson

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – Former President Bill Clinton portrayed his wife Hillary on Tuesday as a dynamic force for change and a longtime fighter for social justice as he made a case for her historic 2016 bid for the White House.

The ex-president told the Democratic Party convention in Philadelphia that Hillary Clinton was “a natural leader” with an in-built sense of responsibility.

“Hillary is uniquely qualified to seize the opportunities and reduce the risks we face, and she is still the best darn change-maker I have ever known,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic Party’s nomination for the Nov.…

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Sanders Always Said He’d Support Clinton If She Won The Primary

Although some Bernie Sanders supporters have insisted his endorsement of Hillary Clinton is a “betrayal” of their movement, their preferred candidate has a long track record of saying he would work to elect Clinton should he lose the nomination battle.

Indeed, as early as April, Sanders went on record to say he would cast his ballot in favor of Clinton, should she beat him in the primary race.

During an appearance on CBS News’ Charlie Rose in April, Sanders insisted that his most important priority was ensuring that a Republican candidate would not be taking the White House in 2017.

“Look, as I said a million times, I think the idea of a Donald Trump or a Ted Cruz presidency would be an unmitigated disaster for this country,” he said.…

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