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Monday, August 29, 2016

Standing Rock Protest Continues After Months As Tribe Fights For Ancestral Sites And Against Pipeline

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe, together with more than a thousand indigenous activists from multiple other tribes, today continued their months-long protest of the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline, a $3.8 billion project that would transport oil across the state.

The protests began on April 1, and have shown no signs of slowing since then. The proposed pipeline would be 1,172 miles long and would run through South Dakota and Iowa, as well, to connect with an existing pipeline in Illinois. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has sued federal regulators for approving the pipeline in the first place, challenging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s decision to grant over 200 permits for water crossings.…

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FBI Detects Breaches Against Two State Voter Systems

By Dustin Volz and Jim Finkle

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has found breaches in Illinois and Arizona’s voter registration databases and is urging states to increase computer security ahead of the November presidential election, according to a U.S. official familiar with the probe.

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said on Monday that investigators were also seeking evidence of whether other states may have been targeted.

The FBI warning in an Aug. 18 flash alert from the agency’s Cyber Division did not identify the intruders or the two states targeted.

Reuters obtained a copy of the document after Yahoo News first reported the story Monday.…

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#Endorse This: ‘He’s Unfit To Be Human!’ Republican Ana Navarro Says Of Trump

During an appearance on ABC’s This Week Sunday, Republican strategist and ardent Donald Trump critic Ana Navarro reminded viewers of just how ridiculous Trump’s so-called “pivots” on issues of race and immigration sound to non-white voters.

“I don’t think this works, because look: You can change what a person says, you can change what a person reads off of a Teleprompter. You can’t change a person’s heart,” Navarro said, referencing Trump’s attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

“The problem that Donald Trump has is that most humans have a memory.”

Navarro also broke down Trump’s repeated and bizarre flip-flops on immigration policy over the past week — a seeming attempt to find some non-existent sweet spot between his alt-right, nativist base and mainstream Republicans and centrists — and his shocking comment over the weekend on the shooting death of basketball star Dwyane Wade’s cousin in Chicago.…

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