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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trump Upset That Press Revealed He Didn’t Actually Give $6 Million To Vets

On January 28, Donald Trump famously skipped the Iowa Republican debate to engage in the altruistic act of raising money for American military veterans. By the end of the night, he claimed he had raised $6 million, to be distributed to 22 veteran organizations.

Months later, veterans groups have said that they received only a portion of the millions promised by Trump’s campaign, and many listed by Trump as recipients of donations at the time still haven’t heard from him or his organization at all. Rather than own up to the fact that he had misled Americans about the amount of money he had raised and donated, Trump went on a Twitter rant, responding to a Washington Post investigation on his failed promises, and tried to make himself the victim of the vicious mainstream media.…

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Judge Finds Enough Evidence For Cosby To Go To Trial On Sex Assault

By Joseph Ax

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (Reuters) – A Pennsylvania judge on Tuesday ordered entertainer Bill Cosby to stand trial on sexual assault charges over allegations that he drugged and assaulted a woman in 2004.

The ruling came after a preliminary hearing that Cosby, 78, attended in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, in which witnesses testified about statements that Cosby and his accuser, Andrea Constand, gave to police in 2005.

In court, Cosby responded with “thank you” when Judge Elizabeth McHugh announced her decision. She wished him luck.

Constand, a former basketball coach at Cosby’s Temple University alma mater, is the only woman whose accusations of sexual assault have resulted in criminal charges against Cosby.…

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Sanders And Clinton Supporters Are Split On Foreign Policy

Foreign policy drives a deep wedge between the Sanders and Clinton supporters.

According to a new report from Pew Research Center, voters on both sides of the new Democratic divide disagree on a plethora of prominent issues in the international arena.

With six primaries and three caucuses remaining in the Democratic nomination process, and both candidates running as populist champions economic and electoral reforms, perhaps foreign policy is the most telling reflection of the different paths the country would take under the historically hawkish Hillary Clinton or the non-interventionist Sanders.

Among Democrat and Democratic-leaning registered voters supporting Clinton, 66 percent say the world’s problems would be worse without U.S.…

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