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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
life support

What Is A Medically Induced Coma?

The word coma is frightening. It conjures up visions of loved ones asleep for years with no hope of waking up. Or it’s confused with the term persistent vegetative state, which although similar has a much lower level of brain activity than a coma. So if a coma is bad, why would a doctor want […]

September 8, 2014

Life, Death, And Small Government

Marlise Munoz was 33 when she died. She was at home when she collapsed from an apparent blood clot in her lungs. It was an hour or more before her husband, Erick, found her. He says doctors pronounced her brain dead, though John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, citing privacy concerns, has declined […]

January 13, 2014