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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Stunningly Static White Evangelical Vote

Analyses of exit polls shows that white evangelicals are stunningly static in their voting tendencies.

November 17, 2014

Heroin Is The Drug Of Choice In White U.S. Suburbs

Washington (AFP) – Anna Richter played high school basketball and grew up near a golf course in Centreville, Virginia, where the average family makes more than $100,000 per year. She was 15 or 16 when she began popping prescription painkillers to get high. A couple of years later, she snorted heroin for the first time. […]

May 29, 2014

South Africa’s ANC Set To Win National Election As Counting Continues

By Robyn Dixon, Los Angeles Times JOHANNESBURG — South Africa’s governing African National Congress was headed for victory after the tallying of 70 percent of votes in Wednesday’s national election, but its major opponent made significant gains. The ANC had won 62.5 percent of the vote in the latest tabulations, compared with 65.9 percent in the […]

May 8, 2014

As Spidey Changes, So Does America

OK, people: chill out. Breathe. Relax. Spider-Man is still white. He’ll always be white. He’s been white since that day in 1962 when Peter Parker, a high school science nerd, was bitten by that radioactive bug. In the five decades since, he’s aged about 10 years, grown and lost four extra arms, been cloned, and […]

August 10, 2011