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Thursday, October 20, 2016

After six months of coyly “considering a run,” during which time he raked in uncounted millions in donations, former Florida governor Jeb Bush is set to formally announce his candidacy for president Monday at a rally in Miami.

During his candidacy limbo, Bush asserted that he would be his “own man,” separate from both the troubled legacy of his brother and the congested field of GOP candidates already in the running.

As he strives to revamp his image in the long campaign ahead, Bush will stretch himself pretty thin in order to appeal to the far-right Tea Partiers who booed him at CPAC and the old guard GOP, of which he is a conspicuous member, and which doesn’t have many other credible options.

Here are four things to remember about Jeb that he would probably just as soon forget.

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  • Daniel Jones

    There you have it.
    Financially, #1 and his campaign bullshit show him to be a passive/aggressive hypocrite.
    In terms of consistency, #2 shows he’s got no intention of ever prosecuting misdeeds among the plutocratic set, since he’s responsible for no small number of them in the first place.
    Speaking to diplomacy, #3 shows beyond a shadow of a doubt he has no regard for other countries and will harbor terrorists without a qualm as long as they aren’t operating against popular nations or peoples.
    Finally, #4 reminds us he has no regard whatsoever for human life, medical ethics, or health care save in how it benefits Jeb Bush.

    Like I said.. there you have it.

    • 1standlastword

      And his brother and friends got away with murder and extortion under a democratic administration AG

      The problem is organic to government, seductive to all men who seek power!

      The problem is too much money in American politics…the vault is always open

  • FT66

    After reading this article, I have to declare: JEB IS ANOTHER CROOK. He pretends to be a nice man while he is not. Telling people he has to show them “good heart”!!! why didn’t he show it then when he was doing all kinds of mischiefs? Am sorry, I don’t want to hear about Jeb, Jebbie anymore. He is playing with people’s thinking.

    • BOC

      Mitt Romney ‘lite’.

      • warrior 0713

        sorry go read project for a new american century no media dare question jeb neocon on what reason for a need for a new pearl harbor wake up 9/11/01 was a false flag operation day before Donald Rumsfeld announced results audit DOD short 2.3 trillion. Marvin Bush executive foe security firm for world trade center. Access to wire building seven never hit by a plane.

  • paulyz

    Keep up with all the negatives about Jeb Bush, most Republican & Conservative voters DON’T want to see this “knows what’s best for everyone” RINO as President anymore than “knows whats best for everyone” Hillary. These types of politicians are mostly concerned with themselves, not the wishes of the People whom they are supposed to represent.

    • warrior 0713

      vote for Bernie neither a clinton especially never another Bush as crime has paid very well for both these disgusting families and just look at crap Bill did rid banks glass steagall nafta crime bills sorry neither worth even considering.

      • paulyz

        While Bernie has good intentions & Conservatives are sick of the growth & control of the Federal Government, Bernie as an admitted Socialist, would cause even more Federal intrusion & Government in our lives. No Bush, No Hillary, No Bernie, we need something else.

        • Independent1

          What a load of crap!! Growth and Control of the Federal Government??? What an idiot you are!!

          Is that why today, the federal government is 330,000 workers smaller than it was when Reagan Left Office?? Even though there are more than 70 million more Americans for it to serve than when that idiot was in office??????

          If the GOP is so big on cutting government, WHY did Reagan add more than 280,000 Workers to it in his disastrous 8 years in office??

          And why did Bush 2 add not only another 55,000 to the Federal Government during his disastrous 8 years, but also added over 900,000 government people overall to the federal, state and local governments across the country???

          While during Obama’s 6 years governments across the nation are now over 700,000 people smaller than they were when Obama took office!!!!!!

          And if the GOP really wants SMALLER GOVERNMENT!!

          Why are Republicans Passing laws across the country mandating restrictions on people rights to choose, which will require adding hundreds of thousands to governments across the country to ensure that those new regulations are complied with??? HUH???

          Come on LOWLIFE!!! Lets see you give us some answers and stop just posting one blatant lie after another!!!!!!

          • paulyz

            You are really a simple-minded person, jumping at any straw that “sounds” like it may make your case, when there are other circumstances, very common tactic of low-info Libs. We also are talking about Federal Government, NOT total State, Federal & local governments. Because of Obama’s terrible handling of the economy while he was obsessed with ramming through Obamacare, most States, with revenue in short supply, and with mandates to actually balance their States’ budgets, had to cut staff. So by people LOSING jobs, you consider that a good thing? Using your intolerant derogatory terms, it is you that is a moron, and a liar.

          • Independent1

            More of your outright lies and total BS!!! Obama did a lot more than fixate on Obamacare. He applied a close to 800B stimulus which actually turned around the 800,000/month in job losses he inherited from idiot Bush faster than at anytime in history, turning job loses to positive jobs growth within 10 months. Which helped to have our economy drop a 10.1% jobless rate to under 6 percent in 5 years more than a year quicker than it took idiot Reagan to bring a 10.8% jobless rate below 7%.

            And don’t give me any of this crap that it was the bad economy that caused nitwit Republicans in red states to cut budgets and state services throwing millions of RED STATE RESIDENTS out of work and onto welfare. It was A DELIBERATE ATTEMPT BY THE GOP TO DUMB DOWN THE ECONOMY SO AS TO MAKE OBAMA LOOK BAD AND IN THEIR HOPES A ONE-TERM PRESIDENT!!!!!

            Every GOP politician should be in jail today for committing TREASON!!! INTENTIONALLY DOING EVERYTHING THEY COULD TO DESTROY THE AMERICAN ECONOMY AND THE NATION!!!!!

          • Independent1

            And if you’re looking as to why states across the nation were struggling financially, it was for two main reasons – all of them the results of terrible Bush policies: 1) the Notoriously terrible No Child Left Behind mandate had put an extra financial burden on states that they were finding they couldn’t live with; and in order to keep deficits from getting higher than they already were (250-450Billion/yr)Georgie Boy had been steadily cutting fed subsidies to virtually every federally mandated state program including highway maintenance, medicaid subsidies and more driving more than 1/2 our states to the brink of bankruptcy – Much of the result of Georgie Boys 2 unwarranted and unfunded tax cuts!!!!!

          • paulyz

            STILL blaming Bush after 7 years of Obama control? Wow.

          • Independent1

            And if GOP policies are so great, why is it that Arnold as governor of California couldn’t keep from tripling California’s debts with deficit spending, while Brown in just over 4 years was able to pay off more than 25Billion in California’s debts??

            And why was Mark Dayton, able to take over a seriously in debt Minnesota with more than 6 Billion in debt after 8 disastrous years under Pawlenty when the state was only able to create about 6,500 jobs in 8 years, and not only pay off the 6 B of the debts Pawlenty ran up but in 4 years has Minnesota with a 1.2 B surplus and was able to create 165,000 more jobs in 4 years than the state could create under Pawlenty in 8 years??????

            Answer that please!!!!

          • paulyz

            Gov. Walker’s Conservative economic policies are certainly very successful, while Gov. Moonbeam faces a Huge Wall of Debt. Their rapidly growing population, mainly from Illegals, has created enormous problems there, as well as limited resources to deal with it. Good old Socialism fails everytime.

          • Independent1

            And THE LIES just keep on rolling along!! Presiding over a projected 2.2 Billion deficit after you inherited a surplus IS NOT being ‘SUCCESSFUL!!


            Scott Walker Inherits $2.2 Billion Deficit … From Scott Walker

            POSTED NOVEMBER 14, 2014

            Wisconsin will face a staggering $2.2 billion budget deficit going into the next biennium, a deficit of Scott Walker’s own creation.

            That’s according to Scott Walker’s Department of Administration, which today released agency budget requests and revenue estimates for the 2015-2017 biennium that show a $1.09 billion deficit in fiscal year 2015-16 and a $1.118 billion deficit in fiscal year 2016-17, for a total of $2.214 billion over the biennium.

            Earlier this year, Democrats called out Walker’s plans to hastily spend a projected surplus, money the state didn’t yet have, and cautioned the governor to focus on making sure that the deficit is reduced. The projected deficit only grew as the year went on; the $2.2 billion deficit announced today is approximately three times the size of the structural deficit projected by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau in May of this year and larger than the $1.8 billion projected deficit announced in September.

            Walker famously claims credit for correcting an inherited $3.6 billion budget deficit, but this $2.2 billion deficit is the result of Walker’s fiscal irresponsibility during his first term. This $2.2 billion deficit is derived in the same exact way as Wisconsin’s $3.6 billion deficit at the height of the national recession and stands in stark contrast to the economic picture in most other states that are actually running surpluses.


          • Independent1

            You’re as bad as your buddy Mike, you make up fairy tales as fast as Dr. Suess!!! Go pound sand you worthless POS!!!

          • Independent1

            And here’s a graph of that jobs loss turnaround that’s actually the fastest that any major recession has been turned around. You do realize right, that it took over 13 years to fully turn America’s economy around after REPUBLICAN HOOVER did virtually the same thing as REPUBLICAN BUSH AND TRASHED AMERICA’S ECONOMY!!!!!!!

          • warrior 0713

            brownback kansas wisconsin walker do not get me started cut taxes for elites has not trickled down stream income shot up to top of pyramids.

        • Independent1

          And if the GOP is so great, why don’t you explain to us why America’s economic growth under Republicans since Hoover was in office, has been absolutely dysmal compared to the growth under Democrats. Growth under EVERY REPUBLICAN trails every Democrat.

          Let’s see you explain these statistics away:

          Economic Growth – Hoover to Bush 2

          President – Change in NonFarm Employment

          FDR – 4.9%
          LBJ – 3.8%
          Carter – 3.1%
          Truman – 2.5%
          Clinton – 2.4%
          JFK – 2.3%
          Nixon – 2.2%
          Reagan – 2.1%
          Ford – 1.1%
          Bush 1 – .9%
          Bush 2 – .2%
          Hoover – -6.2%

          And here’s a 5 year rolling average graph that shows you at best, Republicans are in the middle to the bottom of the pack.

          Let’s here the magical explanation is to why Republicans’ results over the past 80 years or so have been so MISERABLE!!! Lets hear it!!!!!!!

          • paulyz

            There you go with your meaningless stats again. Did you purposely ignore your economic major screw-up President Obama, or did he somehow slip your mind? Jimmy Carter??? LMAO, my interest on mine, & friends mortgages were so high that it took a huge chunk of our paycheck, further wrecking the lives of many.

          • Independent1

            Sorry but your lying again. The interest rates didn’t hit astronomical rates like 16% for the prime and 20% for mortgages until months after Reagan took office. Idiot Reagan did nothing for over a year to slow the oil embargo created recession he inherited until interest rates became extremely high and the unemployment rate rose from about 7% under Carter to 10.8% UNDER REAGAN!! REAGAN WAS THE SCREWUP!!!!!!

          • paulyz

            The peanut farmer had the highest Misery Index in the history of our country. Interest rates were sky-high under his watch. He was weak on foreign policy leading Iran to take Americans hostage for 444 days, because he was an “appeaser” , just like Obama. As soon as Reagan was nominated, they were released. Mr. Malaise gave away the Panama Canal.

          • Independent1

            And I don’t make up numbers. The article I’m posting the numbers from didn’t cover Obama, but given that I have several articles which document that Obama has significantly outperformed Reagan in virtually every economic category, I can guarantee you that my comment about Republicans trailing every Democrat would still hold true if Obama was included in the above numbers.

          • paulyz

            Pure assumptions by you.

          • Independent1

            No assumption on my part!! MORE FACT!!!!! And Newt even admitted to being at the meeting!!!!!

            UPDATE: Eric Cantor Plotted to Sabotage US Economy in Secret Meeting with Hensarling & Luntz

            FACT 1. In Robert Draper’s book, “Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives” Draper wrote that on inauguration night, 2009, during a four hour, “invitation only” meeting with GOP Hate-Propaganda Minister, Frank Luntz, the below listed Senior GOP Law Writers literally plotted to sabotage, undermine and destroy America’s Economy.

            FACT 2: Draper wrote the guest list included:

            The Guest List:

            Frank Luntz – GOP Minister of Propaganda
            Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
            Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA)
            Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA),
            Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX),
            Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX),
            Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI)
            Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA),
            Sen. Jim DeMint (SC-R),
            Sen. Jon Kyl (AZ-R),
            Sen. Tom Coburn (OK-R),
            Sen. John Ensign (NV-R) and
            Sen. Bob Corker (TN-R).

            Non-lawmakers present Newt Gingrich – Failed GOP candidate for President

            FACT 3: Newt Gingrich confirms meeting took place in an interview with Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation on June 12, 2012

            SHARPTON: In fact, let`s go to a book that Mr. Draper wrote about the night of the inauguration. There was a meeting at a hotel near the inaugural ball, about a mile away … He writes about that night the plan was to show united and unyielding
            opposition to the president`s economic policies … And Draper writes that you told the group — you, Newt Gingrich, “You will remember this day…you will remember this day the seeds of 2012 were sown.”

            If there was a commitment from day one, before he ever took a seat behind the desk of the Oval Office, that everyone was going to obstruct him, then what he`s done has been almost unbelievable, against those kind of odds, Speaker Gingrich.

            NEWT: The first is, it was an important meeting and I was glad and honored to be part of it … I said to Callista when we left the hall — because we were at the Capitol for the inaugural. As we left, I said, you know, if he sticks to the kind of moderation and bipartisanship he`s been describing, he will split the Republican Party. He`ll govern like Eisenhower and he`ll get reelected. Now this is — this is the inaugural day.

            SHARPTON: I`m glad you admit you had it.


          • Independent1

            And these excerpts from a Forbes article:

            Obama Outperforms Reagan On Jobs, Growth And Investing

            Bob Deitrick: ”President Reagan has long been considered the best modern economic President. So we compared his performance dealing with the oil-induced recession of the 1980s with that of President Obama and his performance during this ‘Great Recession.’

            “As this unemployment chart shows, President Obama’s job creation kept unemployment from peaking at as high a level as President Reagan, and promoted people into the workforce faster than President Reagan.

            “President Obama has achieved a 6.1% unemployment rate in his sixth year, fully one year faster than President Reagan did. At this point in his presidency, President Reagan was still struggling with 7.1% unemployment, and he did not reach into the mid-low 6% range for another full year. So, despite today’s number, the Obama administration has still done considerably better at job creating and reducing unemployment than did the Reagan administration.

            “We forecast unemployment will fall to around 5.4% by summer, 2015. A rate President Reagan was unable to achieve during his two terms.”


          • warrior 0713


          • warrior 0713

            interest rates set by the fed not a governmental agency its privately owned by world bankers read the creature from Jekyll island.

        • warrior 0713

          go check list of happiest countries social democracies top the list why would we think a socialist bad brain washing by elite owned all forms of media. Capitalism is wrecking havoc on the earth we have a single habitable planet we ought think what systems are best.for people and planet. Vote for Bernie far the best of clown car and far better than Hillary a elite tool working for with corupt bankers.

    • Independent1

      “These types of politicians are mostly concerned with themselves, not the wishes of the People whom they are supposed to represent.”

      Clearly a description of every Republican that has been in office since Eisenhower. And clearly wrong with respect to the majority of Democrats that have run for president since Ike!!!!! But then, being clueless like the typical RWNJ, you wouldn’t know, or own up to, the truth if it smacked you in the face.

    • dpaano

      Oh, Pauly, we cold go on and on!!!

  • Aaron Haynes

    Does an 1100-word article really need to be spread across 5 pages? Sheesh.

    • BOC

      Yeah! Its a big mess to try and clean-up.

    • nancyminter

      Yes, you really have to work at reading it.

    • a_hick_in_hixville

      That has to do with advertising. You see more ads when you view multiple pages. Sad but true. I really hate the slideshows.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    All you need to know and more about Jeb Bush can be discovered in the great tome, “The American Dynasty,” by Kevin Phillips. It chronicles the history of the Bush family right down to John Ellis Bush (JEB). It’s great reading that is fully supported by bibliographical data.

    JEB is the 3rd in a line of brothers who has a shady past. His associations, while Governor of Florida, with Miami thugs, Padreda and Recarery have been carefully covered up. Worse, no mention is made of his and brother Neil’s banruptcy filing of $2 million on the Miami Federal. This was Neil’s 2nd bankruptcy as you may recall, Silverado S&L, being his first which Daddy bailed out with our tax dollars.

    • Dominick Vila

      Not to mention the role he played in having his big brother “selected” President. The shenanigans that Jeb engaged in made the U.S. electoral process a joke, and paved the way for the implementation of foreign and domestic policies that contributed to the huge increase in the national debt we are now seeing, resulted in loss of credibility, and caused tremendous pain and misery to millions of Americans.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        It’s beginning to look as if the GOP is really grabbing at straws to eliminate Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren from any possible advancements in government. In the former case, the GOP harps on Hillary not being “trusted.” What then do they base their premise for support of JEB on?

        In the case of Elizabeth Warren, again, conservative males are using the most disgusting patronizing as they always do with women. When JP Morgan Chase publicly stated that Sen. Warren is a “little lady” who doesn’t know anything about the financial world, what he is really showing is just how corrupt these guys have turned their “financial world.”

        You do bring up a good point about the coming election. Do you think there will be a redoux of the hanging chads, a brother’s governorship or the SC to make the final election decision?

        • Dominick Vila

          The vicious, and libelous, attacks against Hillary are, ironically, a tacit recognition that she is a formidable opponent who cannot be defeated using conventional tactics, such as challenging her professional record or her qualifications to be President. Those attacks are also influenced by the need to deflect attention from the dismal GOP record on both domestic and foreign policies.
          The attacks against Sen. Warren are motivated by desperation in the face of a determined politician who instead of engaging in business as usual is going after the greedy entrepreneurs responsible for most of the economic problems that caused so much pain to the American people and that required so much effort, time, and money to overcome. She is not being attacked because she does not understand finances or economics, she is being attacked because she is pushing for regulations that will make it extremely difficult for the Wall Street gang to engage in the reckless behavior that contributed to the Great Recession.
          I doubt the GOP will try the hanging or pregnant chad scam again. Then again, I may be giving them too much credit…

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            They attacked her for the price tag on her speaking engagements and then the bad news came out that GWB was getting $96,000 for his speaking appearances AND was keeping most of it.

            When you think about, Senator Warren and Hillary Clinton are a formidable force to be reckoned with. While the former attacks the same big banks who created a bogus mortgaging loan approval scam and a bogus need to be bailed out, using their international banking connections as the major threat, the latter is attacking the all too obvious connection between 6 hour long voting lines, insufficient supply of voting booths and denial of voting registration and outright voting rights to the same kind of phony redistricting DeLay and Abramoff tried to get away with.

          • CPAinNewYork

            Baloney. The “vicious, and libelous,…” attacks against Hillary Clinton are proof that she’s a political lowlife and people know it. If she gets in, she’ll do nothing against the Wall Street scumbags, just as Obama did nothing once he got in.

      • warrior 0713

        how many died in middle east how many displaced how many in north africa columbia central america and list goes on and on.

      • SteveD

        ” contributed to the huge increase in the national debt…”

        GWB debt contribution= $5.85 trillion.

        BHO debt contribution (6 years) = $6.2 trillion.

        Federal debt is a private asset. Americans do not owe federal debt, they (among many others) own it.

        If someone says, “The government is $18.4 trillion in debt,” that may sound worrisome. But if someone makes the even more correct statement, “People/banks/financial institutions/pension funds/nations (China, Japan, Russia), etc. have deposited $18.4 trillion with the Federal Reserve Bank,” you probably would not think that translates into, “The federal government is ‘living beyond its means.’”

        “Deposits” simply have a different inference from “debt,” though essentially, deposits are debt.

        The agenda for many people, particularly the upper .1% income/wealth group, is to scare the 99.9% with “debt clocks” and frightening statements about the federal debt being “unsustainable” or the government being “broke.” These lies rely on the negative implications of the word “debt.”

        The nefarious purpose is to encourage the population’s agreement with austerity (debt cutting), which widens the gap between the .1% and the 99.9%.

        The Monetarily Sovereign federal government is not, and cannot go, “broke.”Deposits at the FRB cannot be “unsustainable.”

        The Federal government doesn’t even owe those “debt”/deposits; the Federal Reserve Bank does, which it pays back simply by transferring dollars from holders’ T-security accounts to the same holders’ checking accounts.

        And since the federal government doesn’t owe those T-security dollars deposited with the Federal Reserve Bank, the federal debt is functionally $0.

        • Dominick Vila

          I agree. The only clarifications I would make is that the debt attributed to President Obama’s includes the TARP, proposed, signed, and put in place by former President Bush because it appears in the FY09 budget, which started 10/1/08. I think it is also important to remember that the need to borrow was influenced by the need to save the economy, stimulate the economy, and by the fact that the Great Recession that began in 2007 resulted in tremendous revenue losses for the Federal government, which in the absence of higher taxes, required borrowing to keep things going.
          I think it is also important to remember that in addition to deposits, the Social Security fund is considered a liability, since the Federal government is obligated to remunerate contributors for the contributions they made throughout their professional lives in exchange for pension and/or disability benefits.
          Borrowing is worrisome, but the hyperbole being used to scare people is perverse and, clearly, misleading.

          • dpaano

            If the government would QUIT borrowing from the Social Security fund and then not paying it back, SS would be just fine!

          • Dominick Vila

            I agree. Don’t forget what W said about the national debt, unfunded liabilities, and the SS Trust Fund: “IOUs, pieces of paper”. fiscal responsibility is only important for a Republican when the issue involves a tax cut. The subsequent need to borrow to pay for what we need and benefit from is solved by simply eliminating the programs that help the poor and the middle class. Let’s face it, those programs don’t help the elite, and they don’t do much for the corporations that are actually people…

          • dpaano

            They can spend billions on military, subsidies to oil and coal companies, etc., but when it comes to spending money on infrastructure or something, as you’ve said before, for the American public….then it’s a whole different program. They spend OUR Social Security money to keep their 1% happy and never pay it back. It’s ridiculous and they should be jailed for stealing!!!

    • BOC

      The Bush brothers and SCOTUS, ‘hanging-chads’ and electoral college caper.

    • dpaano

      Eleanore: With your reference in an earlier post, I got the book from Amazon and read it….WOW!! They’re all worse than anyone thought!! Very scary!

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        The wonder of it is that the Bush family didn’t sue or the GOP didn’t try to have that book banned. That’s probably due to the fact that Kevin Phillips made certain to add all of his sources in bibliographies, just in case the GOP tried to call those facts in that book “lies,” like they always do when they feast at the table of Grand Denial.

        Another book that is a bit deep into the CIA strategies you might like is “Safe for Democracy” Secret Wars of the CIA by John Prados.

        Talk about scary. After you read American Dynasty and then this book, you see just how networked some men in government like Bush and Cheney have been to nearly every CIA strategy since Nixon was president.

        • dpaano

          You got that right! Have you read Vincent Bugliosi’s book…”The Prosecution of George W. Bush or Murder?” AWSOME! Just ordered two other books….”Busworld: Enter at Your Own Risk,” by Maureen Dowd It’s supposed to be pretty funny. Also, just received a book by Jon Stewart, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America (The Audiobook): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction It also should be good.

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            I had to order the Bugliosi book since my rickety Barnes & Noble in the next town didn’t have it. Thanks for the heads up on the other books.

          • dpaano

            I think you’ll enjoy it…. Bugliosi outlines the entire case against Bush, Cheney, Rove, and Condi!!! He even offered to act as a consultant for any brave state Attorney General who had the balls to go through with the prosecution on behalf of their state based on any men or women in that state who were killed during Bush’s illegal war! I just wish one of them would go for it!!! Unfortunately, also, Vincent just recently passed away, but his book would be a great outline for any attorney willing to take up the case!

  • BOC

    Why would anyone want to experience another Bush administration? We are still digging ourselves out of the ‘W’ mess. Many people still ‘ticked-off’ and suffering because of being ripped-off via their 401-K’s, not to mention high paying jobs.

    • paulyz

      WRONG, we are still digging ourselves out of Obama’s mess, since the “great recession” officially ended in 2009. Besides, the great depression was caused by bank failures/subsidies, as the result of the Democrats Dodd-Frank subprime loan fiasco, when they had COMPLETE control of Congress. And Conservatives do NOT want Jeb Bush.

      • Independent1

        Obama’s mess??? Right!! We should be so lucky!!!

        .63 straight months of jobs growth – by far the longest in American history.

        .Twice as many jobs created in 6 years as Bush1 and Bush2 created in 12 years in office.

        . Deficit spending reduced faster and further than by any other president in history – by over 1 trillion per year in 5 budgets.

        . More troublesome illegal aliens that cost America billions deported than by any other 2 previous presidents.

        . More crooks brought to justice the past 6 years for defrauding our government in the healthcare and defense sectors than any two previous presidents, recovering Billions in fraud monies.

        . The GOP’s 2nd created world-wide depression averted by applying a stimulus package and resurrecting America’s auto industry to the point that over the past 3 years it’s been making profits not seen since another Democrat was in office – Clinton.

        . Applied a Green Energy stimulus that encouraged over 100 Billion in private sector investment which has resulted in creating numerous green energy alternatives (solar, wind, tidal, hydro, plasma) that within the next decade or so will make fossil fuels no more than backup energy sources.

        And there’s much much more Beneficial to America that has been accomplished..

        The last thing America needs is to go back to an ideology that will revert America to the dark ages again – the GOP Ideology!!!!!!

        • paulyz

          Under both Carter & Obama, poverty INCREASED, & your precious income in-equality INCREASED. You really need to listen to news other than MSNBC, & quit only listening to organizations that only tell you what you want to hear, or be forever in the dark.

          • fine53

            I take it you listen to quality news like fox and Limbaugh.

          • paulyz

            MILLIONS more Americans do listen to them, many, many more than the Leftie Socialists that listen to sinking MSNBC.

          • fine53

            And do you know who else millions listened to? Hitler, Musalini, name a few. How did that work out for them.?

        • paulyz

          Are you talking about the failed & corrupt “green” Solyndra scandal?

          • fine53

            No, we’re talking bigger. Like Haliburton

        • paulyz

          Since you admit Illegals are a serious problem, why do Liberals always want Amnesty, refuse to pass mandatory E-verify, or really secure the border. Stating an Illegal be deported doesn’t mean they are actually deported, as we have seen, especially considering over 64,000 criminal Illegals set for deportation, were released into our neighborhoods.

        • fine53

          Yeh, but those are just numbers and it means nothing to the Republicans. Benghazi, now that means something.

      • fine53

        Dodd- Frank was supposed to insure that there would be no more subprime speculation. The republicants had it rescinded.

        • paulyz

          Dodd-Frank “created” the subprime loan fiasco.

      • BOC

        Amazing how conservatives never take responsibility for their disastrous mistakes. They find it easier to shift the blame. They use a similar approach when they want to destroy something beneficial to the American people that they didn’t implement. Asked if they have an alternative plan to replace what they don’t like and they can’t serve one up and/or, they are MIA.

        • paulyz

          I have NEVER heard Obama admit his terrible mistakes, ALWAYS blaming someone else, usually Bush. Obama is the Blameister of all time.

          • BOC

            What mistakes? Iraq/Afghan wars, siphoning of mfg jobs out of the US for service jobs from abroad, 401 K Meltdown, Wall Street Meltdown, Mortgage Meltdown, Recession. Those were all under W. Bush, the incompetent cowboy.

          • Electric Bill

            My god you’re delusional!!! All I ever hear from the Republiscums is what terrible stuff Obama is doing, such as Obamacare (which was almost to the letter a proposal from Republiscums several years ago, but now that a Democrat is pushing it forward, it’s deadly poison), and is now doing everything legally and illegally to scuttle it. And what has been the result? All non-partisan evaluations of the performance of Obamacare has been decidedly positive by any metric despite Republiscum efforts to throw roadblocks in its way rather than make ANY efforts to help it work.

            And what have Republiscums offered to replace Obamacare?!? NOTHING!!! Because they don’t want ANY health coverage for ANYBODY… they want everyone to be thrown under the bus regardless of how overwhelmingly and inexcusably expensive drugs are even for the most serious and deadly diseases, and regardless how high the markup on the drugs are, courtesy of Republiscum efforts to shield drug makers from accountability for their price gouging. (Check out a free online replay of any 60 Minutes episode on this matter for the unbiased facts.)

            And as for Obama “blaming” anybody for anything, he spends far less time fingerpointing than Boehner or any of the other do nothing Republiscums that never bother to propose any WORKABLE alternatives to anything Democrats are doing.

            NO: Obamacare is NOT perfect… There are millions of people covered by it, and it’s absurd to try to point to those (fixable) instances where it has failed. NOTHING as enormous as providing health care to an entire nation (as EVERY developed nation in the world other than the US has) will run spotlessly and cleanly as soon as the gates open.

            YES: Obamacare works, and will begin to work better and better with each passing day, despite Republiscums foaming at the mouth about how big a disaster it is.

            If Obamacare were as bad as Republiscums say it is, its public approval rating every day would be sliding DOWN, not creeping UP.

            What else would you care to whine and scream and pout about? Illegal aliens, perhaps? SHAME on Obama for actually taking some sane steps to handle the millions of illegals here, the vast majority of which simply want what you and I do… the American Dream… many of them brought here by parents before they were old enough to remember, and who have never known another home country. Do Republiscums have any plan to deal with all of those millions of bodies that will pass the Laugh test? No… they don’t even have a plan that DOESN’T pass the laugh test, because they have no plan at all! What would they propose? To spend a few tens of billions of dollars rounding up every undocumented alien, and sending them somewhere they may have no actual connection to? At least Obama is making an effort to put a handle on it!

            There are so many other truly crappy issues that cannot be ignored– the efforts of the Koch Brothers to buy up every crooked politician in Congress… the outrageous Gerrymandering to completely skew elections and keep the power in the hands of the oligarchs… the insane proposition that more than 90% of all scientists who agree there IS global warming are wrong, and Republiscums just want to run the entire planet into collapse just because some obscenely rich bastards don’t wanna take no for an answer, so they can add a few more zeroes to their bank balance. And women’s rights… and LGBT… and creationism… and confederacy protectionism, and on and on… you guys are on the wrong side of the argument at every turn. You truly scare me, and I will do whatever I can to keep you maniacs at bay.

            Before you try pointing any more fingers at anyone, try telling everybody what kind of Game Plan Republiscums have– on ANY issue whatsoever that actually COUNTS– and maybe some of us will listen.

      • BOC

        Nice try, but that dog just will not hunt. The financial hole points to crawford, tx. He should’ve found another rock to crawl under, but not in the US.

    • fine53

      And more than a trillion dollars vaporized in the financial institutions. Was the meltdown staged to bolster the feds who never had the money to back it all up?

      • BOC

        43 didn’t care if the money was readily available or not. Deficit was his intent, going in to the POTUS seat. He was licking his chops at ‘being in the black,’ when he walked into the job. That fiscal and economic condition didn’t last too long as we discovered.

      • BOC

        In late November 2011, that seems to have been the case.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    At this point, it’s beginning to look as if the Koch boys are starting to “clean house.” They’ve been sounding criticized in the court of public opinion for the glut of candidates they are allowing to run for president. Few of whom are any competition to the No. 1 Dem candidate, Hillary Clinton.

    When you consider the strategies in GOP history, the tactic has been to create a “sleeper” in the White House ala the Manchurian Candidate script. In review of every GOP president of the past, only Nixon was a thorn in GOP party bosses’ sides for his desire to do things “his” way. When that ended with the WaterGate scandal, the back room GOP decided to never again allow any GOP president to operate autonomously of their control.

    The clue to who the back room operative lies with whom the GOP chooses for VP. Who was Reagan’s VP? GHWB…a former Nixon aide and CIA director. As CIA director, he and the GOP back room already knew of Reagan’s medical history insie out.

    Who was GHWB’s? Quayle, a bimbonic nobody with no name who supplied the back room with major control. Not that they needed to control GHWB…he was a marshmallow with his “kinder, gentler” to the rich and military industry states anyway.

    Enter GWB, who was his VP? Cheney..a former CEO of Halliburton. Watch for the GOP presidential candidate’s choice of VP…that’ll be their emissary to the back room.

    • fine53

      That’s right. GWB,oil, Haliburton, oil, middle east war,oil. Who profited the most.? Cheney aka Haliburtons no bid contract

  • Bob Eddy

    And the number one thin to rember….He is a bush!

  • TMZ1928

    No more Clintons, Bushes, Kennedys or Obamas!!!

  • charleo1

    “JEB!” is it? Looks like next year’s Republican Convention will be just like the last two…. No Bushs in attendance.

  • 1standlastword

    I can’t see any reason why Bush’ entanglement with known criminals and terrorists, including his passive involvement with confounding Florida ballots and undermining the democratic process would bother the GOP or give pause to voters who like Jeb: After all, Rick “oops” Perry’ legal problems related to abuse of power while acting as governor of TX remains unresolved and nobody in the conservative camp I know of seems the least bit concerned.

    What’s the big deal here!?

    I mean Seriously!!

    If both Perry and Bush decided to drop out today would Americans be any better off??

  • edddoerr

    Add to this Jeb’s scorn for women’s rights of conscience and religious freedom regarding reproductive health matters, and his disdain for public education and his push to divert public funds to selective private schools run by his own church and other churches. — Edd Doerr (

  • a_hick_in_hixville

    JEB! will never be president. No matter how much he and his family believe he is entitled to the office. It won’t happen. Not enough stupid people for that.


      don’t count on that. See what the stupid people in Wisconsin voted into office.