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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

(Photo by Bruce Tuten/Flickr)

Georgia senator Saxby Chambliss announced Friday morning that he will not seek re-election, opening the door for a competitive, critical Senate race in 2014.

Although Georgia is still a solid red state, the Republican Party is no longer the dominant statewide force it once was. Mitt Romney defeated President Barack Obama in Georgia by just under 8 percent — smaller than Obama’s margin of victory in other supposed swing states like Michigan and New Mexico. With the right candidates, it’s not hard to imagine a repeat of recent Senate races in Nevada, Delaware, Colorado, Missouri, and Indiana, where the GOP blew a winnable race by nominating an extreme right-wing candidate after a bitter primary.

Early speculation for the Democratic nomination has focused on “Blue Dog” congressman John Barrow, Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed, or even R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe. But the real action will be in the Republican primary.

Here are five Republicans who could pursue the Senate seat — and perhaps provide Democrats with an opportunity for a surprise pickup:

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13 responses to “5 Georgia Republicans Who Could Replace Senator Saxby Chambliss”

  1. The Best News I have heard all year…..

  2. highpckts says:

    I swear we have a never ending supply of wing nuts!!!

  3. ococoob says:

    God help us. These are ALL wacko nuts!

  4. RobertCHastings says:

    I have felt that Chambliss and the Republican party that supports him are some of the most despicable beings on the planet, especially after what Chambliss and the Republicans did to Max Cleland in 2002. Cleland was (and still is)a decorated war veteran and multiple amputee, whose character and military service were questioned. After serving his nation and his state with dignity and character, he was eviscerated in the cruelest fashion by Bush and Chambliss in the 2002 election, something the same group of cowards did to John McCain and John Kerry in 2004. Those people have no respect for those who have served and sacrificed for their country, especially if they get in the way of winning an election. Bush repeatedly screwed veterans throughout his presidency, by reducing their benefits and by failing to assure that they were given adequate protection while in combat. This is not just the ravings of a leftist lunatic, but the facts, as they are recorded on the pages of history. Look them up and verify before you think they are open to criticism.

  5. Pamby50 says:

    Bat crap crazy all of them.

  6. Wow. Newt is looking better every day compared to these mooks!

  7. jstsyn says:

    I wonder where these folks would be if RonnieRayGun had not closed the mental health wards.

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