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Friday, September 30, 2016

5 Worst Things To Expect From The Sequester

Cuts To Educational Programs Across The Country

Programs currently in place that help thousands of children across the country would be cut by millions of dollars. Two programs that assist children of low-income families — Head Start and Title I Funding —  would see enormous cuts  upwards of $400 million and $725 million respectively that would reduce the availability of these valuable services.  Schools across the nation would have to furlough thousands of teachers and service providers.

Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

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  • Has anybody told Rand Paul?

  • tobewan

    Pharaoh Republican Boehner wont let American people be anything but slaves. Now we must produce bricks AND gather the straw. President Obama MUST NOT knuckle-under to Pharaoh Boehner! Will history repeat itself? Is there a similarity here? Hmmm…..
    You’ll find the account in Exodus 1-12.

  • tobewan

    In that the Republicans in their defiance are seeking to destroy America, where are the laws about treason to put these rebels in jail? Lock’em up, Sheriff!

    • nobsartist

      you should know that dems just dont have the power to stop republiCONs.

      Either that or what the republiCONs are doing to America is just fine with the gutless dems.

  • nobsartist

    I guess this will have an impact on the republiCON jobs plan to employ people thru endless war.

    That the dems fully support……and let them do under bush.

    That brings up a point. Maybe thats why dems supported all of bush’s bs.

  • jstsyn

    Sounds like a republican wet dream to me. It will be hard to tell where Mexico leaves off and America begins. Just what the reich wing wants. Isn’t there a law against destroying our country?

  • And yet where is the effort to remove the oil and gas subsidies that would save us ten billion dollars a year.

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