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Monday, March 19, 2018

Ann Romney On Tax Returns: ‘We’ve Given All You People Need To Know’ [VIDEO]

Ann Romney defended her husband’s refusal to release more than a single year of his tax returns this morning, telling ABC’s Robin Roberts that her husband Mitt has “given all you people need to know” about the Romney family finances.

The statement came after Ann attempted to defend Mitt by using the same logic as Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison: that Romney gives money to the Mormon Church, so of course there’s nothing bad in his tax returns.

“He’s a very generous person. We give ten percent of our income to our church every year. Do you think that is the kind of person who is trying to hide things, or do things?” Ann Romney asked Roberts. “No. He is so good about it. Then, when he was governor of Massachusetts, didn’t take a salary for four years.”

“Why not show that, then?” Roberts asked. Ann responded to that question by borrowing Mitt’s favorite defense: If he released the returns, the Obama campaign would scrutinize them (which is, of course,  the whole purpose of releasing financial records — transparency to the press, the opposition, and above all the public.)

“Because there are so many things that will be open again for more attack… and that’s really, that’s just the answer,” Romney replied to Roberts. “And we’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how we live our life.”

It’s worth pointing out that the American people still think that they need to know more. According a new USA Today poll,  54 percent believe that Mitt Romney should release additional tax returns.

Watch video of the interview here, courtesy of Talking Points Memo:

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331 Responses to Ann Romney On Tax Returns: ‘We’ve Given All You People Need To Know’ [VIDEO]

  1. MITT get a real job defining the red, white and blue instead of the green and little miss homemaker maybe we should ask your nannies who raised your children!!!by the way get off my lawn, literally.

      • Probably because she actually participates in things, like helping veterans, children & obesity, and lots of appearances for various causes, besides answering the numerous emails, letters. The first lady is allowed help. By the way where did you get the number 22 assistants?

      • Sorry, Michael Stoll, but you really need to check with reliable sources rather than swallowing the Conservative BS. According to Laura Bush’s chief of staff there were between 24 and 26 assistants to the President’s wife. It is always difficult to pin down just who is on the wife’s staff and who is on the President’s staff since a “Social Secretary” could be either one or both. Both LBJ’s wife and Ford’s wife had a staff of 30, Kennedy’s wife had a staff of 40, By the way, assistants to the President’s wife had always been paid for by private money until Eisenhower. Mame was always sharp about money and insisted that the taxpayer pay for her staff and it has been that way ever since.

        • Well researched. All First Ladies have staff and the other party always whines about it when they don’t have anything else intelligent to say.

      • Keep it up Michael. You are getting more ignorant with every post. Look up some REAL information. That’s another myth that was de-bunked about two years ago.

        • By the way, Michael, are you the one that wrote that comeback for Ms. Romney? Sounds a lot like your work.

        • Please do not encourage this idiot by replying to him , chances are he will get too upset and will have a stroke, and he will go to the hospital to receive help thanks to Obamacare. His only problem is the color Black . By the way I heard that the heart beating in Dick Cheney’s chest came from a young Black man so does that make him officially a brother.

      • Anyone who is so lacking of patriotism and just minimal manners who use that hateful spelling of Mrs. Obama’s name is either a died in the wool racist or was raised with no proper education or manners. You should be very happy that my mom did not get close to you when your smut mouth bleeped off. It would have gotten washed out with strong soap if you tried that muck on her. But then some people have no values or patriotism and their dirty mouths just cut loose with this sort of disrespectful language. Mrs. Obama is a cultured, Godly speaker and no matter how you would try to demean her, you can’t. She is just too classy to stoop to that low life language.

      • Mike you sound like a racist with the “Moochele” rhetoric. Grow up and put on your big boy undies or special undergarments.

    • Oh but she worked just as hard as the peon Mother’s managing her gardeners, nannies, cooks and housekeepers! Seriously! Lol

    • Loosely translated it means she is the good kind and “you people” are far beneath me and my husband and us high class people. Got it? Stay in your place and we will get along fine. With that sort of disconnect, who would ever vote for her husband.

      • She means we are Mormon and the rest of you are heathens. Mormons do have a belief they are all that and a bag of chips too.

        • That is why they stockpile food, tp, water to have in the Latter Days …hence the name …Latter Day Saints. Then when the heathen world implodes we will all come begging them for scraps. Wait a minute they are already doing that with the GOP and FAUX news. Convincing the unthinking they have to beg them for TRICKLE down.

          • Exactly. If you recall historically the Mormons were ran out of civilization from the East to the West. They defied US rule of law while in the Utah territory assailing people passing West to California blaming it on “the local inhabitants” thus isolating themselves further from mainstream society.

            To this day they continue to record the deaths of those outside the Mormon cult so they will be in the Book and go to Mormon Heaven. As for Mormon heaven I have no idea what that is but it must be someplace special. If memory serves me they were recording the deaths of the Jewish faith in their Book which is a disgrace to the Jewish belief. Yes, they are special and all the rest, well you hit it on the head. Is this what America wants for its demonstration as leadership? They have the nerve to interlope in American Indian affairs as well. The BIA is loaded with them along with other faiths to once again save the original heathens from a fate worse than that which has been imposed on them since 1492.

      • I’m afraid that the answer to that is that far too many are going to vote for him. We’ve got to be sure they’re outnumbered…

        • Can’t wait for all GOP monies, that they lose. It will show the American people will not let them ruin our Country. Vote, and help those that need IDs.

      • Any one who wants to get Obama out after first term. They will ruin a Country, spend endless dollare, tell lies, just to get Obama to be a one term President.

    • She took the language “you people” from Ross Perot’s old speech to the NAACP. “You people,” meaning black people, meaning Obama. It was a carefully crafted code, administered using partially-subliminal messages, to inform southern racists that she stands behind them notwithstanding her husband’s liberal tendencies including the design of what became Obama-care. Now those donations to the Mormon church are really in the form of investments into Beneficial Financial Group, a $3.1 billion dollar insurance and financial company, that Romney secretly channels money to via an investment vehicle located in Somalia’s sprawling financial district.

    • we “poor people”
      who do not have Karl Rove and the Koch brothers spending millions of dollars to elect us …

    • She took a page out of Obummers playbook . That’s all . We the People are more interested in Obama’s School years and foriegn student loans . We the people are more concerned with Onamas Conn. Soc Sec # ..can I get one of those . Pelosi and Reid and most of congress dont release their Tax returns . Grow up this election is about the economy and as long as your Liberal Clown Car press and the comics you look to for news info and opinion ( Misogynist Moron Bill Maher , Joy Behar , Whoopie , Steven Colbert , Jon stewart ) can steer the conversation away from Obama’s stupidity the better for you …You didnt build that …Someone else did that …freaking Communist ..He prefers that form of govt ..said so in his own book . it’s no wonder he doesn’t understand and he hates everything that made this Country great .

      • Say Good Bye to Mitt. Odds are he does not get the nomination when the convention is over. There is no way that he can release the tax returns because they are fatal. Even the idiots in the Tea Party know that the American public will not elect a combination of Gordon Getco and Ebeneezer Scrooge. You can say whatever you want about Obama but he has a very high likability rating. The public now knows that Mitt is hiding something and is extremely arrogant. You cannot have Swiss Bank accounts , tax havens in the Caymen Islands and Bermuda. You cannot be the Republican nominee and the creator of Obamacare. No way he gets elected and Santorum was right – he is the worst Republican candidate possible. I hope he does get the nomination because he will be so easy to beat. Google the Electoral College and take a peaka nd you will be crying yourself to sleep tonight. The Republicans should focus on Congress instead. Romney cannot win just by spending huge money in the general election. Not this time, not ever.

        • My reply to libs when they ask that inane question is …I dont care what Romney does with his OWN damn money . I’m proud if he did everything he could do legally , to maximize his OWN damn money . After all that allows him to donate even MORE of HIS money to charity . You do realize that he donates about 20% of his wealth to charity , right ? Obama about 1% and Biden .0005% .This from the party of compassion ????
          I am much more concerned with what Obama is doing with OUR money . Billions spent to OUTSOURCE jobs and to support his donors Companies that OUTSOURCE jobs . Take GE ( Run By Obama bundler and now his Jobs Czar Jeff Immelt ) They got billions in De STIMULUS funds . They OUTSOURCED 26,000 jobs to China immediately ( X ray div ) They are involved in sharing OUR tech , in a joint venture with OUR money , to build jet Liners in China . They are creating Jobs with our money in China . Boeing coulld be building Planes and selling them to China . GE made Billions in Profits and paid NO Corporate Taxes . How about GM. Billions in bailouts and they built 4 new plants with OUR money in China . Oh by the way under the Obama plan GM doesn’t have to pay Taxes until 2016 . Meanwhile the only people buying the Volt are the U S Govt and GE . We are subsidizing each Volt at $250,000 . Great business plan …Hey GM you didnt build that car Someone else did that …Oh yeah it was the U S Tax Payers .
          You want Romney’s Tax returns . I want Obama’s School Records . I want his Foriegn Student Loans . If he recieved them , where did ” HE “say he was from ? IF he said he was from Kenya Why is he President ? I want to know why he has a Conn Soc Sec # when he NEVER lived there ? These should be bigger issues then what Mitt did with his OWN damn money . those Issues go to National Security . The longer Libs don’t face the fact that Obama is ruining the economy and killing the jobs he hasn’t OUTSOURCED .. The longer you can keep the converstion away from what an epic failure Obama and his policies are . Guess what ? Half the Country isn’t in a coma .

          • It does not matter what you think or me for that matter. Check the scoreboard (electoral college) , Romney needs to sweep all of the swing states, literally and he is down by double digits in several and falling. And yes politically most of the voters are in a coma. They would rather watch the Kardashians then be informed. They do not care about Obamas College Transcripts and the birther issue has become a major loser with the independents. All they hear is 10 second bites that Romney has a Swiss bank account and refuses to relase his tax records like his Daddy did. The public hears another 10 second bite that Obama saved GM. Unless you get a dark horse candidate ( Evangelical) this is over. You can yell and scream about Obama all you want- nobody is listening, they do not have that long of attention span and you cannot prove anything.4 more years!

          • That fact is the Evangelicals will not vote for a Mormon. Their view and most of the country is that this new found faith is a cult unlike the religious faith they have been indoctrinated in for hundreds of years. This and Mitt’s no show tax returns and offshore bank accounts have put him in the no win column. Let Romney spend campaign money on ads since it will be good for the economy. There will be some gain that comes from his miserable showing.

          • Mike,
            It is important to understand what a person does with HIS money, because its the same thing he’ll do with YOUR money when he gets his hands on it. His “charitible” donations are all to the mormon church. We really do need to see those returns.

          • You are great at finding all the faults, Michael but you’re not too careful with accuracy in who you blame. And you display your complete ignorance by still ranting away about long-ago de-bunked information and worrying about phony Connecticut SS#s that don’t exist and school records and alleged fake birth certificates. And you call them the bigger issues. You are a Tea Party Shill — or a total freakin’ idiot.

          • His money?? It doesn’t concern you in the least how he got it?? just so he doesn’t touch your money you don’t care? I glad to see you don’t care who runs the country or how!!! Were you in a coma when Bush ruined this economy! you just woke up and viola! Obama did it! You’ve been duped big time!!

          • Nobody cares what Romney does with his own money. People DO care what he does with money that belongs to US taxpayers, and somebody who hides his money in offshore accounts for the purpose of evading taxes a) should not be President, and b) should enjoy a ‘federal vacation’ where he can have as many car elevators as can fit into an 8×10 cell and be built out of toilet paper and commissary items. Does Romney fit this description? We won’t know until he releases his tax returns, now will we? Perhaps you can fashion a whopper to explain how Romney amassed well over $20 million in his SEP-IRA over 15 years even though the maximum legal contribution was about $30,000 per year.

            Stop lying about outsourcing. Obama saved the US auto industry and thousands upon thousands of jobs that rely on it either directly or indirectly. I know you hate it (because he’s black, of course), but it’s a significant achievement that directly contradicts your lying arguments.

            Honestly, do you really think that anyone is fooled by your Kenya arguments? Of course you don’t — you just continue to lie anyway, despite the fact that the lies are totally obvious. Why must you tell whoppers to justify your hate? I mean really, why don’t you just be proud of who you are and admit that you hate the black man in the White House? Everyone already knows it, so why not just admit what you are? It’s not against the law to be a bigot.

            Honestly, you Tea Party types, who helped yourself hand over fist to my tax dollars for years and years and now whine, snivel and lie as if you have no shame just serve to remind us all that there will always be sordid, greedy, deadbeat cheats among us. That some people are always trying to get over on others rather than contribute their share like everyone else is nothing new. I understand this sad fact of life. All I ask is that you take a break once in a while — you don’t have to be a lying, cheating, sniveling deadbeat bigot every day of your life, you know.

            Have a nice day.

          • Michael, you have to know that most of us are aware that you are a shill for the Republican party. Don’t try to deny it because it just makes it more obvious. By the way, how much do they pay you to publish your stuff on this message board?

          • as usual republican nonesense. he has put forward but you are too ignorant to read. the republicans are bringing down this country with their ignorance and the world is laughing at you

          • Sorry Ann said he a wonderful man an we should trust because he gives 10% to his church. This isn’t about how rich he is. This is about showing references for the job of President Of the United States. I want to see his returns and business experiences. If he could show 23 years for the job of VP. Then he should show them for the job of President.

          • Remember Jack Abramoff, A GOP lobbyist that went to prison and just got out not long ago? He thought he wasn’t doing anything wrong either. He said he was giving Millions of dollars away too. Now he knows what he believed to be was right , wasn’t after all. He was on 60 mins. a couple of sundays ago. Look it up.

        • I agree. It is interesting that he is not spending his millions on the campaign. The Koch brothers are backing him for a reason. They are expecting pay back if he is elected. What do you think they want?

      • Mitt Romney doesn’t understand everything that made this country great. He doesn’t understand that this country, at present, is not so great. We are lagging behind many other countries, Michael. Do you understand that, Michael? It was great and hopefully it will be great again. But it won’t happen under the guidance of Mitt Romney. And your idiotic ranting certainly won’t do anything to make this country great. You would be better off to look to yourself, Michael. As we all should, because WE are to blame for our own situation. Not just the president(s). They have had no help from the rest of us.

      • Did you even “listen” to the speech?? Of course not! Just pick what you want to, add your own take on it and go on being misinformed! Ignorance is bliss!!

      • “this election is about the economy”.. True, but who in this political arena is talking about the economy? The Pubs continually stirring up dirt causing the opposition to continually defend themselves from rumor, innuendo and yes, even outright lies then when an issue is reversed, instead of defending themselves, the GOP drags up more from the mire. If this election is about the economy then stop the dirt and get on subject… And stop saying you will deal with these things AFTER your elected.. As if we would fall for that. That’s just tacky. We ask for certain documentation because of the position and because of the position, wannabe presidents have supplied these documentations to “We the People” for decades and why? Because their not hiding something. Someone should have told Mittens that in order to get into this fraternity he’s going to have to prove himself, not to the fraternity bros but to the people. This man has not proven himself in anything that has been asked or demanded of him. The issue isn’t what he’s hiding from us but that he’s hiding it.

        • Just think, Mitt is going overseas. Imagine what he will be saying. Hope he is not as bad as Bachman. May be he can stop and visit all his investments while he’s there.

        • I agree, the
          “issue is not what he is hiding but that he is hiding it”
          Right on, why is he hiding his returns? Because if we see them, as John McCain did we will turn away in disgust ( as he did )from his candidacy.

          • Thanks for the support Jack. What it all boils down to is we have our ideas of how the Nation works and the elite has theirs and there’s a gigantic gap between them and us. It seems no longer do candidates concern themselves with the issues that we all suffer from but the mud they can conjure up on their competitors. All should be disclosed.. Transparency should be the by-law.. Showing your tax returns should be a prerequisite and when proof of birth is produced, confirmed by a Pub no less, then conspiracies and calling their own fellow a lying sack of pub juice is NOT following the way to the white house. Remember when you were young and your older brother told frightening tales of school? Well those bullies, thieves and elitists that you and he experienced are now running our country and the sleepers just keep punishing everybody with their warped sense of right and wrong by continually voting the gangsters in. I’m disgusted.

      • michael…as much as i like your name, your comment is hateful. you ssem to be angry at the wrong people. seriously to much violence in the u.s. and people like yourself spread hate. simple…mrs. romney is paying her dues.

      • I suggest she couldn’t have taken a page from anyone’s play book. To use someone’s logic in the obvious in this context would be I’ll advised and fraught with danger. It was either a conditioned response like a habit, or a Fruedian slip. Either way, a sign of inner arrogance and disconnect or lack of empathy. Now Mike,,,,,I would suggest your upholding or support for this is troubling. You have the time to think. Apparently that is something your not doing. The far right blames the press and all the others for their problems, and frankly it’s not fairly directed. The rights base for existence is really unAmerican and shallow. It’s not anyone’s fault but yours that your unhappy. You just have to look at Fox News to see the great lie that is the far right. It’s a plague on the American experience.

      • I agree, that’s what she said. As if coming from those people? NOW, tell me something.. What does ‘Those”‘ people mean? And that’s the point in question. You discover who those people are and you’ll be able to understand what she meant by saying “You people”. Why not Everyone? Because she was being specific. Of course her old man probably warned her that this would happen, that what ever she said it would be turned around and be “used against us” but can you blame us, this being so blatant and all?

          • If that be so then she would have had intelligence enough to use a less ‘aggressive’ approach to strike out in her husbands defense. Are you telling us that if we vote Romney in that we’ll have another Nancy (reagan) to control our Country..? Where’s HER psychic reader?

    • My take is she is calling “you people” an underclassed. Or, she is calling those that want tax returns to be released as “you people”. Watch out, I can definitely say, they have something to hide and it shows the kind of persona they have toward the American people.

    • She mean we are beneath them. Sorry Ann, your a Women, Mother, just like me. I could care less if you have money or not. I will not be treated, as you are someone better than me, or any other of “you people”

  2. “We’ve Given All You People Need To Know” Ann Romney says. We say, “and the American Public has given all the votes you’re going to get”.

  3. Obviously she thinks the majority of Americans are dirt under their feet!
    When, and if, you are President your life dear Ann is and should be an
    open book!! What a snob!

  4. “You people” like as in, us lower class people, serfs, street people, beggars, whatever. Are they really so out of touch that they can’t see that they really look like elite holier than thou jerks. Right, we think you all will look out for us lower class “you people” haha

  5. I’m not suggesting she’s racist in any way, but the term “you people” is right up there with the “n” word when used to address an African American. Anybody happen to notice that Robin Roberts is not Caucasian? Jussayin’…

    • You may be missing the point: The voters have also already given the number of votes that are REQUIRED – none. If they are happy with what is REQUIRED, then by all means, they should continue this tack and see where it leads.

      • I think if Romney is elected we all should take whatever money we have out of the bank and find a safe place to put it before he and his rich buddies find a way to take it from us just like Bush buddies did. I can’t believe the polls are so close, I thought the American people had more informed information. If you allow Romney to be president you are allowing the country to be controlled by the wealthy. Maybe you think they will share it with you. You are mistaken they only want your money and your vote ,,,,,,,after that you are a liability. That is the truth.

        • Actually as a Republican, I thought I could vote for Romney, but not after this woman made this crude statement about Americans. If that ia all you think we need to know, then I must tell you it is not and your crude, hate filled “you people” says it all. The really sad thing about all this is that now feel positively sure you are clueless about how disgustingly classiest that comment is. Too late now to try to even fix it!

        • What are you saying? Obama wants to take taxes from the rich and the middle class. Good luck, buddy, Obamacare is going to be a disaster and we are know. It was rammed down our throat and it MUST be repealed Go Romney!!!

          • Um, I hate to be the one to point this out to you, but Obama’s health care law is EXACTLY like Romney’s Massachusetts health care law — except that Romney isn’t black, of course.

            Let’s give you this simple bigot test: Is there ANYTHING that President Obama has done that was good for this country?

  6. An American who wants to serve our country as President has to be free of any kind of secrecy in his life. He or she needs to be completely open to every personal scrutiny so the people he wants to vote for him will be proud of his character in every way and know he will be completly honest and not beholden to any one or thing in his life. Why? Because his job is to be the leader of the biggest and best country in the world and his goal is to make us even stronger and better. He cannot do that if he has any hidden agendas. His or her life needs to be an open book to his or her fellow countrymen.

  7. A few more idiotic comments from the Romneys and the repugs are going to be looking for a replacement candidate. Every time Romney or one of the family open their foolish mouths they lose another bunch of votes. The USA is still not an ultra right wing country.

  8. She and her husband are arrogant and down right stupid. Mitt will never be a President and she will never be a first lady. “You people” statement defies logic. The little home maker with many nannies shows that she is out of touch and she will do well for herself to remain a home maker in their house and not at the white house.

  9. The more the Romneys speak, the more they come off condescending to the American Public. Perhaps if we are all good little peasants they will let us shovel up the droppings from their dancing horses.

    • Or perhaps she’ll give Permission for her and the Moron Church to TRICKLE down on Us People……..”YOU PEOPLE”…what an A$$hole.

  10. The sad, scary thing is that are some of the “you people” she was speaking to that intend to vote for her husband. And I wonder how does that happen?

  11. Mitt Romney, it’s a shame that you want to run AMERICA , what are you so scared of with your taxes is it how much money you have hidden over the years. Well buddy, let me inform you of something your supporters are crazy, because they are the very people that have to share their taxes with an open book when IRS have gotten to them even if they are applying for a job. Inform your wife, so what if you gave 10 percent to the church, so do the Obama’s it’s called ties STUPIED.

  12. Watching this shallow and patronising response makes me realise that Australian politicians in global context are not as bad as I thought they were. Romney’s refusal to release this information as the potential principal representative of the American people in the lawmaking process makes me wonder how long America could last as a great power when weirdo religious fundamentalists continue to represent the conservative wing of American politics.

  13. Not a very good defense. I suspect the returns will be released. However, I am curious as to why the people who are so insistent about Romney’s tax returns cared nothing about Obama’s birth, his highly suspicious education or his relationship with Bill Ayers and other less than sterling Chicago citizens. Of course, many of you will call his religion to question while ignoring Obama’s years with Rev. Wright. I guess that’s ok though, he can give a good speech as long as content is ignored.

    • You are getting pretty sick, my friend. How many times does have to release this info. Hawaii already stated that his birth certificate is legit. Why don.t you show your certificate to make sure you’re eleigibhle to be in this country and make any statement.

      • Read again. I didn’t say I was currently questioning it, but when it was initially in question, it took a very long time to produce one. I tend to go with Hawaii’s word, because the birth certificate released looks to be a phoney.

          • So tell me where I’m wrong or would you rather simply keep your mind closed and hurl insults.

        • Really, you don’t have to explain — we all hear your dog whistle.

          Being vetted is one thing, being mercilessly bombarded by a pack of rabid, drooling bigots who lie incessantly about their motives is quite another.

          • You should have finished your sentence. “Being vetted is one thing Obama never was”. The rest is pure bigotry on your part.

          • Oh yes, we’ve never heard the old ‘people who dislike bigots are bigots’ argument. You apparently dislike being called out. Happily for you, there is a simple solution: Stop being a bigot. See how easy it is?

            Of course, I realize that you are far to too proud of your nasty old self to learn any new lessons. So please feel free to squeal, whine and snivel as you and the rest of your ilk inevitably head toward your just rewards. Bigots are going the way of the Dodo.

            Oh, did I forget to mention that your leader is black? He’s going to win re-election despite the rabid racists’ fevered conspiracy theories, racist code-words, and lying jaw-flap. He will, therefore, be your leader for four more years. None of your squealing will matter. And — he’ll be black the WHOLE TIME!!

            Have a nice day!


          • I don’t see him as black any more than I see my golf partner and friend as black. And I must have missed the class on ‘racist code-words’. Perhaps you’d like to list them in a reply so that I’ll know when I’m using one.

        • Why don’t you contact Obama, Bill, and challenge him. If he shows you his birth certificate — again — and shows you his school transcripts, and tells you about his relationship with Bill Ayers — you and Mitt will show him your birth certificates, your school transcripts and your relationship with any unsavory individual (in Obama’s opinion) you may have had contact with in your life. And your tax returns for eight years. Would that make you happy, Bill?

          Oh, I thought not.

          • Well, you can go ahead and try, but I doubt that Obama or anyone else has the slightest interest in your historical data. Or your hysterical data either.

          • I’m sorry to hear about your vision issues — perhaps you will be kind enough to take my word that President Obama is indeed black. After all, I’m fairly certain that you wouldn’t take his own word for it because….um…er, well…just why is it that you are convinced that everything about President Obama is a forgery conspiracy, anyway?

            With respect to code-words and dog whistles, perhaps you can allow the scores of Harvard grads that you claim to have in your employ to assist you with an explanation. After all, you appear to be rather disappointed in their inability to ‘measure up’ to your personal standard of competence — even though you apparently continue to hire them at a steady clip — and we certainly want you to get some use out of them.

            The prevailing view about the motives of ‘Birthers’ is that they are thinly disguised manifestations of racism, and I’ve seen no reason yet to believe otherwise. That the ‘Birther’ claim itself is absurd is obvious, and that the arguments offered in support of the claim are ludicrous is indisputable to all but the most dedicated liars.

            I’ll note going forward that you deny both a) knowledge that Obama is black, and b) being a bigot. We all know that an actual bigot would never deny being one, yes?

          • You certainly have a wonderful propensity to twist things. You should send a resume to David Axelrod or to The National Memo. I never denied Obama is black or at least partially black. I said I don’t see it. Every single person has a color shade. So what? What is to be judged are their character and their actions. Color has nothing to do with either. I also said I have hired Harvard graduates, as I have graduates from other schools. It may surprise you to learn that having a degree from Harvard, or any other school, does not guarantee that that person will have success in the real world, just as it is quite possible to be extremely successful without a college degree.

          • Yes, I gathered that you didn’t see Obama as black. Since I’m unsure to what degree that statement should be taken figuratively or literally, and I lack the benefit of scores of Ivy League assistants to help me with the interpretation, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you meant a little of both.

            I’m glad that you were able to gently correct my mistake in this area, because otherwise I might have erroneously noted that your claim not to ‘see’ Obama’s blackness could appear to be a convenient attempt to exculpate yourself from what would otherwise appear to be bigoted behavior. Those who CAN see that Obama is black, and who also fashion a seemingly endless stream of derogatory accusations that are otherwise nonsensical and false, could reasonably be expected to bring the subject of racism to mind. But, of course, this couldn’t possibly be the case with you because you can’t denigrate that which you cannot detect in the first place. Perhaps more importantly, you’ve told us that this is so.

            If you’ll pardon my humble education, one thing still has me rather confused: Since you say that you cannot ‘see’ Obama’s blackness, and you believe in judging a person by their ‘character and actions’, I’m guessing that this means you would know a ‘black character’ or ‘black action’ if you saw it. Otherwise, how would you know that you didn’t, in fact, ‘see’ Obama’s blackness but just didn’t realize what you were looking at?

            I look forward to your clarification. Thank you in advance for sharing your superior education and intellect with us less fortunate folk.

    • Actually I lived in Hawaii for many years and still have family there. I even met one of the nurses on the OB ward at Kapiolani Hospital and she actually took care of Obama’s mom and saw Obama every time he came out of the nursery to be fed. These truly racist memes have Hawaiian Republicans in a bad mood when folks over here make Governor Lingle and Dr. Fukoda, Health Dept. Director into liars after they both categorically said the birth record of Obama is on file, both Republicans by the way. in the Health Department and no matter what the Deranged Maricopa County’s racist sheriff says, Obama was born there, attended Punahoa Private Church of Christ school, had stellar grades at Punahoa, and during his time at college and particularly at law school at Harvard. In fact he was President of the Law Review at Harvard Law School. But for a racist, they never let these facts get in the way of hysteria.

      • You should call for an interview on FAUX news….with that A$$ Trump there too. Please put a rest to that crap they keep crying about….bet they won’t listen to what you have to say.

      • Like I said, I believe Hawaii’s word. I have seen the produced birth certificate and while it may be real, it is easily challenged. The appointment to President of the Harvard Law Review is entirely another matter. So far, no one has produced a single paper by Obama nor grades that would merit such an appointment. If you know of some reason other than he’s a good B.S.’r, please let all of us know where to find it. A lot of us suspect that it was kind of like his Nobel Peace prize.

        • montanabill…just what is the source of such bullshit? FYI, the President of the Harvard Law Review is not appointed. Do you have any idea of what you are talking about? Clear not. Obama was chosen due to the strength of his writing and grades to serve as the first black President of the Law Review in 102 years. That’s an accomplishment my friend.

          He decided to run for the office in his second year at Harvard. The student editors (who do the electing) deliberated behind closed doors (not unusual) from 8:30 am until early the next morning. The 19 anxious candidates (Obama was one of them) took turns cooking for the selection committee. There were over 80 law students in the law review at the time.

          Ironically, he came under the most criticism from fellow black law students for being too concilitory to conservatives (I would argue that he still is too concilitory) and not for not choosing more blacks to top positions on the Law Review.

          By all means feel free to express yourself, but first be sure you know what the hell you are talking about. That does not mean parroting talking points that are works of fiction.

          • So far as I know, none of his writing or grades have been disclosed. So you have no basis to make that conjecture unless you can point me to a place where I can review such material. As I previously stated, he is a master of B.S., so appearing before a selection committee would have been to his advantage.
            Conciliatory? Name one instance.
            No one is questioning his election, just his qualifications. Were they as puffed up as his ‘Professor of Constitutional Law’ until the truth was revealed?

          • Of course somebody is questioning his election. It is you. You said he was appointed. Am I to assume that you don’t know the difference? Do you have something pathological in mind in your quest for college transcripts? As to his writings it is obvious that you’ve not taken the time to read the Harvard Law Reviews during his time there. BTW, the candidates were not in the room during the time in which the committee made the selection. It is obvious that you have no idea of the procedure involved in the selection process. There were 19 candiates for various offices and Obama was picked as the leader.

            Do you really think they would not know the difference between bullshit and scholarship? Seriously? Do you have it on some reasonable authority that Harvard picks sub-par candidates to run the place. If you really have questions about being conciliatory go the source article and read the comments from the other Law Review folks interviewed 20 some years ago. Sorry, but your comments are insane. Don’t let your fear and distrust your judgement.

          • Having hired Harvard graduates in the past, I can assure you that some don’t know the difference between the ships. Going to Harvard does not automatically confer you with brilliance.

          • Can you begin to explain just why you are so willing to believe utter bull and take the negative position on everything when the facts are there for you to see?
            Example…’were they as puffed up as his ‘Professor of Constitutional Law’ until the truth was revealed?’

            What truth? In 1993 Obama was teaching ‘Current Issues in Racism and the Law,’ a class he designed and added Constitutional Law in 1996. From 1992 – 1996 Obama was officially classified as a lecturer. In 1996 when elected to the State Senate he became a ‘Senior Lecturer,’ a title customiarily assigned to judges and other lecturers with day jobs.

            The University of Chicago Law School has stated he ‘served as a professor’ and was ‘regarded as’ a professor. Why do you have a problem with that?

            Here is the official press release from the Chicago Law School. ‘the Law School has received many media requests about Barack Obama, especially about his status as ‘Senior Lecturer.’ From 1992 until his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004, Barack Obama served as a professor in the Law School. He was a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996. He was a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004, during which time he taught three courses per year. Senior Lecturers are considered to be members of the Law School faculty and are regarded as professors, although not full-time or tenure-track. The title of Senior Lecturer is distinct from the title of Lecturer, which signifies adjunct status. Like Obama, each of the Law School’s Senior Lecturers have high-demand careers in politics or public service, which prevent full-time teaching. Several times during his 12 years as a ‘professor’ in the Law School, Obama was invited to join the faculty in a full-time tenure-track position, but he declined.’

            FYI, all professors do not tenure. Another noted ‘senior lecturer’ was Judge Richard Posner, the associated dean of the Chicago Law School. Do you think he was another phony as well?

            Don’t take my word for it…look them up in the ‘Law School Faculty.’ Perhaps then you can put to bed your fantasy about Obama and his time at the University of Chicago Law School.

          • I have absolutely no problem with your explanation. I also taught graduate school as a lecturer, but was never regarded as a ‘professor’. The problem was the way his credentials were presented when he was running in 2008. We were fed the propaganda that he was a Professor of Constitutional Law. What was wrong with the truth? I was a lecturer because, while I had completed all the course work for my PhD, I could not afford to spend a year on campus teaching undergrads while I supposedly wrote my thesis. I had already written my thesis, but they wanted a cheap teacher. In the end, I had knowledge that professors in my field did not have which resulted in the request that I become a lecturer. Since I had no intention of ever permanently teaching in college where the PhD would have been required for tenure, I simply spent a couple of years as a lecturer before moving on.
            A problematic question that continues is, if he had such a distinguished career in law school, why is releasing transcripts or papers he wrote such a big deal, especially for a guy with an ego like his?

          • MBill is a natural born conspiracy theorist. Maybe someday MBill will stumble on a real conspiracy. It will end up being his mind has been conspiring against him for all of his life.

    • Montana Bill, that rhetoric was dead after the last election….FAUX news get credit for not given up on their ignorance…..Get over it…like Boehner has to get over the affordable care act ….talk about WELFARE. His Congress is the biggest WELFARE recepients there are getting money FROM US PEOPLE to vote over and over and over and over and over about the same thing.

      • Boehner will not get over the affordable care act as long as there are a majority of us who believe it must be repealed. Before it was his Congress (actually House), it was Nancy Pelosi’s. Her welfare included a lot of very expensive private plane trips to California. Maybe it was because her multi-millionaire husband wouldn’t spring for them and she was too cheap to use her own money.

          • According to most polls, I am. The election will be the telling answer. Apparently, you are not one who will face the new taxes, the loss of current insurance, having to change physicians or old enough to be concerned with bureaucrats making cost/benefit analysis on medical treatment you might need.

          • you mean like the insurance executives already did before aca, I have already received a refund from my policy due to aca and am able to keep my 20 year old on my policy while she finishes college, aca working great for me already.

          • Excellent! The insurance rates I pay for my employees have gone through the root since ACA was enacted. Not that it matters, but I was independent of my parents by the time I was 18, as were most of my generation. You sure you are doing your daughter a favor?

          • with the cost of everything now, you betcha, every advantage I can give her so she can get her degree is worthwhile, the deck has been stacked against the middle class the last couple of decades.

          • I know you’ve heard this before, but a person who has to work to achieve a goal enjoys and appreciates it far more than a person has something handed to them. My family couldn’t afford college for me, so I left home, went to work and to college. No family help, no loans. It was a long, tough, but successful struggle. I suppose the deck was stacked against me at the time, but I never believed it.

        • What makes you think you are in the majority, bill. The polls? Fox News? They are just as full of misinformation as you are. Well, I guess that would figure, wouldn’t it?

          • Fox News has its own poll. The rest are totally independent. They all show pretty much the same thing.

          • What they show Bill is that when you add in the approximately 20% of those who felt the bill did not go far enough the majority is the opposite of your belief. Look it us…it is not that difficult.

        • MBill the entire delgation of Congress and Senate receive welfare from us, the citizens who pay for their lush retirement, health benefits and perks during their tenure and retirement. The GOP Congress does not want to lose the wonderful healthcare insurance they have due to the ACA. Their position is not based on what you think people such as yourself feel should be about the ACA but it is about themselves. The ACA notes that Congress will have the same healthcare insurance that the general public will have and if they have a Cadillac healthcare insurance they will be taxed for overkill that we the people are paying for. Hence Congress does not want to be on equal footing with the rest of us including Boehner. BTW Boehner is from my part of the country and believe it or not he is not revered around here. You can have him out there in MT if you want his cry baby ass. Maybe you can make him man up some.

          • Whether or not Congress is affected by the ACA is the least of its features. I’m more concerned about the negative impact is has already had, its current and future unsustainable costs and the negative impact to health care for the majority of us.

    • Good thing you don’t have to show us your birth certificate, schools, marriage licenses etc. I suspect you wouldn’t stand the test too well either!

        • Sorry, I’m just one of Ann Romney’s lowly peons who happens to think her husband is on an enormous ego trip and trying to make up for his Father’s failure to get nominated!

          • Gotta have some reason for wanting that job. Ever know anyone who ran for that office that wasn’t on an enormous ego trip?

    • We deserve , as Americans, to have a president who has no reason to hold back tax returns. I am 99.9% that they include things he is trying to hide, how much money he made, how much taxes he DIDN’T pay due to loop holes and God knows what else. His own father released 12 years of his tax returns when he wanted to run for office !! Anybody who wants to run for office should be required to release tax returns. Who wants a President the hides money in Swiss Bank accounts, Cayman Islands and Bermuda ?? He will hide other things and that is what I am afraid of. If you think that Romney cares about the people, he doesn’t , what is he going to do for you ?? Unless of course you are in the 1% bracket. What is really scary is who Romney is affliated with !!

      You are wrong about President Obama. Where did you get your facts that no one cared about Obama’s birth, his education, and people who he was affliated with. You don’t remember all the Republicans, talk show hosts, Trump and numerous other people that investigated it too. NO ONE , even Trump could prove otherwise! What other President in the history of this nation was asked repeatly or investigated because it was believed by many that he was not American. The answer to that is NO ONE. If you want to pretend it has nothing to do with race, then you can’t see the forest for the trees. Bobby Kennedy stated ” we will have a black president within 40 years”. How about that estimation.
      Please form your own opinons instead of listening to the Gop and what propaganda they want to fill you head with.

      • You don’t see a reason to hold back tax returns because you don’t have a bunch of antagonists looking for any reason to smear you. Makes a difference in your attitude. For example, if you were running for office and your returns showed a normal $50,000/yr income, that would be construed as you not smart enough to do better. Your ‘loopholes’ are perfectly valid and legal deductions. Do you consider deducting mortgage interest as a ‘loophole’? You use the term ‘hide’ money when referencing foreign bank accounts. It isn’t hidden from the IRS. They know that it was after-tax money or money earned abroad not transferred back to the U.S. None of it is ‘hidden’. That is simply a term and phoney accusations used to demonize.
        You reference Republicans requesting proof of Obama’s birth. If he had nothing to hide, why didn’t he immediately provide proof when it started to become an issue. After all, there is college information that indicates he wasn’t a U.S. citizen. Why wait years to produce what he could have produced and avoided the hassle? Do you ever wonder why? Why has he never produced any of his college transcripts? You suspect Romney of something when he doesn’t want to provide old tax returns. Did you give Obama a pass when he didn’t produce historical material? What does ‘black’ President have to do with anything except something you ascribe to anyone who questions his policies or mode of operation to make it easier for you to avoid asking real questions? If you think I am swayed by ‘GOP propaganda’, would you suspect you are being swayed by DNC propaganda?

    • You don ‘t care about the whole content of Obamas speeches! You pick out anything that “might” be incriminating ,turn it around and call it something else entirely! The kettle calling the pot black!

      • One nice thing about Obama speeches. If you miss one, don’t worry, there will be another one along any minute.

    • MB what is suspicious about a degree from Harvard? Is it because you would not qualify to be admitted on the campus much less the Harvard Review? Do you really believe the rhetoric that your mouth has espoused? As for Bill Ayers how about Bush II going AWOL for a year and Cheney being the King of Deferment but starting one of this country’s most economically draining war that has created a haven for terrorists where none existed before? From your tone I suspect your diploma from high school if you have one.

      • Nothing is suspicious about a degree from Harvard, if you justify how it is you got into the college in the first place and what you have done to justify being elected to honors positions. Remember he was also honored with a Nobel Peace price and I defy you to provide justification for it. I’ll overlook your snipe about me not being qualified for Harvard because you have absolutely no idea what my education level is or where I went college. (actually colleges) I will tell you that I have multiple degrees and have taught at the graduate school level at a major university. Your snipes at Bush and Cheney are also pretty petty and without background. As for starting a war, you seem be another on the left that has conveniently forgotten it was a bi-partisan project. Please familiarize yourself with Bill Ayers history.

        • You do provide me with humor, MB. If you believe teaching at the graduate level to be of any significance well I can more than one up you. I have interned graduate students at one of the most renowned space agencies of the world including Russia. As for degree I have many too and not in business or any of the other non-science fields, multiple publications in peer reviewed journals and other accolades and achievements. As for Bush II and Cheney history has them well docmented so there is not a need to cite what, when or where unless your memory is short. Iraq was Bush II and Cheney’s war. It was not the will of the people to get involved in a country that did not provide a safe haven for terrorists. Sadam ruled with an iron fist and kept those types shaking in their boots. When Bush II took him out then the terrorists moved and our military could not control or contain the situation. Plain and simple deduction and reduction. It was on the news daily not to mention Dubya refused to air what was really going on there like was done during the Vietnam War. I have too many years to be BS’d by a mouthful of rhetoric as I was draft fodder during the Nam era.

          As for Harvard I have done many things at KSG, HUNAP and within its science department. Space science is my specialty along with initiating a STEM program and not just running my mouth. Actually I enjoyed your response to my post. I guess I pushed a button or two.

          • FYI, my primary fields are math, physics, aeronautical engineering and computer science, although I also have a pretty good liberal arts background too.
            Congress, with bi-partisan support, gave the Bush the authority to act. As we all know, there apparently was no one in charge of the effort who asked, ‘what if’ questions when they were preparing or actually executing the initial plan. The effort to make Iraq a purely Bush/Cheney war is to deny what really happened for purely political purposes.
            As for grads of Harvard, it is kind of like football. There are really good, celebrated players from the top football schools who go to the pros and fail miserably. Other, unheralded players from small football programs can work their way into the pros and become Hall of Fame players. A degree from Harvard does not guarantee that the holder will be able to translate it to the real world. That is also true for MIT.

  14. So Obama can’t scrutinize their tax returns but he can be scrutinized for imagined birth, religion, communist, socialist problems. Oh by the way, giving money to a church is in no way an excuse for not disclosing information. I believe Al Capone was a big supporter of the Catholic church, guess we shouldn’t have looked at any of his business dealings either.

  15. I think he is likely more afraid of the Mormon church getting a true look at an honest report of his finances than he is of the public . According to the papers he got his money to operate his Bain Capitol from investors in South America. That usually sounds like laundering drug money ?

  16. Why hide what is evenually the truth. It will only cause the media to dig deeper to uncover it. Romney wants to be president and I couldn’t and wouldn’t support him if he thinks the best way to represent me is to hide who he is, what his plans are for my future wellbeing and just blame the other guy for the emotional effect.

  17. Go Ann, You people can make something out of nothing when you want to. How about I have never been proud of my country until now. Where were your comments to that one. She knows who ‘you people’ are and will make something out of anything she says so get over it. ok

  18. make no mistake, because of Citizens United, them people can pretty much buy our country so that you people are irrlevent. My consolation is still the Meg Whitman effect insofar that no matter how much money you throw at an issue you may not always get what you want. But in Montana it was proven once again that if you own the courts and all the money, there is a price tag on anything. SCOTUS handed America to GEB, Citizens United put a price tag on it.

  19. Somehow, I am not surprised. I guess us “common people” just don’t know how it works and besides since when does giving to one’s church act a a litmus test of transparency and honesty? Come on, we are not bumpkins or fools. We can see right through here coded words. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

  20. Anne Romney should stick to things she knows about. She is telling lies and attacking the
    President of the US. She needs to leave the lying to her lying husband and shut up. She is not a
    candidate and she needs to stop demonizing the current President.

  21. It never fails to amaze me how some people who want to win the election for THE national leadership continue to say and do the dumbest and most insidiuously self serving things and continue to believe that we are as a total so frigin’ dumb we love them and will elect them because we’re stupid. NOT! But at the same time we had George W. (looks and acts like a monkey) Bush for TWO terms!!!
    I want a president who is a self serving jerk who lies through his teeth.
    I want a president that does not stand for anything except himself.
    I want a president that criticizes and makes people fear what he can’t grasp about the needs of ordinary Americans because he has never been one.
    I want power mongering politicians that stand in the way of progress on anything that does not serve them and their corporate owners.
    I want to be told lies and I like being told by cold hearted basturds what I should fear because they specialize in knowing what is good for us.

    I’ll vote for you Romney… you zealous monied power mongering political pig … when Hell Freezes Over (or when congress begins to regularly agree on things that are good for us that work).

  22. The Obama machine just wants to divert attention from his failure as a president. We should all be trying to solve the unemployment problem; never mind focusing on Romney’s tax returns. What about Obama’s school records. If he uncovers some of that maybe we will see he really registered as a foreign student and received money. The mainstream press has given him a pass, all the way.

  23. I believe their view point on this could very well be their down fall. They say they have given enough, I say if we’re going to put our future in his hands he’s not begin to give enough.
    Is all you people meaning the great unwashed?

  24. Romney should do himself a really big favor and release additional tax returns — because this issue is NOT going to go away until he does. And the longer he holds out, the more suspicious it becomes. I have to admit, I am getting curiouser and curiouser about what the heck are in those undisclosed tax returns — because Romney & his wife appear to be getting more and more afraid every time the topic is brought up — even though many of his Republican buddies have urged him to disclose. Very, very odd. This may be the very reason why McCain says that he still thinks Palin was a better VP candidate than Romney was.

    • If he does release the tax info it will be scrutinized to the ninth degree. Obama is no fool; he just wants to divert attention from his failed presidency! Let’s face it! He is a desperate man. He wants another 4 years to live it up and ultimately ruin this country and what it originally stands for

      • Yes, indeed it WILL be scrutinized – as it should. And you are correct: Obama is no fool.

        Why don’t you elaborate on what this country ‘originally’ stood for — as if you actually knew or cared.

  25. I believe if they think they gave enough to you people ( can I assume ) the great unwashed. they haven’t if we are to put our future in his hands I want to know. Looks like the more they talk the bigger hole they dig.

  26. We People are the ones that aren’t in their tax bracket. What is he hiding?? It sure makes me wonder. He wants to be our president, but doesn’t want anyone to know about him?? Something about this is not right. A person running for president of the United States, should be a open book in all ways. If he doesn’t show us something that he is not wanting to. I for one will not vote for him. FACT not fiction

  27. there’s an old saying about if you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime. well, if you don’t want your tax records to be scrutinized, don’t run for office, particularly US president! she’s worried that “there are so many things that will be open again for attack”. is that admission that, if looked at, there are nefarious doings? like getting paid from Bain after 1999–and not for retirement? hmmm

  28. This woman is an idiot, all she has done is draw more attention to Mitts questionable tax history, ya Ann we feel so sorry for you and Mitt screwing America and living with a different set of laws that the rest of us do.

    Time for you and your husband to release the last 12 years of tax returns and we will audit them to the nth-degree for any past mistakes.

  29. OMG, you are so blind !!! Romney’s tax returns must be turned over. Obama is not a failed presidency and he is not a desparate man. BUSH and CONGRESS and Wall Street is the reason for the recession. I am so sick of people blaming Obama for this when it was before he ever got elected President. The Republican House is ruining this country and what it stands for, NOT Obama. Wake up people. including you !

    • So Obama’s failures are completely the fault of Bush and the Republican congress, are they? In that case, nobody should vote for Obama again, because Bush will still be around and so will the Republican congress. Obama was hired to fix what is wrong, and he failed. Simple as that.

  30. come on Mitt what have you got to hide ? what year did you not pay your taxes ? Mitt if you are elected President and you have vested interest in China and the USA gets into a war with China which country are you going to be for the country where your money is or the place where you are President ? I just don’t want to take the chance to find out so I am going to vote for President Obama.

  31. Ann Romney would never buy a horse or higher a trainer without a full resume. The horse business is full of swindlers , horse insurance killers and all kinds of swindlers. But she expects us to employ our leader with much, much ,much, less information than she needs for her horse business. Get real your husband is running for President and not looking to be anointed king.

  32. She’s right. You little people don’t know that the rich are different. They are privileged. They are entitled. And they will be speaking to Drug Rush and Roger Ailes in failing to get that message out adequately. Heads WILL roll.

  33. Has to do with all the foreign accounts set up in other countries, because they don’t want to pay taxes to this country. ” You little people know enough”. We rich people don’t have to do anything, we don’t want to do. Wish somebody would find out why out of 5 sons, each one gave 2 years of their lives to the mormon church, but not one gave a day, to our Armed Forces? I guess protecting this country isn’t as important as serving the Mormon Church.

  34. “You People” “The Little People” and “The Common People” are terms used by extremely rich people to isolate themselves from everyone else. They use these terms to demean, dilinate and separate themselves into a higher class from every other U.S. Citizen…as if somehow having tons of money makes them better in the eyes of God, makes them more intelligent, or somehow affords them royal privileges and immunity from the laws and taxes all of us “common people” must follow.

    I guarantee that the Romneys will NEVER allow those earlier tax returns to be shown to the public…. because I prediuct they will reveal his true character – a fraud who has failed to pay his taxes like the “common people” must do.

  35. Ann Romney is as out of touch as her husband. I watched her face while giving her “better-than-thou” comments and couldn’t help but wonder what form of self hypnosis takes her so far out of the present that she can sit and speak unscathed by her own lack of presence. As for the money channeling through the Mormon Church, no way. Even though it is possible that Romney is dishonest, the church would never be part of any indiscretionary behavior. This isn’t Scientology. It’s a truly Christ based religion and it appears that Mr Romney disgraces the virtue of its principles.

  36. OK Annie Baby

    Annie, you have given me all I need to know so I will not vote for your whack job husband. Now you can go back to being the super rich billionaire whackos you have always wanted to be.

    Kiss your horse for me and I will let you pick where to put the kiss.

  37. Nice of her to let of peasants know just where we stand. When those of the privilege class speak we are suppose to bow down, genuflect toward their Mecca (Wall Street) and be satisfied that we are allowed to breath the same air and pick some crumbs that fall from the table. Talk about being out of touch and class-warfare lady with somebody else please. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we the people deserve to know for sure if your husband is just lucky in life or another vulture gaming the system. Too bad she does not get it…but no surprise considering she has a million dollar horse to look after. We the people can just look after ourselves. Shame on you lady.


    Six (6) males in the Romney family and none, no one, nobody has served in the military and for their country

    None have served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard.

    And Mitt wants to be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces? You have got to be kidding me.

    OK you American Taliban Republicans let’s hear your argument for that?

  39. Oh my, somebody has fallen off their meds. Seriously, would you like to flesh out your diatribe? Some facts to back up your screech would be a good place to start. Don’t let your fear and distrust cloud your judgement.

  40. So perhaps you question the long form certificate. Why is a good question. Putting that aside, do you believe that the newspapers put the birth announcement in their pages fifty years ago to facilitate a phony presidential run for a newborn child named Barack Obama? Keep it real.

  41. What majortiy are you speaking about? When you take out the number of folks (approx 20%) who feel the ACA did not go far enough the majority is in the other camp.

  42. “If he released the returns, the Obama campaign would scrutinize them (which is, of course, the whole purpose of releasing financial records — transparency to the press, the opposition, and above all the public.)”

    Yes…they would be open for scrutiny…Obama makes his available…equal scrutiny for each candidate.

    But actually, for me it would be “too little, too late.” He planted the seed of doubt and distrust and it has taken root. A LOT of root.

  43. I know us people will not Vote for her Husband, especially now seeing how they feel about “us people”. this is truly disgusting that people like that are running for PRESIDENT. “For the people by the people.”

  44. I wouldn’t trust anyone so rich they didn’t need to be paid. Ann Romney lives in Mormon Land, where everything is perfect. Sorry to burst your bubble honey but your husband is a charlatan with no scruples. He answers to the rich.

  45. OMG…This is the second ‘Born-into-it’–‘Rich-Kid’ candidate the Pubs have tried to stuff down our throats! Now…we have a cocky/better than you-people, Wife …they want us to watch for the next four year?
    Please…save us from this!

  46. Where did you get all this inside information? Got any sources? Although I don’t care for either of the Romney’s I believe she was referring to the news media when she said “you people” and we all know how the media always gives it to us truthfully, right? Think about birthers, fox news, you name it they love to report on things that sell ads.

  47. Romney, is truly hiding his wealth and he needs to be more open to the general public, Ann Romney is just a puppet repeating what her husband wants her to say. I do not care if he gives 10% of his income to the Mormon Chruch, that tells me nothing. They are just another wealthy organization that hides things. The general public is not allowed to tour their main Cathedral in Salt Lake City. One can tour their grounds but not their Church! Anybody and can go into St Peter’s in Rome and St Patrick’s in NY why can’t the general public go into their Church? They are a step down from the Scientology Church which are all nut cases. I do not want Romney for a president, someone who hides things will not be a trust worthy president.

  48. Look at the facts: In 2011, Romney DONATED almost 20% of his income to charity, and worked without a salary for FOUR YEARS as Governor. The generous Obama gave ONLY 1% of his vast earnings to charity in 2011, and the very generous Biden gave all of $300.
    Liberals talk a great game, but ACTIONS speak louder than words. Worst of all, instead of focusing on JOBS & ECONOMY, Obama campaigns almost daily, and we taxpayers are paying the tab. Plus it’s vacation time now…wonder where the “big spenders” are going this year? Maybe with 70 friends to Spain again, only this time together?

    • First of all Obama’s income is no where close to Romney’s! Secondly, Romney gave most of that “charity” money to the Mormon church! Thirdly, he could certainly afford to give up his salary for 4 years after he was done raping various companies! And last but not least, do you honestly believe that, in an election year if it was within his power, Obama wouldn’t just wave his magic wand a create a million jobs??? Get serious!

      • Obama has income in excess of one Million per year, so to give only 1% is downright miserly…..and he hasn’t taken the time to meet even once with his “jobs” council in the last 6 MONTHS. Is it any wonder we are in the untenable situation we are in, when all your “hero” does is campaign to keep the job he has failed at for almost FOUR years???

  49. It is obvious to see that the Romney’s are out of touch with the people, other than their own kind. If elected Willard Rat Man Romney would treat everyone the same way as his troublesome childfren. They are shallow and beyond the norm of the average persons reality.

  50. Romney and his family thought they could fool American people. Watch it! Romney and his wife who rides on a number of Cadillacs have been discovered. Romney is an example of corporate raiders draining the American economy. IRS and Justice Departments may soon start up investigations against Romney. Romney has shot himself on the leg.

  51. We,being the “you people” of the United States of America; Romney’s being i don’t know what!!! Need to understand, we have ever right in the world to see his tax return’s ,Im sure it has lot’s of surprise’s for “you people”……!!!

  52. Hmmm … spoken like a woman who has something to HIDE, PERHAPS ??

    She proved herself to be a real MENSA on this one … I hereby pledge my vote (unfortunately to the lesser of two evils) to ANYONE who opposes the Romneys !!!

  53. I’ve read this entire thread, and see that Republicans are getting quite desperate about the way they defend their candidate. The same old talking points….blah blah…what people need to know is that wages have not really gone up since the seventies, while worker productivity has greatly increased, and we have created greedy little children out of business owners, investors, insurance companies, oil companies, etc. Romney does not want to reveal that he has not paid taxes…simple as that…unless we can throw as much money at them as they throw into candidates pockets then we are screwed…Look at who sold the country off, and now they have the money to buy the elections and keep the status quo…We actually are going to need several Democratic administrations to fix the Reagan/Bush/Bush damage…Democratic congress is the key…

  54. It’s a pity Mitt Romney can’t find a place to run for king. He’d be much happier with his peers and they with him. The rest of us can’t stand him. I agree with his wife however. Enough with the fuss over this income tax returns! There are much bigger issues… the innate racism of the man himself and his supporters. Like his lack of understand of, or concern for the 300 million of us who don’t have his money, his mansions, his horses or the food on his table. Like his contempt for a strong federal government which exists to represent the people, not the corporations. When it comes to democracy Mitt Romney just doesn’t get it!

  55. Sure sounds like Mitt is trying his best to hide something dark in his financial records. How many citizens of the US would be putting their money in offshore accounts? This does seems very ood especially when the man is runing for the highest office of this country. What does he have to hide? His and her responses are indicative of they do have something to hide.

    When we look to his years during the Vietnam era he was a 1A classification and ended up spending time in France living the good life as a Mormon missionary. I do question this action in his life specifically since we had two jokers runing this country where one went AWOL for a year as an Air National Guard and the other was the master of deferrments for the Vietnam draft but both were willing to send our fellow men and women to fight THEIR wars for THEIR personal monetary gain. Then we look at his family’s roots in Mexicon to avoid plural marriage. Once again his family has shown that they do not accept the rules of the land. I for one cannot accept all of this on its face value.

    Now we look at his statement of not being the CEO of Bain Capital from 1999-2001 according to his personal statements and SEC filings but he was receiving payment for being the CEO. Is he lying or did he committ a felony in filing as such? The man leaves too many open ended questions for me. If my company was paying my salary when I claimed to no longer be in their employ then what were they paying me for? Simple question which should have a simple answer and not so convoluted as Mitt has led people to believe. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck it must be a duck.
    Mitt avoided the draft, he avoided paying all of his legal taxes by establishing offshore bank accounts in tax havens and his family roots demonstrate anti-American by moving to Mexico to continue polygamy practices. Wow! He sure is presidential material isn’t he????

  56. She is the same one who thinks Mitt’s working for the “Games” showed compassion. Never mind that the Mormon church was heavily invested in the Salt Lake City games. The church he is “so good ” about is the same one who baptizes prominent people after they are dead, sometimes long dead. They have been sued numerous times over this.

    He was running on his Bain record and now he does not want to talk about that anymore. Now they are bringing up the church; but I am sure that Romney does not want to talk to his base about his Mormon beliefs. He has never wanted to talk about his role as the Gov. of Ma. Whats left?

  57. Good Morning Mari Johnson, I have been wracking my poor brain to come up with why I did not like Mitt Romney and his wife, you just so elloquently described the feeling that I get when I watch them.

    Mari Johnson, Retired RN
    Loosely translated it means she is the good kind and “you people” are far beneath me and my husband and us high class people. Got it? Stay in your place and we will get along fine. With that sort of disconnect, who would ever vote for her husband.

  58. Good Morning Mari Johnson, I have been wracking my poor brain to come up with why I did not like Mitt Romney and his wife, you just so elloquently described the feeling that I get when I watch them.

    Mari Johnson, Retired RN
    Loosely translated it means she is the good kind and “you people” are far beneath me and my husband and us high class people. Got it? Stay in your place and we will get along fine. With that sort of disconnect, who would ever vote for her husband.

  59. Well, Ann is as tone deaf and out of touch as her husband. She just joined the Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina Super Rich Repub Women’s club, who should never opine politically in public ever again.
    They tend to put their feet so far down their throat that they tickle each other’s tonsils.
    BTW, has Mitt ever given to any charitable group OTHER than the Mormon Church? He is obligated to tithe according to the tenets of his belief, so that’s not much of a voluntary gift.
    Hey Willard, ever given to the United Way, Doctors Without Borders, Alzheimer’s, Kid Cancer, March of Dimes…anything? Ya cheap greedy Etch-a-Sketch toy…..

  60. ya ann just like the anti-christ,s farther did . that ding dong romney apple fell from the tree and rolled to swisaland ,bewrmuta , and the caman islands. so far from the tree because the anti-christ morol wasnt nothing like his dads his dad was a good man him pure evil . a lier a very sneaky greedy bastard . that cares about nothing but him self and the all mighty $$$ . as for any one that wants to corect and of my spelling save ur self the time for im not as charming with those responces as i am about the anti-christ. try to fix any miss spelling urself and get the point . thank you and have a nice day 🙂

  61. Ann Romney defended her husband’s refusal to release more than a single year of his tax returns this morning, telling ABC’s Robin Roberts that her husband Mitt has “given all you people need to know” about the Romney family finances/// because all the rest has to do with his evil greedy bastard and anti-christ,s ways . and he dosent want anyone to know that he is the anti-christ and to see his taxes ( like his dad would show) would be showing his agenda to evil

    • He will not even condem the Morman practice of baptizing dead Jews and
      others, together with not releasing his tax returns,together with
      retiring retroactively. The fact that he was not active In Bain is not
      relevant he owned it and formed it and hired the executives and set
      the policy which could not change.just because he worked on the
      Olympics. just to many problems i am amazed this is the best the
      Republicans could come up with. All these people sending in millions
      to support this candidate are really speculating very little chance of
      this mystery flip flopper winning

  62. The statement came after Ann attempted to defend Mitt by using the same logic as Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison: that Romney gives money to the Mormon Church, so of course there’s nothing bad in his tax returns/// ok im a lil lost here if he is all that about his faith . can anyone tell me if the mormon faith likes there belivers to bet on things ? for some reason i thought i heard that mormon,s dont like or wants its belivers to bet on things . if so then why was the anti-christ romney so fasy to bet $ 10,000 against that tx. running gov. during the depabes . or dose romney anti- christ rise above his mormon faith hmmmmmmmmmmm interesting thought ( i could be wrong maybe the mormom faith wants there belivers to take all and any money thy have and put it on a pony at the track or bet it all on a super bowl ? )

  63. He’s a very generous person. We give ten percent of our income to our church every year. Do you think that is the kind of person who is trying to hide things, or do things?” Ann Romney asked Roberts. “No. He is so good about it. Then, when he was governor of Massachusetts, didn’t take a salary for four years.”/// no one said he isnt a smart evil SOB. not taking money then theres more then meets the eye there as the anti- christ is described in the book . he is to deseve all confuse ppl. to belive in his lieing ways . and then im sure he had if figed out that he would get more money if he used that money he didnt take as a taxs write off . as i said he,s smart just a smart evil SOB

  64. I admire any person who aspires to being anything, including President.. Our short fall as private citizens is exposure at an early age to scrutiny and how to handle it.. these folks go over the cliff head first.. They take a defensive measure.. Mrs. Romney is a nice lady and I wish her and her husband the very best.. Their view on wanting in Presidential Politics and deliberately trying to dodge attacks of the media are a waste of time.. Mitt grow up– Release your stupid taxes.. Daniel

  65. Ann Mitsy sounded like Leona Hemsley only the little people should pay taxes while we hide ours in off-shore accounts. Our sons never served in the military, and Mitsy -the bishop will baptized the dead as our cult religion allows us to do so, so your loved ones will not get to heaven. We
    are the suspicous first rich couple, and we will spread Polygamy world-wide, and declare it
    as the National Religion and to ensare all your little daughters to serve the deacons.
    “Oh all you little people, lets show these uppity Mitzsys that we will give Obama another 4 more
    From the wiser Litttle People who already Knows you will not get to the White House.

  66. Romney invests in companies he hopes to grow and make money on. To do this he employes the highest paid analysts and consultants to evaluate the probability that the possibility of success is high.They study every financial past record of the company the industry and the people running the company. These highly paid analysts and consultants do everything to cut risk including fiduciary audits. But now he thinks we the voters of the most successful country are going to vote for a leader and take a huge risk with our lifestyle and future without knowing all the financial details of the person looking for the job. If Romney needs the facts to make decisions we also need every fact I question your judgement Mr .Romney why you think all Americans should do less homework than you and your team do???

  67. I guess she put us in our place.We are only surfs, to do their bidding and be quiet. For they are the lord and masters and we should be happy that they even lower thenselves to talk to us at all. Who does this arrogant,self centered bitch think she is talking to.Even members of the GOP are telling Robme to turn over what ever tax returns that are needed. He can’t do this because of all the fraud an d dishonest things that will pop up. Even to the point of jail time for Lord Robme. How can anyone in their right mind think of voting for this pompass ass?

  68. This is what you want in a potential First Lady…a woman whose buttered palms are so greasy she now believes she’s above everyone else. NOCD (Not Our Class Dahling) doesn’t get it, Annie Babes. Work a job that pays 77 cents for every dollar your butter factory hubby earns.

    Of course 2 years of tax returns is not supposed to be viewed by the great unwashed masses as a tad too “selective”. Not to worry Annie Dahling…you won’t make it to First Lady. Not with that attitude. “You people?” As in the people you want to vote for your Palm butterer? Think again.

  69. Wow, Mitt is hiding behind his wifes skirt. The Mormon church is known as being one of the stingiest churches when it comes to actual charity. They give between 0.7% and 2.6% to actual charity work. The bulk of what they spend their money on is building resorts and shopping malls, and bigger temples. Mitt has given to other charities such as the George W. Bush library and Citizens for Limited Taxation, a charity that fights to lower taxes by eliminating services. I guess the Mormon church doesn’t care about the poor either.

  70. No just a Darth Vader robotics helped him become evil. Cheney works the other way around…the rest of himself will make the heart evil.

  71. Since the Obama campaign has consistantly lied about Romney’s finances, there is no reason to release any more than 2 years worth of returns. Romney’s 2010 return was over 200 pages long.
    If there was anything wrong with Romney’s returns, we would have heard about it from the IRS.
    John McCain released 2 years worth of records. John Kerry released 2 years of HIS tax returns while his wife, who has all the money, released none of hers. Barack Obama has professed that his last 2 years of high school were spent in a drug and alcohol induced haze, has yet to show his college transcripts as to how he got accepted into college and what grades he got, who paid for his schooling, and how he was the only editor of the Harvard law review, ever, who never published anything in it. The hypocrisy of the democrat party and its’ propaganda arms, like the National Memo, is astounding. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
    Barack fooled us all in 2008 because we didn’t know him. Only the stupid among us will vote for him again as his economic policies have been an absolute disaster.

    • Dear toadd, If you think that President Obama fooled you, what do you think Romney is going to do to you? Bend over and get the K-Y, you are going to need a big tube. Those people are telling you up front what they stand for. Are you stupid or just ignorant? It sounds like you voted for obama in 2008. You need to read a history book, the facts are written. Jr. Bush-Chenney tanked the economy. Jr. Bush-Chenney bailed out AIG(remember the $165 million bonuses?) and the to big to fail banks and Wall street in 2008, Obama did not get sworned in until January 20,2009. Jr Bush-Chenney passed the stimulus pay off before they left office. Obama just tried to save the economy, but was not told the true dept of the Jr. Bush-Chenney depression, you know, they lied to everyone! If Obama had not been elected, and mc cain had been, mc cain said he would not have saved the country, we would be in the worst world depression in history. We would be more like Germany in the 1930’s. That is how Hitler got started, because of germany’s depression. Wake up, man don’t be fooled again, we know what Obama is about! We know very little about Mittens, but what we do know is bad, very bad,very, very bad. Why does Mittens prefer investing in off shore banks and foreign countries instead of the USA? Maybe Mittens is a citizen of another country? Maybe MEXICO? You do know that his daddy was born in Mexico? That qualifies him to be a citizen of Mexico! Maybe he has a dual citizenship? May be, that is why he is so anti-american! He does not want anyone to know anything about his private life!!!

  72. Mari Johnson, you are awesome, tell it like it IS. Mr. and Mrs. Obama take a lot from the ESTABLISHED GOOD OLE BOY govt. and racist citizens. And they handle with grace and dignity. He reminds me of Jackie Robinson when he played for the Dodgers. He took on lots of criticism and racism with dignity and grace.

  73. Unfortunately, Romney’s lust for power has made him overlook America’s vetting system. Part of that may be because of his spoiled background and bully style growing up made him the one that did all the vetting.

  74. Your garbled language and disordered logic and disregard of facts and judgment make me just a little reluctant to take your views seriously…

    • You need to watch more tv than FOX! and listening to rush bimbough, you do not seem to know much about nothing just from the few words you wrote in your reply.

      Besides why don’t you do some research and find out if Mittsy Romney is a citizen of Mexico!!! You do know his daddy was born in Mexico? That qualifies him to be a citizen of MEXICO! DOES HE HAVE DUAL CITIZENSHIP?? MAYBE HE DOES.

  75. I told you Ann Romney was not a very nice person. Typical rich hiding her riches. She was raised that way so knows no better. Ann, we do need to know and you have to come off your high horse to tell and show us what you have. Remember, the office of president is not a dictatorship as you and your husband would like to make it. Your real attitudes are showing and I, for one, do not want Mitt for president. He has no humility and the only class I see from both of you is LOW.

  76. I told you Ann “Romney was not a very nice person. Typical rich hiding her riches. She was raised thqt waqy so knows no better. Ann, we do neede to know and you have to come off your high horse to tell and show us what you have. Remember, the office of President is not a dictatorship as you and your husband would like to make it. Your real attitudes are wshowing and I, for one, do not Mitt for president. He has no humility and the only class I see from both of you is LOW.

  77. Me thinks that if Obama were to disclose his college application, his college records and ‘splain why he has a SS card from a state that he has never been to, Mitt might give you more.

    It amazes me that you want openess when you support the most closed President.

    While he’s giving up the above information, perhaps we could get the information that his good buddy Eric is hiding. I do so wonder what they are hiding.

    • oboma has been very open about his past. Rip Money does not want to release any info about “how” he made his money, because he is not proud of what he did and still does to make his fortunes. The guy stripped companies of their assets and loaded them with debt, fired the employees and bankrupted them while making millions for himself and his ey were investers. He stripped pension funds that some employees worked over 30 years for, only to have their pensions taken at the very time they were retiring, and were to old to find new work, and Rip sent more jobs to china than he ever “created” here in the good ole USA. That is why he can not release his income taxes!!! He will not be elected without releaseing them, and he can not be elected if he shows how he made his money!! He loves money more than anything else in life. Or in the life after this life. I am a member of the LDS Church, and I have not heard anything in the Mormon teaching that says that the love of money is not a sin! Nor is taking from other’s livelyhood for ones own benefit, and being greedy is not a sin. THE Rip Money’S are showing their true colors!!! No shame or feelings for anyone below them, or their class

    • You must have been to the grocery store today and been reading the trash magazines at the pay out counter. The story of the wrong SSI number is total bullshit my friend. Do you really believe that Social Security cards are being issued by state? It is a federal form my friend.

    • jimackermann, don’t look now, but your slip is showing. Since 1972 all Social Security numbers have been issued from Baltimore, Md. This is from the official Social Security web page:

      ‘The area number does not necessairly represent the state of residence of the applicant, either prior to 1972 or since.’

      Get it? You are letting your fear, hate and distrust cloud your judgement. It is bad for you and annoy’s everybody else. Get a grip.

      • Me thinks you are incorrect.

        But anyway let’s keep hiding the other documents. That doesn’t seem to bother you. It should.

        And smart ass, I will enjoy allowing my “Grip” to annoy you and all your ilk.

        • dear jackeroffman, I bet you have a good grip. Do you remember a few years back when the topic of the day on FOX and Bimbaugh was “The Dumbing Down of America”? You, my good fellow, are proof that the brainwashing has worked. Anyone that believes the propaganda put out by Rip Momney and the republiscams will believe anything. By the way, I have some nice beach property in AZ. I will make you a good deal on. Trust me, I don’t need to show you any paper work on it. Trust Me, You people can trust me, come on!

        • Very interesting resonse my friend. I actually thought you might appreciate receiving a little factual info. Apprarently not. You were indeed wrong about the Social Security state issue nonsense. Why can’t you accept the truth without tossing out more crap? That is just irrational. You can think that I’m incorrect if you wish, but I told you how to get the correct info, and I even quoted from the web site. Get it??? What are you so afraid of anyway?

          BTW, just what kind of documents would satisfy you? A birth certificate from Mars I suppose. Wait a while and some other idiotic nonsense will come up for you to grap unto.

        • Lets see what other documents are you talking about? The State of Hawaii issued a copy of his birth certificate and he disclosed the long form! What other Presidential candidate has done this? You seem to know all about this! I thought this article was about Ann Romney’s statement about “you people”! How do you get to documents and Obama? Let’s face it you can’t stand a black man in the White House!

    • Hey, if you have any proof of wrongdoing about Obama, show it! If you don’t your allegations are simple slander! And furthermore, if you don’t give us the proof, we used to call people like you “chicken s**ts”

  78. Are you for real Ann? Your husband Is running for the highest office In the land..Obviously he is hiding something or he would hand them over like every other former candidate had to.

  79. Poor Annie and Mittens – so out of touch with the rest of us, otherwise known as “you people” . Of course, we all know that “you people” is a euphemism for denigrating minorities, as in, “you people really need to know your places”. Could she have been more offensive? I thought her wearing of the $1000. silk blouse on one of her interviews was off base, this remark really showed her true colors. I am proud to be one of “you people” who will not be voting for the romneys. Their church also showed its true colors when it spent 8 million dollars to pass Prop 8 in California to deny marriage equality to gays. Nice bunch. Think how much good they could have done with 8 million to feed hungry kids, take care of homeless, etc. Oh no, the moron church hates gays so spent 8 million to deny them their rights. Great choice of churches, Mittens. All those nasty gays in California must be part of her “you people”, too. Great choices Uncle Milty.

  80. I will not vote for president who doe not believe in USA-if he did all of his monies would be here helping our economy and our companies..Romney is a sick joke on the USA polical scene..

  81. I will not vote for a person who does not believe in the USA by keeping his monies over seas, if he believed in the USA it would be here helping our economy ..a true fact

  82. “You People”, if ever a snotty remark, that one is up there. Ok Mrs. 1% we know what that means, and we will leave you people alone.

  83. What does Ann Romney and her husband have to hide? Any time people talk like this and act like this shows that there is something bigger they are hiding. All of you that vote for Romney be careful that you don’t lose the little that you already have.

  84. I can’t help but wonder by that ‘you people’ comment, was Ann Romney referring to Robin in general as a media personality or in particular as a black person. The comment sounded Archie Bunker. Also by their reluctance to release any other tax returns, could it be that Romney didn’t pay any taxes at all doing the previous years. Ann indicated that they give their church 10% of their earnings. That’s a nice haul for a church even if you’re just a plain old run of the mill millionaire. But since they are of the multi-millionaire bracket, man their church must be rolling in it. Nice, very nice

    • Maybe you could tell us when and where Michelle Obama said that! If you can’t your nothing but the worst of the liars! Time to put up or shut up! Ann Romney said it on live TV! Here is a full account of Ann Romney’s statement and when she said it! Now let’s see you defend your statement, if you have any defense! If you can’t then we have a full right to call you a liar!

  85. He’s weighed the risk between disclosure and stonewalling and determined that stonewalling carries less risk.. Scary but true. “We’ve given all you people need to know” to answer concerns about his credibility as President of the United States?????? Don’t think so….

  86. She’s as bad as he is when it comes to obfuscating the facts. But then she also knows that what the tax returns reveal will end Mitt’s political career.

  87. We the people want to know about all of your hubby’s finances Ms Romney. How much money did he make, how much did he pay in taxes and where is he hiding the money he did not pay taxes on. He is applying for the job of President of the United States of America.

    If he does not care to deliver this information, then he should look elsewhere for employment.

    Your patronizing comments do not help his cause one bit.

  88. “All “you people” need to know!!!! Demeaning terminology & that must be how the Romney’s feel. They are above the “you people” of the U.S.

  89. The public knows far far more about Romeny now than 6 years of obama. Still the state run media continues to give barak a pass on his wifes no show job, Rezukas mob gift, his college scholarships,

    • But this is about Ann Romney and her “let them eat cake” comment! Obama went through all this four years ago. Problem is the Republicans couldn’t find any problems. Otherwise, don’t kid yourself Rove and his buddies would have made hay!

  90. Why does this not surprise me? The Romney’s are typical corporate executives who enmassed a fortune and now need some more trophies to put on the wall so why not the Presidents job? Do you really think these people can really relate to the electrician, bus driver, plumber, garbage collectors, police officers, teachers, and the general population that keeps American running? LOL. It amazes me that these are the very people who will vote for this jerk because they are too ignorant to look at the facts. Keep believing what you are told by the republican party Does anyone know that Obama has actually cut a lot of junk programs and is trying to put the money toward the debt? We keep running these negative ads to allow people to run for the highest office in the world, that is the real shame. We have fifth rate minds in politics who are just money hungry grabbing people. I think all political offices should have no pay since they are public servants. Have them work with minimum wage and stipends from the people when they move the country forward. How many would want the job then? Maybe we need to fire everyone and start from scratch with people who really care about each other and the earth and use the power to really help the people.

  91. I forgot to add hope Mrs. Romney is happy driving her couple of cadillacs. Maybe she should try taking the subway and buses for a change. Get a feel for how the real people have to live before you tell them how!

  92. Yes Marie Antoinette, ‘you people’ need know nothing – just give blind allegiance to the would be king …that’s really what you mean, isn’t it?
    I think you have the wrong country and the wrong century. I only hope today’s citizens read you and find your shameless self righteous entitled attitude as repugnant as I do.

  93. All “YOU” people. More proof they have absolutely no idea what it’s like to actually live in a country as opposed to controlling it. We’re superior to the general public. Why does this remind me of the attitude that royal families had for centuries? We can do anything we want, if a peasant does anything we don’t like, “off with their heads”

  94. No, us people need to know for sure whether Romney, as a multimillionaire investor, was involved in wheeling’s and dealings that sent jobs overseas, whether he paid any taxes or not or took full advantage of tax shelters, offshore bank accounts, tax write offs, etc. That way us people, can make an INFORMED decision on whether to vote for him or not. Although, this independent per se, would still not vote for hypocrite Mitt. He has put his foot in his mouth too many times, he constantly flip flops and changes his tune depending on what audience he is appealing to or what state he is in. I long ago reached the point that I cannot honestly believe anything he says.

  95. robin is such a wonderful human that i am sorry that mrs. romney felt a need to insult the america people and that robin had to tolerate such bad behavior. as much as robin has gone thru with her medical problems she always is out their helping others. maybe mrs. romney could take some classes 101 in matters.


    • I think this article is about Ann Romney and her “Let them eat cake comment.” Why do you Republicans and Romney lovers always have to avoid talking about him and his wife? If Obama is lying, that don’t make it right for Romney or anyone else to lie! Romney wants to be president and he is the one in the spotlight! If she doesn’t want to share her tax returns, sorry that is what people who want to be president need to do!

  97. If Romney wants to do the right thing he would show his tax returns. He just thinks that
    he is above the working class. All he cares about is keeping his millions safe and not
    paying higher taxes.

  98. Ann Romney has a lot to say about nothing. For a woman who never worked a day in her life what does she know about struggles, having common sense, or knowing about what it is like to rub elbows with the middle working class. And communicating with the poor. Very
    poor First Lady material to me. UGH

  99. they are lying , 100 % THEY ARE HIDING THEIR CRIMES . that`s the mentality and attitude od rich , wealthy millionairs and billionaires.

    If you gets elected , he will distroy AMERICA . LACK OF CHARACTER ! hiding his money in other nations banks . THAT`S NOT AN EXAMPLE , IMAGE OF AN American ( u s ) President . That`s very poor leadership . If he`s such a good – expect businessman , and so UPRIGHT , why is he hiding his TAXES, and his money OVERSEAS ????

  100. WHY IS HE SO RICH , AND PAYING SO LITTLE TAXES ? how and why is that ?

    I AM 1000% SURE , THAT`S HE`S ( ROMMEY ) IS OR HAS COMMITED A CRIME AND BROKEN THE LAW . he is dishonest and not fair , 2 be PRESIDENT OF THE U S A ( AMERICA ) .
    HE IS A 100% COWARD/

  101. Ann Romney has proved with her statement”all you people need to know” how she and Mtt think they are better than everyone else. It also show that with their thinking they are better than us they aren’t fit to be living in the White House. Her statement also shows that Mitt and she is hiding something that they don’t want the voters to know. Her”We’ve given all you people need to know” is similar to what her husband said when asked about his plans for this country and Romney answered this way”If you knew that, you wouldn’t vote for me”. Romney should not be elected to be President and Ann Romney shouldn’t be First Lady . There needs to be someone in the white house that can relate to the 99% citizens not just the 1% as she and her husband does.

  102. arrogence at its fullist extrime by the gop rich top 1/10 ot 1 percent elitists again don,t vote for this jerk..many people give 10 to even 50 percent to charitys so what and they need to give at least 10 percent to the morman church just to remain mormans ,,

    • Any old crook can give 10% of his money to a church, even the Mormon church, that doesn’t mean they don’t cheat and steal and lie! She would go down as the dumbest President’s wife ever! Bush junior wasn’t a rocket scientist, but his wife was a pretty sharp lady! Not the case here!

  103. The Republicans told the people back in 2010 that its about jobs and the people put them in and what have they did about JOBS? Now are we the People going to let them Put this Republican back in there once more? They are planing on taking everthing away from the people. So i just ask that WE think about that first.

  104. Mitt Romney need to show more tax return. If he doesn’t have anything to hide that what will It hurt. The reason he doesn’t what to show any more is that he hiding something from the American People that he know that will up set the American People or that will make him look really bad. I just said that Mitt Romney can’t be trusted ,or his wife.

  105. Typical GOP crapola. I can’t wait until November when he gets his ass kicked and Obama takes the reigns for another 4 years. All of his billions won’t do a thing for him then.

  106. Well, YOU PEOPLE are not in our class, so what the heck do you know about hidding billions of dollars. Don’t you know, in it’s self, that take a lot of brains, so we’re not giving YOU PEOPLE anything else. You wouldn’t understand it anyway !!!

  107. “Because there are so many things that will be open again for more attack… and that’s really, that’s just the answer,” Romney replied to Roberts. “And we’ve given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how we live our life.”

    We know how you lead your life not like ‘you people’, we just want to see a glimpse of this offshore banking and Cayman Island and Swiss trusts that generate your lavish 5 mansion lifestyle, and Slick Mitt’s actual term of employment at job killing vulture capitol Bain Inc..

  108. Well I guess that the Romney have something to hid that why they will not release there tax returns and i dont thank thats right he ort to be proud to show what he has maid If he got it right and not un the table.

  109. ALL Pres gave many years of tax returns Mitt is not special Come clean MITT
    I do not want a man in top 1/2 % to be US President Too far removed from reality of regular people NO thanks Mr & Mrs Money Keep your money hidden WE will NOT vote for you Gov’t is NOT like running Bain people fired- losing pensions- too old to start again GOP Baggers are BAD are Americans

  110. Sounds to me like he has something to hide? If there is not nothing damaging than there should not be anything that would give fuel to talk about. This was a lame answer and who is you people? Is she referring to a selected group. Shouldn’t it have been that the people have enough to judge or the citizens of the country have enough but you people, that just sounds so, so, racial…Not racial to a color but racial to the whole social class. Like your beneath us. We have answered enough. How dare you question our superiority. No this is not the person to lead this country in today’s world.

  111. If Romney has nothing to hide why not releasing the tax returns. I am a registed republican but this is ringing a bell to change my vote for this paticular man. His fataher released 12 years of tax returns. Other candidates did so why not be fair and be bold to release this returns. If he is not transparent then he will not be transparent enough to be our President. If he releases his taxes and will make him loose this elections then be a man to lose a fight.

  112. being a former ceo, I learned that their is a way around paying taxes. You take a very small salary or none at all, and borrow from your corporation, there is a limit, but on a very high value business it can be a lot of money. Maybe someone can add to that, but it is a loophole that is used by many corporation execs.

  113. Wow, he didn’t get any money while in office as governor for FOUR YEARS….. He’s super rich….. I bet it didn’t even put a dent in his pocket. Then he gives 10% to the church every year, he probably had it wrote off when taxes came around and got most of it back.

  114. It is bad when the eleclted government official does not want to do anything until the election is over with. How many times did the Republicans and tea party of the House voted to repeal Obamacare. That all they are doing, nothing about the ecomomy, unemployment, medical care for everyone. They are just focuses on getting OBama out of the White House. And it is bad when Romney party want him to release his tax return and they don’t think he will be a good President. Even the Momon church said they are not ready for a Momon President.

  115. ( YOU PEOPLE ) OK that what you call the American voters, all the votes your husband should get is your immediately family, SARAH PALIN would make a better candidate, you are arrogant. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. I am in a complete unison with Ann Romney, because a main goal of this election to make changes: reelect the President, improve an economy and cut unemployment….Give a chance to nearsighted looking people defend America and bring this country to the level of third world country. I do not believe that my country will get to this situation…
    Bravo, Ann, and one person in a field is a soldier…

  117. The fbi and cia and the revenue office may see mine dating back to 1951,of cours I don’t have “hidden” corporations off shore either as I am a “Working Class” american,something you don’t know anything about.

  118. In 2008, Mittwit gladly turned over multiple years of his tax returns to the McCain campaign. The McCain campaign looked at them and decided that a half-term, brainless governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, was a better choice. That fact speaks volumes.

    Hey, Mittwit! Show us your papers! 15 years of tax returns, and maybe your birth certificate while you’re at it! Maybe you were born at the Romney family compound in Mexico, like your father!

  119. When she says “you people” who is she referring to? Blacks, people that are struggling to make a living, mothers that work and have to pay for child care and still spend quality time with them and take care of a home. Whoever she meant, her comments were very demeaning. She also made the remark when asked why Mitt should be president that it was his turn. She says she has her dressage horses as therapy for her MS. Most people with MS can’t afford that kind of therapy even if they have health insurance. I don’t begrudge her her wealth, but she just has no concept of what it’s like to live in the real world. If they have nothing to hide they should release their tax returns and put the matter to rest.

  120. all cheats, liers,crooks,profitiers and people who makes a profit by any means are afraid to reveal the ways and means of obtaining their ill gotten gains.

  121. They both are not honest. He hates women and senior, and middle class. I research his time as gov, a business man. He daose send work oversea, and he is not what america needs for our preds. He has disgrace my party and i have sign up as a dem this year. I am so ashame of my party it makes me sick. Congress and much more. They are racish and michelle bacman is the we need to vote dem. America has all color skin, different faith and marriage. I am 67 is old and let me tell you, GOD loves all of us. She and he husband think they can change a person who is guy. WRONG YOU CAN’T. ONLY GOD can change us choices not no crazie female. She is nuts. She needs to leave our Preds along and take care of her oum business. I am married to a man , but i have friends who are guy, they are very happy. We have reporter who are guy. Please Michelle SHUT UOO. I have alot more put once i loved the GOP, now i am ashame os all of them.

  122. Ann is Mitt’s secrect weapon? Who do these people think they are? We are hiring this Man, so yes we WANT to see your returns. Yes we Want to see your business experience, which was one of your platforms you are running on. We can’t do much about your super pac money. But they only have one vote, just as us common people. Everyone must vote! Because Ann, said Mitt is such a nice guy, we should believe her. She is underestimateing us, why should we believe her. You people are WE THE PEOPLE! VOTE

  123. I think that Romney taking that position probably works in his marriage and other personal relationships. However the American people suffered at the hands of the last Republican Presidential regime. I am pleased that Romney is digging in his heels on this issue.

  124. Oh yeah, one more question…what does she mean by “you people”? Are we different from them, oh my bad we are…we are not rich like them. Since we are called you people, I guess I could call those people ‘Them”.

    • Just couldn’t resist inserting another one of your ridiculous whoppers, could you Bill? How many pointy white hats do you own? Fess up!

  125. if you didn’t know that they consider themselves so far above us before now you know. the statement “we’ve given YOU PEOPLE all you need to know” is aki to pleading the fifth (the truth will hurt us so we’ll remain silent). Nixon roared I’M NOT A CROOK.

  126. Just think his monster running the USA not only the USA will be in a fragile position, but, the rest of the world as he has shown that he feel to be amongst all the rest. His position of taking his capital and sending it across the world is simply taking the Nations money and dispersing it as he find it convenient. Man made religions and men made corruption. How sad that people like him exist.

  127. Ann, it is very generous of you to tithe your 10%, but i am sure you know much better than I do that if you do not pay your tithe in the Mormon church, you are ineligible to take part in any of the temple rites or receive any assistance you might possibly need. 10% is the least amount you may pay and still receive these benefits.

  128. Well, If any One Refers To The Common Folks As ” You People “. ( Voters ) … Will Not Have The Luxury Of My Vote .

    Take Yer Billions and shove it where the Sun Dont Shine Romneys !

  129. If the Rommey’s are such great patriotic Americans, then let us see the 12 years tax return. After all he did produce 23 for the vice president position four years ago under Mr McCain but was not select. I wonder why? What does he have to hide now? If he could have done that for the vice position why not do it for the highest job in the land. His refusal shows that he has something to hide.

  130. Romney is not so charitable he gives 10% to the church because that is what the church tell’s them to do if they don’t they will not enter the kingdom of heaven maybe that is why he will not show his taxes did he give his full 10% ? I also feel that if he makes it the church will be a part of being president just as it is in Salt Lake City there is no separation of church and state the church makes the rules and the state backs them up I would hate that to happen I live with the things they do and it is bad I hope you all open your eyes

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