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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Arizona Governor Seen As Likely To Veto Anti-Gay Law

Arizona Governor Seen As Likely To Veto Anti-Gay Law

Los Angeles (AFP) – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer will probably veto a controversial bill which would let businesses refuse to serve gays and lesbians for religious reasons, reports suggested Tuesday.

The bill, passed by lawmakers in the Republican-run southwest U.S. state last week, triggered anger from gay rights groups who said Arizona was “on the wrong side of history.”

Brewer, is known for her hardline conservative positions, but may only decide this week whether to sign it into law.

Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon and tourism, a mainstay of the local economy, could be hit by the bill it it went into force.

“It’s been her proclivity in the past to focus on the priorities she wants to accomplish, and this was clearly not part of her agenda,” long-term Brewer political adviser Chuck Coughlin told NBC News.

He told CNN that Brewer, on her way back from a Washington conference Tuesday, will likely decide Thursday or Friday.

“She will meet with supporters …to hear their cause, people who have expressed their views in opposition,” he said.

But he noted that Brewer vetoed a “nearly identical bill” last year and added: “All of those reasons why she vetoed it last year are relevant today.”

Gay rights campaigners and opposition Arizona lawmakers condemned last week’s decision to pass the bill.

“The world is upset with how Russia has treated gay rights… I think it’s time for that same anger to be directed towards Arizona,” said Chad Campbell, House minority leader.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recalled that Arizona is already known for a hardline stance on immigrants, including passing a controversial 2010 law most of which was struck down by the Supreme Court two years later.

“Once again Arizona’s legislature is on the wrong side of history,” said a statement from ACLU’s Arizona branch.

“Four years ago, after the passage of SB 1070, we were ridiculed for legalizing discrimination against brown people. The targets today are gay and lesbian Arizonans.

“They own homes, run businesses and pay taxes just like everyone else but under the guise of religious freedom they are now being vilified by Arizona lawmakers.”

Supporters of the bill said it would protect the religious freedom of business owners.

“As we witness hostility towards people of faith grow like never before, we must take this opportunity to speak up for religious liberty,” said the Center for Arizona Policy pressure group.

“The great news is that SB 1062 protects your right to live and work according to your faith,” it added.

But the ACLU said: “This bill is not about God or faith. There are already laws on the books in Arizona protecting religious freedom.

“What (the) bill does is allow private individuals and businesses to use religion to discriminate, sending a message that Arizona is intolerant and unwelcoming.”

Brewer aide Coughlin said he would not guess what Brewer will decide.

But speaking personally he added: “It’s much too broad, and it could be construed in very unusual or different ways and cause havoc on the system here in the state.”

AFP Photo/Krista Kennell

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23 responses to “Arizona Governor Seen As Likely To Veto Anti-Gay Law”

  1. daniel bostdorf says:

    The Governor will veto becuase according to her she “will do the riight thing.”

  2. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh says:

    Most real “hardline conservatives” believe there are already too many frivolous laws like this on the books.

  3. jmprint says:

    What these religious idiots don’t understand is that they are the cause of people staying away from churches, more and more people are leaving their flocks. They are preaching their ideology and not God’s word. Religion is not about the bible anymore, it’s about judging people, something that the Lord didn’t do.

    • Greg Scott says:

      ”…something that the Lord didn’t do….”’ because he’s imaginary.

      • jmprint says:

        The Spirit is in ones heart, if not in yours it’s your loss.

        • Greg Scott says:

          I’m too old for imaginary friends.

          • jmprint says:

            PEACE BE WITH YOU. I don’t have imaginary friends. I believe in God. You may be an atheist if you like, it’s not up to me to judge.

          • Greg Scott says:

            Same to you– however saying ”it’s your loss….” is judging. and since there is zero evidence for any of the thousands of gods invented by man, it’s safe to say yours is imaginary,just like all the rest.

          • jmprint says:

            The difference is an opinion, your loss is an opinion not a judgement. The evidence is in the heart and soul.

          • Greg Scott says:

            Utter nonsense ”The evidence is in the heart and soul…’ is a non-response. My heart pumps blood. a soul is another imaginary construct– believers can’t even agree on what it is– you stating my unwillingness to believe in your sky-fairy is indeed a judgment.

          • jmprint says:

            Why is it non-response, when it is where it’s felt. You love your baby right? It is in your heart right? Don’t go judging me, because you don’t believe what you don’t know.

          • Greg Scott says:

            I know you’re too old for imaginary friends. I know extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.

          • jmprint says:

            Only to lost souls.

          • Greg Scott says:

            The only people that are lost are the ones who believe bronze-age nonsense.

          • jmprint says:

            Thank you for your opinion.

          • Greg Scott says:

            My informed opinion. you’re welcome.

          • jmprint says:

            Yes, master of knowledge thank you for your INFORMED OPINION.

          • Greg Scott says:

            No problem at all. enjoy your day.

          • daniel bostdorf says:

            Hi JM…I have enjoyed your posts over the years here at NM…

            I am not going to be following NM anymore because of a complete lack of 
consistent commentary standards. It is my understanding that NM has a 
few new editors, and that is the cause. They are allowing pop up work at home ads, flame throwing, bullying trolls to run rampant at over a dozen new articles at NM…


The final straw is allowing a bullying serial right wing troll to flame 
throw everywhere at NM and NM Editors refuse to shut this person down. 


wjgreen314 profile:


Free speech is one thing, but yelling fire in a crowded theatre is illegal.


Yelling fire, flame throwing and bullying other posters at this site is unacceptable. And I cannot support it anymore.

            I manage a few websites, and we simply do not allow it.

            To reach editors at NM, they are listed below at the “contacts”

            To reach Editor-in-Chief Joe Conason:

            To reach Executive Editor Jason Sattler:

            To reach Managing Editor Henry Decker:

            For general editorial inquiries, please send an e-mail to

          • jmprint says:

            Thanks, I understand.

    • lemstoll says:


  4. lemstoll says:


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