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Saturday, October 20, 2018
Jim Hightower
Trump, Arms Race, Nuclear

Against Trump’s Elitism, Try Do-It-Yourself Populism

While Trump voters are predominantly white, the working-class families visited by People’s Action included black, Latinx, Native American and other residents living in these economically distressed rural communities.

October 18, 2018
Redistricting case goes to the supreme court

What If We Made Voting Fun?

At last, here comes Tuesday, Nov. 6: Time to vote!

October 12, 2018

How The Republicans Abolished Poverty

They told us they did it not for the rich, but to help middle-class and poor families.

October 6, 2018

No Integrity Or Consistency In Trump Immigration Policy

But — psst — guess who just set aside his immigrant-bashing tantrums long enough to benefit his own family?

September 27, 2018

How Far-Out Is Trump’s War Policy?

Did I mention that war is stupid? If we’re only there because we’re “there,” it’s way past time to leave.

September 20, 2018
A woman talks on her cell phone as she passes a mural of the late Freddie Gray in the Sandtown neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., July 27, 2016. REUTERS/Bryan Woolston

Gentrification Is A Policy — Not A ‘Natural’ Process

Gentrification is a function of power, not natural law or economic inevitability.

September 16, 2018

How Much Is Your Town Paying Amazon? It’s A Secret

If you live in Indianapolis; Newark, New Jersey; Miami; Austin; Philly; Chicago; Atlanta; or 13 other lucky cities, congratulations, for you’re a finalist in the magnificent “Throw Your Money At Amazon” Sweepstakes!

September 9, 2018

Celebrating Labor Day

So all the rejoicing this Labor Day is coming from the gated ZIP codes of the rich.

September 2, 2018

Why American Workers Struggle As Corporate Elites Prosper

Yes, corporate economists exult that our US of A is enjoying the second-longest economic expansion on record.

August 31, 2018
Trump on the attack against news media

A Test Of Character

Thus, Trump used a caravan of humble Hondurans, wending their way north, to generate a fog of fear to rationalize his planned attack on migrant families.

August 27, 2018

Monopoly Or Democracy?

Generation after generation of moneyed elites have persisted in trying to take wealth and power from the workaday majority and concentrate both of those things in their wealthy hands to establish a de facto American aristocracy.

August 12, 2018
Wall, Drug cartels

Trump’s Border Policies Undermine Our Democracy

Many of these tykes have trekked hundreds of miles with parents and other adults along the dangerous route to El Norte.

July 28, 2018

Cowboys For Liberty

So, what should we make of a brand-spankin’ new group with the incredible moniker of Cowboys for Liberty?

July 23, 2018
Donald Trump, Press

Getting Trapped In The Donald’s Cuckoo Nest

Ours is, after all, a nation of laws, right? We value justice and we believe everyone has a right to have their day in court. Right?

July 16, 2018
New York Times Building

The New York Times Strikes Out

For more than a century, The New York Times has unabashedly bragged in a banner slogan that it publishes “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”

July 7, 2018
border wall

No, A Wall Won’t Fix Our Immigration Problems

The wailing in our country about the “invasion of immigrants” has been long and loud.

June 28, 2018
Politics, Top News, Congress, Memorial Day Recess, Highway Trust Fund, Budget, Voting, Partisanship, Infrastructure

What Do Those People Want? A Fresh Democratic Agenda

What do those people want? Progress!

June 21, 2018
Trump is ripping us off

Zany White House Freak Show Distracts From Crooked Machinations

The helter-skelter zaniness, however, is like a magician’s smokescreen – a distraction from the Trumpsters’ sleight-of-hand manipulations being made daily out of public view.

June 16, 2018

Saving The Postal Service From Trump (And Amazon)

Trump has fired off several rounds of angry tweets assailing Bezos, including a potshot claiming that Amazon is ripping off the post office by underpaying for the millions of its packages that the postal services ships.

June 10, 2018

A Wall Street Sin Tax

It’s time to put the Wall Street tax back on the table. Rather than just cutting back on the middle class and on America’s future — as the no-can-do leaders in Washington propose — let’s invest in the grassroots people to build America up.

June 1, 2018
heavy security for inaugural in DC

Goons In Gucci

In the fierce labor wars of the last century, industrial barons employed Pinkertons and other goons to bloody the heads of laborers or simply gun down those struggling for a share of economic and political power.

May 25, 2018

Trump’s New War

Get ready, America — here we go… to war! This kind of war is an affront to the values that most of us hold dear, and this war is truly nasty and evil: A war on the poor.

May 12, 2018
koch brothers

Patience And Secrecy In The Kochs’ Complex Conspiracy

And now, that sickness has grown more virulent, confronting us in the form of a complex, sophisticated web of efforts funded by brothers Charles and David Koch and their billionaire buddies who share the same set of extreme…

May 7, 2018

A Plutocratic Coup

Many Americans are reluctant to accept that coup conspiracies are part of country’s history. We tend believe that plots to overthrow the government are totally foreign to our national character. But we do do coups. In fact, the country itself was founded on an armed coup to replace the legal ruler, King George III, with a gang of revolutionary upstarts.

April 25, 2018
Businessman David Koch arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala Benefit celebrating the opening of "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" in Upper Manhattan, New York in this May 5, 2014 file photo. The billionaire industrialist Koch brothers, the most powerful conservative mega donors in the United States, will not use their $400 million political arsenal to block Republican front-runner Donald Trump's path to the presidential nomination, a spokesman told Reuters on March 2, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri/Files

Examining the Kochtopus

Multibillionaires Charles and David Koch want nothing less than to supplant America’s core democratic principle of majority rule — the will of The People — with their core plutocratic principle of inviolable property rights, also known as domination by the wealthy minority. Their notion is that “property” (accumulated wealth and the means to get it) is sacrosanct and cannot be restricted by the pesky majority for the Common Good.

April 22, 2018