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Friday, October 28, 2016

Soon after Representative Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) announced her run for Senate, she opened her mouth a little too far.

A video surfaced Sunday evening showing her trying to differentiate between Native Americans and Indians by mimicking a war cry by putting her hand to her mouth. Her comments were made at a luncheon for Indian-American Democrats.

Her chief rival, Attorney General Kamala Harris, is of Indian descent — her mother is from the Asian country — and condemned Sanchez’s comment. “It is shocking and there is no place for that in our public discourse,” she said.

Sanchez is a 10-term congresswoman known for her flamboyance, with some political watchers wondering if this gaffe will impact fundraising for her campaign. Yet supporters say her style, while unorthodox, is a genuine reflection of her personality.

“Loretta Sanchez is the crazy aunt of the Democratic Party,” said Democratic strategist Steve Maviglio. “She’s been known to say crazy things. But what you see is what you get.”

Sanchez herself said Sunday, in a possible dig at her opponent, that she doesn’t “hid[e] behind the handlers,” referring to strategists and managers who often tightly script candidates’ remarks.

In her apology, she said that “like so many Mexican-Americans, I am proudly Native American on my mother’s side,” and added, “It’s hard to put yourself out there and to do what leaders need to do day in and day out. And yes, sooner or later we make mistakes because you know what, we are all humans. But that is the only way we truly connect with people. You cannot change the world from behind a desk.”

Both women are running for the seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer.

Video courtesy of John G/YouTube:

Screenshot: Loretta Sanchez at California Democrats Convention 2015. Courtesy cademorg/YouTube

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  • Dominick Vila

    Loretta Sanchez’ gaffe will go far beyond fundraising. It confirms that she is an air head unworthy of public office. The best thing she could do at this point is to announce her retirement. She should join the rest of the Yahoos whose expressions of ignorance or hatred the National Memo likes to highlight every Friday.

    • mike

      Friday highlights, really?? That will be happen when hell freezes over.

  • comanche89

    This is nonsense, as is Washington Redskins silliness. As noted previously , these are many names given to American Indians by their own Nations. These are descriptive terms , ” Profiling” characteristics , chants signs , that are unique to the People’s: BlackFoot , Crow etc. many are symbols of courage, bravery in battle and are not offensive , except to fabricated concerns of “whiteskins”. You all should be more concerned of infiltration across borders of people’sThat are interested in removing your heads and not worry about removing a pieces of scalps. I recall incidents of border grossing during the American Indian Wars. It is happening again , here, and this time. You are not aware, but this time
    We will save you.

  • Eleanore Whitaker

    The GOP boys can say 12 stupid things before they get out of bed and no one notices. In fact, it’s come to be an expectation.

    I agree. These days, the overly thin skinned will dig up any minutiae, call it a scandaland then within a day or two, it’s out of sight and out of mind in the media.

    Obviously, detractors these days are feeding upon a steady diet of scandal. They eat up any tiny morsel of dirt they can find and blow it out of proportion, for no reason other than to get attention. The only thing missing from these witch hunts are the bon fires burning witches.

    • mike

      You are really losing it. “GOP boys can say 12 stupid things before they get out of bed and no one notices”, what??? Another one of your lies, so the nose continues to grow longer.

      • Eleanore Whitaker

        January 2004, GWB, and I quote, “I intend to “spend” my political capital.” November 2008, GWB, “bin laden is just not important.” March 2009, Mitch the Bitch McConnell, “We will get RID of Obama.”

        Mitch the Bitch again..May 2009, “We will make certain the Obama administration fails.”

        Need more dipshit? These are just a few. Add in the latest from Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Ben Carson and the rest of the GOP clown car riding into the 2016 campaign like Huckabee and his anti-gay agenda, Mitch the Bitch and his anti-ACA agenda, Cruz and his Big Oil agenda…and you have enough liars like you to show your butt end on a Radio City Music hall stage for Dipshit of the Year award.

        • mike

          And everything you have quoted was ignored by the press? Right? OOOOH, that nose grows bigger and longer.

          You said, “GOP boys can say 12 stupid things before they get out of bed and no one notices”,

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            No stupid…It CAME directly from the press. And, surprise, surprise…one of the press sources I use is the laughable CON media paper owned by Zuckerberg: The NY Post. It is always chock full of the kind of lies that supported jackasses like Mitch the Bitch. You say 20 stupid things before you take your first morning bowel movement. always assuming you are not terminally constipated from brain down.

          • mike

            But you said, “GOP boys can say 12 stupid things before they get out of bed and no one notices”.

            But now you are saying, “It CAME directly from the press.” So if it is coming from the press, then how can it have gone unnoticed? DUH!!!!

          • Eleanore Whitaker

            From the gist of all of your posts, you have a serious mental block. First of all, yes. I did say GOP boys can say 12 stupid things before they get out of bed and no one notices.

            I Never ONCE posted that as if if was published as I posted it. You are a real dipshit. The quotes I listed DUH DUH DUH came from the NY Daily News, the NY Times, the NY Post and the Washington Post.

            So you can try to pretend you are intelligent, here are the posts that I found in the above named newspapers: January 2004, GWB, and I quote, “I intend to “spend” my political capital.” (Washington Post) November 2008, GWB, “bin laden is just not important.” (New York Times) March 2009, Mitch the Bitch McConnell, “We will get RID of Obama.” (NY Daily News, NY Post, NY Times) Got that dipshit?

            I realize in CON territory they don’t put much into reading comprehension skills but let’s face facts…You love to deliberately skew what I post. Everyone else understands ny posts but you..Therefore Mr. Commonest of Common Denominators, you need to go back to school instead of hanging on a computer keyboard all day.

            Yeesh and they wonder why people who encounter nut freaks like Mikeeeee end up kicking these freaks to the curb.

          • mike

            You said, you said, “GOP boys can say 12 stupid things before they get out of bed and no one notices”.Your stated republican remarks were never noticed. and you destroyed your own statement showing they were noticed. End of story!!!

            I am not talking about 43, McConnell or anything else you tried to peddle.

            Your statement, one more time, you said, “GOP boys can say 12 stupid things before they get out of bed and no one notices”.

            Admit you misspoke!! Skewing your posts, now that is laughable. I copy/pasted your exact words. Skewing, the nose is longer than ever today.

  • tdm3624

    Stupid negative campaigning is all this is.

    • Eleanore Whitaker

      You know what’s really hysterically funny? At present, there are over 12 candidates from the GOP all hoping to be president. Does it get any sillier than this? You just know the only reason for the glut of GOP boys and girls on the campaign trail is not because they remotely believe they have a shot at the presidency…but to fill GOP campaign coffers. Do the math. 12 GOP candidates, all getting special interest PAC campaign donations at the same time…equals what Adelson and the Krotch rot boys hope will be more money than any single Dem candidate can raise. In other words, as close to a paid and bought election as it gets.

  • Alvin Harrison

    I see no reason to even argue or worry about the GOP anymore…they are done…American demographics will all but ensure they are finished…they will hammer the final nails into their own coffin before the 2016 elections…to make sure they are dead and buried. No amount of Koch brother money can resurrect them …they looked good in the mid terms because of a low turn out…we will not make that mistake again.