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Friday, October 28, 2016
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    Could you imagine how fast the Florida Republican Party would collapse if suddenly the Cuban population all voted Democratic?

  • paulyz

    Jeb Bush, stay home!

  • Allan Richardson

    Edit her out? Si! Por supuesto!

    The Cuban exiles admired Kennedy and the Democrats when they first got here, but after the Bay of Pigs invasion, planned under Eisenhower, went bad because the Cuban peasants did NOT welcome the exile invaders and join the fight against Castro, they seem to have blamed Kennedy and ALL Democrats. Being against a Communist foreign leader made them susceptible to John Birch accusations that Democrats were all Communists, and having been upper middle class professionals and business owners before Castro (the main reason they left Cuba), they discovered that the GOP reflected their social AND ECONOMIC philosophy. Thus, they became the most significant Republican Hispanic voting bloc.

    Ironically, the Cuban community in the Tampa area, whose ancestors fled from either Spanish rule, American colonial rule, or Batista’s rule, have more sympathy for Castro, and normally vote Democratic, as do the majority of other Hispanic groups in the U.S.