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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Recent poll numbers have confirmed what most pundits predicted last week: Appearing at a fundraising dinner with Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in a swing state like Virginia was a terrible decision by the Republican nominee for governor, Ken Cuccinelli.

A new Politico poll shows that his Democratic rival Terry McAuliffe is now leading Cuccinelli by 9 percentage points. Here’s the breakdown:

Two graphics are shown. | POLITICO Graphics

As the charts show, McAuliffe’s rise correlates with Virginians’ attitude toward the government shutdown. As the shutdown has grown increasingly unpopular, so has Cuccinelli. Polls from only four days ago show a tighter race — with Cuccinelli trailing McAuliffe by only 5 points.

Cuccinelli’s decision to appear at a dinner with shutdown architect Ted Cruz may further account for his declining numbers. The McAuliffe campaign certainly believes Cuccinelli’s dinner company weighs on Virginia voters.

“Ken Cuccinelli’s event with Ted Cruz reinforced what many voters already knew: Cuccinelli cares more about his reputation with the Tea Party than Virginia jobs impacted by the shutdown,” said McAuliffe spokesperson Josh Schwerin. “The more voters learn, the more they side with Terry’s bipartisan focus on jobs and against Cuccinelli’s divisive focus on Tea Party priorities.”

Despite reports that Cuccinelli went out of his way to “shun” Cruz at the Richmond fundraising dinner, the McAuliffe campaign wants to make it clear to voters that Cuccinelli has not publicly renounced Senator Cruz. In a press release, the McAuliffe campaign quoted an October 1 Washington Post story to make this point:

“Cuccinelli’s campaign declined to denounce Cruz but also sought to clarify Saturday’s dinner. ‘It’s not a campaign event,’ Richard T. Cullen, a spokesman for the campaign, said. ‘We work with Ted Cruz. We work with a lot of conservatives who are coming to the state and campaigning for Ken.’”

While Election Day in Virginia is just under a month away and the range in polling data makes the outcome unpredictable, one thing is now clear: Campaigning with Ted Cruz is not a smart political move for Republicans in 2013.

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

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  • docb

    This will happen across the Nation as repubs are seen as the perpetrators of the Gov’t Shutdown and second debacle in 3 years by the rabid right!

    Dems Take back the House in 2014…

  • Defend The Constitution

    In related video, we find a delusional liberal named Barbara Boxer lying about Hussein Obama’s deficit record:

    • Lynda Groom

      The last fiscal year under Bush was 2009. It came it at $1.4 trillion deficit. Fiscal year 2013 is projected to come in at $642 billion. Yeah it is way down, but certainly it is not just Obama’s doing. The GOP allowed a tax increase a while back that helped.

      • kanawah

        The tax increase was far too little. Should have been at least 2 times what it was, may be as much as 4 times.

    • kanawah

      She is not delusional. She did not slap Baby Bush’s record hard enough.
      90%+ of the Obama deficit is the direct result of cleaning up and trying to clean up Baby Bush’s mess, but the Transylvania tea bags are obstructing all efforts.

      Do not blame Obama and the democrats for the long running republiCON screw ups.

      • Desire

        Why is it that Conservatives just take everything they are told as gospel?

        • ralphkr

          Sorry, Desire, but I must disagree with your comment that Conservatives accept everything they are told as gospel. To be exact: They know that the only truth comes from the uber-conservatives while anything said by Democrats, Independents, Scientists, or anyone with a decent education is out and out lies.

    • Jim Myers

      Defend The Constitution –

      I watched the video. When you talk about idiots, it is clear that the biggest idiot of all is the one YOU see when you look in the mirror.

      You, like so many who drink the Kool Aid poured from the Tea Party picture, are quite delusional.

      According to the idiots on the Right, the Deficit is all because of the President and the Democrats.

      You totally ignore the fiasco created by George the Second and his trusty sidekick DICK.

      Or, you seem to think that the disaster they created in eight years should have been fixed in the first year of the Obama Presidency.

      WITHOUT taxing the wealthy and powerful, without any pain for the so called “Job Creators,” who are hell bent on killing off the middle class jobs and shipping them all overseas.

      Go get a job. At McDonald’s. Have a good life.

  • Lynda Groom

    Virgina is getting hammered by the GOP’s shut down ot the Federal Government. Well over 100,000 people are directly laid off in that state…with no real idea yet of the ripple effect in the private sector. Even poor old Cucc understands he’s been given a terrible hand. Of course he had too come out against the shutdown, but everyone understands that in his core principle shut down is a good idea.

    • Desire

      No he didn’t have to come out against the shut down He like anyone else in this Country has a choice we always do its just up to us to make sure we make the right on specially when we have other people to think of.You making excuses for their corrupt behavior is part of the problem….

    • Lovefacts

      Cooch didn’t come out against the government shut down until after he got the blowback from his dinner with Cruz. He also not only supported the T-party stand, but he also hates the following: SS, Medicare, Medicade, the ACA, SS Disability, SNAP, and women’s reproductive rights and these are just a few of the programs they hate.

  • kanawah

    The Transylvania tea bags are sucking the life out of our nation, and now they are starting to suck the republican party dry.

  • Desire

    People keep saying its the shutdown that is responsible for low Conservative votes well its not its just about everything they stand for that is helping to throw them out, they are not for we the people they are there for corporations and money period And most importantly they are not even true blooded Americans they are Israeli Firsters and anyone who doesn’t recognize this threat to our very core is not paying attention, and I have to add it seems as though FINALLY people are seeing this truth..and letting the treasonous bastards know by our vote’s we have had enough and we will not tolerate our Country being taken over no more~.

  • howa4x

    In battleground states Cruz is Kryptonite to republicans that need independents to win