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Friday, March 22, 2019

If Mitt Romney emerges from the chaos that is the Republican caucus in Iowa on Tuesday with a victory, he’s likely to win again in New Hampshire a few days later and maybe even wrap up his party’s presidential nomination in a matter of weeks. But if Democrats have their way, he’ll be facing questions all the way until November about his tax return, which he recently said he will not release and which likely shows massive investment returns taxed at a lower rate than most middle class Americans pay on their (much smaller) income.

The Democratic National Committee has launched a website,, that encourages visitors to compare their income tax rate to the “special millionaire investment” one Romney and other wealthy Americans pays on capital gains, dividends and other investment income.

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12 responses to “Dems To Make Issue Of Romney's Tax Return”

  1. wj329230 says:

    Of course, most Americans are foolish enough to vote for this jerk! Barack Obama is far from perfect; however, he is not a liar and a cheat.

  2. Timtohey says:

    Romney is a typical American crook, he is rich and can change laws to increase his wealth with his money. Of greater concern is the fact that Romney is a Republican Totalitarian. His use of democracy is only to push a radical ideolgy and a radical economic agenda.

  3. Nicholas Rudolph says:

    Romney talks about being afraid he will be depicted as a friend of the rich, he is right. He is not a “friend of the rich”, he is part of the rich. He is so insulated from the real world he has no concept of what middle class America is faced with on a daily basis. He is worrying about millions to spend on a campaign and the rest of us are worried about making the house payment. Maybe he should throw out his advisors and start listening to the people that he wants to serve.

  4. cstvns17 says:

    Many adverse comments have been made about Romney’s money. Let me add my view. Making more money than many other people is not relevant as a qualification for running for any office, including the Presidency. The very worse comment any one can say about that is: Romney’s talents for making money can and will be used exclusively to help him become the very best President since Abe Lincoln.

  5. CitizenX says:

    One important distinction about Romney (and other Rethuglicans): they don’t run for election to serve the people. They run for election to rule the people. That is what Romney has done all his life, and would try to do as president. It’s what the autocrat and the plutocrat always do. Imagining that this pompous son of privilege would be “the very best President since Abe Lincoln” reflects a mind that no doubt thinks that the Republican philosophy that has dominated this country since Jan. 20, 1981 has been good for the American middle class.

  6. John St. Clair says:

    I agree that one’s wealth should not be considered as a qualification for running for any office. I’m concerned with Romney’s proposed policies. Romney’s proposed policy of increasing military spending is totally unrealistic if we are to get the federal deficit under control. I’m also concerned that he may be another “chicken hawk” that gets us into another war. I’m also concerned that he is trying so hard to appeal to the very conservative Republicans that he would indeed become a very conservative president, instead of the moderate that he used to be. I think his idea of the $200,000 cutoff for dividend income is a good one, but I say keep the rate at 15% for those making less than $200,000 and raise the rate to the same as earned income for those making over $200,000.

  7. CitizenX says:

    It’s important to acknowledge that Romney and other Republican candidates NEVER run for office in order to serve the people. They run to RULE the people, as autocrats and plutocrats have done throughout history. They run in order to control the government and turn it to their personal benefit rather than to do anything beneficial to the people at large.

    And frankly, anyone who thinks Romney would be “the very best President [sic] since Abe Lincoln” must have swallowed the Reagan koolaid and believe that the Republican ascendancy in our political discourse and polity that began Jan. 20, 1981, has been good for the American middle class and working people.

  8. terango.lf says:

    Rommney’s religioun is off limits and is protected by the Constitution. However,it says nothing of a means test…so it is fair game to know how much money he has and how he obtained it.

  9. Jim Groom says:

    I can’t understand just why he does not disclose the information and move on. If he is truly interested in providing a prosperous future for the country..then what’s the problem? I don’t care that he is wealthy, however I am somewhat concerned about where his money comes from. As a citizen I believe that we should know as much about our choices for President be as honest and up front about their lives as possible. The man does not seem genuine in his comments over his finances which cause a great doubt concerning his character. Obviously he is not a man of the people…but few of our Presidents ever are.

  10. freethinker says:

    A lot of ugly wealth envy in the comments. Just for grins, how many of the commentators know where the money came from to fund Obama’s fancy schools, what grades did he get? How did he qualify? Since being Pres., Obama has released his tax returns, but what about the other Democrat stalwarts: Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Kerry (with his wife) Al Gore, et al. If Romney is not in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, just what business is it of ours what his tax return says? If he’s got more money than you, it simply means he is probably that much smarter.

  11. EATHERICH says:

    it’s time, folks if you don’t vote against this whole scam artist party, you might as well flush whats left of your life. all politicians are self serving liars, however what remains of the damnocrats is a lot better than the grand old nazi’s.

  12. jhonmwells2 says:

    it’s time you don’t vote against this whole scam artist party, his use of democracy is only to push a radical ideolgy and a radical economic agenda. He is so insulated from the real world he has no concept of what middle class America is faced with on a daily basis. for getting instant cash assistance get 6 month loans, 12 month loans, 24 month loans quickly.

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