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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Color my neck red, but I often suspect some “progressives” are more interested in demonstrating moral superiority than winning elections. Vicarious participation in emotionally satisfying public spectacles renders them incapable of thinking about how presumptively unenlightened voters might react. And yes, I’m talking about you, MSNBC.

That woman holding a big sign for the TV cameras reading “I am a SLUT with a VAGINA, and I vote,” at a feminist pep rally in Michigan isn’t thinking about how badly President Obama needs her state’s electoral votes. Nor how close polls show the Michigan contest to be. She’s thinking about demonstrating her contempt for Republican legislators.

It rarely occurs to such people that they might be driving voters in the opposite direction. Any more than it occurred to the dopes that showed up at early Tea Party rallies carrying guns. (Interesting how that’s quit happening, isn’t it?) Their first principle, always and everywhere, is displaying their righteousness.

But more about Michigan’s genital nomenclature dispute later.

The countercultural left, of course, has enjoyed alienating drones since Woodstock. But hippies aren’t the problem today. Indeed, it’s the posturing of highly-paid TV celebrities that has helped drive the Moral Indignation Wing of the Democratic Party into politically awkward positions in three critical swing states—at least two of which President Obama must win to be re-elected.

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39 Responses to Do Liberals Actually Want To Win Elections?

    • gar… that’s one of the funniest posts I’ve seen on The Memo! Gold Star for you today! I’m waiting for your curtain-call with the answer as to what exactly the difference is……. hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

      Have a nice day!

  1. The US is basically a conservative country and most people believe must conduct themselves properly in public. Why is it OK to use the word vagina in a political discourse, but if I use the word penis, I am now sexually harrassing somebody?

    For Obama to win (same for Romney for that manner) he needs to appeal to the 20% of independent swing voters. Extreme displays repel us and most of us believe in the rule of the law, are fiscally conservatives, decency and the need than the country needs to pull together to move forward.
    Serve this as a notice to both political parties now controlled by their extremes

    • It’s all in context. These women are protesting the intrusion into womens’ private lives. Words like “vagina” and “slut” are tossed around by neo-conservatives, republicans and right wingnuts when talking about restricting our reproductive rights and opposing insurance-paid birth control. We’re not using those words to sexually harass anyone. So if you think your penis is in peril of government oversight, please join in. As it stands now, your penis gets it’s vasectomies and Viagra paid for by your insurance and medicare.

  2. Might a more accurate term for most TV pundits simply be “demagogue”?
    Not that accuracy is has much inherent value to PR hacks on the make, of course.

    • Geronimoooooooooooo! Bwaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha ROFLMAO!!! Gold Star for you!!!!

      How true it is. Why are leftist women seemingly the grown up female versions of the girls no one wanted to date in high school? Perhaps that’s why they are leftists…. I’m just sayin…

      Have a nice day!

      • Geronimo and Bozo…
        The fact that you’re even talking about women the way you are is really sophomoric and immature. Lets not forget how little the republican party values women at all. The number of women representing your party in congress and the senate is alarming and pitiful.

        • Joy… I feel scolded! 🙁 Shame.. shame..shame… 🙁 🙁

          But, boys will be boys… we cant help it. Forgive???? 😉

          Have a nice night, Joy!

  3. Mr Lyons you are absolutely right. I switched from Republican to Democrat when Bush was elected and I’m fast moving to independent. I’m tired of the over simplification and over dramatization of both parties. I’ve been trying to understand why as a nation we can’t have a civil discussions of the issues. I think I finally understand, a civil discussion requires adults and most of are acting like three years olds in meltdown mode.

  4. I understand that Progressives want to win elections but why are we always told by the “cognoscenti” that we must unilaterally disarm and not mention our progressive stances. However, the right wing noise machine of Fox News can blare things out at hurricane force and politicians can appear there with no apparent harm to their standings saying the most outlandish blandishments?

    • People are turning away from the Republican Party in droves for the just the reason you mentioned. It is generally accepted that many Republican voters are not deep thinkers, and more is expected of Democrats. When “Progressives” act like Fox News advocates, they also lose respect.

      • Turning away in droves? In my deepest fantasy (political I should note) I would hope that but what Thomas Frank wrote in “what is the matter with kansas” is still true. People are sheep that will vote “values” as opposed to their own economic interests.

      • I hope what you’re saying is true, because many have the impression that white working class people are desperately «sensitive»to FOX News propaganda. Interesting though is the fact that Palin discourse is no more relevant. This is a positive sign, and, yes, maybe you’re right.

    • Idaho…. By all means, be honest. Though I am from the politically opposite side of the spectrum, I too am frustrated that “Progressives” always seem to lie about their real intentions. They try to steal the language of the right to mask their true agendas. Just say what you mean and we can have an honest debate from there.

      Have a nice day!

      • Talk about coming out of left field :-)) . Lie about real intentions???!!! You really are not interested in a real debate. Can I tell you what MY true agendas are:

        1) restore the glass-stegall act and banish most derivatives since they provide no real value. There are a lot of wall street wizards who belong behind bars who will never do so since they have all the money (look at how the senators, almost to a tee, fawned over Jamie Dimon).

        2) massive spending on infrastructure, which serves to invest in this country to halt our decline into 3rd world status. Why for example do we not have fiber going right to our homes and have to settle for the slowest internet of most major industrial nations. Here in Idaho we are looking to build a new extension to connect to a freeway when we have roads closed because of inadequate maintenance.

        3) Investment in education. Anyone looking to get a degree in a STEM field will have complete and free education (while anyone looking to become a communications major or prelaw pays, out of pocket, 3 times the rate!

        However, I see little chance of this under Obama and even less under Romney. Pretty soon Nigeria is going to look more modern than us!

        • Idaho… so your true agendas are:

          1) Restore the law your your hero Clinton removed? You don’t see any value and derivatives. And after all, since you don’t see value in something that you have no idea about, you would tell everyone else what to do. Also, bankers are just thieves and they should go to jail, right. I suppose you would have government run the banking function in our economy. That would be better, right?

          2) Massive spending on infrastructure…. massive spending of what money? China’s? I suppose you see it as government’s duty to use my tax dollars from a different state to run fiber optic to your home? My hunch is that it’s not being done because the company can’t charge you enough to recover their costs. Maybe the taxpayers should pay for your monthly subscription, as well, right?

          3) Investment in education… the grand old mantra of the left. Like we dont burn enough money on a substandard educational system that does a good job of securing lifetime benefits for union members, but that little part about educating kids…. well….. you ARE teaching them about recycling, afterall, and really what’s more important these days? Global warming (hoax) or Calculus??? Clearly, gender studies, environmentalism, race relations, and condoms are at the top of the modern American public education agenda. Certainly, they are entitled to have everyone not only pay for lifetime benefits until death, but now we owe them free college? What exactly entitles a future teacher to the fruits of my labor? Do you think that with a deal like that, 50% of America’s youth would want to be teachers? Who then would do the actual real work required to pay for everything they get? Just curious?

          You certainly have a view point that involves telling an awful lot of people how they’re gonna live their lives.

          Thanks for the clarification.

          Have a nice day!

          • 1) “value” when it comes to derivatives is a good word. No one knows how to value these swaps and bets between banks and companies or what they’re really worth. You have an unregulated 27 trillion (yes, trillion) dollar market happening out of sight inside a black box. It’s a dark market with no transparency and the conditions are always favourable for things to go wrong because of it.

            The contracts aren’t traded on exchanges. There’s no record keeping requirements imposed on participants in this market. No reporting requirements. It’s just a bunch of contracts in file cabinets in lawyers’ offices in banks and hedge funds all over the world.

            You have over the counter derivatives insuring otc derivatives which are based on otc derivatives. It’s an Alice in wonderland profitability. There are no capital reserve requirements. No prohibition on fraud. No prohibition on manipulation. No regulation of intermediaries. All of the fundamental templates that were learned from the 1930’s, that are needed to have markets function smoothly, are gone.

            JP Morgan supposedly lost 2 billion. Within days, that was revised to 3 billion before it became 7 billion. Now it’s estimated to be 9 billion but I’ve heard rumours of 16 billion. Dimon has no idea how much he’s lost.

            The financial sector has 5 lobbyists for every congressman and the United States Congress has simply been purchased by Wall Street. Obama hasn’t fixed any of this and 2008 will happen again.

          • DT… I agree that the derivative market is scary… but the scarier derivative market is the derivative market that backs sovereign debts! The top 10 debtor nations, of which the US is the 800 lb. gorilla in that room, have $70Trillion in debt that is collatoral for $700TRILLION in dervatives. It’s the government debts that are the biggest problem in this world. But politicians are not disclosing that to you, are they? Of course not. The problem is NEVER the government. It’s always those greedy bankers and capitalists, isn’t it? The only regulation I want is full disclosure. Honesty in reporting.

            Gotta run… Have a nice day!

          • How would you disclose what the true value (book, market?) is of swaps and bets insured by other swaps and bets which are all based on another series of swaps and bets? Notes to the financial statements indicating contingent liabilities just aren’t the answer on this scale.

            Of course governments need to get a handle on their debts. I’ve always hated debt pathologically in my private life, but you can’t run a country like your household. It doesn’t work like that. When revenues are down in your household, you don’t have one member of your family suddenly start spending more. Economies frequently do though. That’s Keynesian economics and it’s widely accepted everywhere in the world.

            Private financiers aren’t always innocent victims cruelly treated and badly manipulated by evil governments. There are a lot of shady, smart guys out there who will figure out ways to stiff the world for personal gain if you eliminate the rules.

            Yes, gov’t debt is a problem but it can also be made one hell of a lot worse unnecessarily.

          • DT… like I just said in my last post to you…. The FASB sets the standards for financial reporting. I used to be a CPA with a big accounting firm when I got out of college. I did financial report auditing for a year and hated it. It bored me terribly so I quit. The accountants figure that stuff out and make it worth while. And while it does seem stupid to have the multi-layered and cross linked bets on bets on bets, nothing disinfects like the light of day and full disclosure of such instruments is the way to scare them into avoiding such situations in the first place. Do you get it?

            Government debt is the most terrifying thing threatening the global economy today. I find it interesting how you agree that government debt is scary, then turn around espouse more spending based upon a phony understanding of Keynesian economics. First off, Keynesian economics has been proven to be completely wrong. Secondly, the only ones that buy it are the leftist nutjobs and politicans who use it as an excuse for government spending. The truth is that Keynes’ beliefs on deficit spending originated from a basis of starting with a balanced budget, not 105% debt to GDP ratio and especially NOT budgets that were already in the hundreds of BILLIONS in red ink. Not even Keynes would agree with adding $1.5TRILLION in deficit spending for 4 years on top of $10T in debt. No sane person can justify this.

            Sorry to burst your bubble, my friend, but the laws of finance and math apply equally to governments as they do to people and businesses. You cant spend more than you take in for ever. And you cannot debt spend your way to prosperity. It’s just not real. Sorry! 🙁

            Have a great day! Now leave me alone on vacation, please! 🙂 🙂 LOL

  5. The people who are outraged at women fighting back against the “War on Women, wasn’t going to vote for Obama anyway…

  6. Protests like these and Occupy protests are fine BUT, the time and effort spent on these could and should be better spent in getting out the vote for candidates that support their position. Politicians don’t care about any of these protests unless they think that it will translate in their losing office. Focus on what is important people. Get candidates to run and then vote for them.

  7. Of course, it is all about getting Obama elected. The left has no right to any opinion that might stand in the way of that overwhelming need….to have four more years of Obama ignoring progressive causes to appease conservative voters who would never vote for him anyway.

    Contrary to Mr. Lyon’s assertions, Obama is supposed to be serving us, not the other way around. I will not censure myself on the basis of what makes this charlatan in the White House look good to the people who hate us.

  8. what hogwash

    those being driven in the opposite direction are a small minority (since you noticably left out any evidence any even are in measurable numbers) — like you — that apparently couldn’t grasp the extensive covergae of the TM case wasn’t over him so much as shining a spotlight on the issue behind his death — “stand your ground” laws, and those responsible for them — ALEC — which the aforementioned is but one example of. You probably denounced their coverage of the now dead Rodney King back in the day too, no?

    Increasingly I see and experience, people are getting sick and tired of your kind that thinks playing nice with what they see as rightwingnut kooks, as both enabling and counterproductive. Were you referring to those life-threatening injuries Zimmerman’s wife patched up as a cause for their sudden silence and dropping of the case? Are you suggesting that their efforts to be as factual as possible in the midst of their outrage is any way comparable to the lies/fact-free garbage the opposition peddles and uses in support of their “righteousness”? This reads to me like you want the “Lord of the Flies” crew to be free of any countervailing force, like a coach demanding that his team be cheerleader-free, and replaced by drama-free nerds spouting off about the role of Newtonian mechanics in the game. What’s next, a “just the facts maam” mandate for the left with which to oppose the opposition who see the truth as their biggest existential threat?

    In the words of Saint Raygun “Morality and politics are inseparable”, so who are you to deny moral indignation and the voicing of it to those who honestly feel it and can support it with the facts in tow — unlike their opposition much/most of the time? Oh that’s right, this is but one shining example of that “liberal media” myth (as it is) about how “both sides do it!”, which leaves out any examination whatsoever of the totality of the known facts and the honest and dishonest use of them respectively by party so compared.

    If anybody is turning people off in large numbers, it’s that type issuing commentary and admonitions full of “righteous indignation” over others making presumably, mountains outta molehills, like the stand your ground laws or female congresspeople being silenced/censored aren’t worthy of contempt, coverage, and with commentary that matches the former. Meanwhile the pathological and chronic lying of someone like Romney is barely on their radar, and if an MSNBC lefty harped on it day in and day out with descriptive terms like “LIAR!”, you’d be punishing such abuses of the truth too, no?

    The simple truth of the matter is, “morality” is the putrid soil from which the Ryan plan, their “let them eat dirt/die”, anti-science, warmongering, torture support, racism, homophobia, islamophobia, sexiam, pov of views grow from, so your efforts to condemn and silence those morally and ideologically opposed to all that, and the only effective methods they have to promote it, makes you at best a paver of the road to hell with your misguided intentions, and at worst, their mouthpiece. You see, noticably absent from the work of all your kind, are options other than silence for the left in the face of the lying rightwing goons in this great “moral” war we’re embroiled in, which is both amusing and disgusting, since they’ve made it clear for some time now, that turning the other cheek and taking the high road as you seem to promote, is an invitation to and almost always results in, them at least trying to smack both cheeks off.

    No Rodney, we can’t all get along, because one side has zero interest in it. Take your moral indignation and shove it.

  9. Agree with Colorado, my monikor is to show I went to a liberal school, but tend to vote republican. Not so much of late though. Was all set to vote for McCain, but I don’t know who showed up with Palin, but it wasn’t the McCain I knew. I also remember warning a professor after a big win by democrats several elections ago that we had fired them once and could again. Now we have Scott Wilson, a direct response to “we have a mandate and can do what we want.” Something both parties surcome to. Most of us are just not as extreme as the TV shows we watch, or maybe better: we don’t watch the TV that everyone labels us with.
    gargray and Idaho: I have a penis, but I do not need to point that out when I talk about my need for health care. I am not even sure that gets me included in some “progressives” agendas they are so extreme. Our local hangout for “progressives”, we call them hippies, seems to regale in schocking the locals and most of it centers around their vaginas and it just turns people off.

  10. NUMBER FOR THE DAY ——– 14

    The number of prominant DemocRAT politicians that are running from Obozo and the DemocRAT convention for his 2nd party incarnation ceremony. They are smart!!!

    Have a nice day!

  11. There are low,classed folks in each party But we libs are sick and tired of Bagger run GOP trying to ban birth control- control womens reproduction- Stay the hell out of womens personal lives DO your job Forget busting unions- lowering wages- and judging women – and calling unions workers THUGS Thats the GOP devious little word game to demonize everyone except themselves

  12. Mr. Lyons, I read your columns every week, and so much appreciate your concise and perceptive comments. While I agree that the MSNBC hosts were at times over the top with their “Moral Indignation”, I think you failed to acknowledge that a large part of that indignation (and I think the main point of it) was that fact that George Zimmerman had not been arrested. Trayvon Martin
    was shot on February 26th. The story became a fixture on MSNBC in late March, the 21st is the earliest evidence I can find. That was the story – the injustice of the fact that this boy had been killed and no investigation was forthcoming. I think it’s very possible that without the media attention, there would have been no charges brought, and no opportunity for all the facts to come out. The story began to die down on MSNBC after the arrest was finally made on April 11. As the MSNBC hosts often pointed out, this arrest and opportunity for investigation and fact finding was the main desire of his parents. This was the driving point, as I saw it, for the very emotional coverage by MSNBC. When the arrest was made and the investigation underway, that goal had been achieved, and the network hosts stepped back to let justice take its course.

  13. My opinion is that most Americans (Dem. or Rep.) are more moderate in their beliefs than what the Party affiliations right or left stance is portrayed. The Tea Party is so far to the right, that they confuse them selves with the Evangelicals. For the life of me, I do not understand nor can I comprehend how such strong Christian Moral People can hate another human with every fiber of there being! it is my understanding that God gave man free will? Our free will allows to make moral decisions based on our circumstances. Right or wrong, it is a decision that we make. Our Constitution gives us the Law of the land and explains out rights as Americans. My whole life I have been told that out Constitution is a living breathing document. Which means it can be changed to meet the needs of the people. Can someone explain to me, or point out to me when exactly in our short history as a Nation; did Freedom of Religion only mean that America’s only choice was Freedom of Christianity? Whom ever

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