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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


    How does the American Taliban Republicans come up with Cain, Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, Gingrich, and Mittens and expect to win anything but a “who is the most stupid contest.?”

    When the Old, Old, GOP finds intelligent, respectable, and sane candidates, maybe they can expect to be competitive.
    Otherwise, throw dirt on the coffin and bury that party six feet under.

  • How can you make it clearer? you can’t.

  • DirkVanden

    Romney believes what his religion tells him to believe. He will never go against his church. He’s depending on God giving him his own planet when he dies; this is only practice for that.

  • ObozoMustGo


    The real issue of the day is:

    OBOZO LIED, AMERICANS IN LIBYA DIED!!!! Obozo watched while Americans were pinned down in a massive fire fight, 2 men against perhaps hundreds, and he DID NOTHING! OBOZO DENIED 3 REQUESTS FOR MILITARY SUPPORT. HE LET OUR HEROS DIE!!!! THAT’S WHAT HE DID. THERE ISN’T ANY HIDING FROM THESE FACTS.

    And now…. the REAL Cartoon of The Day!

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?” – Joe “Plugs” Biden to Charles Woods, father of the slain CIA agent and former Navy SEAL while his son’s coffin was being unloaded from the plane.

    • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

      And Mitten’s kids are still safe and no one cares or believes they have balls.

    • Bozo You love to come up with statements that aren’t backed by the facts. 1st President Obama isn’t the person to determine what security is used in guarding emnassies that falls under the State Dept. As far as lie Pinocchio Romney constanting lies – noe Jeep is moving all its Ohio operations to China, My tax plans will benefit the middle class, I’m not against women’s right to choose but will overturn Roe/Wade and defund Planned Parenthood. As ar as letting heros die what did Presidnet GW Bush do to prevent 9/11? What ddi he do when informed about the Trade Center attacks, continue to read to a school class. Unless you are in the 1% your little boy of privilege will screw you too, you are just too ignorant to realize that you pathetic, simplistic, anger little person.

      Have a nice day!!!!.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Billy boy….. pssst…. ssshhhhhhhhh!!…. I know this will shock you… are you sitting down?….. good…. uhhhhh…. Billy boy….. Bush is no longer President… sssshhhhhh……. he’s been gone for 4 years…… breath deep buddy…. that’s it….. you’ll be OK… trust me.

        All of what I have written are easily obtainable facts. Go seek them. Even if you don’t the sources, go look for the facts. Much of it came out in Congressional testimony. Of course. MSLSD completely ignored that hearing and certainly ignores the whole Benghazi issue. This is why the leftist freaks don’t like what I write. They’ve never heard it before because they’re too weak minded to challenge themselves. They have to read and watch what their own effed up feelings are so they can justify their foolishness.

        Do what I do. Challenge yourself. Go read the opposition. I read and watch the opposition 95% of the time.

        I agree with you on Rv.W and PP.

        Have a nice day!

        “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” – Mark Twain

        • DemCommonSense

          “Bozo” more represents the user, I guess. Hey Bozo, you have not provided what others have asked for, and that’s the links to the sites you received your information from. So, until you do, you and your comments are hereby deemed irrelevant. And you have a fantastic day yourself…

    • barneybolt12

      bozo…where did you go to collage? Dumb Shit U. Must have cause it seems you got a Phd. IN DUMB ASS..

    • Joseph Hemphill

      Bush LIED and tens of thousands died, Romney staffed with Bush neocons, A romney presidency will result in WW III

    • capn_america_2


      Give up.

      Were you there in Benghazi? Have you ever had people shooting at you? If so, how much did you stick your neck out to get the facts? It takes time to collect facts, and all of our federal employees, military, foreign service and other civilians are in peril with each trip abroad. We know the risks and one cannot say enough about their (our) patriotism. It would have been nice to have another 100 marines there, but then you would have bitched about the cost.

      I’m pretty sure that the relatives of these slain heroes would just as soon you leave them our of your asinine ravings.

      No. Keep talking on the subject, as you keep proving yourself to be an ass. Just as your GOP star, Willard the coward who spent his military time in France as a LDS cult missionary. And he made an ass of himself over the same subject, too. Maybe one more undecided will vote for hope in America.

      Point of record, how many Republicans in congress have served their country in a war zone? Look it up and see if you have balls enough to want to send more of our troops into harms way with their record.

      • ObozoMustGo

        capn_commie…. facts are facts are facts are facts…

        1) Obozo knew that the attack was a preplanned and organized attack within moments of it happening. Yet he blamed a video for a month. HE LIED!
        2) Obozo watched live video feed in the WH situation room from drones flying above. The attack from start to finish lasted about 8.5 hours in multiple waves.
        3) DoD had special ops teams ready in southern Italy and forces in the Med Sea and elsewhere. Any of them could have been there in a matter of a few hours to help out.
        4) Obozo is the only one that has authority to OK a strike of this nature.



        Have a nice day!

        Father of Slain Benghazi SEAL to Obama: “It’s Better to Die a Hero Than Live a Coward”

  • tobewan

    After the votes are counted, if Romney is elected, the people will revolt. If Obama is elected, the Republicans will continue to revolt – probably more than they have this year.
    Translation: we haven’t seen the worse they can do, we haven’t seen anything yet.
    The Repubs have divided America, AGAIN, and will wreck America either way.
    Let’s vote for and wish Obama well in spite of the coming fierce opposition. He needs 4 more to get the recovery finished, and do it by overcoming the party of NO. We need to STOP the GOP ! For the sake of women, for the sake of the nation.

  • In answer to ExPAVIC’s question. Just lucky, I guess! Haven’t you noticed Mitt’s sickening smile?
    He’s happy! During this last debate he looked like someone who had a bad case of intestinal cramps and was trying to hide them.

  • capn_america_2


    You just dont get it.

    Apparently you read Rush Limbaugh’s version of history or maybe Willard’s. I’ll ask again. Were you there? I’ll assume not. Then you cant speak to what happened and in what time frame. I researched today and could not verify any claim you made. But then, I stuck to main stream media, Reuters, The Times, AP, APF, those sorts of “unreliable” sources.

    Here’s are examples of Willard’s history. Willard buys his campaign materials made in Korea. Obama, made in the USA. Willard says he would put the auto industry into bankrupcy and sends 1000’s of jobs to China, yet he will keep Jeep here. Oh yeah, Jeep has no plans to move to China, except to sell vehicles. That doesnt matter because you seem to know everything. Typical stupid NeoCon to believe the right wing press.

    Every real journalist will tell you to dig deeper for the truth. But, then you are not really interested in the truth or you would see through the plastic man on the ticket.

    I see that you got to me. I keep thinking you have a brain and you’d see the light. My bad!!!