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Friday, October 28, 2016

If you’ve never watched a House committee in action, you may not know that Republican congressmen make Fox News hosts appear statesmanlike.

In Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearings, Republicans got their chance to bash their least favorite human being besides Barack Obama — Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder maintained his characteristic cool as he fended off accusations and barbs from congressmen. But when Darrell Issa (R-CA) continually spoke over Holder’s answers, the attorney general decided he wasn’t going to take it anymore.

“No, no, no, that’s — I am not going to stop talking now,” he said.

“It is inappropriate and too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of Congress,” Holder added. “It is unacceptable. And it’s shameful.”

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  • BlueJoubert

    I never liked Holder until that very moment.

    • CPAinNewYork

      I don’t like Holder because he won’t prosecute the banking criminals.

  • Rep. Issa is a Middle East thug who cannot control his temper, has no manners, and whose idea of an interrogation is a FOX style shouting match. His “investigations” are modeled after those carried out by medieval crusaders and the Inquisition. There is no evidence available to substantiate any of his claims, and it is not only shameful for a member of Congress to behave the way he does when he asks someone a question, it is downright embarrassing to have a man making false accusations with absolutely impunity and demanding the release of classified information that could be damaging to our national security. This man is a loose cannon and a perfect depiction of ignoramus Tea Party behavior.

    • sigrid28

      I was surprised that Issa brought up the Thomas Perez nomination. Yes, if you didn’t watch this whole hearing, the Thomas Perez nomination. And he introduced a tape-recording he claimed was Perez ordering parties in legal conflicts of interest not to disclose information publicly. Representative Jackson of Texas very skillfully called a procedural question–first, not put correctly; then she got a bit closer to the idea of her challenge; and finally, she phrased her procedural question in enough detail to use up Issa’s time. After this excellent stalling tactic on her part, Issa exploded at Eric Holder, who tried over and over to answer questions Issa was only asking rhetorically. The Republican chair of the committee had to be forced practically by proclamation to allow Holder to reply to Issa’s tirade.

      Lou Gomert went crazy blaming Eric lHolder over I don’t remember what, until the chairman had to ask Gomert to please phrase his idea as a question. Then Eric Holder answered politely while Gomert kept on screaming. He too did not want the Attorney General to answer at all.

      The Attorney General had another fine moment when Representative Trent Franks used his five minutes to talk about the trial recently concluded against illegal abortions that took place at a clinic in Philadelphia. Trent Franks offered graphic details and encomiums about fetal life from the far right as a non question to the Attorney General. Eric Holder answered with extreme politeness and delicacy, sharing that his wife is an obstetrician and they both understand profoundly the need for ensuring the health of mother and fetus in pregnancy.

      What a great choice Eric Holder has been as Attorney General of the United States.

      • Eric Holder was, indeed, a great choice to head the Justice Department. Especially when we consider the damage done to that institution by Alberto Gonzalez and others.
        What bothers me the most about the Benghazi investigation, besides the fact that none of the attacks against our diplomatic missions when W was in office elicited too much attention, is Issa’s insistence on revealing classified information. The reason for some of the ambiguity or omission in some of the statements given to date should be obvious to anyone who held a security clearance. There are people, both American agents and foreign informants, whose lives and success depend on secrecy. I am not surprised the general public does not understand that, I am surprised a member of Congress in a position of responsibility is insisting on making intelligence details public knowing how damaging that would be to our national security and the ability of our CIA agents, diplomats and informants to survive. Issa is an embarrassment and a traitor. He should be impeached and removed from office.

        • plc97477

          I am a member of the general public and I think I understand the need so I am having trouble understanding why the people who are supposed to be in charge don’t understand the importance.

          • idamag

            Because we have a segment of society that is POS.

          • CPAinNewYork

            I think it’s because they don’t have high ethical standards. As i’ve written previously, Darrell Issa reminds me of Senator Joseph McCarthy when he was making political capital by denouncing anyone who didn’t agree with him as a Communist.

            The Army – McCarthy hearings led to his downfall and disgrace when Congress censured him. McCarthy went too far in his accusations. That and his alcoholism finished him. He was not missed by any reasonable people that I knew at the time.

        • idamag

          From day one, mad dog Issa has said what he was going to do. His constant attacks on the Administration shows what he is and that he is doing more harm than good to our country.

          • CPAinNewYork

            There is no doubt in my mind that Issa is a lowlife. However, I doubt that he has enough influence to put our republic in any danger.

      • cats33

        The traitors of this country are finally being exposed. GOD Bless America and her Patriots

        • Guest

          Time to unplug your ears and stop listening to the evil demons in your evil mind. You strike me as a bot, rather than a living person. Your comments are roughly all the same. Zero content. Maybe, we could just make an occasional post for you. Just to break the monotony. We all ready know what’s in your repertoire. Then you would not even have to trouble yourself with coming here. . . .

          • Oh, how original! I think you just proved my point. Thanks. Really cool that you post under multiple names, so you can “like” your own posts!

        • Time to unplug your ears and stop listening to the evil demons in your
          evil mind. You strike me as a bot, rather than a living person. Your
          comments are roughly all the same. Same old lame slogans. Zero content. Maybe, we could just
          make an occasional post for you. Just to break the monotony. We already know everything that’s in your repertoire. Then you would not even have to
          trouble yourself with coming here. . . .

        • oldtack

          Seig Heil! Lana

        • WhutHeSaid

          See? Hiding behind a new name doesn’t fool anyone. They can all see that you are one of Satan’s imps. It will be a fitting reward for you when you suddenly realize that roasting in Hell will mean that you will have black skin too — blackened by the flames of Hell that you’ve worked so hard to earn.

      • oldtack

        Read the chronicles pertaining to the National Socialist Party from it’s inception in 1918 until it’s leader finally attained total leadership in 1933.
        Don’t read the books – read the actual chronicles.

        Take a look at the “leaders” of this “Christian based ” organization dedicated to integrity and focused on the abolition of the present Government. There was Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, Adolph
        Hitler. Listen to some of the speeches(one doesn’t have to be fluent in the German language to get the tone of the meetings).
        This was the old German Workers Party based on Christian ethics and a desire for accountability in the Government of Von Ribbentropp..

        Hitler changed it to the National Socialist Party (NAZI) and kept the charade of Christian principle and honesty all the way up to when he was in power. When he came into power his creed was “If they are not in agreement with us then they are our enemies and must be crushed”. If one checks the records many thousands that went to the death chambers were not Jews – they were those that dared oppose the Hitler government.
        Does this sound eerily familiar to the situation in Washington today with Issa, the Middle Eastern Lebanese thug with the shady past.and his cohorts?.

        Old Sarah P. even dresses the part. Seems every time she makes a political agenda appearance she is donned in Black, Red and white. Nazi colors. Remember the Swastika flag?

        The Tea Party is very dangerous and a force to be reckoned with. They appeal to the Evangelical Christian masses now and if they are allowed to gain total power they will crush this same group.

        The Tea Party is the NAZI Party Revived.

    • docb
    • cats33

      If the bit** Eric Holder would tell the truth, he wouldn’t have to keep going before Congress. Then he says he knows nothing, he needs to go!! Him nor Obama know how to govern they just like having power over everyone

      • Justin Napolitano

        It doesn’t matter what the facts are to Republicans congressman. Issa isn’t interested in facts he just wants to blow his horn or some part of the human male anatomy

        • plc97477

          Do I sense a presidential run?

        • cats33

          Republicans are trying to get the facts and I’m sure they will even with the I don’t knows from Obama and Holder. They put the IRS up to targeting conservatives . They themselves targeted Republicans—watch and see!!! Obama and Jarrett said they would take revenge on their enemies. Obama told voters to take revenge at the polls. Your leader is a dirty, lowlife coward!!

          • WhutHeSaid

            Satan is very pleased with you, oh yes he is. When he finally calls you home to your fiery reward, he will have a special pitchfork just for you. Be ready! Better start searching for some chain-mail bloomers while you can.

          • LOL!

          • cats33

            The traitors are finally being exposed. Finally!!!! God Bless America and her Patriots!!!

          • oldtack

            Hey catshit
            Why don’t you answer my question?
            Do you know one thing about a 501c4 Organization? Do you know why they receive more scrutiny than applications for the other 28 501c Organizations? Do you know the history of some of the content in a 501c4?

            Do you have any knowledge of the inter workings of Government?

            Those questions are not hard to answer -for any one who has a modicum of intelligence.

          • cats33

            Your leaders are being exposed as traitors, finally. Told you Obama is a dictator!!! God Bless America and her Patriots

          • johninPCFL

            Sure they did. So why is it that the only group denied tax-exempt status was a liberal group? You’re a partisan hack and an idiot.

          • cats33

            God Bless America. Traitor Obama is finally being exposed!!! : ))

          • oldtack

            Do you know anything at all about a 501c4 Organization? Do you know why 501c4 applications are scrutinized?

            Do you really have any grasp on the functions of Government ?

        • cats33

          Traitors of this country are being exposed, Finally!!! God Bless America and her Patriots!!!

      • plc97477

        You do realize that bit** is a word slang for a female right?

        • bhaggen

          Like 2 decades ago…..duh

        • CPAinNewYork

          It is not slang, because it is in the dictionary. It is pejorative, though.

      • If cats33 would tell the truth, oops wait . . . cats33 would not even be here.

        • idamag

          She is not sane and therefore not worth the effort to respond to.

    • cats33

      Your leaders’ lies and treacherous behavior have finally caught up with him. GOD BLESS AMERICA and her Patriots!!!!

      • oldtack

        Are you referring to the Nation as Her or are you referring to God as her? And who is this GOD?
        In Religion the Divine Creator of the Universe has no Earthly name

        .In Hebrew the Divine Creator is referred to as YHVH. The name is never spoken. In Hebrew there is eloa(sp). In Arabic there is elea(sp) or formally Elohim and Allah. At the “burning bush” when Moses asked for a name the reply was “tell them that I AM sent you.

    • CPAinNewYork

      Issa reminds me of Joseph McCarthy.

  • Testifying before Congress doesn’t mean you have to sit there and take abuse from a swine like Issa.

    • cats33

      If Holder would for once tell the truth, he wouldn’t be dragged before Congress.

      • oldtack

        Darrell Issa

        middle eastern Lebanese /american Eastern Orthodox
        high school drop out
        joined army at 17 – Hardship discharge-family health
        several questionable encounters with the law

        education – Associate of Arts Degree -Kent State U
        Bachelor of Arts Degree -Sienna Heights University

        Twice charged with grand theft auto -charges dropped on Darrell but his brother William is a convicted car thief (did William take the rap for Darrell?)

        Made fortune in Security. His voice was the warning you heard from the Viper Auto.
        Net worth est. – 250.000,000.00 dollars
        Very interesting checkered career

        And this is one of your “heroes”?


        • Sierra111

          I wouldn’t want him to be my security.

          • oldtack

            Unfortunately it is people like Issa and the rest of this nemesis called the tea party that will determine our personal security if not rebuked and ousted from our Government.

        • idamag

          Don’t expect KKK lana to get what you are talking about. She is our resident nut.

          • oldtack

            You are so________Right!

      • So you, I assume do know the truth?? Please tell us! Enlighten us with your words of wisdom!

    • bhaggen

      So, let me get this straight. You’re claiming that when subpoenaed for my e-mail records, I can show up with the “tos” & “froms” but not the substance and NOT expect to catch the ire of the judge?… What rock did you just crawl out from under? If I’m not mistaken, that would be considered contempt of court!

      • WhutHeSaid

        First, you didn’t vote for Obama so let’s just get that whopper out of the way — shall we?

        Second, the Nixon administration was directly involved with criminal break-ins, wiretaps and other nefarious deeds that make Obama look like a choirboy. There is no comparison at all. The only thing that the bitter redneck bigots have of substance to complain about is the behavior of the IRS, and Obama has taken a firm stand on holding them responsible for targeting Tea Bigots. It just goes to show you that everyone despises the Tea Bigots, yet it’s still improper and Obama has done the right thing.

        • idamag

          And, if a group claims tax exemption status because they are not a political action group and it seems they might be, I should hope the IRS takes a second look.

        • bhaggen

          Second, You don’t know me or how & why I vote, so let’s get THAT brain fart out of the way. YOU, on the other hand, by your own words have clearly identified yourself as the left wing alternative to crap like Limbaugh. I took Geraldo’s advise & voted for Obama, a move both of us regret. I should have listened to Larry Elder, a black man that grew up in Compton with a father in the home. Elder is well aware of what the Democrats have done to enslave the black community. Nixon’s real undoing was the cover-ups and that’s the comparison I was referring to. Tea Bigots? About as clever as Demoncrats…Oh please. How pathetic. Obama either knew about the FBI or should have which makes him a liar or a fool. His own words:”I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors.” Now suddenly he’s Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes

          • WhutHeSaid

            You voted for Obama because Geraldo told you to? I feel so bad for you having to make that embarrassing revelation in public that I’ll withdraw my initial skepticism and replace it with awestruck disbelief. Now I know the real source of your low self-esteem. Sorry.

            Nixon wasn’t undone by the Watergate coverups. Burglary is a crime, and that made it a criminal endeavor. There was direct involvement from top to bottom in a criminal conspiracy. Because there were crimes involved, any coverup also became a crime. That’s a big difference from anything Obama is currently accused of.

            Say, just what is this FBI thing you are talking about? Can you give us more details? Was it something Geraldo told you?

          • bhaggen

            Actually if you paid attention, many moderate Republicans including Doug McIntyre & Geraldo Rivera fell for the Hope, Change, & Transparency idea. Getting us out of the wars within 6 mos. Sounded good on paper didn’t it? McCain was too old & Palin, as bangable as she is, looked all right until she opened her mouth to speak. I’d still give her a pearl necklace though if the wife would give me a hall pass. Barry & Dick do have a lot in common though. Afghanistan & Vietnam being one of them. I was talking IRS not FBI. He’s not all bad though. Thanks to Barry I did very well in the guns/ammo market.

          • WhutHeSaid

            I suppose that it’s entirely understandable how somebody who votes based upon the advice of Geraldo Rivera could mistake the FBI for the IRS. After all, they do both have 3-letter acronyms.

            If I were you, however, I’d refrain from revealing that embarrassing little Geraldo secret lest it spoil whatever small chance you might have had with the nit-witted harpy of your dreams. Be careful though, I wouldn’t want you to run afoul of any minimum combined IQ requirements for breeding in Alaska.

            I’d ask you to explain how the Democrats enslave the black community, but after hearing that your personal heroes are Geraldo Rivera and Sarah Palin, I’m afraid that it would be asking a bit too much.

            My condolences to the missus.

  • idamag

    Issa keeps scratching the barnyard looking for chicken stuff. He is not a statesman. He is a hate monger and those who sent him to Washington should be ashamed and apologize to the American people.

    • beulahmo

      I think he’s a criminal. Read his Wikipedia page. He’s been almost caught (indicted and charges dropped) too many times to dismiss as bad luck. I have a hunch one day he’ll get caught and won’t “beat the rap” and end up in jail.

    • oldtack

      Reincarnation of Joseph Goebbels

  • Lynda Groom

    In short Representative Issa is a fraud and a phony. He determines who gets to speak and then pretends outrage when the discussion is not going his way. Pickering proved Issa was a liar last week regarding his not being called as a witness. After the release of the e-mails that clearly show nothing of importance, this issue will die a slow death just like Fast & Furious. Issa fouled up that one as well and he is certainly going to milk this one into oblivion as well. That is what is does and nothing more. Check his legislative record and it would appear that he’s never been there.

    • This is what the opposition does when they have nothing positive to contribute to the national discourse and the betterment of our society.

    • CPAinNewYork

      Issa is a nasty individual with a sleazy look to him. Definitely unappetizing.

  • docb

    Spot on. Thank you AG Holder! Obnoxious little arson and crook should be called out at every turn…

    • cats33

      If Holder would for once tell the truth, he wouldn’t be dragged before Congress all the time. He must enjoy it!!! : ))

      • docb

        Obviously you could not hear or handle the truth, newbie!

        • WhutHeSaid

          That’s not a newbie — that’s Lana, one of Satan’s most accomplished imps. She needs to hide behind a new name periodically because people start tuning her out as soon as they see who it is.

          • idamag

            satan’s minion is right.

          • docb

            Oh, thanks… I do skip over lana posts and now that you shined the light on the name change I reread the above post and see you are correct, whut! Same inane scripted uninformed screed.

  • JDavidS

    Issa is simply the north end of a horse walking south.

    • CPAinNewYork

      Uhh, are you calling him a horse’s ass?

  • latebloomingrandma

    Issa is also the wealthiest member of the House. A rich guy and a bully. How many times have we seen this movie.

    • sigrid28

      That explains a lot, Mrs. Glorious Flower of September (for all of you gardening fans out there). Issa might be seen as the exemplar of the multimillionaire cadre hiding behind the Dark Money that keeps fueling the election of Republican ideologues. We got a closer look at this lot during the 2012 election when Mitt Romney ran principally to add the presidency to his trophy collection and picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, the Koch brothers’ darling. Romney’s manners are much better than Issa’s, but both work from a core built around AN ENORMOUS SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT, which makes them incensed when things do not go their way. They are convinced that their money insulates them entirely from the consequences of their actions, especially because it can buy them anything in the world they may want–except maybe the presidency in Romney’s case. I’m not so sure what I will think about the new and improved “Great Gatsby” opening soon in a theatre near you, but if it is at all true to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel of the 1920s, it will offer an object lesson about what these kinds of wealthy individuals do to society. Fitzgerald’s narrator put it this way:

  • Allan Richardson

    “Mr. Issa, why do you keep on lying and making false accusations?”

    “I gotta be me, I gotta be me!”

  • Pamby50

    Nothing about Mr Issa surprises me after watching Meet the Press on sunday. He had David Pickering sitting right next to him. This is the same man who had answers to give on Benghazzi but was never call to the hearring. Mr. Issa said that’s not true. You would be welcome to come now. What a joke Mr. Issa is.

    • CPAinNewYork

      Rep. Issa is a sleeazy looking individual. I wouldn’t trust that guy with my pet cat, if I had a pet cat.

  • howa4x

    It is all a game. Issa is talking to the base not the public. He is trying to energize a base that love tough talk and is devoid of reality and thinking. He is a racist that disrespects people of color. if he wants to win over moderates, and independents he is loosing the battle. He is showing America who the republicans really are, and it’s a shameful experience.

  • Issa is. He’s a shameful, repugnant, and unacceptable Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bag.

  • CrankyToo

    An open message to Congressman Issa:

    Dear Darrel,

    You may be happy to hear that you’re getting a lot of attention these days. Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about you. The bad news is, most of what I’m hearing is all about what a knucklehead you are.

    I’m only bringing this up because you are apparently incognizant of the fact. You strut around like a peacock, all happy and shiny, the most inane stuff falling out of your mouth – clearly unaware that the vast majority of your fellow Americans think you’re a moron.

    Wake up, Squire. You’re supposed to be one of our leaders. I suggest you start acting like one, lest you wind up reviled in the annals of American history like that moron who dropped us in all this deep shit. (Bonus Tip: Not even a library can make goose shit smell like tapioca.)

    I don’t how someone like you could possibly have wound up with a seat in the United States Congress, but there you are – and there ain’t a damn thing the good people of your district can do about until you stand for reelection. 2016, right? If I were you I’d spend the interim trying to get my head out of my ass – or at the very least, trying not to be a national disgrace.

    But if you just can’t find it in yourself to do something constructive, the least you might do is STFU.

    Regards to your other brother Darrel.


    • CPAinNewYork

      The “good people” of Issa’s district have already done something about Darrell Issa: they elected him to Congress.

      I’m not criticizing the voters. They’re entitled to put whomever they want into Congress to represent them. In a democracy, the voters get the government they deserve. The best part is, if they don’t like that government, they can change it, by voting it out of office in the next election or by recalling it.

      Winston Churchill put it well when he said that democracy is the worst form of government……..except for all the rest.

      • CrankyToo

        Gee. No kidding? You seem to have a knack for overstating the obvious.

        I’m always happy to engage, but if you’re going to wake me up, the least you could do is give me something I don’t already know.

        • CPAinNewYork

          You’re well named. You come off as a snotty individual.

          It’s difficult to know what you know and don’t know, so in the future if I tell you something that you already know, just delete it.

          Don’t bother whining about it.

          • CrankyToo

            Sorry to hurt your feelings, Mate, but maybe you should concentrate on my message rather than the manner in which it was delivered. There was nothing in your post that wasn’t blatantly obvious; nothing that didn’t fall under the heading of “it goes without saying”; nothing enlightened or enlightening.

            For example, I don’t need you to tell me that the voters of Issa’s district elected him to Congress, nor that they’re entitled to install whomever them want into that seat, nor that they can vote him out when he stands for reelection. Those are “givens” – no need to flog them.

            If you’re going to engage me, give me something to chew on. If, on the other hand, you just want to see yourself “talk”, I suggest you go buy yourself a diary.

            And don’t go away mad – just go away.

  • RobertCHastings

    Who’s yo daddy NOW!