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Monday, May 29, 2017

When Donald Trump denounced the latest hints of his collusion with the Kremlin as “FAKE NEWS!” on Twitter, it was hard not to wonder what he meant, exactly. Having barraged us all for years with fake news about a wide variety of important matters such as Barack Obama’s true birthplace, the charitable work of the Clinton Foundation, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the dangers of childhood vaccination, does Trump mean we should believe the Russians conspired to help him win the 2016 election? Or does he mean that unlike all of his favorite fake news stories, we shouldn’t believe this one?

 Whatever Trump may mean when he complains about fake news, the story of Russian interference on his behalf in the 2016 election is undeniably real. So the president-elect himself finally admitted when, at his press conference, he acknowledged the accuracy of U.S. intelligence assessments of the Kremlin’s culpability in hacking the Democrats. Following a private conversation with James Clapper, the director of national intelligence, he finally stopped trying to deny and obfuscate those nefarious thefts of information by his Russian supporters.

The critical question that remains is how far the Russians went in promoting Trump’s election — and whether Trump and his campaign are implicated in that conspiracy.

Only a series of fully empowered probes by law enforcement and Congressional authorities can uncover the truth, but already there are many investigative trails to follow. Consider this week’s stunning news reports of a 35-page dossier compiled by a former British intelligence officer about Trump, his campaign, and the Russians, which provoked his enraged “fake news” tweet.  Mesmerized by the dossier’s references to alleged videotape of a Trump encounter in Russia with prostitutes hired to perform a perverse urination ritual, many journalists dismissed the entire document as mere gossip.

Such dismissals revealed nothing except the ignorance of those who uttered them, none of whom appears to understand the nature and purpose of what spooks call “humint,” or human intelligence (as distinguished from surveillance and other data). The Trump dossier is an intelligence file, not a prosecution memo; its purpose is not to prove a case but to point a direction. And as subsequent coverage in the Guardian and Financial Times indicated, its author Christopher Steele is no mere purveyor of gossip. He is a highly respected and experienced former official of MI6, the British foreign intelligence service, where he oversaw the agency’s work in Russia and Eastern Europe for decades. Nobody who knows anything about Steele doubts his reach into the top ranks of Moscow’s political and business sectors.

 Indeed, much of what Steele’s dossier reports about alleged contacts between the Trump camp and the Kremlin (as well as its various cutouts) matches what US and other intelligence agencies learned last year from their own Russian sources. That was among the reasons why the director of national intelligence and the directors of the CIA, FBI, and NSA believed the dossier worthy of briefing to both Trump and President Obama.

The details also match many troubling facts already known about Trump and his associates. It is clear, for instance, that former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has worked to advance the interests of the Putin regime for well over a decade, and not only in Ukraine. It is also clear that Manafort and his longtime business partner, Washington lobbyist Rick Davis, have cultivated business ties with major Russian oligarchs in Putin’s orbit.

The most notorious of those oligarchs is Oleg Deripaska, a billionaire aluminum magnate of dubious repute who was barred from entering the United States. More than ten years ago, in 2006, Davis was preparing to launch the nascent presidential campaign of the leading Republican candidate — Senator John McCain. As The Nation and other news outlets later reported, Davis and Manafort introduced McCain to Deripaska on a yacht anchored in the port of Montenegro, where the oligarch hosted a “birthday party” for the Arizona senator. If Deripaska and Manafort were attempting to gain a White House foothold, their initiative evaporated when Obama defeated McCain two years later.

 But with that shady episode behind him, McCain probably understands better than most of his colleagues why the Steele dossier – which he personally delivered to the FBI director — demands much more than snarky repartee about “watersports.” Not everything that Steele heard is likely to be true. But if even a fraction proves accurate, the Trump campaign’s Moscow connection will become the biggest political scandal in American history.

IMAGE: A page from the Trump dossier reportedly compiled by former MI6 officer Christopher Steele

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189 Responses to The Trump Dossier: This “Fake News” Is Real Enough To Investigate

  1. Upon further musings about the BuzzFeed buzz, given Trump’s past reliance on disseminating fake information(a talent he shares with Putin), and considering the general theme of the 1st Amendment(Freedom of Speech), it’s worth our time to consider the contradictions, blatant hypocrisies of Donald and the Conservatives, and weigh that against a counter-balance–let’s call it “Responsible Journalism tempered by Wisdom”. By that, I mean not just putting anything out w/o verification just to improve sales, or publish just to further an agenda intended to harm rather that inform, and to put something based on timeliness and the nature of one’s audience.

    In one section of a Tablet written by Baha’u’llah, there is an interesting quote—which on the one hand describes why certain information is revealed by the Messengers of God, and some information purposefully withheld. As well, it relates to us ordinary people, for instance, when to talk about the Baha’i Faith given the circumstances one is in. In Oman on my first visit as a tourist, I was reminded by the Baha’i World Center to be careful about mentioning the Faith or to choose carefully what I intend to bring with me in the way of Baha’i books for my personal reading. And so I deflected the conversation when the question of my Religion arose. On my 2nd visit, I felt more secure when I was told how the local Baha’is tell their neighbors about being Baha’is, and therefore I mentioned to some Omani gentlemen at my hotel, after getting a sense of their demeanor, that I was a Baha’i, and they politely acknowledged that.

    The passage by Baha’u’llah which I think relates to the episode above is this—“Not everything that a man knoweth can be disclosed, nor can everything that he can disclose be regarded as timely, nor can every timely utterance be considered as suited to the capacity of those who hear it.”

    Based on that, it seems that we should apply the same wisdom in everyday dissemination of info, by carefully considering what should be said, when to say it(if at all), and whether the people are ready to hear what you have to say. (A challenging and doable juggling routine).

    For example, the irresponsible leaking of emails illicitly gained, and announced by Comey; Donald’s persistent claims that Hillary is a liar with dubious info to back up such a claim; or public denigrating of Muslims in America and in the Netherlands and in France, all should have been carefully weighed beforehand. What is considered “Free Speech” and is fair game, was thought to be OK when applied to one’s foe or someone you dislike, but when someone writes an unkind thing about Donald, true or false, it is immediately seen as a smear and should be dismissed outright as a lie or be suppressed. Clearly, we have an hypocrisy at work, and wanting to pick and choose when to accept Free Speech and when to denounce it, without considering the further ramification of whether “Free Speech” is useful, and/or properly vetted as not a fabrication or purely conjecture.

    Once again, we have an irresponsible juvenile person, Donald, wanting to have it both ways—with his well-being deemed of most importance. Clearly, one of countless reasons for Donald’s unfitness as a President, and casting grave concerns about his humanity and sense of fair play.

      • Thanks, but keep in mind that it’s not me—I’m just trying to be a hollow reed, like all the other Baha’is across the world, through which the influence of Baha’u’llah is transmitted. The same dynamic occurred during the Dispensations of Jesus, The Buddha, via the Religions and Traditions of Indigenous peoples in the Americas and elsewhere in the world, via Muhammad, and others whose names are unknown and whose Messages were never recorded in writing, and will continue to operate in this manner through successive generations of ordinary people like you and me, if we point our “mirrors” towards the “Sun” of the Revelation for whatever epoch we happen to live in.

        The danger for me and for others who would want to be hollow reeds is that the reed can become jammed by the ego and by rancor and hate, preventing the beauty of any of the Religions, past and present, to flow smoothly and preventing It from being faithfully and accurately transmitted.

        “… This is the changeless Faith of God, eternal in the past,
        eternal in the future. Let him that seeketh, attain it; and as
        to him that hath refused to seek it—verily, God is Self-Sufficient,
        above any need of His creatures….”

          • Thanks. It’s because of human beings like you that there is hope—a light can be seen at the end of the tunnel.

            I want to say that there has never been a time more desperately in need of input from women than now, and women communicating among themselves about the oneness of humanity will inspire each other to inform children and youth about the urgency to comprehend and put into effect this reality. This is a task if done in concert by women across the world could profoundly change the perilous trajectory set mainly by ill-mannered and ill-bred men like Trump who never got the chance to become enlightened with this reality.

    • It isn’t just Donald who is being hypocritical, it is many in the mainstream media who for years have had no qualms about reporting scurrilous accusations against Democrats, particularly the Clintons, that were outright lies shopped to them by right wing operatives. The bogus Whitewater scandal (that James Comey helped investigate) is just one example. When the rumors about Bill and Monica first surfaced the mainstream media had no ethical concerns about repeating them long before there was any proof they were true. They were more than willing to trash a well-qualified sitting president who had been duly elected by a majority of voters and they were having great fun doing it.
      In April of last year The NY Times and WaPo made deals with Breitbart’s Peter Schweitzer, then published his false accusations against Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. It took others in the media little time to prove the allegations were false.
      Funny how the “liberal” media has no problem unfairly tarnishing the reputation of Democrats (remember how they treated Gore?) but get all up in arms about fairness and journalistic ethics when a Republican gets trashed. This is not an exaggeration. The same media that wrings its hands over Hillary possibly violating the Freedom of Information Act shrugged off Colin Powell admitting he intentionally violated the FOIA when he deliberately destoyed all of his emails. But then the media never cared that Powell lied to the Iran Contra investigators, either. (It is in the final report of the Independent Counsel.) no double standard here.

  2. The fact that the Kremlin has a dossier on Donald Trump is not even a subject of speculation. They had dossiers on every former U.S. President, and we have dossiers on Putin, and had them on all his predecessors.
    Whether he participated in an orgy with Russian prostitutes or not is irrelevant. Trump, his campaign, and most far right surrogates used lies and hyperbole to demonize Hillary, President Obama, and Trump’s Republican opponents.
    The greatest irony of this issue is to hear Trump complain about attacks against the legitimacy of his presidency, after questioning President Obama’s legitimacy on the basis of a lie involving his place of birth. Welcome to the real world Donald!

    • But short of Mama’s suggestion that the Republican Establishment is preparing an impeachment, and won’t that have huge ramifications, what’s to be done?

      Damage to Trump’s reputation? Is that a threat? Is he keeping Melania out of the White House so she can’t throw him out for his Russian orgies?

      I just can’t seem to find any real hold any of this holds over Trump. He’s lived in a bubble for years. Can that change?

      • yes and no. Having lived (not literally thank goodness) with a malignant narcissistic mother-in-law for 40 years I can tell you that there is a huge storm coming for him. The narcissistic rage that I see brewing will be beyond anyone’s wildest imagination – except for those of us who know the condition first hand. At that point it will be obvious that to everyone that he is truly unfit and needs to go.

        • I’m unfamiliar with narcissism.

          But the ramifications of the Republican Establishment trying to impeach Trump are huge.

          First off, how many Trump voters are Republicans? How alienated will they feel about attacks on The Leader? Actions?

          Fox Pravda. What will their spin on the issue be?

          How demented can it get? How demented do it have to get?

          Remember that Nixon had support up to the point that the tape revealing his attempts to get the CIA into the coverup came out.

          • And Republicans are always about their own power and re-election rather than the good of the country.

          • You can say that again. How about their attacks on the Office of Government Ethics and the ethics office within congress? As Senator Merkley opined last night, “You bring up ethics, Republicans are against it.”

          • Even the hearings they want with Walter Shaub, the head of the Office of Government Ethics, they want to happen behind closed doors.

          • You know why…Ryan, McConnell, Issa, Gowdy, Chaffetz and Cornball from TX will follow their usual McCarthy Era procedure like they did to Hillary in the Benghazi and EmailGate hearings and the phony Planned Parenthood investigation.

            Their script goes like this: Attack dog asks a question. Attack DOGS don’t like the answer. Attacks dogs then snarl and bellow and provide they answer THEY want.

            All this closed door BS is because we are right now as close to uncovering another Republican COVER UP, this time WORSE than WaterGate EVER was.

          • When you are guilty of election rigging, you don’t want your ethics investigated or in any way judged. Right now, the Republicans and the right wing open their mouths and every time they do, they, like Trump, indict themselves and the dirt just gets them even closer to that swamp.

        • Republicans and crypto-Republicans like to point to the need for better mental health services to cure the ills of society that their policies exacerbate (problems like gun violence and PTSD suicides resulting from the illegitimate wars our veterans have fought in the Middle East, thanks to Republican policies). Of course Republicans do nothing to improve mental health services, and they often exhibit little understanding of mental illness.

          However, many Americans understand mental illness and neurological disabilities better than these self-serving cowards elected in Red states, because we face the trials of living with conditions for which there is medication and treatment but no providers to prescribe them in many cases, especially in rural America. So many Americans can understand firsthand what you are talking about, and I want you to know that. As an advocate for families living with autism spectrum disorders and neurological deficits, some as the result of war injuries, I hear you. We hear you.

          You are absolutely correct about the likelihood of a meltdown given the narcissistic rage of which Trump gives every indication of being capable. I thought it might come about this week when Obama gave his farewell address before a crowd of 20,000 the same evening, AT THE VERY SAME TIME, that the aforementioned dossier was published on Buzzfeed. One of the reasons Obama gave a Trump-like rally was to contrast his real success after eight years in office with Trump’s inability not only to win a majority of votes but to win the ones he did legitimately. This also happened on the same day that Congress confirmed the votes of the electoral college. I suppose the Republicans who worried about Trump flipping his lid decided to fill up the day with other news, like the Sessions hearings and Trump’s news conference, to blunt this trauma.

          However, there are many new insults the Democrats have lined up to thwart our narcissist-in-chief: refusing to attend the inauguration, the women’s March on Washington the day after, this weekend’s Martin Luther King observance events, Rep. John Lewis stating on King’s birthday that he does not think of Trump as a legitimate president. Already Trump has said that Lewis should take care of his own congressional district, which Trump suggests is filled with deadbeats. No new or more effective response from Trump than that: Just the usual divisive rhetoric meant to bring temporary focus on racism and off the possibility that Trump and his campaign committed treason, now that congress is investigating.

          The impotence of this response of Trump’s suggests to me that he is no longer focusing on winning approval for what he does as president. Trump is now doing all he can to keep Putin from utilizing what he has on him or his family, no matter what the consequences. Trump’s narcissism, which appears to have weakened him enough to make him beholden to Putin, so damages Trump’s objectivity that he is totally at the service of his fears–and therefore at the service of Putin. With respect to Putin’s plans, Trump is now fully, as he says himself, an asset.

          • John Lewis represents a very well heeled Atlanta district which includes the tony Buckhead and Emory University which goes to show what Trump knows: zip. Being a racist, Trump simply assumes that a black guy in Congress must represent a ghetto or a poor rural area. 🙂

          • Thank you for taking time to express yourself so very eloquently. And thank you for your advocacy for families needing help. Unless one has actually experienced a true malignant narcissist they have no idea what we are talking about. My spouse has had therapy off and on for ever in attempting to heal and get past the damage she did, and as I said above I had to see a counselor to understand how to deal with her and help my spouse. Trump scares the bejingles out of me. I have seen what a narcissist does when challenged or faced with reality. Keep up the good work you do:)

      • I think the relationship between trump and melania is not traditional. You know, like a loving couple who hope to grow old together and they love each other. She sold and he bought. When his pretty piece of property gets worn, it will be discarded for something newer.

        • Apparently he was cheating while she was pregnant.

          But does the term cheating apply to Trump, who recognizes no limits or parameters?

          • The Donald lapped up all the attention he got when, for 18 months he flitted around Manhattan with Marla Maples on his arm while still married to Ivana. Ivana once told reporter Liz Smith of the NY Daily News that “The Donald told her that once she had children, he had no interest in having sex with her.”

            So, he impregnates Maples in that 18 months, she cons him into marriage AFTER she got her prenup agreement and then when they were about to divorce, Donny Boy demanded Marla get a paternity test to prove he was the father of Tiffany. That’s why he has an incestuous relationship with his daughter, Ivanka. Tiffany hates him.

          • Oh, heavens no, the entire nation has a lower set of standards now that they had to sink to trump’s level.

          • I suppose Trump recognizes marriage as an institution or he could have fathered his children without the ceremonies, prenups, and legal entanglements. Of course you mean that Trump rejects the “limits and parameters” of marriage. My view is that he may, but he wants to appear to abide by the rules while showing that he is allowed to break them with impunity while lesser beings are not. Cheating is not a strong enough term to express the malicious intent of Trump’s infidelities coupled with his total contempt for women–and children, apparently–even is own.

          • Cheating, defined as violating established rules, may not be applicable to Trump as he recognizes no restrictions or limitations on his own actions. It’s unclear if Trump recognizes the concept and behaviors of marriage. But what behavior limitations does he accept? Business? Privacy?

    • One reason the news media have ignored many of the issues you mention is that a large proportion of the U.S. population have no knowledge of Chechnya or Crimea, the Ukraine, or even Syria. They can’t understand why these things are important, so why report on them? (Thank you, dumbed-down education.) Orgies and birth certificates are things people understand, so these get reported. Most people don’t care about world news because world news is not real for them. What’s real is The Apprentice, Honey Boo-boo, and those bearded duck guys.

      • Rachel Maddow offered a map of Russia, showing the millions of acres Exon had under contract to drill for oil and a chart, showing how its highest number of acres under contract yet undrilled so far is in Russia, 63%. Why has it left its $500billion (!) investment fallow? Because of sanctions on Russia imposed by the U.S. A map and a chart and five minutes of commentary: That’s all it took in one segment of Maddow’s program to explain why the Kremlin made Trump beholden to Russia and why Trump, whatever Putin has on him, nominated Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. He made the half-trillion sale to Russia!

        Today, 1-14-2017, Trump announces he is not against lifting sanctions on Russia. Do you think?–as the teenagers would say. This is why so many of his other nominees and appointees are billionaires or sycophants to Putin in a position to capitalize (literally and figuratively) on the soaring stock market in this climate of fossil-fuel grab.

        What’s the rush? True, Trump might be impeached, but Pence is probably a poor man out to improve his family’s future with his own investments–somehow. The real threat to drilling madness set loose by lifting sanctions on Russia and enriching Exon is climate change itself. That’s why Trump’s hatchet men are going after scientists in the Department of Energy and EPA who do not perjure themselves by calling climate change a hoax. In terms of cashing in before rising tides inundate Wall Street, time is of the essence.

  3. Call any psychiatric or ER physician in the country and she/he will tell you that this is typical malignant narcissistic behaviour. The more pressure he gets from “reality” and I mean the “real” reality, not the one he thinks in – the more insane will be his actions. He is very close to a psychotic break. From what I’ve been reading the GOP and the Dems are already making their way towards impeachment. If you wonder why they have let him blabber on while Mike Pence quietly attends to briefings and learns the things an incoming POTUS should be learning….guess what….it won’t be long until he is actually in that chair. So….that’s the good news and the bad news all wrapped up in one.

  4. It is only a matter of time before Trump is found out entirely and is impeached or is disabled by Putin. Russia has a bad way of removing problems from this earth. The scandal of treason waiting to explode on Trump is enormous and it is most certainly coming his way. The intelligence community around the world will see to that.

    • Mr. Steele, the former British MI6 agent that published the report on Trump’s debauchery and financial problems, is in hiding. I wonder why?

      • For the same reason that Trump is in Putin’s pocket: Putin’s thugs or the Russian mob, which may actually be the same thing. Brutal.

    • Unfortunately the “soon to be” can not be tried, convicted and punished for treason. For treason is the only crime defined in the Constitution. The Supreme Court has ruled that America must be in a declared war before someone may be charged with Treason. Since we have not been in a declared war since September 1, 1945 . . .

  5. The only “fake news” that exists right now, comes directly from either Trump, or his hand maiden Kremlin Kellyanne. Each time he opens his mouth about fake news, or anything else denigrating to his opposition, you can bet he is planning on doing it himself, or has already done it.

    • If you saw any of his marathon tweets about Hillary on Friday morning, you’d see this criminal from the Swamps of his Golden Tower doesn’t want her to attend his inauguration. Why? Because he knows while he if putting his hand on Bible with one hand and crossing his fingers with the others, SHE is a GIANT middle finger up his two faced nose.

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    • Acutally, what is really worrisome is that there are now 4 incidences, one which I saw myself on Thursday night as I was watching the Congressional session on the ACA. Suddenly the minute Maxine Waters (D-CA) stood up to speak, my TV went to some bizarre Russian station. This also happened a second time as I was watching a travel show about an hour later. Then, there is the business of the Russians hacking into the New Hampshire electric utility to throw it off the grid.

      We do not need Congress anymore to investigate just how much of Trump’s business was done by his son, Donny Boy Jr. in 2008 when he appeared before the Russian investors meeting.

      • I do hope the CIA is on this. Picture this as a possible scenario: A powerful mob, in Russia, wants to take over the world. First, they need their own country so they get one of theirs in office. Then, over the years they have been working on the U.S. and possibly other countries. Germany complained about Russian hacking last year. So, they team up with a U.S. mob and work to get one of the mobsters in our presidency.

  6. Trump at least did not smoke wet cigars like Bill Clinton.
    The games politicians play! Where is privacy anymore. I enjoy strawberries and whip cream….good enough for me , but I am transparent about it …so there ! Can not blackmail me now .

    • So a wet cigar to a moron like you is worse than sucking up to Putin? A murderer of over 34 journalists? We DON’T play games. YOU DO. Who rigged the election in Trump’s favor using Putin’s hackers?

      You transparent? You liars of the right are only transparent about spending OUR money, never yours. You want to bet you can’t be hung for treason?

      There are already over 3,000 groups formed according to the author of the guide to forming Anti-Trump groups all over the US…”The Indivisible” Guide to the Anti Trump Movement.” And, there are already more than 3 million very very PO’d Americans ready to eat you, the ConHag and her Emperor and his Republicans big mouths alive. Stay tuned hot hot. Mouths like yours can be super glued so we can get on with OUR lives and leave you and all the rest of your redneck hicks in that Swamp.

          • Strawberries and whipped cream only is ok , no candy., also there are many more Trump groups to counter. Trump will be ok to you whiners, do not fret , you guys are making up scenarios and are humorous, I love to watch this going on.

          • Go soak your shriveled head before someone mistakes it for a “Shrunken Head” and dangles it from their car mirror.

            You can wallow in your swamp of denial all you like. You can refuse all you like. But when you are outed by the mobs of Americans fed up with that hickster BS, you are going to need to BEG Trump for his beefy boy security teams to protect your moron butt.

            No there are NOT more Trump groups. That’s why Hillary won by nearly 3 million MORE popular votes than Trump the Hump.

          • That was California’s and NYC free bee voters , they do not count of course . The swamp of denial was your inability to see the swamp and the creatures there . Even anti republican Trump voters had the guts to throw out the 17 creatures in the swamp .Just relax everything will be ok.

          • Why don’t they count ? Are they less a person than you are? Is that how you see the world — only certain people ( whom you decide) are worthy citizens. The rest are lesser? I realize our president is elected by the electoral college but you can not deny that trump got about 3 million less votes than Hillary. That is just a fact!!!! He has no mandate.

          • Leftout’s comment on CA and NYC freebie voters is just one of the many right wing trolls writing the same ignorant comment. Trump wins the popular vote too if CA isn’t counted (yeah lets eliminate the most populated state). The trolls love to quote the Constitution about the Electoral College but think it’s okay to not count a state and a city in another state. That sound logically, not really!

          • I agree with you that he got more votes from meaningless districts, but he rules by electoral votes and congress and has a mandate therefore . The rest of your statements can not be attributed to me. I came from humble beginnings as most.

          • Obviously you don’t know what a mandate is. Even George Bush knew that because he did not win the popular vote he did not have a mandate. He accepted criticism and told us he wanted to be president for all. Thin skinned trump cannot accept any form of criticism and lashes out at anyone who dares to say anything that isn’t what he wants to here. This trait alone will be his undoing. My mother always told me what goes around comes around. Eventually trump will get exactly what he deserves.

          • You may have come from humble beginnings but for the second time you have made a statement that others are less than you — votes from meaningless districts . Why do you get to judge who is meaningless????

          • “Meaningless” districts = black people. Remember, this neo-Nazi dude claims that racism doesn’t exist, while somehow accidentally saying a bunch of racist stuff.

            I hope that helps!

          • Meaningless…. in that numbers do not equate to electoral votes. You are obsessed w racism As an excuse for your failures

          • Sorry, you’re so stupid that you claimed that racism doesn’t exist. I’m sure I’ve explained that therefore I don’t remotely care enough about your thoughts to bother reading your replies.

            I hope that helps!

          • Your characterization should of the Trumpster is way off . It’s like calling Bernie Sanders a Communist or Obama a Marxist

        • See the respect for a Slovenian high priced call girl on Trump’s arm? See his respectful hands on his own daughter’s butt? See his respectful hands on her boobs? That what you call respect?

          • Hey , she is hot stuff, , I dreamthat you are the the same when ever we can meet. I do have big hands a characteristic large nose and large feet and of course …. I hope that does not frighten you . You shamelessly mention boobs , butts and that is ok with me as long as they are on a woman and I assume, by the way you speak , that you are a real woman with typically , womanly, inherent , rapacious , insatiable desires. A mans’ dream come true.

          • What it did to me??? It has blessed me in so many ways, good looks, a superior mind and a large unit. You, on the other hand, have been cursed with the mentality of a liberal.

          • Did you look? I mean personaly. I want you to look because I trust your judgement. Take a look and get back with me. Thanks in advance.

          • Weird, because above you called a black civil rights leader a money. It’s possible that you are too uneducated to understand that you’re everything America has fought against since the Civil War, but it’s more likely you are just real stupid.

  7. Der Spiegal is a German newspaper.
    It is hardly leftist.
    It has already pointed out that Putin is using the murder, of Turkish ambassador Andre Karlov, to wrest concessions from Turkey!
    Did Trump use the murder, of Ambassador Stevens, to win the election?

    • There is a wonderful book by Malcolm Nance, “The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election (Skyhorse Publishing paperback; October 10, 2016; $18.99).” The author is a former CIA agent with expert experience in espionage and international intelligence schemes. This book will make your hair stand on end. As Mr. Nance stated on Rachel Maddow this past week, there is a difference between an intelligence expert and journalists. Intelligence experts are the ones who do all the research and get the facts. Journalists only have to prove what they publish are facts.

      I wonder how fast Trump will now try to have that book banned or try to imply that Mr. Nance is not the CIA counter terrorism and intelligence officer for the US Special Operations, Homeland Security and has 33 years of experience.

      Let’s see Conhag try to take him down. Oh and by the way? His book came out last year in August when he predicted that Putin and Trump were conspiring to rig the election.

  8. What the right wing thought they could get away with and the Republicans hoped like hell would never point to them is now in their back yard. What did the Republicans know about the Russians hacking and WHEN did they know it?

    They don’t like when WE do the cross examining of their actions. They love to be the ONLY ones who sit in judgment on others. Not this time. Not when our future elections are at stake.

  9. I do not suck up to any male for sure , females with strawberry and cream is as far as I would go .
    I remember Hilary chastising Obama in 2008 when Obama said he wanted to reach out and talk w Iran w no preconditions and I thought hat was a good idea to soften relationships . But his Iran deal needs the rest of time and we could have baked glass in the desert if iran fails to make good. I would as a new man in town talk w any adversary to see what is the story behind their angst. I do it and it works to see what misunderstanding lie underneath .

    • You would suck up to your Mommy if she waved a lollipop in front of your face. Hillary didn’t “chastise Obama.” But Trump smeared the hell out of Hillary with his “Throw her in jail” chanting didn’t he? You are not even an American. We do not need your foreigner 2 cents.

      • Are you calling me a Mother Sucker. In the primary around 2008 she did remark that it was a faux pas to talk with the enemy Iran, and Hilary was appalled at this , she characterized this as a man who did not experience to handle international matters ….and she was correct on this .Check it out . How do you know if I am American or not. You lack profiling skills, I can teach you if you would allow me and we can enjoy some
        “Strawberries Whitaker “

      • Sorry Elle, but you just keep demonstrating how low information you are. Throw HilLIARy in jail is not a smear but a chant that will hopefully come to be true.

        • In order to throw ANYONE in jail..which you know since that’s where Trump found YOU, you have to have proof that will be beyond doubt and decided by a jury of her peers. Pieces of crap like you are no one peers.

          • I really expected Obozo to pardon HilLIARy, but I guess HilLIARy decided to gamble that President Trump will not pursue the cases against her and the foundation. Her problem is that congress will pursue the cases now that the AG will give the charges a chance to be proven.
            I expect that charges will be brought against HiLIARy, that she will declare that the Clinton Foundation will be dissolved and they’ll pay a large fine. She will escape doing time, but will be gone from the political scene, disgraced and discredited.

      • It is hilarious that You are going to drive yourself gago. Trying to pin racism on me ….’not possible. Do you live in the East , we can meet and you can report on what you find .

        • I’m sorry, why would you imagine I’d bother reading your reply? You are so stupid that you directly stated that racism doesn’t exist; nothing you say is relevant to anybody.

  10. It is so refreshing to know that over 3 million Americans right now recognize what Congressional Rep. John Lewis so eloquently stated: Trump is not a legitimate president.

    44 other presidents didn’t spend the months after the election was called in their favor hiding behind ConHAG and Bannon of Breitbart FAKE news. Nor did they make deals with Russia in that time frame that would make billions for the Trump “Organization,” plant their kids in a flurry of White House positions, refuse to disclose his tax records and wallow in the SWAMP of Denial of his kissy kissy with Putin.

          • These guys never finished high school because like their Baron of BS, they believe they are the only founts of knowledge until you ask them to rig an election and then they go right into super powerful mode. But, the Titan of Trickery knew all about rigging his casino gaming tables didn’t he? So, why not try it out on our elections? The worst for these morons is to come. Count on it.

          • You have no sound…you have no sense of honor, respectability or justice. In other words, just a dickhead with no balls.

          • Don’t you wish dickhead? Actually, I was hoping some of those women would shave your balls and your head. YOu can’t win AT ALL. What about Russian hacking into our elections do you not get asshat? That’s treason and your Money Messiah is going to be brought up on charges of treason for violating Article III of the U.S. Constitution for “adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” And like you big mouth, your Money Messiah put it all out there in 3 debates when he sweet talked Putin giving a known Russian enemy who authorized the hacking and rigging of our election.

            You’ll be lucky to keep those balls. Your dick is pretty much useless anyway, right Eunoch?

          • I was hoping New Yorks finest would have smashed your ugly face in like Hillary’s criminals smashed the cell phones. SHE is the that will be brought up on charges. Madonna is going to prison also for threatening the POTUS. The Russians no more hacked the election than they hacked my morning bowel movement. BTW, when I do that, I think of you.

          • I know NYPD would smash yours. But you see? They were pretty busy yesterday…helping the Anti Trump Protesters right in front of your Money Messiah’s Trump Tower.

            As for you, cross my path and you won’t ever open that mouth again. Since I never make idle threats, just try it. Oh that’s right…you are too chicken livered to put your real name and location on your page…Calling your bluff is such a piece of cake moron.

            By tghe way..When I think of you and those Russians, I recall how many of them ended up in Siberian working in those “work camps.”

            Keep denying moron…all mental defectives all do that. So..why are you in prison? Drugs? Murder? Armed Robbery?

          • So much for what a BIG dick you think you are…Step outside your door and mouth off…I dare you. You are now a hostage in your own little shack. The only one who looks dumb is your Money Messiah who with his TWAT liar Conway and his press dickhead Spicer can’t tell the truth if their lives or kids lives depended on it. Keep up the lie and your pretend POWER ACT. YOu and your Baron of BS are going down.

          • No woman wants a pig like you. Sorry you are out of my league. You are dog meat I would toss to hungry lions assbagger.

          • I’ll bet you get aroused by these little “meetings”. Do you touch yourself? I think you’re touching yourself right now.

          • Truth be told? I got a sincere pleasure out of FORCING you to show what an asshat jerk you are. Do you play with that floppy dick of yours ALL day with one hand on the computer keyboard and the other getting off?

            Tell us boozer druggie. How long were you in jail? After all, most of the dickheads who support that mentally deranged Baron of BS are like you…so mentally ill you live in alternate reality. Now do yourself a favor jerk boy…take your hand off your dick and get a job, you lazy bum.

          • You have the retain ability of a mushroom. I’ve already told you I don’t need a job. I live well off my investments. And I’ve never seen the inside of a jail. Watch Hannity tonight and learn some facts.

          • You have the ability to be a homeless bum. That’s all you are good for. Your “investments?” You mean like running a brothel your hero the mentally deranged Trump frequents? Tell us..which part of Slovenia did you palm Melania off on Trump in?

            Hannity is a jerk. He lies as often and as much as Trump and you do. But do keep living in that “alternate” reality. We throw mentally deranged nuts into pyschiatric hospitals when their “realities” make you too dangerous to be among the public.

            You are losing this argument druggie boy. Tell us. Did you and Putin do the nasty too like Trump did?

          • I have already won this argument as evidenced by your maniacal , nonsensical ranting. Sooner or later I will cause you to have a total breakdown. Then you will be transported somewhere in a strait jacket. And I will be giddy with joy.

          • The NY Times is reporting you eat Conway’s feces. Care to explain why? OH ..sorry I forgot…Feces feeds on feces. By the way, asshat…next time you mention the Post…do try to elucidate WHICH post you lying sack of dog crap.

          • Wouldn’t be the first time the NY Times spread false news, would it? And it was the NY Post. Sorry for the confusion.

          • I just phoned the NY Post and threatened to sue them for libel and slander for what you just posted. Your ass is grass …Guess who is the lawn mower big mouth?

            They’ll get their investigative reporters to find out who you really are and sue the hell out of you for your lies. They never posted anything about me.

            Now, you are considered a phony they want to get rid of. Enjoy prickface.

          • And I called the Times and they are after you for what you said. And hey, they really need the money.

          • No you didn’t liar. I called them today and they assured me they don’t take calls from “anonymous” liars like you. They don’t need the money but you should know that it was the NY Times, not the NY Post, you stupid ass…that outed WaterGate and are in the process of outing Republican election rigging.

            You rigged an election by using Russian hackers. Go bite Contwat’s ass.

          • That’s what wrong with you retards. You think everybody is as stupid as you are. Like I would put my name and town here for every lunatic to see. GFY

          • I will be marching with about 3,000 NY/NJ protestors. And bwhahahahahaha! Will you be one of those phony Weakend Warrior bikers? Will that be before or after the Hell’s Angels, The Breed and the Pagans beat your Weakend Warriors and Trump to a pulp?

          • While the vast majority of America celebrates today, I realize you are upset. So, are your sons consoling you today while they take turns sodomizing you?

          • Why aren’t you and your Mommy out of bed yet? Not finished getting Mommy’s best blow job? How about your stop screwing your sisters and your daughters? Or is it allowed now that every incestuous hick in DogPatch like you has been overdosing on Viagra? Mommy’s not enough for you anymore dicklicker?

          • Yes…She can’t even keep her eyes wide open. Always only slits. Must be from all those brothels in Russia she worked in or having to pose nude so often that the bright lights of the cameras blinded her.

          • I don’t need any addressing prickface. Do stop playing with yourself. Your brain damage is obvious hickboy. As for sluts, how about those nude phots of Melania and her “nude girlfriend?” Enjoy that one did you sickprick?

          • Hey keyboard bully…Why the secrecy on your page? Afraid we might figure out you are a prisoner paid by Trump to troll? Another chicken livered keyboard bully behind a computer screen. Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! The Hump’s new National Anthem, “I love MEEEEEEEE I love MEEEEEEEE I am the Baron of BS you see? I am DJT….and booooooy oh booooy do I love Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

        • Guys like this are the ones who live on welfare, food stamps and then cry that they can’t find jobs. How can they? They don’t out of bed until noon and by then, it’s too “HOT” in Dogpatch to work. These are the poorest excuses for humanity to come out of their Mammy Yokems birth canals.

      • And you need your hick white ass in a job. Not a coal mining job since I and millions who refuse to provide jobs by going back to carcinogenic coal or filthy fossil fuel oil that costs 5 times what solar and wind power do…but a real job. You just never kno9w when to shut your mouth big boy do you? Go fly that toilet bowl cleaning rag Stars and Bars, whistle Dixie or shove a corn cob as far up your lard ass as it will fit. Get over it. You cannot have free black slave labor Hick boy.

  11. Those days when congress people were serious in their job, by putting the country first and their parties second, they wouldn’t have allowed Trump to put his hand on a bible and get sworn-in, until all these Russia debacles are solved first.

  12. Yet we are going to let the results stand and the biggest cheater in history assume the highest office in the world.
    Here is an idea. . . Let’s have a run off election. Between Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders.

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