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Friday, June 22, 2018

Five Issues That Right-Wing Billionaires Would Prefer You To Ignore

Mike Lofgren is a self-described “GOP operative who left the cult.” In his new book “The Party is Over” Lofgren takes an unvarnished view of politics from the right and the left to provide a brutal analysis of a capital crippled by monied interests. In Longren’s recent interview with Truth Out, one quote clarifies much of the craziness coming from today’s incredibly well-organized and ultimately rational right wing:

“I find it very significant, for example, that the Kochs were early funders of Michele Bachmann’s presidential race. Titans of billion-dollar oil industries are, of course, too shrewd and cynical to believe the childish bosh that Bachmann spouts daily, but as a political stooge, she is worth the investment. The more controversy is stirred up about death panels and Muslim infiltration of the government, the less discussion there is, for example, about the tax subsidies for the oil industry.”

It’s easy to become distracted by the shiny mania coming from conservative channels. But here’s a look at the real issues they obviously want you to ignore: