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Thursday, January 17, 2019

A prominent Mitt Romney donor has shifted his support to President Barack Obama in the wake of Obama’s decision to speak out in favor of same-sex marriage.

Bill White, an openly gay financial consultant from New York who had donated the maximum $2,500 to Romney, wrote a letter to the former Massachusetts governor explaining his decision to back Obama.

“I feel that I no longer wish to support your presidential campaign and ask that you please return the maximum contribution that I gave to you last year,” White wrote according to CNN. “You have chosen to be on the wrong side of history and I do not support your run for president any longer.”

“I believe that you will do as you now say and try to force a constitutional amendment which would attempt to make my own legal and blessed marriage null and void,” White added.

White is a well-known independent, who has donated in the past to both Presidents Bush as well as President Clinton. In a series of interviews, he stressed that his decision to cut ties with Romney was more personal than political.

“I am not an activist. I am a registered independent voter and a fairly conservative guy,” White told Reuters. “But I am married and that’s that. You should be able to marry who you love.”

“I feel like he’s declared war on my marriage,” he said to CNN. “And I could just sit back and not say anything. Or I could do something about it. And I’ve chosen to do something about it.”

President Obama recently defended his support for same sex marriage as “the right thing to do,” but it has also won him some serious financial rewards. In addition to stealing a maximum donor from Romney, the issue helped Obama raise $15 million in Hollywood last week.

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135 responses to “Gay Romney Donor Shifts Support To Obama”

  1. alansnipes says:

    It makes one wonder why was he supporting Romney in the first place?

    • Jo Losturo says:

      Absolutely. ANY Republican voter has to know where the GOP stands on gay rights! And where the Dems stand.

      • Piero Giorgi says:

        Republican voters, at least the majority of them, know only what FOX Tv and blind propaganda tells them. If it wasn’t this way, the Rep would have evaporated away decades ago.

    • Yeah, it’s not like Romney’s (public) position on gay marriage is a surprise. Maybe it was the whole assault-another-student-with-a-pair-of-scissors thing. George W. Bush was demonstrated similar sociopathic behavior when he was a student at Yale and we know how well HIS presidency turned out.

  2. lienohr says:

    I’m with alansnipes- why was he supporting Romney in the first place?

    • sandraann05 says:

      Because it’s good Liberal news and a political move to keep the first gay pres in office for a second term.

      • 1concrdcitizen says:

        you keep telling yourself that if you need to have some sense of satisfaction and gratification of why you dislike the MAN YOU DON’T KNOW

    • metrognome3830 says:

      This guy had the guts to finally disassociate himself from a Republican candidate. There is a whole group of lesbian/gay people called the Log Cabin Republicans who are still defending the Republican stance.

  3. Lenie Adolphson says:

    Actually, when Romney ran against the late Senator Kennedy he said he would run to the left on Kennedy as it relates to gay rights, and if anyone remembers Senator Kennedy was very much pro gay marriage and other gay rights, so it could be assumed that Romney was supportive of marriage equality

    • tomtrilobite says:

      Would be a bad assumption these days, though, wouldn’t it?

      • Ed Mays says:

        36Mike. All we need is for a man to introduce another man as his husband and a woman to say it`s her wife. It should be enough to have civil unions with all the rights and benefits that go with it. America will be turned upside down with gays having kids. For Obama it was a re-election political move. I know gay people and like them but enough is enough. I`m glad in NJ Gov Christie says he will not accept gay marriage if sent to his desk.

        As for Romney`s background, go back and check Obama`s in his presidency and before. none are so blind as those who will not see.

        • tomtrilobite says:

          I know a few of those “gays having kids” whereof you speak. Without exception, they are truly exceptionally good parents. Their children are disciplined, loved, and respected — something a great many children born to heteronormatives are not.

  4. tomtrilobite says:

    How could he possibly be gay and support George W. Bush? Or any Republican, for that matter? I really just don’t get it.

  5. What a brave strong man…standing up for his marriage, his family, his dignity, his RIGHTS…That people is a true American…I wish every Gay person would do the same, not just to vote for President Obama but to show Mitt Romney and the Republicans just how many Gay and Lesbian people there are…AGAIN I APPLAUD that young man…

    • sandraann05 says:

      Bull shit

    • vcbruno2 says:

      Not all gay people are stupid. Real gay men know how to have a loving relationship with the system. They have a cerimony and then leave everthing to there partner. Have a living power of attorney (health and finacial) to each other. Help pay for each others insurance. They have Health savings accounts with family and friends who have yearly physicals. So if they get sick it pays for the deductible and more. They get AFFLAC or someother job and health insurance so if they need it its there. They are responsible. They dont FLAUNT THEIR SEXUAL CHOICE.

      • shadeaux14 says:

        And not all straight people are bigots. I’ll bet vebruno “Flaunts his/her sexual choice” out of fear that one of the other bigots will think he/she is gay.

        • vcbruno2 says:

          Very secure in my sexuality. Ask my wife. LOL. Have lots of Gay friends and not a bigot against anyone. Have lived all over the world. Loved all races and accept who I am. How about u. I just know stupidity when I read it.

        • Here in about 30-40 years the pedos will want their “rights” too…just sayin’.

  6. Spiegel11 says:

    Good to hear!!! Romney is total fool on a stage. He performs for his masters.

  7. Perseus Wong says:

    Speaking as a (married) gay indie voter who voted for obama; I’m just amazed by how little it takes for gays to become the willing pawns of politicians on the Left.

    How can you say Obama supports gay marriage when his economic policies have systematically eroded the earnings and retirement savings of gays the last 3 years?!

    You’re worried that Romney is declaring war on your marriage? But not the least concerned that Obama is also declaring war on your finances?

    Stay home this election if it helps your conscience!

    • Could you explain how he [Obama] has hurt your income because you are gay? Or is it just the screwed up economy the George and his brain Dick left America?

    • Pesos says:

      Romney doesn’t even have a plan, he’s just puking nonsense all over the place hoping some puke will reach most people in the process. Obviously some Romney puke reached you. Go clean up now.

  8. geewilly says:

    Romney blows in the wind… which way will he tilt tomorrow??? Certainly not to support loving families of the same sex. Do you think he’s trying to distance himself from his own grandfather who fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution for being a bigamist? This is the same Romney who was a bishop in his church when they still preached that blacks were less than human… the same Romney who threw his campaign aide under the bus after a talk show host slammed him. He has no substance and Bill White realized that… conservative or not!

  9. ALL I CAN SAY IS………Y E A H…….!

  10. dham69 says:

    OK I understand, however, this president is doing for votes and money only. He is a muslim and they believe in beheading gays or anyone else. The president doesn’t really suppport same sex mariage He supports getting your money. He flips flops and flips again for votes only. Besides, isn’t it better to vote for someone based on the economy and the fact a person has destroyed any hope of a recovery. or are you ok with the many americans out of work. gay straight dogs cats monkeys, etc we are all suffering because of this socialist

    • You are a complete moron. Are you really so damn dumb that you actually think our president is not christen and you think you should support a known member of a known cult called Mormon. You need serious help.

      • dubz says:

        Well said Frank. It shouldn’t be a surprise but I still “clutch my pearls” at ignorant comments. It’s unbelievable sometimes how people think.

      • dham69 says:

        the moron is you, his own words he is a muslim, he cancelled the preyer day, but went to mosque for worshipping. You are going to vote against someone because of their religion or are you going to vote against someone for their sheer lack of command? You will vote for someone who has 5 trillion in debt in 3 years and changing this country to a socialist utopia. another 4 years with this and we will be worse than greece. He has said that he wants to transform this country he is, 12% actual numbers in unemployement

        • skytimer01 says:

          Are you in the 12%? If you are, get off the couch so you can feel good about yourself and knock on doors for the re-election of President Obama.

      • lexi001 says:

        Good response Mr. Lynch. The truth to the matter is that this kind of vitriolic speech is coming from the damn dumbest people in our country. What’s sad and worrisome is that there appears to be an awful lot of them. My only hope is that they are so dumb they don’t know how to fill in the paperwork to actually vote! I could care less that Romney is a Mormon. I don’t think religion should be part of the dialogue, but who is looking out for the less fortunate, and unless you are brain-dead, it is patently obvious who is not. I think both parties have a lot to answer for, but we don’t need to elect the elites who have become so much a part of the lunacy in this country they scare the living daylights out of me. I’m absolutely dumb-struck at the idiocy out there that whether they like this President or not, that they would vote him out on that alone and actually back anyone in the Republican party. Here is the saddest part; most of these people that post as dham has are probably the same uneducated people that desperately need Obama to win.

    • jrigney340 says:

      incoherent nonsense.

    • Pesos says:

      Who would you vote for? Someone who says he’s in favor of gay marriage (most probably true) or someone who absolutely hates gays and will do anything to deny them rights?

      It’s obvious who it’s logical to vote for if you’re pro-gay marriage.

      • dham69 says:

        Actually thats not what he has said. Again you believe the lies from the libs/socialist. I am not in favor of gay mariage and neither is elton john. So does that make elton john a homo phobe? I vote whats best for the country and 12% unemployment along with 5T in debt is destroying this country. really time for a reality check don’t you think. Hmmm someone who could turn this country around or someone who can continue down the socialist path of destruction? you choose

        • Pesos says:

          Don’t try to confuse gay rights with the economy. And I also did say pro-gay. Obviously you’re anti-gay, for whatever reason being, so it obviously doesn’t apply to you.

    • b64 says:

      Excuse me but I think you forgot to take your meds.

      • dham69 says:

        Nope I take my reality check meds everyday, I can smell bullshit from a mile away. and obama sure smells. just like the libs in this country. You are lock step with them and you are helping to destroy this country. Obama wants socialist style government. He is part of the 10% of this country and people are waking up wishing bush was back with his 4.5% unemployment and not our actual %12

        • Wayne Evans says:

          You know judging from your posts and the way it’s poorly supported, and taken in account that your grammar is awesome, it’s not hard to see what side of the track you are from. Dude, get a clue! The man is NOT a Muslim and so what if he was. Are you implying that ALL Muslims are terrorists, that they cannot be apart of our society without plotting against the US? Ignorance, racists, etc. Yep, you are definitely with the right team.

    • Butch says:

      would you deny a rich man the entrance to heaven? this fella here shows one and all how life is with republicans in charge. Obama 2012.

      • dham69 says:

        What? Obama shows how much of a failure he is and that liberalism is nothing but failure. 3 years and we are at 12% unemployment, if you want lower income or no income and you want the libs to give you the scraps off of their plate then go for it. Me I want a conservative in office who could care less your race, sexueal orientation, your religious belief or lack their of. Lets see, a person who actually created jobs, saved the olympics or the one who lost the olympics and destroyed the United States credit rating. You choose

    • Bigspender says:

      Common sense eludes you. We support Obama and the democratics because they will do the best job in fixing the economy. We are seeing that already. Have you completely forgotten how GWB and the republicans got us into this mess? Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention hence your stupid comment. By calling the President a muslim or socialist only verifies your ignorance. Its a pity that people like you have a vote because there really is no cure for stupid.

    • Wayne Evans says:

      dham69, you are a jackass

  11. He was a real DUMB ASS for supporting anything the GREEDY OXYMORON PARTY would do. They have only hurt America and freedom through out the world, nothing but lying and killing people that did nothing to our country only to fill the pockets of scum like Romney.

  12. legsquats says:

    Why would he support Romney in the first place as Romney said he has supported traditional marriage from the beginning of the campaign. He’s not getting the money back.

  13. Gay Republicans deserve what they get from the Republican party – nothing! So keep donating! And then he writes a letter? Duh…

  14. dubz says:

    wish they had a “love” button for your responses Frank!

  15. jrigney340 says:

    What can I say, but…..”Duh!”
    Look who just caught up.
    If you are a gay man and actually donated $2500 to Mitt Romney’s campaign, the real question is:
    “What the hell were you thinking?”

    • Pesos says:

      He was obviously one of the many Americans that fell for Romney’s promises to be better than Obama at fixing the economy. He probably wasn’t aware that Romney was homophobic, and when he did he finally got the message to get as far away from Romney as one can possibly get.

  16. I would DEMAND a refund on the basis that merchandise is defective!

  17. b64 says:

    What policies are you talking about? The stimulus helped employment. That was about all the Republicans let him do. Do you prefer the Republican policies of drastic cuts for the poor, austerity for the middle class and no taxes for the rich? You know they sort of tested that approach in Europe. Not so good.

    • Richie T says:

      If the millionaires in this country want to invest in a new business, they already have the money. If it makes money, it’s profit, if it doesn’t, it’s a write off. They make money, or they break even. Look up how many members of congress are millionaires, no taxes? It’s a personal favor.

    • cat daddy says:

      Just get Obama out of there before he destroys this country with his liberal, socialist agenda.

      • Bigspender says:

        cat daddy — how can you be so stupid?

      • 1concrdcitizen says:

        Get to know the man before you judge the man

        • The big dummy has had more than 4 years to “get to know the man.” His problem is that he’s a follower and does not have a mind of his own. He’s just one of many “sheeple” that listens to the racist likes of Sarah Palin (clueless nitwit) or Rush Limpd&ck (drug addict). He’s also one of those uninformed Faux viewers and proud of it. They can’t learn.

      • Wayne Evans says:

        Cat daddy, can you give an example of how he is promoting a socialist agenda? You people never cease to amaze me. I guess you are one of those right wingers that so often spew hatred while proclaiming to be Christians.

      • metrognome3830 says:

        Cat Daddy, people like you have no idea what Socialism is. All you do is label anything you don’t like as “socialism.” More often than not, you totally overlook “fascism” and label it “socialism.” Thereby displaying your complete ignorance. According to people like you Obama is also a Muslim plotting to turn the country into a Muslim theocracy. So I guess, according to you and your ilk, we have a gay, Socialist, Muslim, Fascist president. Interesting combination.

  18. Richie T says:

    He’s going to lose a lot of supporters, and gain more. The politicians are playing games, again. This has nothing to do with the economy, or the unemployment disaster. This on-going attitude that an Amendment is going to protect the morals of future generation is pure arrogance. It doesn’t work that way. The 18th Amendment was prohibition. More people, including kids, drank during prohibition then before, the 21st repealed it. They learned their lesson The word marriage is not in the Constitution. It defaults to the states. An Amendment that defines marriage gives total control of marriage to the Federal Government. It doesn’t make a difference what they want, that’s the way the 10th Amendment works.

  19. Robert Laginess says:

    let all the gay people whine and cry. a union of the same sex cannot procreate and any attempt to procure an adopted child should be blocked. I really do not care about the actions these people take in a private environment is ok but do not subvert our children.

    • Angela says:

      Not everyone marries to have children. Believe it or not, not everyone wants children. I myself am child free and quite happy not to have to deal with children.

  20. Sam says:

    I cannot remember a major party candidate of the present era for whom I had less respect than I have for Romney. How does one forget that he was a bully and a name- caller when in upper grades of high school ? Answer : one doesn’t ! That makes him a liar and somewhat of a coward for the failure to ‘come clean’.

  21. Richie T says:

    I don’t know how many of you saw it, he said that Obama used some of HIS recommendations to save the auto-industry.

  22. sandraann05 says:

    BS,,another of the liberal, queer movement to take away from what this country is, in deep ass trouble and it isn’t because queers can’t marry. Give me a damn break!

  23. cat daddy says:

    Who cares, God will Bless Mitt with a win, for standing with God and his laws.

  24. ToddJapan says:

    Fine White, go over to Obama. He will flip on you as well.

  25. Sam says:

    Any converts to Mormonism due to Romney ‘s efforts in France in1968 are probably re-signing with Catholicism at this point (lol) : “Mais il semblait si gentil ! Pas ce tyran, pas cette petite brute comme les journaux ecrivent ! “

  26. Great decision Bill. There are a lot of us who are heterosexual who believe in human rights. I feel that you did a very brave and very smart thing. Don’t let Romeny or anyone like him bully you, ever. We all have bullies in our lives, and Romney has a history of being the bully. I personally want him to stop bullying the middle class into a corner and stealing our lunch and healthcare money.

  27. Koko211 says:

    It is interesting how short peoples’ memories are.
    Four years ago, in his last campaign, Obama had promised to bring the men home and end the war as one of the first things he was to do as new president and that took almost 4 years. He brought the men home and sent a whole bunch more to Afghanistan.
    He also said that Gay Issues would be taken care of so far nothing has been done. He is looking for votes and he will promise you anything to get them. Does he deliver? I think not according to his past performance.
    I know that being the president of this country is not an easy job, but I don’t want a special interest group president, I want a president for all the groups of this land. In other words, a president FOR the people. Not one for gays or blacks or hispanics or whites or whatever but for all, regardless of their affiliation to any group.

  28. Thankfully, we are in no danger of having President Obama replaced by Mitt Romney. Should that happen, I would be surprised. Why would anyone want to vote for a person who wants to denounce and destroy all the work that has been done to bring about fair and equal human rights and civil rights to Gay Americans? I find his attitude and right wing conservatism appalling. I am glad this man asked for his money back, but frankly, as a Gay American myself, I wouldn’t have supported him in the first place.

  29. No sorry, President Obama is not a Muslim, he was not born outside of the U. S., he is not gay, and he is not the creator of the mess we are in, George W. Bush. So stop listening to Rush Limbaugh and all the other Right-wingers spreading propaganda about him and get the facts.

  30. Oh yeah! Right! You’re all Right!

  31. You are sadly misinformed. Elton John happens to be happily married to his partner and spouse, David. You should really get informed before getting on here and spouting off. Because the fact is you don’t know what you are talking about.

  32. Butch says:

    Ours, too which number six registered voters in the house. We love it we neutralize three count them three republican households in our neighborhood! VOTE like your life depends on it! Obama 2012.

  33. cat daddy says:

    A vote for Obama is a vote for sodomy,No, Obama in 2012!

  34. Roger L says:

    I wont vote for Willard Romney because he is a liar and a thief. But I do support an amendment to ensure that homosexuals live up to thier choice. I advocate that homosexuals be placed on a national sex offender registry and be identified in the work place. I certainly dont approve of my President Obama caving in to the homosexua voting block but I do support his candidacy as Romney is a vile individual who the republicans should have filtered out months ago. I would of course vote for Mike Huckabee or Rick Perry.

  35. nococidences says:

    I think Romney should come out for gay marriage. He is a brave man in a brave new world.

  36. Awesome!!! That is wonderful for him to do that!!

  37. ROMNEY needs to cultivate the votes of the HEARTLAND OF AMERICA in spite of the fact that many of them have a few PIG and COW GENES.

  38. mainegaymarrage says:

    I hope you get the money back from this God Fearing Man who claims he knows what is good and right . except when he dose not like some people like us . but I am sure he will being on the RIGHT !

  39. HOPE says:

    Who can stop these perverts, even after God destroyed Sodom and Gomorah for their sin of homosexuality, they still survived. If one condemn them in the light they still gonna fck their ass in the dark, so let get their money and let them continue their madness. Obama understands he cannot stop them and there is no reason to discriminate them

  40. james says:

    Damn, just think of all of the closeted persons out there, and yes there are millions, came out and protected themselves. Mind boggling.

  41. james says:

    How about the republicant in Colorado who just voted against his own son with his wife crying in the room. Sad.

  42. The constitution guarentees the same rights to all. You can’t vote other peoples rights away.

  43. ernie13x says:

    @sandraanno5:”Bull shit”? That’s the best response you could come up with? Who gave you the one “like” you received? Your 95 yr old mother also born in the dark ages?

  44. Daniel Byrd says:

    The fact that a majority of the commenters here are allowed to vote makes me so very worried for this country. Is this really how you people think, like all the time, or do you just amp it up a little bit for commenting on articles?

  45. ernie13x says:

    sandra crawl back under your neolithic rock and put a sock in ur cake hole.

  46. Manuel says:

    I love and feel very confortable and amazed when I learn of somebody showing valor, dignity and determination.
    You are my this weak champ.

  47. jussmartenuf says:

    Time for some Republicans to get enough character together to condemn Romney and all the bigoted Republicans and to publicly speak out for Obama. Also to tell their fellow Republicans to switch parties and go with the Democrats who are on the side of what is right. Romney is committed to violating the inalienable rights of some of our citizens to the pursuit of happiness.

  48. Ron Ski says:

    O Bomb us and his nu found donor should take a one way ride out of town ,,Together,,

  49. i am thinking of withdrawing my support from Romney as well…hes too much of a control freak and i do believe he could be a world dictator….

  50. Lovemyfreeedom says:

    Dear Mr gay guy, a vote or support for Obama is like voting to love your infomous other without a job especially when your dollar is worth nothing, history repeats it’s self.
    Obama is a radical muslim that has lied since day one and coninues to lie to us as Americans. He has spent 6.5 trillion dollars in 3 years, we are in financial ruins with no way out. Denial is a scary thing, you’ll see it when it’s to late.
    I supose you’ll have to balance living a socialist life with your husband or you can live life of freedom with your lover, a piece of paper does not determin your love, that come from the soul and heart.
    Our freedom is worth far more then a piece of paper that has no meaning, the bible states that no man sould encounter with another man. Get it?

    At the end of the day, this election is about our way of life, our government is on a roll to distroy our Constitution and people do nothing, they just worry about stupid shit that will mean nothing when your left with a life and no say in how you live.
    The marxist that are trying to take us out and using politics to get it done So, using the gay marriage thing is a side track to Obamas failiars and has no record to run on, were back to denial. Wake up folks, it’s about us, stop drinking the kool-ade.

    I’m not gay but my son is and I love him equal to my other kids that are not.

    It”s about we the people, The truth will set you freeeee.

  51. Rose B says:


  52. Pamela says:

    Romney is a jerk and once a jerk always a jerk….

  53. He should just wait until Romney changes his mind again. Wonder can you wear out your brain when you give it such conflicting directions?

  54. montanabill says:

    What a guy? His sexual preference is more important than the economic well-being of the country!

  55. AlesterP says:

    Good for Bill White. I congratulate him and was impressed with the explanation of why he would withdraw his support of Romney.

  56. StephenW says:

    If you don’t like gays getting married then don’t marry someone of the same sex. If you’re a preacher opposed to gays getting married; then don’t marry people of the same sex in your church. In the mean time stay out of other peoples lives.

  57. ArabellaJ says:

    Man gotta be nuts. Maybe becuze we got a gay praesidant.

  58. bf says:

    There are a lot of people who are opposed to same sex marriage on both sides of the Political spectrum. I for one am disappointed with Americans who boast freedom and then oppose gay people rights to happiness! I have sadly resigned myself to the fact that America is about to die. We are killing our economy, killing American jobs by off-shoring and have opened the doors to terrorists to come in and cripple America! I am doubting that either Romney nor Barack is going to fix our country in the next 4 years and I don’t believe we have 8 years before the end of America. But for whatever time America has left, let’s let Freedom reign and allow gays to have same sex marriage. For those of us who are not gay, it won’t hurt us.

  59. Bigspender says:

    Good luck getting your money back from Romney. Do you think he acquired all those millions by doing the right thing?

  60. addie81 says:


  61. 1concrdcitizen says:

    You need to go back and research his background before you comment. How do you know he is a muslim? Have YOU asked the President personally? If you answered no to both questions, please find out the President’s religious background before you make another comment.

  62. 1concrdcitizen says:

    Check your facts about the President’s heritage before you make statements about this religious beliefs.

  63. 1concrdcitizen says:

    Whether you like him or not His formal title is President Obama or Mr. Obama. I believe he has earned the right to be called that as well as all of the other Presidents before him.

  64. Patricia says:

    I am a geat admirer of President Obama. He is a fine man and a good president, especially when you consider the horrendous mess Bush handed him. In fact, I think President Obama has saved us from another great depression. He will remembered as a president who almost always was on the right side of history. I also believe whole heartedly in his belief that EVERYONE should have the same rights — it has nothing to do with religion. Homosexuality occurs throughout the animal and homosapian worlds. Some people are simply born homosexual. It is not their fault. And they should not be punished for it. And statistically speaking, they are less likely to be pedofiles than heterosexual men. It is 2012 people and high time that we get over our hate and fear of everyone who is a little different from us.

  65. Romney gave each of his children $100 million dollars so the loss of this gay guy hardly hurts Romney.

    • Stella53 says:

      Er … that’s not the point. We’re all aware of what the out-of-touch Romney gave his kids! I’m sure Mr. White realizes the return of his money won’t hurt Romney, duh!

  66. rcramer says:

    It is soooo wonderful to hear somebody backing away and demanding his rights for what he believes in. Good for you-GOOD for Barack-TOOO
    Bad Romni

  67. vcbruno2 says:

    If any person wishes to vote for a man who just has one positive atribute then they are a idiot. Look at the whole picture not just one thing. Serial killers are nice before THEY KILL YOU. The Democrats had control of the whole Gov before they screwed it up. They could have done some real good. Just like the Rebublicans could have. Both Parties decided to grow the Gov. Bush by growing the Gov by 20% and Obummer by Trillions of dollars. Whoever protects the citizens and promotes growth should be the one to vote for. Not the one who is putting our children into more debt than any president in history. Obummer had his chance to pull us out of wars. Close Gitmo, now that he needs votes, he swings way Left so they can fill the DEMOCRATIC Coffers. Ronny has at least ran businesses he knows how to make a profit. I dont care if in the past that ment laying people off. We are a nation of go getters. Go get em. Oh ya forgot… TOO MUCH REGULATION in most places. I dont have the answear for our problems(yet) but I do Know OBUMMER is not it.

  68. I applaud Bill White for his decision to openly stand-up for what is a basic right.

  69. Lazarusthe2nd says:

    I just think the WORD marriage should be removed and make all civel unions to have all the same rights as it now stands with a Man and a Woman Married. Give Gay people equal rights under the constitution, and just don’t use the word Marriage.

  70. Todd says:

    I hope all the gay people out there really read what Obama had to say. He isn’t going to change anything. He wants to leave the question of gay marriage to the states. This sudden “evolving” is just a shameless politacal stunt, designed to get him some more money.
    I am all for homosexuals having the same rights as heterosexuals. Civil unions should be legal and honored in all 50 states, but please call their union someting other than marriage. Marriaige has been between one man and one woman since before the days of the Greek empire. Homosexuals ahve already stolen the word “gay” from our lexicon. and now they want to chnge the meaning of the word “marriage” after mofe than 3000 years. If they would please find their own word for their civil, religious, and moral union, then most of the turmoil would go away, and the country could get on with its’ business

    • David L. Allison says:

      No, Todd! You are wrong. Your “civil union” effort to moderate your bias is way inadequate.
      This, “3000 year old tradition of marriage as between two people of the opposite sex” is another of the lies that keep being repeated by the right wing, the church of England, the Pentacostilists and the Vatican untill people believe it is true. It is a LIE.

      Marriage has not been exclusively a relationship between one man and one woman for three thousand years. It never has been so. Read the old testament of the Bible. Even in the Western, Christian ruled world, it is not true. In other societies, of equal value to ours, it has never been true.

      Quit the BS. Say you don’t like what our President thinks but please do not presume that he made his statement for political advantage. Those who would have voted for or contributed to him on this issue would very, very likely done so because Obama is and has been far ahead of the curve on the issue than any republican and certainly far ahead of, please excuse me, the guy with the magic underwear who wants to be President. Those who would vote against him on the issue are the same crowd of anti-Obama activists that declared on the very day of his inaugauration that they were going to create a campaign to keep the President from being reelected.

  71. Bob Corsa says:

    The thing killing this country is amazing. It is religion. It is about the God we believe in or don’t.
    It is about life styles we can choose to bepart of or not.
    A friend said to me the other day, that he voted for the current President because he believe he was a young guy, with out political baggage. He now states he hates the president. We argue about
    God and pretty much we all pray to the same one. We are engaged in a religious war just like they alll have been. We send our young men to fight aganist the enemy that can kill there wives or wife
    and clean them selves with a communal bowl of water.
    This is a country formed on each person living as they wished as long as our Laws wern’t violated
    anyway they choose. I have a home owners assc which tells me if I can fly a flag on my property.

  72. This issue of homosexuals brings up another issue, that of Post Modernism. At the center of Post Modernism is the view that there are no universal truths. Your truths are yours and mine are mine, why don’t we all respect each others truths and get along. Sounds good, but no. If there are no universal truths, how do we say one behavior is OK and another isn’t? Consider the fact, that our prisons are full of guys that felt justified in inflicting pain on others in order to get what ever it was they wanted. If homosexuality is supposed to be OK, how about other forms of sex? According to A Gay Monifesto, sex with animals and dirty sex is OK. In short, the question remains, how do we say one behavior is OK and another isn’t? That’s a question that has yet to be answered

    • David L. Allison says:

      You really mistake the identification of the trend (or wave) of opinions moving toward full recognition of the U.S. constitution regarding States rights and all persons being treated equally as well as the separation of church and state. There are universal truths honored by most religions and philosophies as well as by most who pledge no allegiance to any of the world religions but consider themselves humanists, athiests or non-believers. Some of them are “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”, “Thou shalt not kill”, “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods or wife(s)”, etc.

      On the other hand, your comments about “the Gay Manifesto” is claptrap of the most obnoxious and erroneous sort. You jump from assertion to assertion to dumb conclusion. Many would say that you have some personal problems with your own sexuality and inclinations but I hesitate to make that conclusion.

      Finally, in answer to your final question is: “does the behavior hurt oneself or another and is it consentual for both or all parties engaging in the behavior.” If it is personal behavior, is it displayed to the public”. If the answer to these questions is “no” then it is not anyone’s business other than theirs.

  73. David L. Allison says:

    The 15 million was pledged or committed well before President Obama made his statement about the result of his long period of consideration of the rights of individuals to have same-sex marriages. That is true though his advocacy to end DADT in the military and his support for equal access to hospital visitation and other same-sex rights did show the direction he (and the American Public) was moving in support of real equal rights for all.

  74. joanglewis says:

    I have always been for gay marriage since the subject came up. Marriage should be a solid commitment between two people!!!!!

  75. joanglewis says:

    I believe marriage is between two people who are deeply committed. Please don’t go backward and stop this as it is the right thing to do. Remember what prejudice has done to the blacks and other minorities!!!

  76. lowellh says:

    Enough to get rid of Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Jmstop says:

    Are you trying to tell me that this guy, didnt know that Romney was a conserative Morman , who has constantly said he would not support anything but marriage between a man and women when you dontated ? Most people in America feel that way Bill and the only states that have gay marriage, are the ones who have legislated it. Middle America is not ready to take that step yet. Frankly, I dont believe Obama does either. Everything he does is for politcial posturing.

  78. KM says:

    Dear mr. White…
    In the first place….you’re a jerk for supporting the political party that, in the 80’s was salivating at the prospect that Aids would mow down every fag got – their word, NOT mine – in the country…
    A gay man voting Rethuglican IS the same as a jew voting for the Nazi party/Hitler….Gays in the 80’s were the new jews…it hasn’t really changed much, it’s just less fashionable to air your hatred of gay men – thanks to those who stood up to Anita/Reagan and the attempted murder that was the ‘new’ disease that convieniently appeared on the heals of Anita/Robertson/Fallwell/Reagan et. al.

  79. When I first heard about Obama’s decision to support gay marriage, I figured that would ruin him, but now I’m not so sure. A surprisingly large number of voters are supporting this enthusiastically. When you think of the number of states that have made gay marriage illegal, it makes me wonder if we’re not heading for another civil war.

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