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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Michigan’s Republican Party approved a resolution Saturday that would change the way the states award electoral votes from the winner-take-all system that has existed since the state’s admission to the Union.

A total of 14 votes would be awarded to the candidate with the most votes in each congressional district and two would go to the overall winner of the state’s popular vote.

Under this scheme, Mitt Romney would likely have won 10 of the state’s electoral votes to President Obama’s six — despite the fact that Obama carried the state by nearly 10 percent.

The resolution was introduced by Rep. Pete Lund (R), who offered electoral college reform legislation in 2011 that would have given Romney the state, but which state Republicans rejected because they assumed the GOP nominee, a Michigan native and son of a former governor, would win the state.

Lund will likely reintroduce the bill in 2013. Republicans have majorities in both state houses and Republican governor Rick Snyder is supportive of the plan, but questions its timing.

“The right way is to talk about it in a bipartisan way … just prior to a census,” Snyder said.

Snyder’s approval rating has declined rapidly since he signed anti-union legislation during last year’s lame-duck session. He’s since tried to move back to the center by saying he’d like the state to accept Medicaid expansion.

Michigan’s shift of 10 electoral votes to Romney would not have swung the 2012 election for Romney. However, if all the states that have suggested changing the way they award their electors — Michigan, Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — had done so, Romney would likely be in the White House now, which is why Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus endorsed the scheme.

The idea has been rejected by a few top Republicans — like Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Virginia governor Bob McDonnell (R-VA) — and thus faded from the agendas in Virginia, Ohio and Wisconsin.

But in Pennsylvania — the state where voter ID was supposed to give the election to Romney — the effort continues.

A new bill that would rig the state’s electoral votes has been introduced by 13 Republican state senators. That support represents half the total votes the bill would need to pass the Senate. The bill could be on the desk of Governor Tom Corbett — who would sign it — this week.

Pennsylvania, like Michigan, has voted Democratic in every presidential election since 1992.

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14 responses to “GOP Plot To Steal The 2016 Election Continues”

  1. m8lsem says:

    It is states that belong to the Union, not Congressional Districts. Delegates to the Electoral College are supposed to be there representing their entire state.

    • pbrower2a says:

      The two States that divide their votes by Congressional district are small states in electoral votes. Maine is homogeneous enough that there’s no obvious “Democratic” or “Republican” half of the state. Nebraska, in contrast, is easily divided between three geographically-different areas about equal in population that have clear differences (Greater Omaha, farm-and-ranch country in central and western Nebraska, and the transitional part of Nebraska that includes Lincoln.

      The schemes in Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia are intended to pack Democrats in small areas that Republicans have never had a chance of winning while splitting the rest of the states so that Democratic votes are diluted. Such schemes fail — or our democracy dies and America might as well call itself the Union of Christian and Corporate States.

  2. If there are more Republican states than democrat states the republicans would win, but not by popular vote. Corruption of the party. Or would this come under stealing?

  3. sigrid28 says:

    This is why legislation can be repealed and amended, to correct the temporary interference of extremist minorities seeking to distort the laws governing our democracy. Democrats in Republican states have been too complacent about the outcome of state and local elections and will have to elect candidates to retake the country if efforts to destroy the Electoral College by making it an extension of the House of Representatives succeed. If we need motivation to do so, just imagine the state our country would be in today if Mitt Romney had won in 2012.

  4. CJR says:

    Direct vote, and direct vote now. The Electoral College has been an anachronism when each region could field its own candidate. But, no third party candidate has won more than one EV’s since the 1960’s.
    The GOP will never go for it, though. They know they will lose.
    Maybe we need proportional representation, or perhaps Instant Runoff voting. The whole system is rigged.

  5. nobsartist says:

    As usual, democrats sit on their hands.

    the voting machine debacle apparently has them confused enough where they will do nothing about fair elections either.

    all talk, NO ACTION!

  6. BenTheGuy says:

    It’s not really rigging when some states that typically vote Democrat already do this.

    Of course the left wants to dump the electoral college because it’s more likely for the GOP to win in the electoral college while losing the popular vote than the other way around.

    But National Memo wouldn’t call that rigging, since it benefits their side.

    This article is written by disingenuous partisan hacks.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Yeah, you bet. Those dirty Democrats actually want the guy who gets the most votes to win. Imagine that! What a crooked, low-down, corrupt bunch!

      And yes, dumping the electoral college would rig the election to assure that intolerable situation in which the guy who gets more votes wins. Thanks for letting us all know the fix is in: we can now all make sure we try to make all the changes we can to assure minority rule, always and forever.

      Speaking of partisan hacks, try looking in the mirror. I guess you like “disingenuous” because you’d rather be called that instead of the liar and hack you appear to be.

      What states would those be, by the way, where the Democrats have rigged voting the way the Republicans are trying to do? Or were you just being disingenuous?

  7. TZToronto says:

    These red states sound like the kinds of places we typically send Jimmy Carter to to oversee their elections. If the Republicans would think for just a minute about what such electoral “reform” can do in the long term, they might reconsider their devious plans. It’s getting to the point where even gerrymandering and rigging the electoral votes won’t be enough to steal elections. The old white guys are dying off, and the replacements don’t look anything like the fuddy-duddies the GOP counts on for votes. They’d be better off changing their tune than changing their scams.

  8. More horseshit from the Republicants a/k/a the American Taliban.

    How about counting all the votes

    Then add up the # of votes per candidate.

    Then do some math (Southern residents don’t worry, we’ll cipher it for you , not + not = not)

    If the American Taliban gets 20% of the overall vote they get 20% of the reps in Congress, if the Nazis get 5% they get 5% of the reps, if the commie pink-O fags get 30% then they get 30% of the COngress.

    Really easy isn’t it.

    PLUS…no elections until the COngress votes itself down on a vote of no confidence then we have elections, within 60 days. No more perpetual campaigning as the American Taliban is doing since 2006!

  9. charleo1 says:

    It seems about half the Country has very little, to zero confidence in the government now.
    But most still think, for the most part we elect them. So it’s those other knuckleheads that keep
    voting for these crooks, that need to wise up. But, what do these people suppose will happen when the majority refuses to recognize the government as a legitimately elected body? This is the vote they are mucking around with after all.

  10. Republicans cannot win national elections based on their policies. They have to devise and rig systems into place that would give their party the political edge. I hope that Democrats in Michigan and other states don’t just sit idly by and accept these surreptitious changes by Republicans without any protests and legal challenges. Republicans thought that through gerrymandering and redistricting in states that they control, prior to the 2012 general election, that that would have given them the political edge to win the presidency and control the Senate. That strategy did not work. Now, they have to further undermine voting rights achievements through their political underhandedness and machinations. They seek to undo decades of civil rights gains to achieve their ultimate goal of total political power and enactment of their political agenda. Republicans seek to turn this country into a Communist state where opposition does not have a political voice and where dissent is met with retribution, ostracization, and punishment. Is this really the type of country in which we want to live where any dissent or opposing view is ridiculed and squashed? We saw a bit of this when George W. Bush was in office. For example, when one member of the Dixie Chicks criticized Bush, many radical Republicans literally stockpiled hundreds of the Dixie Chicks’ CDs and burned them publicly in effigy. If righteous Americans allow these evil Republican machinations of the political system to go unfettered, then we have no one to blame but ourselves for the outcome and the suffering that will follow. The world sat silently while Hitler slaughtered millions of Jews during the holocaust. Are we going to sit idly by while Republicans slaughter our political system put in place by our founding fathers in order that they can win political power? I hope the answer is no.

  11. krejaton says:

    Democrats are quickly becoming the party of fear-mongering and intimidation. How about instead of worrying about the election of 2016, they focus on doing something about this garbage economy that they have made far worse since Bush.

    Right now, my vote is for “none of the above”!

  12. pbrower2a says:

    The Republican Party has morphed into a totalitarian Party as ruthless as Commies with similar techniques. Americans still have choices.

    This scheme backfires because it would violate the Voting Rights Act.

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