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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Gun Safety Groups Plan Historic Congressional Push

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In what organizers are labeling as the largest gun violence advocacy event in U.S. history, Americans across the country will be joining the National Day to Demand Action on Thursday, which will include rallies, petition drives, press conferences, and calls to senators’ district offices while Congress is at home for Easter-Passover recess.

On Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden addressed supporters on gun reform progress as part of Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ Demand Action campaign. Other organizations involved in Thursday’s advocacy day include President Obama’s grassroots group Organizing for Action, and Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly’s American for Responsible Solutions, who Wednesday released a video showing Kelly demonstrating how easy it is to go through a background check when buying a firearm.

Also on Wednesday, conservative Democratic senators Joe Donnelly (IN) and Kay Hagan (NC) came out in support of expanding background checks, meaning the remaining Democratic fence-sitters are Mark Pryor (AR), Kay Hagan (NC), Mary Landrieu (LA), Heidi Heitkamp (ND) and Mark Begich (AK).

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to introduce a base bill when Congress returns from recess that will include universal background checks and stiffer penalties for gun trafficking. He will be introducing an assault weapons ban and a limit on high-capacity magazines as amendments.

Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns recently announced a $12 million TV ad campaign that will push senators in key states to back gun control legislation. The group is also hiring organizers and opening field offices in 10 key states. Also, President Obama is hitting the road to push for his gun safety proposals.

The historic grassroots mobilization for gun control comes nearly three and a half months after the Newtown mass shooting that killed 20 children and six adults. A new CBS News poll shows that public support for stronger gun laws has slipped 10 points to 47 percent since just after Newtown. However, a recent University of Massachusetts poll still shows a majority of 53 percent support an assault weapons ban and a new Quinnipiac University poll finds that 88 percent of Americans still support universal background checks.

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  • leadvillexp

    Mayor Bloomberg should mind his own city, the rest of us in New York don’t need a nanny. This is the man who tells you how much to drink, what to eat, what to eat it from and what guns you should own. He is the head of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, don’t be fooled he wants all guns to be illegal. This is where dictators come from. I will be voting against all who want to restrict my rights even some I voted for last election. The Second Amendment was written to protect us from a government run by people like this.

    • strongergunlawsnow

      Mayor Bloomberg is a hero. And what about the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens from the more than 31,000 gun death every year? Or the mass shootings in Newtown, Aurora, Oak Creek, Tucson, Virginia Tech and Columbine and other places that occur with alarming frequency, way more than other developed nations with stronger federal gun laws on the books. Why don’t you think about the 20 children torn apart by an assault weapon with high-capacity magazine so they were unrecognizable to their parents next time you preach to us about the Second Amendment and your paranoid fantasies about fighting our government. We need stronger gun laws now!

      • neeceoooo

        We do need stronger gun laws and despite the few people who think government is “taking away their guns” the majority of the American people support these stricter laws.

      • leadvillexp

        Bloomberg is a dictator. If you want a nanny rent one don’t subject the rest of us to one. As for gun control look at this 1995 Murrah Building Bomb, 1993 World Trade Center Car Bomb, 1995 Sarrin attack Tokyo, 2001 World Trade Center Planes. If some one want to kill they will. These people are crazy. The gun laws only take them away from sane legit people. Could we improve the gun laws? Yes but without the bans. The Second Amendment was written to protect us from the government. At that time muzzle loaders were state of the art. The same weapons today are M16s. As for your wining about children killed there was a day care center at the bomb site of the Murrah building. While sad children are killed just like the rest of us. How many have we killed in wars we fought?

  • We dont’ have enough room in jails because of the non violent criminals that are being held. Let them go into rehab facilities and keep the violent ones who have used guns stay in jail That’s why Chicago has not been able to keep gun violence off the streets.

  • docb

    We need to ALL be calling our congresspeople to get this done… The DC numbers;1.866.338.1015 or 1. 866.311.3405 but they are ON VACATION for 2 them at their local offices!

    154 bullets from the Bushmaster in LESS than 5 minutes slaughtered! … 9 –30 round clips empty and a partial in the weapon! 20 children and 6 adults senselessly murdered…! He had a NRA cert and another 1000 rounds of ammunition at his home