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Friday, October 28, 2016

Leonard Pitts explains why he hesitates to judge the Marines caught on video urinating on the corpses of Taliban fighters, in his column, “Our War Troops: They Won’t Forget What They’ve Seen:”

Nearly 30 years ago Greg told me how it was, cutting the ears off dead men.

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  • rustacus21

    … from Vietnam, by those of that generation able to evade service, were directly responsible for another & possibly greatest blunders in U.S. foreign policy history. B/c we “should have” learned that war isn’t a policy U can simply pick & choose from, but rather, the ultimatum choice after running out of ALL other options, American, Afghan & Iraqi citizens were forced into unnecessary combat & thus, exposed to the ultimate in human barbarism. As such, we should not be surprised when ours or any other soldier digresses into savagery, much less possessing the inhumanity to film it for perverse purposes of posterity! In this regard, I hold President Bill Clinton in the highest degree of reverence, resisting “barbaric” republican calls to deploy our military, time after time, in 1 unnecessary situation after another, deferring instead, to use our military for the highest calling – humanitarian purposes – in Somalia (cut short & as a result, still a hell-hole), Bosnia & various anti-terrorism taskforce operations. But why Americans are so obsessed w/war shines new lite on the mass-media treatment thereof, as well as the over-abundance of violence forced into the American psyche. It’s fine, otherwise, until it become reality, when our children are transformed from loving human beings, into monsters…